Jeremy Bronfman Buys $29M Mansion in Santa Monica, While Aunt Clare Lives Rent-Free in Philly

Clare Bronfman's nephew, Jeremy Bronfman is living in style.

Jeremy Bronfman spent $29.4 million on a Santa Monica mansion for him and his wife, Stephanie Beck Bronfman.

Bronfman, 34, is one of 24 grandchildren of the late billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr., and the son of Matt Bronfman, the Manhattan-based investor, who is half-brother to Clare and Sara Bronfman of Nxivm fame.

Jeremy is the third of nine children born to Matt Bronfman and is Clare and Sara’s nephew.

Jeremy Bronfman

The Bronfman half-siblings and their offspring are apparently not close to Clare and Sara.

None of the five children of Edgar and Ann Loeb – Matt, Edgar Jr., Samuel, Adam, or Holly [or their children] – were known to have attended any of the criminal court hearings for their half-sister – including the all-important bail hearing.

Not one of them, despite their wealth, prestige and importance in the world of finance, entertainment and philanthropy, wrote a letter of support for Clare to her sentencing judge.

Clare and Sara’s mother was Georgiana Webb who married and divorced Edgar Bronfman twice; both marriages were short-lived and Clare and Sara did not grow up with their half-siblings.

According to a source close to the family, the half-siblings were none too pleased with the scandal and notoriety Clare and, to a lesser degree, Sara brought to the Bronfman family for years due to their association with Nxivm.

This became exacerbated after Clare’s arrest in 2018 in connection with the Nxivm so-called ‘sex cult” made worldwide news. Sister Sara somehow escaped prosecution. She left the USA prior to her sister’s arrest and is reportedly living in Portugal.

Life Goes On

According to, the mansion Jeremy bought was built in 1925, a Spanish Colonial, with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.  It has 8,000 square feet of living space.

The walled and gated compound sits on 1.1 acres, on a hill above the Riviera Country Club, where the initiation fee is reportedly more than $250,000. Members include Adam Sandler, Mark Wahlberg, and Larry David.

A long driveway leads past formal lawns and a bocce court before reaching the parking area with room for a dozen or more automobiles; there’s also a three-car garage.

In the back, there is a swimming pool and spa. Beyond that, a flight of stairs down a hill leads to a tennis court next to the Country Club’s golf course.

There is a view of the surrounding mountains, an outdoor kitchen area, gardens, and fountains, mature trees and the lot cannot be seen from the street because of walls and hedges.

The mansion sold in 2006 for $10.5 million, and was owned by fashion designer Moise Emquies and his wife, Carol Ann Emquies, who recently divorced and sold the place to Bronfman as part of their divorce settlement.

According to, Carol Ann purchased a $6.1 million home in L.A.’s Bird Streets neighborhood, while Moise paid $13.5 million for the John Woolf-designed Beverly Hills villa of Phil Collins’ daughter, the actress Lily Collins.

Prior to buying their own mansion, Jeremy and Stephanie were renting another Santa Monica mansion for the last four years. They were paying $30,000 per month in rent.

Living Affordably

Ironically, while Bronfman now lives in one of the most expensive homes in the USA, his business is developing and managing taxpayer-funded affordable housing.

He is CEO and Managing Partner of Lincoln Avenue Capital, which he describes as “one of the nation’s fastest-growing developers, investors, and operators of affordable housing.”

One of the biggest money-makers in development, government-incentivized “affordable housing” is only affordable to the subsidized tenants. Taxpayers get soaked to the bone. Through various, perfectly legal programs sponsored by HUD, the IRS and other agencies of the federal government, as well as state and local government who offer grants or property and sales tax abatements, developers can build inexpensive residential properties and charge top dollar to build and rent them, provided a percentage of the apartments are offered to qualified, usually government-subsidized low-income tenants.

The developments are often funded by well over 100 percent of construction costs by a series of tax credits, financing and paper transactions.  The on-paper costs to build are usually hyper-inflated so that the developer/builder can take profits upfront and often without investing a dime of his or her own money.

Private sector developers have noted that the cost of building a luxury hotel or mansion with marble floors, brick and stone exterior and lavish appointments throughout is often cheaper per square foot than the on-paper costs of thin-walled, vinyl-sided government-approved affordable housing with its low-grade linoleum flooring, hollow doors, indoor-outdoor carpeting and bedrooms no bigger than a closet.

