Allison Mack’s Sentence Bodes Well for Lauren and Nancy Salzman

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack during their DOS days.

K.R. Claviger is Frank Report’s legal correspondent. He is known for his erudite analysis of the law as it is pertinent in the cases under review in this publication and also known for his concise analysis of various matters legal and otherwise. Here is some of the latter.

K. R. Claviger

Allison Mack’s sentence of three years is at the low end of what I originally considered to be a fair range (3-5). And given the agreed-upon sentencing guidelines range – which, quite frankly, I’m still puzzled about – Allison should consider herself very fortunate.

Keith Raniere and two women who now face prison for their adherence to him.  The woman to his left is Lauren Salzman. The woman far left is her mother Nancy Salzman. The woman to the right is Karen U. who fortuitously was not charged. Lauren is set to be sentenced on July 30. 

Perhaps the biggest winners in her sentencing are Lauren Salzman and Nancy Salzman because, given Allison’s sentence of 3-years, it’s hard to believe that either of them will get a sentence longer than that.

Without knowing what the sentencing guidelines will be in either case, I would now estimate that they’ll each get 2-3 years – with Nancy possibly getting more than Lauren because of her lack of cooperation.

Although Allison’s sentence doe not guaranty that Lauren will just get probation, I think it certainly sets a ceiling on her prison sentence and the prison sentence of Nancy Salzman. It’s hard to imagine that either of them will get more than two years.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman — in 1998. They were together at the start of NXIVM.

Nancy Should Do More Time Than Allison

However it is possible that Nancy may not get a more lenient sentence than Allison because, insofar as I know, Nancy never did anything to help the prosecutors convict Raniere. I’m sure her lawyers will argue that her health should be a major factor in determining how long a sentence she gets – and it’s possible that Judge Garaufis will do just that.

I happen to be personally aware of some of the havoc and pain that Nancy caused several people – and in my opinion, she should get a longer sentence than Clare. Without Nancy’s help and commitment, Keith could never have pulled off the NXIVM/ESP scam for as long as he did.

Both Keith and Nancy used the EMs [Exploration of Meaning ”therapy’] to gather extremely personal information about people – and, while they may not have referred to it as collateral, they used that info in much the same way.

Also, when they deemed someone an enemy, the first thing they usually did is try to get some “dirt” on the person – which they could then use as leverage.

I do not think NXIVM/ESP victims should feel OK unless Nancy gets at least a 5-year sentence.

A very likely future home for Allison Mack for the next three years.

Mack Prison & Probation

Allison will not be going to Danbury (I think that’s where Lauren and Nancy will likely end up — assuming, of course, that they get any prison time). instead, Allison will most likely end up at FCI Dublin or at Victorville FPC in California.

After serving her sentence, if Allison violates the terms of her probation by participating in some fraudulent activity, it’s quite possible that she will be sent back to prison to serve the portion of her sentence that was forgiven via any “good time” she earned while she was incarcerated.

Allison was already named as a defendant in the civil lawsuit that was filed in the EDNY by eighty claimants(

Getting Into Drug or Alcohol Rehab to Reduce 12 Months of Time Served

Getting into a federal alcohol/substance abuse program is no longer automatic – and you can only get a 12-month sentence reduction if you are enrolled in a residential program.

Unless there was evidence in her Pre-Sentence Report that Allison Mack had an alcohol or substance abuse problem, she will very likely not get into such a program.

Questions about alcohol and drug use are a routine part of the interview that The Department of Probation conducts with defendants who plead out, such as Allison and defendants who are found guilty at trial like Raniere.

That’s definitely the time to get such information into the record.

Technically, it does not have to be in the Pre-Sentencing Report. However unless there was such a reference in there, it would be hard, for example, for Allison to get approved for a residential alcohol/substance abuse program – which is the only type of program that results in any reduction of sentence.

And while any federal prisoner can sign up for an alcohol/substance abuse program, it is far from automatic that all of those get approved for residential programs.

I don’t know what the exact percentages are but based on my experience, I’d estimate that fewer than 10% of applicants get approved for residential programs.

Bill Cosby is free. But Keith Raniere is not.

Raniere and Cosby Appeals

I’m not so sure that Raniere’s appeal will get resolved as quickly as Bill Cosby’s did. To begin with, Raniere’s case is in Federal court – which is generally slower moving on appeals. Then, there’s the fact that multiple issues were raised in Raniere’s appeal whereas Cosby’s appeal was laser-focused on the one issue.


