Allison Mack Selling Autographed Pics on Facebook for $75

I got this email today.
“Big fan of your news coverage of Allison Mack so when I came across this over the last couple of days I thought you’d be interested
“It seems despite being under house arrest and what I assume are strict conditions, Allison has been agreeing to do private autograph signings for various companies which I’ve seen advertised on Facebook.
“The companies in question seem to be ‘Alliance Agency’ and ‘Team Ayeee Autograph Service.’
“Not sure if they’re independent of each other or working in conjunction – they were selling a load of hand-signed photos by Allison from a private signing they recently conducted and are promoting another one coming up soon.
“Not sure if this is newsworthy, just found it interesting given her recent issues and fairly well-publicized negative press that she would be taking money for autographs.
“I’ve attached some photos of the advertisements, if you want to publish these and this information then go ahead – please just keep the source anonymous.”

Teamayeee Autographs are proud to present an exclusive private signing with Allison Mack.

Due to the sensitivity of her situation, we are not taking orders for the signing. We will have items available after the signing to purchase in different sizes. If you would like to be added to the list of people who want the chance to purchase an item please message me. This signing will be extremely limited.

We are conducting this signing for the fans so please keep all negative comments and personal opinions to yourself.

I like the comment at the bottom: We are conducting this signing for fans so please keep your negative comments to yourself. Shadow, that does not apply to you of course.
My response was as follows: I suppose Allison is dead broke and I doubt she is prohibited from selling her autograph.  She has been on house arrest for three years, but I know of no provision that would prevent her from signing autographs at her own house as often as she likes.
She can also have visitors as long as they are not NXIVM members.
I wonder what her autograph goes for? They seem to be selling for $75.  Might be a good investment.
Would it be more or less had she not achieved notoriety?
Is it more than say Kristin Kreuk’s autograph?
Below is one of Kreuk’s autograph pics. My friend, Sultan of Six, you might want to look into this one. It is going for only $149.
I can’t read the photographer’s name at the bottom right but I believe it is the work of C. Morebutz.
Allison Mack signed photos have higher asking prices on eBay.
This Allison Mack autographed photo has an asking price of $312.59.
It is funny and kind of sad too.
When Allison Mack first came to NXIVM, I understood, she had an estimated $8 million net worth, and was making something like $80,000 or so per episode on the TV series Smallville,
The world was her oyster. But she got shucked from the shell and wound up quitting everything to follow her dream, and a man named Raniere.
Now 14 years later, she is sitting at home waiting for the date when Judge Nicholas Garuafis calls her into court where she will be sentenced.  She could get anywhere from a suspended sentence and probation to as much as 40 years.
No one knows. She cooperated with the prosecution, They might put in a good word for her. She may repudiate her mentor and lover Keith Raniere. That may help her get leniency.
 But no one knows. Meantime she is selling autographs for $75.
Viva Executive Success!

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  • Burning legal question: Is KAR entitled to an autograph signing fee should the branded slaves pose nude in a manner that displays his monogram on their pubs?

  • Article maybe?

    The Curious Case of Clare Bronfman & the NXIVM 5:

    • Since the legal criminal proceedings, none of the NXIVM 5, thus far, have defended Clare Bronfman post-sentencing. Clare has remained loyal to NXIVM to her own detriment. So far, Clare hasn’t received the slightest amount of support. No one is coming to her defense or protesting her incarceration. Clare Bronfman has not been mentioned once, since her imprisonment, by Raniere’s supporters. Clare is not even a footnote, she’s a non-existent entity in the minds of NXIVM adherents.

    • Clare paid for the legal defense of Keith Raniere and all of other the defendants.

    • Clare suffered the greatest legal injustice, of all the defendants; she cut a deal with the DOJ that the trial judge chose not to honor. She was given more than a 6-year sentence for crimes that normally would have resulted in a sentence of around 2 years. She was railroaded and double-crossed by the Federal Government.

    • During the sentencing, Clare, against her attorneys’ wishes, defended Kieth and NXIVM. She never renounced or denounced Keith Raniere or NXIVM. None of the other defendants were as loyal as Clare to Keith Raniere.

