Jim Del Negro Explains Why Keith Raniere Still Has Followers

Jim Del Negro

Take a moment to read Jim Del Negro’s letter to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis regarding the sentencing of Keith Raniere. It may help explain why Raniere continues to have supporters.

Jim evidently saw another side of Raniere that I haven’t seen.  Obviously, those who still support Raniere have another, better experience than those who testified against him at his trial, or the 15 people who made statements at his sentencing, or the 92 people who signed victim impact statements, or myself who experienced his cruel vengeance that provoked me to fight back.

Still, Jim’s letter is valuable because it rings of truth – Jim’s truth. And explains why he continues to support Raniere after so many vile things came out about him at trial.  He sees good in Raniere and apparently thinks some of the people who testified against Raniere are liars. He is adamant about Mark Vicente, as you will see in his letter below.

Last week, when I was in Brooklyn for the sentencing, I met with Raniere supporters including Jim, whom I had known during my days as a consultant for Nxivm in 2007-08.  Reading his letter of support helped me understand a little better why people continue to stand by Raniere. As we know, this letter, though sincere, was not persuasive.

The judge sentenced Raniere to 120 years. In handing down the sentence, the judge was also sincere when he said, “Mr. Raniere’s conduct was particularly egregious because he targeted and exploited girls and young women.  He continued this abuse over the course of many years.  And his abuse inflicted unimaginable trauma and damage on his victims.”

Keith Raniere
Supporters of Keith Raniere speak to the press about his 120 years sentence.

Jim Del Negro’s Letter

Dear Judge Garaufis,

My name is Jim Del Negro. I am currently working as an independent sales agent, though my background is Mechanical Engineering, where I worked in the fields of cable television and the energy industry for over 15 years.

I also owned a tutoring franchise where we helped children from the ages of kindergarten through high school to do better in their studies. I was brought up in a Catholic family and community, and I believe in the U.S. Constitution and the principles put forth by the founding fathers of this country.

The coverage of this case has made it extremely difficult for anyone with positive experiences with Mr. Raniere or his companies to come forward due to the extreme hatred that has been directed at anyone who does not denounce Keith and his companies.

Some of us have lost our jobs, had to remove our children from schools, and been cut off from family members and social circles due to directed hate campaigns against us. I would like Your Honor to know that there is a large number of people who wanted to testify for the benefit of the defense and did not. Also, there are a large number who will not write letters.

The reason for this is that we all fear government and media retribution. It was impossible for Mr. Raniere to get a fair trial with the defense calling zero witnesses. It’s an unfortunate truth of human nature and our justice system that intimidation and hate play a role in our legal process, and we all have to live with that and do the best we can.

I write this letter to share with you some of the information I would have shared at trial if I was encouraged to take the stand, instead of scared into hiding.

I was introduced to Executive Success Programs at a one-day seminar hosted by the Saratoga Springs, NY Chamber of Commerce back in 2002. I experienced a profound deepening in my understanding of morality and ethics at the seminar, and how these values would help me in my life. I subsequently signed up for a 16-day training and eventually became a coach and trainer for the program. I participated as a client and coach in most of the companies related to Keith Raniere. The reason I valued his programs so much is that I experienced positive, lasting changes in my behavior and my experience of my life. I became less fearful and more understanding of people as a result of participating in his trainings. Ultimately, I experienced more compassion and built my empathy for others.

I spent a minimum of 10 hrs a week with Keith playing volleyball, and more time with him being coached and mentored by him. I did this over the course of over 16 years. I also spent time in trainings which he conducted, where I observed him coaching many people over many years. I had exposure to him working with me and others in that time, where I felt nothing but patience, kindness and love.

My first-hand experiences with the curriculum and Keith Raniere were extremely positive. The interactions were caring and considerate of me and the people around me. The message I received from him and his companies was that compassion towards others and doing the right thing are guiding principles to experiencing goodness and joy in life. That we can only experience kindness and love if we feel that way towards others and treat them with respect.

We studied many of the greatest humanitarians in history such as Jesus, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King to name a few. We studied how and why they exhibited such acts of compassion and character, and we were given tools to build the caring and character to be such a person if we wanted. I believe these tools are revolutionary and will transform society for the good, as they have transformed me to be stronger in my conviction to uphold goodness.

