Exclusive! Keith Raniere Most Recent Message to the World: ‘I Will Be Killed in Prison – Soon!’

"Any ideology or thoughts of a better world are just fiction until they are actualized." - Keith Raniere

For months, Keith Alan Raniere has been saying he will be killed once he is assigned to a permanent prison.

Frank Report now has exclusive audio of his statements, including ones from just these past few days, where he says he is certain to die if he is placed in general population in a maximum-security prison.

His attorneys previously asked the judge to recommend that Raniere be assigned a prison with a drop-out yard, where he would be with other prisoners who need protective custody because of the nature of their crimes, their celebrity, or the fact that they are informants.

The judge declined to make the recommendation.

Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison on October 27th. Now, one month later, he remains at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, awaiting permanent placement by the Bureau of Prisons. He might be assigned to a maximum-security prison and, by all accounts, he would be unsafe there unless he opted for a life of solitary confinement [protective custody]. He might be assigned to the Supermax in Florence, Colorado, where he would be mandatorily placed in solitary for at least three years.  He might also be assigned to a drop-out yard prison, as his attorneys requested, where he would be comparatively safe, far safer than at a regular maximum-security prison.

There is another possibility for Raniere. He could request to go to a facility with a high population of sex offenders so that he could undergo treatment for his ‘disease.’ This would require Raniere to admit he is a sex offender, something he is unlikely to do. Of course, the BOP could assign him to such a facility, such as the one in Tucson, Arizona.

The best-case scenario for Raniere is the drop-out yard in Allenwood, Pennsylvania.  The worse case is solitary confinement at the supermax.

Over the past few months, Raniere has expressed concerns to followers that if he goes to a maximum-security prison and is placed among the general population, he will be murdered.

Let us listen to his voice, followed by transcripts of what Raniere is saying about what will happen to him.

Audio 1:

Raniere explains there is a man, a dangerous man, [Alejandro Junco?]  who wants him killed. Apropos of this, it has been rumored by a prison source that members of the Latin Kings and the MS-13 gangs would be interested in seeing Raniere killed and will take steps to do it if they get the chance.

Date: 3/26/2020


So here you have a man who’s used to and he’s notorious for being vicious. He’s been vicious to even his own family, vicious to anyone where he doesn’t get his way. In a way, he’s seen as a tyrant. He’s seen as someone who has so much money and so much power, he can always get whatever he wants. And he’s known for taking his opponents, discrediting them, shaming them…  and if anything happens to him, really wreaking havoc on the lives of his opponents, putting them in jail, supposedly all sorts of terrible things happening to them
And he told various people he would put as much money as necessary, literally hundreds of millions of dollars to have me put in jail for the rest of my life, to have me killed, to have me destroyed. To have me, whatever… the worst thing you can imagine.

Audio 2

Raniere predicts that once he goes to a penitentiary, he will not live long

Date: 4/8/2020


Yeah, I’m looking, you know, I’ll be in here the rest of my life if we don’t do something. The rest of my life may not be that long. Considering the way things are in here, you know, once I get to a destination point, I guess I’ll go to a pen

Audio 3

Some people told Raniere years ago that his fate would be to be unfairly convicted and murdered in prison

Date: 4/27/20:


But the scariest thing that was ever told to me and has been told to me several times over the past 20 years is not only the fate of what will happen to me, and the fate was always they will create public outrage in the media and it’ll be untrue, but it doesn’t matter. That public outrage will cause political pressure, which will cause pressure on the justice system. They will indict you. They will convict you. They will put you in prison for life and in prison, it’s possible you will reach a very bad, have a very bad demise. It’s pretty awful. Some of the things that were told to me and then some of the things that happened showed that to be true and showed that we don’t have what we think of as the justice system.

Date: 06/17/2020

Audio 4

Raniere predicts that with the sex offense charges, he will be killed in prison, despite the judge making sport of it.

So, you know, the judge then says, oh, well, we’re not really talking, we’re not talking about the death penalty here. Ha ha ha. He laughs a little bit and says, just, you know, we’re not talking about that. I just wanted to be sure. Well, with these charges and if I’m sentenced to life and go to a penitentiary, it is a death penalty.

Audio 5

Raniere predicts either a penitentiary or the supermax and the possibility that he may never speak to his friends again. This was said four days ago.

Date: 11/21/2020


“And right now, over the next month to two months is a real countdown for me, because once they designate me and either ship me off to the Supermax or ship me off to a pen, things become dangerous for me. And you guys may never get to speak to me again, for all I know.”

Audio 6

Raniere tells his followers that the tampering of Camila’s underage nude photos, which he alleges was done by the FBI, is the most important issue to save his life, since inmates need to know he is not a sex offender or they may kill him. Spoken three days ago. 

Date: 11/22/20:


Tampering in itself is such a fundamental issue to the case. I know the attorneys like to batch a bunch of issues together but sometimes it’s important to not only highlight them for the justice system and the public but even for “inmate justice.”

Audio 7

Spoken two days ago. Raniere reminds followers that he will be soon assigned to a prison and then it will be dangerous: i.e., he may be murdered. He, therefore, exhorts his friends to put the public, the BOP, and the judge on notice that he may be killed if the prison assignment is not appropriate.

Date: 11/23/20


“I can’t think of anything else to say, but remember these things have to move quickly because, you know, I get designated soon – and then I’ll be out of here. And that’s a dangerous situation for me.”
The crimes Raniere was convicted of did not come with the death penalty, The BOP does, of course, have a duty to protect him from being murdered.
The prisoner himself is forewarning them that it may happen. This is based in part on his being a ‘CHOMO,’ a person that inmates believe is a child molester. In addition, Raniere says, an extremely wealthy individual is offering a bounty on him.
If Raniere is murdered in prison, after predicting that he will be, it will be a big story. No matter how many people celebrate his death and say he had it coming, implicit in his death will be the inference that the BOP is incapable of protecting prisoners.
The agency’s reputation took a hit with the death of Jeffrey Epstein. If they lose Raniere, it will be worse since this would be another high profile death; nobody will call it a suicide, Raniere has predicted it – and his attorneys asked for a safe assignment to Allenwood.
If he is killed, the BOP bureaucrats will look like bad actors or foolishly incompetent.
The BOP will not want this to occur, of course. They will act with diligence and prudence and most likely assign Raniere to a facility where his life is safe.
This can be one of three choices:
(1) He could get the supermax, where he will likely be safe in solitary confinement but will undergo human torture the entire time he is there.
(2) He could go to a prison with a high population of sex offenders – and be comparatively safer since the sex offenders/child molesters are so common that they are not special targets.
(3) Or if it goes well, he could be assigned to a prison with a drop-out yard where he would live a comparatively decent prison existence. He would also have contact with his attorneys who will need to communicate with him as they work on his appeals.
In the supermax, he would be remote, constantly alone for at least 3 years, unlikely to be able to easily communicate with his attorneys, living in a tiny cell with no human contact and only one phone call per month, and probably no visitors ever.
In any event, now with this public notice by Raniere, it may be less likely he will be assigned to a penitentiary and placed in general population.
If he is and he is killed, the story of Raniere will end with his public warning that he would be murdered if the BOP placed him in a certain facility. The BOP then placed him in that facility and he was murdered.
The BOP will not want that kind of publicity, not in the wake of Jeffrey Epstein.  My guess is that he goes to the supermax. However, the right thing to do is place him in Allenwood or Tucson, where he can follow up on his appeal and not be subjected to torture by inhuman solitary confinement.

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  • what a wonderful piece. nice one.

    You are a beautiful representation of the best humanity has to offer. A nonpareil man.

    Did “it” ever occur to you, within the realm of possibilities, Frank might be called as a fact witness or material witness in the criminal case?

  • One of the worst things a sociopathic criminal does to those they “love” and “care about” comes after they are convicted.

    Instead of accepting their sentence as the consequence of criminal activity and admitting guilt, they make it a problem for those on the outside. If you have a true relationship with a person and have made even a big mistake, that person will still stick by you in an appropriate fashion. Calls, visits, money for snacks, letters.

    But to psychologically imprison them through manipulation into believing that you are innocent is simply cruel. To make them compromise their intellect in order to keep the desired image you demand they maintain of you is really wrong.

    To say ” we” have to do something. “We have to act quickly” is to urgently push them toward wasting more resources, energy and, most importantly, more time on your own selfish behalf.

    Tell them the truth. Release them from this charade. Let them move on. Stop controlling. If sociopathic criminals have therapy, it only teaches them sharper “pretend to be human” skills. They learn the “normal/right way to act”. What Keith – and, by manipulation, his followers – are doing; with the legal contest, the DOSsier project, these recordings, the podcast, the Vow, if they give him that platform, is trying out what angle might work to benefit Keith.

    If one engages with the followers they are bouncing possible ideas, jargon, psychology off of the normies. They are making you do the work for them. And ultimately. You are by proxy working for Keith.

    In that scenario, he is still manipulating the public and filmmakers, etc. Getting them to do his work for him. For free. As always.

    Getting you (the normal human) to tell him how to sell his appeal. What political buttons to push. How to trigger a healthy empathetic soul to his cause. How to rehabilitate his image, etc. Don’t be a sucker. Keith’s got nothing but time. Make him do his own work. For once. Should be a breeze for the smartest and most ethical man in the world.

  • [catching up on the recent articles from the holiday week….]
    Can you clarify: Most of these articles attribute the audios to conversation he had with you, Frank. However, your article here makes no mention of that, nor did I think that as I read your article. Am I assuming correctly that these recordings were NOT conversations that he had with you?

  • Looks like Daily Mail has picked this story up and is crediting you, Frank. They attributed some photos to you as well, but I don’t think one of them is authentic, linked below. It doesn’t look like any pic I’ve ever seen on the Frank Report. The brand is incomplete. Did DM photoshop one of your pics? Article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9001045/NXIVM-founder-Keith-Raniere-says-fears-killed-prison.html
    Direct link to pic: https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2020/10/27/15/34905456-8884159-Raniere_brandished_the_women_who_were_part_of_DOS_a_sub_sect_of_-m-22_1603814346570.jpg

  • “If Raniere is murdered in prison, after predicting that he will be, it will be a big story.”

    A ‘big story’? Yes, For a few days (at most), but by the end of that (business) week it’ll be L o n g forgotten. I suppose you’re insisting it would even eclipse Epstein’s suicide notice(s), simply for the sake of Foreshadowing (Vanguard’s). Even ‘that’ might yield buoyancy, but hardly endure.

