Heidi: Cosby and Mack – Unlike Others – Were Not Pedophiles

By Heidi Hutchinson

What Allison Mack and Bill Cosby really have in common is tokenism.

Sad, sad day in this world when celebrities, or any other humans, are used as pawns to appease the bloodthirsty masses and not adjudged purely and equally by their actual deeds or misdeeds in ‘real-life.’

Frankly, I’m (inwardly) angry Allison will ever see a day behind bars. What I’d like to see are the video recorded branding, sex trafficking, spanking etc. events Allison supposedly staged even, we’re led to believe, when she was not a participant.

Allison Mack met Keith Raniere in 2006 after traveling on a private jet from Vancouver to Albany – to meet up with him at his late-night volleyball game.


Keith Raniere has been described as a good volleyball player who carefully observed the rules of the game.

Then maybe we’d see who was really doing the deceiving and “coercing” on the spot in real-time, not the made for TV versions we’re being fed by ‘bad actors’ clawing after the same fame, fortune and ’empowerment’ Allison had long before ever succumbing to NXIVM – which Allison earned on her own sheer talent, skill and hard work from childhood, that was stolen from her by those who sought to not only benefit by it but to shield themselves from their own criminal culpability through it to this day.

If you ask me, as I’ve oft reiterated, “the fix” was in on Allison from at least the moment she set foot on Keith and Nancy’s own “Lolita Express” supplied by the Bronfman brats.

Interesting Story of Sara and Clare Bronfman's Youth and Their Father's Trip on Private Plane With Pervert-Pedophile Doctor - Frank Report | Investigative Journalism From Frank Parlato
In 2006, the good Sara Bronfman was kind enough to give sweet young Allison Mack, along with the Prefect, Nancy Salzman, a lift to Albany – for Nancy it was a ride home in the style she was accustomed, for young Mack, then 24, it was the chance to meet the glorious founder of the teachings, Keith Alan Raniere, then 46. They took a private jet from Vancouver to Albany.

As for Lauren and Nancy Salzman – who, despite the fact that they imported vulnerable children and teen girls from Mexico to join the huddled masses yearning to be free here in the U.S. and be groomed as sex slaves and servants, were charged with only equal or lesser (in Nancy’s case) crimes than Allison – they both, along with a few others who have not (yet) been charged at all for any crimes, perpetrated crimes and should earn sentences far greater than Allison’s. IMHO.

Salzman friend: Nancy and Lauren Salzman are two of the 'biggest victims' and 'enablers' of Keith Raniere - Frank Report | Investigative Journalism From Frank Parlato
Nancy Salzman and her daughter, Lauren Salzman

There is one other thing Mack and Cosby have in common. None of their alleged victims were underage. That is where the law draws the hard line on sex crimes in this country and Nancy, Lauren and some of the others not (yet) charged crossed it when they recruited children and teens into NXIVM in full knowledge of Keith’s disease and destructive plans for them.



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  • “Frankly, I’m (inwardly) angry Allison will ever see a day behind bars” Heidi

    Frankly, both Bill Cosby and Allison Mack each deserve 33 years in a Turkish prison. Shadow State

    • Shadow, until you “get it”, your opinion is worthless. How you could spend the hours you have on this shitshow, and still be clueless, is beyond me.

  • You know what sex with minors, drugging women and having sex with them, and seduction assignments while holding collateral over their heads all have in common? Lack of consent.

  • Question:
    A murder, a rapist, and a pedophile are all drowning and I only have one life-preserver. Who do I save?

    I walk away with a smile on my face.

    Evil is evil.

    • My point is……

      Mack and Cosby weren’t child molesters?
      Well, yippee!!!! Why don’t you share that information with the women who were raped…..

      Heidi, I’m sorry, but your logic on this topic is nonexistent.

  • Ex-NBC Employee Claims He Helped Bill Cosby Pay Off Women

    Frank Scotti, a 90-year-old ex-NBC employee, is the latest to go public with stories of Bill Cosby’s past.

    Scotti, who worked as a facilities manager for the Brooklyn NBC Studio where “Cosby Show” was filmed, told the New York Daily News that he arranged for monthly payments and more for eight women during “The Cosby Show’s” run from 1984-1992. He claimed some women would receive as much as $2,000 at a time.

    “He had everybody fooled,” Scotti said to the Daily News. “Nobody suspected.”

    Scotti provided copies of money orders to four women to the Daily News and said Cosby asked him to put his own name on them.

    “He was covering himself by having my name on it,” he said. “It was a coverup. I realized it later.”

    One woman, Shawn Thompson, reportedly received more than $100,000 after their alleged affair started in 1974. Thompson’s daughter, Autumn Jackson, has claimed Cosby is her father, which Cosby has denied.