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Heidi H
Heidi H
2 years ago

Well, Clav, nice piece but I think we both know what Allison Mack and Bill Cosby really have in common – tokenism. Sad, sad day in this world when celebrities, or any other humans, are used as pawns to appease the bloodthirsty masses and not adjudged purely and equally by their actual deeds or misdeeds in ‘real life.’

Frankly, I’m (inwardly) angry Allison will ever see a day behind bars. What I’d like to see are the video recorded branding, sex trafficking, spanking etc. events Allison supposedly staged even, we’re led to believe, when she was not a participant. Then maybe we’d see who was really doing the deceiving and “coercing” on the spot in real time, not the made for TV versions we’re being fed by ‘bad actors’ clawing after the same fame, fortune and ’empowerment’ Allison had long before ever succumbing to NXIVM – which Allison earned on her own sheer talent, skill and hard work from childhood, that was stolen from her by those who sought to not only benefit by it but to shield themselves from their own criminal culpability through it to this day.

If you ask me, as I’ve oft reiterated, “the fix” was in on Allison from at least the moment she set foot on Keith and Nancy’s own “Lolita Express” supplied by the Bronfman brats. Interesting that Allison appeared for sentencing with former Director of Homeland Security, John Sandweg, whose “Frontier” business partner, Dennis Burke, represented Clare Bronfman & Co. on NXIVM’s immigration matters for nearly a decade prior to Allison’s arrest.

As for Lauren and Nancy Salzman – who, despite the fact that they imported vulnerable children and teen girls from Mexico to join the huddled masses yearning to be free here in the U.S. and be groomed as sex slaves and servants, were charged with only equal or lesser (in Nancy’s case) crimes than Allison – they both, along with a few others who have not (yet) been charged at all for any crimes, perpetrated crimes and should earn sentences far greater than Allison’s. IMHO.

There is one other thing Mack and Cosby have in common. None of their alleged victims were underage. That is where the law draws the hard line on sex crimes in this Country and Nancy, Lauren and some of the others not (yet) charged crossed it when they recruited children and teens into NXIVM in full knowledge of Keith’s disease and destructive plans for them.

2 years ago

“You misunderstand what RDAP is. It’s not designed for inmates like her. It’s not designed for inmates who fear prison and have a nervous breakdown and need meds to calm them.” The Retard

You miss my point.
The US Government believes that she needs psychotropic drugs to treat her already existing mental condition.
These drugs treat manic depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, insomnia, eating disorders, anxiety, borderline personality disorder and so forth.

Mack already has the psychiatric disorder and Uncle Sam will be the pusher.

“Prisons have become one of the main distribution points for psychiatrists peddling psychotropic drugs and for drug companies happy to supply all these medicines to a growing population of criminals.
It’s quite a successful business model. Prisoners get screened when they arrive in prison, get put on psychiatric drugs to treat fraudulently labeled “disorders”, later get released into society, commit more crimes or acts of violence prompted by the side effects of the medicines they were given in jail and soon end up back inside prison walls to start the cycle again.
Big drug profits are made, much of it paid for by federal and state tax dollars.
Here are some statistics for this trend of drugging prisoners:”

“More than half of all prison and state inmates reported mental health problems, including symptoms of major depression, mania and psychotic disorders, according to a 2004 federal Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) report, Mental Health Problems of Prison and Jail Inmates.
In 1998, the BJS reported there were an estimated 283,000 prison and jail inmates who suffered from mental health problems. That number in 2004 was estimated to be 1.25 million an increase of more than 4 times
The rate of reported mental health disorders in the state prison population is five times greater (56.2 percent) than in the general adult population (11 percent).
Almost three quarters (73 percent) of all women in state prison have mental health problems, compared to 55 percent of men.
Nearly 70 percent of facilities housing state prison inmates reported that, as a matter of policy, they screen inmates at intake
73 % distribute psychotropic medications to their inmates

Psychiatric Drugs – Creating Crime and Profit in Prisons

The government is the biggest drug pusher in America and it does it through the prisons.

The Retard
The Retard
2 years ago

Shadow, IMO, you may have High-Functioning Aspergers. 🙂

Oh. Forgot to mention… You must not only document your substance abuse problem, but you must prove it existed 12 months *prior* to your initial arrest or indictment (no ‘last minute’ schemes). Sorry Shadow, your scheme for Allison won’t work. 🙂

Here’s a quote from a defense attorney’s web site. It makes reference to the ’12 month’ window near the bottom. You can also see that it makes references to documenting everything in detail, including withdrawal symptoms. It also confirms the 90% rejection rate.

