Bill Cosby’s Lawyer to Represent Keith Raniere — Jennifer Bonjean to Handle Appeal; Files Letter to Halt Raniere Transfer From MDC to Tucson

Keith Raniere's appellate attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, has been hired by Harvey Weinstein

Jennifer Bonjean – an attorney handling Bill Cosby’s appeal to Pennsylvania State Supreme Court – has been retained to represent Keith Raniere for his appeal to the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Raniere was convicted in June 2019, in Brooklyn Federal Court, of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, and two counts of sex trafficking, He was sentenced last October to 120 years.

“I am honored to represent Mr. Raniere on his appeal to Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit,” Bonjean told Frank Report in a statement. “Although new to the case, It is already clear to me that Mr. Raniere’s Due Process guarantees were not safeguarded during his trial proceedings that resulted in an outrageous 120-year sentence. I look forward to review from the Second Circuit where I am confident this grave injustice will be rectified.”

On the same day Bonjean filed notice of appearance in the case, word was received that the Bureau of Prisons was planning to move Raniere out of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center [MDC] to the federal prison in Tucson, AZ.

Attorneys Marc Agnifilo and Teny Geragos, who represented him at trial, reportedly will withdraw from their representation of Raniere.

According to Suneel Chakravorty, a member of Make Justice Blind, a group of supporters of Raniere, his possessions were removed from his cell by prison officials and he may leave MDC as soon as January 12 (MDC generally quarantines prisoners who are being transferred for several days before the transfer takes place).

Jennifer Bonjean

Bonjean told Frank Report, “I am most concerned that as a result of the Government’s eagerness to transfer Mr. Raniere, I will not be afforded the opportunity to meet with my client. He is a critical asset to his own defense and he will be greatly prejudiced if I am unable to meet with him over the course of the next several months as we prepare the briefs in his case.”

Bonjean also filed a letter with Judge Nicholas Garaufis asking that Raniere not be relocated until her appeal was filed, and his restitution hearings are completed.

A number of victims have filed claims for restitution from Raniere and hearings are expected to begin in February.

Bonjean wrote in her letter to the judge, “On behalf of the Defendant [Raniere], I write respectfully to ask this Court to make a recommendation to the Bureau of Prisons that the Defendant remain incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center (‘MDC’) as opposed to being transferred to his designated facility, FCI Tucson.

“Undersigned counsel [Bonjean] was only recently retained to represent the Defendant on his direct appeal, and in light of the current public health crisis, she has had no opportunity to meet with him to discuss his pending appeal.

“In normal times, traveling to confer with Defendant would not prove overly problematic; however, in the current climate, multiple and/or an extended trip to Tucson would be exceedingly burdensome – to speak nothing of the health risks posed to all involved. Given the complexity of this case and the stakes involved, undersigned counsel must have meaningful communication with her client which cannot be accomplished via phone calls.

“In short, undersigned counsel cannot provide Defendant with the defense to which he is entitled without reasonable access to him, and counsel is hopeful that attorney-client visits at the MDC will resume in short course.

“Furthermore, outstanding restitution issues remain in this case. It is critical that the Defendant remain close so that he can assist and participate in his defense as it relates to challenges he may wish to lodge to the Government’s proposed restitution order, currently due on January 27, 2021. Accordingly, Defendant requests that this Court recommend that Defendant remain detained at the MDC at least until he has an opportunity voice an objection to the forthcoming restitution claims and this Court enters a restitution order and/or until Defendant files his opening brief in the Second Circuit, whichever is later.”

Make Justice Blind’s Chakravorty said that the selection of Bonjean as the lawyer to handle the appeal helps establish the validity of Raniere’s claims that he did not get a fair trial.

“To show the depth, sincerity and integrity of this effort, we want to point to the fact that one of the premier appellate lawyers in the United States has taken on this case. Lawyers of this caliber do not take on frivolous appeals,” Chakravorty said.