    • During Clare’s stewardship, NXIVM blossomed. She helped manage and finance NXIVM. Her largesses to NXIVM were beyond benevolent, they were selfless acts of charity for an organization that could barely pay for itself. “Quite a few members of NXIVM amount to ne’er-do-wells.”

    • Clare paid for the Dalai Lama and purchased a luxury jet to bring prestige to NXIVM and elevate the organization’s status amongst celebrities and the public.

    • Clare went so far as to try to recruit her own billionaire father. At Keith’s request, Clare even spied on her father. In addition, she introduced the NXIVM organization to the rich and powerful such as the famous billionaire Richard Branson.

    • Clare hired and paid for all of the attorneys and law firms used to prosecute and attack Kieth’s perceived enemies

    • The NXIVM 5 have remained silent and deaf as to the plight of Clare Bronfman throughout the trial, sentencing, and so far thereafter.

    • In the closing days of NXIVM, Clare paid for NXIVM to stay afloat. In its last death-throws, she kept fighting.

    • In conclusion, Clare easily could have sold out Keith, renounced NXIVM, and received a light sentence. Instead, she bit the bullet, stood her ground, and suffered the consequences. Her reward for her unflinching loyalty? Complete abandonment!

    • The NXIVM 5 have ONLY supported and defended Keith Raniere.

    • I have a grudging respect for Clare Bronfman. Clare chose to forgo a life of privilege and leisure to serve a higher purpose, serving Keith Raniere and spreading his teachings. And, when the time came, she chose to stand by her beliefs, stalwart, resolute, bite the bullet, and sacrifice herself for her convictions. She is a brave and strong woman. Clare Bronfman deserves better from her fellow NXIVM peers and friends.

    • I hope Clare and her sister, Sarah, see my words and wake up to the fact that the NXIVM 5 and other so-called friends are nowhere to be found. Clare rots in prison alone and forgotten; I find it curious that one of NXIVM’s greatest champions has been cast away like garbage.

    To the NXIVM 5,
    You all claim to be ethical – but how ethical is it to ignore the plight of one of NXIVM’s most loyal members and a one-time friend?!?!?

  • Unique attempt to find out the value of signed Ms. Kreuk’s autograph photos:
    You can get Kristin Kreuk for as little as $14.99.
    Ms. Kreuk is pretty cheap. But alas, I don’t collect such things.

    Details about Kristin Kreuk Signed Autographed 8×10 Photo Beauty & The Beast Smallville
    14,99 $ USD*
    Don’t pass this one up, you won’t be disappointed!×10-Photo-Beauty-The-Beast-Smallville-%2F323758693935&psig=AOvVaw2oK1r6TSr9MYBnO62NheCJ&ust=1619618884235000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=2ahUKEwjzpLPTzJ7wAhWUtqQKHW0SDYUQjRx6BAgAEAc

  • “Team Ayeee Presents Allison Mack An Exclusive Private Signing Event”

    I’m guessing “Team” Ayeee, which seems to exist solely as a Facebook page, found a box of old signed publicity photos at some comic book store and bought the lot at discount and is now hoping to sell some at markup.

    It’s not exclusive, private, nor an event.

  • Kristin Kreuk’s signature matches signed autograph photos of her that you can find in the image search of her if you enter ‘Kristin Kreuk and signed autograph photos’ as a search term.,signed+autograph+photos&client=opera&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=EYnpunq2pc4mSM%252CcN_jvifQtggDuM%252C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kQxEEc0lYOdhjjAO5OD_xXVkSXMmg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwji-JKD2p3wAhWz_rsIHQkZBQsQ9QF6BAgQEAE#imgrc=EYnpunq2pc4mSM

  • If I were about to be sentenced, floating autographs would be the last thing I would do, money needed or not.

  • A fresh—hot ass Kristen Kreuk photo, like the one above, can cause Kristen’s greatest admirer to generate as much as 3 liters of devotion. That’s a lot of hummus.

    • There are thousands of fake Kreuk porn pics online, and a few real ones hidden among them, courtesy of her old BF, Mark Hildreth.

