Bangkok Challenges Frank on Allison Mack and Her Marriage to Nicki Clyne and Frank Smacks Back

Allison Mack
By Bangkok

Three years in prison for Allison Mack was a good sentence. The judge did not bury Allison Mack, but yet he didn’t let her skate away without prison.

For a woman with such narcissistic tendencies — who’s had her career permanently ruined and has spent three years living like a teenager who was grounded — a three year prison sentence (on top of everything else) is enough to satisfy ‘justice’.

The judge was fair for both sides.

Allison Mack spent three years subject to home confinement at her parents’ home.

Allison will now have to bend over and submit to the indignity of anal cavity searches by prison guards when entering prison and at periodic intervals throughout her incarceration.

She’ll also be eating shitty prison food every day.

She’ll be living like a rat for three years — filthy toilets and having rats and cockroaches to deal with, just like Ghislaine.

She got her just desserts.

However… I do feel sorry for her useful idiots — people like Frank and Heidi Hutchinson — who were secretly praying for ‘probation’ only (even though they’ll never admit it, trust me, that’s what they were praying for).

Now, both Frank and Heidi are likely somber — over their beloved Allison having to go to the slammer for three years.

Boo hoo. Boo hoo.

I wonder if Frank or Heidi will actually visit their beloved Allison in prison and bring her fresh-baked cookies?

Heidi Hutchinson – will she visit Allison Mack in prison? It is certainly a possibility.  But it’s not likely she will be bringing cookies – especially since federal prisons do not allow visitors to bring in anything except cash when they visit. 

I wonder if Frank will follow up on Allison’s sham marriage statements? I doubt it. Cuz it’ll only make Frank look foolish for ‘vouching’ for that marriage for so many months.

Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack were wed in FebruARY 2017. Mack filed for divorce earlier this year and prior to sentencing.

Frank was so ‘sure’ that it was a real loving marriage, lol, when in reality Frank got played for a fool. 🙂

I’m thinking that Frank may be trying to recruit Allison into helping him win his future lawsuits. Allison might have some great testimony for Frank’s lawsuits against NXIVM personnel — so I’m guessing that he really wants to keep her as a friend for that reason.

Frank never does anything without knowing what’s in it for him.

I wonder if Frank will ever address Heidi’s comments from last May, when she questioned what Frank’s relationship to KK (Kristin Keeffe) was? I didn’t see him respond, so I’m guessing that she hit a nerve with Frank.

Frank was allegedly housing KK in his own homes — so I too am curious if, at any time in the past, his relationship with KK was anything more than platonic? It’s a fair question.

Nicki Clyne, Kristin Keeffe, Bonnie Piesse and Mark Vicente.

I just find it hard to believe that Frank housed KK out of the goodness of his heart, as he is always angling.

Getting back to Allison…

Overall, justice is now served.

Let Allison live like a prison rat for a while — with anal cavity searches, horrible food, and shitty living conditions for the next 3 years.

May the rats and cockroaches be plentiful. She earned that. She must now reap what she sowed.

Lauren will now get even less time than Allison. That will enrage Frank and Heidi —– cuz they hate Lauren but love Allison. Ha ha ha. 🙂

Have a great day. 🙂

Frank Parlato Replies to Bangkok

By Frank Parlato

Dear Mr. Know-All;

I believe three years is more than enough for Allison Mack. You write that Allison will have “anal cavity searches by prison guards.”

This is nothing to celebrate: A woman forced to remove all of her clothing and use her hands to spread open her vagina as a prison guard peers into her vaginal and anal cavities, possibly in full view of other prisoners. I understand it is necessary to ensure contraband does not get into prison, but I wonder if it is possible to have a more dignified method of screening – perhaps through equipment used at airports or high-security locales where people are not subject to cavity searches.

You write, “she’ll also be eating shitty prison food every day.”

Fresh fruits and vegetables are almost non-existent.


This is another, unnecessarily cruel part of American history. Prison meals are high in salt, sugar and refined carbohydrates in order to reach the mandated calorie count and are low in nutrients, with low-quality protein, and high in the use of ultra-processed foods.

The food served in prisons is the kind of food that everyone else is advised to avoid because they are known to make a person unhealthy. One could say that part of being in prison is the creation of poor health via bad diet.

If we consider Keith Raniere a monster because he kept women on food-deprived diets which caused malnourishment and, consequently, poor thinking, then, as Americans who tolerate the system, are we not also monsters for feeding prisoners food that supports disease and poor health?

Bangkok adds, Allison will have “rats and cockroaches to deal with” and dirty bathrooms.

As for Rats


Unlike humans, rats find human prisons inviting. They are relatively safe since there is food and shelter and the will to eradicate them by humans is not as great as it is in private homes.

The average lifespan of a rat is two to three years; many live only a year because of predation. However, rats in prison are known to have a longer lifespan since the exterminator is not called often. Cockroaches also enjoy prison life, and while they are hard to identify individually, some are believed to live well over a year, enjoying prison food and comfortable quarters, the same quarters and food which humans cannot thrive on.

