Government Recommends Restitution for 24 Alleged Victims of Raniere – the List and Amounts Revealed

Nxivm Camila
Mk10ART's sketch of Camila. She was 13, she said, when Keith started looking out for her.

Who are the victims in the Keith Raniere case?

That is hard to say.  There were 117 individuals who filed victim impact statements seeking a piece of the $6 million of funds that are expected to be available for restitution.

The judge will ultimately decide how much in restitution, if any, each claimant will be allotted.

That determination has not yet been made but should be finalized within the next few months.

It was the prosecution, the team at the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, that solicited and collected many, if not all of the victim impact statements. Then, they made a recommendation to U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garufis as to how much they felt each of the 117 victims [of whom about 90 are women] should get.

Only 24 of the 117 alleged victims were deemed to have provided sufficient documentation or legal justification to qualify for a recommendation for restitution.

Normally, this information is hidden from the public but because a sheet showing what each of the 117 alleged victims requested was accidentally published on the US Court’s website, we know the amounts the government recommended for each of the 117 who applied.

It was a filing mistake by Raniere’s attorneys that led to the public being informed. Instead of it being filed under seal, it was filed publicly and remained on the site for more than eight hours.

Frank Report is not going to name any of the alleged victims’ last names if they have sought anonymity.

The government recommended the following 24 individuals get restitution:

Of these 17 are DOS slaves, and two are men.

Joseph Sutton is seeking to be Raniere victim #1

1.The Sutton Family: $2,854,572.26 

This family was engaged in a civil lawsuit with NXIVM that lasted 15 years and they have requested that they be repaid what they spent on attorney fees in the case. The prosecution apparently deemed them to be victims because during discovery in the civil suit they were given a video of Nancy Salzman that had scenes cut out where Nancy made unsupported health claims for NXIVM’s technology.

The Raniere defense’s argument is that the Suttons agreed prior to Raniere’s arrest to drop the civil case and, hence, effected their own result for the case, the inference being that a single video in a case spanning 15 years over copyright infringement would not have changed the course of the litigation.


MK10ART’s painting of Camila

2. Camila, a DOS slave: $507,997.45

As Frank Report readers know, Camila is the now 30-year-old woman Raniere purportedly had sex with when she was 15. She did not testify against Raniere at trial and his supporters claim the nude underage photos of her were tampered with. She appeared for the first time publicly at the sentencing hearing and said Raniere had sex and took photos of her when she was 15. Her statement at the hearing was not under oath.

Camila was also one of the First Line DOS masters. She was branded with Raniere’s initials. She knew they were his initials. She also participated in the incident where Nicole was sex trafficked. During the trial, a dramatic reading of Cami and Raniere’s texts, which were selectively culled, were read to the jury.


3. India Oxenberg, a DOS slave: $391,037.76

India was one of Allison Mack’s slaves who was branded. She has told her story in book and docuseries formats.


4.  Nicole, a DOS slave: $370,968.05

Nicole is the sex trafficking victim in Raniere’s case. She was branded and a slave of Mack’s — and she was the victim of an incident where she was tied to a bed and blindfolded as Raniere spoke to her and an unknown individual performed cunnilingus on her. The woman later was revealed to be Cami, who was 25 years old at the time.


Barbara Bouchey with Keith Raniere

5.  Barbara Bouchey: $352,455.27

Bouchey was a former lover of Raniere who, along with eight other women, left the NXIVM cult in 2009 and was sued by NXIVM and the Bronfman sisters numerous times, thereby causing her to incur astronomical legal fees.


6. “S”, a DOS slave: $288,156.44

“S”‘s first name is unusual so I won’t mention it since she once did come out publicly. She was not branded. Her story is told in Episode 4 of The Vow with an actress playing her. She was not branded because news about the planned branding ceremony appeared in the Frank Report. She challenged Raniere about the brand — at which point he admitted it was his initials saying it would be no big deal if the initials were Abe Lincoln or Bill Gates.


7. Adrian, brother of Cami, Dani, and Mariana: $253,204.61 

Adrian’s sum is for unpaid labor. At the age of 17, he was allegedly on call 24/7 for NXIVM and said he should have been paid $30 per hour. This is the payment he should have earned for his work as a videographer and errand person for NXIVM. The defense has said it was absurd to think that NXIVM or any organization would pay a teenager for being on call  24/7 at $30 per hour.


8.  Valerie, a DOS slave:  $231,597.52 

She was a DOS slave under Jessica Joan, who was a slave under India, who was a slave under Allison.  She was not branded because of the Frank Report story about the branding and because Catherine Oxenberg contacted her directly.


9. Pam, a DOS slave:  $172,232.12

She was branded.


10. Audrey, a DOS slave: $133,277.02

She was branded.


11. Carley, a DOS slave: $122,189.74

Interestingly, Carley refused to get branded and with the consent of her master, she was not and her collateral was not released despite her disobedience. She argued that her body was her temple and so, in a sense, she got a religious exemption.


