The Sad Fate of Allison Mack – Soon Headed to Prison – for Years

The sentencing memorandum by the government is the public’s first indication of how grim is the future of Allison Mack.

Her sentencing guidelines are 14-17.5 years.

Of course, it is possible for the judge to go easy on her and sentence her to a far shorter prison term than guidelines suggest. But I wouldn’t count on it. The chances of her getting probation or even 2 or 3 years – as many of us thought she would – seem almost non-existent now.

Allison Mack will be sentenced to years in prison. She is 38 and she will be in her 40s, possibly in her 50s, when she emerges to freedom. Even then, she will almost certainly have additional years – perhaps as much as five more years on probation to round out her sentence for her role in the life of Keith Raniere.

She will be under the thumb of the federal government for years to come after being under his thumb for some 12 years.

Whatever hopes she had in her naivete of a short prison sentence or probation, with the results of her presentencing report and its terrible recommendation of a decade and half in prison, at this point are quashed, dashed and destroyed. Unless this judge has a meltdown of sympathy, she is going to be locked in a cage for time enough for her to grow considerably older in prison – maybe, as so many do, aging two or three years to one. Perhaps she will grow wiser, but she will definitely grow older. She will not be young Allison. She will be middle-aged Allison Mack when she leaves her unwanted prison home.

For his part, the judge has pressures too. Even if he has sympathy for this woman caught by a monster, if the judge sentences her to anything less than say five years, I believe he will come under intense and heavy criticism, considering the notoriety of the case, the vile view the public has of Raniere and of how Mack is widely considered his left-hand gal who, switching from beloved actress to sex slaver and brute, and bully manipulator of women, rang in sex crimes like some ring in a new year.

Even though this view of Mack as inordinate evil is as exaggerated as perhaps Raniere’s is not, this is the public’s perception. Mack is more famous for sex slaving than Raniere. Such is the price of fame.

In any event, for the judge, while he can follow it or not, the 14-17.5 year recommendation cannot be wholly ignored.

Allison Mack with India Oxenberg
Allison Mack with India Oxenberg, as seen in Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult

Judges are not immune from the hurtfulness of public condemnation. He can easily justify a 7-year or 8-year sentence. He could also justify a 10-year or even a 15-year sentence because of the seriousness of the crimes and how the world seeks punishment far more than forgiveness; it seeks deterrence and not healing of the soul of the weak who fall into crime as she would not otherwise have committed but for the clever hand of her tormenter. If others were coerced by him, by collateral and sleep and food deprivation, why is only Allison Mack immune? She got branded. She gave collateral. She went on 800 calorie diets and woke up every night to insane readiness calls.

Why is everyone given a free pass – total victimhood – and only Mack a criminal? That is the question a judge may not wish to study carefully. He has to study other concepts such as that she admitted to crimes in allegiance to Raniere and the jury spoke on Raniere.

It is not that Mack is not a victim. But how can the judge ignore the public he also serves?

It is a public that demands to hear that evil-doers are punished with two eyes for an eye and to err and be punished is human and there is no divine, in a world where it is better to be severe than forgiving – and wherever there are victims, victims out front and center – though anonymously – calling for Allison Mack’s head, calling for the end of her freedom – their cries must be heard.

Forgiveness, or too much leniency, will be seen as another kind of punishment – of the victims of Allison Mack.

Mack must be put in prison to satisfy the hurt of victims, who must see her punished to forgive and excuse themselves and their part in the play.  There will be victims who will condemn Mack who did the same things she did and followed the same path. But her going to prison will help them forget.

If Allison is sentenced severely – and to the extent that she is – is the extent that they are excused from their errors. A long prison sentence will be a validation of victimization. It is true of Raniere who got 120 years and what’s good for the goose is good for Allison Mack.

Maybe Mack deserves it. There is no escaping karma or fate. Maybe she was always evil and only needed the conduit, contact with the savage, a guy who thought branding women, taking blackmail and keeping his role a secret would somehow empower women, to bring out the dormant evil. She did not scream this is crazy, cruel or inhuman, but fell in every inch of the way, as eager as one could imagine.

Maybe she thought she was doing good. Maybe she went horridly astray and would not have entered into this crazy world of DOS had it not been for the monster.

Either way, the judge cannot know the soul of Allison Mack. At best, he can be wise, I think, and split the baby – to err on the side of equanimity – she is part criminal, part victim – don’t go too far to one side or the other – play it safe, stick to the middle, not too much criminal, not too much victim – go downward on the sentence but not too much.

He cannot easily justify something as light as, say, a three-year sentence without being condemned – not with a 17-year sentencing guideline and sex slaving as the odor of the case [Even though Mack did not plead guilty to any sex crimes; she will still be sentenced for them.].

Judge Garuafis
Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentenced Keith Alan Raniere to 120 years in prison.

And herein lies the secret: Of course, the judge can do anything he wants. He has total discretion and is not elected. HIs is a lifetime appointment and, thus, if he only goes with the sentencing guidelines or near them, his sentence will withstand any appeal.

He will not be chastised or condemned – not a word will be said against him – if he sentences harshly. And – let this be understood as fact – only if he sentences too leniently will anyone complain. Then, the mob will shout.

I know this Judge Garaufis is a man – a real man and a good man too. I respect him and I doubt very much he is overly concerned about what the mob, or you (who may want Allison sentenced harshly) or I (who want leniency for her) – think.

But he has other factors to consider – including the optics of deterrence and the public trust in justice. He can be lenient but not too much, not as much perhaps as the sad case of Allison Mack demands.

He will have to hand her a sentence measured in years. Allison Mack is going to prison – likely for more than five years. My guess is she will get eight.

Follow Raniere at Your Peril

Even though his supporters say Raniere had only the best intentions – he has somehow left a trail of tears, of destroyed lives and shattered dreams. Everything he touched fell to pieces – ever since the Consumer Buyline days.

Everyone close to him suffered – many by his hand and many by following him.

This is what is called a legacy.

If he was truly the smartest man, how could he have gone so wrong? Calculated so poorly?

Perhaps he is smart – and this was his plan and his delight all along.

It is said with some disdain, but not derision, as we will soon watch a woman who had everything going for her – the bright, young and famous, the beautiful and foolish Allison Mack, who thanks to her friend Kristin Kreuk, met a man named Raniere who gobbled up her life.

[If you want to understand why I have little regard for Kristin Kreuk, it is this: When Allison could still have escaped – when Catherine Oxenberg and I were trying to get her to leave and disavow Raniere if she could – but to leave at least and offered our protection, we asked Kreuk to help get her out – and she hid and cowered – this woman who plays the hero on TV.  The bad-ass fighting gal. She cowered instead of feeling the pang that anyone with a soul would have felt – that she herself was the cause of this woman, Allison, her friend, being where she was which was in grave peril. Brave Kristin Kreuk: “I got out. I’m safe. Now let me play my hero roles and leave me be… Allison – who that?” It might not have done any good. Probably it would not have. But one never knows until one tries. Allison might have been induced to parachute in time to spare herself the fate she faces today. You and I and Kristin Kreuk will never know and I dare say, only Kreuk doesn’t care, lost in the delusion that she approximates the human being which she plays on TV.]

Allison Mack with her former Smallville co-star Kristin Kreuk at a Necker Island retreat for elite and inner circle members of Nxivm

In any event, we will soon know the fate of Allison Mack and we know already it is not going to be an easy fate. It is a shocking fate, a sudden fate, a surprising turn of fare – a fall from a tower of fate – a millionaire actress turned cultist turned slaver turned prisoner.

One day, back in 2006, Keith Raniere took her in the palm of his hand, used her for his own purpose and left her destroyed. By 2017, she was exposed. By 2018, she was arrested and spent three years in home confinement. By 2019, she was convicted, and by 2021 she will head to prison. It may be 2031 before she ends this travail she invited when she first took Raniere’s hand.

She has disavowed him but too late.

So, I say it this time with disdain and with a little sadness – Viva Executive Success!