It is believed that cockroaches have faces that at least for other cockroaches seem quite distinct and individual. the average human has a hard time identifying one cockroach from another.

This leads to the conclusion that prisons support the health of rats and cockroaches. However, it seems wiser to work to improve the health of human prisoners – both mental and physical – since most of them get out and return to society where it would be a gain to everyone if they were physically and mentally well.

On Heidi and Frank

Mr. Know-All has a lot to say about Heidi. He does not like Heidi much, and I think the feeling is mutual.

I like both Heidi and Bangkok. Both have been delightful members of the Frank Report community. I do not know who Bangkok is, he might indeed be, and sometimes I hope he is, Dennis Burke.

Former US Attorney Dennis Burke, – Does he post on this site anonymously as Bangkok?

Heidi, on the other hand, is well known. Heidi and her ex-husband, Jeff Apple, produced In the Line of Fire with Clint Eastwood [1993] and The Recruit with Al Pacino  [2003]. Both were big successes.

Jeff Apple and Heidi Hutchinson produced this film and the one below.

Heidi’s sister, gINA, died in 2002 and it shattered her world. Gina Hutchinson was one of the girls who knew Raniere when she was a teen and seems to be one of the first victims of a series of statutory rapes Raniere was alleged to have perpetrated.

Raniere was in his early 20s and Gina was 14 or 15.

Heidi blames Raniere for Gina’s death – which may or may not be fair. There is little doubt he changed the trajectory of her life, keeping her in and out of his orbit for the remaining two decades of her life.

She was found dead in Woodstock, New York, in a field – with a shotgun by her side – and buckshot in her brain. Her death, which was not carefully investigated, was ruled a suicide.

Heidi and I are not convinced this ruling is correct.  The Lost Women of NXIVM, which premiered on Investigation Discovery and is available for streaming, looks into this case with new information.


Heidi Hutchinson and Gina Hutchinson.

Useful Idiot

Bangkok calls me Allison’s “useful idiot” who “prayed for probation”  and “somber” that my “beloved Allison” will go to prison.

If there is a God, and if He knows more than Bangkok, then He knows I do not like to importune for intervention in others’ affairs. I do not lament or rejoice at Allison’s situation. She got off more leniently than she could have, but she was humiliated before the entire world and, in the end, may have betrayed herself in abject cowardice to avoid a longer prison sentence.

Was all of her mea culpa genuine?

A painting of God

Bangkok asks if I will visit Allison and bring her cookies. Visitors are not allowed to bring food to federal prisoners. But Allison can buy Oreo cookies in the commissary at the cost of $2.10 for two cookies.

Outside of prison, Oreos can be purchased in a pack of 36 cookies at Target for $4.99. This is about 14 cents a cookie, as opposed to $1.05 per cookie in prison.

Love and Marriage

Bangkok askes if I will “follow up on Allison’s sham marriage statements?”

Actually, I will. Today.

I am aware that Allison is seeking a divorce from Nicki Clyne. I know Allison’s attorneys said Allison committed immigration fraud in her sentencing memorandum.

They wrote, “In December 2020, as part of her continuing  efforts to right her wrongs, Ms. Mack filed for divorce from longtime Nxivm and DOS member Nicki Clyne.”

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne were wed in February 2017

Citing Mack’s Pre-Sentencing Investigation Report [PSR] which states she married Clyne “at Raniere’s request in order to obtain a favorable immigration status for Ms. Clyne. [PSR ,r 210.]” Mack’s attorneys wrote, “The marriage represents another example of the now-incomprehensible lack of judgment Ms. Mack displayed during her time in DOS, and another action about which she is deeply remorseful. In addition to rectifying the fraud, Ms. Mack felt strongly about severing ties with Ms. Clyne because of Ms. Clyne’s continued outspoken support for Mr. Raniere, who Ms. Mack whole-heartedly rejects.”

Mack obviously felt she had to distance herself from Nicki because Nicki remains a supporter of Raniere. However, and I am not speaking for anyone but myself, I think their marriage was real because Allison and Nicki planned to remain together for their entire lives.

In fact, they took a lifetime vow.

I gave an interview on Reality Life With Kate Casey where I give reasons why I think it was a real marriage, including that it was my understanding that Allison and Nicki planned to live together as a couple, even if their relationship was non-standard – insofar as they were both first-line masters of DOS and slaves of Raniere.

The single most important factor in determining the validity of a marriage by US Immigration officials is the desire to share a lifetime together. Nicki seems to have had this plan at the time they wed and but for Allison’s arrest, I believe they would have remained a married couple.

Wedding picture of Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

Although it is not my place to say it, but I already said it on Kate Casey, it is my understanding – and Allison can’t deny this, the couple did discuss having children and making other plans that married couples make, and I can prove that from independent sources from the NXIVM community and from at least two sources that are not in the community.

It is nonsense to suggest it was a sham marriage, and it is nonsense to suggest it was a standard conventional marriage or that it needs to be a standard conventional marriage to legally qualify as one. Nicki Clyne is entitled to the same due process rights as any other individual, and even if I disagree with her devotion to Raniere, I put her due process rights above that disagreement – just as I have done for Raniere.