Bonjean, a criminal defense and civil rights lawyer with offices in Brooklyn, who specializes in appellate, post-conviction and habeas corpus litigation, says she is “committed to exposing the rampant police and prosecutorial misconduct that often leads to wrongful convictions”

In 2014, the Chicago Innocence Project awarded Bonjean the Humanitarian of the Year Award for her work on Stanley Wrice’s appeal.

She represented Jason Gray, who had been convicted of a triple murder and sentenced to life in prison. Bonjean championed his innocence for over 10 years and eventually won Gray’s freedom in 2006. Gray had served 20 years.

According to her website, Bonjean recently succeeded in procuring a large civil settlement for James Degorski, who was brutally attacked by a corrections officer upon his arrival at Cook County Jail.

In December, she argued before the seven justices of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for Bill Cosby’s appeal of his conviction arising from the drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand at his home outside Philadelphia in 2004.

Bill Cosby

Cosby, 83, is serving a 3-to-10-year sentence at SCI Phoenix, a maximum-security facility outside Philadelphia. He is housed in a 9 by 5 foot cell.

Any ruling by the appeals court to overturn the verdict would be by a majority vote and is not expected for several months.

Bonjean’s argument was that Cosby had been treated unfairly at his sexual assault trial in 2018 when five other women were allowed to testify that they had been similarly abused by Cosby in encounters dating back to the 1980s.

None of the women had been the subject of criminal cases of their own.

The decision by the trial judge to include the testimony by other so-called “prior bad acts,” unfairly tainted the jury, Bonjean argued.

“Mr. Cosby suffered unquantifiable prejudice,” Bonjean, said at the hearing. “The presumption of innocence just did not exist for him at that point.”

In an interview with the Seattle Medium, Bonjean said:

“I’m not looking to make friends with prosecutors. I’m not looking to make friends with judges. I’m not trying to offend, but what I have to do is protect my client’s rights without worrying about any ramifications.

“In this country and our Constitution, we try cases based on the charges, and if you look at the charges against Mr. Cosby and look at those brought because of Andrea Constand, her story doesn’t hold up.

“The prosecution knew her story couldn’t hold up, so they went and brought in these other women from 15 or more years ago, and no one has ever tested their stories.

“You can bring in accusers from [decades ago] and accuse him or anyone of something. There’s no way to defend that. That should have been a red flag to let people know that the prosecution had no case.

“Look, I sue police officers for a living. What makes Mr. Cosby’s conviction so egregious is that the judge allowed these other witnesses from decades ago. I knew the fix was in when the trial judge allowed that testimony.”

Jennifer Bonjean, Esq.

As another sample of this lawyer’s style:

At a Chicago mortgage fraud trial, Bonjean impudently asked 80-year-old U.S. District Judge Charles Norgle Sr. if “the court would like to take off its robe and come down here and do the government’s job for it?”

Bonjean, who has made a name for herself as an advocate for wrongfully convicted inmates, followed up by telling Judge Norgle— in front of the jury, — that he was “attempt(ing) to influence the jury during these proceedings in an inappropriate manner.”

She complained to Norgle that he was “exceptionally rude” and “abdicating your job as a judge.”

Her client lost and she appealed.

She lost the appeal.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Bonjean’s argument that Norgle was so biased against her client that the client received an unfair trial.

The appeals court spent five pages of a 25-page ruling castigating Bonjean for her “inappropriate outbursts,” which it ruled “quickly became sarcastic to the point of hyperbole.”

Though it noted that Norgle did “make a facial gesture” during the defendant’s testimony (he rolled his eyes, Bonjean says), and made some “puzzling” rulings against her, “we do not reward defendants for success in baiting the judge,” the appellate court ruled.




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  • Why did you decide to change from jail to Rainiere even though your lawyer asked not to? Why was his lawyer not allowed to speak with him in person and was unexpectedly transferred? From my point of view, speaking on the phone is not the same as speaking personally and that can make the appeal difficult

  • She sounds pretty badass. I wonder why she decided to take this case? I know the argument is that she is getting money and attention for it, but would she take it on if there was no merit? She even said she’s “confident this grave injustice will be rectified” and his “due process guarantees were not safeguarded.” That’s what Keith’s clan have been saying so….is it true?? I’m confused…

  • Bonjean is a warrior for an upheld constitution. Happy to see she is on this complicated case which regardless of how you feel about Raniere clearly had some prosecutorial misconduct going on.

