The 12 Harem Women in Raniere’s Nudes Collection Seized by FBI

Readers learned from the post, Just the Facts and By Request — The Complete Testimony of FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth — as Well as the Portions of Opening and Closing Statements Concerning Cami Pics, the list of 12 women whose nude photos were found on Keith Raniere’s hard drive.

Let us take a look, not at the graphic pictures of the women [or girls], which numbered in total 167 photos [averaging almost 14 pics per woman or girl] but at the women, those ladies who posed for Raniere and whose pictures he apparently kept for years. They were graphic nude photos, focused on their vaginas and sure to include, I am told, their face for identification purposes.

Why did he keep them?

Was it for his prurient pleasure? Did he keep them as a sort of blackmail? Did he just like to collect nudes even if he never looked at them and never had any intention of sharing them with anyone?

It was only one of them, Cami, who created a problem for him. All the other women were indisputably over the age of consent. It is a matter of federal law that an individual must be over the age of 18 to be photographed in a sexually explicit manner.

Even if the age of consent is lower, 18 is still the legal age for sexually explicit photos or in other words in some states it is legal for a person to have sex but not legal to take a picture of her or him in any sexually explicit manner. The former is a state law, the latter is a federal law.

If the Cami photos were not tampered with, as some of Raniere’s supporters insist, Cami was only 15 at the time the pictures were taken, which is an age that makes her nude photos illegal.

AUSA Moira Kim Penza listed for the Raniere jury 12 women who were found on a file folder named “Studies.”

Studies may indeed be what Raniere was doing with the naked photos. He was studying them. Perhaps.  Suneel Chakravorty, one of Raniere’s friends, says that there is no proof that Raniere himself named the folders “Studies.”

That may be true.  We were not there when Raniere took these graphic nudes of the women. We do know that all of them were followers of Raniere for a time. Some still are.

As Penza tells the jury:

The first folder, 4L122505, contained naked photographs of Lauren Salzman, which the defendant titled the folder after his nickname for her, Forlorn.

Lauren Salzman, nicknamed “Forlorn”. She was a cooperating witness against Keith Raniere.


Keith Raniere gives a kiss to Lauren Salzman.


The second folder, A111005, contained naked photographs of Angel Smith. [no photo available]


The third folder, BJ103005, contained naked photographs of Barbara Jeske.

Barbara Jeske died of cancer in 2014. She was one of the closest women to Raniere and her relationship with him predated NXIVM.


The fourth folder, 101705, contained naked photographs of Dawn Morrison.

Dawn Morrison was a long-time harem member who, after Raniere’s arrest, chose to leave him. Her role in his harem predated NXIVM.

A lot of these people are on the inner circle board as well.


Folder DF101905 contained naked photographs of Daniela.

MK10ART’s painting of Daniela, one of three sisters who were part of the Raniere harem. She stayed in a room for almost two years because she committed an ethical breach when she kissed another man.


Folder J10605 contained naked photographs of Barbara Bouchey, who went by the nickname Ja…

Barbara Bouchey with her former boyfriend Keith Alan Raniere.


There were also naked pictures of Loretta Garza, one of the defendant’s first line DOS slaves as well.

Loreta Garza with her master, Keith Alan Raniere


Folder NMP102005 contained naked pictures of Marianna and Pam Cafritz together.

Mariana, who is Daniela and Camila’s sister,  lived with Pam Cafritz and Raniere. All three shared the same bed.
Mariana and Keith Raniere had a child in 2017.
Pam Cafritz was with her master, Keith Alan Raniere, for some 30 years and their relationship predated NXIVM. She was his top wing woman and was known to procure women and girls for the Vanguard. She died, possibly of cancer, in November 2016. Her death was not announced for several weeks after she died for reasons unknown.


Folder MO101805 contained naked pictures of Monica Duran.

Monica Duran was one of the First Line Masters under Keith Raniere


Keith Raniere kisses his slave, Monica Duran


And then … Kathy Russell’s photographs were in a folder that was labeled MSK at the beginning — and as we learned during Keith’s trial, one of her nicknames was Ms. Kathy.