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  • Allison Mack is a total narcissist and she could have cooperated way, way earlier. The fact that she pled guilty at the 11th hour says a lot. I don’t think the Judge should or will go easy on her. Sorry, she doesn’t deserve it. Any woman who could have envisioned themselves worthy of being “Master” over other women – believing it was for those women’s growth no less – has serious delusions of grandeur. All of Keith Raniere’s first-line masters, except for Cami, have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They all are lacking in a fundamental ability to empathize with others.

    Lauren Salzman is among the worst of them. I don’t buy her faux pity party at trial one bit. “I did it for love”. “I wanted a baby more than anything in the world”. I call bullshit. Lauren did what she did out of her own narcissism. She was at the very top of the NXIVM pyramid, on the executive board, Vice President of Education. She did what she did for money and power and, most of all, for a sense of superiority and status over others. Lauren was bowed to and upheld above almost everyone else for 20 years and that’s just what Allison Mack wanted too.

    If either Allison or Lauren gets less than 10 years in prison, it will be a miscarriage of justice.

    • that of being teachers comes from the concepts learned in the NXIVM classes, and takes into account that all the 8 first-line teachers were trainers of at least yellow sash with 2 stripes.

  • Mack doesn’t qualify for a safety valve reduction, but the Prosecutors did file a 5k sentence reduction motion. Thus, it is completely up to the Judge. Within limitations, judges usually reduce sentences 20-25% with 5k.

    I say he will shave 20% of the sentence off. So Mack will get 11-12 years minimum. Ouch. And for what? Keith Raniere?

  • From Yahoo News

    She (Mack) currently faces a recommended sentence of 14 to 17 years. Although she did not testify at Raniere’s trial, prosecutors say her sentence should be shortened because of her cooperation with authorities. But former members disagree, and believe Mack should be held responsible for her prominent role in NXIVM’s abuse, manipulation, and trafficking.

    “I tend to believe any woman, be it from NXIVM or not, would feel too light a sentence for Allison might somehow normalize or condone women abusing other women,” former NXIVM member Ivy Nevares told The Daily Beast on Tuesday.

    Another woman, who remained anonymous, echoed Nevares’ sentiment. “Indirectly and directly, [Mack] made scores of women suffer,” the former member told The Daily Beast. “It would be really sad to see her get away with it because she saved her own skin.”

    From the Daily Beast

    NXIVM Sex Cult Survivors Worry Allison Mack Is Getting Off Easy

    “She made scores of women suffer. It would be really sad to see her get away with it because she saved her own skin,” one said.

    For years, prosecutors say former Smallville actress Allison Mack served as NXIVM founder Keith Raniere’s second in command, dutifully recruiting women into a separate sect within the shadowy organization in upstate New York for the self-help guru’s own sexual gratification.

    The 39-year-old was arrested in 2018 with Raniere and other top members of the group that preached personal growth through sacrifice. But even as she pleaded guilty to several charges a year later, she claimed her actions were the result of “misguided adherence” to Raniere’s teachings.

    Notably, Mack did not testify at Raniere’s trial. But prosecutors revealed for the first time on Monday that the former actress provided crucial information, including damning audio, in the case against the cult leader. “Although Mack could have provided even more substantial assistance had she made the decision to cooperate earlier, Mack provided significant, detailed, and highly corroborated information which assisted the government in its prosecution,” prosecutors said in the detention memo.

    They asked for a term below the 14 years in prison sentencing guidelines state she should receive for her crimes, which include racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. Now, former NXIVM members fear someone they describe as a top player in a robust criminal organization might get off easy.

    “I tend to believe any woman, be it from NXIVM or not, would feel too light a sentence for Allison might somehow normalize or condone women abusing other women,” Ivy Nevares, a former long-time NXIVM member, told The Daily Beast.

    Another former NXIVM member, who did not wish to be named for fear of personal retribution, told The Daily Beast the idea Mack could get a slap on the wrist was “devastating.”

    “Indirectly and directly, she made scores of women suffer. It would be really sad to see her get away with it because she saved her own skin,” the former member said.

    Mack’s lawyers, who are expected to file their own sentencing memo ahead of their client’s June 30 sentencing in Brooklyn Federal Court, declined to comment for this story. Federal prosecutors declined to comment.

    But despite the revelation that Mack turned against the man once referred to as “the Vanguard” and provided crucial information to bring him down, former NXIVM members still don’t believe she should see any reduced prison time.

    After all, during Raniere’s trial, several women testified about Mack’s treatment of her fellow NXIVM members, including how she would allegedly store naked photos of newly-branded women to blackmail them into becoming sex slaves for Raniere.

    Nicole, a 31-year-old actress from California who first became involved in NXIVM in 2016 after being recruited by Mack at an acting class, described how she was manipulated into joining DOS under the guise that it was a women’s empowerment group.

    During the time in DOS, Nicole testified, Mack requested she perform a slew of “confusing” tasks, including staying celibate for three months, reaching out to Raniere over Facebook, and adhering to an extremely low-calorie diet.

    “Allison told me to tell Keith that I would do anything he wanted me to do. Then she told me to go be a good slave,” Nicole testified in 2019. Eventually, Nicole said, Raniere blindfolded her and bound her to a table where she was sexually assaulted by another slave.

    In the sentencing memo, prosecutors also detail how Mack was a “master” in “DOS” who recruited her own slaves and forced them to provide collateral—or damning information that would ensure “slaves” would be submitted to “masters”—on a regular basis.

    Mack herself has admitted to some of the allegations, tearfully telling U.S. Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis in April 2019 that she recruited women into the group to promote Raniere’s teachings to any cost, including blackmail.

    “I must take full responsibility for my conduct. I am very sorry for my role in this case. I am very sorry to my family and to the good people I hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings,” Mack said. “I was a member of a secret society founded by Keith Raniere. I concealed Keith Raniere’s role as the head of DOS.”

    Former federal prosecutor Neama Rahman, however, believes that despite Mack’s cooperation and confession, she still needs to do serious time.

    “To go down from 14 years to home confinement or probation would be a miscarriage of justice,” he told The Daily Beast.

    Prosecutors did not specify what sentence they recommend for Mack in their sentencing memo.

    “Allison Mack was involved in some pretty heinous activity, and the fact that she cooperated does not mitigate anything she did,” Rahman added. “While she did not do the bare minimum in cooperating with prosecutors, she didn’t go out of her way to help either. She was a non-cooperating witness that prosecutors did not end up putting on the stand. She didn’t go out of the way to help make sure justice was served.”

    Rahman went on to suggest that if prosecutors decided to “not give her a significant, multi-year prison sentence,” the other women involved in NXIVM’s nefarious activities may “see the rewards.”

    Those former top NXIVM leaders who have also pleaded guilty to racketeering charges include co-founder Nancy Salzman and her daughter Lauren, a top lieutenant; and the group’s bookkeeper, Kathy Russell. Clare Bronfman, an heiress to the Seagram’s fortune and NXIVM’s largest donor, was sentenced last September to 81 months in prison and has publicly confirmed her steadfast loyalty to Raniere.

    “Whatever the court decides, I hope it serves as a just framework for the next sentences,” Nevares, the former NXIVM member, said.

    She added that she was not surprised Mack turned on Raniere—and argued she shouldn’t be rewarded for it.

    “It was natural for the women to do what they had to do to save their own skin once they realized Raniere was going down,” she said.

    • Shadowstate-

      I am glad you summed everything up.


      I’m sorry to say she should only receive a five year sentence.

  • From my observation of pre-trial proceedings, the judge made certain comments towards Mack that indicated he had a ‘hard on’ for her. If he still does, it will come out in the sentencing and she’ll get off with 2-3 years. I question Grampa Garaufis’ competence.

    • Anonymous 5:25-

      The one thing everyone is forgetting is the fact Mack originally had an initial plea bargain, to find out info and then backed out of it. The second plea-bargain came about only because of Ranier’s Cami photo emerged!

  • “One day, Allison may look back and be thankful that I exposed her and that she was ultimately arrested.”

    You wrote that in 2019 but considering the despairing tone of your article here, do you still think Allison will be thankful that you exposed her?