*************QUOTE from web site:

What Evidence Actually Gets You Into RDAP?

Our narrative, together with the evidence we collect will:

-Document your history of abuse

-Show the pattern of your problems

-Explain how you have built up a tolerance

-Document withdrawal symptoms

-Disclose how your abuse contributed to your problems with the law

-Lay out the timeline to prove your problems existed 12 months before your arrest or indictment

We can’t ignore the data and reality that about 90% of defendants fail to get accepted.

****************END QUOTE from web site

2 years ago

Y’all saying the judge’s sentence was arbitrary are ignoring the 3 clear reasons he gave for the reduced sentence.

1. She cooperated and helped convict Keith and probably Clare
2. She apologized profusely both in writing and in person, including writing letters of apology to 9 women. (Clare did nothing like that)
3. Her efforts to rehabilitate included education, work and therapy. She made like 10x the effort Clare did with those things. Not to mention all the character references. (Personally, I found her mom’s letter rather moving).

If she hadn’t done these things, the judge probably would have given her a sentence closer to the guidelines.

And by the way, what does it say about a person who puts this much effort into reducing their sentence? It means they know they f-ed up real bad. Allison gets it. She knows she did awful stuff. She knew how much prison time she was facing.

I’m not so sure Clare believes she did anything wrong. She didn’t really take any part of the case seriously.

2 years ago

“Addiction is coming next
July 2, 2021 at 12:16 pm
Allison could definitely “develop” a dependency on her prescription anti-anxiety meds before incarceration.

Presumably, she’s been taking them these past years. Allison could start abusing them/leaning on them too heavily. Especially given the stressful & looming prison sentence.” Addiction is coming next

The Frank Report mentioned that Mack was incoherent and confused and needed psychiatric help.
Allison Mack probably already is addicted to anti-psychotic medicines.
Rumors About Allison Mack Include Nervous Breakdown

It should be apparent to any reasonable, sane person that Allison Mack is insane and a danger to herself and others.
Her own friends called her Ally ‘Wack.
Allison Mack is probably already addicted.

The actress Margot Kidder had a history of mental illness and took drugs to treat that problem.
Three years ago Kidder committed suicide.

On August 8, 2018, it was reported that Kidder’s death had been ruled a suicide by overdose.[105][106] The Park County, Montana coroner said her death was “a result of a self-inflicted drug and alcohol overdose.”

Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia in Star Wars, was bipolar or manic-depressive.
Fisher was a long-time drug abuser.

“Fisher publicly discussed her diagnosis of bipolar disorder and her addictions to cocaine and prescription medication.[116] She said her drug use was a form of self-medication; she used pain medication such as Percodan to “dial down” the manic aspect of her bipolar disorder.[117] She gave nicknames to her bipolar moods: Roy (“the wild ride of a mood”) and Pam (“who stands on the shore and sobs”).[118] “Drugs made me feel more normal”, she explained to Psychology Today in 2001. ”

“A full report from June 19, 2017, stated that Fisher had cocaine in her system, as well as traces of heroin, other opiates, and MDMA. The report also stated that the investigation was unable to determine when she had taken the drugs, and whether they contributed to her death.[135] Her daughter Billie Lourd stated that Fisher “battled drug addiction and mental illness her entire life. She ultimately died of it. ”

Allison Mack herself in her discussion with Raniere mentions that creativity stems from craziness.
She mentions Robin Williams as an example.
Williams had committed suicide only two years before.

Allison Mack is insane and she knows it.
And she might self-medicate to control it.

The anti-psychotic drugs used to maintain some sense of normalcy are addictive and dangerous.
In college I knew someone who was manic-depressive.
He could sit on my couch and talk a mile a minute.
In the middle of his rant, he would fall asleep.
Fifteen minutes later, he would awaken and ask, “What happened?”

It was funny and sad at the same time.

Earlier in his youth, the man had attempted suicide

But there is nothing funny about insanity.
The drugs used to treat insanity, the so-called anti-psychotic drugs or psychotropic medications, are dangerous.
The drugs work by destroying the brain affecting both neurons and the synapses that connect them.
Anti-psychotic drugs can work only by shrinking and damaging the brain.
Some medical professions call psychotropic medications “chemical lobotomies”

Antipsychotic drugs mixed with alcohol and so-called recreational drugs are extremely dangerous.
Apparently, Mack was drawn to the song “More than you’ll ever know” by Donnie Hathaway.
She sang it to Raniere at 2016 V Week.

