Mandatory COVID Vaccination Bill Introduced in New York Assembly

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ALBANY – A new bill was introduced to the New York State Assembly which would empower the health department to mandate the COVID-19 vaccination.

As mentioned in the bill, “If public health officials determine that residents of the state are not developing sufficient immunity from COVID-19, the department shall mandate vaccination for all individuals or grounds of individuals who, as shown by clinical data, are proven to be safe to receive such vaccine.”

The vaccine must be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research and the New York State clinical advisory task force before it can be distributed. Certain individuals who have medical exemptions will not be mandated to receive the vaccine.

The bill. “Assembly Bill A11179,” as its designated, is sitting in committee, according to the Assembly’s bill tracker.

Before it can become law it must pass the Assembly, and the New York State Senate, and obtain the signature of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Here is the Bill:

December 4, 2020
Introduced by COMMITTEE ON RULES — (at request of M. of A. L. Rosenthal) — read once and referred to the Committee on Health
AN ACT to amend the public health law, in relation to administering a COVID-19 vaccine

The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

1 Section 1. Article 21 of the public health law is amended by adding a new title 8 to read as follows:
Section 2178. COVID-19 vaccination.

§ 2178. COVID-19 vaccination.

1. At the time a vaccination for COVID-19 is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research vaccine product approval process and the New York state clinical advisory task force, such vaccination shall be required to be safely and effectively distributed in accordance with the department’s COVID-19 vaccination administration program.

2. Once the United States Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research and the New York state clinical advisory task force have approved the safety and effectiveness of a COVID-19 vaccination and promotion and distribution plans of such vaccine have begun pursuant to the department’s COVID-19 vaccination administration program, if public health officials determine that residents of the state are not developing sufficient immunity from COVID-19, the department shall mandate vaccination for all individuals or groups of individuals who, as shown by clinical data, are proven to be safe to receive such vaccine.

3. Any individual who has received a medical exemption from a licensed medical professional shall not be mandated to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and shall be excluded from the requirements of this section.

26 § 2. This act shall take effect immediately.


What is not expressed in the bill, is the penalty for non-compliance or what measures the state will use to enforce a person getting a vaccine. Will they be arrested and forcibly vaccinated? Will they be merely fined or imprisoned if they do not pay the fine? Will they be denied the right to appear in certain venues?

How will the non-vaccinated by identified and will they be randomly selected?

The bill also doesn’t define “sufficient immunity.”

The sponsor of the bill, NYS Assembly member Linda Rosenthal, who represents parts of Manhattan’s West Side, told FOX 5 NY that if less than 70% of the population voluntarily gets vaccinated then the mandate should take effect.

“Then the state Department of Health would have the ability to say that more people have to get it,” Rosenthal said in an interview with Fox 5. “And they would set the rules and they would set the structure.”

According to the CDC, “Experts do not know what percentage of people would need to get vaccinated to achieve herd immunity to COVID-19. Herd immunity is a term used to describe when enough people have protection—either from previous infection or vaccination—that it is unlikely a virus or bacteria can spread and cause disease.”

Politico reported that “Roughly 60 percent of U.S. residents would be willing to get a coronavirus shot, according to a Gallup poll released in November — up from 50 percent in September.”

The law firm of Tully Rinckey PLLC, posed a few more questions in an email to this publication:

  1. What constitutes a medical exemption?
  2. Who will monitor every individual to ensure that they received the vaccine?

Some argue that governments will never force someone to be vaccinated, “since it is a foundational principle of medical ethics that consent must be given for any procedure. The decision to make vaccination mandatory is therefore a decision to impose some form of penalty on those who do not follow the law.”

The New York mandatory vaccination bill however does not specifically state how the mandatory vaccine will be enforced.

The argument against mandatory vaccinations has been articulated by libertarians and writers on the subject of freedom principles, such as Robert Murphy, of the Independent Institute.

“Mandatory vaccinations involve a supreme violation of liberty, where agents of the state inject substances into someone’s body against his or her will,” Murphy writes, “…. Yet, the debate tilts even more when we recall that throughout history, government officials have made horrible decisions in the name of public welfare, either through incompetence or ulterior motives. It should be obvious that no fan of liberty can support injecting substances into an innocent person’s body against his or her will.”



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  • This is how deep the Lunacy goes:

    “Police and federal authorities in the US are investigating after a Wisconsin health system said an employee admitted to deliberately spoiling 500 doses of coronavirus vaccine.