  • I believe it’s good to have attorneys who attempt to keep the justice system “honest” and protect the rights of the accused, no matter what they’re accused of. I wish Ms. Bonjean the best in doing that.

    • I agree. My hope is she can use all the money she gets from Raniere on the appeal and put it to good use. I would rather she have that money to help truly innocent people than Raniere to have funds. In order for him to succeed on appeal, he would have had his rights violated. Since he didn’t have his rights abused, the trust paying for his legal bills is better spent on worthless appeals with lawyers who are actually able to get wrongfully convicted people out of jail. Therefore, lawyers like Bonjean can do more pro bono work. I ultimately think the appeals court will rule against Raniere mainly because they will easily see he actively abused the rights of others and, just as in projection, he only believes the government did the same to him.

  • Why are her looks, preferences and what she decides to do with her free time what’s being talked about? She is a highly skilled lawyer who has her own firm, has worked hard for justice, and has reunited a number of families with their loved ones after proving their innocence.

    • Why did Keith take porno shots of women and children? Why did he prefer ultra close up spread vagina photos of his branded slaves? How do you justify to Your self that you are okay with Keith raping Camilla as a child? And are you ever going to admit there are recordings of Keith calling for the branding tapes to be used as ” collateral”?

      And that Sarah Edmondson had her branding tape ( collateral) released? Come on. It is provable. ” data”. Admit it or you have no credibility. Say” I’m sorry I was wrong. The branding tapes were collateral. And one was released to public”. Be ethical.

  • Jennifer Bonjean is a naughty lady!!!!!!

    Who’s hotter in a bikini, Jennifer Bonjean or her adult daughter star of the musical Slut?

    Bonus!!!!! Mommy’s daughter is a party animal and mom parties with daughter!!!!!

    Christ almighty!!!!!!

    What better defense attorney for a sex cult leader, like Keith Raniere, can be had. How about none!!!!!

    You can’t make this shit up!!!!!

    • PS: if Jennifer Bonjean were a man I’d be going to town and really ripping on a ‘him’; so please save the “you’re a sexist” comments.

  • Jennifer Bonjean…..More than meets the eye:

    She is a lawyer who knows how to have fun:

    Jen has a happening Law Firm Social media page where she ain’t afraid to show off her sexy body and her legal acumen…..Or her fur coat…Or her bikini and working on pressing legal matters…Or a photo with a friend and a day of shopping:

    It’s linked to her Instagram page and her law practice legal website. So, so professional and so 21st century. I love Jen’s tattoos and her girlfriend is
    way hot.

    I bet Claviger would like to ‘bone-up’ on legal issues with her. She hasn’t lost her an ‘appeal’ even at 50. Plead pardon the puns! 😉

  • Very interesting development…there must be some merit to the violation of due process case because a prestigious lawyer would not waste time if no merit…

    • Not necessarily. I have had clients who insist on bringing cases even when they know there is a slim chance. Indeed English barristers have a “cab rank rule” – that they must take cases unless acting for the other side or no time – to ensure everyone even with really bad cases can be represented.

  • Isn’t this a part of our justice system? I believe this is how it is supposed to work. He has hired an attorney specializing in what he needs. That is a good thing for all.

    If the legal system has been deceptive, may the process uncover it. If Keith Raniere has been deceptive, may the process uncover it.

  • Bonjean, like Agnifilo, is a highly intelligent and skilled attorney.

    All she had to do was watch 5 minutes of one of Raniere’s YouTube videos to see what a word salad spewing idiot he is. The bit about him being a “critical asset” is purely her saying what she is supposed to say.

    She’ll understand it even more when she talks with him at his new AZ forever home.

    If she hasn’t already, she’ll read his testimony in the Microsoft patent case and know to never, ever let him say another single word under oath.