Kathy Russell was a long-time member of Keith Raniere’s harem.


And last, but certainly not least, was Folder V110205 — which contazined naked photographs of Camila. Now, why the V? Well, you know by now, you’ve seen her nickname over and over, all over the place, Virgin Camila, Vicky Baby, CV Baby, the name was given to her by the defendant.

MK10ART’s painting of Camila

The defendant talked with Camila about the fact that he had these photographs. You saw that in the WhatsApp chat, Government’s Exhibit 302R, page 44.

He says, “You know I guard the other pictures, right?”

Camila responds, “From way back when?”

The defendant responds, “I wanted the original forever. I thought it was truly mine. Yes. From way back when.”

…. The evidence is overwhelming that Camila was under the age of 18 when the photographs were taken.

First of all, you know Camila’s birthday was March 1st, 1990. You know that because Daniela testified to it. But you also know it because of Camila’s passport that was scanned in her e-mail account, and her medical records, all of which consistently show her birthday of March 1st, 1990.


Taking nude photos of your harem may seem like a worthy pastime for your average rank and file Vanguard, but this Vanguard apparently made it into a study or something. He might have gone too far, too far indeed, if one of those harem members was under the age of consent and of taking legal photographs with close-up shots of her vagina.

Perhaps a correction is needed here. I used the word ‘vagina” and I am not alone in so doing. The government did it also.

In Raniere’s appeal, his attorney Jennifer Bonjean describes it a little differently. She wrote, “Although the images at issue were often referred to as depicting women’s vaginas, the anatomically correct name of the women’s genitalia depicted in the images is ‘vulva.’”

Bonjean also raises an issue on appeal that the photos of the women should not even have been admitted as evidence.

Here is what she wrote:

“[T]he government also admitted into evidence roughly 167 images of women’s genitalia with whom Defendant had consensual sexual relations in and around 2005. Each juror was provided with a binder of images of the vulvas that were wholly unrelated to any of the charged offenses.

“The parties stipulated to the identity of each of the woman and their vulvas – none of the women alleged that the photos were taken under duress or without consent.

“The government argued that the evidence was relevant to prove the child exploitation charges because the child pornography images were contained in a folder in the same area as the folders that contained images of other women and for timeframe. The government also opined that the ‘type’ of photographs (i.e., images of women’s vulvas) were the same kind the Defendant received in DOS a decade later.

“Arguably, the timeframe in which the vulva photos was taken shed some light on the question of whether Defendant was responsible for taking the Camila photos, but it was entirely unnecessary to provide the jury with binders of 167 images of nude women and their vulvas to establish a timeline.

“Indeed, the government had ample evidence via the testimony of Lauren Salzman and Daniela that in conjunction with the meta-data associated with the images would have accomplished the same goal. Salzman and Daniela both testified that Defendant took intimate photos of them with a camera in and around 2005.

“They certainly could have identified a handful of photos of themselves for the purpose of establishing the “time line.” Similarly, the record contained more than ample evidence via testimony from Sylvie, Lauren Salzman, Daniela, and Nicole about what ‘types’ of intimate images the Defendant preferred. The probative value of 167 images of women’s nude bodies and genitalia from 2005 during consensual sexual encounters was minimal while the prejudicial effect was extraordinary…

“Defendant was denied a fair trial and fair opportunity to defend the charged offenses as a result of the district court’s admissions of this explosive evidence.”







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    • No, Anonymoused.

      Comments: Raniere is a pedophile who groomed and took nude photos of a young girl. These 167 photos of adult women in the same pose from 2005, found in the same folder as Cami’s photos, serve as proof that he is guilty.

      Thank you, DOJ, for prosecuting this POS and thank you, jury members, for finding him guilty and preventing him from doing this to any young girl again.