In the end, Allison had to say whatever she needed to say to get the three-year sentence she got. While I do not know it for a fact, I suspect that Allison’s lawyers’ statement was a sham statement made for the judge to help her get a reduced sentence.

Lawsuits and Self Interest

As for recruiting Allison to help win lawsuits, as Bangkok suggests, I cannot see how she carries any credibility with any jury.

Bangkok adds, “Frank never does anything without knowing what’s in it for him.”

I can think of only one person in the world who speaks without concern of how it will impact himself or others, and this post is addressed to him.

Kristin Keeffe and Lauren Salzman

Bangkok wants to know my relationship with Kristin Keeffe.

Answer: It is platonic.

Lauren Salzman with Emiliano Salinas

Finally, Bangkok says that “Lauren will now get even less time than Allison. That will enrage Frank …. cuz [he hates] Lauren but love[s] Allison.”

If Allison is a victim, then Lauren is a victim. She fell into Raniere’s world when she was 22. Her mother endorsed him as the greatest man in the world. Lauren lost 20 years of her life with him, up to the time of his arrest. Then she lost three years – from the time of his arrest to her sentencing, which is scheduled to occur at the end of this month. She will likely get prison and then probation and lose additional years.

She is 44.

The saddest thing I heard her say were the last words of her cross-examination:

“My intention was to prove to Keith that I was not so far below the ethical standard that he holds that I was – I don’t even how far below I am. I was trying to prove my self-worth, and salvage this string of hope of what I thought my relationship might some day be, and I put it above other people, helping them in their best interest. That’s what I did when I was in DOS.”

She was striving her whole adult life for a relationship with Raniere or to get out of that relationship.

She is a smart sensitive woman and this is how her life went. I hope she gets probation.


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Frank Parlato


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  • Banger, I’ve asked you politely and sometimes not-so-politely to stop putting words in my mouth I didn’t say and reiterating alleged thoughts in my head I didn’t think. I don’t know who you are but, somehow, you seem to know my whereabouts and other obscure details about me and people in my life that very few are privy to. I do know you are a toxic, malignant narcissist and manipulative misogynist judging from what you say on this blog alone. This is the last time I will ask you and/or Frank to cease and desist with any reference to me on this blog or elsewhere. I mean you no harm but I have come to believe you are a real threat to me, my son and others I care deeply about and I will not tolerate your antics any longer even if I must give up the hope that Frank and his Ample Entertainment producers’ investigations into my sister’s death may someday yield some real answers.

  • Everyone in high-level Nxivm who planned to have kids planned to “raise their children together.”

    It was a cult. That’s what cults do. Anyone who moved to Albany & had or was going to have children planned to raise them in the cult. In the community.


    And to enroll those cult children into Rainbow Cultural Child Experiment.


    Where the children would be raised with other cult children. TOGETHER.

    And the cult children would spend many hours away from their cult parents(s). And be raised by other Nxivm cult members and specifically DOS cult members.


    By your definition, then they were all married.

    That’s WHY they all moved there and lived in their insular community.

    To. Be. Together. Including children.

    In conclusion: Yours is not a successful nor believable defense of this fraudulent marriage.

    Thank you for loosening up on the censoring.

  • Frank has said that he respects Nicki Clyne greatly for her beliefs —- because she truly believes that she’s helping people (when sticking by Raniere’s teachings). LOL.

    Yet, Frank has also said that Raniere’s teachings are hurting women, enslaving them and reducing their self worth — not to mention treating them like cattle.

    Why would it matter (to Frank) what Nicki ‘believes’ she’s doing to help people?

    Especially when Frank says that those exact same teachings are hurting people?

    Most of the Nazis who supported Hitler TRULY believed they were helping Germany to become a better society, yet that doesn’t excuse their support for Hitler’s vile policies.

    People who support evil leaders rarely ‘believe’ they are doing evil. In fact, most of them believe they are doing some type of ‘good’ —- since that’s how they justify their behavior to themselves. Just basic psych 101.

    Frank is a strange nut.

    In a certain sense, he’s almost as naive as a child. He’s easily persuaded to abandon his own common sense. Whenever he talks to somebody or interviews them, he suddenly develops a soft spot for them and begins defending their vile behavior and even respecting such behavior.

    He did this for Girls by Design members (Kendra V and others).

    He did this for Allison Mack.

    He did this for Nicki Clyne.

    He did this for Kristin Keeffe too (who did more evil deeds, on Keith’s behalf, than Lauren and Nancy combined).

    He even did it for that Tourette’s syndrome dude and the Ballroom Dancing clown. Frank respects them too.

    Frank greatly respects these dudes —– even though these same guys HONESTLY believe that Keith did nothing wrong and should be freed to continue living exactly as he was before, LOL.

    Very weird shit, IMO.

    IMO, Frank does not make the world a better place anymore. He could always walk to a very high place, take 2 steps forward, then let gravity improve the world. Just a thought. 🙂

  • Considering neither ever had public boyfriends in their semi-famous days at a time being out was considered a career killer than I could buy the true love possibility. But its all academic now. Mack cut bait and Clyne is currently in limbo.