12. Amanda, a DOS slave: $96,692.55

She was branded and was a slave under Lauren Salzman.


13. Kristin, a DOS slave [Not Kristin Kreuk or Kristin Keeffe]: $85,733.16

She joined DOS and decided to quit. Her collateral was not released. She was a slave under Audrey who was a slave under Lauren Salzman.


Jessica Joan

14. Jessica Joan AKA Jaye, a DOS slave: $85,139.88

She was a DOS slave, who testified at the trial under her nickname Jaye. She later went public and announced her podcast series. She was not branded. She is the victim of attempted sex trafficking. Allison and India assigned her to seduce Raniere which she refused to do and quit.


15. “P”,  a DOS slave with an unusual first name: $73,697.97

P is from Mexico and was a slave under another DOS slave who was a slave under Lauren Salzman.


16. Erika, a DOS slave:  $54,827.05

Erika is from Vancouver. She was one of Sarah Edmondson’s three slaves.


17. Rachel, a DOS slave: $52,651.55

Rachel was one of India’s slaves. She was not branded because of Catherine Oxenberg and the Frank Report.


18. Allison [not Mack], a DOS slave: $50,441.76

A DOS slave who was not branded.


Toni Natalie and Keith Raniere

19. Toni Natalie: $48,292.89

As Frank Report readers know, Toni was one of Raniere’s girlfriends in the 1990s.


Sarah Edmondson with her husband Anthony ‘Nippy’ Ames.

20. Sarah Edmondson, a DOS slave  $25,529.49

Sarah was a DOS slave under Lauren who blew the whistle on the DOS sorority first with Frank Report and later with The New York Times. Her story is well known from The VOW as well as her book and podcast.


21. Sylvie, a DOS slave: $24,466.70

Sylvie, from the UK, testified at the Raniere trial. She was forced to turn over nude photos to Raniere and he performed cunnilingus on her during a time when she was ordered not to have sex with her husband. She was a dependent of Clare Bronfman during her years in NXIVM and also got $96,000 for being a victim of Clare as per her plea deal.


22. James Loperfido: $5,625

Loperfido, an accountant, had his computer hacked in order for Raniere to spy on Joe O’Hara’s emails. He testified at trial.


Susan Dones outside the Brooklyn Courthouse, October 27, 2020, right after Keith Alan Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison.

23. Susan Dones: $3,000

Everyone knows Susan Dones, one of the NXIVM 9, who fought the NXIVM attorneys at her bankruptcy trial singlehandedly and won.


24. Nina Cowell: $1,800

The last on the list is another member of the NXOVM-9 who left with Bouchey and Dones when she found suspicious activity going on. She was working at the time for Dr. Michael Salzman, Nancy Salzman’s ex-husband and the father of Lauren and Michelle.

Keith ordered that because Nina quit NXIVM, Dr. Salzman had to fire her or that his daughters and Nancy must shun him. Dr. Salzman refused to fire Nina and for about a decade, until Raniere was arrested, the daughters did not speak to their father.



Daniela, the sister of Adrian and Cami, the woman who testified that she remained in a room for 300 days had, at least at the time when the government filed their recommendations, yet to file certain information — which meant that the prosecution had not yet decided what, if anything, to recommend she receive in restitution.

It is possible that she has done so by now and I suspect she may be recommended to receive close to the upper range of the female victims, of between $300,000-$400,000.

Much of the varying and puzzling restitution recommendations of the DOS victims seem to be tied to the cost of therapy, past, present, and anticipated in the future.


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  • I don’t get why some of these women are being considered qualified for receiving restitution, when they were not even branded. Plenty of people get affected by all this, these women should use that money to support everyone, rather than just keep it all for themselves.

  • Re: Anonymous, April 29, 2021 at 10:19 am

    “…She told Catherine Oxenberg about her daughter Uganda Oxenberg being a branded sex slave. …”

    Remove this offensive comment.
    Other media also remove comments that refer to a comment that was removed. If you recall, India Oxenberg has nothing remotely to do with Uganda. Except that it is a purposeful insult. And this is not the first time. Otherwise, I draw my conclusions to stop commenting here.

    • Wangi?—She should be so lucky as to be named after the most impressive country on the great lakes—I’m just away to fry some ‘rolex’ + irish and coffee to sit and watch my favourite comedian—the adorable Kansime Anne. If you know, you know. Allow the fools who think they level insults when they name-check one of the loveliest places—the Pearl of Africa—on the planet!

      Wamarekani wanapaswa kuwa wao wenyewe! They don’t get out much—God bless them!

    • Stop being a cry baby 😭.

      Why are you so triggered about Uganda being named after an abomination in Africa?

      How does it affect you?

      And what kind of threat is it that you won’t comment here anymore?

      Are you of any importance?

      Ms Uganda 🇺🇬 is a lucky gal to be saved by her mommy and Frank. She is no victim.