  • This whole big deal about Keith is just trash. Look, the guy is good. How many guys like him can get all the hotties? Those babes aren’t bad. So what’s his crime: out of 12 dishes one was 15? So what? Poontang is good when it is young. So, he went a little under. Bad on him. He pays the price. Stop being hypocrites. Like most of you old pervs would do it if you have the chance. I’m talking females too. The old lady would do the 15-year-old boy in a New York minute. How come it’s not a big deal if a female does it to a boy?

    • It is a big deal when adult women sexually abuse or rape children.

      Heard of Mary Kay Letourneau? She had sex with her 12 or 13 year-old male student and pled guilty to two counts of felony second-degree rape of a child and served prison time.

      She’s not the only one – go look it up.

      It’s time to let go of this pathetic failed argument.

      • Very often the entry of someone into this degree of the combined effects of a lack of self-respect plus denial – is a consequence of genuine, unalleviated childhood trauma.

        These conditions can be helped, assuaged. However, the ones helping need to have both the educative background and a core of (relatable) experience, which can serve someone who is fractured in these ways. We are observing the results of a consciousness struggling to love and to live. But the over-layers of unresolved, or unmitigated, traumatic experience are what’s talking.

        There’s hope. There has to be.

        Getting acquainted with herself, himself, finding acceptance inside, feeling some relief from chaotic thinking patterns; it’s like hearing a nestling who is not at all at ease, not happy, and one who cannot yet find any way out of what is, essentially, an inner prison, being reflected outwardly. If you pray, this person could maybe benefit by those quiet prayers, or just call them simple wishes, for someone’s well-being.

        It is so unfortunate. To be so hedged into an identity which sabotages the very core of oneself and not to recognize it is not that uncommon, however. The streets are full, in fact, of street kids of all ages.

        It will pass. One way or another a change will come. But how much more damage will happen first?

      • I bet she didn’t do as much time as a man would do. She got second degree rape not first degree.

        Though 12 is too young

      • Sherizzy,
        Lucy Brown and Putang Sally are what Bangkok named his left and right hand respectively.

        Lucy Brown is a dirty girl. Guess what Bangkok makes her do.

    • This is an argument for a guardianship program for men because clearly, they’re too dumb and uncivilized to be allowed out of confinement without a leash or chains. These men you’re describing sound like the kind of people that should be used to do the retrofit on the dome over Chernobyl.

      Yes, do let us know which men these are, perhaps we could stop testing chemicals on bunnies and dogs, and use these violent fetal men that serve no purpose other than inflicting misery on others, instead.

      • Did you read Midnight in Chernobyl? Excellent book! It gives a birds-eye-view of life inside the Soviet Union.

  • KR’s whole life is based on envy and greed – “anything you can do (have), I can do better (have more) “. That picture he kept taking – a woman’s crotch with her face/identity in there as proof – that’s because someone else did it first. He was intensely interested in a photo of an ex taken by her then-boyfriend – the exact same pose. She and the boyfriend didn’t last; KR stepped in to reestablish his turf over her. Thank you, FBI, for helping clear that up for me; I had thought that at least at that point in my relationship with KR, we were exclusive. I prefer no illusions.

    Same thing with his interest in underage women. A housemate of ours discovered that the young woman he was seeing was actually a lot younger than she had said. As in 15 years old. Said housemate immediately broke off the relationship while KR apparently saw opportunity and the need to “go one better”. About a year later, I was reading him the riot act for inappropriate behavior toward a 14-year-old and walking away from him. Didn’t know at the time he was stalking/preying on a whole bevy of teenage girls at RPI Players. Again, thank you FBI and Heidi for clearing that up for me.

    Every time I see one of KR’s supporters defending his righteousness, his creativity, his nobleness here, I want to spit. The only things KR ever really cared about were his ego and his dick. Could be some of the women pictured in his trophy shots were okay with that. That’s fine. For the ones that were underage or coerced, I’m glad he’s locked up.

    • Spot on as usual, L. And I thank YOU for your contributions on here that likewise help me and, hopefully, others understand the context and stark realities of this saga.