The reason I have put so much trust in Keith is that he continually and consistently demonstrates the traits of virtue. This perspective is the opposite of the people who testified against Keith. The event which illustrates this point the most for me was an event where we had 104 men fly in from around North America to attend a three-day seminar. The topic was to be “Keeping Our Word”. We, the leaders, promised we would have a minimum of 100 attendees in order to conduct the event or we would cancel it. We barely made our number commitment, however, we did it through non-ethical means. We got a few last-minute men through taking them from another company event to the detriment of that group.

Keith found out about this at the last minute, 30 minutes before he was going to start the training. He told us he was going to cancel the training because it wouldn’t be right to go forward under the circumstances. He proceeded to address the group of 104 attendees and told them what had happened (not blaming or outing those of us that caused the problem) and that it was his fault for the mistake. He took on the burden of facing an angry group of men and taking responsibility as the leader to take it on the chin. He offered to give back $150,000 in training fees to the members as well as damages for time and travel costs. He said he would give the men what they felt was fair for damages, and he honored his promise.

This was the most humbling experience of my life to this point, to see someone stand up for a principle that I was too weak to uphold. It felt terrible and inspiring all at once. It truly transformed my life and how I would approach my goals in the future, to not cut corners, to keep my integrity and do the right thing regardless of the material cost.

This is in direct contradiction to the testimony of Mark Vicente, who testified that Keith walked out of that training and left us to take it on the chin. This event and Mark Vicente’s lie can be proven because the event was captured on video.

That event was an example of his direct, hands-on leadership in action.

In contrast to the above example of taking the bull by horns style in times of crisis, was his non-direct nurturing style of leadership. He is by far, the least authoritarian leader/coach I have ever been exposed to in my 53 years of life experience. I was part of the leadership teams in a couple of his companies. I experienced many of the leaders of his companies as being angry at him for not being more directional and assertive with his leadership. Specifically, Mark Vicente objected to Keith in this regard. Mark and others wanted him to take control and assert himself and his power over people and situations.

In fact, what they wanted was him to abuse his power to get a better result. He refused to do this, and left decisions up to the leaders, refusing to intervene in the direction and operations of the companies. He remained up till the end of his freedom as a trusted advisor to the leaders of his companies. I made some bad decisions and saw others make bad decisions, which he later helped us clean up (reference preceding story). He only inserted himself in decision making when the failures came close to destroying the companies or they broke a fundamental moral code. (Note: his companies were owned and run by people other than himself. They were his inventions that were gifted to his friends).

I eventually came to understand, through these events, that he valued the humanity and growth of the people who he mentored more than the material success of the companies. This was a very unconventional methodology, and one which I look back on with extreme admiration and gratitude. I had never seen anyone gift companies to their friends like that. It was a humbling experience to be the recipient of such graciousness. This is in direct contradiction to the testimony of Mark Vicente, who said that nobody was allowed to disagree with Keith and people were afraid to disagree with him.

Mark was one of the people who directly disagreed with Keith consistently. This disagreement didn’t seem to jeopardize Mark’s relationship with Keith nor Mark’s status with any of the organizations. Mark was at the top of every organization in which Mark participated and he was Keith’s closest friend.

Another impactful learning I received from Keith was when I was coaching a young adult who was a kind and happy person, but was not doing well in school. I was concerned that the person was going to squander their opportunity of education and it would affect their life in a negative way going forward. Keith recommended that I focus on helping them build their conscience and caring about others, and not to worry so much about their education. Keith told me that the person could always go to school when they found something that interested them, but building their conscience and caring for others would be the basis that would serve them for the rest of their life. The person is now 10 years older, married and doing well as a direct result of that advice.

I had a personal medical issue which demonstrates his relentless pursuit of caring for people. I had suffered from a very painful case of plantar fasciitis, which is a severe pain in the bottom your foot. When I woke each morning, my first few steps felt like I was stepping on shards of glass. It was excruciatingly painful. I spent a year going to specialists with no improvement. Each time I went to a specialist, Keith would ask me what they said.