    One woman whose name is on the receipts reached out to the Daily News and said the payments funded her son’s private school tuition. Scotti is confident that he was sexually involved with the women receiving payments, and came forward now because he “felt sorry for the women.”

    “Why else would he be sending money?” Scotti asked. “He was sending these women $2,000 a month. What else could I think?”


  • This is the line the defenders of Raniere like to take: he didn’t shoot anyone or push drugs.

    A line of argument that’s completely irrelevant.

    Of course, there are crimes that Raniere and Mack didn’t commit. The point is there are crimes they DID commit.

    Racketeering. Conspiracy. Extortion. Forced labor. Wire fraud.

    Serious crimes that people should go to prison for. Raniere is in prison and Mack will be shortly. It’s where they belong.

  • Heidi, You owe it to yourself, Gina and anyone that’s been deceived and horribly abused to speak on their behalf by writing to the court. You know the actors, victims, timeline of crimes and psychic and emotional impacts of the crimes better than anyone. You’ve lived it.

    Will you consider doing that for Lauren and Nancy Salzman?

    I’d love to see you be the hero of Nxivm story.


    • IMO, there is a lot that Heidi doesn’t know. There is a lot all of us don’t know. Part of the challenge is that Toni doled out tons of juicy information. Of that info, nobody knows what is true and what isn’t true. For years, her insider info was taken at face value, and now…

  • And Nancy was instrumental in helping Kristen Kreuk with Krueks’s website “Girls by Design” which was said to be for the purpose of recruiting young underage girls for Raniere. (no doubt)

    • GBD is one of the more interesting yet under-covered aspects of Nx, along with SOP.

      There seems no proof that any girls of GBD ever ended up in Keith’s bed, and the story by “Jane of GBD” that it was a BDSM school for girls taught by Kreuk now seems like BS. Still we aren’t clear what the purpose of GBD actually was.

      –Was the original plan of Keith or Nancy for GBD to serve as a grooming site to lure young girls into the sex cult (with or without Kreuk’s knowledge)?
      –Was it formed as an innocent social community for girls…that Nx injected corrupting aspects into (with or without Kreuk’s naive or knowing approval)?

      Either way, GBD just faded away, without any apparent investigation by the Feds. Hmmmm…

  • These is false . Cosby did have underage víctims.

    He was friend of heffner another creep accused of bestiality and running ” honey traps” with the playmates, in the same extortion plan that epstein or Roy cohn, nihoul etc .

    And for fionna barnett Nxivm was a child trafficking Network. So we know that the original charges of mack and Raniere where child trafficking, thats a fucked Up coinscidence,

    we also know that Nxivm had kinders where kids werent allow to Talk to the parents, that Raniere was a pedo, that the pimps of Raniere where open to bring kids (Cafritz) or that they loved pedophilia( Hitler salzman) , the links with the clintons(epstein, pizza Gate, Cathy o Brien ) , they where ok with murder for all.the abortions, and the list continúes .

    The pedophilia “phylosophy”, mack acusations of touching a kid, the luciferian tendencys, the acusations of Betancourt , rosa Laura junco offering of her own kid, the sex rituals, marina Abramovich.

    Mack deserves not coming out of jail, exept if the heal her, so she can be around people and not hurting anyone . But the worst crimes of Nxivm are not even being brought Up. The death of.your sister, the plan to rule the world with a cult, snuff videos, the pedophilia of Raniere , human.experiments, .etc etc rosa Laura offering. We know that the media dont Talk about It, and that the usa goverment loves to protect pedos( weinstein, epstein, COSBY, Kevin spacey etc etc) . Loreta Smith declared that in the satanic pedophile orgys usa polititians brought her, they decapitaded a girl, she also named George Bush senior like a participant , so its obvious that usa goverment protected these Demons

    • Mauricio Ricardo Urtaza Reyes. I think you are mixing the real information with your crazy ideas, Allison and the other co-defendants were never directly charged with child trafficking, they were linked to the Keith charges using the RICO statute that was designed to bring gangs to power Charge several members of a gang with conspiracy charges, although only one member has committed the crime in this case the rape of a minor by Keith, said girl was the front-line leader of the DOS subgroup Camilla hernandes, younger sister Daniela, the girl who had a relationship with Keith since she was 18 and was confined in a room at her parents’ house for 2 years, and Mariana, the mother of Keith’s second child and another front-line DOS leader.
      Camilla was also the only minor victim for which Keith was accused, although there was talk of another victim named Rhiannon, this unfortunate story did not pass from a complaint that could not be investigated due to lack of evidence, now for you maybe fionna barnett, it can officiating mass but not that does not make it a priest or minister and not an expert on the issue of Nxivm.