      • Is calling someone Uganda – as a play on their name – insofar that their first name is a name for another country – an insult? Or racist? I heard it is a beautiful country.

        • “I heard it is a beautiful country”.

          It would be, if it were not for the people.

          When Uganda (the place, not the spoilt brat) gained independence from Britain, the [redacted] kicked out all the [redacted] and stole their wealth too.
          [redacted] have an inferiority complex to everyone. All this [redacted] you hear about is blamed on [redacted] when in fact, it is [redacted] who are attacking [redacted] due to their inferiority complex.

          Of course, [redacted] despite stealing wealth.

          The Asians, within a decade or so had started again, mostly in Britain and became successful again.

          Uganda is [redacted].

          Ms. Uganda is a spoilt brat.

          Has she expressed any gratitude to you Frank?

          • India and I have never spoken. She did express gratitude for my work on Dateline and in her documentary Seduced, she credited Frank Report and myself with saving her “slaves” from being branded and saving them from having to seduce Raniere. That’s gratitude enough.

            I think India has had a tough fight and I commend her for her ability to make a comeback. Most would have been crushed to defeat by what happened to her.

    • “Remove this offensive comment”.

      Is that a command?

      “Other media also remove comments that refer to a comment that was removed”


      “If you recall, India Oxenberg has nothing remotely to do with Uganda”.

      [redacted] Uganda Oxenberg has nothing remotely to do with the Indian sub-continent.

      “Except that it is a purposeful insult”.

      Says you. Why is it offensive? What is insulting about being named after an African nation? Are you a racist? A Ugandan would be offended that you find her/his country’s name offensive. Check your privilege you racist bigot.

      “And this is not the first time”.

      Are you keeping count? Like one of those dickhead “fact checkers” employed by left wing propaganda outlets to decide if speech is “woke” enough?

      “Otherwise, I draw my conclusions to stop commenting here”.

      Your hatred of Uganda results in “White flight”.

      Perhaps you should check your privilege and go visit Uganda, (the nation, not the person).

      Check out this song. If you don’t like it, you are racist and Frank Parlato will not allow your bigotry on his blog. Perhaps you can find a KKK blog to post your anti-Ugandan hatred.

  • On Friday, 04/30/2021, Ghislaine Maxwell has a court date in the District Court for the Southern District of New York to answer additional sex crimes charges.

  • Isn’t it lovely to see some amount of truth here in reference to the confidentiality of collateral within DOS? You can see here that more than one woman crying “victim” left DOS on their own, and had no collateral released. When the entire internet is always shouting about this “awful sex cult” where they released blackmail if you left. Yet, that has never been shown to be true, the only collateral that has seen the light of day is the collateral released by the government.

    • Anna – you completely miss the point. It does not matter that collateral was not released – which, in fact, it was when Nicki Clyne leaked Sarah’s branding tape.

      Not releasing collateral was not the practice. The women were constantly under the threat of it being released, and, therein, lies the blackmail/extortion. And, many of these threats were very straightforward verbal threats that could not be interpreted any other way.

      Also, it should be noted that Raniere discussed releasing collateral with his inner circle after the branding became public. It was not released only because he calculated that doing so would reinforce the fact that he had blackmailed women to stay in DOS. It was all about him, not the women. He did not want the public – and the government – to have any more ammunition against him. It had nothing to do with those threats not being real.

      This is just another one of Raniere’s manipulative talking points that he is now spouting through Nicki Clyne, his new puppet.

      I wonder if Nicki realizes that she is only his favorite now that all the other women have left. Would she care that she was his last choice? If she was even a choice and not just the pathetic one who wouldn’t leave his side? I am sure Raniere felt that she was better than nothing, despite her not being one of the woman he would have preferred. Probably not, considering she has no shame, dignity or integrity.

    • You can’t just say the government released collateral. You need to back that up with proof.

      Women are still afraid of their blackmail being released. It hasn’t been released YET.

      But where is it? Where is the collateral? Truly ethical people would destroy it and inform the women. With proof. Or return it. So they could destroy it themselves.

      Why not return the blackmail when the DOS slaves asked them to do so? Why torture them by refusing? Disgusting.

      You’ve found something ” lovely” in forced tri weekly close up vagina photos, false claims of molestation against their own fathers, coerced group naked photos once a week, masturbation tapes all for blackmail purposes that were forwarded to a man who lied about his involvement? As did all the ” friends” who enrolled the DOS slaves.

      What about child porn and sexual assault? Lovely?

      Staged crimes? Falsely accusing men from their lives of sexual assault? Recording heinous lies about family? All lovely?

      DOS was only for the sexual gratification and whims of Keith Raniere. Why so much generated porn to his specifications if it wasn’t? Why order sex toys and plan a dungeon? Why make everyone groom their pubic hair the way Keith wanted?

      It was a sexual slavery operation. Full stop.