    Also back in 2019, you wrote that Allison would likely get a prison sentence of “5 years more or less.” So why are you acting all shocked now saying you thought she’d get probation or only 2-3 years?

    Also if you are going to lament about the public’s exaggerated view of Allison’s evil, don’t you think you should man up and accept the role you played in helping to shape the public’s view, seeing as you were the one who wrote and gave interviews claiming Allison’s initials were in the brand and that she was “second in command” and in charge of DOS, entered into a fake marriage and introduced corporal punishment into DOS???? I mean, if you want to claim credit for helping to take down NXIVM, don’t you think you should take some responsibility for all of the misinformation you helped spread along the way as well????

    BTW, maybe you don’t remember this, but previously, you claimed that Kreuk HAD worked behind the scenes to get Mack out, and one of your insiders also posted that Kreuk had tried for years to get Mack out and even staged multiple interventions. Anyway, wouldn’t it be hard for anyone to get Mack out if she wasn’t communicating with them. Here’s a quote from the Hollywood Reporter article on Mack:

    “A close friend and former roommate of Mack’s, who previously had rebuffed her solicitations, agreed to have lunch with her, only to find that the rendezvous was actually an ESP recruitment meeting. “They wanted to have an image of success, so it was at a multimillion-dollar property overlooking the ocean in the Pacific Palisades,” he says. “You drive up and immediately see the wealth.” Mack told him that she would pay for his courses. Instead, he confronted her and told her she was in a cult. “If you used that word, you were done,” he says. “You were excommunicated from her life.”

    Based on some of Mack’s convention panels that I watched in 2017, Mack made it clear that she wasn’t speaking to Kreuk anymore and also back in June 2017 one of your readers posted this about Mack:

    “Her non-espian friends have reached out to her. She has not responded to any of their emails or calls. She knows that if she says anything she has to lie or tell the truth. She will NEVER tell the truth. Her mom and dad have been brainwashed by Keith. They spend Christmas with Raniere and the harem where her Dad gives singing lessons and is made to feel special. They have no idea how fucked up this is. If someone got a hold of her brother or his wife that might be the ONLY hope. I doubt her brother’s wife would want her anywhere near her young children if she knew what Allison was doing behind closed doors.”

    • “I mean, if you want to claim credit for helping to take down NXIVM, don’t you think you should take some responsibility for all of the misinformation you helped spread along the way as well?”

      Completely agree. Frank should apologize where Allison is concerned.

  • To those who were under her thumb and dealt with her as a master —- how do you feel? Who cares about us armchair analysts drone oh about – I want to know if the folks who were in her circle (DOS or otherwise) are scared, happy, angry, relieved by that number.

    • Nicki’s living in delusion.

      There are literally millions of women in the USA who have careers, families, and are more adult than her master is, a sixty-year-old man still stuck with the emotional maturity of a post-pubescent teenager.

      This is why people call her “brainwashed”. Because she’s bought the utter BS that Raniere sells about women and others.

      Maybe she’s just a moron.

      • That is one thing that I find so frustrating about her.

        Being an adult means being accountable for your behavior not lying to protect a man who has harmed so many people. The victims who testified against Raniere had every aspect of their life put under a microscope, had to defend every interaction they had with Keith and others, and were willing to be honest about all of it. If Nicki wants to be seen as an empowered woman, she needs to do the same.

        I do think she genuinely believes that what they were doing was going to help women but it is clear now that they harmed many women. It would have been clear from the beginning if she hadn’t spent years studying at the feet of Raniere. Yet she just keeps repeating his talking points because that is all she knows. I see her showing more empathy towards felons than the women of DOS.

        She talks about how narratives that lessen people’s humanity make it easier to justify their mistreatment. Yet she never questions that narratives about women, that women are entitle princesses that lack discipline, that led her to enslave them. She never questions how labeling NXIVM critics suppressives and Luciferians allows you to dismiss legitimate criticisms of the organization.

        And she never questions how describing survivors of abuse as having a victim mentality keeps you from paying attention to what enabled abuse.

        • I believe she does see the truth. She’s trying to pose as some kind of honorable crusader and show how admirable she is holding her ground. But it’s really cowardice. The path of least resistance. That goes for the lot of the Leftovers. They’re terrified of facing the truth head on. So, they double down and desperately cling to each other and their nonsense.

      • That is a really good point about Nicki. Like Keith, she continues to lead a very adolescent life.

        She hangs with friends. Tweets. Works?

    • “Make women adults again”??? This coming from the mouth of a grown ass woman dancing on the booth, blasting rap music in a public restaurant.

    • Nicki clyne is creepy for wanting to “make” women anything.

      Women are beautiful as they are. Without women, we wouldn’t even have babies and humanity would be extinct.

      Such a shame she can’t see this.

      And what does she even mean by “make women adults again”?

      I was pretty sure I became an adult once I finished puberty. That would be the scientific definition. So? Is she talking about the cessation of starvation diets that cause women to stop having their period, sort of reverting back to their less adult state?

      Because that might be a good idea worth posting about! Fingers crossed!!!

      • This “adult” advice comes from a person who doesn’t even pay her own legal bills. How is that taking responsibility for oneself?

        Nicki doesn’t have a single part of her life that is “adult”. She follows Keith around even as he is imprisoned. She has started no family of her own. No current career. Does she even pay taxes? Own property?

        She just wants people to PAY for her thoughts and some flimsy online access to her. Because she craves attention and the idea of being superior to others.

        And for the losers willing to pony up, it’s the same false intimacy of “the girlfriend experience” but in this instance, with a has-been celebrity and no physical contact. It’s honestly pathetic on both ends.

        Nicki thinks that being a grown-up is taking naked photos with your friends, sharing an old man sexually, and making pinky-swear vows of friends forever and secrets.

        Unless…you misbehave. Then your slave master decides to release the close-ups of your pee-pee and the coerced lies about being molested to ruin your dad’s life.

        The fact that Nicki Clyne is incapable of “I” statements and instead makes tone-deaf and out-of-touch comments about women in general is despicable.

  • Funny, but I guess I didn’t realize Allison didn’t plead guilty to sex trafficking.

    But when you say to your slave “Your assignment is to seduce this man (that I’m lying about) and get, at a minimum, a naked picture to prove it”, what else is that?

    How would a normal person not see that this was super bad and really freaky? And? Sex trafficking?!!!

    I honestly believe all the DOS women would have kept going if they hadn’t been iced.

    They have a whole entire social media presence bragging about their resumes and “their side of the story” and the woeful state of the justice system (one of the decent ones in the world) for a man that didn’t even bother to put on a defense?

    And? Yet? They still seem to think everything was totally cool!???

    It makes me feel sad.

    Almost like Allison is playing the role of the whipping boy because Keith would enjoy it.

  • This was a really great article. Thanks for the fantastic writing, Frank. I felt very sad reading this actually. You really help us to connect the dots and see more clearly. Also very interesting to learn about Allison’s friend

  • Wow. I’m actually super glad the sentencing guidelines are so stiff.

    Nobody should ever be lying to people and blackmailing and branding human slaves into lifetime contracts of obedience.

    But I still feel bad for her. Why did she not run away from all this? Say, no way, dude. No way in hell am I recruiting “slaves” for you. You are insane! No way even in hell am I gonna lie about my loved ones for you.

    How did he manage to convince her that any of this was a good idea and why do some still believe that it was?

    Sometimes I’ve wondered if she was under some kind of greater threat … like did Keith threaten to kill her family or worse? What else would compel a person to act this way?

    The DOS women seem to keep saying something that sounds like:

    “Oh! DOS was was just a fun little game we played called I’m going to pretend to blackmail you, but only mostly for pretend, because actually, you need to give new stuff every month.

    If only you were there, though, you would see it’s actually fun to trick people into being your slave and taking pictures of their vaginas!

    It’s even more fun when it’s time to start branding them! They can be held down to a table and be told to rehearse the words “It’s an honor to be branded”, so they don’t seem coerced. You’ll see, it’s really empowering.

