Suneel: Government Misled Jury About Camila’s Age When Reading Raniere Text Messages

Almost like Peter Pan who would not grow up, the Government consistently referred to Camila as a child, or a teenager, then described actions or texts she sent when she was in her mid 20s.

Editorial Note: The opinions of Suneel Chakravorty are his own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Frank Report.  

Suneel Chakravorty


By Suneel Chakravorty

For several hours on June 5, 2019, at the trial of Keith Raniere, Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar and FBI Special Agent Maeghan Rees performed a live reading of purported text messages between Keith Raniere and ‘Camila.’

Hajjar performed the role of Raniere while Rees played Camila.

Many of these messages were raunchy in nature.

MK10ART’s painting of Camila

Up until this point in the trial, Camila had been presented as a fifteen-year-old Mexican girl. 

It is common sense that without explicitly telling the jury how old Camila was when these messages were sent, they would subconsciously feel that she was still a teenager, and be repulsed by such messages between a middle-aged man and a teenager.

But in fact, Camila was 24-years-old at the time.

Hedy Lamar was not a child. She was 24.

24-years old is how old Hedy Lamarr was when she became a star in the film Algiers. She later went on to invent a radio guidance system during World War II.

Sarla Thakral was 21, which is not a child.

21-years-old is how old Sarla Thakral was when she became the first Indian woman to fly, in 1936.

Suffice it to say that a female in her twenties is not a child. She is a woman, equal to any man in her standing as an adult, presumed capable of making adult decisions.

Despite this fact, I believe the public, and likely the jury got the impression these texts were between Keith and a teenaged Camila, because of how the texts were introduced.

Before prosecutor Tanya Hajjar and FBI Special Agent Maeghan Rees did their live reading of the ‘texts’, Hajjar referred to an email from when Camila would have been eighteen years old.

HAJJAR: What is the date of issue on the passport?

REES: May 23rd, 2008.

HAJJAR: So based on Camila’s birthday of March 1st, she’s approximately — she’s 18 years old? [p. 3450]

Then, without explaining that Camila was actually 24 when she texted Raniere, [and leaving the jury with the impression that she was 18, hence the question about the age when she got her passport] Hajjar brought up the alleged Keith-Camila ‘texts’ from 2014 [six years later], the first one being as follows:

HAJJAR: Can you read the message sent by Camila on October 31st at 1:25 p.m.?

REES: Not only were you supposed to be my partner and my love, but you are also Vanguard. [p. 3453]

Hajjar did not explicitly inform the jury that these messages were not from a young, barely adult, 18-year-old Camila but rather from a 24-year-old adult woman. 

Some might consider this a benign omission. They may be correct. In my opinion, this was a masterful sleight of hand.

Shortly thereafter, Hajjar and Rees go onto the following, infamous exchange between Keith and Camila [p. 3471 – 3472].

Tanya Hajjar played Keith Raniere brilliantly in court as she read his alleged texts on the morning of June 5 in Brooklyn federal court.


Q Keith Raniere: Do you have physical desire?

[FBI Special Agent Rees] A Can emotional be enough?

Q If you want me to come tonight. I will under these conditions: There will be no talking. You will meet me at the door in the outfit you think I would find sexiest. You will arouse me, we will make love for my satisfaction and pleasure. You will do everything you can to provide that. I will finish and leave. Do you agree yes or no?

A Is there a reason why you picked 4:00 a.m. for this?

Q Forget it then.

A No no no.

Q Then?

A Why no talking.

Q Goodnight.

A I don’t understand what’s going on!

Q Too much pride. I’ll text you tomorrow.

On the face of it, without additional context, it seems Keith is being a selfish partner. If Camila was 18-years-old, perhaps this could be seen as manipulative. 

But in fact, she was a fully-adult 24-year-old woman. Is it a crime to be a selfish male partner to a 24-year-old woman?

Amazingly the judge, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, did a more extreme type of misrepresentation in how he introduced the “arouse me” text message at sentencing. Keep in mind that an adult man sending an adult woman an apparently selfish, demanding sexual message is not a crime. 

Judge Nicholas Garaufis referred to Camila as a child, then proceeded to read a text that Keith Raniere sent to her when she was 24 years old.