      The brand’s of Keith initials were also for his perverse pleasure. No woman would come up with disfigurement for themselves.

      Lovely. Just. Lovely.

  • Eh Frank – What do you think of your portrayal in the new book “Don’t Call It a Cult.” Do you think it will have a negative effect on your ability to get yourself booked onto mainstream respected news programs?

    When is your NXIVM book going to be published?

      • What did the [redacted] author of the book say about you, Frank?

        Were you attacked, if so, why?

        Sarah Edmondson probably spoke a lot to the author.

        Do you think she has spoken smack about you after you helped her [redacted] If so, why?

        • No I do not think Sarah Edmondson spoke smack about me. She has been pretty faithful to supporting the work I did and the help I provided.

      • I self-published two books, and one became an Amazon Top 2000, and both were library best sellers. It’s the only way to go.

        The distributor for libraries was great. Distribution to bookstores, not that there’s many left now, was a pain.

        I made my MOST money giving speaking engagements to groups, professionals, and presenting it for sale after. But there was a clear, concise, business purpose to them.

    • I would way rather be kept awake than die.

      They do that in the hospital too. So annoying. Wake you up constantly. If you are lucky enough to sleep at all.

      They also keep lights on. Horrible food. Noisy. No privacy. Need permission to get up, use the bathroom. Limited personal hygiene. No modesty.

      Wait. Sounds like DOS too… But anyway. Back to sleep vs. dying.

      Losing sleep sux but being alive is so worth it!

  • La Jornada San Luis

    El “error” de Clara Luz

    27 abril, 2021


    Clara Luz’s “mistake
    27 April, 2021

    I thought that NXIVM were pills

    Felix is not going and Morón is?

    Congressman Huerta, two sticks

    Julio Hernández López

    On March 10 of this year, in an interview for an internet portal ( ) Clara Luz Flores Carrales tried to evade questions and references to her close relationship with what would later be pointed out as a cult, NXIVM, and its leader, Keith Raniere, sentenced to life imprisonment in the United States.

    At one point in the interview, the Morena candidate to govern Nuevo León said: “To begin with, I don’t know what NXIVM is, right? The only thing I know is that NXIVM is… I don’t know what NXIVM is, I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t know it. I know some pills (…) I took a self-improvement course, it’s not about NXIVM, don’t want to mislead”. She said, furthermore, that she only met people from Monterrey in that course. Did you meet Emiliano Salinas Occelli or Keith Raniere? the former PRI member was asked and answered: “People from Monterrey; they are not from Monterrey”. So, nothing to do with NXIVM, and she answered, smiling: “with the pills, I take them every day”.

    Almost at the end of Sunday, at 11:37 p.m., candidate Flores Carrales posted on Twitter an “important message”: “I am a human being who has the capacity and the guts, like most of us, to recognize my mistakes and get up from them, I fell down like everyone else and like everyone else I get up now”. With such argumentation, in a video she accepted as a “mistake”, and asked for forgiveness for it, to have lied about her relationship with the mentioned sect and its imprisoned leader, after that, on March 25, the PRI candidate, Adrian de la Garza, released a video in which Clara Luz talked, astonished, years ago, with the mentioned Raniere for one hour and twenty minutes.

    Felix Salgado Macedonio also resorted to cybernetics to dialogue with six of the seven magistrates of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary who are summoned today to decide the electoral fate of the self-styled “bull without a fence”, who everything indicated last week would be denied registration as candidate to govern Guerrero, and of Raul Moron, also a candidate for Morena, but for Michoacan, who is expected to be allowed to compete.

    The interview, by virtual means, of the controversial Senator on leave of absence, allowed him to present his arguments in order not to be cancelled the possibility of being voted next June. Today’s session will be the continuation of a long internal fight among magistrates fighting for the presidency of said electoral tribunal, currently presided, among objections of five out of seven magistrates, by José Luis Vargas, a sure judicial servant of the so-called Fourth Transformation.

    With speed and forcefulness, the National Commission of Honesty and Justice of Morena determined to temporarily suspend the partisan rights of federal deputy Benjamín Saúl Huerta Corona, accused of sexual abuse against at least one minor. The Morena bench in San Lazaro also decided to expel him from its ranks (although its coordinator, Ignacio Mier, had said that what the Puebla legislator had done had happened outside his deputy’s office hours) and the Mexico City prosecutor’s office will demand the removal of Huerta Corona’s privilege so that he may be subject to criminal proceedings.

    The actions of the Morenista authorities in the case of the aforementioned congressman are plausible. Although the use of two yardsticks is evident, since there was no such reaction to the accusations against Senator Salgado Macedonio on leave of absence. In a strict legal sense, there is still no process or sentence regarding the accused of pederasty, therefore his situation could be comparable to the arguments used to rule out partisan sanctions against Felix, the “bull without a fence”.