    You get acts of care and pretty much anything they own if you want it! Plus, you can stay so light and thin! You’ll understand your body doesn’t need very much food to survive. It’s really pretty awesome!”

    I have to admit I’m not a history person, but isn’t the abolishment of slavery supposed to be a huge accomplishment for mankind and didn’t it occur fairly recently in North America?

    So? How can this be a fun little game or practice or whatever you want to call it?

    Everything about it stands against the international charter of human rights.

    And see? It’s not a joke either. There are laws against this stuff and now people are in jail.

    So, why, Allison, why??!!! Why did you not fight that guy?

    • Ask yourself what can you imagine or perhaps determine as to what could have been the magic carrot dangling in front of Mack?

      What was it about all of these Raniere/Nxivm/DOS conditions and circumstances which tempted her, attracted her and essentially had her hooked, hook, line and sinker? And for so many years duration, so entrenched, like a symbiotic barnacle. Mack can be seen.

      That does not become unseen. See the movies, read the books. Mack. Whack. Crack. Check it all out, round for round, for yourself. Conclusively or inconclusively, superficially or via employing your depths, there’s always more to observe everytime anyone is looking.

      Listen to the quack of this Mack and hear what you can hear. There is more to come out of the Mack quack.

      Coming very soon. Mack back in court.
      A glimpse of some real, and maybe some all too real naked hoo-ha. Right here as Frank Parlato’s audience.
      Mmm hmmm. And hotcha. Acha. Gotcha. So very mmm hmmm it is, and so it shall ever be.

      • Shivani, you are so poetic.

        I guess it’s hard to look at because part of me actually wonders, could that have been me?

        Is there any part of myself that could have, would have made this much compromise?

        I wanna believe I would have fought that kind of attack even if I didn’t have much strength.

        So, yes, this carrot …

        I can almost only conclude that she enjoyed the power trip.

        But it’s still very scary that these ideas were ever presented to anyone, period.

        Slavery and blackmail and lifetime contracts …

        • However, unless the prospect is very slim or has the gene pool to lose the required weight, no such privilege will be afforded to her.

        • I wonder the same thing, 2 cents. “CouId it have been me?” I had my own brush with NXIVM years ago– way before DOS existed. I still have the emails from Barbara Bouchey trying to convince me to sign up. And part of me wonders if I would’ve gotten sucked in if I had actually gone to that intensive. And for how long would I have?

          I think these things– the slavery..etc– were introduced so slowly and methodically. And think about it– they had contact with little else but Keith and each other. There was not outside normalcy— Just this weird little world where they were just sucking up everything they could from Keith and bonding with each other over how special they thought they all were. They were in a mission together. They were learning high concepts and ideas, they thought. They put their community up on a pedestal and exalted the world view that Keith hypnotized them with.

          When I really think about how isolated they all were, I can see how it happened. It’s a little like what happens in “Lord of the Flies”.

    • my2cents, I know… It is so sad… I truly believe that Allison wouldn’t have done any bad in her life if had she not met Raniere. I don’t think she’s an evil person. I think she was incredibly insecure and also incredibly impressionable. I keep thinking of the video of Allison meeting Keith after a volleyball game– the very beginning of her journey. She was already hooked in by then. She leaned in on his every word and was so eager to please. Keith must’ve thought “this one is going to be putty in my hands..” And she was.
      Some people are easily brainwashed and easily manipulated. It’s how she is wired. Most actors are very malleable and suggestible. They have to be in order to take direction. Allison had been acting her whole life and so was used to being receptive. She was an open vessel, easily over powered. She was practically begging for it in that video.

      She’s probably changed a little by now.
      I wouldn’t like to see her get the maximum. I hope the judge is fair but lenient to a degree. She is no harm to anyone at this point.

  • Sad, Sad, Sad

    Hopefully, we all take away something from this that brings our own life more into perspective. Right now, I’m not sure what that is.

    For me, hating on someone has never helped my own pain. So, I will get nothing from condemning Mack. I have no answers here.

    Someone help me.

  • Nicki was Allison’s wife. She could have stood by her spouse. Allison could have lived with Nicki this whole time. All Nicki had to do was cut her ties with Keith. But she did not. Nicki chose a man in prison over her imperiled wife.

    Now they are divorced. Because Nicki decided Keith was more important to her than Allison. Her wife. And Nicki rarely has publicly supported Allison. But Nicki danced nightly for Keith and other men in lock up. Strangers.

    Nicki has stated almost daily that none of the DOS women are victims. That includes Allison.

    Nicki allowed Allison to be estranged from and alone instead of being there for Allison in her time of greatest need.

    Far, far worse than Kristen Kreuk. Maybe Kristen HAS reached out to Allison. Just not through you. We don’t know that for sure.

    • I believe that the court could not keep anyone from living with their “legal” spouse during house arrest. So the court must has declared the Mack/Clyne marriage invalid, or Clyne de-clyned to live with Mack.

      • This has not been proven and based on evidence I have seen, I do not think it will be proven.

        • What evidence, Frank? Based on court transcripts, there are sworn affidavits from DOS members that the marriage was real, but that was submitted as DOS collateral. That’s hardly evidence of the marriage’s legitimacy. It doesn’t appear they lived together.

          The only other data that would support a legitimate marriage would be evidence of a sexual relationship. Would this be concurrent with the evidence of her sexual relationship with Raniere and Dani Padilla?

          At what point does this all get a bit ridiculous? I’ll tell you what evidence does exist, Nicki has stated in interviews she’s been Raniere’s partner for more than 10 years.

          She’s never given a timeline about her purported relationship with Alison Mark, a person she’s married to. She’s danced every night for months in front of a prison for Raniere, given interviews for him, campaigned tirelessly for him. She’s done none of these things for her actual, legal wife. I mean, if you believe the legal bar for a marriage not being immigration fraud is “I had sex with that person” she may in fact have cleared that hurdle, but that’s a very low bar. From my vantage point, it’s still immigration fraud.

      • Oh, I believe the marriage was a fraud. But Frank claims it was real.

        And to that I say: Who dumps their beloved wife so they can dance dirty in front of male prisoners nightly?

        It reflects a lot worse on Nicki if that marriage was real.

        And if we are to take Nicki at her word – she says Allison is NOT a victim.

        Nicki says that Allison was a very empowered woman living her best life in DOS.

        Okay, Nicki. I believe you on both counts. Allison is a fully realized criminal acting on her own agency. And you Nicki, are the worst wife in history.

        That’s all I am trying to make clear. Nicki ditched her precious wife at Allison’s lowest point. Who has a bigger obligation to Allison? Who took a VOW to love and honor Allison above everyone else? Kristen Kruek? Or Nicki Clyne?

        • Ya, thanks, probably censored again.

          It’s pretty obvious Nicki cares more about keith than the woman she married.

  • I’ve already asked this around here but I’ll insist once again because nobody ever answered: Why is it that Lauren and her are indicted and not the rest of DOS inner circle? Is it because they were more likable masters or just because they’re unlucky while the rest are lucky? Frank?

    • I would go with luck as the reason, Ana.

      There’s a whole lotta people that escaped arrest. Rosa Laura, Sara Bronfman, Emiliano Salinas, Michelle Salzman, Ben Myers, Danielle Roberts (she physically did the branding after all), Brandon Porter, etc. The list goes on. I don’t really get it either because Emiliano, Rosa Laura, Sara, and Nicki have attention grabbing names and/or a shitload of money. Yet they go after hapless Kathy Russell, someone that nobody gives a shit about. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Thanks, Ice-nine. That is exactly what I was afraid of. That being the case, I’d go for the most leniency to the less luckier.

        • In other words: due to the way the winning strategy carried about by the plaintiff party gave the case its particular form and protagonists.

      • Ice nine, ya. So sad. Tbh, I sincerely hope for the rehabilitation of Kathy Russell.

        I really hope the prisons can help her get a good job with a good non-criminal organization.

      • I have an alternative hypothesis: it is due to the place each one were made to occupy in the narrative that constructed the case by the group of influential people that were part of the plaintiff. That’d be less luck related.