    I am just wondering what happens next for Clyne. The immigration rules are a little bit lax for Canadians but unless she used that marriage time constructively towards citizenship, does this mean she is about to get kicked out of the country? If she was still acting, she might be able to get her green card again but since really just doing odd jobs in the service industry, that isn’t going to qualify.

  • Prisons in Europe treat their prisoners much better and with a much lower rate of recidivism so you may be on to something, Frank.

  • Not sure why “the truth” about Mack/Clyne marriage fascinates anyone. Even if it was a complete sham for immigration purposes, that’s not an uncommon crime and, in the big picture of NXIVM, is very, very minor. And if it wasn’t, then what? Are they sad? Happy? Is one sad and the other happy? Do they have good days and bad days, and sometimes they want to call each other but they just don’t? This feels like a National Enquirer story and, if it wasn’t two pretty blond actresses, I doubt anyone would care much.

    • Because the marriage was ordered by a cult leader. That’s why it fascinates some people.

      None of Keith’s slaves did ANY thing without his direction. And permission. They couldn’t even shave their bikini line. Eat. Masturbate.

      The fraudulent marriage is another example of the total control Vanguard had over these women. And their lives.

      It was a complete sham. It was criminal. Others were ordered to participate in the fraud. It was used as collateral. Allison is deeply ashamed over it. Both Allison and Nicki were with Keith. In every sense of the word. Not each other. Even slightly.

      Imagine dreaming of your wedding day. Sharing it with friends and family.

      Now you are in a fake same-sex marriage that you cannot tell anyone outside a few fellow cult members about – it further causes estrangement for you from anyone outside DOS.

      There are so many awful reasons for the order from Keith for these two to wed. To further desecrate marriage and push these women deeper into enslavement to him. To further ensure that extracting themselves easily from DOS would be near impossible. To legally bind them and incriminate them. More secrets.

      It is nonsense to downplay it. If you are a person who takes sacred vows and marriage seriously, it would be crushing.

    • — If it wasn’t two pretty blond actresses, I doubt anyone would care much.

      Ever notice how all the women who disappear in the news are “attractive”?

      Unattractive women disappear all the time and the media never report it.

      • Nah. Cults are always big news. 2 ugly straight dudes married at a cult leader’s directive would still be news

        The moonies were around ages ago and some people are still fascinated by their arranged marriages.

        Ditto Morman cults and their arranged marriages. People are very interested.

        What’s notable in this instance is that none of the usual anti-illegal immigration crew cares because in this case, it’s a blonde Canadian actress.

  • To Pious Bangkok and Frank,

    RE The Clyne & Mack Marriage:

    There is no incontrovertible evidence/proof that Nicki and Mack were legitimately married. It’s a case of “she said, he said” or “she said, she said”. 😉

    The marriage wasn’t a sham? All due-respect to Frank, but he wasn’t in the bed with Nicki and Allison, when they consummated their marriage. He only has Nicki’s word, which is meaningless, because she doesn’t want to be deported. In addition, Nicki is still an ardent Raniere supporter.

    Frank is displaying the typical daft logic of a Sicilian [redacted] moulinyan. 🙂

    Allison Mack, however, swore under the pains and penalties of perjury she is telling the truth regarding her marriage to Clyne.

    Bangkok made an exemplary point, that Allison is telling the truth to avoid even more jail time. Allison has no reason to lie!
    Bangkok really shot down the thesis of Frank’s argument. Franky ain’t psychic!
    Plus Frank being an illegal alien himself, will naturally side with a fellow illegal alien.

    BTW Frank where’s your birth certificate?
    Is it at Obama’s house ?

    RE Frank & Keeffe DoiNG It:

    It’s easy to prove whether Kristin Keeffe and Frank had sexual relations; we need to check, two things….

    …..The time period Keeffe stayed at Frank’s place and if Frank filled a prescription for Viagra. 😉

    • Frank, you just got zapped real good by Niceguy.

      This was a great comment by Niceguy. 🙂

      It’s a shame that Frank keeps digging in his heels to avoid having to suffer the humiliation of admitting that we’ve proven our points and that he was wrong all along.

      I had assumed that Frank was more of a real man than that; somebody who could admit if he was wrong about something.

      He’s like those political spinning heads on TV —— who keep preaching the same failed story no matter how much it gets debunked, to avoid suffering humiliation. He’s almost like a 9/11 truther, lol.

      Frank is turning into something he once despised; a propaganda artist. Very sad.

  • “I’m thinking that Frank may be trying to recruit Allison into helping him win his future lawsuits. Allison might have some great testimony for Frank’s lawsuits against NXIVM personnel” Bangkok

    I doubt if Mack will be doing much testifying.
    Again I return to the judge’s sentencing memorandum where he discusses the issue of psychotropic medications for Ms. Mack, particularly the issue of who will pay for them.
    These antipsychotic drugs are powerful and work to scramble the brain.
    If you think Raniere messed with Mack’s mind, wait until you see what Big Pharma does to her.