Cheaply built affordable housing units [formerly known by the politically-incorrect term “the projects”] are essentially HUD schemes created by lawmakers and aided by HUD bureaucrats to enrich developers.

Helping the poor is a secondary consideration. And best of all for developers, none of this is illegal.

Some call it HUD’s version of the Pentagon’s $400 hammers, $640 toilet seats, $37 screws, and $7,500 coffee makers.

Clare Now in Affordable Housing

Speaking of affordable housing, at last report, Clare Bronfman resides in Philadelphia at the Federal Detention Center Philadelphia, a normally temporary/in-transit Federal prison facility used to house inmates prior to or during their court appearances.

She is living there rent-free. It is not known how long she will remain there.

Clare Bronfman leaves court after being charged criminally in a federal case. The last time she was in court was when she was sentenced – and she’s been in federal custody ever since. 

She was sentenced to 81 months by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis and she has served six months already. Her lawyers have appealed her sentence. Meantime, she lives frugally. The maximum spending limit for the commissary is $320 per month.

There was a time when Clare spent millions per month just to please her mentor, Keith Raniere, who also lives rent-free in Tucson Arizona, in a US penitentiary operated primarily as prison housing for sex offenders, something that Raniere is designated as in the US prison system.

Clare Bronfman with Keith Raniere during a happier time. Both are currently receiving “three hots and a cot” from the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. 



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  • Here’s something my sister, Gina, would have loved from Roger Water’s June 2018 live tour that I find especially apropos on this Bronfman post.

    Btw, the fact that the Bronfman brothers curiously donated to Kirstin Gillibrand’s 2008 campaign and, that same year, made whopping Republican Party donations – indeed, Gilibrand appears to be not only the only democrat but only singular candidate they have contributed to in 3 decades – keeps rattling around in my little head.

    Also: the whole Bronfman lot of you are LOSERS.

  • The comments about their religious affiliation have no bearing on the individuals involved in these heinous crimes against their victims. Victims that have, and will continue, to suffer as a result of what absolute horror they endured. It’s unjust that these people share the same air we do.


    Remember this story linked above, Frank? Seemed Sara B. was following in her brother’s charitable housing scam footsteps – and/or liquidating assets to raise capital for possibly she and Clare’s defense.

    It was also apparently a PR move to make the sisters appear as philanthropic as their sibling.

    Wasn’t this Encino property Sara & Clare generously offered up to the HUD subsidized housing scam part of the Precision property acquisitions – once owned by Nancy Salzman and operated by Jim Del Negro?

  • The Frank Report was interesting when it was focused on real news about NXIVM. Now the endemic low-grade, nutso, right-wing yeast infection has become the main show.

    When I’m looking for that sort of comedy entertainment, there are much better sites out there.

  • Milenio

    Clara Luz promete dar inclusión a indígenas que viven en Nuevo León

    La candidata de Morena prometió brindar apoyos económicos, educativos, de vivienda y emprendimiento a los cerca de 750 mil habitantes indígenas.

    Comparte esta noticia


    Juárez / 31.03.2021 13:11:52

    De gira por el municipio de Juárez, Nuevo León, uno de los que alberga al mayor número de personas que se autodefinen como indígenas, la candidata a la gubernatura Clara Luz Flores Carrales les prometió una atención integral y una “inclusión real”.

    La aspirante al Gobierno del Estado por la coalición Juntos Haremos Historia por Nuevo León indicó que en la entidad son cerca de 750 mil habitantes de pueblos indígenas los que viven en el estado.

    De los cuales, mencionó al final de su evento proselitista, 78 mil no hablan español, por lo que, de entrada, uno de los pendientes principales está en el tema de los traductores.

    Dentro de las líneas de atención en los programas que prometió realizar en caso de ganar el 6 de junio, Flores Carrales destacó el de la inclusión laboral, becas de educación, vivienda digna, el acceso a todos los programas federales, y que los apoyos sean directos y no a través de intermediarios.

    En lo relacionado a la inclusión y apoyo a las mujeres, la ex alcaldesa de Escobedo aseguró que se ayudará a 10 mil mujeres que buscan una oportunidad para desarrollar sus negocios, o para producir y exportar sus artesanías.

    El objetivo de su administración, añadió, sería llegar hasta los 60 mil apoyos a mujeres indígenas emprendedoras, a las que también se les apoyaría con generar los créditos para que logren cumplir sus metas.