    • Contrary to popular belief the DOJ does not have the money and the resources to go after every criminal…

      End of story

  • Cooperation is not always a “Get Out of Prison Free” card.

    In Chicago Heights Illinois in the eighties a cocaine dealer named Otis Moore was nabbed by the Feds.

    To save his skin Otis testified against the most crooked cops in town sending three to prison.

    Nevertheless Otis still served ten years in prison.
    Let me repeat that point.
    Even though Otis Moore cooperated with Federal prosecutors he still spent ten years in prison.

    The End of Otis Moore
    Ex-drug dealer worked for FBI on night he died
    Deborah Horan and Todd Lighty, Tribune staff reporters
    Otis Moore, the cocaine kingpin turned prosecution witness, who was found shot in
    the mouth in front of the Chicago Heights police station, committed suicide, an autopsy requested by his family confirmed Thursday.

    Despite the finding by the county medical examiner’s office, the family’s suspicions that Moore was murdered deepened after revelations that he was wearing a recording device as part of a federal drug investigation when he died.
    An initial medical report compiled shortly after Moore died Monday night had ruled the death a suicide, but Moore’s family did not believe the finding because of his ties to one of the biggest police corruption cases in Chicago Heights history.

    “I don’t believe my son committed suicide,” said his mother, Catherine.

    But based on forensic testing, the autopsy found that Moore fired the fatal shot that entered the roof of his mouth and exited the back of his head, a medical examiner’s spokesman said.

    In the late 1980s, Moore became one of Chicago Heights’ biggest cocaine dealers–at one time running a drive-through drug operation in Wentworth Gardens area of Chicago Heights–because he had connections to corrupt cops, according to testimony at the 1992 trial of two Chicago Heights police officers.

    Officers George Sintic and Gerald Werner chose Moore to front a cocaine ring they were supplying and provided him police protection, court documents say. Moore’s testimony helped to put Sintic and Werner in prison.

    Two years later, Moore testified against Chicago Heights Deputy Police Chief Sam Mangialardi, who was convicted in 1994 of aiding a narcotics conspiracy, among other crimes.

    Moore served 8 years in prison in return for his testimony. He was released in 2000.

    A law-enforcement source said Thursday that since Sunday, Moore had been cooperating with a federal investigation into drug dealing in the Chicago Heights area and was wearing a recording device when he killed himself. FBI agents monitoring the recording’s transmissions were in the area at the time, but Moore was not in sight, said the source. Unlike the 1990s investigation, in which Moore helped convict corrupt cops, the current investigation did not target officers or public officials.

    The FBI, along with the Cook County Sheriff’s Department and the Chicago Heights Police Department, had been investigating Moore since last fall on suspicion of drug dealing, the source said. On Sunday, FBI agents arrested Moore and obtained his cooperation in a plan to gather evidence against another dealer.

    On Monday, the law-enforcement source said, Moore and agents met at a Chicago Heights gas station, where agents placed the recording device on him. The source said Moore was going to meet with another drug dealer that night and record their conversations.

    Sheriff’s deputies and Chicago Heights police were aware that Moore was cooperating and that he had agreed to wear the device, the source said.

    Authorities said Moore shot himself just after 10 p.m. Monday nightwhile sitting on the pavement across the street from the Chicago Heights police station. A witness saw him afterward slumped on the curb holding a handgun, Chicago Heights Police Chief Anthony Murphy said.

    Illinois State Police are investigating Moore’s death and how a convicted felon cooperating with the FBI got the handgun he used to kill himself.

    State Police Master Sgt. Rick Hector declined comment on how Moore might have obtained the gun.

  • Kristin isn’t Allison’s mother. She is not her sister’s keeper. Allison was a grown woman in her mid-twenties when she joined NXIVM. Besides, it was Allison who was “red-eyed” on a private jet to meet the mythical Oz himself. It was Allison who was enamored with Raniere from the beginning as can be seen on the volleyball court in “The Vow”. It was Allison who moved to Albany to be closer to her more “culty” friends. It was Allison who slowly broke away from the close relationship she used to have with Kristin because of it.

    Kristin may be a coward — or introverted, or shy — however you want to put it, but Kristin had no moral imperative to speak out due to the devolution of the cult into DOS, something she didn’t even know about, and she certainly had nothing to do with what Allison became when one considers so many other factors that were involved and not even cult related prior to Kristin ever meeting Allison, inclusive of her childhood acting history, how she was raised, etc.

    • Anon- 5:47

      You are so obsessed with a [redacted] elf!
      Recant your love of Lana Lang!

      She is not kosher.

      Remember! Allah forgives all! Even dorks who worship tv actresses of little talent — so move on [redacted].

      Please go easy generating hummus in the shower. It can lead to hair or cancer on the palms.

      Take care!

  • — but to leave at least and offered our protection, we asked Kreuk to help get her out — and she hid and cowered

    Sorry Frank, but this isn’t unexpected and completely in character with Kreuk.

    Kreuk joined NXIVM to get rid of a practically neurotic shyness. She was going to quit the acting industry because of it, until her former boyfriend — why is he not getting any criticism at the absurd level of Kreuk? — led her into joining it.

    She’s an actress, an “entertainer”, not some real life hero. As it is said, she only plays one on TV. Your standards and criticisms for an actress are beyond absurd. And while you could say look at Catherine, that’s not even a fair comparison since it was her first child who was trapped in the cult.

    Or you could say look at Sarah Edmondson, but that’s also not the same because Sarah was actually impacted by DOS and had the possibility of criminal charges and jail time facing her.

    Kreuk was by all intents and purposes long gone before DOS even happened and didn’t even know about it until Sarah revealed it. This repetitive obsession with regards to slandering Kreuk and guilting her for something long ago during a time of minimal controversy way back in 2006 makes me believe you’re the comment actor playing the role of the Kristin “Crooked” posts, or laxly allow them because they just agree with your bias.

    Ironic, huh, for a guy who claims to be an investigative journalist.

  • It will be interesting to see whether Lauren Salzman has the same sentencing guidelines as Allison – or whether her testimony during Keith Raniere’s trial earned her a downward departure (Lauren and Allison pleaded guilty to the same two counts: Racketeering and Racketeering Conspiracy). The transcript from the hearing where Lauren pleaded guilty was redacted in several places – one of which had to do with the applicable sentencing guidelines. However, according to the appellant brief that was filed on behalf of Keith by Jennifer Bonjean, the prosecution also agreed not to provide any recommendation with regard to Lauren’s sentence – which, in retrospect, may not have been a very good idea from Lauren’s viewpoint.

    • Claviger,

      Lauren, didn’t help blackmail women into getting raped by Keith Raniere, unlike Allison Mack.

      ….So I’m fairly certain Lauren will receive less jail time.

      • I’m not so sure NiceGuy. I agree with ya on the rape part but locking Dani in that room was really fucking bad. And the judge I think really hated that. And on top of it, Dani testified that she saw Lauren later on in Mexico at that wedding and Lauren didn’t even apologize. I’m rooting for Lauren because I think she’s probably a good person and has had her entire life fucked with by her mom, but I just can’t get past the locking someone in that room part.

        • Good to know, you prefer BJs from a man over being locked in your room. 😉

          I, for one, prefer being locked in room.

          • I had to go back and read like 50 fucking posts from you to figure out what the hell you were talking about dude. At least make references that exist on the same page lol.

            So in the context of your weirdo scenario that I just read on a previous article, I’d agree – though nobody is going to keep me in an unlocked room nor am I going let a dude give me a bj – neither is happening. My point was in reference only to the context of what Lauren did in comparison to Allison.

            For two years she neglected Dani in that room without visiting for months at a time in total isolation, essentially tortured her, and left her to die. No medical treatment. No change of clothes. No furniture. No natural light. No visitors. No idea when or if she’d get food or a visit, and when Lauren did show up, Lauren was mean to her. She said her biggest thrill of the day was trying to guess what food she might get, and she’d cry hysterically if she was wrong. That’s what fucking terrorists get at Gitmo.