    Aurora Medical Center first reported that the doses has been spoiled on Saturday, saying they had been accidentally left out unrefrigerated overnight by an employee at Aurora Medical Center in Grafton. The health system said the doses of vaccine now appear to have been deliberately spoiled.”

    “In a statement, Aurora said the employee involved “acknowledged that they intentionally removed the vaccine from refrigeration.”

    – Helen Smith, The Guardian, 31 Dec 2020.

  • This is the realty:

    “Los Angeles is becoming the center of America’s out-of-control coronavirus pandemic in these final days before the new year, with officials warning that a meteoric rise in infections is crushing the healthcare system in one of the country’s largest metropolitan regions.

    LA county has faced an onslaught of terrifying Covid developments in recent days, including a surge in deaths, dire shortages of hospital resources, and fears that doctors will have to make agonizing choices to ration care.”

    Sam Levin, The Guardian.

    None of the bizarre conspiracy theories can make it go away, but the emerging vaccines might help.

    1 in 95 people in LA are infected with the virus. Of them, 0.1 – 0.2% may die.

    *The sheer stupidity of people posting anti-vaccine propaganda on this site astounds me.*

    “Do we need to start filming people dying?” said Marcia Santini, a nurse at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), medical center, who is recovering from a brutal Covid-19 infection that forced her to be hospitalized at her own workplace. “People need to understand, there is no place to take care of you. You can’t have this mindset that this isn’t going to happen to you. It doesn’t work like that any more. The virus is rampant.

    Time to give up on the Conspiracy Industry CULT and face reality.

    • BS! Prove that more people are dying this year than last year, or any other year. The CDC are toying with numbers. This is treason and that’s a capital offense.

  • How do we know if the vaccine is safe?
    Let the Dem pols who want to push it take it.
    If they live, it is safe.
    If they die, the country is safe.

    • Ken-

      Senator Mitch McConnell and Vice President Mike Pence both have received the vaccine as well as Trump administration officials.

      I do not understand the logic behind your convictions.

      Are McConnell and Pence working for the Deep State or the Satanic Kabbalah?
      If this is the case please let me know.

  • That would be a bad move. Here in the UK we have always had voluntary vaccinations and that has worked very well and that is what we have for CV19.

    • I always loved and respected the UK, lived there for 12 years.
      Forcing people to take it would backfire. If it is a good and necessary vaccine I am in fact for it.
      The bitter outcry against any questioning and the Gestapo style mandating of it is bad either way.
      Bad vaccines ought not to be mandated, for obvious reasons; good vaccines, if mandated, will only seem
      bad and make people want to stay away.

      I am wondering why LA and not NY. Is the cold keeping the virus down?
      The Chinese told us it was a cold friendly virus. We know we cannot believe much of what they say.
      We also know it came from Wuhan. And that since then NO bats have been found with it.
      Anyone want to comment?

  • Know what the difference is between covid and the vaccine? If you die after testing positive for covid, then you died from covid – even if your death was from stage four cancer, alcohol poisoning or a motorcycle accident. If you die after being vaccinated for covid, then you died from pre-existing conditions – no matter how non- existent those conditions were.

    • Why Jim C is a treasonous anti-American anti-vaxxer:

      1. Pointing out anything negative about vaccines will cause others not to get vaccinated. This will slow heard immunity. Then you are putting my vaccinated family at risk of catching what we are vaccinated for (save your one-off, canned retorts). So, stfu and pretend vaccines are magic bullets.

      2. Questioning any numbers we are being given about COVID deaths will cause others not to wear their masks and social distance. That is bad. Just ask those providing you with the questionable numbers.

      3. Protecting the drug companies from being sued for their vaccines causing damage isn’t enough. Any true American should also protect the drug companies from hearing any mention of their vaccines not working perfectly.

      4. Any good little US citizen should do what they are told and not question our supreme leaders.

      5. I believe Jim is using sarcasm. How could any person joke about something as serious as COVID and vaccines? He ain’t right in the head.

      6. Only monkeys can question and are allowed to participate in the workings of society. I personally believe that good US Americans should get out their maps, find the nearest vaccination clinic, and help us build up our future. This will help us and help other countries such as the Iraq, South Africa, and the asian countries.