    In fact, Keith’s premature expiration (in custody) would be a Big Story for 36-hrs, after that, only Cable News outlets would bother (w any necessary updates).

    Maybe ‘Important’ (story), but hardly ‘Big’ …and we know this!

  • Why is Frank so accurate in his assessment that Raniere is a gaslighting cult leader but obtuse to Trump’s gaslighting?

    As we sit, Trump has tried to overthrow democracy. Who is worse?

    • Trump has tried to overthrow democracy? We’ll see. With the new Biden regime, I expect higher taxes, fewer jobs, more regulation, higher gas and heating oil prices, reduced exports, borders open to foreign criminals, deteriorated national security, and more intrusion into my constitutional rights. Perhaps I’m wrong.

      For some reason, there seems to be a need to throw a Trump barb into every conversation almost as an afterthought. If we are going to have a true dialogue, then let’s have one.

      I dislike President Trump’s demeanor and method of communication. I dislike his hair. But I’d like what he’s done for America from my perspective.

  • Kill the goose who lays the “ golden eggs”?
    I think not. Or, at least not immediately. as long as there are people willing to pay for his safety, KR will be “safe”. When the funds dry up, that’s when the real “adventure” will start.

  • Raniere should go to the Super Max prison because that is the only place where he will be “safe”. The BOP is acutely aware of Raniere’s brainwashed groupies and how they use lawsuits as a weapon. Any other placement could activate the cult members on the outside and it could spiral into a headache for the BOP.

    • Supermax for Raniere is a waste of my taxpayer money, I’m not concerned about his safety, and other prisons can severely limit his contact with the outside world. LOL

      • The BOP and DOJ having to deal with endless lawsuits initiated by brainwashed puppets, on behalf of a deranged molesting puppet master, is a big waste of time, resources and taxpayers’ money. The only way to shut that down is Super Max.

  • A few purposed cast changes for Games of Thrones:
    Joffrey Baratheon – Keith Raniere
    Cersei Lannister – Nancy Salzman
    Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish – Mark Vicente
    Tyrion Lannister – Barry Meier
    Jon Snow – Frank Parlato
    Daenerys Targaryen – Catherine Oxenberg
    Ramsay Bolton – Allison Mack
    Jaime Lannister – Anthony Ames
    Arya Stark – Kristin Keefe
    Sansa Stark – Barbara Bouchey
    Margaery Tyrell – Sarah Edmondson
    Shae – Nicki Clyne
    Lady Olenna Tyrell – Catherine Oxenberg’s mother
    Qyburn – Brandon Porter, M.D.
    Samwell Tarly – Judge Nicholas Garaufis
    Lady Lysa Arryn – Clare Bronfman
    Robert Arryn – Sara Bronfman
    Brienne of Tarth – Bonnie Piesse

    • Keith is Little Finger.
      Mark is Lord Edmure Tully or The Hound
      Catherine Oxenberg is Brienne
      Frank is Tyrion
      Toni is Catelyn Stark or Lyanna Stark
      Barry Meier is Archmaester Embrose

      “Shae – Nicki Clyne
      Lady Olenna Tyrell – Catherine Oxenberg’s mother
      Qyburn – Brandon Porter, M.D.
      Samwell Tarly – Judge Nicholas Garaufis
      Lady Lysa Arryn – Clare Bronfman”

      You nailed those.

      • The books are better. I highly recommend the audiobooks as well, they’re read by Roy Dutrice. I painted an entire Victorian exterior while listening to the series, and Roy made the time pass with ease.

        When I got a sense of the vast amount of stories in this case, my first thought was Game Of Thrones. It would take an author that understands world building to tackle the entirety of it all.

        Keith is Little Finger, he is the one who set it all in place, one house against another to enrich and empower himself.

        Allison Mack is like Joffrey

    • Jim-

      No offense, but thanks for ruining the Game of Thrones show and the books A Story of Fire and Ice.

      Frank would be the original Third Eye Raven. Max von Snydow one of the greatest actors of the 20th century.

      Jim—Any idea when the next GoT book is coming out? It’s 5 years too late.

      Thanks !

    • What does that have to do with the subject at hand? Why do you find it important to connect Frank to D’Angelo?

      And Frank, this seems like it would fall under your rules for amending/omitting comments. Even if it contains a poke at you (which I know you allow), it has nothing to do with the article.

      • I agree with you L — but I wanted to be clear: I have not hidden from this sensitive topic. A man I know, who worked for me, has been accused of horrific sexual crimes. I never saw him this way. I do not know the truth of the matter. I know he must be considered “innocent until proven guilty.” So Scott says everyone is reporting it but me. I did report it at first, when there was only one woman accusing him. Now there are three.

        I am not in a position to report it. There is nothing I can add to what has already been reported, which are the allegations. It is up to the defense to determine what should be disclosed or held for trial.

        I never mind Scott criticizing me. I wish he would stop criticizing other commenters. I am deleting those comments. About 55 percent of all comments I delete come from Scott.

        • You never saw D’Angelo “this way” because you’re a dude. LOL

          I don’t know the truth of the matter either, but an indictment from three different women and double digit charges doesn’t look good, and the woman who sued him civilly AND used her real name in the lawsuit isn’t even one of the three and she claims there are dozens of other women who haven’t come forward yet – sound familiar? LOL

          Of course you’re in a position to report it and claimed in an earlier story that you would report it no matter which way the investigation goes, why are numerous indictments from three different women having similar experiences with D’Angelo not newsworthy? LOL

          Scott and I both see everyone as equal, we don’t treat some with kid gloves and others honestly – the truth is always fair, remember? LOL

          Besides, I wasn’t criticizing you, just as I don’t criticize others, just laying out the facts and/or asking questions – the truth is always fair, remember? LOL

          • LOL-

            You are a beautiful representation of the best humanity has to offer. A nonpareil man.

            Did “it”ever occur to you, within the realm of possibilities, Frank might be called as a fact witness or material witness in the criminal case?

          • You are a beautiful representation of the best humanity has to offer. A nonpareil man. ===> I accept your compliment, [redacted] NiceGuy 666. LOL

            Did “it”ever occur to you, within the realm of possibilities, Frank might be called as a fact witness or material witness in the criminal case? ===> Frank is the one who brought up D’Angelo and said he would investigate and report on the accusations wherever the facts lead him, did it occur to you that he made that statement? LOL

        • Thanks for the explanation. Hard position to be in – and somewhat similar to how Raniere’s defenders might feel. Gotta be uncomfortable to hear those accusations of someone you knew and may have thought well of.

        • I didn’t know, but I’m glad you made a statement about it. It seems like it would be a good idea that you don’t cover it since there is a bias as a friend/coworker.

      • [redacted] this isn’t the first off-topic comment to be published on this website. LOL

        Frank connected himself to D’Angelo, I was merely reporting an update. LOL

  • The NYTimes reporter who broke the story of the cult couldn’t resist seeing how “The Vow” and “Seduced” compared with his own experiences. says:

    The reporter who broke the story of the cult for The New York Times couldn’t resist seeing how “The Vow” and “Seduced” compared with his own experiences.

    in my first encounters with Vicente and Edmondson, they stuck me as messier — and in turn, more interesting — than how they appear in “The Vow.” For instance, Vicente and Edmondson insisted during our first talks that Nxivm wasn’t a cult but a self-improvement group that had somehow gone off the rails. And Vicente, a filmmaker who shot much of footage chronicling Raniere’s reign that animates “The Vow,” told me that he still wanted to promote a movie he had made that glorified Raniere’s activities in Mexico. I told him I thought he was nuts.


    • I wanted to post that too, but there’s another part of that article that could open up to a whole series.

      My gut told me in seconds what others keep confirming over and again. Another journalist will take all those tidbits and craft a more in-depth criticism. Those behaviors upon first meeting are expected fresh out or with one foot still in. It’s the later material that contradicts natural patterns, in its affected presentation. Mark has too many “yes men” around him, I think by his design.

  • “Exclusive! Keith Raniere Most Recent Message to the World: ‘I Will Be Killed in Prison – Soon!’” Why does Raniere only tell us the good news? LOL

  • I apologize if my English sounds a little strange, it’s not my mother tongue. I agree in that Raniere is a despicable human being, so please don’t allow the following words be read as an advocating post, because it isn’t. What I’m trying to think is whether there are certain mechanisms we can find functioning in cults as such that might be also “findable” in the way contemporary normality works. Of course this way of addressing the theme doesn’t constitute any novelty at all, but it’s mostly just the standpoint I’m interested in when it comes to think about this subject matter of cults in general but of NXIVM in particular. The similarities and the blurred borders between some practices considered acceptable in society, like marketing, and some practices of indoctrination within cults. I hope nor Frank nor his readers will take my perspective as an offensive one, and I’d really like to read any comment about it. I’m open at being taunted of and will also stoically accept without hard feelings any mockery the stable readers would feel incline to produce in this regard.

    • @Ana

      I think I get your point. I don’t have any answers, but this case also has had me thinking about the line between acceptable persuasion, such as in advertising or political speeches, and so-called brainwashing. Is that what you mean?

      It looks like in some countries the government has laws in place against “cult-like” behavior, like what is described in this article (it’s an oldie from 2009 though).:


      • Interesting – trying to define cult-like behavior to distinguish a “cult” from a “religion”. I think this list from Bethune-Cookman University anti-cult policy is food for thought- it seems NXIVM checks the box on a lot of them:


        Isolating members and penalizing them for leaving
        Seeking inappropriate loyalty to their leaders
        Dishonoring the family unit
        Absolute authoritarianism without meaningful accountability.
        No tolerance for questions or critical inquiry.
        No meaningful financial disclosure regarding budget, expenses such as an independently audited financial statement.
        Unreasonable fear about the outside world, such as impending catastrophe, evil conspiracies, and persecutions.
        There is no legitimate reason to leave, former followers are always wrong in leaving, negative or even evil.
        Followers feel they can never be “good enough”.
        The group/leader is always right.
        The group/leader is the exclusive means of knowing “truth” or receiving validation, no other process of discovery is really acceptable or credible.

        In terms of acceptable persuasion like advertising/marketing vs brainwashing, my initial thinking on it is that acceptable persuasion is theoretically fact based. Yeah, we have photoshopped images, over hyped customer testimonials, using specific filters to interpret data, etc. in commonly accepted persuasion (which is why I tend to look at advertising in general with a jaundiced eye) – but the basic motive is to sell a product, service, etc. I think cult-like brainwashing is more geared towards control of people (although there’s often a make money from them factor there as well). I think the blurry edges on these issues contribute to making it difficult to fight the detrimental effect that high control groups have on their constituents.