  • Below I list a number of anti-Mack comments.
    And who defends Mack?
    Charger426hemi1 — Allison’s long-time defender.

    @joe121196 yeah it’s just ridiculous, the media embellish certain things to get gullible people to read their stories and then they believe every word written 🤦🏽‍♂️
    1d1 likeReply

    @uneangel you obviously know nothing because none of her charges had anything to do with children
    5d1 likeReply

    I noticed in the judge’s sentencing memorandum he ordered Mack to have no direct or indirect contact with NXIVM members.
    I believe she has had contact with NXians.

    And as for Nicki for someone going through a divorce she is as happy as a lark.

      • Frank,

        You may not have noticed, but you seem to defend Nicki Clyne’s marriage at nearly every opportunity somebody mentions it (You actually seem to feel ‘duty bound’ in doing so). LOL.

        That’s very weird for a ‘journalist’ to care so deeply about defending Nicki Clyne’s marriage. In fact, it’s very weird for a journalist to give 2 shits about her marriage, one way or the other.

        You literally defend Nicki’s marriage in the same manner that Sultan of Spank defends Kristin Kreuk. Which is to say, if anybody questions her marriage on FR —– you are always there to tell people they are wrong.

        The funniest part is that even though one participant in the marriage itself (a 1st hand witness) has contradicted your belief ——– you’re still so biased that you actually DISCOUNT the actual witness statement (which is real evidence). You then substitute your own ‘belief’ in place of the evidence, LOL, which isn’t how journalism works.


        You fail to ask the ONE question that any real journalist would ask…

        Did the alleged sham marriage (as Allison has described it) benefit Nicki Clyne’s immigration status in any way? In other words, did it speed-up her path to permanent residency or to becoming a naturalized US Citizen in any way?

        If the answer is truly “NO” — and Nicki can prove it with REAL evidence — then I’d agree with you, Frank.

        I honestly don’t know what Nicki’s immigration status was before the marriage, nor do I know what her status is now. I don’t claim to know.

        However, for Allison’s attorney to declare it a ‘sham marriage’ in an official court document —– they would have HAD to verify that Nicki’s immigration status did benefit from the marriage in some fashion. If this weren’t true, they’d have left themselves open to Nicki proving that she didn’t benefit from the marriage (which would have left Allison looking like a liar to the court).

        I’m not saying that I know the truth. I’m saying that a real journalist would investigate these issues rather than ignoring them.

        You are totally ignoring these questions because you have CONFIRMATION BIAS (You don’t wanna investigate any evidence that might prove Nicki wrong; thus, you just ignore it).

        Finally… Your “confirmation bias” will probably lead you to respond by saying that: “Even if Nicki’s immigration status benefited from the marriage, that’s not ‘proof’ it was a sham marriage.” LOL.

        **Except that, her own SPOUSE (and first-hand witness) made a statement to the court saying that it was a sham marriage — which provides extra evidence, in addition to the immigration benefit question.

        That’s called a ‘preponderance of evidence’. 🙂

        If you have REAL EVIDENCE which contradicts this stuff (not just anonymous 3rd parties saying what they ‘think’, LOL) —– then why not provide such evidence, Frank?

        Yep, I just gotcha. Again. Have a nice day. 🙂

        • Yes. I agree. I think defending the marriage is a joke and a waste of time. What did Keith ask of all of his disciples? He asked for total obedience and insisted that they be in a relationship only with him. That is a fact. Allison and Nicki were without a doubt followers of Keith’s every command. He also thought that homosexuality was a flaw that could be fixed– as he tried to fix the missing lesbian Kristen.

          What is the likelihood of two devoted disciples of Keith who as far as we know have been straight their whole lives- what is the likelihood that they actually of their own inclination suddenly fall in love and get married in an honest and natural way. If their love and attraction to each other were genuine, why would Keith approve of it? He wouldn’t! It’s all about him. Any lifetime vows they took were for the sake of Keith–not for each other. That is not a real marriage, Frank.

          But Retard, as far as the viagara comment and Kristin Kreuk…. that is all very laughable… And I don’t actually think you believe it either.

    • True, but this is really more an indictment of Texas sentencing laws on recidivist criminals. Has nothing to do with the reasonableness of Mack’s sentence.

    • It’s Texas. Private prison system is a huge business there with hands at all levels of government that is second only to the oil industry. Non-violent criminals are the perfect prisoners for the profit margins. Probably give everyone life without parole if were not worried about it getting national attention and causing a crackdown.

  • I think Frank is dating all of Keith’s women. It’s suspicious that Frank has interviews with Nicki and then all the women stay at his house. India’s mom was also sleeping over at Frank’s. Coincidence??? I think not….

  • Maybe there is more than one reason why Mack and Clyne married. But I think it is obvious that one of those reasons, perhaps the most important reason, was to provide Clyne with a US passport. And it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to think that Raniere “suggested” to them that they get married. Remember Clyne said in an interview in 2020 that Raniere was “her partner for ten years”. So Raniere would want her near him as he wanted this for all of his women. And how could this be arranged? Exactly.

  • The Parlato comments about the prison food and conditions are true.

