Clare Bronfman Lists Horse Farm 4 Sale & and Other Nxivm Tidbits

Clare Bronfman Horse Farm for Sale

A 234-acre horse farm and manor home, owned by now imprisoned Clare Bronfman in upstate New York, has been listed for sale for just under $5 million, according to a Zillow listing.

The list price is actually $4,995,000. The manor home, which is believed to date to 1805, has seven bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, is about 7,500 sq. ft. and is the town of Delanson, about 30 miles east of Albany. 

Clare Bronfman’s horse farm in the Capitol Region of New York State.
The manor house. I stayed at this property when I first came to work as a consultant for Bronfman-Raniere.

In addition to the manor home, the property has a large barn, carriage house, pond, riding trails, fields and a little woodlands.

Bronfman, 41, who has lived on the farm on occasion in the past, is presently residing at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center where she has served almost three months of an 81 month sentence.

The horse farm property address is 95 W. Wind Rd, Delanson, NY 12053.

Here are a few pictures:

Clare Bronfman’s bedroom.
Living room
Dining room where I held many of my meetings.
The upper level den area with piano. I used to play it and, with some degree of candor, sometimes a woman of Nxivm would tear up when I played the old Shaker song, ‘Tis the Gift to Be Simple.” The Shakers were an 18th century women’s empowerment cult who had a center in Albany.
My bedroom at the farm.

If you want to buy this property 95 WEST WIND RDKnoxNY 12053 Don’t tarry.  Listing ID202034510 GMLS
The listing is courtesy of Franca DiCrescenzo from Armida Rose Realty Group. DiCrescenzo is a long time Nxivm coach and has been the realtor of choice for most of the leaders of Nxivm when they conduct real estate transactions.
Franca Dicrescenzo


Rare Old Picture of Keith Raniere in Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd is a musical about an English barber who is also a serial killer in Victorian England who murders his customers with a straight razor and, with the help of his accomplice, Mrs. Lovett, processes their corpses into meat pies.

A young college student with a great deal of acting talent, Keith Alan Raniere, used to perform in this play in local amateur theater in the Capitol Region of New York. Thanks to the good people of HBO, we have a picture of the actor which appears to have been taken in the 1980s.

HBO’s “The Vow” up for Award


The Cinema Eye Honors are awards presented by the Cinema Eye organization, which is currently led by AJ Schnack, filmmaker Esther Robinson, filmmaker Nathan Truesdell, producer Andrea Meditch, former Hot Docs programmer Sean Farnel and filmmaker Laura Poitras.

The Vow seems to be nominated for an outstanding achievement award.

Nominations for awards are determined by voting of film festival documentary programmers; winners are voted on by an invited membership of more than 500 documentary film “experts.”

The awards are presented each January in New York and have been held since 2011 at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens.

Cinema Eye was created to recognize artistic craft in nonfiction filmmaking. The founders of the awards said they wanted to address a perceived imbalance in the field where awards were given for social impact or importance of topic rather than artistic excellence.

The first Cinema Eye Honors were presented at the IFC Center in New York City on March 18, 2008.

New Podcast With Sarah Edmondson

Sarah Edmondson is interviewed for a podcast, “Killing it on Broadway. Nxivm Cult Whistleblower Sarah Edmondson.”

It is 55 minutes long.

Jared Leto Suggested as Actor Best Suited to Play Raniere

Here is a little on Leto, who is 11 years younger than Raniere,

Jared Joseph Leto (born December 26, 1971) is an American actor and musician. Leto appeared in the television series My So-Called Life (1994). He appeared in the films, How to Make an American Quilt (1995) Prefontaine (1997), The Thin Red Line (1998), Fight Club and Girl, Interrupted (1999), American Psycho (2000), Urban Legend (1998), Requiem for a Dream (2000), Panic Room (2002), Alexander (2004), Lord of War (2005), Lonely Hearts (2006), Chapter 27 (2007), Mr. Nobody (2009), Suicide Squad (2016), Blade Runner 2049 (2017).

None of which I have seen. He appeared in another film I have also not seen: Dallas Buyers Club (2013). His appearance in the role of a transgender woman prompted the political activist group, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, to award Leto one of its trophies. Leto is considered to be a “method actor.” His publicists have revealed that he has “constant devotion to and research of his roles. He often remains completely in character for the duration of the shooting schedules of his films, even to the point of adversely affecting his health.”

If he portrays Raniere [and there is no known film role in the offing],in order to to really research the role and live it, he may have to learn judo, become a math expert, have actresses branded with his initials, play the piano at concert level, and become an ethicist, perhaps for Hollywood. He will also likely have to endure a 10 day birthday celebration in a mountain setting, perhaps largely holed up in cabins, oftentimes in his birthday suit.



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  • It was an old house that had been owned for many by the Gage family, who raised cattle and owned many adjacent properties. Historic but not grand by any means. The property was purchased by a person named Gary Zarr who renovated it and created the beautiful property that it became. His obituary: The purchase price was around 2.5 million as I recall.