JUDGE GARAUFIS: “Years after they met, Mr. Raniere told Camila he knew she was “special” ever since they first met each other when she was 13. Mr. Raniere exerted control over this child in every way imaginable. In one message, Mr. Raniere wrote her: “If you want me to come tonight, I will under these conditions: There will be no talking. You will meet me at the door in the outfit you think I would find sexiest. You will arouse me, we will make love for my satisfaction and pleasure. You will do everything you can to provide that. I will finish and leave. Do you agree yes or no?” [p. 145, Sentencing Transcript]

Garaufis calls Camila a 13-year-old, then a child, and then references the same sexual text message, as if Keith had sent it to a child – odious, repugnant behavior, of which common decency demands a 120-year sentence. 

Except Camila was a 24-year-old, adult woman when Keith sent her that message.





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  • Keith’s guilty. And he got a fair trial. Very few people can afford to buy the legal defense Clare paid for on Raniere’s behalf.

    He’s a sore loser. Now the Nxivm dead-enders will continue to clog up and abuse the legal system as they have done in the past by lodging false accusations against their “enemies”.

    This idea of the public’s possible poor perception and a fair trial being mutually exclusive is a tired fallback.

    Creepy people can be found guilty. Creepy people can be found innocent. Creepy people can be guilty. Creepy people can be innocent.

    Juries are pretty sophisticated. Crime and law are a national hobby. More importantly, juries take their duty seriously. I have heard so many ex-jurors lament about wanting to convict, knowing the defendant was guilty, but the case just wasn’t there.

    Their personal feelings, opinions had no bearing. They looked solely at the charges and the evidence. They were very able to separate the case law from the defendant.

    But as a general rule in life – Don’t act creepy if you do not want to be thought of as a creep.

  • I kinda get what Suneel is saying…plus we the public who read that quote are all the more prejudiced against Raniere, thinking he said those things to a 13-year-old girl instead of a 24-year-old woman. And so the public is all the less likely to give a sh#t about whether or not he got a fair trial since most of us wish we could summarily execute any child molester, But, hopefully, if there were any wrongs, the justice system will prevail despite public perception of the accused.

  • […] In this post, our esteemed and loyal opposition, Suneel Chakravorty, [who I am trying to deprogram from a suspected severe case of brainwashing, which he denies, which is typical of brainwashed individuals, as cult experts maintain] has taken some of his valuable time to address certain comments made by readers of his latest post, Government Misled Jury About Camila’s Age When Reading Raniere Text Messages” […]

  • Suneel, have ever experienced sexual abuse as a teenager, been groomed since you were a pre-teen by an adult man twice your age, then been largely cut off from your friends and family, set up in an apartment, and had a substantial amount of your life under the governance of that person? If not, I’m not sure you’re qualified to comment here. I think whether she was 18 or 21 or 24 at the time of the texts is largely irrelevant, and what other women her age were doing that hadn’t been sexually abused since teenagehood by an adult man in his 40s is irrelevant. Camilla confirmed he is a statutory rapist. The fact you are still defending him is a massive blind spot in your own ethics I hope someday you will address. Best of luck to you.

    • I agree. Suneel should address why he defends someone that has been confirmed is a child rapist. He has never addressed that Raniere is not a child rapist. It’s not just Camilla who accused him of child rape.

  • Suneel-

    All of your arguments – both philosophical and legal – amount to nothing more than “cutting hairs”.

    Raniere has hired the best attorneys and, thus far, none of them has used anything resembling your thoughts or opinions on this matter.

    If you really want to help Raniere, follow the 500 calorie diet and take cold showers, like the other girls.

    Lastly, don’t bother helping Clare. She needs your help like she needs an extra-orifice.

  • Does anyone know when Lauren Salzman will be sentenced?

    I am not Bangkok. I am his roommate at the ICU. He is not doing well.

  • Suneel makes a valid point regarding the age of a victim in the past and the age of the victim in the present. Any rational and logical person can see his point of view is the correct one.

    Suneel’s story reminds me of the revered porn star Traci Lords. Traci was in her first porn movie at age 16. She was the victim of the seedy porn industry. Today, Tracy Lords is 52 years old. Despite the fact her porn career was a whopping 36 years ago, the media still refer to her as the “16 year old victim”. How is it, a woman who is 52, is both a 16 year old victim and a menopausal woman at the same time? Someone, please deliver me from the Twilight Zone. It’s all so outrageous.