        • Hi L,

          That list is useful not only to trying to distinguish cult-like behavior from a religion-like behavior, but also trying to distinguish it from other more secular behaviors. Thank you for sharing. As for what you wrote about (quoting) “In terms of acceptable persuasion like advertising/marketing vs brainwashing, my initial thinking on it is that acceptable persuasion is theoretically fact based”, what occurs to me in that respect is that in some situations like certain institutional contexts (motive: power), a massive cult-like behavior within an institution (it could be the state or some specific institutions within the state) that has been purportedly infiltrated by cult-like organizations steered by elites from without or within, could sometimes deliberately produce the very facts destine to validate the “acceptable persuasion” among the rest of the staff (non believers), and so the “persuasion” would end up being akin with the cult-like gaslight techniques but somehow it’d be worse, because people would find themselves under the pressure to adapt to a strange set of norms, even when they would be aware that the very reality of their workplace has been manufactured in order to produce an expectation structure “theoretically fact based”, in other words, they would become behavioral followers of a cult they wouldn’t believe in, by the force of “persuasive” coercion. And as far as I understand, that would be legitimate.

          • I see what you mean – that’s why I termed it theoretically fact-based. If an institution/government/employer uses their own determined facts to set policy, I think it is necessary for individuals to verify facts for themselves on issues that are important to them. “Facts” presented institutionally may be based on an interpretation of underlying data that is primarily beneficial to the institution’s needs. My own personal cynical view is that institutional “facts” usually fall into this category – so I need to pick my battles carefully if I don’t want to spend my life researching.

            I think this is why Raniere could be so harmful – sometimes you are alerted to a potentially biased “fact” by your own internal moral/ethical compass saying “There is something off here – time to take a closer look.” For all his talk of authenticity and exploration of self, Raniere worked hard to have people ignore their own internal compasses. The intellect over instinct sort of argument that rates the opinion/”facts” of the “smartest” man over the thoughts of another. I would argue that a truly “integrated” human being has balanced the internal skills of intellect and instinct/emotion.

      • LostinMusicAlison,

        Thank you for answering and also for the link. I think you understood what I’m trying to think, at least partially.

        In my opinion, based on my personal experience, there are a number of gray zones that allow the presence of cult-like organizations within state institutions, forming stable bureaucracies that manage to infiltrate and bend state formal norms or, more precisely, substitute those norms for a variable set of coercive mechanisms in order not so much of achieving some specific goals – although they legitimize themselves that way among their followers – but of sustaining and reproducing the positions of power the organizational techniques provide for the infiltrate elite that steer it.

        They infiltrate and then they blend in. So, I’m interested in the figure of Keith Raniere whose academic background is in data science, and I think such detail might be the specificity of NXIVM as a cult. In other words, I’m trying to think if there is a legitimate functioning of some bureaucracies based on cultic ways of organization, and I wonder whether what makes an organization a cult has to do with a set of objective characteristics or with something more subjective: i.e., the perseverance of those who were damaged by the purport cult in organizing themselves to try to prove their criminality, as was the case with NXIVM.

        • In the U.S., cults are not illegal and they are protected by the First Amendment of religion, speech, assembly, etc. LOL

          It’s when cults commit actual crimes that they run into trouble. LOL

          • Hi,

            I understand that the First Amendment in the U.S. clearly what attracted so many cults to base their headquarters there. One of the most unbelievable of events of that saga in the history of cults based on U.S. soil is shown in the documentary series “Wild Wild Country”. I was so amazed when I watched it in Netflix that for weeks I kept stopping and rewinding the video again and again (!). As for this part of your post, quoting: “It’s when cults commit actual crimes that they run into trouble” that was precisely what I was trying to say in my post answering LostinMusicAlison’s, where I wrote: “I wonder whether what makes an organization a cult has to do with a set of objective characteristics or with something more subjective: i.e., the perseverance of those who were damaged by the purport cult in organizing themselves to try to prove their criminality, as was the case with NXIVM”.

          • This is why I tell people to stop focusing on the cultish aspects of a cult and instead focus on laws being broken. LOL

            Cults may be fascinating to study but if you want the government to do something, then find and report the criminal activities. LOL

    • Ana,

      Do you mean the normalized systems around us that have different levels of toxic messaging? If so, yes. That’s the first thing I noticed.

      The control measures of food and weight, and skinny little girl esthetic was my first tip off. That sort of thing has been marketed to women for decades.

      Narcissism is worshipped and rendered invisible by internet culture of displaying ones self and ones life as superior or enviable, but is really a performance of those cultural expectations. Selfies and crafted avatars that never match reality, but fill the need for validation and praise. Success is not measured in talent or achievement, only image and “likes” and followers.

      Keith’s dad was in advertising and probably knew of the master of manipulation marketing Edward Bernays.

      Rick Allen Ross has a website that gives information, but any cult leader will fit the definition of an individual psychopath and narcissist

      I firmly believe it was toxic elements in various disciplines, tweaked, and made into a tool of manipulation, easily fit right in with some of their prexisting beliefs.

      • I agree with all you said but what I meant has more to do with this part of your comment: “I firmly believe it was toxic elements in various disciplines, tweaked, and made into a tool of manipulation, easily fit right in with some of their preexisting beliefs”. In other words, what happens when a cult-like (to be generous) organization with elite members in various disciplines infiltrate an institution of the state and succeeds in establishing within it with no need of accountability for its actions whatsoever? I wonder whether even if their proclaimed motives are noble and they declared intentions are laudable, a moment wouldn’t arrive in which it would probably became a state within a state but without any kind of separation of powers nor accountability of any type…

    • I don’t think you should be uncomfortable with English, it’s not my mother tongue either, but I’m trying. Your words come over to me, I get it, and I feel the essence of your thoughts, and I’m happy to read it.

      I’m starting to realize that what you’re writing about is present in everyday life. workplace, human relations, etc. Only in a more nuanced form. This topic concerns me, too, especially how to respond meaningfully to such situations without harming anyone, but still staying on the beaten path. It’s a constant question.

    • There are so-called cult experts who deal with defining and distinguishing high control groups, i.e., cults from other social groups. Rick Ross is a well known name associated with NXIVM. He had been saying NXIVM was a destructive cult for well over a decade. Experts like Robert Lifton have come up with a set of eight characteristics that are common to high control groups. People who conflate religions and cults are simply wrong. Yes, some religious groups can be cults, but not all religions are cults. There is a distinction between persuasion, indoctrination, etc., and coercive control or brainwashing and these terms should not be conflated. Logic is objective, and its rules can be used to support or deconstruct arguments (persuasion, advertising, indoctrination, propaganda etc., are just forms of such) so that people can understand what is legitimate and what is not.

      • Hi,

        Logic might be objective but it’s an open system (Gödel’s incompleteness theorems). As for cult experts, I´m not fan of them. Right now I’m reading a book by the sociologist Janja Lalich comparing a 70’s cult with a 70’s a political party –“Bounded choice. True believers and charismatic cults”-, which I strongly recommend.

  • There are 500 million reasons why Keith won’t get killed in prison and the Bronfman sisters have them right there in the bank. Makes me wonder though whether Sara would foot the bill for Keith’s protection since Clare is busy for the next 79 months plus her probation, or will Keith’s posse beg on street corners for spare change for his protection money …. just a thought

  • Maybe Keith should have had a little bit more foresight and empathy before he gaslighted so many of his harem for his own pleasure. Considering his last act before he was arrested: he thought he was going to get a circle blow job from his most loyal whores. Then he ran and hid from the police in a closet like a frightened little boy, a coward.

  • It is just so asinine to think or believe that anyone would spend $200,000,000.00 to put him in jail. For fucks sake, he was even in Mexico. That shit costs a pound of coke or $10,000 pesos and he is gone the next day. That is not a joke but 100% real.

    • Actually, he should be dead by now by his own estimation: no sex with nubile slaves for 2 years now (did he not tell his women he would die if they refused to have sex with him/refused to recruit fresh flesh for his consumption?).
      Plus most of his harem (at least those who have seen the light – not just the ‘blue’ light) have now gone on to have other relationships – and according to KR, that would sap his energy and kill him.

      We’ve already got InCels. We need a new word for Involuntary Renunciate …

  • Oh, c’mon now, Keith. This mysterious man who’s out to kill you prolly never had anybody killed — not killed, KILLED — he was prolly just showing his remorse that people got killed for his beliefs…or theirs.

    So what if this dude controls “billions” – you think every billionaire got their fortune killing people or something? Billionaires are some of the finest, most upstanding badasses on the planet who wouldn’t harm a fly. You know that.

    Also seems like whoever told you you’d be unjustly prosecuted and locked up for life was only trying to get your goat, maybe scare you out of the country or something.

    You do know you sound completely paranoid and irrational. Are you on meds?

    Fact is, nobody wants to kill you, Keith. Everybody I know, anyway, wants to see you safely ensconced where your precious thoughts cannot be stolen, will not be brandied about and misused but buried safe from prying ears and eyes…and other prying objects.

    In Supermax solitary, your life as a renunciate can begin in earnest, without the slightest disruption, fear or thought of any human concern.

    You shall be reborn in a subterranean womb, nurtured by the genius seed you carry, engendered by that potent power you were once desperately compelled to share with so many ungrateful hoes who betrayed their vow to you.

    You showed my sister her path to enlightenment, out of samsara, to Godhood.

    May your path to immorality be just as joyful as you made hers and the many lives you touched. Remember, all pain is spiritual gain and if you wind up in general population just keep those asbestos pants pulled up tight.

    • Keith is neither important enough nor notorious enough to be killed by the powers that be. It’s not as if he has sex videos of Bill Clinton or Prince Andrew in his vaults. This reminds me of his stupid argument that Walmart was out to shut down Consumers Buyline because they were terrified of the competition. C’mon…Really?? He’s always thought he was more important than he is.

    • KR taught about reincarnation. Does it mean that if he dies before doing his 120 years, he will have to reincarnate in order to ‘pay off the rest of his debt to society’ as he would put it? After all, it is not a ‘life’ sentence (that would be expunged with death) but a 120 years one. Maybe he can use the time he now has to ponder this and share his ‘teachings’.

      • Heh – that might be a relief to those of us with whom he claimed a special bond across lives. Personally, I vowed to myself that if reincarnation really is a thing, I WILL remember a couple of lovely narcissists from this life (Keith included) so I can kick their asses in the next life if they come within spittin’ distance of me. But if he gets a go-straight-to-jail, do-not-pass-go-do-not-collect-$200 ticket in the next life, so much the better for me. Then I only have to keep a weather eye out for one narcissist. I like this particular mental mind game you are playing.