    So…is the purpose of imprisonment in the U.S. not only to punish, but to forever destroy the convict’s very health and self respect, preventing him or her from rejoining society in any meaningful way? This, while violent rapists, murderers, cartel drug dealers and human smugglers are now being repeatedly bonded out for no money, to immediately re-offend? Yes, by all means, let’s smash and crush Allison Mack into a mud puddle for us to righteously trod over. We all know she would easily escalate from NXIVM crimes, bad as they were, to shooting up Chicago in her off hours should she get the time.

    No one minimizes the impact of her actions attracting and influencing “followers,” but note she misguidedly subjected herself to the same, severe starvation, sleep deprivation, branding, and adherence to Raniere’s sick demands. Pics on this website tell the story. Was it right? No. Did she do this with true malicious intent? I doubt it. IMO, Raniere had a uniquely spectacular way of callously turning everyone’s life to shit in short order. Especially if you say you love him. His is another story, entirely.

    I tire of hearing people who have never spent one day in jail, opining about whether THREE YEARS is too little or TEN YEARS is “deserved.” Until you have personally spent one month in the penitentiary under the conditions described above, you are fucking clueless about the harsh reality. You are simply tossing around arbitrary numbers from the bleachers.

    I suggest Allison Mack has paid and will pay an adequate price. She lost her good career (better than most), her fortune, her image and her freedom, for the mistake of following the wrong man. What a convincing charlatan he was. Others might have lost their very lives for the same, but we might never know for sure.

    Have a little mercy. It is far too easy to condemn from an anonymous keyboard.

  • I believe India was living in Allison’s Brooklyn apartment at the same time that Nicki and Allison were supposedly shacked up in “wedded bliss” there. If India has said she believes the marriage was a sham (which I believe she has), wouldn’t she have to most reliable knowledge out of anyone?

    • Thank you, Anon@9:37 but I doubt Gina’s soul will rest peacefully until full justice is done and I am back home safely with my son, Dylan. (Gina couldn’t wait for Dylan to grow up to go surfing with her in Malibu!)

  • Censored again. Here’s another try.

    Are you working with or participating in any way, shape or form on a project with some other men and Nicki Clyne?


  • Let’s see what the public thinks of Allison Mack
    Recent comments
    It seems not many agree with Heidi and Frank.

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    Omg she should put in prison for a lifetime..such a disgusting woman how can she being a woman do this😡

    Jail b**ch!
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    Do you recruiting in jail later?
    1w3 likesReply

    Disgusting human beings 🤮🤮🤮
    1w3 likesReply

    @thebbiggun1144 she kidnapped and abused women and children and made them do things against their will. She got convicted to 3 years in prison today.
    6d4 likesReply

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    What part of what you did to others made it ok for you? How do you sleep at night?
    1w10 likesReply

    you’re going to get tortured in jail 😂😂 just like you did to others
    1w7 likesReply

    @veldarko stupid? being realistic. she’s going to be raped LOL


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    • Most of these opinions seem to originate from conspiracy websites. According to these people, Mack is a satanic child-murdering witch and they wish she gets raped in all possible ways in prison. These commenters seem to be even more deranged, evil and dangerous than Mack is.

      • Wow! My thoughts exactly. it doesn’t sound like they know anything about Allison or what her actual crimes were. Disturbing…

        • Well Mary, they’re definitely not people you’d go camping with….

          Disturbing, you say, who posted the comments? 😉

    • I’m pretty sure uneangel is just shadowstate posting under a different name. Tough to believe he spends this much time on Allison’s Instagram and never writes in the comments.

      • “I’m pretty sure uneangel is just shadowstate posting under a different name.” anonymous

        No, it’s not.
        Actually it’s not.
        I find the clowns of NXIVM to be depressing and frightfully boring.
        I have many interests and subscribe to over 100 channels on Youtube.
        I also keep up with videos on Bitchute.
        I regularly look at Drudgereport, Information Liberation, Unlimited Hangout by Whitney Webb; Who, What Why; Consortium News, Infowars, Rense, Global Research, Strategic Culture, and Anti-Empire.

        I also read books the last of which was “Supreme City” a history of New York in the 1920s and 30s.
        I am not impressed when Mindy Mack says Allison has a “thirst for knowledge.”

    • Shadowstate-

      How many of those comments did you author?

      In my opinion, the quote “I HOPE SHE IS SODOMISED EVERY NIGHT FOR 3 YEARS” is highly suspicious.

      Three years of sodomy rape would come out to well over 1000 days of sodomy ‘frication’ rape.

      Shadow, don’t you feel 100 days would be adequate or dare I say, 10 days?

        • —Those comments were all authored by other people.

          Yes, Mr. Shadow, those comments are authored by other people, BUT, are they sane people?

          “Birdies of a feather frolic together on conspiracy websites.”

  • Based on what you said in the podcast, it sounds like Nicki believed they were wives in the polygamist Mormon sense, with the added modern twist that they were also legally married to one another and in a physical relationship with one another.(Allison apparently was also having sex with Raniere and Dani Padilla, so it was quite a situation in DOS.) This would be consistent with reports that Allison told people (Lauren I think?) they would be “sister wives” and “raise babies together.”