  • I think I have almost as much sympathy for Allison as anybody, and I really think the judge got it exactly right. With good behavior, she can do under 3 years, and some of it in a halfway house. It’s enough to say to her victims that what they went through was awful and she’s being held accountable, but still done with the intention that she can put her life back together.

    I don’t think I agree with the comparison to a date-rapist. If Cosby had a secretary who invited women over knowingly, or who feared being fired, etc.. then that would be a better comparison.

    I also don’t really agree with the comparisons I’ve heard others make of her to Ghislaine, because I have yet to hear anything about Ghislaine being coerced into aiding Epstein. If anything, Ghislaine is going more the Clare Bronfman route by accusing the victims of lying.

    Regarding the Mexican children coming to work as servants, the FBI never mentioned it anywhere that I saw, so I’m going to guess that Keith never went as far as actually molesting them. I think I would need to see some evidence that Nancy or Lauren expected those kids to be groomed sexually. Everybody pleaded guilty so fast after Keith got hit with the kiddie porn charge. I really just don’t think they knew he was a pedo.

  • Another highly predictable article from Heidi, saying the EXACT same, highly-biased nonsense she’s been spouting for years.

    Allison’s innocent. Allison’s an angel from heaven. Allison was setup from Day #1 to take the fall for Keith. Allison did no wrong. Allison just wants to live a normal life. Allison just yearns for free will. Yada yada yada.

    Firstly, Allison is no angel and I can assure everybody here that, according to my Lord and Savior (Jesus Christ), Allison will never get into the pearly gates and will likely be kicked down below to spend eternity with Satan, probably with a pitch fork up her butt, just like Pam Cafritz. 🙂

    Truth is, Allison wasn’t ‘setup’ by anybody.

    She was recruited just like every other WHORE in Keith’s stable of whores. She was simply one of the dumber women —— who chose to enter NXIVM after having a life of independent success outside of NXIVM (she did not rely on family wealth like other wealthy women in NXIVM, she had her own money and success prior to meeting Keith).

    She was basically the “low-hanging fruit” for Keith to grab. You can’t fault somebody for grabbing low-hanging fruit when they’re hungry. I don’t fault Keith for grabbing a dumb gal like Allison. That’s like blaming a compass for pointing North.

    Question… How does Heidi know anything about the details of what went on between Allison, Lauren, Keith and DOS? She wasn’t there and only pretends to have inside knowledge that the rest of us don’t have.

    Allison was no better than anybody else, and much worse than others.

    Truth is, Allison had her own “free will” long before entering NXIVM —— since she was financially independent and successful, and her family did not groom her to follow Keith. Yet she still CHOSE to follow Keith.

    Lauren, on the other hand, had a mother who groomed her to follow Keith from her teen years. She also had no financial success outside of NXIVM and was dependent on NXIVM for money to live (she was an idiot with no education and no ability to be successful on her own).

    Allison had options. She had the world at her feet, yet she still CHOSE to follow Keith.

    Lauren had nothing outside of NXIVM —- and she was groomed to follow Keith from her teen years.

    Big difference between Allison and Lauren. Lauren is a 2nd generation cult whore, following her own mom.

    That’s why Lauren will get a slightly lesser sentence than Allison. Heidi simply hates Lauren and uses her ‘hate’ to invent a new reality about Allison being an angel and Lauren being a devil.

    Truth is, Allison and Lauren were both devils. They are both virtually worthless human beings, IMO, who don’t make the world a better place.

    But Lauren had less free will than Allison, since her mom groomed her for NXIVM as a teen. Allison had no such family pressure. That’s the difference.

    Truth is, Heidi never even knew Allison during her NXIVM days.

    Heidi is no more ‘clued in’ to the truth than anybody else here.

    Heidi pretends to be an insider with Allison but, in reality, she’s really just a spectator IMO.

    Allison deserves her 9 years of misery (3 years of home confinement, 3 years in prison and another 3 years of supervised release where she must report to a probation officer and have her life regulated like a child).

    Nancy, on the other hand, is a very bad apple who deserves a long prison sentence. She is rotten to the core. She was Keith’s equivalent of Himmler.

    The judge will probably only give Nancy 5 years but she deserves far more, IMO. Nancy deserves at least 15 years but, because of her age and health, the judge will probably take pity on her (he’s a softy).

    I would personally give Nancy 15 years if I were the judge, but he obviously won’t do that — cuz he’s a softy for Lauren and doesn’t wanna take her mom away from her for that long.

    My only words to Allison Mack, before she heads to prison, are this…

    Reap the whirlwind. Have a nice time shitting from filthy toilet seats and eating crappy food for 3 years. You deserve your punishment and the world is a better place with you behind bars for a while.