      • But to be a good US American Citizen no one should ever trust anyone else, because no one else is ever American enough. There is only one good American Citizen, and that can never be anyone else. There can never be an ‘Us,’ because of ‘Them.’

        Paranoia: The destroyer.

        Merry Christmas. Pull out the good wine.

        • If I know who my wife is sleeping with, I don’t need to be paranoid. Big Pharma ain’t me.

          .#6 wasn’t the wine, it was a play on Miss South Carolina 2007.

          To be a good US citizen, we need to question. The second we start questioning the questioner (rather than simply answering), we chip away at our democracy.

    • The difference between Coronavirus and the vaccine is that Coronavirus Covid 19 is a highly contagious virus that kills 0.1-0.2% of those who become infected with it, and the vaccine uses a non-infectious snippet of the Spike Protein of the virus to stimulate immunity.

      That’s the difference.

  • Hey people and monkeys!

    If people not receiving the vaccine did not impact the efficacy of the vaccine, then I would not care if you, anti-vaxxer monkeys died.

    I’d say, “roll the fucking dice with your lives. It ain’t my problem. It’s a free world.”

    Unfortunately, a sizable chunk of the population must receive the vaccine in order for it to work. So you monkeys need to get in line and shut up. 😉

  • RE: COVID Reality

    During the time my wife had Covid, for 10 day, twice I almost took her to the emergency room because her temperature topped over 104F. She refused to go to the hospital because she didn’t want to be separated from me.

    Trump and Rudy G. both ended up in the hospital with Covid and received topnotch care.

    Vice President Mike Pence and speaker- Senator Mitch McConnell both receive the vaccine. I was watching FOX and apparently all the Dems lined up for the vaccine to.
    Many in the Trump administration have received the vaccine that our President

    ************PROUD of Our President*******
    Trump, after working hard, laid the ground work for the vaccine rollout. Trump has worked hard to provide us. He even pushed the FDA to approve it.

    Why are so many of my fellow Republicans treasonously turning your backs on the work of our President?
    You people must be illiterate, superstitious, or simply old fashioned retarded.

    Please refrain from responding. You will only embarrass yourselves and tarnish the Republican Party.

      • NutJob,

        STFU is not nice language. Even Scott does not use such abbreviations. I am greatly disappointed with you. I won’t report this transgression to Frank. I know you are a passionate young man. It’s sucks to feel like a losing New York State professional sports team….

        ……the Knicks 21-45 and the Rangers 37-28 season will be better this year.

        We all can’t be winners! 🙂

        I have 2 winners to look forward to watching in 2020-2021. Celtics & Bruins!!!! ….You not so much.

        • Sorry. Should have said, “Niiceguy says STFU”. I say “”Don’t stfu. Make your voice heard.”.

          How are the Sox looking in 2021? Win yet another tainted title due to cheating and then last place for how many years???? Looks like at least 3….

          Not sure you can rep some boy kissing Rats who’s only hope in 2021 is that the league mercifully took Tampa out of their division. Stanley is getting yet another tan.

          Good luck with the Celtics. LOL.. You heard their 0% chance of making noise here first.

          How are the Pats doing? You rocking a Cam poster on your wall? Thanks for Tommy, btw. And keep thinking I do anything but root against all NY teams.

          You = Tainted Title Town. Me = AL Champs. Stanley Cup Champs. First team to win the Super Bowl in their own stadium. Shit, we’ll even kick your ass in basketball in 2021.

          TELL ME HOW MY ASS TASTES (quoting Shaq, Frank – no need to redact)

      • I guess I’m imagining the excess 300,000 dead people this year.

        My wife wasn’t deafly ill over a week ago?

        Regardless. I hope you have a happy holidays and a merry Christmas!

        Take care!

  • I live on the west side of Manhattan and consider Rosenthal not just an idiot, but a vile, despicable incompetent human being.

    Little doubt that if Hitler were in power she would be welling Jews to the Gestapo.

    What if a person does not take the vaccine, do they get sent to the camps, or to Rikers Island where they might well contact the virus? Or another disease? Or get abused by sick inmates?

    What does Rosenthal do to protect NYers from sick criminals? Not much. Old ladies are pushed onto the subway tracks and killed by the kind of people the left lets out of jail.

    Maybe they let them out so they have room for people who refuse to take their vaccine?

    Fraulein Rosenthal, please resign.