    And, while the President of the Republic has stated from his morning lectern that the ministers who do not vote for the continuity of Arturo Zaldívar as head of the Court and the Judiciary will be accomplices of corruption, see you tomorrow!

  • When the amounts of proposed restitution are totaled, the total is $6,285,586.24.
    If the restitution for Cami is not yet accounted for and the total compensation amount is determined, it could mean a decrease in restitution for everyone else.

  • Fox News

    Allison Mack’s former NXIVM members, neighbors are desperate for ‘closure’ as sentencing date remains unknown

    Former ‘Smallville’ actress pleaded guilty to racketeering charges in 2019

    By Melissa Roberto | Fox News

    EXCLUSIVE: Victims and neighbors impacted by Allison Mack’s racketering crimes in NXIVM are eagerly waiting for the actress to be sentenced.

    Tuesday, April 20 marked three years to the day since the former “Smallville” actress was arrested on federal charges for her involvement in NXIVM, led by convicted leader Keith Raniere. She pleaded guilty to racketeering charges two years ago, and has yet to be scheduled a sentencing date.

    Former NXIVM members as well as Mack’s former neighbors in upstate New York tell Fox News the three-year anniversary of her arrest is a reminder that she is still deserving of jail time. Mack, 38, has been under house arrest since 2018, living under strict terms set forth by the U.S. government at a home in California owned by her parents.

    One former NXIVM member, who spoke to Fox News on anonymity, said Mack’s lack of a sentencing date is just prolonging the process of the victims’ healing. A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York where Mack will one day be sentenced confirmed to Fox News that her sentencing hearing has yet to be scheduled.

    [ … ]

    “It doesn’t frustrate me,” one former NXIVM member admits of Mack’s sentencing delay. “Allison getting sentenced would more just provide closure. I’d like it to be done.”

    [ … ]

    “Something just doesn’t make sense,” one former neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, said. “They sentenced Keith [Raniere] during the coronavirus pandemic so why not Allison too?”

    [ … ]

    The U.S. Eastern District of New York did not provide a reason for Mack’s lack of a sentencing date. However, it’s believed her location in California amid the coronavirus pandemic is a cause.

    [ … ]

    • “Mack’s lack of a sentencing date is just prolonging the process of the victims’ healing. ”

      The government does not care about the victims.
      The government does not care about ordinary Americans,
      It never has and never will.

  • Is there a purpose to publish this?! And what is with the artist’s rendition….? I have to ask, is this really journalism or merely click bait with no consideration for the victim’s privacy?!

    • The victims’ last names are withheld. They are anonymous as long as they choOse to be. Some of them are choosing to stop being victims go public and write books and do docuseries to prevent others from having a like fate.

          • You lose sympathy when they profit from alleged victimhood.

            It is not capitalism. It is the “me, me, me” culture, which does not die down under socialism, communism, or any of your left-wing ideologies.

        • They didn’t lose my sympathy. And they are not MY left-wing ideologies. Speak for yourself.

          I am looking forward to Frank’s book. The more books the better. Victims. Perps. In betweeners.

          It will be like a kaleidoscope. Turn it and see a different view point.

          We can agree to disagree on people profiting off of pain. Every great break up song is a result of pain. Lots of paintings hanging in museums are of war. Blood shed. Victimization is present every where there is a creative process and expression. It is the very point of lifetime channel ( Blech. Not my bag. I like zombies).

          Do church’s profit (tax free) from Christ’s crucifixion?

          Lots of questions. I don’t have all the answers. Really I gave no answers. But I do love to read.

          Have a great day!

        • And why shouldn’t they have some compensation? They certainly aren’t getting it from the justice system or from you jackals.

          • Compensation comes from the courts if they are, in fact, victims, tricked and branded.

            Selling books is different from compensation and makes them seem less victim-like and more sneaky, like four-by-two Sarah Edmondson.

            She is a terrible and scheming manipulator, out for profit and fame that her “acting career” could not provide her, due to her lack of talent and advanced age.

            Of all the branded DOS members, she is one of the – if not the – least victimized one.

            I have zero sympathy for her.

            The courts can provide compensation but not to her. She is not even anonymous on the lawsuit.

            She wants everyone to know her name.

      • Could not agree more. In Judge “G” we trust. Fuck “Q” and all the other letters of the alphabet. (Except the IRS – but you fine folks already know you rock!) 🤗

        Orders are orders, and they are not generally open to interpretation. Let Metcalf take the fall for this alleged “faux pax” should anything happen to any of the hit listed.

        Frank, unlike your broke buddy Roger dodger, you don’t have even have a Presidential pardon to make mayhem throwing Stones around.

        I don’t hear any snakes slithering away, Clav, just the sound of a Scapegoat pinned under a stack of Stones bleating for freedom.

        It’s said there are no victims, only “Volunteers” — like the ones Stone tried to blame for targeting his judge instead of manning up to the charges he was, admittedly, guilty of and making a decent deal without selling out the country or, allegedly, the Don.