    She knows he’s guilty. She knows he’s a scum bag. Just like Agnifilo, hence his comments to at least one of the victims after the sentencing.

    It is a defense attorney’s job to defend criminals. She’ll do a fine job of it.

    Nevertheless, The World’s Smartest Child Rapist™ is toast.

  • It is interesting that Ms. Bonjean has taken on Keith Raniere’s case. Presumably with her stature/notoriety she doesn’t “need” to and let’s face it, the optics of the whole NXIVM story are such that I would hesitate to get involved if I were an appellate lawyer. The fact that she has taken this on actually gives me pause and I have slightly more belief that some of Suneel’s teaser claims have merit…

    • Or she just wants a lot of rich Mexican or Bronfman money. Her income isn’t dependent on winning an appeal. It’s dependent on hours worked and billed.

      What I find funny is Keith having access to all of these high priced, famous lawyers while those who got into legal tangles with him as a free man didn’t, some of them being represented pro bono (Rick Ross), while others represented themself (Susan Dones), with the latter ending up winning.

      That doesn’t sound like an “unfair” justice system to me. But I’m not a delusional NXIVM follower like Suneel of a narcissistic conman.

  • —Lawyers of this caliber do not take on frivolous appeals,” Chakravorty said.

    That’s why Jennifer Bonjean defended
    Bill Roofie Cosby.

    SideNote: Bill Cosby in one of his comedy- stand up specials did a bit about drugging women.

    Bonjean does a bang-up job. She’ll get you the death penalty for a parking ticket.

  • “I’m not looking to make friends with prosecutors. I’m not looking to make friends with judges. I’m not trying to offend, but what I have to do is protect my client’s rights without worrying about any ramifications.”

    Wow. If I needed representation, I would want this woman advocating for me. The last sentence especially is powerful, yet sad to me. The fact that defense lawyers have to worry about backlash if they do all they can to carry out their charge/duty to represent their clients adequately seems anti-everything this country stands for.

    Will be interesting to see what is revealed as she represents Keith.

    • It’s also “sad” to see the backlash against prosecution. They are also only doing their job. Defending their client. Us. ” the People”. But you guys disparage them constantly. Nxium should have been named ” hypocrisy”. Looking to build a more one sided world! And the jury. Just doing their civic duty. And accused of misconduct. A very serious charge. But Suneel and Keith have zero to back it up. ” sad” as you would write.

    • What do you think of what happened today Shadow?

      I don’t understand Trump.

      Seizing the Capital building without needing to use any force could be seen as a gift from God. He had people backing him. I think he was just calling them to action but then didn’t think about what to do once they were there.


      • Mexican lady, I agree. What did he expect when he got there. He instigated and fed the fire.

        I can’t watch the video. Too sad. A 14-year veteran, as well.

        I think what bothers people “on the right” is silence with the looting of our cities.

        Nary a word from Dr. Gossip when thugs destroyed the greatest city in the world.

    • What do you think of what happened, Shadow? Why did Trump tell people to return? Wasn’t the whole point to seize the capitol building?

      • If you could have stopped Carlos Salinas and the PRI party from taking over and corrupting the Mexican Govt. for the next 5 decades (and counting) after his/their first term, would you have?

        That’s how some Americans feel about Trump, his family and his cronies. We don’t want our children and grandchildren forced to live under a corrupt, self-serving, oligarchy. To have to compromise their freedom, individuality and values to survive to simply serve the interests of an immoral, ruthless, shameless dictator.

        Many Americans are naive to the daily reality of life in places ruled by such dictators over time. I’m very surprised, however, when I see someone like yourself who should know better — provided you are sincerely a “Mexican Lady” — in support of Trump and the tyranny he’s now proven beyond any doubt that he stands for.

        Trump may also be a child molester no better than Jeffrey Epstein or Keith Raniere. He has been accused of raping a 13-year-old girl, among many other criminal acts, and the woman who allegedly arranged the three sexual encounters, Ghislaine Maxwell, is currently in custody.