    Ken Gibson
    Resident of Manhattan’s west side since 1980s

    • The reality is that most of the people who want the vaccine, will probably never get it, due to the inability of the US Government to organise anything that happens outside of Washington DC, and very little that happens there. The US lacks the infrastructure, the manpower, and the simple will to distribute the vaccine on a large scale.

      Delivering the mail has become a major challenge that is teetering on the edge of collapse.

      I will be very surprised if by today’s date a year from now, 30% of the population has been vaccinated.

      Check back in a year and laugh at me if I’m wrong. I’ll laugh at myself with you.

    • Ken-

      Hamptons and the Westside?????

      What prep school did you go to? Dalton, Choate, or Groton?

      It’s a small world. I’m going to have to ask around about you.

    • Ken-

      In all seriousness do you sublet your Hamptons place?

      I’ll pay a cash security deposit and cash for incidentals.

  • It looks like the Trump government isn’t even able to organize the distribution of the vaccine, let alone force it upon anyone…

    “Inside the chaotic first days of the effort to vaccinate America

    States and counties have been left to sort out where to send vaccines first and how to get them there.”

    “Such quandaries resonate with officials in Georgia, Kentucky, Utah, Indiana, Wisconsin and Colorado. The first push of the nation’s mass Covid-19 vaccination effort has been chaotic, marked by a lack of guidance and miscommunication from the federal level.”

    If it’s a conspiracy, it’s a hilariously inept one!

  • Much ado about nothing. The Supreme Court will strike down such a law.

    Forcing children to receive the vaccine as a requirement for enrollment in school is legal.

      • Someone said that every Coronavirus briefing Trump held was like a line in a very long political suicide note. Literally every step was bungled and beyond any reasonable doubt, deaths were much higher than they could have been, if very simple hygiene precautions had been pushed HARD and consistently. Nothing fancy. Just sensible precautions.

        This is just opinion, but I think if it hadn’t been for his absurd, and outlandish behaviour surrounding Covid, Trump would have won the election, instead of losing it it decisively.

        Bring on the baseless conspiracy theories… 🙂

        • —This is just opinion, but I think if it hadn’t been for his absurd, and outlandish behaviour surrounding Covid, Trump would have won the election, instead of losing it it decisively.


          You are right!!!!

          Good luck reaching this group of dunderheads. 😉

        • Not only because only ⅓ as many people would have gotten ill, he wouldn’t have wrecked the economy either.

    • Mainly because there haven’t been any, and aren’t likely to be any. The companies asked for it, and your Trump government saw no problem with it. The Trump government had no reason not to have a very high degree of confidence in the vaccine. Vaccines have largely eradicated Polio and Smallpox, even though anti vaccine cranks have existed for more than a century. Vaccines have succeeded in eradicating these terrible illnesses because they are enormously effective, and very safe. You think you don’t need a vaccine, because you have an immune system, but all the unvaccinated people who died of Polio, Smallpox, TB and Covid had an immune system too. So you can give the vaccine a miss if you want, but to baselessly deter people who may *need* the vaccine from taking it, is nothing more than conspiracy fantasy at it’s worst.

      Study the science. The *real* Science, not Alex Jones.

      • Paul. such important points. In my mother’s day [’50s], every year group in her school contained one polio victim. By the time I went to school in the ’70s, I knew of one polio victim in the whole of my town, and that was my cousin’s lecturer at Art college [the late great Ian Dury]

        My grandmother lost four school friends to Diptheria, in the late ’40s – only, no one made a fuss, because of the WW2 death count.
        TB was still prevalent in the early ’60s – many of us from that generation were born with TB scars on our lungs. Then there was cholera…

        We were given our BCGs as we queued for lunch at school, were our parents asked? Maybe, I can’t remember. I do know I never caught measles-rubella or any of the diseases I was vaccinated against.

        Unless I’m ever really in trouble – accident, coughing up blood, I tend to rely on homeopathy and herbalism – which doesn’t alter the FACT that Vaccination is one of many profoundly efficient pinnacles of Medical Science and one that has proved its efficiency over and over again across generations of time.

      • The Trump government saw no problem with it because having a problem with it would have slowed the emergence of the vaccines.

        Vaccines have done great things and will continue to do great things in the world. The second we stop questioning science – especially pharmaceutical companies – we are asking for bigger problems. When the pro-vaccine world dismisses every single question that arises about vaccines, it causes undue mistrust and elicits even more questions.