        How’s your TV poisoning condition you’ve disclosed, btw? I hope you have those med records and I am willing to testify on your behalf. Jeff and Dylan’s caregivers may be, as well.

        At the risk of sounding paranoid, a second, unpurchased closed network “Netflix” channel appeared on our home box loaded with some very strange, x-rated cartoons running on it. Jeff recognized it in the Shrek remake but could only marvel at it. Like every chauvinistic egoist, he thinks the good old tech boys were just helping him out, not after him, too.

        I agree with Peterson on some of his postulates. Especially the one about “ESP” (NXIVM) being taken over by Mexico years ago. Maybe farther back than he knows. That would have given them the same “collateral” Keith & Nancy acquired for decades on their enemies and experiments like my sister when she visited us and even lived with us for a time in Malibu.

        Btw, I can’t believe Keeffe smokes the same ciggie brand after all these years.

  • The divvying of the restitution shares, with the glaring exception of the Sutton Family, appears fair.

    The Suttons must have some kind of connections. I cannot imagine why else they would bed the recipients of such largesse.

      • Shadowstate-

        Yep that’s the answer!!! 👍🏼

        How foolish of me!

        “Follow, follow the money, and at the end of the trail you’ll find Satan.”

        Thanks buddy!

    • Nice Guy may mean well (for himself) but his conspiracy theories as to the ‘political’ motives of individuals posting here, who may be at risk of being targeted as a gun-wielding enemy of the State (of Chaos), as it may suit someone’s personal agenda to thusly endanger or discredit her, are not welcome.

    • Take the money, $2.8 million, and divide it by 17 (the number of years the Suttons had to deal with NXIVM lawsuits + private investigators).

      That’s about $168,000 per year of being dragged into 3 different federal districts to deal with bogus claims, likely also involving fees for experts they had to hire.

      The Suttons are also not plaintiffs in the Edmondson and co. lawsuit against Raniere, both the Bronfmans and the rest of NXIVM.

  • “India Oxenberg, a DOS slave: $391,037.76” < really!?!?

    She was effectively the last woman standing at the fall of NXIVM, hung on to the very end until forced to concede or face jail time. Even her own documentary shows she was a high-level participant in this and was committed to doing everything she was told to do. The only reason she didn’t was the timing thanks to Frank and others fell in her favor. A few weeks later, and chances are she would have been directly responsible for getting several women branded and fully joined in the harem.

    If the money was going to her mother, I would be "that seems too low", but directly to India and it’s just a wth moment. Why does she get that much money compared to other DOS slaves? What in the world did she say or submit to get her money that multiples more than others? Was it a court performance, just a well-written legal doc? Seems like she might be able to offer services in the victim claim arena considering how this worked out. I am betting other NXIVM victims who are not getting a dime are probably very pissed off right now.

    • Hard to disagree. But, if we get a couple more yoga pix, I’m not promising to continue my support of this take.

      • Mr. Job,

        Regarding the pix, I’m glad, the Frank Report returned to its roots and published some skin.

        Now that Play Boy is shuttered, all we have left is the Frank Report.

        I’ve held on to a back issue of PlayBoy from November 1987—just in case the power goes out.

        • “I’ve held on to a back issue of PlayBoy from November 1987—just in case the power goes out.”

          Does your wife not have a vagina, or are you gonna do a Sultan and stroke your shaft to an image of a woman who does not know you exist? Sultan does not have a woman of his own, just pixels of Kristin Kreuk on a jizz-stained screen.

          • Oh you hurt my feeeeeelings…

            Once had sex with 3 women in a 24 hour period in college ….And I still cranked.

    • I agree, too much for India though she did suffer a lot and deserves a good sum IMO. Still a lot of this all seems all out of whack to me.  Those that were sex trafficked as minors for sure should get the most.  Suttons life didn’t change one bit paying those attorney fees, nor will it change at all getting the money back. That’d be better distributed to the others that were actually harmed.

      And why is Sarah at the bottom of the list? Just $25K for being the whisteblower? Without her showing the world her brand, those others would probably still be starved, texting each other at 3:00 am, and sending keith photos of their pussies. She got them out. So they are hiding anonymously and getting more money? Seems ass backwards to me.

      • The Suttons did the right thing by intervening and not allowing their children’s inheritance to be worse than squandered but to finance the criminal activities NXIVM was involved in for decades. Of course, they may have initially sought only to protect their children from further harm but, in effect, they and Ross (whom they paid to help intervene) did expose the cult through defending the civil litigation, etc. that ensued.

        The insinuations on here that as rich folk (or worse) they pulled strings etc. is divisive and unwarranted without any basis in fact except for the fact that having the means to afford good legal representation does tend to affect justice IN GENERAL, especially in civil matters.

        Frank, can you please tell us if there was a request for attorney fees or sanctions (due to Nancy Salzman’s evidence tampering orders) made in the civil case the Suttons were forced to defend themselves against?