    Mientras que en lo relacionado a las becas para niñas, niños y adolescentes, explicó que serían de mil pesos bimestrales.

    Flores Carrales se comprometió también a generar los mecanismos necesarios para que este grupo de personas puedan tener acceso a una vivienda digna, o para que puedan, por fin, tener las escrituras de su patrimonio.

    “Es muy importante que trabajemos en una inclusión completamente real”, puntualizó.
    Por otra parte, tras ser cuestionada sobre temas relacionadas con Adrián de la Garza, en especial al de que trabajó en cuatro administraciones estatales y no solo en la de Rodrigo Medina, la candidata de Juntos Haremos Historia se limitó a decir que le daba gusto que el priista ya dijera las cosas como son.

    Aunque, añadió sin especificar desde qué puesto espera que lo haga el también candidato a gobernador, confía en que De la Garza meta a la cárcel a quien lo merezca, sea de su familia o no.



    Clara Luz promises to give inclusion to indigenous people living in Nuevo León

    The Morena candidate promised to provide economic, educational, housing and entrepreneurial support to the nearly 750,000 indigenous inhabitants.

    Share this news


    Juárez / 31.03.2021 13:11:52

    On a tour of the municipality of Juarez, Nuevo Leon, one of the municipalities with the largest number of people who define themselves as indigenous, the gubernatorial candidate Clara Luz Flores Carrales promised them comprehensive attention and “real inclusion”.

    The candidate to the State Government for the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia por Nuevo León (Together We Will Make History for Nuevo León) indicated that there are around 750 thousand indigenous people living in the state.

    Of which, she mentioned at the end of her campaign event, 78 thousand do not speak Spanish, so that, from the beginning, one of the main pending issues is the issue of translators.

    Among the lines of attention in the programs he promised to carry out if he wins on June 6, Flores Carrales highlighted labor inclusion, education scholarships, decent housing, access to all federal programs, and that the support be direct and not through intermediaries.

    Regarding the inclusion and support to women, the former mayor of Escobedo assured that she will help 10,000 women who are looking for an opportunity to develop their businesses or to produce and export their handicrafts.

    The goal of her administration, she added, would be to provide up to 60,000 grants to indigenous women entrepreneurs, who would also be supported by generating credits to achieve their goals.

    As for scholarships for children and adolescents, he explained that they would be of 1,000 pesos bimonthly.

    Flores Carrales also pledged to generate the necessary mechanisms so that this group of people can have access to decent housing, or so that they can finally have the deeds to their property.

    “It is very important that we work on a real inclusion,” she said.
    On the other hand, after being questioned about issues related to Adrián de la Garza, especially about the fact that he worked in four state administrations and not only in Rodrigo Medina’s, the candidate of Juntos Haremos Historia limited herself to say that she was glad that the PRI candidate was already saying things as they are.

    Although, she added without specifying from which position she expects the also candidate for governor to do so, she trusts that De la Garza will put in jail whoever deserves it, be it from his family or not.

  • Vanguardia.MX

    Revelan que es falsa la foto de Clara Luz con fundador de NXVIM
    NACIONAL31 Mar 2021

    Especial/el tema es que esa foto está “adulterada” al 100% y es muy evidente el foto montaje


    Salió a la luz pública una supuesta fotografía con varias versiones en la que se ve a un Keith Raniere posando a lado de Clara Luz
    Luego del escándalo en el que se vio envuelta, Clara Luz Flores candidata de la coalición Juntos Haremos Historia, para la Gubernatura de Nuevo León, por la filtración de un video en el que la aspirante comparte cuadro con Keith Raniere, líder de la secta sexual NXIVM. Salió a la luz pública una supuesta fotografía con varias versiones en la que se ve a un Keith Raniere posando a lado de Clara Luz.


    Tras escándalo por NXIVM, Clara Luz desciende al tercer puesto de las preferencias para la Gubernatura de Nuevo León
    De forma exclusiva para Vanguardia, la persona que realmente posí con la candidata informó que se trata de un montaje.Explica que en un principio le editaron una carita feliz sobre su rostro y de esa forma circuló, y como la candidata es figura pública, a ella le hicieron más acusaciones en su contra. El hombre que posa junto a Clara Luz informó tener sospechas de quién hizo la foto de forma pública.

