Bangkok: Is Suneel a Textbook Cult-Follower, Mentally Incapable of Criticizing Raniere’s Personal Behavior?

Brainwashing is very real and very dangerous as this image proves

By Pious Bangkok

I think Frank is taking the wrong approach with Suneel.

Putting all the endlessly REHASHED legal facts aside for a moment, Frank needs to attempt to verify if Suneel is behaving as a textbook cult-follower or not. That should be Frank’s line of reporting on this topic.

Suneel’s cult-status can be uncovered by having Frank ask him one simple thing…

Is Suneel capable of making ANY personal criticisms about his Vanguard’s personal behavior?

I’m not talking about legal issues here. I’m not talking about issues of guilt or innocence.

What I mean is…A true cult member is mentally INCAPABLE of criticizing their leader’s personal behavior in any fashion, even for the smallest of things.

I believe Suneel fits this definition.

Suneel Chakravorty. Is he a cult-follower or fighting – as he says – for justice?

Suneel talks about Keith’s choice to live in polyamorous relationships, but he’s forgetting that ‘polyamorous’ means that everybody involved is allowed to have an open relationship with the consent of all parties.

Keith didn’t live that way. He forbid EVERY sexual partner from having sex with other men and forced them to be with him only — by making them take a solemn vow (and by holding collateral on them). That’s not a true ‘polyamorous’ or ‘open’ relationship.

That’s POSSESSIVE behavior by an INSECURE MAN who doesn’t want his women experiencing superior sex with other men.

With the possible exception of Rosa Laura Junco, the eight DOS First-Line Slaves were also Keith Raniere’s lovers, which meant they could not be with another man for the rest of their lives.


According to the biblical account, Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Frank needs to delve into the issue of WHY would a GREAT LEADER (like Vanguard) be so insecure that he forbade his women from having sex with other men, especially when he’s allowed to have sex with other women?

What do psych experts have to say about this possessive behavior?

If Keith is that insecure about himself, how can he qualify as a great leader to Suneel?

Why would Suneel follow a man with those types of insecurities?

Let’s take a different path now…

Can Suneel at least admit that Vanguard was an ‘imperfect’ man who lied about his personal credentials, like being East Coast Judo champ and breaking the state record for the 100-yard dash?

Keith Raniere Bio 2005

Keith Raniere Bio 2011

Keith Raniere said he tied the New York State record for the 100-yard dash. Here is an authentic photo of the era to suggests he was telling the truth.

My guess is that Suneel cannot admit any of this because he’s still brainwashed.

Can Suneel at least admit that his Vanguard lied about these small things to create a false image in people’s minds?

Why would a great leader have a PSYCHOLOGICAL NEED to lie about small things to enhance his credentials? Doesn’t that indicate a sense of insecurity? If so, how can that leader be a great man who’s qualified to dictate how others should live?

Keith Raniere [left] said he won the East Coast Judo Championship when he was 11 years old, but does not name his opponent, the date, or the location of the championship event.
If Suneel cannot answer these questions for Frank, then he’s a textbook cult-follower. Frank needs to begin reporting on how such an educated man is remaining loyal to his Vanguard.

Perhaps Frank could even enlist the opinion of psych experts to explain what’s going on in Suneel’s mind and how he’s failed to break free from the cult —- even after 3 years without his cult leader being there to brainwash him?

I think this would be an interesting line (to report on) rather than having Suneel rehash the same logic again for the umpteenth time, without Frank even challenging him on the elephant in the room (his cult-like loyalty and inability to criticize Keith).

Have a nice day.

End of Bangkok Post

Editor’s note:

Bangkok wants us to ask the psych experts, ‘What’s going on in Suneel’s mind?’

Dr. H. Edwin Maxwell: It appears to be an acute epileptoid manifestation of the panphobic melancholiac with some indication of a neuroleptic palinacousis with the binary affect of grandiose and persecutory agnosia.

FR: Does that mean he’s brainwashed?

All kidding aside, Suneel disputes the idea that he is brainwashed, a sycophant, or a mindless follower.

He said, “Keith is my friend. I believe his trial was fundamentally unfair and that he is innocent.”

I asked Suneel if he would undertake the experiment Bangkok suggested and review or critique Raniere’s bio and write about it honestly – even if it were negative?

Suneel said he would.

Stay tuned.





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  • If you can’t criticize Keith, ergo you are brainwashed. I understand seeing a person as just wholly good can be delusional but the way this article poses that is more of a setup than an inquiry.

  • I laughed at Edwin…

    Thanks for at least turning the usual mayhem into something substantial that can actually be addressed. Now for his response to be twisted into evidence of some advanced method of brainwashing.