    Suneel, you make some valid and very relative points. Thank you for taking the time to write this article!

    • ‘Tracy Lords is 52 years old. Despite the fact her porn career was a whopping 36 years ago, the media still refer to her as the “16 year old victim”. How is it, a woman who is 52, is both a 16 year old victim and a menopausal woman at the same time?’

      We all co-exist with our 16 year old selves, if we are lucky enough to live to an age beyond it. Life circumstances change often—and for some that change is radical. What is outrageous is the level of rank stupidity in your argument. How impossibly siloed and fractured your understanding of life appears.

      • Cult-Coma, Maybe the comment, from Anonymous 12:08, is satirical and meant to mock Suneel’s outrageous arguments. Then again, the guy might be a misogynistic moron. I believe it was meant as satire.

      • Agreed. Cult-Coma.

        It’s very easy to understand that a person (Let’s go with the Traci Lord’s example) was victimized at one age but is now a different age. Not confusing at all.

        Just like in history class you learn things such as:

        2 countries were once at war but NOW are no longer at war.

        Very easy to follow.

        Or such and such president was x years old when they were elected but NOW they are a different age.

        This is how we learn information. It’s not new or challenging for us to follow.

        In court, every defense attorney tries to put distance between the time of a crime and the present day.

        They emphasize” This murder took place. Over 22 years ago”.

        Or (holding up the defendant’s high school yearbook photo) “The defendant was only 17 years old the night of the robbery”.

        Don’t see this 25-year-old man before you bashing the liquor store clerk’s head in. Look at this geeky little 15 in their baseball uniform.

        Or they new trend. The sexual predators like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein show up suddenly decrepit old men with walkers.
        “How could such a frail man rape so many women?”

        The Golden State killer was so weak. In a wheelchair, but right before his arrest, he was riding a motorcycle. In his cell, the video showed him climbing his prison bunk like an acrobat.

        See how old and pathetic this man is? He could never rape and kill dozens of people.

        Juries see thru that too.

      • Cult-Coma
        I wrote the anonymous 12:08 for satirical effect. Suneel is off his rocker. My example is meant to be moronic. Suneel’s entire essay is beyond absurd, asinine, and offensive. I did not believe that he was a misogynist. Suneel is a total misogynist.

        Suneel is defending a pedophile’s filth and I am mocking him.

        End of story.

    • —Someone, please deliver me from the Twilight Zone.

      I feel that way every time I read something Suneel wrote. 😉

  • Cult members think they are smarter and more ethical than ” normies”.

    If you’ve ever served on a jury you know it is a sacred duty most citizens take very seriously.

    Blaming the jury when you lose in court is as lame as when comedians blame the audience for not getting a joke.

    • It looks like you are blaming the jury here, not Suneel. His argument is that the role of the prosecution is to represent the truth. There is no justice in imaginary scenarios. Prosecutors, FBI agents, and judges misrepresenting the truth in order to imprison someone is simply immoral. It is difficult to defend against these lies because the jury expects the government representatives to be honest. Maybe all jury instructions should include a line that says: “Do not take the prosecution’s arguments for face value. Some prosecutors and FBI agents lie.”

      • You should head up the movement to include your last statement in jury instructions if that is important to you. Good luck.

        Work on your reading comprehension. No mention was made of Suneel.

        Blaming the jury for an outcome you don’t like after the fact is lame. The time to raise objections was during the trial. The trial is over.

        Criminal cases are tried in court. Not on the Frank Report. Or Twitter. Or dancing for pedophiles. Or whatever that other ineffective group is named.

        The person to blame for any of this is Keith Raniere. Personal responsibility. I think there are secret groups you can join to learn about the concept if you are struggling with it.

  • Thank you, Suneel, for pointing out another flaw in the disgusting excuse of a trial for K. It is a sad day when all of these commenters refuse to see the major problem with the way these texts and emails were read. Jury members are meant to be average people, and the majority of the people living currently are not the smartest. They’re going to hear messages and take them at face value.

    • And yet these “average” and “not the smartest” people were not stupid enough to follow Keith Raniere like Suneel did. And still does.

      These American citizens doing their civic jury duty did not misguidedly join a cult and pay a small fortune for the privilege of bowing to a photo of the world’s “smartest” and ” most ethical” child rapist and child pornographer.