        This comparison and speculation come across as “catty” without facts and context.

        What were Judge Garufus’ orders about disclosure, again?

      • Sarah Edmondson did NOT get them out.

        She is the scheming attention whore who swooped in at the last minute and claimed the glory.

        Frank Parlato did more than Sarah Edmondson.

        She is no better than the other branded females.

        They all had brands and collateral.

        Frank Parlato’s blog is where these females learned about what was going on.

        Bonnie Piesse did more than both her pussy dickhead husband Mark Vicente and Edmondson combined.

        She sounded the alarm. She left. She told Catherine Oxenberg about her daughter Uganda Oxenberg being a branded sex slave.

        Her soy husband tried to change her mind.

        She got him out and then Edmondson left.

        Bonnie Piesse, Catherine Oxenberg and Frank Parlato are the only ones who count, other than those who spoke out years ago.

    • erasend- You right on the money!

      “…Her own documentary shows she was a high-level..”

      So how the F’ does her complicit involvement equate to a “$391,037.76” payday?

      The United States DOJ is an enigma to me. It works in strange and mysterious ways much like God.

      My only guess is India’s possession of the infamous Allison Mack and Kieth Raniere branding recording helped out. India found the recording after pilfering Allison Mack’s possessions…..

      I believe India is a victim and somewhat of an opportunist.

      “We all play the hand [of cards]we’ve been dealt.”

    • Maybe she’ll put it toward her and her Mom’s victim foundation?

      Pull in your claws. If it weren’t for Catherine’s high profile and royal lineage — and if she hadn’t gone public against India’s father (Wonder Woman’s boyfriend) protests (and, thanks, as always, to Frank) — it prolly wouldn’t have made a case worthy of opening an investigation despite all the stops in place.

      Was that Keith & Co. on here a couple years back goading Catherine with the “Wonder Woman” taunts or was that you, Frank, based on what Catherine told us about her NXIVM style divorce?

      Catherine was also a huge victim who apparently did not claim restitution, btw.

      I don’t see where making this into a catfight benefits anyone. If you haven’t noticed, most of your self-respecting female commentors are long gone in protest. Maybe you want to widdle it back down to the FR tree fort charter members?

  • Once again, I must repeat this advice.

    You can not rely on the government to get restitution for you.

    Contact Attorney Neil Glazer of Kohn, Swift and Graf and join the civil RICO lawsuit against NXIVM and its leaders.

    Here is his contact info.
    Neil L. Glazer


    TEL: 215-238-1700
    FAX: 215-238-1968

    Neil received his B.A., summa cum
    laude, from the University of Pennsylvania in 1990, and his J.D., magna cum laude, from
    Harvard Law School (1993).

    These cases are usually handled on a contingency fee basis; so the lawyer is not paid unless you win.

  • I unintentionally left out Barb Jeske and Kris Snyder’s family. With apologies. I believe they, too, are clearly long-hauler victims of NXIVM.

    (Wouldn’t want the FR peanut gallery to ascribe or insinuate a monetary or other nefarious motive to you in all it’s twistedness, either.)


    26 DE ABRIL DE 2021


    Después de mes y medio, Clara Luz Flores, candidata de Morena a Nuevo León, acepta que se equivocó al negar su relación con Keith Raniere. Su tardía disculpa llega en medio de una crisis de escándalos sexuales en Morena.

    [ … ]



    After a month and a half, Clara Luz Flores, Morena candidate for Nuevo Leon, accepts that she was wrong to deny her relationship with Keith Raniere. Her belated apology comes in the midst of a sex scandal crisis in Morena.

    By Redacción EMEEQUIS

    Clara Luz apologizes.
    Images of Clara Luz Flores in the video with Raniere and in the recent apology video. Photos: Special.
    EMEEQUIS.- The apologies of the Morena candidate to the government of Nuevo Leon, Clara Luz Flores, for having tried to hide the relationship she had with the leader of the sexual sect NXIVM, Keith Raniere, come 45 days after having vehemently denied it.

    The Nuevo Leonan Morenista seems to have decided to offer the apology as damage control for her resounding fall in voter acceptance, which has sent her to a distant third place in the polls. But they come at a time when her party is facing a moral crisis of sorts over issues related to sexual violence.

    Flores released a video yesterday in which she apologizes for having lied, and admits that it was a mistake to deny that she knew Raniere, sentenced to 120 years in prison for transforming women into sex slaves. He denied it several times on March 10 in an interview with Julio Astillero.


    After he denied it, PRI member Adrián de la Garza released a video in which Clara Luz appears with Keith Raniere. Strangely, to record his apology video, he chose the same outfit with which he appears in the recording with Raniere.

    In yesterday’s recording, released on social networks, the Morena candidate expresses: “I tripped like everyone else and like everyone else now I get up. I made a mistake when I said that I did not know the founder of NXIVM; first of all I want to tell you that I faced the situation wrong and I apologize. My mistake was not publicly accepting that moment in my life when I sought help through a course. The founder turned out to be a criminal.