        No one is above the law in this Country except, perhaps, and rather ironically, Emiliano Salinas, Rosa Laura Junco, Alejandro Betancourt, Edgar Boone and all the other Mexican elites not charged in the NXIVM case though they MAY have participated in the same crimes as their US counterparts.

    • “When the looting starts the shooting starts.”- Donald Trump

      I don’t give a shit about socialists or fascists.

      If you illegally break down the door to a federal building or a department store and get shot, too fucking bad.

      You liberal Socialists and Trump followers need to learn that actions have consequences.

      Shadow, your side is exactly like Antifa and needs to be eradicated.

      Socialism and fascism or existential threats to our way of life.


    • “When the looting starts the shooting starts.”-Donald Trump

      Makes no difference to me if it’s a socialist or fascist or a man or a woman.

      When you trample on democracy, you deserve to die.

      Socialists and fascists have no place in America.

      Show me a member of ANTIFA or Proud Boys and I’ll show you someone who needs a bullet to the head.

    • I just watched a bunch of assholes attack one of the 3 pillars of our country. And you want me to feel bad?

      Many of the protesters were awash in Neo-Nazi markings and tattoos – and some were wearing T-shirts that said.,.
      “Camp Auschwitz Summer Fun“

      She was a radical Qanon member trying to foment a revolution (In her own words). She is no different than one of those ANTIFA assholes.

      Now, Shadow you’re at Alex Jones’ website?

      Stay there.

    • Frank-

      I apologize for my torrent of comments having to do with Shadowstate’s comment.

      I tend to go on tangents/tirades when matters of Pedophiles/Woke-ism leftists extremists and fascist QAnon types come up or Islamic radicals for the matter.

      You have my apologies.

    • Meanwhile in the real world…

      “Donald Trump’s final 13 days as US president pose a grave national security threat and warrant his immediate removal from office, politicians and activists said on Thursday.

      Trump incited a mob of supporters to stage an insurrection at the US Capitol building in Washington, leading to four deaths, 68 arrests and bipartisan outrage.”

      – David Smith, The Guardian.

      • “Babbitt also had a history of confrontational behavior. In 2016, she was charged with reckless endangerment, dangerous driving and malicious property damage in Maryland, but she was later acquitted, according to court records. A former girlfriend of Babbitt’s husband wrote in the application for a protection order against Babbitt that Babbitt had followed her in a car and rear-ended her three times, multiple news outlets reported.”

    • You’re buddy is going away a long, long time.

      Its sad that after six weeks of trial and 90 victim impact statements, you still don’t know why.

    • Uh well….. I’m sure your opinion would be different if you had a rapist-child molester-murderer living next-door to you

    • Anon-

      It’s sad we live in a society where there are men that rape women.

      I save my tears for the victims, not perpetrators.

  • Raniere’s going through with an appeal has been expected all along. It is not going to make a significant difference regarding how he will spend whatever is left of his life. He will never be unrestrained again to give people all of his marketed “help” with their human potentialities.

    He is done poking and choking others outside of the environment of penal confinement. Also, Raniere is very likely safer incarcerated, whether he admits it or not. In certain societal groups, frankly, snuffing Keith Raniere would be acquiring a badge of honor.

    He will never be able to control himself, as is evidenced by his delusional claims he has done no harm and is really just misunderstood, is sorry if he hurt anyone’s “feelings” but, gee whiz, he didn’t MEAN for that to happen.

    Unrepentant, irredeemable and incapable of acknowledging the severity of his incredibly hypocritical and damaging actions and behavior towards many others, he has knotted his own noose.

    He wants to be protected now. How pathetic, after all of the victim impact statements and all of the public access to hearing, witnessing what was essentially a whittled-down list of victim statements, never mind the trails of irrefutable criminal evidence which Raniere and his group have left carelessly behind, much of which was proven in court by investigative evidence.