Finally, one night before volleyball he asked me if he could look at my foot. I said, “of course.” He did a few tests on my muscle strength of each foot and gave me a suggested exercise to do. He said if his theory was correct, I should see improvement in just two weeks if I did the exercises. It did work, and I got rid of the pain totally in about 2 months. When I first reported back my good results he apologized for not thinking about it sooner, and I believe he truly felt sorry for not solving my problem sooner. This is a difficult experience to convey in a letter, but I felt the depth of his caring to a level I had only experienced from my direct family.

My time with Keith has been filled with thoughtful moments like the ones above. I can’t say enough how many good things have come to me and my friends due to our friendship with him and our participation in his organizations. I was involved with collecting and reviewing thousands of anonymous questionnaires from participants who also had glowing recommendations of how Mr. Raniere’s companies had changed their lives for the positive. There are boxes of these recommendations somewhere in the archives of the company documents. I hope these documents have been shared with the court.

I empathize with the immense responsibility that sits with Your Honor, and I have the deepest respect for your position. I feel there is no way to feel good about sentencing a man who was not able to bring forth witnesses for his defense. I hope others who could have countered lies by witnesses for the prosecution come forward as I did to document the injustice of this trial.

Best Regards,

James J. Del Negro

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  • Absolutely hard to see the opinion of a MAN that tells an abused woman, tough, you made a promise. I hope for better things of daughters then he ever gave to Keith’s victims. Take the good you got out of it, have a shred of EMPATY of those hurt, and walk away. Or be known as complicit to sex crimes. There is no gray area here. You are a man that enabled a predator, and stands by that

  • I know Jim and he is one of the most caring, thoughtful people I know. I have always been impressed with his capacity to be honorable, even when people are attacking him. He also tries to right his wrongs. I have seen him go out of his way to help others. In my opinion, he is an all around stand up guy.

  • Bernie Madoff made me a lot of money. I liquidated my account and cashed out before his indictment and trial. I don’t think he got a fair trial because, well, look at all the money he made me. Everyone calls him a criminal and hates Madoff, but they’re lying.

    • I honestly don’t think it was all one thing. I believe those who say they had a good experience with the program and with KR. I don’t respect the fact that there are supposedly thousands of them and not one would take the stand. Pretty ironic that they were all too afraid of retaliation, given that retaliation was KR’s specialty when someone left him or crossed him. If Jim doesn’t think that those who testfied against KR were not terrified, he is totally lost in his own magical thinking. Fear or no fear, if someone thinks the right thing to do is testify for the defense, he or she should have done it. The bottom line is that none of this has anything to do with KR’s creating DOS and abuses of women. How someone can listen to the tapes that tell KR’s story in his own words and not see him for the man he really is is beyond tragic.

  • He’s saying he’s well acquainted with a much older misogynistic cult that controls women’s bodies and practices coercive control and pedophilia.

  • OK, fine, you were lucky… but please sit back and watch what you weren’t able to see around you all those years.

  • What is the purpose of Jim bringing up the point that he was raised in a Catholic family? To make him look even stupider?

    “I was raised in a Catholic family where monogamous relationships and family is deemed very important. Derp. Then I decided to follow a conman. Derp. He taught us that men aren’t monogamous by nature and if we men cum on women’s faces, we own them. Derp. Vanguard made me such a wimp that I was once raped by a 95 lb petite Asian woman. Derp. Now I’m shacked up with a woman some of whose children can no longer stand their mom nor me due to our support of a conman. Derp. Family values! Derp.”

  • Jim conveniently chooses to ignore the fact that Robbie Chiappone, the son of his girlfriend, Esther, under Jim’s care was shipped out to the military to avoid jail time for molesting a child, the son of another NXIVM member. Not as ethical as you would like everyone to think, eh Jimbo? LOL

  • Copying someone’s else’s post:


    I’m glad you are courageous enough to speak. I believe Nxivm benefited you. There was much bad you’re not addressing but it helped you. That’s okay but you might want to also consider the victims and how they feel

  • Uhm,,,, So KAR cared for the children. KAR intellectually and emotionally engaged Jim. KAR spent time with Jim. KAR rubbed Jim’s feet.

    It felt good to have his feet massaged.

    Its terrible everyone hates KAR. He didn’t get a fair trial because everyone hates him.

    Appears KAR seduced some men just like he did young girls, and women with money.

    KAR may do alright in prison.