    De esta forma, por la baja estatura que se tiene registrada de Raniere, y la afirmación del hombre de que es una fotografía adulterada al 100% y su montaje, concluímos que en su totalidad es falsa la fotografía.



    Clara Luz’s photo with NXVIM founder revealed to be fake
    NATIONAL31 Mar 2021

    Special/The issue is that this photo is 100% “doctored” and the photo montage is very evident.

    An alleged photograph with several versions in which a Keith Raniere is seen posing next to Clara Luz has come to public light.
    After the scandal in which Clara Luz Flores, candidate of the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia, for the Governorship of Nuevo Leon, was involved, due to the leak of a video in which the candidate shares a picture with Keith Raniere, leader of the sexual sect NXIVM. An alleged photograph was made public with several versions in which Keith Raniere is seen posing next to Clara Luz.

    After NXIVM scandal, Clara Luz drops to third place in the polls for Nuevo Leon’s Gubernatorial race.
    Exclusively for Vanguardia, the person who actually posed with the candidate informed that it was a montage, explaining that at first they edited a smiley face on her face and that is how it was circulated, and since the candidate is a public figure, they made more accusations against her. The man who poses with Clara Luz reported to have suspicions about who took the photo in a public way.

    Thus, due to the low stature of Raniere, and the man’s affirmation that it is a 100% adulterated photograph and its montage, we conclude that the photograph is false in its totality.





    A la sombra | Clara Luz Flores Carrales

    El efecto Keith Raniere fue devastador para Clara Luz Flores, candidata de Morena al gobierno de Nuevo León, balconeada por ser clienta del depredador sexual de NXIVM. De ser la puntera indiscutible, Massive Caller la puso ya en tercer lugar con el 22.3% de las preferencias, mientras que Adrián de la Garza, del PRI, la supera 23.3%, y el ganón fue el inenarrable Samuel García, de Movimiento Ciudadano, que se colocó a la delantera con 24.1%

    Esta tendencia la confirma la casa encuestadora Enkoll, que comanda Heidi Osuna, donde el senador “fosfo fosfo” subió de 18 a 26 puntos, y se encuentra en empate técnico con el priísta Adrián de la Garza, quien registró 27 puntos. Aquí la caída de Clara Luz es peor, al pasar de 28 a 15 por ciento en la intención de voto. Para la encuestadora “México Elige” García llega al 29%, De la Garza sube a 27% y Clara Luz cae a 20%.

    Donde las encuestas no se ponen de acuerdo es Chihuahua. Ahí la panista María Eugenia Campos lleva la delantera, pero con diferencias harto disparadas, ya que para Massive Caller Maru ya sólo le lleva 4 puntos porcentuales de diferencia al candidato de Morena, Juan Carlos Loera de la Rosa. Pero para México Elige, la panista alcanza el 40% de las preferencias, contra el 27% del morenista.




    / WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31, 2021

    In the shadow of Clara Luz Flores Carrales

    The Keith Raniere effect was devastating for Clara Luz Flores, Morena’s candidate for the government of Nuevo León, balconied for being a client of the sexual predator of NXIVM. From being the undisputed leader, Massive Caller put her in third place with 22.3% of the preferences, while Adrián de la Garza, of the PRI, surpasses her with 23.3%, and the winner was the unspeakable Samuel García, of Movimiento Ciudadano, who took the lead with 24.1%.

    This trend is confirmed by the polling firm Enkoll, headed by Heidi Osuna, where the “fosfo fosfo” senator rose from 18 to 26 points, and is in a technical tie with PRI’s Adrián de la Garza, who registered 27 points. Clara Luz’s drop is worse, going from 28 to 15 percent in voting intentions. For the pollster “México Elige” García reaches 29%, De la Garza rises to 27% and Clara Luz falls to 20%.

    Where the polls do not agree is Chihuahua. There, the PAN candidate María Eugenia Campos is in the lead, but with very large differences, since according to Massive Caller, Maru is only 4 percentage points ahead of the Morena candidate, Juan Carlos Loera de la Rosa. But for México Elige, the PAN candidate reaches 40% of the preferences, against 27% of the Morena candidate.

  • Portada / Forbes Política /

    Forbes Staff

    marzo 30, 2021 @ 12:21 pm

    Elección en NL: Clara Luz Flores baja en preferencias; sube Adrián de la Garza

    De acuerdo con una encuesta de Enkoll para la elección de la gubernatura de Nuevo León, Clara Luz Flores cayó al tercer lugar.