    This is how he, any legal rep he has and his remaining supporters will continue to make fools of themselves, mouthing semi-organized words through an appeal process and ignoring any admission of what and who Raniere has shown himself to be. Understandably, that’s part of a defense attorney’s work to represent individuals such as Raniere as best as is possible. But these stains from the criminal characteristics and actions won’t be washed out of Raniere, not really, and he will most likely die the way that he is and has been.

    Some might choose to pay attention to the moves, details of Raniere’s appeal experiences. To me it is not that interesting. It will only draw my attention if Raniere begins to have any success. If there is no sign of progress, all proceeds, filings, etc. are merely reruns with a few replacement characters appearing, such as this attorney handling this appeal, Bonjean, the Cosby “handler.”

    Frankly, Raniere has achieved something. He has become an infamous pariah. 120 years, even if reduced, won’t ever be reduced sufficiently to change much of his future or how it is going to be spent. Raniere will not get any satisfaction. It is just part of his pathology, that he is convinced that he’s above being subjected to any human reckoning.

    It’s also part of his pathology that he will never experience any genuine “satisfaction” interiorly, whether Raniere’s sentence gets lowered or not. He is 60 now. Trying to fritter away at a sentence amounting to 120 years is very unlikely to make much impact. Raniere, I doubt, will ever have liberty again, nor will he be able to make use of any freedom if he gains much. His only throne will be a toilet.

  • Such distractions.
    You condone The Donald’s pardon of Roger Stone, and we all know who the Proud Boys work for.
    “Stand back and stand by….”

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves, a bunch of “misogynistic somethings gross”.


      • Better than the (alt)right field.

        Apparently, you need a few hints, Niceguy….so, do you know who is real close with the Proud Boys? It’s someone who should be in jail cell right now, but isn’t, because he was pardoned by an insane criminal. The same insane criminal who told the Proud Boys to “‘stand back and stand by”…..

        Have you connected the dots now?

  • Today comementing feels a bit like fiddling while Rome burns…watching the news at work…we’re all stunned. God Bless the USA.

    • I feel better this sentiment has been voiced. I don’t know why I’ve been scrolling through this for as long as I have and, while interesting at times, you know what ?

      Who give a flying fuck? A lawyer is gonna get a payday for an appeals case. Inefficient counsel? Prosecutorial misconduct? OMG !

      I know of no other defendant who has ever voiced such miscarriages of justice. At one time, this “cutting journalism” probably did do some good.

      Frankly, I am not sure that was ever the actual intention but the blind squirrel finding a nut and all of that. You know what?

      I will probably still look over my shoulder and I am sad. Still, I hope this candle soon burns down. I pray those injured will heal. I hope those who for whatever reason feel they actually have something new to say feel good about themselves.

      The world will still turn. Genuine injustice will still abound. Still, most will get up and go into this daily struggle and do our best to get through a rigged game while convincing our loved ones everything is okay.

    • Yes. Would love to hear Roger Stone’s and Frank’s take on what is happening.

      If you had no other options with the stakes so high, why would you wave off the people who rose up to seize the Capital building? Seizing the Capital building without needing to use any force could be seen as a gift from God.

      Can someone explain why Trump waved people off?

      • Perhaps even he values the democratic process more than himself. Most of us in democracies do.
        I don’t support single party states or Tyranny – ANYWHERE, Mexican Lady.

      • The question is not why he waved them off, dear Mexican Lady, the question is why he invited them in to violently attempt to overturn the results of a free and fair election?

        If I recall, the Mexican people demanded a recount of your 2001 election and your Govt. ‘allowed’ US military to help monitor the polls to purportedly ensure a “Democratic” free and fair process. …How’d that turn out for you?

        We like our government of, BY and for the people, IDEALLY, too. By OUR people, in a Country where legal, sincere immigrants are welcome by most, a place where people of all nations, creeds and colors equally unite…IDEALLY.

        We are a Nation of many Nations, a Nation of immigrants, UNITED, and we’re not going to allow our election results to be controlled by crooks who want to dominate the world, steal our Voice, our right to our free and fair VOTE, which was legitimately by all counts and recounts for Joe Biden.