  • Roger Stone is hanging out in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida? I’m sure it’s pure coincidence but ain’t that right where Kris Snyder was last seen alive?

    Geez, Frank, you could have warned us we were in drone strike danger filming there.

  • Nicki Clyne News

    Nicki Clyne is putting together a podcast.

    Nicki Clyne

    Apr 22
    In search of a podcast co-host for an edgy new project relating to criminal justice, trial by media, and an alleged “sex cult.” DM me for details or leave recommendations in the replies. Thanks in advance!

    • When that podcast gets going, I hope someone asks why she is still trying to save Vanguard from prison. He should be enjoying it greatly. After all, he can’t satiate and he gets to experience “Deep pain as really deep joy.” He’s in the perfect situation to put all his crackpot theories to work. It’s abuse when someone REPORTS abuse. You would think she and the gang would be thrilled that he’s finally getting to reap from his “modules.”

  • Kristin is slim enough to have a shapely rear end rather than a big, saggy, greased-up badonkadonk (ba-donka-donk) arse.

    Butt with the shadowing, unfortunately, that is not a very good ass photo, as the spherical roundness has been obscured, and the derriere comes off as somewhat misshapen. This has a disorientating effect as if while visiting someone, you notice that all of their paintings are askew, and you can hardly wait to leave.

    Also, I can’t stand that outfit. Just NO. It is completely beyond me as to how come any woman would willingly pose as the help.

    The help just gets screwed over, not put on a pedestal, brought bon-bons on platters made of white gold, served champagne, and enticed by lovely, velvet-boxed shiny objects.

    Who writes songs or poems for nursemaids? Desperate patients? Ugh.

    Still, everybody still unzombified longs for a new sack of marbles to play with at this time if the year, spellbound with springtime’s revivifying sense of new thrills permeating the air. Why settle for a photoshopped, pinkishly pastel nursey maid?

    Anyone who buys a photo of that whacky Mack deserves whatever he or she gets. But then, some women go gaga over Mr. Clean, too. Even Napoleon turns some people on, to this very day not to mention Hitler.

  • Frank, I do not think you will make much money trying to sell the evil Allison’s pictures with her mark even when you publicize them here on your site. Maybe the crazy Sultan will buy your fake kooky picture but do you not give in to the law and will be made criminal if you attempt to steal money by lying about fake images and post and sell when not real?

    • Are these fake images? And fake signatures? BTW I am not selling any autographs other than my own.

      • Anything on eBay is questionable, especially the Kristin photo in the article.. I can’t see her signing a fake photo of herself, if that’s the case then the auto is probably fake.

        As for the Allison ones, I’m not sure but if this signing company is listing it as a private signing then I’m guessing they will be legit but who is really to know?

  • Allison Mack needs cash courtesy of Keith Raniere. I hope things eventually work out for Allison.


    No doubt Shadowstate1958 will challenge my statement:

    To Shadow,

    Yes, Shadow, I do feel much worse and sorry for the victims. You should realize that if Allison Mack had not been crossed paths with Keith Raniere, she’d probably still be living the LA dream – and we would not be discussing her. That’s a fact. She is a victim. BTW, have you been working on any taxidermy projects this weekend? I could really use a new lampshade for my desk lamp.

      • Anonymous-

        No, I am not…Our beloved Mad Spanker is too busy generating more of his seed.

        …As it turns out, Bovine Growth Hormone doesn’t just work on cows…

        …If you catch my drift.

        • Thankfully, the Mad Spanker will not be planting his seed and reproducing. His Kristin Kreuk-generated semen will simply slip through his fingers like time itself.

          Shadowstate may or may not abuse his genitals to Allison Mack’s fat ankles.

          Perhaps the Mad Spanker and Shadowstate can have a spank-off or play a game of soggy biscuit to their favourite aging actresses.


            Neither will you Bang-tard.

            Perhaps it’s because you prefer gay porn or bestiality. Or maybe it’s because your personality is just so plain ugly no being actually wants to be around you–not even puppies.

            To each their own.