      The jury pool was not so gullible as to believe vanguard controlled the weather. Or he was one of the top 3 problem solvers in the world. Plus had one of the world’s highest IQs and was celibate.

      When all evidence was to the contrary.

      I’d put my faith on the jury being able to see the truth more clearly than a follower who believes the ludicrous, totally improbable and unverifiable claims Keith Raniere has made.

      Their ” average” beats whatever you seem to perceive as ” smartest” by a Keith Raniere allegedly running a record-breaking mile.

      Every time.

  • The Guardian
    Lyndal Rowlands
    Thu 29 Apr 2021 03.27 BST
    Journalists and social media moderators in Vanuatu could face up to three years in prison under a new bill that broadly criminalises threatening words, gestures and the “reckless” sharing of false statements.

    Changes to the criminal libel and slander provisions of the South Pacific country’s Penal Code Act mean that Ni-Vanuatu could now face imprisonment for “any representation that is untrue or misleading” on public platforms including “television, radio, internet websites, social networking sites and blog sites”.

    The amendments were passed by Vanuatu’s parliament on Monday and will become law once gazetted by the president.

    [ … ]

    Allison Mack Has Yet to Be Sentenced for Her NXIVM-Related Charges
    Samantha Vincenty
    Wed, April 28, 2021, 7:45 PM

    [ … ]

    Mack’s charges carry a potential for 40 years of prison time, but it remains unclear whether she has cut a plea deal with prosecutors. Her original sentencing date, set for September 11, 2019, was delayed, with no sentencing date currently scheduled three years later.

    Meanwhile, whether Mack should be held fully culpable for her actions while under the longtime sway of Raniere remains a topic of debate; even whistleblower Frank Parlato has directed a plea for “mercy” toward sentencing US District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.

    [ … ]

  • Sigh. Suneel keeps revealing how dumb he is about the justice system. He has a child’s view on it. Expecting fairness and honesty and all that. Even if this story is 100% true, the prosecutor isn’t required to give context, that is up to the defense’s job. They failed at that, then it’s on them. Text aside, we still have the whole underage sex/grooming thing he was doing. So you know, Raniere is still a creepy pedophile.

    • You don’t think it is the prosecution’s responsibility to represent the truth? Or is it their job to do whatever they can to try to imprison people they think should be in prison?

      • Anonymous at 11:48
        What is untruthful about establishing Cami’s date of birth via her passport?

        What is untruthful about stating the date of the emails prior to reading them?

        What is untruthful about providing the jury with an easy way to figure out whether Cani was a minor or a adult at the time of the emai?
        Before 2008 = minor
        After 2008 = adult

        Seems pretty transparent to me.

    • Shadow, uhm, Trump had Bill Barr investigate Hunter Biden and Barr couldn’t find anything; The FBI had a very erroneous Trump Russian probe, and they found nothing on Trump.

      You need a reality check!

      My dear Shadow, “Real Politick” only exists in academic text books, and in the minds of people who believe real-life imitates 1950s television *shows.

      The television show, Naked City, circa, 1958 is the one exception; it’s a show, from the 50s era which accurately depicts the real world. The real world is a smoldering heap of shit—get use to it!

    • Why does anyone listen to this man? Part 1

      “Carlson questioned the scientific consensus that masks help slow the spread of COVID-19, described mask-wearing as a “sign of political obedience” and attacked those who choose to cover their faces outside as “zealots and neurotics.” He then encouraged his audience to confront mask-wearing strangers, calling them “the aggressors.” Carlson also urged them to call 911 “immediately” or contact child protection services if they see children wearing masks in public, telling his viewers they are “morally obligated” to do something.”

      BTW, it is a crime to falsely charge child abuse, which Cucker Tarlson is telling his audience to do.

    • Why is anyone listening to this man? Part 2 Fox News own lawyers said IN COURT to not believe what Cucker Tarlson says.

      “Now comes the claim that you can’t expect to literally believe the words that come out of Carlson’s mouth. And that assertion is not coming from Carlson’s critics. It’s being made by a federal judge in the Southern District of New York and by Fox News’s own lawyers in defending Carlson against accusations of slander.