    With that said, however, I would be careful putting faith in evidence supplied by Nicki. If I’m not mistaken, India said she supplied a notarized document stipulating the marriage was real as collateral. Presumably that would not have qualified as collateral if the marriage was, in fact, real. Any proof of anything, no matter how graphic (especially if it were graphic) could just be collateral, collateral, and more collateral.

    I believe conversations between parents about grandparenthood could be real and genuine, but this is all curious in its degree of “honesty” and “disclosure”. Did the parents know Keith would be the sperm donor, and if they did, did they know it would be in the “reenacting the TV show Big Love” sense? I’ll bet they did not.

    The most logical explanation is still that Keith came up with the idea for the marriage and the impetus was her visa.

  • Allison Mack deserves 33 years in a Turkish prison.

    That said, in today’s USA Today, the lead story is that many massage schools are grooming operations for sex trafficking operations.
    The story is behind a paywall but is anyone surprised?

    Massage schools across the US are suspected … – USA Today › investigations › 2021/07/07
    11 hours ago — Massage schools across the US are suspected of ties to prostitution and selling fake diplomas. Many remain open.

    And who in the NXIVM story is a licensed massage therapist?
    Allison Mack’s sister of course.

    I am certain that Allison Mack’s sister is on the up and up.
    110% certain.
    As for Allison herself, she is now a college girl and college girls like to bond together in sororities.

    And Allison is going to a big government-run sorority.
    Lady Gaga had a good time.
    Lady Gaga – Telephone ft. Beyoncé (Official Music Video)

  • Your responses were educational and at times comical 🙂 And I also want to say: I think anyone out there pretending Allison Mack is your “beloved” is an absolute idiot, and frankly, they just sounded jealous to me. They’ve never helped shut down a cult and you came out on top watching your enemies crash and burn. It was particularly the part where they acted like you needed to have a “What’s in it for me” motive. Seriously- screw them! Most people have motives! Science has said all people are hardwired not necessarily to be content but to survive and reproduce! One researcher by the name of Epley said, “People are naturally ego-centric!” So what, I wonder, is their motive, for acting the way THEY do? Everyone with a brain knows this paper has done nothing except expose a bunch of megalomaniacal pompous lunatics who branded a bunch of brainwashed females! Anyone who’s got an issue with that can go jump off a cliff for all I care.

    Rock on, Frank.

  • LOL. Now I’ve heard everything.

    I will easily smack back at Frank’s attempt to SQUIRM out of his quandary.

    Frank is basically using an EXTREME form of ‘confirmation bias’ to avoid having to ADMIT HE WAS WRONG.

    He’s doubling down on his previous DEBUNKED beliefs (about Allison’s sham marriage) to avoid admitting that he’s got egg on his face right now.

    I don’t even know where to start.

    Frank keeps STRENUOUSLY screaming that he “KNOWS” it was a real marriage and that “immigration” had nothing to do with it —- yet he provides no FACTS to back it up, other than ‘unknown sources’ who promise that it’s true. LOL.

    Yeah, okay. …As if 3rd parties know more about Allison’s true intentions than Allison herself, LOL.

    Duh, Frank…

    Frank’s unwillingness to even ‘consider’ that it was a sham marriage CONFIRMS that he’s using emotions to guide his journalism. He’s not even 1% ‘open’ to the possibility that it was a sham marriage. That’s how I know he’s full of shit.

    Frank also suggests that Allison deceived the court on purpose by lying about her marriage, simply because it served her self interests in doing so.

    In other words, Frank is saying that Allison is a lying, self-serving narcissist who can’t be trusted to say anything truthful unless it serves her own best interests.

    Yet, he wrote a letter to the judge claiming that Allison is a new person who’s disavowed Keith and has learned her lessons — and she’s no longer a deceptive person, LOL.

    So, Frank is also deceiving the court by claiming that he believes Allison is a truthful person now — when in fact, he just admitted that he believes she’s a lying cunt who will say anything to save her own skin.

    You can’t have it both ways, Frank.

    Guess what? Allison’s statement disavowing Keith was even more self-serving than her statement claiming that her marriage was an immigration sham.

    Thus, if her statement about her marriage was just a self-serving deception —- then her attempt to disavow Keith and his teachings was also a self-serving deception on the court.

    You can’t pick and choose what’s truthful in her statement and what’s not, especially as a journalist.

    Yeah, I just gotcha, Frank. You god damn SICILIAN migrant ASSHOLE.

    I have no doubt that your Sicilian grand-daddy was a Nazi sympathizer and might have even fought for the Axis powers. He probably worshipped Mussolini. I’m gonna investigate this shit, sir.


    Truth is, Allison has more first-hand knowledge about her own marriage than Frank or his ‘unknown’ witnesses. I believe that Allison was being truthful when she told the judge that her marriage was an immigration sham concocted by Keith. That makes sense.

    Besides, if Keith ordered her to marry Clyne for immigration reasons (as Allison claims) —– he would have demanded that they both remain silent about his involvement (self-protection is Keith’s standard operating procedure). Thus, he would have demanded that they make others around them believe it was a real marriage —– to avoid any suspicion of fraud.