    • I think it may be the best thing ever posted on FR. That was so awesome in so many ways, Heidi!!! Talk about a mic drop!!!

      Can somebody make sure that little bitch reads Heidi’s post before his prediction come true?

  • It would be stupid to kill Keith. It’s better to beat the shit out of him every day until Sara and Clare cough up protection money. They will go bankrupt to protect him and everyone in the prison, including the guards, knows it.

  • I know if it was my daughter he gaslighted, manipulated, raped, abused, took years of her life away, separated her from her family and I have the stroke to have him taken care of permanently, I wouldn’t hesitate.

    So yes, there may be an angry Mexican father ready to have him pay the price for his conduct on biblical terms. So be it.

  • Regardless of everything, I don’t think he deserves to die, and neither does the most deranged serial killer. That would be a wolf for humans. This man is guilty and he’s been given the right sentence, which is just enough to make him think about his life and his actions.

    If he does not do so and does not admit it (he probably will not), he still has 120 years to be imposed the rules and the right to live as an outcast of society. The rebel’s punishment in compliance is closed to everything and everyone. It is nice.

  • If anyone belongs in Supermax, it’s Raniere. He could pick up a phone and have judges, prosecutors, or witnesses killed.

    The second he sent his Manson Family to stage a simultaneous threatening of all the prosecutors across multiple locations, Raniere showed the BOP he needs to be headed to Supermax. It’s entirely plausible that he has some innocuous code phrase like “Cut down the tall trees” to trigger SOP loyalists into a state of violence.

    Ted Kaczynski couldn’t so much as inspire a barber to cut his hair and he’s been at Supermax for 20 years.

    • I could see where you might think this, but I truly doubt that any of his current followers would commit acts of violence. If they were willing, I would have been offed a long time ago.

      • People’s Temple, Heaven’s Gate, Ranjeeshees, and Aum Shinrikyo.. They were all completely non-violent… until they weren’t.

        Suppose Raniere poisoned his associates all by himself without any assistance from anyone. He still wasn’t in Alaska to personally “delay” the very late Kristin Snyder. This strongly suggests at least one co-conspirator is still out there with the willingness to bury the bodies for Raniere, if not murder for him.

        Unless we really believe Snyder did him the favor of not only killing herself, but also taking her uterus and hiding it somewhere it could never be autopsied.

        • Maybe you’re right. I doubt that his remaining followers will do violence on Keith’s behalf. But I imagine at some point almost everyone will commit violence for something they believe in.

          Still, this group does not seem like the violent type and I think they would leave Keith if he asked them to commit violence. But maybe I’m wrong.

          • The MDC dancers are definitely the most harmless, Squeaky Fromme variety. Good work on your outreach to them.

            But BOP has to consider the possibility that Raneire may have a Luca Brasi or two out there.

          • Whilst it is probably true that his believers won’t kill for him, it may be because Keith had not got to that part of the curriculum.

            Do you think he was heading for that? He must have been intrigued as to how far he could push his women and if they would kill for him. I think it would only be a matter of time before he tested out his mind games to that extent.

          • I too get strong Squeaky Fromme vibes from the dancers, because that’s exactly what Charles Manson did when he was on trial, to show his power outside his prison walls. Squeaky Fromme attempted to assassinate Gerald Ford. She wasn’t harmless, she was just more patient.

          • …Yeah, you mean like Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt PROMPTLY left Keith when he called on them to get court orders to imprison, rape, rough up, etc. a group of defectors and whistleblowers to the death?

            Like that kind of “violence,” Frank? That immediately sent every NXIAN who knew about it — including Nancy & Lauren & Clare & Sara & Kristin Keeffe & Rosa Laura Junco — a whole slew of highly ethical people in control of the world’s wealth — back in 2009/2010 when, according to Kristin Keefe, the plan to perpetrate it was put underway and WE did ALL get phone calls and invites to cruise to Mexico?

            Yeah, that sure repelled NXIAN leaders to abandon Keith — sent them straight to the Albany police and DA’s office seeking indictments against…

            AGAINST the NX “ENEMIES” Keith ordered um, interrogated, in a Mexican or, later, machs neitscht, American, prison!

            Why some of those very “enemies” were on the indictment hit list provided to you and Roger Stone, too, you say? But I’m sure Stone’s reassurance that “indictments can’t be bought” dissuaded them from trying that route to enemy annihilation here in our great democracy.

        • “People’s Temple, Heaven’s Gate, Ranjeeshees, and Aum Shinrikyo.. They were all completely non-violent… until they weren’t”. EXACTLY.

          • Don’t leave out: Proud Boys, Michigan Militia, Boogaloo Boys…standing back and standing ready.

      • I heard that they tend not to “off” people with whom they are in litigation, like you Frank. Might seem a bit suspicious were some sudden ill-fate to befall someone they’re suing to death already. Might be seen as, maybe, tipping the scales of justice a little too much in their favor.

        In other words, while you’re prolly pretty safe from any detectable, physical harm from a diehard NXIAN, Frank, I don’t think your personal survival (or thrival) is a measure of safety and surety for any other of their less obvious targets — who, as you know, have been and continue to be attacked in less obvious ways such as deemed a murderously insane, armed and dangerous, individual out to “off” Keith Raniere and/or Donald Trump. Or maybe just her ex-husband. Or maybe the great man, Frank Parlato, himself.

        I suppose if they really wanted to prove their point, they could just go ahead and “off” any one of the above and frame that criminally insane person for it. That’s the only way I can see they’d figure on getting away with it. Yeah, might work. 🙃

        • I think you’re right. I do not have the story immediately at hand, but someone did tamper with John Tighe’s food or drink in an Albany area coffee shop. He was poisoned and hospitalized. Prior to that, someone threw nails under his vehicle tires.

          Long before Frank, John used to be NXIVM’s Enemy No. 1. Eventually, they got him arrested and imprisoned. I believe if they could have killed him and gotten away with it, they would have.

  • It’s so easily tempting for the human brain to escape reality in high concepts like ‘the system’ and ‘justice’ and all the ideals he spouts, but these are simply escape hatches, avoidance techniques, distractions from the only true issue, which is the explicit actions of one individual and the illegal, harmful, a lethal influence he had on others. Stop with all these bullshit ideologies and platonic ideals of what should be vs. what is. There are no perfect systems and no perfect people. This one man had his cake and ate it and it’s gone into his bowels and into the overstuffed plumbing system of the MDC. It’s over and he knows it and thank goodness some of us can see through the smoke and mirrors of his all-you-can-eat word salad buffet. If his brain had any sense, he would say wow, maybe he was misguided and fell off the path, apologize to whomever he hurt and do his best to rectify. That is what a truly intelligent and ethical person would do. He’s not that and never has been. Frank, you have a good heart. He would have buried you alive if he had the chance.

  • Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of Joy.

    Allison Mack’s sister posted this thought on her Instagram page:

    “If you’re struggling again, I’m still proud of you.”

    “If you’re lost right now, I’m still proud of you.”

    “If you feel at a low point I’m still proud of you.”

    These postings vanish after 24 hours but here is the original page.

    I wonder if Allison’s Bronfman-paid lawyers have told her how many Victim Impact Statements have been filed against her.
    Or maybe her lawyers told her what the recommended sentence range is.
    Maybe some music will cheer up those who are down in the dumps.
    One of the backup singers in this video is rumored to be a cooperating witness for the FBI.

  • Again, just petty drama and baby crying from Vanguard…Let’s not get all alarmed about what has been the typical victim behavior from this criminal.

    Frank! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Do you know if there is a Thanksgiving celebration at MDC? Do they offer a special meal? Is there a religious service? Do inmates have some special treatment today?

  • I have no sympathy regarding Raniere’s sentence, but the US penal system is a total disgrace that denies the most basic human rights to inmates.

    1 out of every 31 people in the US, are either in jail, in prison, on probation, or involved in some capacity with the justice system.

    Well over 2,500,000 Americans are currently in prison and a huge number are in some other form of detention.

    This means that Americans are either incredibly criminal by nature, or the system doesn’t work. I prefer to believe the latter explanation.

    To be known as “The Incarceration Nation” is not a desirable thing.

    How many people are incarcerated because they impulsively did one stupid thing without being any danger or threat to anyone?

    Very very many.

    As for Raniere, he does at least, deserve to live.

    • Criminals love to take advantage of the freedoms we have, my vote is to keep my freedoms and the high incarceration rates. LOL

    • “How many people are incarcerated because they impulsively did one stupid thing without being any danger or threat to anyone?”

      This would not fit Raniere, not even close. He did many dangerous things and threatened many people for decades. Hence, the 120-year sentence.

      Does he deserve to live? If anyone is questioning that, I haven’t heard that mentioned from a legal standpoint or from any of his victims.

      Prison isn’t always a safe place for prisoners. Even more so for child sex offenders. More so for crybaby, smart asses like Raniere.

      No one can stand him at the MDC from the staff to his fellow inmates.

      He’s well-known for not taking a shower for days or even more than a week. This man can smell. He is well-known for thinking he is above everyone else and letting everyone else know it.

      Why else would his shoes be found with shit in them, his glasses be broken, and no one wanting to eat next to him?

      Raniere isn’t good at making friends unless he can rule over them. That hasn’t proven to be successful at the MDC. Nor is it going to be a successful plan any place he ends up at.

      Raniere can’t be successful unless he has a group of women doing his storytelling of the lies of what an amazing man he is for him.

      Raniere’s self-inflated ego is driving his delusional lies of “I’m not safe & I’m going to be killed BS. If an angry father wanted to make that happen, it would have already taken place by now don’t you think? Wouldn’t it have happened years ago?

      If anything, Raniere will become hopeless.

      His main followers will give up hope and leave him to build a different life. Raniere will lose any chance of winning a second trial. He will run out of money for his highly paid attorney team and be abandoned to an overworked public defender.

      Looking at spending the rest of his life being bars with no one to prop up his ego. With no one to feed his narcissistic belief in himself, Raniere will most likely end his own life.

      • Obviously, Raniere does not fit into the “Did one stupid thing” category. He was a career criminal and the leader of a criminal organization. My point was that there is no point in incarcerating people for trivial, one-off crimes. There are non-custodial options that can be applied.

  • Raniere, semi-pro parasite and guru of not necessarily wanted, yet all-important (so fucking IMPORTANT) cum stains, is worried about death.