      Just read U.S. District Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil’s opinion, leaning heavily on the arguments of Fox’s lawyers: The “‘general tenor’ of the show should then inform a viewer that [Carlson] is not ‘stating actual facts’ about the topics he discusses and is instead engaging in ‘exaggeration’ and ‘non-literal commentary.’ ”

      She wrote: “Fox persuasively argues, that given Mr. Carlson’s reputation, any reasonable viewer ‘arrive[s] with an appropriate amount of skepticism’ about the statement he makes.”

    • Shadowstate-

      How is it Tucker Carlson finds a new topic to be outraged about every night?

      Why does Tucker Carlson have to act angrier than my wife on the “rag”, all of the time?

      What possesses Tucker Carlson to dress like he is in prep-school or a J. Crew ad?

      When will you wake up to the fact that
      “Tucker Carlson” is doing a shtick?

      Angry Tucker is no different than the exalted and pious Anderson Cooper.

      All the talking heads are doing a shtick.

      Wake up!

  • Suneel – I have a serious suggestion for you. A real-world challenge I earnestly would like you to consider.

    You and keith should work together to solve any one of the six remaining Millennium Problems. I’m guessing you know what these are. It’s a challenge put up by Clay Mathematics Institute of Cambridge, Massachusetts. CMI selected seven of the most difficult math problems ever conceived. There is a $1 million dollar prize to solve any one of them (six of the seven remain unsolved).

    You are a Harvard educated Mathematician. keith is purportedly one of the top three problem solvers in the world, the world’s smartest man, and as I understand it, an inventor of his own math (I would like to know more about it).

    I think this is a better use of your time, plus you’ll get satisfaction of working with keith and would be doing so within the domain of your intellectual gifts. You and keith can shock the world, do something extraordinary, make some great money, and most importantly, show the world how smart and important Vanguard really is to humanity.

    If you really believe in keith’s intellectual gifts, then this is a fantastic endeavor for the two of you to pursue and prove everyone wrong.

    • Keith’s invented math explained:

      Procure 1 or 2 amoral women.

      Use these women to ADD additional women to your harem.

      Subtract the fat ones.

      Divide your time sexually amongst the thin ones.

      Add child molestation.

      Add child pornography

      Subtract the sleep and food from the thin women’s lives.

      Multiply the herpes.

      Add group ” family photos” of naked branded with your initials slaves weekly.

      Divide the women from their families, careers and critical thinking.

      Add close up vagina photos.

      There’s more and

      It eventually adds up to 120 years.

  • No matter her age, it’s disgusting.

    Not only is the text disgusting, but it’s a continuation of his fucking her up in the head from when she was a minor.

    Pardon the language, but there’s no polite way to say it.

    #time to get a life

    Zero effect on verdict.

    • Daniela testified in court that Raniere was having sex with her younger sister Camilla when the girl was was 16 years old. Naked pictures of underage Camilla were found on Raniere’s computer. Camilla herself says Raniere had sex with her and took explicit naked pictures of her when she was underage.

      To suggest that prosecution misdirection is responsible for the jury finding against Raniere on this point is… bizarre and absurd.

      Equally absurd is the implication that the trial was unfair because the prosecution painted an unflattering picture of the defendant. News flash: the trial system is an adversarial process. The prosecution paints the defendant as a demon. The defense paints him as an angel.

      Reminder here that Raniere’s lawyer kicked off his defense by comparing him to Winston Churchill. Was this unfair because it was never pointed out to the jury that Raniere is not, in fact, Winston Churchill?

      Part of the prosecution’s case was that Raniere was running a corrupt organization for the purposes of getting himself young tail to plow. Their job was made easy by Raniere’s carelessness in leaving behind a copious trail of implicating documentation. Unsurprisingly, some of these juicy bits got read out in court. This is a demonstration not of government malfeasance but rather Raniere’s amateurish arrogant carelessness in running his criminal sex-trafficking conspiracy.

      Of which he was convicted. On the evidence.

  • New Video

    Rudy Giuliani’s Response to the FBI raid on his apartment and office.

    WARNINGS From “1984” and “Brave New World” You Must Hear | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 132

  • Suneel, Suneel, Suneel. It’s actually come to this level of desperation? The jury isn’t stupid and neither is the public. Aren’t you embarrassed? I bet your poor family is. You’re a laughing stock at this point.

  • Suneel-

    And of course, you, once again, have no words to offer on Clare Bronfman’s behalf.