          • — The spank-off

            Sadly, Shadowstate’s enlarged prostate will prevent him from competing in the

          • C-Men-

            —Aging actress

            Leave Kristen alone! Your personality is so
            ugly. I bet the dead puppies 🐶 in my freezer would never hang out with you.

            FYI any Hindu proverbs on the Frank Report are from me or Vishnu.

            “It’s two in the the pink, and only one in the stink.”
            -Hindu proverb-

          • “Bangkok…No being actually wants to be around you–not even puppies.”

            I guess a puppy is to Bangkok, what a pussy is to Sultan.

          • “I guess a puppy is to Bangkok, what a pussy is to Sultan.”

            Figures that a moronic dastard like you would miss the “NO BEING actually wants to be around you” part.

            Well…except yourself.

          • —Figures that a moronic dastard like you would miss the “NO BEING actually wants to be around you” part.

            My Dear ‘Swarthy’ Knave,

            Moronic Dastard ?!?!?!?
            I am a scholarly lollygagger not a dodypoll miscreant.

            BTW Do you still want to drop a dollop on your dream trollop? Cuz the line starts behind me.

            You have as much chance of scoring her as I do—which is no chance in hell.

          • Rumor has it that now that Kreuk’s show is cancelled she is hard up for money and selling sex.

            Wrong. She’s had hundreds of takers for her autographed photo. Each $14.99 photo comes with a free blowjob. A photo of the post-blowjob facial costs $1,000.

    • —Those photos would make great targets.

      A completely normal thing to say; if you happen to be Mark David Chapman or Shadowstate1958.

  • Where do I buy the picture of Kristin Kreuk? I want to think that the little girl is available to more than just Sultan but is the camp girl for all of us. She sure does look good for a 49 year old woman

    • Kreuk’s “signature” doesn’t look like her name or even initials.

      Maybe it’s some symbol Vanguard designed and if we could lift her skirt it would be branded next to her unshaved pussy.

    • Raja of Twelve-

      Don’t mock me! Or I will post about it on my Twitter account that nobody reads. You’ll never know what I say and neither will anyone else. Ha! Ha!

    • Federal inmates are actually allowed to purchase photographs of themselves and/or other inmates via their commissary accounts. The photos are taken by the guards and after they are reviewed to make sure there are no hidden messages or gang signs in them, they are given to the inmates to send to whomever they want.

      Having said all that, I can’t think of any BOP rule that would prevent Keith from signing his photos before he sent them off to people. And since anyone can contribute funds to his commissary account, I guess he could, in fact, probably get away with selling his autographed photos.

      • KR Claviger,

        —Federal inmates are actually allowed purchase photographs of themselves and/or other inmates via their commissary accounts.

        What is the basis or need for such a rule? I believe it would only create more problems for the federal prison system.

        —Having said all that, I can’t think of any BOP rule that would prevent Keith from signing his photos before he sent them off to people. And since anyone can contribute funds to his commissary account.

        Convict autographs can be worth money. John Wayne Gacey and his prison guards made plenty of money selling, not only his art, but his autograph as well.

        • I think the primary reason the BOP allows inmates to purchase photos of themselves and other inmates is so they can share them with family members and friends. The BOP also allows anyone to send photos to inmates but inmates are “not permitted to receive a personal photograph where the subject is nude, displays genitalia or female breasts, or when the photo depicts sexual suggestive acts.”

      • Well answered. The question that should be asked is whether such autograph trading by notorious criminals should not be prevented in general. Because there are enough people who want to buy something like that.

  • [Redacted] has almost certainly already abused his genitalia to that Kristin [redacted] Kreuk picture.

    He uses his thumb and forefinger to pinch grip his little baby carrot, like squeezing the guts out of a small slug.

    There once was a Spanker named Spanky,

    Who liked to stroke his willy into his hanky,

    He worshipped and stalked Kristin Kreuk,

    Even though she didn’t give a [redacted] Fook,

    His sickness makes him extremely Wanky.

  • I’m going to buy a couple of signed photos of Allison Mack. I’d like her to spend some time in prison because photos would go up in price at resale. Allison Mack is a great actress who made a mistake. We all make mistakes. She has repented and I forgive her. Life goes on.