        Why? You got some troops you wanna send to help Trump & Co. monitor a new election and overturn Democracy everywhere for good?

    • NFW-

      I’d like to take the radical left and the extremist right and shoot them all towards the moon on a rocket ship.

      • Hey Nice guy, just so you know, I did respond yesterday with a similar harmless [centrist] response but I guess it didn’t make it past the censor. Hope you and your wife are coping well with the C-19 btw.

        And that you get to read this, at least.

      • Frank, did you really find the Joke about prefering Uranus because it would render all their [extremists] future folk songs ridiculous, – objectionable? Sad because I only come up with about 3 jokes a year, and that was one of them.

  • It’s clever strategy to hire a woman lawyer when a man is charged with rape or child molestation. For trials in front of a jury, that is. Ineffective in front of an appeals court judge, though.

    Her bulldog strategy no doubt charms prospective clients. I can imagine Raniere thinking it’s the ticket. And that it’s smart to annoy and antagonize the judge.

    His appeal has no chance of succeeding anyway, so he might as well have his fun.

    Oh and the lady can get her butt on a plane and fly to Tucson to confer with him. Flight attendants have to do it every day for their job, she’s nothing special. Bring a face mask and some hand sanitizer, and bill double for hazard pay.

    • You also have to think about the struggling airlines who could use every passenger still flying, after all, the airlines have been hit hard by the effects of the pandemic and are happy for every dollar earned.

    • I am interested to see what Raniere’s new lawyer does with the information Chakravorty has published. It seems like there are points to be legitimately argued.

  • I wonder who’s footing the bill for this lawyer…Mmmmm, and Bill Cosby’s attorney no less and we all know how that worked out, old Bill is still sitting in jail. His over-priced attorney hasn’t got him out as of yet.

    • Stay tuned regarding Bill Cosby’s latest appeal (The Pennsylvania Supreme Court heard oral arguments last month). Many courtroom observers believe that it will be successful — and that he will be getting a new trial.

      • On the one hand, I believe Cosby and Weinstein are guilty; on the other hand, I do not believe all of the evidence and testimony in both trials added up to guilty verdicts.

        Weinstein’s trial was a joke. I believe he is a rapist and guilty.

        However, his trial was a miscarriage of justice. If that was a normal case, I believe the defendant would have walked away.

      • KRC, thanks for the tip. That was interesting to track down. Things are looking positive for Cosby winning the appeal.

        Note to the True Believers, though; KRC is not saying this has anything to do with your “Vanguard.”

        The Cosby appeal relates to issues in PA, not federal court.

  • What an interesting pairing. She seems to understand the underlying issues of this case given her previous experience. And being a woman could allow her to address some of them publicly with more freedom.

    • Yes, I must agree, it ‘tis a delectable pair, a most robust set of circumstances given her utterly impeccable experience at pleasing her clients and championing celebrity members of a disadvantaged culture that only allows those of her sex to freely express themselves.

      Like a fine Gamey/Pinot Noir paired with pickled fig stuffed caviar we shall sip the nectar from this perfect union of sex offender and cunning cuntress as they again redress the wrongs done to the mighty smellful one, all hail Vanguard!

  • And of course, Sara Bronfman-Igtet is footing the bill for this new attorney.

    I’m sure Bonjean will make Million$ from thi$ ca$e. No doubt those are the Critical A$$ets she looks forward to evaluating.

  • Madame Bonjean states she’s honoured to come into personal contact with “critical assets”. What other citizens with pornographic lifestyles literally speaking, would she be honoured to have direct interpersonal contact? Would she be kind enough to go into some details about the mechanics of her desired and/or past interactions with such citizens? Mechanics, again, literally speaking.

    • I think I know – but I cannot say. I do not think it is either of the Bronfman sisters. However, I might be wrong.

      • Won’t that be made public? Due to pending civil litigation? An accountant will be reviewing assets. A large defense fund will be scrutinized, no? And I read Allison’s divorce filing. But not on Frank report. You are getting scooped! Where is your story on this marriage, sir?

  • Everyone is entitled to an appeal.