    If anyone has suffered a grave injustice by the United States Justice System, it was Clare Bronfman. Clare forgo a jury trial and made a plea-bargain…Then the court reneged on the deal.

    I wonder how another member of the NXIVM-5, Eduardo, who took a single car ride, with a Mr. Salinas, somehow juggles defending Kieth Raniere with shouting out,
    “Emiliano-Salinas”, from the hilltops and mountains. You, Suneel, spent a fair amount of time with Clare Bronfman and unlike Eduardo, you can’t find the time to say ‘boo’ for a woman you cared for.

    “Raniere, Raniere, Raniere…”-Suneel

    “Raniere, Raniere Emi, Emi…”-Eduardo

  • Suneel,

    Did you omit the part where Marc Agnifilo — or one of Keith’s other three attorneys sitting at the defense table — objected to the reading of these text messages or did that not happen?

    How about the part where Keith’s attorneys raised the issue that you’re now raising as they cross-examined FBI Special Agent Rees — or did that not happen either?

    All you’re doing is looking at game film two years after the game was played and bitching about the refereeing. Guess what…even if you’re right, it’s not going to change the outcome of the game.

    • Sewn snugly into the warp and weft of maya, and holding fast to putting a false god before him, Chakravorty has been easy to deceive and to use. He doesn’t see it yet.

      Life is not a Danielle Steel novel, though. And no one in his or her right mind is languishing around trying to be an extra in one of her assholian lifetime tv movies. Except for maybe a boy named Su. Soon enough it will be over, like strep throat.

      However, to obtain what he dreams that he wants, first Su. Chak. will need to rewrite, and then to submit for review, a new United States constitution.

      Tanya Tucker sang about this and called it rearranging deck chairs on a ship that’s going down. Why not just start the weekend early? Spring has really, really sprung.

    • Suneel, please don’t listen to Mr. Claviger.

      He’s a failed defense attorney who took 6 tries to pass the BAR exam.

      Plus he wound up losing 95% of his trials (he’s not much of a trial attorney or litigator) —– and his clients wound up in the slammer.

      *Please give my best regards to Nicki Clyne and tell her that I wish her luck in her new podcast idea.

      I hope she sets the record straight about India Oxenberg, and others, who are now pretending to be heroes of the women’s movement.

      Nicki needs to let the truth flow out for the public to hear.

      Do not let the truth be silenced by the mob.

      • Proof positive Bang-tard is either a troll or a cult shill.

        There is no mob. There’s barely even a whimper recognizing Suneel, Nicki, the Dossier Project, etc., for a supposed “lynching” of the mob to occur against the NXIVM crew.

        “Ding dong, the witch is dead.”

        Americans are smarter than you and the NXIVM dead-enders give them credit for, and the latter’s “genius” of a leader wasn’t any smarter than probably a number of those who sat on the jury and convicted him. Raniere got arrogant and careless because he thought himself smarter than everyone else and believed Clare’s money and the Bronfman could hide his misdeeds.

        Since NXIVM shills like maxims, proverbs, quotes, etc. so much, here is an apt one related to these events:

        “Pride cometh before the fall.”

    • K.R.

      Suneel seems to suffer the same reading comprehension and attention span problems that Bangkok and Scott Johnson suffer from…

      I am thinking Suneel took his SAT untimed.

  • Suneel – this claim is meritless. Also, if Agnifilo did not object, and I do not remember him doing so at trial, it is unpreserved for appellate review. That means that the appellate court will not entertain the issue.

    All Hajjar did here was establish Cami’s age with her passport, which was necessary to prove the predicate act of possession of child pornography. The jury members are not idiots. They could figure out how old she was by the dates provided before each email. Further, Hajjar did not represent her age as a minor.

    Moreover, anything Garaufis said at sentencing is meaningless in this regard because it is at sentencing. The trial is over. No jury there. Got it?

    In any event, the emails are horrifying. Raniere manipulated Cami terribly. His emotional and verbal abuse of her is so rampant in these emails. Honestly, how could you support someone who treated a woman he claimed to love as a possession who must satisfy his perversities at his beck and call?

    There is nothing here, Suneel. Only Raniere’s desperation. He must be very unhappy in prison if he sent you back to read the transcripts to try to find some more meritless points.

    Give it up. You are entering the realm of the ridiculous.