    Thus, when Frank says that he’s got a few ‘sources’ who say they think it was a real marriage —– that’s not exactly very convincing evidence, as they only know what Allison and Nicki told them.

    Duh, Frank. Grow a brain. 🙂

    Secondly… Keith was so fanatical about his slave women being available on a moment’s notice that he instituted ‘readiness’ drills at 3 am. He also starved them on low-calorie diets. He wouldn’t let them eat garlic. He would NOT let them even masturbate or engage in sexual acts of any kind (even with other women) BECAUSE he wanted to be the ONLY way for them to satisfy their sexual urges.

    Keith’s own insecurities would have prevented him from approving any slave sex while he wasn’t present. Duh.

    Thus, it’s totally comical to suggest that Keith approved his 2 top slave masters to marry for real, while having normal sexual relations of a married couple, plus also raising a baby ——– while simultaneously serving him in DOS 24 hours per day. Especially when Allison was 2nd-in-command of DOS and needed to be available 24 hours per day to do Keith’s bidding, including readiness drills. Raising a kid would interfere with that.

    Keith would never approve a child interfering with his DOS slave priorities.

    According to Frank Report, Keith even partially-starved Toni Natalie’s kid one summer to lose weight. Keith hates kids. He even hates his own kids.

    Frank has been played for a fool. It’s sad that he can’t even see it.

    Thirdly, their marriage photos look like 2 friends standing together. I don’t see the passion that normal marriage photos would show.

    As for Heidi’s film credits, I gotta admit that “In the Line of Fire” is a great movie.

    But if she really had that kind of success as a co-producer (not just as Jeff Apple’s sidekick wife) — then why was she briefly homeless last year and short of cash to live on? Doesn’t make sense. Sounds like Jeff Apple was the producer. If she was truly half-owner of Jeff Apple’s company, why was she in such a bad financial situation recently? And why was she suing him so often looking for money, if she got half the assets upon divorce? Something smells wrong there. We’re not getting the full story. I’m not purposely prying, Frank, as you’re the one who opened the door to this topic

    • Frank, feel free to delete the last few comments about Heidi’s career, if you feel the need to protect her. In other words, please don’t delete my entire comments just because you feel the need to protect Heidi. But really, those are fair questions to ask.

      I also expect you to respond to my new comments and to refute them, if you can. That is, assuming you’ve GOT THE BALLS and are not a pussy. 🙂

  • Frank, you state that it’s “nonsense” to suggest the marriage was a sham. I beg to disagree.

    Mack’s lawyers state that she is divorcing Clyne to rectify the fraud. That is, they state on the record that the marriage was fraudulent. They further reference the pre-sentencing report, which found the marriage was done at Raniere’s request for the purpose of gaining residency in the U.S.

    You choose to reject these two independent sources of evidence on the grounds that Mack lied to ingratiate herself with the sentencing judge.

    First problem with that is, the PSR wasn’t written by Mack or her attorneys. Yet, it too determines that the marriage was fraudulent, an immigration fraud.

    Second problem is, if you insist that Mack is a liar ingratiating herself with the judge, how can you maintain that her apologies and repentance are sincere? Or even her repudiation of Raniere?

    As for prison food being somewhere between unhealthy and deadly, and Federal prisons pest-infested dungeons, how does that square with Raniere being reported fit and healthy and tanned? Doesn’t seem like a guy slowly being poisoned by salt and carbohydrates and beshitted toilets.

    Raniere’s taking long walks on what look to be squeaky clean linoleum corridors, hangin’ out with his fellow felons who reportedly regard him as a celebrity, and spending time in the yard in that Arizona sunshine.

    And he’s in maximum security! Imagine what it’ll be like for his partner in crime Mack, in a California medium-security prison camp! Her celebrity status is genuine so she should be the princess of the prison dormitory.

  • Frank.

    Are you involved with or participating in any way, shape or form in a project involving some other people and Nicki Clyne?

    Thank you for answering.

    • Nicki Clyne needs all the help she can get at this point. Her followers are starting to ask questions and noticing that she and the dossier project do not answer any of them. Their most recent video was just plain embarrassing. Now she’s promising to talk about what NXIVM “really was” on her local channel for a fee. As if it will be even remotely different than any of the bs of speeches past. If Frank really is planning to redeem her somehow, he’s got his work cut out for him.

  • Great story Bangkok.

    Allison got off with a light sentence she should have gotten 10 years, so should Lauren and Nancy should be staring out at a 20-year sentence. Their hands are just as dirty as Keith’s. Maybe Allison should have asked herself if she really wants to eat prison food, does she really want to submit to body cavity searches, does she really want to live with rats and roaches. My guess is probably not. This choice was hers and hers alone. I have yet to read anything on the Frank Report that Allison was dragged into Nxivm kicking and screaming. There seems to be a lot of bleeding hearts over all these people, all of which committed crimes against women.
    They all deserve to go to prison. They all deserve to serve their time and not 1 minute less.

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