    Yeah, yeah. “Pay attention to ME ME ME ME ME. I could be killed dead.”

    Oh ye of little faith.

    What can one say but wooly bully?

    Wooly bully, wooly bully.
    Oh yeah
    Wooly bully

    Reap exactly what you have raped, Swami A-hole.
    Reap it thoroughly
    and in unrelenting detail

    You have never seen

    Now lemme hear ya sing
    Don’t Cry for me, Argentina
    Whilst karma spins its
    with impeccable gusto.

  • Any inmate faces the possibility of being killed. Prison isn’t a nice place to be – it’s full of, y’know, criminals.

    Raniere likes to think of himself as special. That doesn’t mean we have to. He’s just another felon. I think he’ll go to an ordinary Federal penitentiary, among the general population.

    He’ll have a hard time there, just like all the other felons. He’ll be scared, certainly. He’ll get harassed, maybe beaten up.

    One of the other inmates might even end him – but it will because he doesn’t like Raniere’s face or gets tired of listening to his bullshit. Not because he’s a political prisoner or there’s a million-dollar hit out on him.

    Please. The boy needs to get over himself.

    Nor is the BOP going to face great repercussions in the unlikely event that Raniere gets offed inside. Judge Garaufis doesn’t think Raniere deserves special protection and neither do I. Federal prisons do an adequate job of keeping inmates in one piece to serve out their sentences.

    Raniere will die in prison, that’s for sure. But only because he’s 60 years old and his sentence is 120 years.

    Whenever I hear Raniere whining about his fate, I think of the tough-guy philosophy he used to spout in front of his women. Whatever happened to Keith the stoic? The guy who thought there were no victims, and we were all responsible for our fate?

    C’mon, Keith – you were always quoting the Classics: remember Socrates calmly accepting his lot and drinking the hemlock?

    What a phony. What a sniveling coward.

  • He is clutching at straws with the picture as the girl says he had sex with her at 15 so the picture is pretty irrelevant to that. He never seems to express sorrow for anything others have suffered. It is all me me me

  • A crime with no violence, drugs, weapons or even sex.

    120 years.

    This already looked to me like a plan to kill someone, but this new information really is alarming. A system where people are defamed, convicted on prejudice and killed by their government is the opposite of a free land.

    • Ok, “Nicole” we get it. You’re still up to give Vanguard a Blowjob. Unfortunately for you, no matter how much you whine, you’re not getting it. Say bye-bye to the great leader.

    • Women mysteriously went missing after Nxivm! Women were branded because of DOS and their coercive assault and collateral! Not to mention underaged girls were assaulted! He appears to be a pedophile and was recorded for saying he’s had people killed https://nypost.com/2010/10/22/cult-leader-keith-raniere-makes-killer-claim-on-newly-released-video/ That’s really as bad as it gets! If you cared about real freedom, you wouldn’t want anyone imposing these crimes on others and limiting their own personal freedoms! He was convicted rightfully and everybody knows it. The guy even tried to deny his involvement with DOS and recordings showed he’d planned the whole thing, contrary to what he’d said, just like most things. Thank goodness justice was served and he was incarcerated. It was long overdue.

    • Blackmail and branding is violence. Sex trafficking is violence. The jury and the judge got it right.

      But great you support Keith. He already has prison groupies but he always loved a harem. I recommend you write to him.

      • Mexican Lady – Recommending that the new commenter write to Keith because he likes a harem, seems a little sarcastic. Let’s say the commenter is a supporter of Keith, I want to encourage debate and have a shot at deprogramming her, not drive her away by sarcasm. I want his supporters to have an equal chance too. If they have evidence of Keith’s innocence, or tampering evidence, let us see this.

        I know you are protective of the victims, but for all we know, the commenter may be a victim too, and like the other victims, from Dani to Ivy, they could only leave in their own good time. Until then, they defended Keith with all their ardor.

        • Re Mexican Lady’s Reprimand


          ……And now Mexican Lady has run afoul of the new policies………

          ….She is one of the most polite and classy commentators on the Frank Report. She always is supportive of other people who share.

          I am being SERIOUS!

          Frank, you are going a little too far, my friend.

          • I did not reprimand Mexican Lady, I simply asked her not to be sarcastic. I am trying to encourage commenters to come on her without being mocked or bullied.

          • Niceguy, you are so gallant – the perfect antidote to our friend LOL.

            I had to do a double take also.

          • —I am trying to encourage commenters to come on her

            You’ve crossed I line men don’t cross Humbugger!

    • A crime with blackmail and sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of a minor. All proven in open court and a conviction handed down by a jury of his peers.

  • This needs to be exposed. Regardless your feelings about Keith. It hurts all of us. This is a huge injustice. If Keith did make all of this crimes, if he didn’t or just some it shouldn’t matter. We all must fight for justice.

  • *Smiles*

    When Jeffrey Dahmer was killed in prison those “BOP bureaucrats” probably got gift baskets.

    It’s too bad he didn’t listen to those warnings all those years ago, it seems he could have prevented much of this. It seems he knew he would end up in prison. I wonder what he’s complaining about.

    He believes in the justice he’s describing being visited upon himself. He had plans to lure others to Mexico for so much worse than he’s going to receive. He’ll die quickly.

    • Cilantro, you are spot on that Keith brought this on himself. I will never understand why he could not draw the line at and be satisfied with tons of money, sex on demand, servants, adulation and relative immunity from scrutiny by local law enforcement. That signals to me some vast emotional emptiness and inability to take pleasure with what one has. That Keith catapulted, not stepped, over the line to his inevitable and foreseeable detriment is perplexing to me.

  • Is the FACT that all KR supporters conveniently gloss over and alleging evidence tampering doesn’t change that FACT.

    This man had x rated nudes of a FIFTEEN year old GIRL in his possession and the VICTIM herself confirmed his pedophilia personally, in court.

    Even if there was some chain of custody issue by the FBI, it doesn’t change any of the FACTS: she was 15, there is x rated documentation on a device owned by KR. It’s preposterous to think the government somehow came in possession of x rated nudes of this girl and planted them on KRs camera.

    He had a proclivity for these types of photos, a FACT testified to by all of the victims.

    • The statute of limitations for statutory rape in New York is 5 years, I believe.

      Even if he had been convicted of it back in the day, he only would’ve had to serve a few years in prison— Plus register as a sex offender.

      If he really was a serial statutory rapist, it is a pity he was never charged and convicted of it, but the fact is, he never was. Is it right to slap someone with extensive prison time in retribution for a crime they have never even been charged with?

      As for the photos, I think his defense is trying to say whoever did the so-called tampering could have easily changed the meta-data and falsified the info showing the date it was taken, so you can’t say for certain without a reasonable doubt that it was taken when she was underage. And it might be implied that somehow the telltale scar was photoshopped.

      I’m not saying he is a stand-up guy, but I still have questions about the fairness of the convictions/sentencing.

      • New York statute of limitations for second degree rape (which covers statutory rape) is now 20 years.

        He wasn’t convicted of statutory rape – he was convicted on 7 counts: racketeering (including predicate acts of extortion, identity theft, and production and possession of child pornography) and racketeering conspiracy; sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy; forced labor conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy. Even if you throw out the “production and possession of child pornography”, he’s still convicted on the other charges. He was sentenced on the charges for which he was convicted – not in retaliation for his statutory rapes.

        Personally, I believe he produced and possessed pictures of Camila that constitute child pornography. I believe I also know where his original obsession with the “look at me smiling at you over my exposed crotch pose” came from. I met an “old girlfriend” of his whose current boyfriend at the time (1980) had taken a photo of her in that position. Keith was VERY interested in that and even seemed angry. Combine that with his dislike of anyone else touching “his” women unless he approved/allowed it.

        If Raniere and his followers feel his sentence is unfair, I’d encourage them to follow all legal avenues to reduce that sentence. I don’t agree with the length of the sentencing, but I will not support his efforts to change it – he has loyal supporters to do that. I’ll spend my efforts on issues I find more important.

        • Not to nitpick, but the info I found categorized statutory rape as third degree rape in New York, not second degree. However, I dont know how dependable the source I referenced is.

          I was specifically replying to the commentator who said that all of KR’s defenders should essentially sit down and shut up and KR deserves the sentence since it all boils down to the fact that he was accused of statutory rape with a 15-year-old and took those pictures. I personally do not believe those are the sole reasons he received that sentence.

          • My mistake – In the case of Camila, you are correct. Third degree since Camila was 15 years old. Second degree for those he raped under 15 years old. And I agree that he was, sadly, never charged for those actions.

            You characterized it as “extensive prison time in retribution for a crime [ he had] never even been charged with”; I don’t see the original poster characterizing it as such. I see that they are angry that Raniere’s followers seem to want the baby thrown out with the bathwater by using an accusation of tampering with one piece of evidence to argue that his convictions were not valid. Regarding the predicate act of child pornography, even if you exclude that photo evidence because it may have been tampered with, the other criminal acts for which he was charged and convicted remain.

            I think his defenders should absolutely pursue legal means to help Raniere appeal his verdicts if they really believe evidence tampering occurred. I also believe that Raniere took those photos of Camila when she was 15 and had sex with her along with several other girls who were the same age and even younger. Rather than question whether Raniere deserves the lengthy prison sentence he received, I question the motives and arguments of those trying to defend him. Given the deceit and manipulation that many in the group (and Raniere in particular) used on victims, I find it more likely that either: the same deceit and manipulation is being used now in an effort to recast Keith’s history; or the defenders themselves have been and continue to be deceived and manipulated.

          • @L

            —I question the motives and arguments of those trying to defend him.

            I was asking myself what possible motive could I have to defend KR. It occurred to me that it might be because of my experiences growing up in a family where my mother was one of five sisters. She was the oldest sister, so growing up, I observed the younger sisters as they were dating, breaking up, marrying, divorcing. etc. I saw how men, who for months or years were presented as and indeed did seem to me to be the best guys around, suddenly disappeared from their/my life and I was then meant to believe that these men were now the spawn of Satan.

            Looking back, I can see it was because I was a child that I wasn’t privy to the details of why the relationships turned sour, and that’s why I couldn’t understand why these men went from heroes to monsters in a flash. It was actually very painful and confusing because I had grown attached to some of these boys/men, and I didn’t believe they were monsters, and I perhaps saw the women in my family as being cruel and unfair to those men/boys.

            When I was 10, my mother divorced and now I was supposed to mentally transform my stepdad who raised me into the monster. My brothers sided with my mother and agreed he was dead to them, I didn’t. And, it turns out, a similar thing had happened to my bio father, which is why I had never met that “monster” until I was 12. And wow, who knew? He actually wasn’t some demon I needed to be kept away from all my life as I had been led to believe.