  • I am not so sure Suneel is brainwashed. He was only taking classes for a couple of years from what I have read. I do think he admired the teachings and teacher. Could it simply be that he admires Keith like the rest of them holding him in high regard (brainwashed or not) and wants to suck up to him and get on his good books for egotistical reasons? Like he is the one who single-handedly helped this guy whilst being under relentless criticism? He will be admired by the rest of the community including a billionaire. It may be just some ego trip or an interesting project.

    • I do not have all the data yet, but I suspect this comment was written by Nice Guy. If this is true, I really think it is unethical to pretend to be Scott Johnson. Stop the hate and get more data about Scott’s show.

      • —get more data

        For the love of God, can we all start using “data” synonyms such as information and knowledge?

        The NXIVM 5 have defiled the word “data”.

        Currently, when I read the word ‘data’ I envision a furry-ass-troll getting a group blowjob from a bunch of 6s and 7s with C- or D+ bodies.

        FU & Ur data!!!

  • The picture of Raniere tying the 100 yard dash race is obviously fake because the runner nearest the camera clearly won, thus breaking and setting a new record, with Raniere coming in second place. Other than that, it looks legitimate.

    • I can assure you that the picture is absolutely authentic. The camera angle is such that it looks likes the other guy won.

  • “Is Suneel capable of making ANY personal criticisms about his Vanguard’s personal behavior?” If the world thinks the man is a monster and Suneel thinks he’s a good man, asking or demanding Suneel to point out his shortcomings allows the accusers to say “Aha! You’re with us! You agree he’s a bad man!”

  • What is Bangkok’s intent by tagging Suneel as a cult-follower?

    Is it to tease Mr. Parlato to deny Suneel the opportunity to express his view?
    Is it to bias the readers by mocking and labeling Keith as a liar?

    The argument that due process was violated in many ways does not satisfy most haters.

    Seems to me that Bangkok just wants to see part but not the whole story and he accuses Suneel of “mentally incapable of criticizing”, quite strange.

    Justice for all is a constitutional right, not the privilege of a few.

    Despite of Bangkok or Suneel opinions

  • Interesting that all you can listen to “psych experts” and believe what they have to say about K, but when multiple forensic experts confirm that the hard drive containing alleged child pornography was altered, you won’t believe it. At what point does one expert become uncredible?

    • When the highly paid defense attorneys do not bring the expert’s opinion or experts themselves into court to testify when they have the chance.

      That’s one point an “expert become (sic) uncredible ( sic)”.

      I could have sworn this was covered. Many, many times.

  • As a longtime follower of this blog who does not usually comment, I have to 100% agree with this writer. I am glad someone is bringing this up, I believe coming at this with legal arguments instead of the fact this guy is brainwashed is the way to go about this.

    I feel like Frank, maybe not on purpose, is enabling this Suneel guy and taking the wrong approach to this. If you keep up bringing up it in this way and have Suneel be this devil’s advocate lawyer in guest posts for Keith Raniere, and I do believe Frank cares to help the last people holding onto NXVIM see the light on KR’s abusive actions…it is just going further make Suneel dig deep into his inability to see not everyone had the same experience he had with KR.

    I do understand why Frank is doing this as he said in giving current followers a platform to give counter-arguments and I think that is…somewhat admirable in a journalistic sense for lack of better words. But the longer we keep giving this guy a platform to do this, it was nice of Frank the first few times but it’s like come on, these people are brainwashed and this blog is doing a disservice to the people who are still holding strong that KR was this good guy because, well the case is pretty cut and dry compared to the millions of other cases like this.

    There are many many many more cases deserving of a second look. Anyways, love the blog!

    • By letting the followers of Keith Raniere continue to publish and to publish the rebuttals and all the comments, perhaps the followers will get a better perspective about Keith and if it is true that there was injustice in the trial, then that my come out too.

  • For all Nxivm followers and those who love quotes from philosophers, like Nicki Clyne:

    “If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

  • Thanks for your opinion, Pious. I disagree. I think Frank is taking the right approach with Suneel. Rehashing the legal facts when the trial against Keith was based on lies and criminal activity by the prosecution is certainly worthy of attention on the Frank Report, especially considering Frank’s commitment to holding a legal and justice system accountable. I don’t think the topic you are suggested is worthy of attention or a conversation and I don’t write that to be mean but that is my opinion on the matter…but hey – welcome to the Frank Report – the last open forum available on the internet!

    • “…the trial against Keith was based on lies and criminal activity from the prosecution….”

      You write this as a declarative sentence. However, what it is, is your opinion, very foolishly written as if it were factual.

      You certainly sound like a disgruntled Raniere sucker, whether you take such a position deliberately or simply because your ability to express yourself is stunted, by a lack of the ability to see yourself. Otherwise you wouldn’t embarrass yourself so unadroitly here.

      Trying to pretend that Frank Parlato is polarizing ANYONE ar all to help you with your hallucinated ideas about “justice” for Raniere is ridiculous. The posturing is not only transparent but calculatingly pathetic.