Hathaway spent years in mental institutions and died by suicide in 1979.
Donny Hathaway

Sergey Smith
Sergey Smith
2 years ago

WHY should it “be apparent to any reasonable, sane person that Allison Mack is insane and a danger to herself and others.” ???? She has only been seen walking to and from court, and being out for coffee with a friend . . . . I don’t see any insanity in that.

The Retard
The Retard
2 years ago

Sorry, dummy, but she’ll never get into RDAP with the scheme that you just described, nor will her nervous breakdown get her into RDAP, LOL.

You misunderstand what RDAP is. It’s not designed for inmates like her. It’s not designed for inmates who fear prison and have a nervous breakdown and need meds to calm them.

The RDAP is limited to those who have real, verifiable, substance abuse disorder(s) and desire treatment. Verifiable means that the problem has been documented by appropriate professionals, preferably in the Presentence Report (PSR). Examples of apropos documentation are: A letter of diagnosis from a medical doctor, mental health professional or a drug abuse treatment provider. A letter from a parole or probation officer, a social worker, or a judge’s recommendation are also helpful in showing that the federal inmate has a verifiable substance use disorder. Two or more convictions for DUI or DWI in the five-year period before the prisoner’s most recent arrest may also verify that the inmate has a substance use disorder.

It must be documented by professionals ahead of time. It can’t be a concocted scheme, created after sentencing happens, which lasts for a few weeks before she’s incarcerated. LOL. Even if it was real, it wouldn’t meet the criteria for RDAP if it happened “last minute” like that.

**Federal prisons have other substance abuse classes and NON-residential abuse programs for people who don’t qualify for RDAP (which don’t allow sentence reductions). LOL.

So she can participate in those programs, if she wants. But somehow, I don’t think she’ll want that.

The BOP operates three drug abuse programs. The first program is the 12- to 15-hour voluntary Drug Abuse Education Course offered at all institutions, designed to teach inmates about the consequences of drug/alcohol abuse and addiction by reviewing their personal drug use and the cycle of drug use and crime. The second program is the 12- to 24-week (90–120 minutes per week) Non-Residential Drug Abuse Treatment (NR DAP), which is targeted to, inter alia, those awaiting RDAP, those who do not meet RDAP admission criteria, and those found guilty of an incident report for use of drugs or alcohol.

Oh. Another thing, dummy…

If she ALREADY had an addiction (before sentencing) —- it would have been documented in her PSR already. Duh, Shadow.

They’ll also check for real withdrawal symptoms on a medical level (a faker who’s complaining of phony symptoms won’t pass this test). She’ll be screened carefully. There’s just no documentation to support it.

Having a last-minute letter, written the week before she turns herself in, won’t even come close to meeting the requirements for the program. It’s not a long enough period to prove a verifiable, serious addiction. That’s exactly the type of ‘scheme’ they are trained to weed out and reject.

She’ll be sent to the NON-residential substance abuse program if that happens, which allows for no sentence reduction.

Sorry, Shadow, but your imagination knows no bounds.

Also… Even if she got the judge to recommend it (which she won’t) —- the judge’s recommendation, all by itself, would not be enough. The RDAP staff are the only people with the power to determine who qualifies; the judge is powerless.

They reject roughly 90% of all applicants, many of whom have real substance issues but which don’t meet the criteria. It’s a serious program. It’s not a program for a gal who ‘leaned on meds’ (LOL) during the last few weeks before incarceration, as a scheme to get in.

But go on dreaming, if you like.

Grow a brain. 🙂

Have a good day. 🙂

Nice Guy
Nice Guy
2 years ago

Important Question to Frank Parlato!!!!

Is shadowstate1958, 8:36am the real Shadowstate or a dastardly imposter?

Today, Shadow cares about Allison Mack’s mental health.

“Allison could definitely “develop” a dependency on her prescription anti-anxiety meds before incarceration.”

Christ must’ve reached out to Shadow and taught him the way! I’m happy for you, Shadow.

2 years ago
2 years ago

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyers Cite Bill Cosby’s Victory, Claiming Her Case Presents a ‘Similar Situation’
Adam Klasfeld, Jul 2nd, 2021

2 years ago

Well California Women’s prisons have rapist and serial killers who are Men portraying to be transgender to get into women’s Facilities

2 years ago

Feds don’t give “good time” lucky they’re going to the feds otherwise they’d be in womens state prison where California is shipping sex offenders to by request if they say they’re trans, non binary or intersex. They’re even passing out condoms. So, they’re both extremely lucky.