  • At least find another photo of fucking Su to go along with his editorializing mental dysfunctionalities. The zen of poop is so stale. Already a broken cuckoo clock.

    The only worthwhile clock is a silent one. A clock need not draw attention to itself by routinely squawking its timely concepts. A clock is so easily demolishable. Even as a child, I found clocks to be easy to ruin and heartily disliked their usage, viewing time rules as unwanted interferences. It is impolite to interrupt real life with any timepiece.

    I enjoy archery but am sick of that photo with its lipless fake grin and those dismayingly blank, yet calculating eyeballs. My arrows are getting bored.

    Shirley, you can do better. The jury is out sleeping in an alley, drunk on these methane gas emissions from a Haphazard Harvard aardvark and not giving a damn anymore.

    Su isn’t merely last year, showing up so tackily costumed. He is bent over as if he arrived as a Nxivm fool right out of the Old Testament, as a glutton for punishment. Better to be quiet and handle being theoretical, niggling and inexperienced somewhere off to the side. For after all, Su is a side story.

    • Shivani,

      Your consistent adverse reaction to Suneel’s photo is a tiny but very sweet moment I always enjoy stumbling upon. It makes me giggle every time.

        • There is not an unlovable flower anywhere on earth. Without variety there wouldn’t be a human “race.” But if you confuse skin coloration with the value of someone’s thoughts, actions, our hearts, souls, and sincere wishes to live freely, go right ahead and be part of that divisive sickness.

          Leave me out of it, starting right now. Do not trespass. It will come back to haunt you, via natural aikido.

          You might be joking. This is not amusing, to hint that I or anyone else WHOM YOU…
          DO NOT KNOW, is a fucking racist.

          By the way, I live with two young men (okay, they’re almost 12 and 13 years old now) who are one-half East Indian, who are incredibly handsome, witty, very bright and who mean the world to me. These are my grandsons. Their eyes are full of light, black fire. These guys are my beloved family and have been marvelous gifts, beyond words, to know as part of my life. What surprises the boys are, every moment!

          There is an additional context, as well. That is my personal experience as one who loves India and its varieties of people very much.

          There’s a very good chance that Suneel himself has lived in India for less years than I have. This is also true for my grandsons’ Indian family, who have spent almost no time in India in their entire lives, because during the early 1900’s their branch of the family moved to a small nation in South America. My grandsons’ other grandfather was a diplomat representing “Indian interests,” during a complex transition of governments (and thereby, essentially representing the fading of British empiricism.) The irony.

          It is sad to wait for bodilessness before you realize that we are all very, very together here. There are no strangers based upon color, not to me. Any color of human, however, can harbor ill intention or can be a beautiful friend.

          Easily thrilled, most people simply thrill me. The longer life has gone, the more wondrous is that inherent lovability seen (by me) in others, the spirit of each person seems to be unique and beloved. The potentials! The kinetics! Amazing.

          This has nuttin’ to do with mating. Quite simply I do not allow you to misrepresent me or my thoughts or feelings, whoever the fuck you are.

          • Shivani-

            Your words are like a “Judo Boomerang”. They totally throw me for a loop and I come back to you.

            I get it—your heart belongs to another— dark or light meat doesn’t matter because it’s not ThanksGiving anymore—

            —Charlie Brown is not on TV. He’s on Netflix. It was not meant to be! Death where is thy sting? Honey Combs suck! Take care!

          • Who you callin’ a [redacted] Just go [redacted] somewhere, you [redacted]. The [redacted] know their place and the [redacted]. Fine Country. {redacted].

  • Suneel continues to be an awful writer.

    This tripe is deeply insulting to the intelligence of the jury. The information as presented is neither confusing nor misleading.

    It could even be argued that bringing up the passport date was to drive home the point that Cami was an ADULT at the time. 18 is 18 in the eyes of the law. There is no “newly” 18 or “young” 18.

    So desperate. So ineffectual.

    Guarantee if one pulled from the defense they would find much worse in the way of manipulation. But because the defense were big losers, no one cares.

    To this very day, Suneel and his comrades in the cult continue a disinformation campaign. But, again, no one cares. Because they are big losers.

    Frank, would you please do a post about the information revealed at the trial that proves Allison Mack was to be compensated for the delivery of India Oxenburg to the disgusting Keith Raniere for sexual purposes?