      You are getting away with nothing.

  • It is admirable how Suneel is willing to take on this request despite the not so flattering things about him. It takes a strong man to be willing to take the higher road. Respect, Suneel!

    • What’s admirable about doing something that you want to do?

      Nobody “requested” this but Keith Raniere.

      Who even knew of Suneel to make a request of him?

      And regarding Suneel – I agree there are lots of “not so flattering things about him”.

      Like how he defends a child rapist and pornographer.

  • I find Mr Bangkok’s writing to be the polar opposite of Mr Chakravroty. Mr Chakravorty chooses to uses facts and reason to back up his arguments and Mr Bangkok uses almost 100% opinion to back up his arguments. For example, what is the evidence that Mr Raniere has a ‘PSYCHOLOGICALLY NEED’ to lie about small things? What is the actual evidence of this? I appreciate the forum that you provide Mr Parlato for some to use facts and reason and others to use opinion to back up their arguments.

    • — Mr. Bangkok uses almost 100% opinion to back up his arguments

      Then by your logic, Bangkok writes exactly the same as Keith R.

  • Suneel being a “cult-follower” (whatever that means) is truly insignificant here. He’s brought really interesting points about the justice system in the case of Keith and I believe he has very interesting arguments to support them. On the other hand, I don’t know Suneel but doing research on him, he is a well -ducated and successful entrepreneur. Hard to think he is not capable of thinking for himself or whatever the ‘cult’ accusations are. He went to Harvard and took leadership roles, then started a very successful IT company leading dozens of educated individuals to successful careers. My point is instead of spending time with hateful criticism, let’s focus on the injustice that happened at Raniere’s trial.

    • ” being a cult follower” means you are a member of a cult. I hope that clears things up for you.

      You can also use Google if you don’t understand the concepts discussed here.

    • Thank you for the objective data without hate. I am trying to be educated, also like Suneel. Do the lawyers in your office also agree that Suneel is not a cult follower? It would help for them to write here and share their data.

    • Most people do not dislike Suneel.

      Suneel did not take part in anything unsavory.

      People are confused by Suneel’s adherence to Kieth.

      They simply want Suneel to see what they see.

      The same way Suneel wants his critics and skeptics to understand Kieth Raniere was framed and railroaded.

      I truly believe both sides are coming from a good place.

      • Nope. Suneel was not present for many of the atrocities.

        He seeks to discredit women just to help his child pornographer & rapist “friend”.

        Cannot agree that he comes from a positive place.


  • Look forward to Suneel’s response on an objective analysis of KR bio. Separately, what is the name of the business Suneel built and successfully sold prior to 30? In what field is he considered ‘a leader of coding and mathematics’?

    • “Coding” is to software engineering what brick laying is to construction.

      Python is used in machine learning among many other things, but it is hardly cutting edge or considered an advanced skill.

      There’s no shame in teaching Python, but it is hardly something that characterizes a “leader” in the field of software engineering.

      The people who are impressed with Suneel’s tech skills are the same one’s impressed by Keith’s judo prowess.

      • Dude, coding and programming are two very things.

        The rest of Suneel’s resume is a “resume”. You put your best foot forward. It’s like dating. Duh!

        Would you prefer him to put something self-deprecating?

  • Interesting question: what does personal criticism have to do with anything? Who is a person to judge another person’s sex life? Who cares? So what if everything is true? Why is that on trial anyway? People who judge other people’s private lives generally don’t have enough going on with their own lives….

  • It’s not about the people, it’s about the action. Suneel strictly writes of the conditions in which the legal process has developed.

    • To Niki & Suneel,

      —Brainwashed = I disagree with you and will punish you until you agree with me.

      Great rebuttal!

      I believe two things:

      1. The vast majority of Frank Report commenters mean well and are genuinely concerned for people’s well-being.

      2. The Nxivm 5 are good friends defending a friend. I wish I had loyal friends like you.

      I want to apologize to Nicki and Suneel the only two of the Nxivm I have maligned.

  • What is a textbook cult follower like? I bet you Suneel is far from resembling that. He seems like one of the smartest and better-educated people on this site. It’s the irony of our times that people who have no arguments or reason and conduct themselves with only anger, can question the sanity of those who are honorable and driven by evidence.

    The angry masses are ruling this country, just like Benjamin Franklin predicted…

    • In view of the Qanon attack in our Capitol Building, I would say you are right.

      Qanon makes Nxivm seem like the Peace Corp.

    • —He seems like one of the smartest and better-educated people on this site.

      Suneel, don’t be so transparent and have such a bighead/ego.

      We all said you’re smart, but you’re definitely not smarter than Keith.