        It is ok for vaccines not to be perfect. Nobody is asking for them to be. When we pretend they are perfect, it has the opposite impact of the intended consequence of the misrepresentation.

        • Nutjob we must always be vigilant about big pharma, even if accepting of the efficiency of vaccination per se. Nothing about the way this situation has been handled in the free west engenders confidence imo, I sympathise with the conspiracy theorists’ fear and need for explanation, I feel that way myself – up to the point where existence of the virus itself is called into question.

          I was diagnosed positive for Covid in October, I remain virtually symptom free and am exhausted with assuming every tweak of physical discomfort might be ‘IT’ – next stop the ventilator. If I were C-19 negative, I would frankly dread and fear the vaccination, but take it for the herd’s sake, because atm, with, a personally known to me, covid death count of 3, I fear the virus more.

          • I hear you and can’t say I’d be any different. Really weird time hear in the US. We all know shit is true (false) and are supposed to pretend otherwise.

          • Listen to yourself. Black? / White? Blue? / Red?

            That “make up your mind” mentality is the problem. The answer is being flexible and doing what’s right.

    • Since nobody else will answer you, Shadow, I will. There are two possible answers. 1. The vaccine may cause bad reactions and big pharma wants to be protected from lawsuits. 2. The vaccine causes bad reactions and big pharma wants to be protected from lawsuits.

  • “I am from the government and I am here to help”. Can’t deny that these can be terrifying words. We are rapidly approaching the same loss of life as compared to American soldiers, sailors, and marines in the Second World War. The 10th Amendment affords states great leeway in how they conduct their affairs. This is how it works. I may not agree with politicians telling me to get jabbed in the arm. I don’t but sometimes the arguments need to happen after the crisis passes if they haven’t been resolved previously. At this stage, it is a matter if those legislating and executing will lead from the front. Cuomo and members of the New York State Assembly should all have their sleeves rolled up and show their boo-boos prior to signing.

  • It is and will remain a matter of personal choice. If you are offered it and want it, take it. If not, don’t bother. Not one person will be forcibly vaccinated.

    • There are several mutations currently in play. This is to be expected. There will be more. Luckily, the RNA vaccines are easily tweaked to target emerging mutations when necessary.

  • Perhaps there will be an immense increase in the amount of people who decide to identify as Christian Scientists, if that affiliation somehow “legitimizes” not taking a questionable substance into one’s “sole” biologic instrument. And I think of a guy I love who is gone now but was a conscientious objector, willing to go to prison rather than go to a certain (undeclared) war, Muhammad Ali. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see.” I won’t forget his willingness to stand alone. What a beautiful man of courage and principle, who respected himself and his own inner life and decisions about how he would live his life. But then, Ali understood his energetic bodily housing more than most people do. He worked it. Like a magician. Concentration, strength, courage. The very aikido of motion deploying the substance of a life really lived, adventurously, experimentally and truly.

    Also, back in the sixties, my dad spent a bit of time with Muhammad Ali. When they were introduced and Muhammad Ali heard my dad’s surname, Ali’s face lit up and he said, “I’m a little bit Irish, too.” The Irish branch of my family were thrilled to hear this, and we still are. Thrilled by Clay and even more thrilled by Ali. We are one. See it or don’t. This has nothing to do with skin color or genetics. It is about spirit. It is about what is precious. How you live the gift of life, enthusiastically or like a dullard. To risk or not to risk.

    So. Don’t tread on me. Born to risk and born with a long memory, both historically and very personally. I am not owned, not by any materiality and not by any know-it-alls who dream of governing others and/or of supplanting anyone’s freedom to decide for oneself, even about how to adapt to 17 (jack-waddling) mutations, from what I analyze to be a laboratory-produced and a deliberately manufactured, now mutating viral spread of physical destructiveness.

    Stop with the thickheaded hallucinating, about the amassment of ignorant and what is going to turn out to be essentially self-annhilating “power.” Or let us build a stadium with a stable containing plenty of hungry lions, so you chuckleheads can get it over with quickly. Who’s on first?