            So I guess that could be why I’m committed to keeping an open mind about this case. I could be projecting. “The Vow” documentary didn’t help, either. So much of that took clips of KR out of context in an attempt to make him look bad when there was nothing sinister about their content in themselves.

            That said, if you put a button in front of my and said, “Press this button and KR will be instantly released from prison,” I would not press it.

            TL;DR: I tried to perform an EM on myself to uncover the motivations I might have for defending a “bad guy” like KR. I realized that largely due to childhood experiences, I am suspicious when people, perhaps particularly men, go from being held in high regard to labeled as monsters.

          • What you’re describing from your point of view is in line with the teachings of Keith Raniere, what you’re describing is inner misogyny. The deferment to men and to disbelieve women. “They are flakey and not true to their word.” What you’re describing is how Keith describes women. Victim blaming.

            A lot of people don’t understand coercive control and how that plays into criminal rape. Yes, manipulation and deceit can be illegal if it was used in a criminal act. Rape. Consensual sex in which a condom is removed during the act is considered rape in some countries because consent was removed and reproductive coercion is added to the charge.

            It was only in the 1990s that marital rape was criminalized in all 50 States. It was not long after that, that Keith was regularly raping Toni Natalie in their home together. The police of that era would have deferred to Keith’s ownership of her, had she reported it. She consented once, that’s his all-access pass, right?

            Police don’t recognize it, the justice system is only now recognizing it. Coercion is something women are blamed for, and it’s not something easily defined. Victim blaming is a common reaction if you don’t understand the system in which it exists, down to historical and cultural socialization and expectations of women, and how that’s used to manipulate boundaries. The economic coercion of prostitution is recognized as paid rape throughout the world. Survival sex.

            (b) Sexual Assault.—Any person subject to this chapter who — (1) commits a sexual act upon another person by —(A) threatening or placing that other person in fear;(B) making a fraudulent representation that the sexual act serves a professional purpose; or(C) inducing a belief by any artifice, pretense, or concealment that the person is another person;

            US law is only now catching up with coercion in the context of cults. Rape is an underreported crime, with few convictions or meaningful prison time. The system fails rape victims as a matter of normalized practice. In decades past, rape victims of Keith Raniere came forward and they were denied again and again. That’s a point to linger on and question, improper sentencing, if it even gets that far. The system failed in its rejection of many rape charges against Keith, Judge Garaufis righted that injustice.

            Judge Garaufis said, “No, we’re not sentencing him on a perspective, “I’m sentencing him on his behavior. His illegal behavior.” The context of testimony and victim impact statements and history documented through decades are all legal means to establish sentencing. He laid it out very clearly in detail.

            And that’s exactly what his behavior was, illegal, whether he was charged for any particular act or not. This is where some of the conspiracy and trafficking charges come in. DOS was a personally engineered rape recruitment organization that used blackmail to rape and recruit more women to be blackmailed and raped, in the model of an MLM pyramid scheme.

            Believe perpetrators, that’s the NXIVM way.

            It’s true, if Keith targeted gay people or black people, this would be a hate crime. Misogyny is the only hate that’s so normalized, it doesn’t even rank hate crime status when targeted sex-based violence is used. It was just women, who seemingly said “Yes” because coercive control was not recognized by officials for a multitude of reasons.

          • THERE WAS/IS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS for prosecution in the State of New York for the crime Keith committed against Rhiannon and a number of girls —anyone 13 or under— at the time Keith and his accomplices perpetrated these acts that fall squarely into the “child sex predator” category for felony charges — that are again, not time-barred.

            But the STATE would have to bring those charges, which they have YET to do. Keith Raniere, btw, is not the only diddler on the planet who remains subject to prosecution under those 1990s New York State statutes.

          • @onecuppajoeAlison – have another cuppa with me here. I didn’t see you as necessarily being a defender of Raniere’s. If you do characterize yourself like that, I would encourage you to pursue legal remedies to help Raniere if you feel there was a miscarriage of justice.

            I do not have the same doubts as you because my personal experiences with Raniere mirror many of the experiences described by witnesses in court. I left him because he was abusive to me and that abuse was clearly developing. When he blocked me into a corner with his body, when he physically sat on me so I could not leave – those were just the final physical straws – the whole heap on the proverbial camel’s back was already high and deep with mental and emotional abuse.

            I can see why, given your background as you described it, you may have doubts. It is uncomfortable when a family dynamic falls into an us vs them dichotomy so your loyalty to family decisions is considered more important than trusting your own judgment on a person. If you know any of the court witnesses personally and it feels like “W@hy did they change their tune” on Raniere, please consider that one of the biggest factors in abusive relationships is secrecy. The public face is much different than the private face, and that often leads to disbelief and victim-blaming when someone is finally able to leave an abusive situation or even to begin talking about it.

            One of the major tenets of NXIVM and DOS was “Keeping it all a secret.”

            Given my experiences with Raniere and his deceitfulness and his playing people against each other, I find I am suspicious that his defenders are perhaps carrying on in his image and using the same deceit, manipulation, and gaslighting techniques to make a case for him being unjustly convicted and sentenced. Which is why I’m still on here willing to chat with his defenders. Like you, I would rather confront my doubts and search for reality than just follow my own initial mental “programming”.

          • @L:

            —I didn’t see you as necessarily being a defender of Raniere’s.

            🙂 I’m not, and I was going to start off my reply to your earlier comment by saying that I didn’t think you were saying that you necessarily believe _I’m_ a KR defender, but then I left that out.

            Right now, I’m in the position of observer. I’m not a defender of Keith Raniere or a condemner of Keith Raniere. I condemn many of the things he’s been accused of, and he sounds like the boyfriend from hell, to put it mildly. He probably is a sex addict and has a narcissistic personality disorder and major abandonment issues, etc. Of course, none of those are free passes to abuse people or break the law.

            I feel like the public perception is, “OMG he was accused of these horrific things, let’s flush him down the toilet ASAP.” Like anyone else, he deserves to have had a fair trial. Maybe he had one. Maybe he didn’t. That’s all.

          • We are going to examine some of the views of his remaining supporters who adamantly feel he did not get a fair trial and that 120 years for his crimes of conviction is excessive. They also think he is innocent. I want to hear their views and have been listening to them. Next, I plan to publish their views, as coming from them. Unlike you, Allison, they are true defenders of Raniere.

            Although it may anger some to give them any space at all, I think it is reasonable to publish it. I won’t change the truth and the truth is always fair.

      • For one thing, all statutory limits go out the window when charges come under a RICO umbrella because they want to prove a pattern of organized crime. As well EXIF data is near impossible to change without damaging the pics. That’s what they went on, not metadata. Photoshopping is easy to detect. His defense had access to the images. They could have had an expert come in and contest its validity in court, but they decided to present no defense.

        • @Anonymous November 27, 2020 at 12:31 pm

          Good point about the RICO angle.

          —As well EXIF data is near impossible to change without damaging the pics. That’s what they went on, not metadata.

          EXIF data is metadata, and it is not near impossible or even difficult to change without damaging pics. I’ve changed and/or removed EXIF data from lots of photos for privacy reasons. Lots of people do it on profile pics so that nosy people won’t be able to determine or prove that they’re using an old photo of themselves as a profile picture, for example.

          But you’re right though that photoshopping is easy to detect. I don’t think his defense ever outright stated that it might have happened. I was just taking the leap that they might have been implying that. But I don’t believe it was ever said.

          • ‘But you’re right though that photoshopping is easy to detect. I don’t think his defense ever outright stated that it might have happened. I was just taking the leap that they might have been implying that. But I don’t believe it was ever said.’

            It was never said because the ‘tampering’ didn’t happen. You still cast doubt on the material evidence? How do you ignore the statement made by the target, the object of those photos, at KR’s sentencing?

            She could be lying too. You could be an apologist for Nxivm. I could be the Queen of Denmark.

          • The “exif” data that counts is: (a) there are medical records showing she had her appendix out at 16; (b) there are nude pictures of her with an appendectomy scar; and (c) there are nude pictures of her without an appendectomy scar. Taken before she had her abdomen sliced open at 16. That’s the data that counts. Unless you’re trying to argue they photoshopped the scar out. Stop quibbling over the trees when the forest is right in front of you.


        • Frank, I would like to hear what they have to say. Otherwise, it feels like a witch hunt where if someone dares say, “Hey, wait a minute, maybe this person really isn’t a witch” the townspeople decide to burn that person at the stake too — for just asking the question. Maybe the first person really was a witch… But what is the harm in asking the question?

  • I’ve known Keith Raniere for more than 11 years and I’ve never seen him doing wrong to people. This whole thing really doesn’t make sense. I’ve heard that some of the “victims” that testified lied. I wonder if they did that because they believed what they said or because they were under pressure… meaning that if they didn’t, they would be in trouble and prosecuted as they can do that based on the charge of racketeering, anyone involved in the company and close to Keith was at risk of being prosecuted.

    Is this right? What if the prosecutor and the judge are wrong? Have they asked themselves ever? Why so much hate? Why tampering if they thought he was guilty? If I see somebody cheating, I wonder why? It must be because they were losing the case because they didn’t have enough proof…

    • I knew him for 5 years – 4 of them as his girlfriend (3 of those he lived with me, slept in the same bed, etc.).

      I believe all those witnesses told the truth because I experienced much of the same from him. Maybe at a smaller scale, but still abusive, manipulative, deceitful, self-serving, narcissistic.

      There was no mistake – he needed to be separated from civilized society. If nothing else, he needs to be where he can never harm another underage girl again.

      If you had good experiences with him – good for you. It doesn’t negate the damage he caused to the rest of us, and it doesn’t negate the criminality of many of his actions. Just makes him good at play acting his “noble” nature to mask his true psychopathy.

      • L,

        I certainly don’t support Keith or believe his claims that witnesses lied about him. However, I’m not sure I understand your comment.

        It’s not illegal to be an abusive, manipulative narcissist, and a person cannot be sentenced to prison for having a personality disorder. Also, many, many sex offenders commit much worse crimes than Keith committed, and yet only receive a short jail sentence of a few years.

        So, you really think Keith is more dangerous than the thousands of other sex offenders who serve their time and are released back into society?

        • He was convicted on 7 counts by a jury of his peers. That has nothing to do with his personality disorder. It has to do with his own illegal actions.