  • Even if we believe that this 100-men event happened as Jim described, it still shows Keith acting like an a-hole.
    In the real world, events, reservations, flights, trains, etc don’t get cancelled with attendees already sitting in their seats, because attendance was a few people short of ideal. In this case, the ethical and obvious solution was to issue refunds to the ‘last-minute’ men. Instead Keith felt like the other 97 men who paid for the event, flights, accommodations, took time off from work and families were not worth HIS time. All the story proves is that Keith is a megalomaniac who doeesn’t keep his word or commitments.

    Reading Jim’s statement, it is reminiscent of Hector himself. They wax of marathons and plantar fasciitis while leaving out the rape and abuse as if the latter was just some irrelevant detail that wasn’t worth mentioning.

    I’m not surprised that the Judge wasn’t moved by Jimbo’s letter. It’s pure garbage…kind of like the writer himself.

    • There has been at least one other account of the event posted here, quite a while back. I can’t remember the details, but it may well be that how it ended up is not as favorable to Raniere as he paints it, or remembers it.

      • Perhaps, Keith will monetize his a-hole in prison as a source of pleasure or as a rental place for storage ie keister-ing or maybe he can rent it out as an ashtray.

        *Keistering is prison jargon for hiding stuff in your butt.

  • Jim

    I’m glad you are courageous enough to speak. I believe Nxivm benefited you. There was much bad you’re not addressing but it helped you. That’s okay but you might want to also consider the victims and how they feel

  • Wait, didn’t Jim del Negro also have a sexual encounter with Cami in addition to Robbie Chiappone? How does that square with all the noble and ethical behavior in that community?

    • I Have An Answer: Raniere taught it’s okay for a guy to f*ck multiple women, but not vice versa, so it was perfectly “noble and ethical behavior.” LOL

    • I think Jimbo also nailed Nancy Salzman a few times. He followed her around helping her with trainings like a puppy dog for months all over the world.
      Very close these two were.
      He divorced his wife
      Had sex with several NXIVM women
      No wonder he defends his mentor

    • How does that square with Jim Del Negro being an ugly pansy? In a closed community losers can be studs.

      BTW: You left out the filipino wife.

    • He did, and also alleged that he was raped by a petite Asian woman when he was working for the Bronfman’s on their failed LA deal.

    • You are exactly right.

      Let me add:

      Mysteriously (sarcasm) after Chiappone’s son slept with Cami he was criminally charged… Nothing suspicious.

      Nice of Esther to stand by her kid (again sarcasm).

  • Jim Del Negro is delusional like everyone one else who has written a letter pleading their case to the judge.

    It’s kind of getting depressing reading letters by delusional people.

  • One of the main problems with people who have been systematically indoctrinated, is the difficulty they have in drawing a distinction between their own thoughts and perceptions, and the indoctrination they were subjected to. Their true thoughts and feeling are to varying degrees overwritten by the indoctrination. So really, Jim can’t tell you what HE thinks and feels. Not yet, perhaps never. A person’s thoughts, perceptions and feelings are unique to them, but the indoctrination all comes from the same viewpoint, and is consistent from individual to individual.

    “Methinks the acolytes do agree too much.”

  • i was chatting with ivy on twitter till I was blocked. It was interesting to see that she defends Emiliano Salinas.
    She was saying that Salinas was innocent and is a poor victim of Rainere etc. I shared documents about how “Penza Calls Salinas a Coconspirator” and then she blocked me. I think there is a big push in Mexico to present Emiliano Salinas and other people currently in government as victims of Rainere. It’s bullshit.

    This Mexican government official is presenting himself also as a poor victim of Rainere:
    He was an active member of NXVIM:https://www.sinembargo.mx/31-08-2020/3851819

    Here is the text I shared with Ivy and I got blocked:(

    “[T] he government is seeking to introduce those email accounts in full. One of the email accounts has under a hundred pages of documents; one of the email accounts has about 500 pages of documents. The government’s position is that these email accounts are entirely criminal and demonstrates the nature of the enterprise.

    So one of the email accounts appears to have been created by Emiliano Salinas, who the government alleges is a coconspirator….