            And when Lauren saw her again in Mexico, she still didn’t give a shit about it. That’s why I think the judge is going to be more harsh on her.

          • Ice-Nine,

            —I had to go back and read like 50 fucking posts from you to figure out what the hell you were talking about, dude. At least make references that exist on the same page lol.


            —So in the context of your weirdo scenario


            You make some valid points I stand corrected!!! I guess I was talking out my ass. 😉

            Don’t forget we’re real men so we’d have to be held at gunpoint or drugged and tied down. I forgot to add that to my weirdo- scenario.

            That fuck deserves the 120 years!

        • You’re wasting your time, both the testimony of Laurel and Sarha Edmonson make it clear that the guarantee was collected by each front-line teacher so they can all be accused of the same things

      • I think you do not read well what Frank publishes, in Lauren’s testimony she makes it very clear that all the 8 front-line teachers had the same power since they only responded to Keith, also it has always been said that the guarantee was collected by each first line teacher, so allison was no more guilty than the other first line teachers the only difference is that there were no victims who testified against her, the only one of the slaves in Lauren’s capsule who dared to give information was Sarha Edmonson and she did not testify for fear of being prosecuted too, that gives you an idea why there were few women in DOS who dared to testify.

    • Pretty sure none of Lauren’s slaves were raped, right? I think that she said none of her downline were forced into sex (I’m sure it was in the works though). I would think that will be a pretty big differentiator.

      That being said, Allison never locked a woman alone in a room for two years either. Which I think is a worse crime, and except for the possibility of murder that may have happened as seen on The Lost Women Of NXIVM, nothing IMO was worse than what they did to Dani. I believe keith was trying to get her to kill herself in there. He was never ever going to let her out, and Lauren is responsible for it.

      Lauren’s sentence indeed will be interesting. Seems that for every reason to add time for Lauren, there’s a reason to reduce time as well.

  • And I’m typically one of the least forgiving FR commenters. The fate of Mack is truly the very, very sad icing on the NXIVM cake. Similar to Clare, she is both victim and victimizer yet it is still a hard pill to swallow that she will get more time than your average murderer, something that is absolutely difficult if not impossible to reconcile. It’ll be 20 years hard time and it’s doubtful she’ll survive her sentence. Too long and too harsh for someone who up until 2017 had it so soft.

      • Shadow, thanks for ruining that song for me now every time I hear it I’m gonna think of Nxivm and you!

    • I was curious so I looked it up. The average murder sentence in the U.S. is 20-25 years For sex offenses, it’s around 12 years.

      So no, Mack will not serve more time than the average murderer.

      On the other point, do you truly think it’s unfair for someone who has had a soft life to be sentenced to prison just like, I dunno, working-class people? Should there be a two-tier justice system? It seems a lot of people subjectively do think that, hence all the sympathy for Mack.

      • Pardon me – you are absolutely correct that I stated that she would do more time than your average murderer at 20 years and you have so graciously pointed out that an average murderer’s sentence is 20-25 years so I stand corrected: she will do the SAME time as the average murderer. My sincerest apologies that I offended your delicate sensibilities with my off-the-cuff thoughts on the topic and failing to research the average sentence of a murderer. That said, my point in comparison to a murderer stands.

        To my second point, I’m not saying it’s unfair that she receives a harsh sentence because she’s had a soft life but rather it is impossible that she will survive the likely very long sentence in the harshness of a maximum-security prison. Not many people would. I certainly wouldn’t.

  • Kreuk should do half of Mack’s prison term for her.
    She is a Rat! Got her into this sh1t, and wouldn’t lift a little finger to help get her out. She is the perfect woman for our mad spanker. Spanky should be careful what he wishes for. Let the rodents run together.

    • You can’t be tried for being a ‘not very nice’ person and that is what Kreuk is. As far as any of us know, she hasn’t committed any crimes.

  • Frank, you said “Catherine Oxenberg and I asked Kreuk to help get her out – and she hid and cowered”

    I’m not taking Kreuk’s side or yours, but please clarify so we understand the true nature of her “cowering.”

    How did you contact Kreuk? Directly or indirectly? And what specifically did you ask her to do? And how specifically did she respond? Or did she ignore you?

    Your quote (Brave Kristin Kreuk: “I got out. I’m safe. Now let me play my hero roles and leave me be… Allison – who that?”) is damning, but that’s your words not hers. Does it approximate what Kreuk actually said? Or is it wholly your assumption of what she was thinking? What actually did she say, if anything?

    Frank, you said “It might not have done any good. Probably it would not have.”

    Well, efforts to aid Allison by you and Oxenberg did no good, if you two did reach out to Mack. I think a comment here claimed that at a convention years ago Mack said she and Kreuk hadn’t spoken in years (I think) so would former-friend Kreuk really have more influence over the mind-fucked Mack? You and Oxenberg presumably knew much more about DOS and the evils of Kieth than did Kreuk. And you knew more about the legal danger Mack was in than Kreuk who only played a lawyer on TV.

    Again, I’m not taking your side or Kreuk’s, but maybe some details of Kreuk’s actual response to your request would allow us to better judge Kreuk’s “cowering.”

    LaLaLad, Esq

      • I disagree, Frank will answer them, because it would be more fair to Kreuk.

        Frank has his opinion…but based on what? For us to properly form our opinion, we need to know what response Kreuk actually had, or if she ignored Frank just like she ignored other media.

      • You think anyone who is remotely defensive or positive of Kristin is me.

        What don’t you get anymore? I DON’T CARE.

        And judging from her actions, neither does Kristin. About NXIVM. Or me. Just like you or some other person who trolled me in the past said, “she wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire.”

        The fact of the matter is, she wasn’t trapped in, nor her image really tarnished by, this cult. Call it Fate. Call it “written in the stars”. Call it dumb luck. Call it being selfish about her career. Call it being a coward. Call it being shy. Call it being a horrible person. Whatever. I don’t care.

        It obviously doesn’t matter to her.

        She’s living her life. Doing whatever she wants. Being an actress. Getting new roles. Being white sometimes. Being Asian sometimes. Being with her next boyfriend. Being by herself. Whatever.

        If there’s anything I’ve learned from the NXIVM story it’s this: people can be terrible to others, and the only thing NXIVM was really good at is teaching some people how to be selfish and shameless.

        • —What don’t you get anymore? I DON’T CARE

          If you don’t care — why do you have to tell us you don’t care? I don’t get it. I thought you said you were smart.

          —Doing whatever she wants.

          You’re right! She can do whatever she wants, and it’ll never involve you, unless it involves a restraining order.

          How many wellness checks have been carried out, by the police, on you, this year?

          • “She can do whatever she wants, and it’ll never involve you, unless it involves a restraining order.” – awesome LMFAO.

          • Hey, Fake Fucking Nice Guy,

            Because you clowns keep saying everyone who says something positive or defensive about Kristin is me, when I told you I DON’T CARE ANYMORE months ago.

            She’s been FAR removed from the NXIVM story for YEARS NOW…except here.

            Who are the fucking obsessed ones here?

            At least I was obsessed in a positive manner towards her as a fan.

            You fuckers are HATE OBSESSED, sociopathic looney tunes.

            Oh and change your alias. It’s about as correspondent to reality with your real-life and online personality as hot is to cold.

            You fucking dick.

          • Sultan-

            RE: “Hey, Fake Fucking Nice Guy,”

            I am joking around with you man.

            I’m just a middle aged crank on the internet. There’s nothing special about me.

            No one, including myself, should be able to occupy so much space in your head.

            Kristen Kreuk is a actress. She might be a wonderful human being or she might be a total cunt.
            (Though, she does seem sweet.)

            My point is we all have to move on. You have been caring a torch for her since you were 19. That’s over 20 years ago.

            You are a perplexing case. You have always driven Lexuses for years now. I know about you’re first one. You were tied for second place in class rank in high school. You sing. You have family that love you and you spend time with on holidays You are and intelligent man. You have a good job. You are well spoken and knowledgeable about a vast array of subjects. You are well read. You seem overall like a good person.
            The only bad things are you’re a
            Baltimore Ravens and possible Orioles fan, which is kind of sad and depressing.