    Have a good day. 🙂

    • Good point about Mack having options and acting of her own free will.

      At first, I bought the “she’s a victim too” argument. Until the facts about her emerged at Raniere’s trial. The testimony describing how she acted and the things she did. The audio of her and Raniere planning the branding ritual. She has a vicious streak a mile wide.

      Tabby Chapman’s description of Mack’s cruelty and manipulations further cements the case. Mack is a nasty piece of work and was well before DOS.

      Mack’s fawning behavior toward Raniere in the “pop my cherry” volleyball video explains a lot. She wants to be the sub in a dominant-submissive relationship. This explains plenty, it explains the branding (“Brand me, Master, it would be an honor”), it explains the rules and the punishment. It explains why she wanted so badly to be his literal slave and other women’s master.

      It’s BDSM. Bondage, discipline, sadomasochism. And she eagerly participated in it. Weird? Sure. But hardly unheard of. Mack was in a voluntary BDSM relationship with Raniere. The evidence is convincing.

      So no, she was not his victim. She was Raniere’s willing sub. She eagerly did his bidding, because that’s what subs do.

      Now she’s pretending that she was “deceived”. It’s an argument that doesn’t hold.

      Like Judge Garaufis said, Mack was Raniere’s willing and proactive partner.

      • Tabby Chapman worked for Allison long before DOS but long after being part of NXIVM, so the negative effects were already on the surface. Now if you have testimonials that prove that Allison was everything Chapman says he saw about her before NXIVM and Keith Raniere, feel free to share it.

    • delayed. You are also not better informed than Heidi according to the stories published by Frank and the testimony of Lauren herself that she bonded with Keith when she was 21 after having been a short time backpacking. So I do not think she was prepared as a teenager if she had so long away from Keith and his mother. On the other hand, when you say stable of whores, you make it very clear that you do not see Keith’s victims and you do not take into account the indoctrination aspect of the cults.

    • She is a great writer and has first-hand experience with the case. She brings in a unique perspective about who Keith was and who the rest of the people are.

      Stop being jealous. Everyone can have their chance under the sun.

    • Because she’s a talented writer with the gifts of compassion and insight? Because she has real DNA level skin in the game? Because the Frank Report would not be the same without her? Because she’s well-loved and respected?

  • Heidi
    Bill Cosby drugged and raped at least 50 women.
    I don’t care what color Cosby is.
    Bill Cosby is a Predator and Rapist.

    Allison Mack tortured and enslaved women.
    I don’t care what the shape of her genitals are.
    Allison Mack is a Predator, and Sex Trafficker who aided and abetted Rape.

  • What the British think of Allison Mack

    This is from a Youtube channel of people who are sci fi/fantasy fans.

    SMALLVILLE Actress JAILED for involvement in “LOVE” CULT!!

    3 years for the woman
    120 years for the man

    Because gender equality. 🤪

    Ken McK
    2 days ago
    Hey you heard her. She’s really, really sorry….that they got caught.

    Dead Snake
    3 days ago
    3 years for literally branding people and abusing them to high hell. And people wonder why everyone is angry with this fraudulent system
    (503 people agreed with this statement)

    Kong Hammer
    2 days ago
    @clarity2199 having no will power isn’t an excuse. EVERYONE has the chance to say no, it may lead to their death or pain and suffering, but all that proves is people will ruin everyone around them as long as their lives don’t get any worse. In some way I’m sure she enjoyed the power she had in the group and with the thousands upon thousands of female help centers and hotlines and groups SPECIFICALLY designed to help girls out of messes like this she had ZERO excuse as to why she continued it for years in end without once ever going for help. Her mental weakness lead to the emotional and physical destruction of young girls and she is serving a sentence you can get for rear ending someone and leaving the scene even if no serious injuries are involved.

    Chihiro Kikuchi
    2 days ago
    @clarity2199 that’s an excuse. She should have atleast 40 years

    2 days ago (edited)
    The law suits will start arriving. She will spend much of the rest of her life in court. But it a sham. She branded people with her initials. Needs to be put away for much longer.

    Aarteest Mj
    2 days ago
    Someone who is in charge of recruiting is not some innocent victim. She’s just sorry she got “caught”.
    (234 people agreed with this statement)

    Justa Guy
    2 days ago
    The really scary part about this most are ignoring is Mack was a charismatic leader of the group. One who knew most if not all the tricks of the trade… and she is only getting 3 years, possibly less with time served and/or good behavior *Cough*Bribes*Cough*. I can’t help but think once she gets out it would be very easy for her to set up a new cult.

    Remember most of the cult followers are likely still out there and desperate for a new leader once the last one left.

    No more Comic Cons for Allison Mack !! Shadow State

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