    [W]hat these email[s] as a whole demonstrate is [a] covert mission to gather … financial information on individuals who they believed were enemies of NXIVM”

    Has frank report considered doing a special on how people in mexican politics are now presenting their involvement in nxvim? It could be interesting just to map out who they are and what they are doing in power and how they could hurt future victims

    • I take back what I said about Ivy. I have educated myself more. She has been through a lot and she deserves respect. I am sorry for what I said.

    • Ivy knows better than me. If she is correct about Emiliano, it would certainly fit nicely into the same pattern we’ve become inundated with

      • Dear Anonymous,

        I commented on another of your posts. I believe it could be true that Emiliano Salinas was a victim of nxvim. That does not mean that the Mexican politician you mention Javier Jileta is innocent. He appears to be adopting DOS type tactics in government:

        He is also involved in “helping women victims” (like Keith R. with DOS): https://twitter.com/Rey_Fifi/status/1321131486104428547?s=20

        If Emiliano Salinas is a victim it can help him to separate himself from these so called Mexican politicians. I think people are upset because men in power, like Javier Jileta, are claiming to be victims of nxvims to continue abusing women. This makes it harder to believe and support Emiliano Salinas. I also agree with Nutjub that Ivy knows better.

  • What I get from ALL of these letters is that Keith promoted hate towards women. People don’t even realize how indoctrinated they are.

    In her letter, Ivy is just talking about how Mariana was a loser who could not dance and had not done anything in life


    Who cares what Mariana did or didn’t do? This is Keith’s sentencing. How is it relevant that Mariana was a loser? Why even bring that up?

    I understand Ivy has suffered a lot. But she is still hating women. It is sad.

      • Agreed – it was divide and conquer. If you make sure none of them respect and/or speak openly to each other, then they cannot discover Raniere (and his gang) was telling the same lies to all of them. No one was special – they were all being duped for the ulterior motives of the ones above them.

        But this is a truth being used to hide another agenda. It looks like someone is still trying to push an Ivy vs Mariana narrative. My guess would be to discredit Ivy. Some vicious game is still being played here.

      • Women against women is something women have had going for them for a long time before Raniere came along, he just took advantage of it. LOL

    • So you’ve now spread this criticism of Ivy across two posts – where does Ivy say anything about Mariana or Mariana’s dancing? And what does it have to do with an article on Jim Del Negro?

        • Thank you – found it on Ivy’s blog. Still seems like an ad hominem attack when it’s brought up here in response to articles that have nothing to do with it. Ivy has clearly struggled and continues to struggle with facing the truth that she poured her heart and love into a mirage. Eventually, Mariana will probably have to face that same struggle – or maybe she has already begun. If nothing else, Raniere has refined his ability to sow discord.

    • —People don’t even realize how indoctrinated they are.

      The Nxivm 5 are educating me. I can’t believe they still believe there is a conspiracy against Lord Vanguard.

      Warning Shallow Male Chauvinist Pig Comment Ahead:

      I can’t believe a group of semi-attractive women who are 1/2 way intelligent are keeping a torch lit for such a 5ft misogynist dweeb.


  • Raniere still has followers because these people devoted years of their lives and tens of thousands of dollars to the Nxivm cult and it’s too painful for them to admit it was all a hoax, a criminal racket, and a sex cult.

    So they pretend “there was some good in it”, and that the felon Raniere “helped people”.

    There are countless examples throughout history of cult members behaving just this way. The committed ones can’t back down so they double down.

    The Millerite cult in the mid-19th century predicted the end of the world on a particular day in 1843. When that day came and went, they still believed and just “calculated” another date.

    Some people are just stupid and gullible. They’re the ones who join cults, and the gold star stupid remain loyal to the cult even when it goes bust and the pedophile leader’s serving life in prison.

    • You’re very right. They’re committed. A marketing friend of mine told me about this method, and I saw that’s really how it works. Sad for self-deception as the example shows, dangerous as well.

  • Has this poor fellow not solved for himself any question he might have at all about how come Raniere’s defense put no “witnesses” upon the stand, either to compliment or to recommend Raniere or his actions? Think, kiddo. Think and come back to some semblance of life.

    He, Del Negro, has the unmitigated ignorance or the nerve to call objections, whether through opinion or via legalistic means, to Raniere’s actions and to his words, a “hate campaign.” How upside down can a guy get?