    That is a very important factor that gets lost in the avalanche of other evidence that proved DOS was first and foremost created and run to gratify Keith Raniere sexually.

  • Odd that the DEFENCE did not clarify the reason as to why Camilla’s passport reflected her age to be older than she was when she arrived in the Albany, NY area at the age of 13 and began providing live-in housekeeping services to NX’s own resident RN hypnotherapist, Nancy Salzman’s, household in Clifton Park.

    Odd that Cami’s older (of age) sister, Daniela, was meanwhile penned in a shabby Cohoes, NY ghetto shack, getting ball-er-ina lessons under Keith’s Jesus-Mary portrait on a stained mattress, until she graduated to the room she occupied alone in Clifton Park for over two years after kissing Ben Myers.

    Odd that meanwhile the third [redacted] sister, Marianna, mother of the ultimate Vanguard Avatar, shared Pam Caffritz’s (death) bed – where Keith was always welcome.

    Depending on the further facts of how and why young Cami’s passport was fraudulent as to her age from the get-go, which were not explored at all by the DEFENCE at trial after the prosecution presented the evidence, one might conclude from these facts alone that she was trafficked and groomed and, indeed, became (at age 15, when her false passport declared she was over the age of consent) a maid/sex slave forced to participate in lewd sextortion acts for the next decade.

    This post was almost as entertaining and enlightening as the Leftovers take on the date stamp tampering by the DEFENCE on Cami’s porn pics.

    Sure hope y’all got better pedo crime reps on appeal.

    And, Suneel, sweety you need a queer eye for the straight 😉 guy costume consultant, pronto.

  • Is the reason you refuse to defend Clare as you defend KR is because Clare’s a grown woman?

    And why, as a grown genius man, does KR need so much help post-conviction? Help you entirely refuse to give his noble sugar momma.

  • More Federal government misconduct

    Feds have raided ex-NYC Mayor Giuliani in effort to persecute Trump’s lawyer.

    Prepare for Communist Biden staging Moscow style show trials.

    Federal investigators in Manhattan executed search warrants early Wednesday at the home and office of Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former New York City mayor who became President Donald J. Trump’s personal lawyer, stepping up a criminal investigation into Mr. Giuliani’s dealings in Ukraine, three people with knowledge of the investigation said.

    The investigators seized Mr. Giuliani’s electronic devices and searched his Madison Avenue apartment and his Park Avenue office at about 6 a.m., two of the people said.

    The execution of search warrants is an extraordinary action for prosecutors to take against a lawyer, let alone a lawyer for a former president. It was a major development in the long-running investigation into Mr. Giuliani and a remarkable moment in his long arc as a public figure.

    • –More Federal government misconduct–

      Actually, investigating a suspect before being charged is the proper conduct of the DOJ.

      Encouraging someone to try to falsely undermine a political rival, aided by Russians propaganda and protected by an unbalanced President and his corrupt AG–THAT is government misconduct.

      And such actions led to rejecting the legal and clear will of the voters, telling a Big Lie and the insurrection of the US Capitol by gullible followers in the cult of T-Rump.

      And you think the NXIVM 5 are delusional!

    • Anon 2:46pm-
      Madonna and her boyfriend have a 36 year age difference. There is a 25 year age gap between Bangkok and Lauren Salzman.

      Allison Mack and Shadowstate1958 have a 22 year age gap…I don’t know how Allison feels about it, but Shadow’s hunky-dory!

      Jerry Seinfeld once said, ”age is just a number.” He was 37 dating a 17-year-old.

    • Lol, Benji, I was thinking PTSD too. But since his exposure to Clare’s poo and NXIVM teachings in general was so brief maybe it’s the classic Post Trump Stress Disorder that’s enfeebled the poor lad.

  • Geez Louise! What do these morons see in this guy? Raniere is a narcissist, an obvious liar, and a scam artist. He’s a statutory rapist and sex addict. His genius claims are all BS. He was on academic probation in college and graduated with a 2.3 GPA. The extent to which these fools keep defending this guy is proof of either the legitimacy of brainwashing, total human stupidity, or black magic.

    • “is proof of either the legitimacy of brainwashing, total human stupidity, or black magic. … or perhaps all three.

    • Anonymous, couldn’t agree more. The guy is a manipulative loser that victimized women and children. It’s a shame he’s still breathing the same air as you and me.

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