    La candidata de Morena a gobernadora de Nuevo León, Clara Luz Flores, bajó 13 puntos en las preferencias electorales con relación a la medición realizada hace dos meses por la encuestadora Enkoll al pasar de 28% a 15%.

    De acuerdo con la encuesta “Rumbo a las Elecciones en Nuevo León”, la morenista ocupa el tercer lugar. Este estudio demoscópico se realizó del 25 al 28 de marzo, por lo que fue días después de que se difundió un video en el que se observa a la candidata frente a Keith Raniere, líder de la secta NXIVM.

    La encuesta señala que los contendientes de la alianza PRI-PRD, Adrián de la Garza, y de Movimiento de Ciudadano, Samuel García, repuntaron en las preferencias electorales, con 27% y 26%, respectivamente, dado el margen de error de +/- 2.6% de la encuesta esto los colocaría en un “empate técnico” a ambos candidatos.

    Mientras, el panista Fernando Larrazábal se mantuvo en la cuarta posición con 12% de las preferencias electorales.

    En el rubro de conocimiento de personajes políticos, Adrián de la Garza es conocido por 94% de los neoleoneses; Clara Luz Flores, por 88%; Samuel García, por 86%, y Fernando Larrazábal, por 77%.

    Por otra parte, cuando le preguntaron a los ciudadanos si aprueban o desaprueban el trabajo realizado por las distintas autoridades, el presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador presentó un nivel de aprobación de 69%, 8 puntos menos que en la medición anterior.

    En tanto, el gobernador Jaime Rodríguez Calderón “El Bronco” registró 25%, que representa un descenso de 4 puntos; a su vez, el presidente municipal de Monterrey, Adrián de la Garza, fue aprobado por 70% de los entrevistados.

    La percepción de que los peores gobiernos provienen del PRI aumentó 5% de enero a la fecha.

    Al descartar al coronavirus, los neoloneses ubican a la inseguridad como el principal problema, con 48% de las menciones; seguido de los malos servicios públicos, con 11%, y la problemática económica con 9%.

    De igual forma, de enero a marzo de este año, más personas están enteradas de que habrá elecciones en el estado, al pasar de 73 a 78%.

    El estudio demoscópico se realizó del 25 al 28 de marzo de 2021, en 1,400 viviendas donde se entrevistó a mujeres y hombres mayores de edad con credencial de elector vigente en Nuevo León.


    Home / Forbes Politics /

    Forbes Staff

    March 30, 2021 @ 12:21 pm

    Election in NL: Clara Luz Flores drops in preferences; Adrián de la Garza rises

    According to an Enkoll poll for the Nuevo León gubernatorial election, Clara Luz Flores fell to third place.

    Morena’s candidate for governor of Nuevo Leon, Clara Luz Flores, dropped 13 points in electoral preferences in relation to the survey conducted two months ago by the pollster Enkoll, going from 28% to 15%.

    According to the survey “Rumbo a las Elecciones en Nuevo León” (Towards the Elections in Nuevo León), the Morenista is in third place. This demoscopic study was carried out from March 25 to 28, days after a video was released showing the candidate in front of Keith Raniere, leader of the NXIVM sect.

    The survey indicates that the contenders of the PRI-PRD alliance, Adrián de la Garza, and of Movimiento de Ciudadano, Samuel García, rebounded in electoral preferences, with 27% and 26%, respectively, given the margin of error of +/- 2.6% of the survey, this would place both candidates in a “technical tie”.

    Meanwhile, PAN candidate Fernando Larrazábal remained in fourth position with 12% of electoral preferences.

    In the category of knowledge of political personalities, Adrián de la Garza is known by 94% of Neoleonians; Clara Luz Flores, by 88%; Samuel García, by 86%, and Fernando Larrazábal, by 77%.

    On the other hand, when citizens were asked if they approve or disapprove of the work done by the different authorities, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented an approval level of 69%, 8 points less than in the previous measurement.

    Meanwhile, Governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón “El Bronco” registered 25%, which represents a decrease of 4 points; in turn, the municipal president of Monterrey, Adrián de la Garza, was approved by 70% of those interviewed.

    The perception that the worst governments come from the PRI increased 5% from January to date.

    When discarding the coronavirus, Neolonians place insecurity as the main problem, with 48% of the mentions; followed by bad public services, with 11%, and economic problems with 9%.