    The one who has not apologized for having contributed monetarily to the movement of the sexual sect is Mario Delgado, national leader of Morena.

    Clara Luz with Raniere and in the recent video of the apology, with similar attire. Photos: Special.


    The sexual nature of the sect in which Clara Luz Flores participated, would seem to foreshadow a boomerang effect of her apologies, since they come in the midst of a series of scandals in Morena.

    The most notorious are those of David Monreal Avila, candidate for the government of Zacatecas, who was videotaped in public touching the buttocks of Rocio Moreno, candidate for municipal president of Juchipila; and that of Saul Huerta Corona, federal deputy who was seeking reelection, and was arrested in a hotel in Mexico City just on April 21, accused of sexual assault against a minor.

    To Huerta Corona’s case, more and more ominous details have been added due to his party’s cover-up: he was released under the protection of his immunity; then, Morena’s leader in the Chamber of Deputies, Ignacio Mier, announced that he would request the deputy’s deportation; but the party’s general secretary, Citlalli Hernández, asked the legislator that the deputy only ask for a license; Mario Delgado, president of Morena, informed that the deputy resigned from the candidacy.


    Finally, only the deputy was removed from the parliamentary group, but he kept his position and his immunity.

    Another notorious case is that of Felix Salgado Macedonio, candidate for governor of Guerrero, who still believes that the Electoral Tribunal will return his nomination.

    And there is Eduardo Santillán Pérez, candidate for mayor of Álvaro Obregón; Alfonso Vázquez, candidate for local deputy in Mexico City; Julio César Lorenzini, candidate for municipal president of Cholula, Puebla; Carlos Peredo Grau, candidate for municipal president of Teziutlán, Puebla; Rubén Ríos, local deputy and candidate for municipal president of Córdoba, Veracruz; Gabino Cruz Díaz, candidate for municipal president of Amatlán de los Reyes, Veracruz; and Osiris Jiménez Matus, candidate for municipal president of Santa María Xandini, Oaxaca.

    All of them involved in scandals of alleged crimes and/or sexual or gender abuse.

  • I’m happy the bulk of the funds are going to the “slaves” that have, thus far, come forward.

    I remain, however, infuriated that this tiny puddle of blood money was drawn solely from the veins of Keith and, later, Nancy’s first heiress prey/perpetrator: Pam Caffritz, who (obviously) can’t defend herself or her “estate” from the spiritual and monetary pilfering that began the moment she met KAR?

    WHY ARE THE MEXICAN ELITES AND SARA BRONFMAN NOT, at the very least, being forced to pony up their share of lucre to salve the wounds of their victims whether inflicted through ‘willful negligence’ or some other manner and means?

    Or is that blood bank being reserved to feed the sharks who don’t have the guts or teeth to go after them in broad daylight?

    Worried about the political optics? (As Frank suggests.) Why not fear the optics of letting Mexican criminal Elites who turned the NY State Capital swampland into a breeding ground for sextortion and illegal trafficking of all sorts?

    How does that sit with ANY party’s alleged agenda to keep criminal illegals out of the US?

    One other thing, I do hope Rhiannon filed under a fake name and wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t think the recompense was worth the risk of being exposed and tortured in a Mexican prison.


    For starters.

  • Is Grace Park or Kristin Kreuk (not the Kristin on the above list) named?

    Is there a link where we can see the names for ourselves?

      • Victim-

        Please leave Kristen alone. Kristen is a good person. I know this based on her social media posts and the characters she plays on television.

        If you have read any Hindu proverbs or idioms on the Frank Report, they were most likely me.

        “What can a blind man see, even if he holds a lantern in his hand?”
        -Hindu proverb-

  • Side note about the Oscar awards ceremony. Who wants to see that anyway?


    Apr 26, 2021 10:23am PT

    TV Ratings: Oscars Plummet to Record Low, Down 58% Compared to Last Year

    The 93rd Academy Awards ceremony, broadcast live from both Union Station and the Dolby Theatre in L.A. on ABC, hit a staggering low.

    Per Nielsen Live+Same Day preliminary national numbers, an average of 9.85 million viewers tuned in on Sunday evening to watch a more intimate and stripped-down version of the Oscars in the midst of a pandemic. That’s a 58.3%, 13.75 million viewer drop-off from last year. The Academy’s third host-less show in a row scored a 1.9 rating among adults 18-49 in the fast national ratings, a 64.2% dip from 2020.

    For comparison, last year’s ceremony garnered a 5.3 rating in the key demographic and 23.6 million viewers per the night’s time-zone adjusted fast national charts.

    [ … ]

  • I’m not trying to be snide, I really need somebody to tell me how and why Alison Mack can receive restitution as a victim when she is also a defendant?. That just makes no sense to me.

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