    The “consensual” angle went the way of the dinosaur with Harvey Weinstein.

    I doubt very much Vanguard’s lack of remorse, and his emails, texts on burner phones and phone calls post verdict–attempting to continue control of a defunct Rico organization– will help his case.

  • No matter what successes or valuable cases Jennifer Bonjean has represented, every single case is a case in itself, and every case starts over. That’s why I’m not interested in her credentials.

  • I laughed out loud that Raniere is trying to stay incarcerated in one of the worst rat-infested hell holes in the USA rather than being moved to AZ. His options: frying pan or fire.

    Those with faith in The World’s Smartest Child Rapist™ are hard up for straws to grasp:

    “Make Justice Blind’s Chakravorty said that the selection of Bonjean as the lawyer to handle the appeal helps establish the validity of Raniere’s claims that he did not get a fair trial.”

    I’m sure Bonjean is going to come under a lot of criticism here from those of us who are pro-truth, pro-reality and, therefore, anti-NXIVM, but I’m glad she’s on the case. She’ll make a lot of money off this that she’ll use to fund pro-bono work for clients who actually are innocent. I know this will be an unpopular sentiment. And, no, I’m not saying she’s a saint and not also out for her own financial and media spotlight and self-interest. We live in a capitalist country, folks.

    Worry not, Raniere will never walk out of jail a free man, even if by some slim chance he manages to get a retrial.

    Raniere’s problem has not been and is not poor legal representation, lack of due process, manufactured evidence, media bias or the “hate” and “lies” his victimization-embracing lackeys constantly post here–his problem is reality.

    • Re “… to stay incarcerated in one of the worst rat-infested hell holes …”

      You have to look on the bright side. Keeping pets is probably prohibited in any prison. Here at MDC, however, inmates have the opportunity to keep “their” personal pets. This creates a positive feeling among the inmates. And the rats seem to be doing well and are comfortable. Rats and humans are similar. That is why certain people are called rats.

  • “I am honored to represent Mr. Raniere…”

    This is how low the bar has become for for honor in modern society.

    • I think any defense lawyer should be honored to defend their client. The role of a defense lawyer is one of the most nobel professions in America. A defense lawyer doesn’t have to like the person they are defending. More than the person, they are defending the constitutional rights of that human being and that is something I hope we all honor.

      • Then the appropriate statement would have been “I am honored to serve the Constitution in representing [even someone as despicable as] Mr. Raniere…”

        Or something like that.

        • Andy and Anonymous, I agree, it is a beautiful honorable thing to defend someone’s rights, to stand up for fairness. I’m excited to see what Jennifer Bonjean uncovers and advocates for.

    • For someone who care’s about due process, her comment suggest why this would be an honor: “It is already clear to me that Mr. Raniere’s Due Process guarantees were not safeguarded.” I have many friends who are defense attorneys who are dismayed by how bad the justice system is, and who feel honored to take on cases where due process has been destroyed.

      • “I have many friends who are defense attorneys”

        I see statements like this all the time and often wonder at them. Coming from a family, with some law and order: police, lawyer, barrister, one circuit judge -in law, apart from the admittedly expansive sociality of these professions, none of them consider themselves to have “many friends who are lawyers” I would never say, for example, “I have many family members who are..”

        A: because there are only 4.out of very many more. B: because not one of them would appreciate or condone me, using this fact to bolster a personal opinion concerning a legal matter. The law is nobody’s personal flunky. Citing friends and family in the profession doesn’t lend you equivalent authority.

        • Nfw, Same thought about that comment. Same thoughts about family. Agree! Agree! And most lawyers would be specific. Except if it’s their client. Then they shouldn’t discuss! And if it’s not, what do they really know? They would say, ” I am not familiar enough with that case” so we are dealing again with generalities! How often does Keith start sentences with, “many have-” and we never ever hear who the “many” are exactly! I know many wizards! And dogs! Pirates too! Many, many werewolves agree with me!

          • ” I am not familiar enough with that case”

            If I had a £ for every time I’ve heard that!

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