    Likewise, from January to March of this year, more people are aware that there will be elections in the state, going from 73 to 78%.

    The survey was conducted from March 25 to 28, 2021, in 1,400 homes where women and men of legal age with a valid voter’s credential in Nuevo León were interviewed.

  • While Jeremy Bronfman lives in luxury thanks to the crimes of his great grandfather, Sam Bronfman, let’s see how the State of California deals with the real homeless.

    It’s enough to make Jesus weep.

    How LA Profits from City-Wide Homeless Crisis | Soledad Ursua

  • Frank-

    Excellent article and explanation!

    HUD is incredibly corrupt. I am glad you took the time to explain it. Most people have no idea what’s actually going on.

    I do believe a good number of Democrats would be against it if they understood it.

    In Massachusetts there is a law on the books called 40B:

    “The goal of the Affordable Housing Law (Chapter 40B) is to make at least 10% of every Massachusetts’ community’s housing stock affordable for moderate-income households. … More than 58,000 homes have been created for working families, seniors, and people with disabilities all across the state because of this law.”

    Developers use 40B to ‘blackmail’ towns or to get around town buildIng codes.

    If the towns do not acquiesce to the developer, the developer will put in a few low-income dwellings and stick it to the town. The 40B law is a joke.

    The federal and state laws regarding low-income housing were all well-intentioned but, in reality, are nothing more than a way for developers to line their pockets.

    I wish more media outlets would address the issue.

    • Actual;y Biden and the Democrats want to abolish the suburbs.
      They want the cities to absorb the suburbs.

      Biden and Dems Are Set to Abolish the Suburbs

      Joe Biden and the Democrats want to abolish America’s suburbs. Biden and his party have embraced yet another dream of the radical Left: a federal takeover, transformation, and de facto urbanization of America’s suburbs. What’s more, Biden just might be able to pull off this “fundamental transformation.”

      Biden has embraced Cory Booker’s strategy for ending single-family zoning in the suburbs and creating what you might call “little downtowns” in the suburbs.

      It will mean the end of local control, the end of a style of living that many people prefer to the city, and therefore the end of meaningful choice in how Americans can live. Shouldn’t voters know that this is what’s at stake in the election?

      • —Actual;y Biden and the Democrats want to abolish the suburbs.
        They want the cities to absorb the suburbs.

        Please share with me the source for your information.

    • Yes. Massachusetts is so very, formally anal in its commonwealth of “governance.” It was, indeed, necessary to escape this mannerly chokehold, and this spineless situation continues to degenerate, our Revolution explained and forgotten, rendered passionless.
      But many of us still hold the passion, no matter what come or what goes.

      Every beautiful thing in Massachusetts can be found elsewhere and w/o so much of a fucking hassle, full of vapid mental gymnastics clogging every single pipe.

      Born there, family thereabouts since the 1600s, how I loved that land and still do. And yet it is Massatwoshitzz.

      Of course this Bronfman fellow buying property was read prior to Frank’s reportage, since I love gossip. Also it is a good storyline here where Clare Bronfman is so very part of the discussion.

      My grandpa told me a Sam Bronfman story before we were even in the 1960s yet. I was about eight or nine when Grandpa told me a whole lot about Sam Bronfman and one of his brothers and about how these men conducted their businesses, and not only their bootlegging biz. There was more to the story.

      My grandpa traveled a lot between New England and the eastern coast of Canada, before and after the crash of 1929. He was a quiet man so when he spoke, I always remember what he had to say.

      • I knew there was some deeper — and earlier — connection.

        Of course, you’re from Massachusetts — as am I.

        And, of course, shortly after I was born, my parents moved to — where else? — California.

        Ahh, dear Shivani, clearly we must be destined to cross paths once again…

  • The Bronfman money is dirty. And yet this family is considered “respectable” because they’re Jewish/Zionists. Anyone who is a billionaire is tainted with illegitimacy, it doesn’t matter who you are. Whether you’re white, black, or brown, a businessman, a banker, a hedge fund manager, an Arab sheik or prince, etc., you’re part of the one percent of the one percent who is dirty. You are exceedingly wealthy because you’re living off of a usury-based exploitative system.

    • Nah Musk and Bezos are clean as fuck. They ran their business and made billions without alcohol, sex, slaves, coercion, or weapons. Just good products. You and I wouldn’t give up a cent if you weren’t required to. And they wouldn’t give up 100 millions. You might be brainwashed tho.