    The structures look in good shape from the outside. The horse paddocks have been neglected and the fences are now old, some falling over. One field has largely grown into brush, but the main fields have been mowed each year. I don’t think Clare ever spent much time out at the farm, which is 25 miles ‘west’ of Albany, especially after she exited her equestrian activities. No locals ever came in contact with her that I know of. At first, it was an interesting talking point to mention that the old Gage farm has been purchased by a member of the famous Seagram’s Liquor family. Then all of the rumors about Nxivm etc. began to circulate.

  • Frank, I don’t understand why Clare Bronfman selling her house is news, let alone who her realtor is. This makes your website sound more like TMZ than a reputable news source.

  • Good thing Bronfman wasn’t in the horse stable when they cleared out the horses or she would have gone missing.

  • Leto is a great choice, and has the talent but is too young. Gary Busey will convey the bat droppings crazy qualities of Vantard that we have all grown to despise over these years.

  • Not my style – that house and a bit old fashioned inside not in a good way, but probably the right price for what it is and the land.

    • I think you have just hit on something. Danny Devito should play him when he is interacting with non-cult members.then when he is interacting with cult members in the film, he will be played by someone classically handsome, like the male star of 50 Shades of Gray or whoever.

  • I have one burning question about this whole thing — in all seriousness, WHAT ON EARTH did women find attractive about this guy?

    I’m serious.

    It had to be something with his persona since he’s not that good looking.


  • He might be a little old for the role but makeup could make him look younger but I think James Whitmore would be a very good choice. He has the same intensity and is a great actor.

    He was in Black Like Me and played a black guy. So he’s very versatile.

    • Are you serious? James Allen Whitmore Jr. (1.10.1921 – 6.2.2009) already died in 2009 at the age of 87. Do you have a time machine, or how are you going to cast James Whitmore for the role? Maybe computer animated? Or do you not want a film adaptation at all? You are a troll, or it is not serious.
      [Black Like Me (1964), James Whitmore als John Finley Horton]

      • I get the feeling that reader Better Choice than Leto was not seriously proposing that James Whitmore is cast in the role if such a role were ever to be available.

        However, I can see why James Whitmore was mentioned; he seems to have a similar wolfiness (ranginess?) as Daniel Day-Lewis.

  • The house is very nice. What was the space where u would work in like? Did u have a room for working or would u work from everywhere?
    Nice report.

    • I really like the house, too. I think it’s tasteful, minimalist and practical, transparent. I’d love to live in it. There’s nothing unnecessary about it.

  • If that is how the house was decorated when Clare lived there, wow does she have masculine tastes!

    My vote for the actor to play Keith Raniere would be Daniel Day-Lewis with long hair and a beard. Not because of any strong physical resemblance but that is who I would enjoy seeing in the role.

    I don’t really like Jared Leto at all. Even when someone is playing a villain, it’s kind of nice if they are attractive – probably especially compelling when the villain in a film is attractive.

    Unfortunately, though DDL is currently 63 years old and insists he is retired from acting. Boo!

  • Disagree on Jared Leto portraying Keith 1) too young 2) too hot/wrong body type 3) Jared is innately cool. Keith is inherently a dork.

  • I know someone who is very rich and very lonely. You can’t buy good relationships, and it is good relationships that life is about. That is where true happiness is found.

    I think Clare tried to buy happiness and found that it was not possible, so settled on a kind of limited power and influence as too many do.

  • 1805, or roughly the last time Prefect showered or brushed her teeth. Something about this group and personal hygiene just doesn’t go.

    • The home and its land itself is beautiful, and I feel that it all deserves to be a real home again, full of sweet dreams. There must be a better exorcist than Lama Dama Ding Dong or Swami Babble Babble Fuck Fuck Raniere, whatever can help this sorry situation come back to life. A lonely house waiting for more of Frank’s music. Ah, to be a house of love.

      The place has stood a long time and has earned more than a simple apology for enduring Bronfman’s usury. But that property is still being clutched by the “unethical hands” of a realtor who chooses to smell of Nxivm’s interior rot. That poor dear house, waiting for a family, for children, for real potentialities of happiness and simply growing up, to shelter and embrace.

      I wish the best for the spirit of that acreage. The beauty quietly waiting there leaps from the photos. All the house wants is warmth, laughter, children, fondness, dreams and love. Happy new year, sweet old home. Praying for a comeback to what is beautiful about life. Home, for one thing.

  • You played ‘Tis the gift to be simple/ ’tis the gift to be free/ ’tis the gift to come down where we ought to be…’?

    Oh, Frank, you really are full of surprises. Amazing the power of that little song.

    • The house is beautiful and hopefully finds happier people to live there. Full of memories and the dreams of all who have lived there, it could be so splendid and comfortable. Imagine all of the little kids who could learn to ride horses, who could be glorying in being outdoors there. The house needs a family. Not Nxivm twats full of voluntary personal trips and problems about a confused snot-head like Raniere. Swami Babble babble fuck fuck.

      Perhaps first though, send in an exorcist or at least have some Lama Dama Ding Dong over to bless the place and to rinse out any remaining bad juju left hanging around there, from the misery and the chronic, misguided “usury” of Clare Webb Bronfman.

      Clare really, really shoulda stuck with the horses. See, Clare?

      Frank played the piano at this house and had the foresight to offer some music composed to embrace simplicity, to get out of your own way and make room for some genuine peace and unconditional satisfaction. Simplicity is not for simpletons? If only Clare could repaint her life and choose again.

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