      As you say, Keith Raniere really is best described as an overblown, under developed, two-dimensional (dick and ego) creature.

      Most everything else about him is an illusion, a false public persona carefully crafted in the service of his warped ego and sicky dicky.

      We’ve both watched Keith & Company over the years cum decades fashion “Vanguard” into some kind of ideal, unsurpassed, ultimate sex god based on the feedback, studies, data, etc. they rigorously collect but, mostly, Keith’s ever-evolving ‘characature’ is built on the lives and legacies (rather DEATHS) of his girlfriends and their passions.

      It’s all there in the details of these key relationships. When you say that Keith followed you into RPI players, where he succeeded in acquiring (raping) some younger, more gullible and easily dazzled worshipers like my sister Gina and her friends, it makes all the sense in the world of what he and his “dependants” and co-conspirators have done for and with him ever since.

      But they don’t all act in purely Keith’s interests. Some, like the Salzman’s and Kristin Keeffe, a few others along the way, have long acted in their own interests which were served by upholding and using Keith’s Vanguard, etc. image to their own advantage.

      What’s wrong with that? Ask the statuatory raped, wrongly imprisoned, perpetually blackmailed, financially ruined, permanently physically and emotionally scarred VICTIMS who aren’t busy filming and promoting their next production or book, since the dead ones are forever increasingly being silenced.

      Then tell us how much you respect the NX leftovers who are still courageously clinging to all the good stuff about Keith and NXIVM.

  • I’m reminded of Sylvie [redacted]’s testimony when her Dad found her “medical pictures” (how embarrassing) a moment that certainly must have increased Keith’s sextortion leverage on Sylvie. Hope he breaks his jaw on some prison guard he’s hyunitized to see the blue light through his genius cunninglingus practised on Sylvie.

    Or MAYBE Keith was studying which vulva he wanted to have surgically replace his dick when he has to declare himself transgendered female to get into women’s prison where he can fuck the flock of hardcore sex fiends just as perverted as he, happily ever after with his sacred Asshole thusly saved!


  • Muslims like harems. Sex slaves of course.

    Muslims believe if they blow themselves up, “allah” will grant them 72 virgins (children) in “paradise”.

    Ain’t that right, ol’ Spanky?

  • No, it wasn’t just for his own predatory pleasure that Keith kept the pics that condemned him and, btw, all of his unplead and uncharged co-defendants, who, under RICO statutes faced being found likewise guilty of his pedo crimes – IHMO.

    Keith needed and got sextortion and extortion data, influence over, everyone he could to shield himself from ultimate prosecution for raping Rhianon, etc. His power grab in that regard reached into the families of his acolytes as we know. Think Jeffrey Epstein as more of a family inclusive man. Keith and Nancy copied his escape route right down to the Lolita (Bronfman jet) express that picked up Allison Mack to an Island profile fest a la Epstein with honored VIP guests to pose for the camera. Oh, no! Why weren’t Nancy and Keith there at Necker Island?

    We’re only seeing the top shelf of those 42 Library floors full of gigabyte secrets stolen from the computers of those raided by Uncle Ben – and I’ll be damned if he didn’t already sell it all to the Chinese Co. he most recently worked for. But that’s just a wild guess to humor Shadow, not an official royal decree. (psst, sarcasm alert.)

  • Where are all the Raniere dik piks? Why such a women and children only porn path? Doesn’t seem balanced in any way.

    Ohhhh… That’s right. Because it was ALL for Keith and his perverted pleasure and control.

    • I disagree, Vulva files. Keith’s vulva piks are also about power, not just sex. I suspect he made the SOP boys take dik piks, just to prove his power over them. Keith was into power, that’s why he taught the SOPers to cum on their women’s faces to show ownership of them.

      • Frank’s not reporting on SOP with the similar zeal that he did on DOS is a coverup and sexist. The mind-fucked “men” of SOP need to be exposed as well.

  • Can we see the adult nudes? I get it about Cami but the other pictures would be fun to see. Is there by any chance a photo of Toni?