2 years ago
Reply to  Amie

Non binary or intersex? What the F? That’s why K. Kardashian and other human refuse are idolised in America. A preoccupation with the essentially important and the imagined.

The Retard
The Retard
2 years ago

I agree. Allison will never get into the residential alcohol/drug treatment program (RDAP) for a sentence reduction — and the dude who argued with you about that, the other day, is totally wrong for thinking that she’ll get in.

While anybody can apply for RDAP, the rules for acceptance are much more rigorous than they were 10 years ago. They no longer let in ‘fakers’ who just want a sentence a reduction.

It’s currently impossible to get accepted without VERIFIABLE & DOCUMENTED proof (of having a SERIOUS substance abuse problem which has taken control of your life).

You must also pass a rigorous interview with a prison psychologist who’s trained to screen inmates for ‘fakers’ (or people with minor substance abuse problems) who are just trying to get a sentence reduction.

It’s true that 90% of all applicants get rejected.

Besides, Allison was on home confinement for the last 3 years, living with strict rules about no excess alcohol and drugs.

If she violated those rules or lied to the court when asked if she was abiding by those rules, she’d have been sent to prison early.

Thus, there’s no way for her to have ‘documented’ proof of a serious alcohol or drug problem (you can’t be accepted into RDAP by merely claiming to be addicted to doctor prescribed meds recently; you must prove a SERIOUS addiction which must meet certain criteria). They are trained to screen out fakers and people with minor addictions.

2 years ago

KR Claviger and Frank Parlato
Do you have the courage to publish these truths about the Salzmans?

Nasty Nancy and Loca Lauren are grifters, bottom feeders and total wastes of human protoplasm.
These two ass clowns only have skills to bamboozle cretins like Allison Mack.

These two creatures dedicated and wasted their whole lives to promoting a con artist and pedophile named Keith Raniere.
Nasty Nancy is a one-trick pony who specializes in falsely accusing others of sexually harassing her.
She pulled the same trick on Susan Dones and Joe O’Hara.

Loca Lauren is as bland as a mashed potato sandwich.
Lauren’s main skill was spending all her money.
No matter how much money Lauren scammed out of people, her mother Nasty Nancy noted she always spent it to the last penny.

Their in-law, Ben Myers, worked for a Communist Chinese company called BrainCo but was fired because the Chinese did not trust him.

Both Nancy and Lauren have souls filled with sewage.

If I ever met these two harridans in the flesh,I would probably barf in their faces.

And these two reprobates are the “heroes” of NXIVM.

Only senile prosecutors and judges would fail to identify Nancy and Lauren as curses on the human race.

2 years ago

How many men that identify as women have been allowed to transfer into the prisons that Allison could be considered for? Women are being locked into units and cells with men, without the ability to complain or risk punishment. Not an ideal situation for anyone’s rehabilitation, but rather torture. Women are being raped in prisons across the country because of these policies. Some of these units’ children are allowed to visit.

It’s happening in Canada too. The government is forcing this against the will of the people, through false campaigns that misrepresent crime statistics that position serial killers and sex offenders that cross-dress, as a more marginalized group than women. Women who are statistically incarcerated for non-violent offenses.

It’s been happening in the UK for years, with a recent decision handed down that finally addressed there is a conflict of rights.

“Women in prison have already sexually assaulted because of bad transgender prison policy
At the end of 2017, a male-born transgender prisoner called Karen White was placed on remand in a female prison and went on to sexually assault two women inmates within days of arrival. Karen was convicted almost a year later, along with two more historic rapes. When this news became public the Justice Minister dismissed it as a ‘procedural error’ and not a policy failure. We fundamentally disagreed and re-doubled our efforts to shine a light on the policy.”

Karen White sexually assaulted two women inmates: “The complainant felt something hard press against the small of her back. She could see the defendant’s penis erect and sticking out of the top of her pants, covered by her tights.”

This issue needs so much more attention than it’s getting. Women cannot escape this cruel and unusual punishment. It is not their burden to rehabilitate men. Nor part of their prison sentence.

2 years ago

It seems to me so far that the judge is pretty good at assessing who the biggest criminals were, aside from who pleaded guilty to what. And he has my respect for that.

If Nancy really was up there with Keith in terms of criminality, then at this point, I have faith that the judge will account for that.