      • Not even remotely addressing the underlying point of the OC. Ironic though that the funding and creation of weapons are used to enforce the exploitative economic system that makes them uber wealthy.

    • This is a very antisemetic comment that I’m surprised you let go through. With all the comments you don’t let get posted, you allowed this?

      While their money may be dirty, it has NOTHING to do with them being Jewish or not.

      • Why does it always seem that when Jews are brought up in what is considered a negative comment online, there is a rush from some to immediately characterize it as anti-Semitic?

        Besides, it appears that whoever wrote this comment used the label to give the dirty money the aura of respectability, not the other way around.

        • Anonymous-

          Counterpoint, why is their religion brought up at all?

          You don’t say the Catholic, the Protestant, the Lutheran, the presbyterian, the Atheist, the agonistic, the Pentecostal, the Mormon, or the Jehovah. But they always mention if someone is a Jew.

          Why else, other than to be anti-Semitic?

          • Let’s face it: whenever one ventures so far as to write the letters “J”, “e” and “w” linked together in this sequence, you hear hysterical screams, noooo, kill the Nazi, you’re a disgrace, criminaaaal…. racist anti-semite pig, roar, screeeams.


            I am sure Paul the psychiatrist can provide a valid explanation and also a historian knowledgeable on what’s been happening over the past 2000 years… a history not to be confused with the information meals served by the Murdoch family however.

            I can already see David setting up his machine gun… kill the Muslim anti-semite dog!

            Go, David, unleash the visceral hatred… you sure have amassed more than all the bank vaults can store collectively!

          • But is their religion always brought up? And even if it is some of time, you can’t escape what you define yourself to be if you want an answer to your question, which ironically emphasizes the persecution complex irrelevant to the reason it was brought up…

            One could argue that they define themselves by the label. Why is Israel given special treatment as a Jewish homeland? Why is their particular persecution seen as more special than other groups of people who have suffered throughout history? Why is Jew considered both a race and a religion? Why is their claim as a “chosen people” not seen as exclusive?

            Besides, they aren’t distinct as a group of people in having their religion, race, or ideology brought up. There is the well-known Muslim terrorist. Or the Italian mafia. Or the Chinese communist. There are plenty of groups of people who are stereotyped.

            Again, all irrelevant to the point of the label actually giving them respectability (a positive) for their “dirty” money, not the latter being a result of the former.

          • Alex & Anonymous-

            Great for the two of you! 👍🏼

            Blah! Blah! Blah!

            I don’t care that much…….

          • To Alex & Anon 6:21am-

            You both apparently want to use the victimization of other races and religions as justification to attack Jews. The Jews are like Italians, Blacks, and Polacks. There are good Jews, Italians, Blacks and Polacks…..And there are bad Jews, Italians, blacks and Polacks. You can’t simply lump everyone into the same zoo. There are zoos with bars and then there are petting zoos. Good apples and bad apples……Get my drift?

            “If everyone else is attacked, why not Jews?”—That’s the logic you two are both promoting! I’ll take an apology now… 😉

            Both your philosophical foundations are lacking.

            On the issue of Israel and Judaism, not all Jews are Zionists.

            There are currently over 20,000 Jews living in Iran peacefully. These 20,000 Jews are not Zionists and the Iranians leave them alone.

            Now, as I said, I’m not that involved in things like the two of you so……Adios!

          • Niceguy,

            Don’t drag in other races. No one is better than anyone else. Let’s stop shifting the goalposts AND quit the delusion “us as Jews” are untouchable.

            We all need to live on just one planet. As long as any X believes s/he’s right because his/her ‘god’ is the true one while everyone else is a cretin, a lifestyle on this planet will continue to be crowded.

            Amongst other things…

          • P.S.

            I feel really sorry for many Israelis for having to put up with these discussions. I’ve met some of the nicest people of Jewish descent and, as we all know, if it wasn’t for scientists of that ethnicity we’d all be chained even worse to religious dogma and gross stupidity.

      • Christians shouldn’t complain that Jews seem to be so involved with global finance, because it was the ancient Christians who barred Jews from most professions except money lending.

        “A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction.”

  • Now *this* is an interesting bit of intel regarding the Bronfmans, isn’t it?
    The description of the “affordable housing” is very well done. Sarcasm duly noted.

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