      • I have several medical centers. My main medical practice is in San Bernardino , California. I am a endocrinologist, a cardiac surgeon and oncologist.

    • Agreed. The hottest of all the Raniere babes is Toni – even today she has the hottest body that makes my boner quiver.

    • “Fun to see”.

      You want jerk off material.

      You want to jack off to Toni [Natalie]? She looks like a salmon.

      • I much prefer Toni to Kristin Kreuk which I guess you secretly think of.

        Yes, I admit it. It is inspiring when you imagine someone who is truly spectacular such as Toni.

        In between surgeries, I will take a picture of Toni and be inspired by that curvaceous gorgeous hunk of hotness.

        Viva Natalie!

        • Toni Natalie is old and ugly.

          You brought up Korona Kreuk, no one else.

          Do you abuse your genitals to her too?

    • Gastone-
      None of it is jerk-off-worthy material unless you grew up in a trailer park or skank-farm.

  • “Arguably, the timeframe in which the vulva photos was taken shed some light on the question of whether Defendant was responsible for taking the Camila photos”

    “Ample evidence” from Lauren and Daniela’s testimony in conjunction with the metadata that the Cami pics were from 2005.

    It sound as if she is arguing for the government!

    Also, her reference to Raniere as “Defendant.” State Appellant briefs that I have read always refer to the defendant by name to humanize and to confer respect on the defendant. So, why not Mr. Raniere? Odd.

    I see why the leftovers are so pissed-off!

    Bonjean certainly made a very compelling argument for why the 167 “vulvas” (a meaningless distinction), helped the government establish that Cami’s photos, found in a folder on Raniere’s computer in the same area as the 167s, were from 2005.

    She conceded way too much here. These concessions can be used against Raniere not only in the government’s respondent’s brief in the appeal but I would presume in their response to any motion she makes in the future for a new trial based upon “new evidence.”

    Perhaps, the real conspiracy is that Bonjean is secretly working for the DOJ.

    • Hmm, a very interesting theory on Bon-Bon’s potentially diverse interests, Sherrizy.

      I got a little whiff of maybe Bronfman’s’ full-family’ influence – maybe some DOJ undertones right behind that note – but less so than when Agnifilo and Gregaros were in the lawyer brew with the Albany bandits, Burke and Duran-Duran running the Mickey Mouse show from Mexico. What a PR flop for the Salinas spawn that turned out to be. (But I’d still cast Emiliano as himself in a feature shot in Cuba.)

      Remember – all those pricey LA properties Clare & Sara own somehow never made it on the chopping block at Clare’s bail hearing and have never since (to my knowledge) been ponied up for the victims.

      Also, as I posted long ago on here back when Frank was our busy outdoor chef and cabin hideout house guest, at least one LA apartment property owned by both sisters was reportedly Incorporated into a low-income public housing program, as publicized just prior to Clare’s arrest. Don’t tell me the Bronfman family, at least sexy Mama Georgina, didn’t know about that and, I suspect, so did her attorneys. The Bronfman brothers use the same tax shelter scam run by HUD, coincidentally.

      Frank and I surmised at one time that these properties could be part of some private reserve attorney fund – like the “coffee and roses” fund LA law firms, like Latham & Watkins, contribute to that supports judges salaries and such. (I’d have a call into Bob Crockett to get some words on record he may, someday, consume – that’s how certain I am he’s still neck-deep in some of the left coast B.S. going on in “Vanguard Does Hollywood!”

      Psst, Toni’s got the money shot with a beach ball and it ain’t pretty. But I bet Adrian can get it released in Mexico first. JK, of course.

  • Raniere is a legendary level alpha male. He has fucked everything that has come his way. Any man’s dream. He is not a criminal, he is a superhero and Marvel should make a comic about him.

      • I disagree with your comment. Based on my own observations of how Keith and Nancy worked, they were just as adept at creating “holes” as they were at exploiting those that already existed. So, not everyone who came to NXIVM/ESP had “frailties and vulnerabilities” when they started out. But many did after Keith and Nancy helped create those frailties and vulnerabilities”.