  • I agree with you. And about Nicki Clyne getting a free pass on Frank Report for her immigration fraud and other crimes. How good of a friend can Suneel be to Keith if he barely knew Keith prior to him being imprisoned? Says a lot about Keith if Suneel (“Where do you work again?”) is his only buddy. And Suneel. Where are his prior friends? College pals? Family? Co-workers? Suneel claims to know all about DOS/Nxivm/ and Keith’s heart of hearts. But he’s (according to Suneel) barely known him for a short time. Back to Nicki Clyne. She claimed to be, “Keith’s partner for over 10 years”. Why doesn’t Nicki write essays and speak up for her beloved decade-long partner? And tell us about DOS? Especially because their whole platform about women is allegedly concerned with “upholding your word. Being strong Etc.” It looks to me like Nicki recruited Suneel to do her will while remaining in the background. And Nicki is Keith’s devoted minion. I think Nicki grabbed Suneel as the last man standing who was easy to manipulate. Because of Suneel having a giant ego.

    • — I think Nicki grabbed Suneel as the last man standing who was easy to manipulate. Because of Suneel having a giant ego.

      So you are insinuating Nicki is giving it to Suneel.

      Wow! You will definitely win them over.

      You are assuming Nicki and Suneel are besties. Nicki and Suneel would make odd bedfellows.

  • Suneel is Harvard educated. He build and sold a successful business before 30 and continues to be a leader in the field of coding and advanced mathematics. He’s no easily manipulated dummy, folks. Make no mistake about it just because the idea that he’s “brainwashed” fits your hateful narrative. Suneel wasn’t even taking classes in ESP for very long at all. If brainwashing can happen that quickly, I imagine Keith would have brainwashed the jury. Consider that Suneel has a first-hand experience of some of the classes Keith taught, the people who testified after being threatened by the prosecution, and every single day of the trial. Many of you have zero first-hand experience to go on to make your bold claims of rightness…and yet you seem so sure. Consider that Suneel is not brainwashed; rather he has real-life information that you don’t have access to of some serious corruption and lies that took place here that have you all so convinced. Just because he’s saying something that counters the media narrative doesn’t mean he is under some Svengali voodoo spell. Though I do understand it’s easier to call him brainwashed than to consider that he’s right…if you did, it would mean something very scary about our media, the “whistleblowers” and, most importantly, our justice system. Or perhaps they have all brainwashed you …hmmm.

    • Individuals who are very intelligent in one area can be just the opposite in another. Einstein couldn’t balance his checkbook. And even though Suneel may be a coding expert, we find him on the hook end of the Nxivm fishing rod. Wow, what a catch !

      • Suneel is a programmer not a coder. Check your jargon.

        Coding is rewriting one computer language to another.

        Is an orthodontist the same as a gynecologist because they both deal with orifices.

        Your jargon can’t be more off.

    • Dr. Danielle Roberts has been given a free pass.

      She took part in the YMCA hotel mass poisoning.

      Some refer to her as the sixth member of the NXIVM 5. She is quiet because she is worried about losing her medication license.

      Who cares about the branding…

      When someone’s taking part in a mass poisoning experiment!

      I’d like to hear the NXIVM 5 defend her.
      I also like to remind everybody children and women were poisoned.

      Oh wait, the Nxivm 5 are quiet all of a sudden.

      Suneel, I know you are not going to defend her. How could you?

  • I would also appreciate Suneel breaking down Keith’s resume. Keith’s resume and the way the females pitched his resume, is the reason ESP/NVIVM became what it became.

    Part of the reason I started looking at ESP with a raised eyebrow, is when I started seeing things about Keith that were clearly not congruent with how he was sold to us. I’m curious if Suneel has had these same thoughts.

    • NutJob – Suneel’s response will be the same as when Mark Vicente responded to perjury accusations.

      “The ends justify the means.”

      All ideologues give the same response.

  • Bangkok, I believe there is a difference between moral values and crimes. This is the issue which should be talked about. In certain cultures, women aren’t allowed to show their faces because it’s morally wrong. But according to who’s morals? If you want to live in a society where morality is legislated by laws, you run the risk of being not free to live out your own morality because it’s being dictated by those in power, i.e., the fight for the presidency. If we lived in a free country, people wouldn’t care who governed us because in the end, we would be free to do what we want as long as we didn’t harm others physically (I don’t believe you can prove mental harm “brainwashing”, therefore that should not be part of laws). I agree with you that we should all be talking about morality, what we think is right and wrong. This conversation doesn’t belong in the courtroom or our justice system. I believe that is Suneel’s point….and I would be interested in where he thinks Keith did things that he believes are against his values.

  • That photo of Flabturd winning the dash has me in stitches. Was that a shot from Itt’s resumé or was it all a show to beat Clare Webb Bronfman across the track and into the ladies’ room? Why is Itt so damned red in the face?

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