          My reply was in response to the previous poster’s casting doubt on witnesses testimony as being coerced lies. I followed that testimony and it mirrored many of my experiences with Raniere. I believe the witnesses because I know from personal experience that he IS capable of perpatrating the acts of which he was accused. I object to those who tout their own good experiences with Raniere in trying to cast doubt on the integrity of victims and witnesses. Frankly, it smacks of the same “subtle” manipulation/gaslighting that Raniere used.

          This has nothing to do with comparing him to other sex offenders or determining who is more dangerous. The judge was responsible for declaring sentences for the 7 counts on which Raniere was convicted. If Raniere and his followers feel that sentencing was unfair, that’s what appeals are for.

          I personally think many of our prison/sentencing systems need to be reformed or amended. I am also personally glad that Raniere will no longer be able to directly harm others especially continuing to rape underage girls. If I’m going to work on behalf of any sexual offenders, I see much more point in working towards a more nuanced approach in charging and sentencing teens involved consensually with other teens.

          tl/dr Raniere has his own followers to stick up for him – I’ll direct my arguments and efforts in support of his victims.

    • Maybe go back and read the witness statement of Susan Dones for an ugly picture of the extent of what he has done.

      And the “tampering“ of the photo was merely a chain of evidence issue. There is no doubt Keith took the photo.

      I think neither the judge nor jury was wrong. Keith put up no defense. How do we explain that? But, it is correct to explore all of these things. I for one do not want to see anyone wrongfully convicted.

    • Raniere chance to defend himself was during the trial and he didn’t put on any sort of a defense. LOL

      Case closed, let’s move on to other scams, such as Amway and other MLM scams. LOL

    • It makes sense and was clearly proven to most people. Hopefully, you will realize it is true and justice has been done in time.

  • One of the good things that Parlato is doing lately, for whatever reason, is posting information from different points of view. From people who hate Keith to people who are still grateful for the good things he did for them.

    It’s perplexing to me how he can go from mocking one of Keith’s supporters to then showing their point of view respectfully.

    In Keith’s view, per these audios, he believes he will be killed. This is very likely.

    Is it possible that Keith’s demise came to be by people in power?

    To believe this is not possible is very naive. People in power are very skilled at destroying people they want to get rid of. They know how to create outrage in the public to achieve their objectives.

    People who hate Keith, or believe in him no matter what, are equally blind, as they don’t want to think objectively. It’s rare to find someone who really wants to know the facts and truth without their feelings getting in the way.

    It is very clear how the media (including Parlato), the judge, prosecutors and witnesses have been biased against him. With all this bias, do you believe he had a fair trial?

    Does this man deserve the death penalty (assuming the risk to his life is real)?

    I don’t think so.

    As much as he is hated, I believe the government should make sure that he is well protected.

    • OJ was far more guilty in the court of public opinion than vice versa. He still got off Scott free because the prosecution didn’t prove it.

      Juries are selected by both the defense and the prosecution and are sequestered so they aren’t affected by such things. Can they be? Sure.

      Anything that isn’t logically impossible is possible, no matter how remote. Jury corruption happens. But at the same time, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Where is the evidence for a targeted conspiracy against a man who got away with what he did for almost two decades? For what reason at all? Give me a break.

      Regardless, it’s just mobsters taking care of mobsters or its like.

      “If you dance with the devil, then you haven’t got a clue, for you think you’ll change the devil, but the devil changes you.”

      “There is no honor among thieves.”

      Yada, yada, yada.

    • The jury made the decision to convict Raniere and Raniere’s lawyers had every opportunity to ensure they were not biased. LOL

    • Keith had the right to a fair trial. This happened here. They appeared, even now appear his words, his messages appear. Both sides, the accuser and the defense, were given the floor, opposites and interests, opinions clashed. You don’t tell me that he didn’t want to destroy innocent people. With money, power, manipulation, methods coming from behind.

      Obviously, the people he attacked (including Frank Parlato among many) don’t like him. But Frank’s the one who’s going to give Keith the publicity, remember the articles before his sentencing. I wouldn’t want to send anyone to the death penalty. He’s serving the 120 years that the judge legally sentenced him to, and that includes the possibility of attacks on his life. Keith knows exactly that.

      And yes, the government has to do everything it can to protect Keith’s physical well-being, because that’s fair.

      • Did you write this for me? I also oppose soul-killing, which always happens in front of the body, must be suppressed in a Bud.

    • Keith’s demise is due to his own behavior and actions. I speak from personal experience with him – long, long before he ever started NXIVM or even CBI. He was rightfully convicted. He was NOT given a death sentence. He made his choices and is deservedly going to prison.

      That’s not to say that there aren’t issues with our prison system. So Supermax might actually be the safest place for him given what other convicts might think of his behavior and actions. No one should die in prison unless sentenced to die or by natural causes if it is their time. That doesn’t mean he should “get out of jail free” – it means work for prison reform if you are concerned.

      I see that some of his followers find this difficult to accept. He lies to everyone and hides his true nature so he can manipulate and take whatever he desires from others – including their bodies and their devotion. Again, I know this because I personally experienced it. And having not participated in his criminal activity, there is no legal pressure on me to say this. I’m feel for his followers when they finally have to face the reality of who he is and what he has done. It can be devastating to realize the truth of him – but the freedom and the strength on the other side of that realization is worth it.

    • I don’t think he did much to protect all those people he pursued with law suits though did he? People tend to reap what they sow in life.

      FP will be like many of us – wanting freedom of expression. I don’t mind hearing the views of those whom I know are deluded. Better to have freedom of speech than censor people. However, the facts speak for themselves.

    • This is the same over-inflated self-importance that got Nxivm in trouble. No one cares about Keith Raniere or any of you enough for there to be a government conspiracy. Nippy said it best in the vow, “The arrogance we had and the sanctimonious way we went about.” That was your demise. You were not special or saviours. And for those of you that cannot grasp the concept still…Most bad behavior is hidden. Do you think criminals and serial killers and rapists act with an audience of friends, neighbors, family and business associates? Come on. They build a world that enables and allows them to do these unholy, wretched things undetected. Keith wasn’t convicted on emotion. He was convicted on a totality of the evidence. Including eyewitness victims’ and co-conspirators’ testimony. He’s a bad man. And he’s going to a better place than he deserves no matter where he ends up.

    • Raniere can go to the Supermax in CO. Be in a cell all by himself and be well protected there.

      Let me ask a question: What would be the motivation for having Raniere killed at this point?

      He has no information that will harm some political figures like Epstein had.

      Why not let him spend the rest of his life in prison and suffer the worst torture a man like Raniere could?

      Let him experience a life of non-importance, the life of a prison. Not the boy wonder CBI wizard, not the Vanguard, just Keith Allen Raniere, convicted criminal with a 120-year sentence.

      What would be worst torture for a selfish narcissist like Raniere than to be forgotten, locked up, and have the key thrown away?

      He thrives on all this drama. First, it was I’m not guilty, DOJ misconduct and now it’s I’m going to die.

      Brother, what a drama queen. It never ends with this guy

  • It seems to me that murder in prison is easier that outside. If I am a murderer serving life in prison and I’m offered benefits and comforts in exchange for killing another prisoner, why wouldn’t I do it? I believe Rainier could easily be killed if someone in power wanted it to happen.

    • He’s not that important. Seriously. While prison does have its pecking order which results in a lot of murders of pedophiles, rapists, and other certain types of criminals the reality is that KAR, while obnoxious and heinous, might not be considered important enough to kill. Killing him would give him even more notoriety and that wouldn’t sit well with the criminals around him.

      Yes there could always be the guy that wants to be the one to brag “I killed this famous prisoner” but there’s also an honor code amidst criminals (I worked court appointed mental health for way too long…) and the reality that this ‘leader’ rarely actually did anything himself, other than manipulate people to do his shit for him, he’s going to be seen as a lazy moron whose ‘talents’ only went so far and they know the worst punishment for him will be ‘being forgotten and ignored” so they’ll probably leave him alone and let him languish in obscurity in super max. jmo

  • So, these recordings are the words of a scared and frightened person who spent most of his life lying, deceiving and manipulating others to get what he wanted. He used and abused others to gain power, sex, and money. He should be scared, he now more than ever has reason to be scared. However, these are the risks he gambled with his entire life. He is as delusional as Donald Trump believing he won the election. In fact, KR’s tactics are extremely close to Trump’s tactics. Both of them repeat lies in order to change the narrative. Both KR and Trump have been fortunate to transform the rational thinking of those who are insecure, voiceless and feel left out of society. Both of them know exactly what to say and how to say it to make themselves the sole beacon of truth, when all along they are lying. Both crave power, both crave attention, and both crave absolute power over women. It is a sad day for KR as he fails to remember that you reap what you sow. It is appropriate that he now disappears and is never heard of again.

  • Good. And if there is any justice at all, Prefect will go next. She already smells like death.

    In other news, it is expected to be cold today across much of the nation…

    • There is no doubt. He was rightly found guilty of heinous crimes. Perhaps he could think of ways to start making reparations financially to those whom he sued and lost out to him starting with lots of child support for his children and moving on to everyone he sued and then showing true contrition

  • He was overcharged and over-sentenced and if you all think it is fair he be killed on top of that, what does that says about you?

    I’m new to this site but it is a travesty what they are doing to him.

    Ok, I’m not one of his followers. I’m just talking about what he did doesn’t equal death!

    • Mary, I have to agree that wishing for his murder is wrong. While he might very well have had a hand in the deaths of others, he was neither charged nor convicted of that. I do, however, think a life sentence is appropriate, given the danger he would continue to represent on the outside. He had the chance to express remorse, or even recognize that what he had done was wrong, but he refused.

      I believe there is something wrong with our system of incarceration when we cannot prevent the murders of prisoners by other prisoners. Barbaric.

    • Why overcharged and over-sentenced? No one has been able to prove this is true.

      He had a criminal enterprise that needed to be stopped and that inflicted pain on thousands. The government proved this. You should probably try to write to Keith. He could use the new prison groupies. He is a narc and does need attention.

    • The Judge’s statement is in the Frank Report, read it. Read back further and read the other publications over the course of decades.

      It’s true, many rapists and pedophiles get much shorter sentences, but this is a conspiracy to do those very things, which he created. He was charged like a Mafia boss, appropriately.

    • Well, Mary, it’s kind of weird that people with the same opinion as yours, always seem to forget that, if it was up to Keith and his money slave Clare Bronfman,
      Barbara Bouchey, Susan Done, Toni Natalie, Frank Parlato, and many others, would be in his place or worse.