        • –they were just as adept at creating “holes” as they were at exploiting those that already existed

          So they were twice the assholes.

        • –Keith and Nancy were adept at creating “holes”–

          Yes, I believe that was the true purpose of EMs–to find and exploit possible weaknesses.

          Unrelated: “How many holes does it take to fill the Albert Hall?”

        • Agree, They were adept at worming their way into their targets psyches, families and social dynamics, entire lives and fortunes. And while they did prey best on the most vulnerable, none of us is perfect and, as you say, Keith and Nancy could magnify the slightest flaw into a gapping hole through the intense and deceitful control means they used.

    • If you have to blackmail people to sleep with you – you ain’t exactly a superhero.

      • Try super villain…ok…

        The Jerker
        Hannibal Lecher
        Limp Voldemort
        Snidely Wimplash

        And someday added to the list will be…Vanguard

    • He lied about who and what he was. He manipulated and gas lighted, preyed on vulnerable people. Those aren’t Alpha traits, they’re sadistic and psychopathic. Do you equate Alpha with mental deficiency and manipulation?

    • Those who eff whatever can be obtained are simply suffering from rotten taste.

      You really oughta get around more, Fonzie.

      There is jackrabbit humping. It is what it is.

      Then there is making love. Really. Some lovers value that experience very much. Crazy, huh? I know. It is really just soooo crazy.

      True enough, jackrabbit humping and making love sometimes occur simultaneously. Life is a mixed bag of goodies. Few complain about what is simultaneous. Some, however, seek some privacy, some trustfulness, some actual adventure into intimacy, as opposed to mutual jackoff sessions, chockful of uninspired calisthenics and hypocrisy.

      No woman with any shred of good taste would ever go for Raniere. He has had only one true “love/hate” relationshit.

      (Auto Otto, leave me alone. “Realtionshit” is my word, and I coined it to myself many moons ago, it is deliberatively fashioned and I intend to keep it.)

      With whom has Raniere ever had a love affair? Using the word “love” as if it meant crumpled, used toilet paper? Does one credit Raniere for having had only one person whom he has ever wanted to please?

      It has always been that Raniere was merely fucking himself! What a dweeb.

      He was always so helplessly exclusive. He just preferred to let himself keep on running his deceptive games. And he required the sexuality of others to be a mass of interchangeable cavities.

      How salutary.

    • [Redacted] Vancunt is a fraud who had to manipulate to get pussy. That is not alpha. Prison rapers don’t think he is an alpha. He is a prison bitch. [redacted]

  • Not to get too too anatomically graphic about vulva vs. vagina, but the tattoo lady doth protest too much. Bonjean is quibbling and it’s quicksand filling her damned mudboots. She has heard of predicate acts. She has heard of the usage of physical, i.e., material evidentiary proof vs. the reliance upon circumstantial evidence, as well. Has she not? Who knows? So far, a losing hand.

    • Frank, I don’t know why posting things up here in the comments seems so very hard and doesn’t work very well! I’ve had to copy and paste other comments before over and over before I could see them posted publicly in the comments section. I did it for an article you did a week or two ago and I’ve copied and pasted every day and it won’t show it and now it won’t even let me! You need to fix your damn website and get that shit taken care of! I worked really hard on writing that comment and it won’t let me post it! Fucking ridiculous! Outside of that, Frank, will you actually do something to thrill us for once ever since you posted your first article about DOS (arguably more so by a long shot) by posting up all of the exhibit pics on full display and uncensored so we can see what the jury saw and make a better decision of whether he was actually guilty or not?! 😉 That would definitely light up your publicity! After all, our courts are in fact a *PUBLIC* office! 😳🤪😀😃😄😆😅😂🤣😁

      • You’ve gone in for the kill, haven’t you??
        Your message seems a poorly disguised attempt by someone…. whose name starts with “B” maybe?

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