    This bossy bullshit is delusionary behavior, from what I see, analyze and intuit. Drop that bastard. Nobody made any self-important, non-metaphysical apes into anyone’s emperor. We live in a sea of constant change. Kindly get hip to your own “guest status” and stop fucking with mother nature. You sad-assed ciphers who are so attached to being in the billionaires club aren’t the creator(s) but are merely another rude and presumptuous platoon of very egotistical guests and are here very temporarily. Take off the masks. You, who are the hypocritically sneaky control freaks, and who stumble around here as immensely narcisststic depopulation pushers, are in for some big, big surprises. Remember the story of Echo and Narcissus from Metamorphosis. Huh? You want cosmic, you will get it. It is like drowning inside of a tidal wave. And “you” do not even need to have a perspective about what is cosmic. We are some of the ingredients of something unspeakably vast, and that is life, that is love. This isn’t some crazed and greedy shopping expedition happening here.

    No one injects fear into fearlessness. The twinges of fear are a challenge to overcome, without any reason to surrender, unless that reasoning is one’s own. This is an ongoing spiritual war that has never needed to be fought, not by me.

    Who’s the fucking boss? Nobody. That’s who. Ya’ll fools like Bill Gates are showing symptoms of the madness that we’ve seen manifest over and over again on earth. Fascism. Deranged entitlement. New disguise, same old shit. Observe a bestial and cold-hearted depopulation scheme and through noncompassion and via studied nonawareness, it will keep on trucking.

    You can’t touch this. The number one happening that I have studied the MOST in my life is what fascism did to our beloved Jews, to our Roma and our Sinti, to our political objectors, our brothers, our sisters, our mothers and fathers and grandparents,, any of those who were deemed too young or too old or too unworkable to enslave, to humiliate, to kill. Some rodeo. Stay hungry.

    • “Perhaps there will be an immense increase in the amount of people who decide to identify as Christian Scientists, if that affiliation somehow “legitimizes” not taking a questionable substance into one’s “sole” biologic instrument.”

      Shivani, it looks like there is no religious exemption, only a medical exemption.

  • Be very careful with the Covid

    Bioweapons Treaty Author: COVID Vaccine Contains HIV

    the shocking revelation that the vaccines for Covid are making recipients in Australia test positive for HIV.

    Dr. Francis Boyle Darpa’s Biowarfare Weapon Vaccine Will Kill People
    Dr. Francis Boyle Darpa’s Biowarfare Weapon Vaccine Will Kill People

  • This Bill is not worth the paper it is written on. It is logistically unenforceable. Even in the US, medical records are private and confidential, so the task of identifying those who have and haven’t been vaccinated, presents an insurmountable hurdle. Then there are data protection laws to consider.

    This will NOT become an enforceable law.

    No chance at all.

    • Not till Fraulein Rosenthal sends in the Gestapo. BTW, I protested outside the PR Chinese consulate on Friday with Daby Carreras, who lives in Harlem. There they don’t trust any vaccine, Farrakhan did a big expose in his paper, not that I am a Farrakhan supporter, but I like to understand what people are thinking around me.

      The protest at the consulate was met with thumbs up from one of their own guards; the others called the cops and tried to deny us the right to free speech, acting as if PR China owned the sidewalk.

      Up here on the west side, where no Chinese people live, the park signs have been changed from English, Spanish and Russian to English, Spanish and Chinese. This took place as COVID 19 was starting up.
      So maybe the enforcers will be Chinese military.

      Remember RED DAWN? 1984 movie, remake in 2012?

      Remember how US kids formed a resistance and wrote “WOLVERINES” on the enemy sites – America, in the movie, had been invaded by communists – “WOLVERINES” was in fact written on the PRC consulate last Monday and on the side of the NYT building, I sent photos to Frank.

      I say arrest Rosenthal and all the US reps with ties to PRC agents, Swalwell, etc.

      • —PR Chinese consulate on Friday with Daby Carreras, who lives in Harlem.

        You have big balls!

        Don’t ever go to Hong Kong.

    • Statements like that only matter if you punch these cocksuckers in the throat

      Vaccination is 100% unnecessary. The death rate is 1%

      Life is about fighting. Not comfort.

      • ” The death rate is 1% “. A very non-nuanced, unscientific statement. 1% of what population? Perhaps, a bit higher for select demographics?

        • Within the population as a whole, the death rate is between 0.1 and 0.2% exactly as I stated repeatedly at the end of March and beginning of April. There’s a big difference between 1% and 0.1% to 0.2%!

        • Thanks for adding statistical truth few seem to understand.