            MY POINT is you should totally be able to score a good woman. SERIOUSLY!

            You got a good job, drive a nice car, and can sing well, you can get a girl.
            Once you’re in your 30s you don’t have to be popular, you just a have to be a good person and have a good job. SERIOUSLY!

            Why this preoccupation with Kristen Kreuk?

            Move on! The same way we all should move on.

            If you had a friend who told you that he was battling a bunch of nameless assholes on the internet for over 20 years, regarding, say, a sports team, what would tell him?

            You do care or you wouldn’t respond!

        • Sultan,

          If you don’t care — why should we care — what you don’t care about — because you don’t care?

          How much wood, could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck, could chuck wood?

        • I don’t care, waaaahhh. waaaahhhh, waaaahhh. I don’t care, waaaahhhh.
          Calling whaaaambulance for Spanky.

        • Hey, Sultan, still talking to [redacted] on the Kristen Kruek chat sites?

          You’re one [redacted] Kreuk has to be [redacted]. You have taken internet [redacted] to a whole new level. [redacted]

        • Here come the lynch mob, Sultan— Do they still get the day off from work and school? Are there still pic-nics?

  • I recently learned that the UK has laws against “coercive control” in domestic relationships (whether intimate partner or family member). It’s viewed as being in the same category as hostage taking etc., and considered a kind of aggravated abuse because of the violation of trust one would expect to have in their own home. One woman serving time because she beat her husband to death with a hammer had her murder charge reduced to manslaughter and got out of prison because of that new (2015) law. I think Allison was definitely a victim of coercive control, and while she should have some punishment for what she’s done, she should receive leniency.

    • This comment saying she should kill herself makes it into the comments.

      Yet if a comment portrays Nicki Clyne in any negative manner it is censored.

      How does coddling Nicki help her again?

      Especially when Nicki’s own words are about not coddling women?

  • This is an excellent opinion piece, Frank, and I heartily agree with you on most points but IMO your condemnation of Kreuk’s cowardice is colored by your own harsh and some may say, foolish, expectation of how someone should behave under crisis in general and where not only Kreuk but nearly all these “brainwashed” (for reals) culties are at in their denial and hopeful recover from an ordeal that truly could have (and may) cost them not only their once flourishing careers but lives.

    It’s peculiar, Frank, how you once set out to convince me – all of us – that these people are dyed-in-the-flesh murders who offed at least 4 women and attempted to do the same or worse to a different Kristin while calling anyone a coward for fearing them and remaining silent.

  • Wow. That was some essay, Frank; the prose grew absolutely florid in parts. Purple prose that waxed prolix. I was almost in tears. Would’ve wept, except I’m one of those unfeeling brutes, John Q. Public, fed on the mass media and howling for blood. Particularly when the sacrificial lambs are Famous. Young, Beautiful, Rich and just generally Better Than Me. Like dear Allison.

    But what can we expect from the unwashed masses like me. Savages, the lot of us. And the spiteful media, spewing its poison.

    So poor Allison Mack, ground up like so much cheap hamburger by the injustice system to feed the public’s insatiable hunger for vengeance. Vengeance against people Better Than Them. People who were on TV!

    All just a morality play for the Mass Media.

    So the mob howls and Judge Garaufis must obey. Sad.

    And poor beautiful still-young (?!) Allison, whose only fault was having an unlucky Fate. I guess it was written in the stars all along, her bad luck in crossing paths with a bad man. I mean, she’s really the victim here if you stop to think about it. None of her doing really. Or, as Bart Simpson says, “mistakes were made”. Can’t we just let bygones be bygones? Let us all now join hands and sing the praises of Mercy!

    Okay, that was fun. But I do have one serious question: if Mack were a short bald ugly guy, would there be this level of sympathy?

  • Frank, after all this time in the fight against the cult of Nxivm, what sentence do you personally think Mack should get?

    Do you think she has truly turned on Raniere, or is it all bullshit to get a lesser punishment?


    And you are right about the cowardly Kristin Kreuk. She really could not give a fuck.

    “and I dare say, only Kreuk doesn’t care, lost in the delusion that she approximates the human being which she plays on TV”.

    Her Instagram post here says it all.

    She literally says she does not care before moving on to promoting her taxpayer-funded show where she pretends to fight for victims.

    In the comments of that article, there is a copy/paste from that Instagram post, where Rose Bhura (whom Kreuk recruited into the cult) leaves a message in support and Kreuk’s response says it all really.

    rosena Go get it my friend!! Plus good riddance to the 💩💩💩 and onwards in 💕🌟🎉❤️

    mskristinlkreuk truly. Loves you.


    Such a righteous little finger pointer. Others are “truly” shit. But not Korona [redacted] Crooked.

  • You have your priorities mixed up Frank. You blame Kreuk for Mack’s behaviour of sticking to Raniere. Have you not paid any attention to the role Mack had? You condemn Kreuk for being a coward but feel pity for the monster Mack has shown to be. Shame on you, again.

    • That is not what he is doing you big baby.

      One can condemn Allison Mack and simultaneously notice Kreuk’s cowardice and lack of moral compass when she had a moral responsibility to speak out.

    • There you go again, “Vals,” trying mightily to pit the females against each other and shaming poor, innocent Frank.

      So here’s one clue as to when an alias is being used to “stir the turds” (although I’m sure many other readers caught on long before moi): the alias’ comments post long before any real ones. (Sometimes right along with the story itself. Unless the comment’s a twist-up composite of one or more of our comments being held – and they’re often twisted in the same attempt to elicit a response which conforms to the writer’s vapid views on, especially, the female characters he (or she, tee hee) uses.

      • Alley cat or is it Pea Onyou aka Clicky Nine aka Nicky Klein. Your conspiracy theory on comments is in lock step with similar conspiracy’s perpetrated by Raniere and NXIVM.

        You’re dead wrong, the comments section is controlled by the Illuminati and Edgar from beyond the grave. 😂

        Now be a good slave and go collect your paycheck from Clare’s attorneys. Well done you. 💰💰💰💰💰

      • Bullshit. I don’t care whether either of them is man or woman or whatever people identify as these days. Both are people, period. When reading this piece of shyte proza, I instantly noticed the … liberties… this self-acclaimed journalist takes when condemning somebody who is a mere coward while feeling sorry for somebody who has enslaved WOMEN FFS! et cetera, et cetera. I don’t need to comment on the other crap in this vile piece to pick out the one part which is telling us we are not dealing with a journalist here.

        • What happens is that Frank is more aware that Allison’s situation is not even compared to all the other front-line teachers and only because she is more famous, but if you take into account that Kreuk, Mack and Clyne were the dynamic trio that he promoted Nxivm and two of them ended up being DOS masters. I would say that Kreuk dodged a fence and should have helped his friends.

    • P.S. I do love word scrabble. One of those things dyslexics excel at. It’s numbers though that really put ’em over the top. Right Banger?

  • Every other news report that I read stated that the prosecution recommended a lighter sentence for her because Allison did cooperate. Albeit very late in the course of events.

    Allison was NOT the same as other victims. Allison had crucial information about what was really happening that the others did not.

    Why do you fault Kruek but not Nicki – Allison’s wife? You have stated repeatedly that you believe they had a real marriage. Yet Allison’s spouse has done nothing to support her. Yes, now they are divorced. But Nicki could have disavowed Nxivm and Keith. Right at the beginning. Or any other time for YEARS.

    Allison could have then lived with Nicki (really this whole time) and had her wife’s support.

    Instead, Nicki has done almost nothing to publicly support Allison. But she has shaken her body in booty shorts and tight clothes for Raniere and unknown to her male prisoners nightly. Nicki has basically called Allison and her other friends “liars”.

    Is that any way to treat your wife? Or even a friend? Nicki chose a man in prison instead of her beloved wife who was right there in front of her. Heartbreaking for Allison, who has lost all of her “community” and oldest friends.