I also think that after however many decades as a federal judge, he is probably very good at assessing whose apology is genuine and whose isn’t.

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

July 2, 2021 at 12:35 pm
It seems to me so far that the judge is pretty good at assessing who the biggest criminals were

They are all criminals.
NXIVM is a society of scam artists.
And sadly Nicki Clyne is one of the smartest people in NXIVM.

This group is not the Mensa Society.

2 years ago

Nicki Clyne is her own fan and very convinced of herself.
See her inactive Twitter account:

NickiClyneFan [Twitter]
Actress,Writter, The most Talented Girl In the world

2 years ago

Shadow, if they are all criminals then who were the victims? I am pretty sure that Nancy and Lauren did not lose as much money and job opportunities as Allison, Nick,i and many others.

Aristotle’s Sausage
Aristotle’s Sausage
2 years ago

I agree that both will likely get light sentences. Perhaps just probation for Lauren. Her tearful testimony against Raniere seemed to have awakened Judge Garaufis’ chivalrous instinct.

Nancy for some reason reminds me of The Wicked Witch of the West. All she needs is the conical hat and a broom. I bet she gets prison time, but not much as her daughter. Given her central role in the Nxivm criminal racket, I think Nancy should get 12 years at least. She seems to have been the brains behind the operation (Raniere barely has a brain) so she should get at least 10% as much prison time as that asshole.

Won’t happen though.

Of course, Garaufis’ sentencing may continue its seemingly arbitrary meanderings. Bronfman the moneybags got 3x the Federal sentencing range for two relatively minor crimes while Mack got one-fifth of her recommended sentence, despite her direct involvement in the blackmail and branding horror. That’s a huge spread. To put it in perspective imagine two people convicted of the identical crime punishable by 10 years imprisonment. One gets 3x, the other 1/5. That’s 30 years for one criminal, 2 years for the other.

Largely because one said the magic words “I’m sorry”.

Seems pretty damn arbitrary to me.

2 years ago


Excellent point!

“Bronfman the moneybags got 3x the Federal sentencing range for two relatively minor crimes while Mack got one-fifth of her recommended sentence, despite her direct involvement in the blackmail and branding horror.”

I guess being an ugly woman truly sucks.

Anony Something
Anony Something
2 years ago

I agree. The judge’s sentences are arbitrary. If he likes you and feels sympathy for you, he treats you well. If he doesn’t feel sorry for you, he screws you to the wall.

Sentencing should not be a popularity contest determined by ‘likeability”.

2 years ago


“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Vals Loeder
Vals Loeder
2 years ago

“imagine two people convicted of the identical crime punishable by 10 years imprisonment. One gets 3x, the other 1/5. That’s 30 years for one criminal, 2 years for the other.”

– The crimes were not identical though.

Aristotle’s Sausage
Aristotle’s Sausage
2 years ago
Reply to  Vals Loeder

I know. That’s why I wrote: “for perspective”.

In fact, Mack’s crimes are far more serious than Bronfman’s and yet she was sentenced to less than half Bronfman’s prison term.

Bronfman: harboring an illegal alien, identity fraud.

Mack: racketeering, conspiracy, with predicate acts of forced labor and extortion.

But then, of course, Mack said “I’m sorry”. Plus she doesn’t look like The Wicked Witch of the West.

Addiction is coming next
Addiction is coming next
2 years ago

Allison could definitely, “develop” a dependency on her prescription anti- anxiety meds before incarceration.

Presumably, she’s been taking them these past years. Allison could start abusing them/leaning on them too heavy. Especially given the stressful & looming prison sentence.

And now that Allison has been sentenced and no longer needs to present herself as a flawless tale of healing and redemption… She’s free to have a vice.

Allison has already mentioned feeling suicidal. The groundwork is all there. Laid out.

And given the shame Allison lives with daily drug or alcohol abuse is probably in her future if she isn’t careful. Her home confinement may prohibit consumption of alcohol or street drugs. But prescribed pills? They are approved.

Reason #3 that I called Allison’s decision to take prescribed medicine prior to prison, “smart”.

We already know Allison takes things too far and has a dependent/addictive personality. Eating disorder etc. This will be easy if she decides to go that route.

Keep listening to whomever is advising you, Ally.

2 years ago

“Allison has already mentioned feeling suicidal”

where and when did she say that?

2 years ago

What about Michelle Salzman Meyers?

2 years ago
Reply to  nombre

She’s off the Fed’s radar.

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