          1% for the whole population does not mean 1% for everyone.

          “95 Percent of Americans Killed by COVID-19 Were 50 or Older.” – AARP

          Now that I’m 50, I am not too happy with my prospects.

          I imagine my friend, Shadow, on the Frank Report, born in 1958 does not understand that a 3% mortality rate translates into nearly a 1 and 30 chance of dying.

          Statistical Example of a 1 and 30 Chance:

          Imagine I push a bowl of 30 M&Ms, one of which is laced with cyanide, towards you. Would you feel comfortable choosing one?

          Because that is what you are asking people who are over 60 to do by not taking the Covid-19 pandemic seriously.

      • Nut Job and the Judge,

        I guess none of you understand what happens when the hospitals are overrun and triage dictates who lives and who dies.

        Not to mention the lifelong complications that can develop from being infected.

        BTW: Rubella and smallpox usually have a death rate of 1%.

        Your problem seems to be that you don’t understand that out of 100,000,000 million people 1,000,000 will end up dying.

        1 million people dying!!!! What don’t you get?

        1 million people dying all because people like you, as you previously mentioned, are worried about microchips implanted in your buttocks.

        “Cocksuckers” you say, well I think you might be drunk on too much [censored]. Advocating violence? Maybe, if you get COVID you will be sent to Walter Reed Hospital and receive the best care available like our glorious President.

        Vice President Pence has received the vaccine as well as Mitch McConnell. But maybe they are now part of the dreaded Deep State. Mmh?

          • Ken-

            .01% is less than 1%

            What are you talking about?

            1% of a hundred million is one million.

            Ken you are going by an “estimate” of the number of infections and the current number of deaths. All the US numbers come from the CDC. The death rate as fixed to the number of people who have actually tested positive and the number of deaths is 1%.

            One minute you claim the CDC is the deep- state and the next minute you use the CDC estimates and not the actual positive numbers to win an argument?

            Your number is a rough estimate based on the number of estimated Covid cases—Not the actual positive result.

            Not too mention when the Number of Covid deaths subtracted from the number of total deaths in United States…..

            68,000 additional people have died. How do you explain that? Because that number comes from the CDC. The same CDC which you use a non factual number from.

            In estimate is an estimate.

            Get some real actual numbers.

        • I’m not. I am one of only a few individuals on the planet who realizes that there are two sides to the discussion.

          As a 100% Pro-vaxeveryone, do you think the government should force citizens to get the vaccine?

          • No, the government should definitely not force people to take a vaccine.

            However, requiring schools to require vaccination as a stipulation of enrollment is OK.

          • As NY has already done. Playing with it is a thing of the past. Now, they are playing with forcing everyone to get vaccinated.

          • Hit submit too quickly. That’s the point. Schools were the groundwork and low hanging fruit. Adults are next? Those sticking their heads in the sand and saying “Weeee. Vaccines are good!”- are missing the real story/stories.

          • How twere you able to edit your tweet? Since we’re apparently pivoting, should schools require students to get the flu vaccine?

          • By alternatively denying an education to kids, aren’t you forcing them to take a slew of em? Assuming all adults were once kids, I’m not following how NYS isn’t forcing people to get vaccinated. Or, just this new vaccine they’re not going to “force” on us, because it’s unconstitutional? But the other vaccines are constitutional to force on us? Or, rather, just the punishment of denying an education is not overly sufficient to be classified as “force”?

            Even if you believe all children should be forced to get the other 20 or so vaccine shots in order to go to school, AND you think adults shouldn’t be forced to get the COVID vaccine, I hope you understand my angle. At some point, we’re splitting hairs.

          • — That’s the point. Schools were the groundwork and low hanging fruit. Adults are next? Those sticking their heads in the sand and saying “Weeee. Vaccines are good!”- are missing the real story/stories.

            Our government allows you to homeschool your children or to send them to a religious school. No one is forcing anyone. I don’t wanna vaccinate your kids – just don’t send them to public schools.

            BTW: Public schools are a form of socialism.

            There’s no municipality or government state or local that doesn’t charge a real estate tax (i.e., a school tax) in the continental United States. You don’t have a problem with the socialist K-12 school system. Vaccinations are the real evil?

          • Did you read what’s above your comment? If yes, I’m self redacting. If no, how about this – we’ll give you a $1200 stimulus check if you get the COVID vaccine. Good idea or bad?

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