    In fact, if you believe Nicki, then Allison is not a victim. At ALL.

    Nicki says Allison is a very empowered woman. And that all of Allison’s choices and decisions were her own.

    So should I believe Nicki as you do?

  • I’m still guessing on 4-7 years on top of the time already served in home confinement. I may be wrong…

    • I predict more leniency, as well– but I say this without seeing the Victim Impact statements.

      I believe all these women were brainwashed, and we must ask: is there a threat of recidivism down the road?

      I want to say no, but Twitter feeds I read only make me not so sure….

  • Dang, read an article that said she got a recommendation of leniency but it seems they left out the most important detail – the 14-17 years guideline. Judges generally will follow the guidelines as part of respecting the process if the evidence makes it an easy call as it does here. He may make it longer but agree with the above, I would be shocked if he makes it less. Wow, when the sentence lands she will have officially given up everything for Keith Raniere. She was destined to have steady acting work, probably get married, have a kid or two, and live a comfortable 1% rich life in Hollywood. Instead, she gave up her career, her youth, any chance of kids, her sense of self, her body, mind, and now her freedom – all in service of a probable psychopath.

    (Seriously, need to teach the signs of extreme narcissism and sociopathy/psychopathy in school ’cause the number of people who follow these type of people is no longer insignificant.)

    As for Kreuk, I did not know she had a chance to help and refused. Can’t say I am surprised. If most actors have one consistent streak, it’s their own level of narcissism. She probably thought “Wow, that conversation will suck, she might blame me. Not my fault, not responsible or part of any of that. I refuse to take the blame. No” Pretty woman, below average actress, yet she gets more consistent work than most Canadian actresses in the business (that still live in Canada). I keep wondering who she knows or if who applied some Keith lessons on that keeps getting her jobs. She is about to start her third or fourth series as a lead. It’s rare that an actor is lead multiple ones.

    • —Kreuk probably thought “Wow, that conversation will suck, she might blame me. Not my fault, not responsible or part of any of that. I refuse to take the blame–

      None of us know if this “narcissistic below average actress” really thought this…yet IT IS TRUE. Kreuk has no real responsibility for Mack going wack in their purported legit self-help group where thousands of women never joined a harem.

      Who knows, maybe Kreuk tried to reach out to Mack years ago – maybe warning she was getting too deep into the cult and Mack ended their friendship, who knows. Maybe…maybe…maybe…

      And as for Kreuk using sex-cult skills to keep her career going…there’s always that pressure in show biz…who knows.

    • Erasend, I strongly agree.

      Lots of mental health subjects should be taught more in schools.

      Signs of abuse and being abused is probably the number one thing I’d like to see taught.

  • Wow. That was some essay, Frank; the prose grew absolutely florid in parts. Purple prose that waxed prolix. I was almost in tears. Would’ve wept, except I’m one of those unfeeling brutes, John Q. Public, fed on the mass media and howling for blood. Particularly when the sacrificial lambs are Famous, Young, Beautiful, Rich, and just generally Better Than Me. Like dear Allison.

    But what can we expect from the unwashed masses like me? Savages, the lot of us. And the spiteful media, spewing its poison.

    So poor Allison Mack, ground up like so much cheap hamburger by the injustice system to feed the public’s insatiable hunger for vengeance. Vengeance against people Better Than Them. People who were on TV!

    All just a morality play for the Mass Media.

    So the mob howls and Judge Garaufis must obey. Sad.

    And poor beautiful still-young (?!) Allison, whose only fault was having an unlucky Fate. I guess it was written in the stars all along, her bad luck in crossing paths with a bad man. I mean, she’s really the victim here if you stop to think about it. None of her doing, really. Or, as Bart Simpson says, “Mistakes were made”. Can’t we just let bygones be bygones? Let us all now join hands and sing the praises of Mercy!

    Okay, that was fun. But I do have one serious question: if Mack were a short bald ugly guy, would there be this level of sympathy for her?

    • No, there would be much more sympathy for him than Allison among fat, old, smelly, cranky, impotent-without-viagra, bald guys who think they rightfully rule the world.

      …AND who have a case of Venus Envy (look it up) over the likes of both Mack and Kreuk to rival KAR’s own envy of girl power over the “men” they really want to rule and/or (in Keith’s case, especially) competitively rule out.

      Better luck next life.

  • “the bright, young and famous, the beautiful and foolish Allison Mack”
    I don’t think she’s bright. I don’t think she had any education past high school (still more than Clare Bronfman though). Succesfully finishing Harvard doesn’t by definition indicate someone is bright in all aspects of life, but Allison Mack isn’t bright.

    India Oxenberg had slaves, mislead slaves (by this time she knew about Raniere’s involvement), conspired with Mack to direct Jay to have sex with Raniere. The decision by the government on who to indict and who not to indict seems rather arbitrary to me, yet it has immense consequences on people’s lives (years in prison). India walks away from this a free woman. She is incredibly lucky. With a roll of the dice, she could have been headed for prison too. I would like to see a little more modesty and self-reflection from India regarding this issue, to balance her position as a victim.

    • So you’re saying Harvard men are no better equipped to recognize and fend off or steer clear of a predatory narcissist than a poorly educated female? Hmmm. Yeah, I think Suneel, Emiliano Salinas and all the Harvard dudes in NX demonstrate that. Funny though, not one of them got indicted.

      • You know what is selective, the one who published knows that there were 8 masters / slaves and even so they only focus on Allison, Nicky is still very calm and it does not seem that someone cares much.

      • “So you’re saying Harvard men are no better equipped to recognize and fend off or steer clear of a predatory narcissist than a poorly educated female?” Heidi H
        .I’ve met some Harvard men and they are stupid and arrogant.

        Look up “Legacy Admissions.”

        Harvard’s freshman class is more than one-third legacy – CNBC › 2019/04/07 › harvards-freshm…
        Apr 7, 2019 — Harvard’s Class of 2022 is made up of over 36% legacy students, according to The Harvard Crimson. T

  • Branding People is :

    1. Stupid

    2. Idiotic

    3. Moronic

    4. Cruel

    5. Brutal

    6. Sadistic

    Why are people denying the insanity of what Allison Mack agreed to do?

    I knew before this story was posted that the sentencing guidelines would be harsh.
    Allison’s sister usually posts a short-term picture on her social media.
    The picture disappears after a day.
    Yesterday Allison’s sister did not post anything.

    Frank Parlato and Catherine Oxenberg tried to reach out to Allison Mack and warn her.


  • — but to leave at least and offered our protection, we asked Kreuk to help get her out — and she hid and cowered

    Sorry, Frank but this isn’t unexpected and it’s completely in “character” with Kreuk. Kreuk joined NXIVM to get rid of a practically neurotic shyness. She was going to quit the acting industry because of it, until her former boyfriend — why is he not getting any criticism on the absurd level of Kreuk? — led her into joining it. She’s an actress, an “entertainer”, not a real-life hero. As it is said, she only plays one on TV. Your standards and criticisms for an actress are beyond absurd. And while you could say look at Catherine, that’s not even a fair comparison since it was her first child who was trapped in the cult. Or you could say look at Sarah Edmondson, who was actually impacted by DOS and had the possibility of criminal charges and jail time facing her. Kreuk was, by all intents and purposes, long gone before DOS even happened and didn’t even know about it until Sarah revealed it. All of this obsession with regards to slandering Kreuk and guilting her for something incidental in a time of minimal controversy way back in 2006 makes me believe you’re all of the comment actors playing the role of them all on the Kristin “Crooked” posts or laxly allowing them because they just agree with your bias. Ironic, huh, for a guy who claims to be an investigative journalist?

  • “The chances of her getting probation or even two or 3 years – as we all thought she would –seem almost non-existent now.” Don’t count me among “we all.”

    • Nice to see you back!

      Did you sell your food stamps for
      cold-hard-cash to pay off your cable bill?

    • Scott-

      I am glad you are alive. Not so glad you’re back.

      Now, I don’t have to feel guilty for all the mean shit I said about you. 😉

      But alive is good!

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