    • If you are just a bystander, then it is not your place to forgive Allison Mack if you were not affected by her crimes. That right is only due to the actual victims of crime.

  • Allison Mack’s notoriety is not that she is an actress.
    In Hollywood actresses are a dime a dozen.
    Allison Mack’s notoriety is that she is a notorious criminal.

    One can find many people who break the law out of necessity and desperation.
    The starving man who steals bread to feed himself.
    The mother whose sick child needs an expensive medical operation.
    My heart goes out to such people.

    On the other hand, Allison Mack was a moderately successful actress who needed to torture and dominate other women for her own psychological gratification.

    I remember years ago reading about the Hollywood celebrities who collected paintings created by that great artist John Wayne Gacy.
    For those of you who do not remember Gacy, he brutally murdered thirty-three teenage boys and buried the bodies under his house in a crawl space.
    Of course, as the bodies decayed they gave Gacy’s home the aroma of rotting meat.

    Hollywood celebrities like Johnny Depp and the bizarre movie director John Waters admired Gacy’s artistic talents.
    As a long-time Chicagoan, I met someone who knew the gregarious Gacy.
    Gacy was described as the kind of person you would meet and five minutes later he was your buddy.
    Of course, Gacy was your buddy until he needed to strangle you.

    On Death Row, Gacy had the nickname “Chester Molester.”
    Gacy was put to sleep in 1994.

    In the spirit of this article, I present you with a video slide show of Gacy’s art.
    Gacy liked painting clowns.
    Gacy was an amateur clown.
    And Gacy liked painting skulls.

    John Wayne Gacy- paintings

  • The value of her autographed picture will rise proportionally to the years she will have to spend in jail. She, therefore, might hope for some severe punishment.

  • There is a very lucrative market out for celebs, even D-list ones. It’s how even reality show folks can make so much money despite having no skills and not doing much after that one reality show. For the ladies, there is also yachting (think 4 digit fees or more for escorting) that many celebs of all levels participate in.

    That is one of the unspoken things that Mack and Clyne gave up to stick with NXIVM. Due to starring roles in Smallville and Battlestar Galactica, they could have spent the last 15 years or so on the convention circuit. By that, they get paid to go all over the world to appear at conventions. Usually, the trips are all expenses paid, they get an appearance fee, speaking fee, they get to charge per autograph, per picture, with extra fees to briefly speak with fans on a smaller or 1-on-1 basis all why being treated like demigods by everyone around them for the weekend. Even without a convention, nowadays celebs can charge to leave voicemails, create a voicemail message, to briefly call you, to do a zoom meeting, and more. Their time is literally money, all because X years ago they appeared on some sci-fi genre show. They can also, via big conventions like SDCC, get their name back out there to Hollywood that could lead to roles in other things. Not necessarily big budget or mainstream stuff but direct to streaming and the like. End result is at their level of fame both could have probably made a nice high middle-class lifestyle (assuming they were smart enough to not live in LA) and not have to acted another day of their lives to do it. Sadly, they left all that on the table just to worship Raniere.

    Now they are too toxic for such a thing. The conventions just want happy good times for convention-goers and a smooth experience for the celebs. Clyne “might” be able to join the convention circuit but I suspect she would not be able to handle any potential confrontation well and would twist every question and appearance into some defense of NXIVM, Raniere or DOS (believe it or not, she could easily avoid those questions as conventions try really really hard to avoid controversy of any kind). Mack, being convicted and about to face jail time, would be considered not worth the potential headache, so she has no chance.

    Honestly, I am surprised it took her this long to try to make money off her Smallville fame while she can. Her fellow cast members have been for a decade, no reason she can’t either. Her options, and thus income are just severely more limited due to infamy and ankle monitoring.

    • Perhaps you (and others) should’ve asked the same question about Raniere.

      How do I know he’s “real” and not a charlatan, fraud, huckster, snake oil salesman, conman, etc.?

      Some things are much bigger than wasting a couple hundred bucks on autographed pictures that could be fake.

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