      Back then, Keith didn’t have any problem with the legal system.
      He didn’t ask his loyal minions to dance for those victims.
      During the NXIVM period, nobody gave a flying fuck about the problems regarding the legal system.

      No websites for the NXVIM nine.
      Why didn’t the DOS women stand up when their “sisters,” referred to as the NXIVM nine, when they were attacked, by Keith?
      Why no “sister” support for Bonnie and Sarah?

      Maybe you can provide me with some satisfying answers.

    • He was undercharged but it is hard to prosecute for the vicious wrongs of cults so they picked some of a tiny % of the things he did wrong. His sentence is life which is appropriate. He has already ruined 10/20 years, business careers of a good few people due to wicked vindictive litigation in the style of the old Scientology.

      No one is saying he will die early, only he and we take what he says with a pinch of salt as he is such an unethical man.

      • Yes, Jane, he was undercharged. The Eastern District of New York had jurisdiction over only a few crimes. Had the Northern District or local law-enforcement done their jobs, he would have been locked up more than a decade ago. As an actual rapist. Of Rhiannon.

  • His self-development journey is almost complete. He is taking his existence to a new level. Freed from all material considerations, and distractions, he will be able to fully actualise his potential and leave the Human Experience behind forever.

    Nicki, (suddenly Nicole,) will act as his vicar on Earth, and channel his teaching for all.

    She will Make NXIVM Great Again.

  • “ So here you have a man who’s used to and he’s notorious for being vicious. He’s been vicious to even his own family, vicious to anyone where he doesn’t get his way. In a way he’s seen as a tyrant. He’s seen as someone who has so much money and so much power, he can always get whatever he wants. And he’s known for taking his opponents, discrediting them, shaming them… and if anything happens to him, really wreaking havoc on the lives of of his opponents, putting them in jail, supposedly all sorts of terrible things happening to them”

    Is he talking about himself? Different on the other side of fence, huh Keith?

  • Much of what Raniere is saying about others applies to him and how he acted for his entire life. LOL

    Being killed in prison will save us taxpayers a lot of money and hopefully help Frank move on to other important stories, such as Amway and other MLM scams. LOL

  • If a rich Mexican father was going to have him killed, why wouldn’t he have done it while Raniere was hiding in Mexico?
    I don’t believe a word coming out of his mouth. He’s being a big cry baby to do what he has always done, get attention and be taken care of by his followers.
    Raniere is more likely to kill himself once he is out of the MDC, cut off from his hand holders, now cut off from his money than a plot of an angry father who had months to deal with his sorry ass while in Mexico.

  • He must be after isolation. As a cult leader, it should be abundantly clear: KR does not do Gen. Pop.

    Why would he start now?

  • Difficult. Because as he says, he has always lived in the shadow of possible execution right? Mr. Bronfman was the last powerful person to supposedly have it in for him.

    Little does he realise (for such an omniscient being) that it’s probably his own conscience speaking to him, offering up a range of possible outcomes for his own behaviour in life toward others. That he deflects this threat onto yet another wealthy powerful person, is unsurprising.

    Another parent too, another father of a daughter he compromised into criminality. Perhaps he isn’t imagining things, but the problem with congenital liars is you can never really tell..

  • I thought he was talking about himself in the first audio recording.

    It’s so nice to see he can give perversion a novel take!

    Keep talking Raniere, keep talking! We are all ears and some of us might treat you as the object, the human experiment that you are. Be glad you may be killed by prison gangs, it will definitely be much more pleasant for you!!!

  • I don’t envy BOP in the current situation.

    Raniere’s fear is justified. Every prison in the world is unsafe for offenders like him. I’d be surprised if he admits he’s a sex offender and needs help. By the way, I don’t find it disturbing that Frank Report presents Keith’s audio and gives us the opportunity to get to know his views. I was always interested in how the perpetrators (see the world differently) and how they felt. It’s an unstoppable subject.

    One thing’s for sure. I wouldn’t want to be in Raniere’s position right now. He’s a mentally strong individual, and he may be physically, but he couldn’t fight the people who were raised by the laws of the street. It’s just impossible. Our superiors teach the police that two patrols who take action against street gangs should not go into the melee, but ask for backup and keep a safe distance. And it’s even worse in prison. They have incredible techniques for prisoners to hide stabbing and cutting devices. They can go through multiple inspections, even though there’s always a cavity test.

    • “He’s a mentally strong individual…”

      LOL. No he’s not. Mental strength resides in not letting your passions get the best of you, i.e., controlling yourself, and submitting to truth.

      This guy is a manipulative, lying, thieving, gambling and sex-addicted megalomaniac. He’s the epitome of “me, me, me”. He couldn’t even fake remorse to reduce his sentence.

      He doesn’t have to always be right, but he can never be wrong, and when he pretends to be the latter, it’s said in such a general way, e.g., “I’ve made mistakes” or whatever, as a means to manipulate the context at hand.

      Even in prison he needs to feel that his voice is heard. This type of behavior is not new with him. Everything centers around him wanting attention, whether it is effusive praise, or whether it is seeking pity for himself when he doesn’t get what he wants or finds himself in an unwanted situation where he can’t force his will upon others. This is just like his “you can’t have sex with someone else or it will kill me!” bullshit, except he’s now replaced it with “I could get killed in prison, feel sorry for me” bullshit.

      It’s playing on sympathy and empathy he rarely if ever felt or expressed for anyone else.

      Any person in prison has a chance to get killed. You increase that chance by the severity of crimes YOU committed. He was malevolent to others and now he faces the possibility for the same or similar malevolence in prison. You might say he has earned the wages for his deeds. What goes around comes around.

      • This comment, despite the use of the LOL, was not made by Scott. BTW it is well reasoned and in sympathy with the goals of Frank Report. — Even though the commenter disagreed with another commenter, there is no insult hurled against the person he or she disagreed with.

        • Respectfully I disagree that the argument is well reasoned Frank. If you believe in a justice system, you live by the sentence imposed.

          He was not given a death sentence or torture sentence. If that’s what society wants then be transparent and order it to show your barbaric nature. Don’t hide and pretend you are civilized when you believe in vigilante punishment. Good luck in that world.

          • More than 90% of the post was a description of the clown himself and his behavior, not an argument, especially against the idea that a prisoner should live by the sentence imposed. He’s not going to get some special treatment or favor because his megalomania elicits some delusion that he’s so well known for the severity of his crimes, or that there is some conspiracy against him, that someone wants to kill him. If he actually knew something so important that could cause a lot of trouble for TPTB or whoever he would’ve been spilling the beans to the government for some deal or offed years ago.

            Like Dani said, he’s just another liar and a conman sentenced for crimes committed, and he’s going to get what a person charged with 120 years worth of sentencing deserves.

        • I understand the hate comments, but I would consider how you want to be treated in our justice system. Do you want to get the punishment handed out by the judge or is that just a formality to make it look legit. In the end are we barbaric vigilantes looking for a pound of flesh separate from the sentence imposed. If so, let’s not pretend to be civilized. Roll the dice and see how you fare when you do something the masses don’t like, for instance, not wearing a mask or not getting a mandatory vaccine!

          Welcome to the new world disorder.

          • No. People can use LOL but I don’t want them confused for Scott, if they are not Scott. They need to be judged for their own thoughts and not be prejudged as Scott.

      • No, LOL. A mentally strong individual can subareare and control others. He manipulates me, etc. It’s another matter that he’s mentally disturbed, but he’s still strong.

    • The bare minimum that should be given to prisoners in our system is food, medical care, and safety. To think otherwise is inhuman. Please, let us not descend into animals.

  • He should go to a sex offenders prison and see what he thinks of that. There’s a recent case in the UK where a paedophile was raped and murdered in his cell by another sex offender. The paedophile had hundreds of victims, many babies and the sex offender, I think, violently raped an adult on the outside so, even in such a place they are graded amongst themselves and the pedophiles vulnerable. Do they have particular protection to make it safer in one of those institutes? I guess if believes a rich powerful Mexican is wanting him killed, he will still live in fear. I’m not saying it isn’t true but does he really believe this? He is so full of bull, what can we believe?

  • Why does anyone still care what this blowhard says? Hasn’t everyone heard enough of his bullshit? Throw him in prison and throw away the key.

  • “literally hundreds of millions of dollars to have me put in jail”

    This must be the nail in the coffin for even the dumbest of dumb of the remaining followers to believe such an outlandish, ludicrous, and grossly obvious fabrication.

    No one on this planet is dumb enough to believe that anyone paid $200,000,000.00 to put a psycho babbling self-help guru in jail.

    It simply is impossible for anyone to be that dumb.

    • I believe it. It could be Alejandro Junco who wanted his daughter back and was tired of Raniere. He mobilized people to get moving. He could have paid a lot to get Keith and then have the media in Mexico rarely mention his daughter. His daughter is hardly mentioned in any media in Mexico. Salinas is talked about much more.

      I mean but OK so billionaires are going after Keith. So what? Bronfman went after people too – and that wasn’t a big deal, right Keith???

    • He again refuses to admit anything wrong and in so many words says Mexican authorities paid to have prosecuted?

      Unbelievable. I wonder if his followers are agreeing with him. Sad.

      He might be in danger. He knows better what he was up to in Mexico than we do. If he was using it as a pipeline go take advantage of beautiful Mexican senoritas under false pretenses, I don’t think that will sit well with the powers-that-be in prison.

  • I don’t like how FrankReport is giving Raniere this kind of free publicity. You can call it “newsworthy” but rather than just act as a megaphone for a criminal, an editor sometimes needs to omit. Journalism doesn’t mean just giving your subject carte blanche.

    • I see it as being smart. Frank is making money from Keith. He gets traffics and ad money from Keith.
      Fuck Keith – and go, Frank!

      I think we can also learn from observing a narcissist like Keith. I think he is a midrange narc who uses a lot of pity play “THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU WILL HEAR FROM ME!!’,,, well that sucks Keith…NOT!

    • Keith rendered every facet of human suffering for profit, it’s another form of justice to render him until the meat has been striped from the bone. He doesn’t have enough self awareness in his recordings to see the way he’s describing his own years of abusing the justice system, and his own justice delivered to others. He’s exactly where he attempted to put others, by bribery and abuse of the justice system. He’s paid for bounties with Frank himself, now he has a bounty on himself. It doesn’t matter if his words are published here or anywhere, the inevitable will happen and he will die by his favorite implement.

  • No need for the inhumane Supermax. If I had a 120 years to serve in prison, I would be thrilled by the prospect of being murdered to be free

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