    Goody, goody. The megalomanic pervert handed you a couple of useful toothpicks over 15 to 17 years, and you wish that he could’ve given you MORE, and you pine for a much longer purgatory, built upon deceptive co-dependency?

    Del Negro accounts a personal story about how impressed he was with Raniere’s ethics. Every word out of his typing fingers is effortlessly demolishable. Here stagnates a person, who chooses not to see the forest and emphasizes instead one stumpy tree…with worship.

  • In my personal, humble opinion, if you walk into a building, have to bow to a photo of someone who calls himself “Vanguard” and claims he is the smartest man in the world and his powers block police radar, you have serious trouble making sound judgment and decisions.

    • Only because he’s a white, short, pudgy, nerdy looking guy.

      The Chinese and Japanese used to do this all the time and likely still do to their martial arts masters. The only difference is Raniere played off of this type of human respect for his own ends being a self-proclaimed “master” of the intellect.

    • Great point!!!!

      …..But if your Mark Vicente. coming from the Ramtha cult, ran by a woman channeling a 10,000 year old spirit, having a Vanguard with a bunch of karate sashes seems down to earth.

  • A man can never assume to know what another man is like when he is alone with a woman with whom he wants to have sex. Jim’s opinion is of no importance. As are any opinions of any of Keith’s male friends, students, business partners, etc. It is like saying, “That bank teller is so nice, she would never kill her husband”. What could you possibly know of that relationship? Or an adult declaring that a man that they know can not be a pedophile because the pedophile never abused them, the adults. Maybe say,” I am a man. So I know nothing of how he behaved with women he wanted to fuck. Alone.” That is the truth. You don’t know how your bro, your business partner, even your dad treats women he wants to fuck when he is alone with them. And how he treats you, another male (he doesn’t want to fuck) is not of consequence in these stories. Here’s an idea, men. Say nothing. Say nothing of things that have nothing to do with you. You males are not central to all stories. And it is okay to let those who are central tell their own stories. Without your really unimportant own but irrelevant experience. It is like a woman is describing being outside in a tornado in one state while a man inside a house in another state says,”But you are wrong. Here the sky was blue.” You were not there. You did not experience it. You cannot know.

    • Your comment only tells us about your views of Raniere/nxivm, and of men, nothing more. And those are quite off the mark.

      1) A man can of course know what another man wants or is like in any aspect, once given enough information. Whether that happens depends on the situation and the relationship. “That bank teller is so nice, she would never kill her husband”: Useless as an argument as this is usually nothing more than superficial interactions.

      As a person spending a lot of time with him he should have seen what Raniere is like. I mentioned on my website several times long ago with comments about psychopaths: They tell you what they are like from the start. It’s not just about such people: almost nobody can hide himself/herself, each little detail tells you what a person is like. This means each joke, each facial expression (Raniere is pretty good hiding himself there, but not in what he says/writes, as I explained in a few comments with earlier posts), each comment and esp. the way in which a person expresses himself, and esp. the way someone reacts to negative experiences. Raniere told everyone within nxivm who took the courses in which Raniere talked about psychopaths and children and sex (see the last 2 episodes of “The vow”), that he is a pedophile and a psychopath otherwise he would talk differently about these subjects.

      You also see in various statements that he is emotion poor and a narcissist. You further see he evades confrontation, which fits with a narcissist (this also explains his behaviour in not giving more input in directing companies as this guy mentioned). Those who met him should have known but they were/are superficial and influenceable. E.g. Vincente mentioned Ayn Rand, in ep. 1 of the “The vow”. If he mentioned her without being negative about it, then it is no wonder he could be manipulated by an emotion poor guy like Raniere.

      He was later surprised at the script/document talking about a psychopath negatively affecting people, but Raniere made clear what he is like in everything that he said/wrote from the start… The 12 point mission statement is an example that shows this, and it was created before nxivm: Look at point 7 about “Inner honesty and integrity”; it is in fact a definition fit for a psychopath, because according to that point 7, an honest psychopath who has a set of rules that are all about his gains, and from which he doesn’t deviate is someone with ‘the highest human values’…

      2) You only assume that the negative aspects of Raniere/nxivm are about women, they are not, that is just one of the superficial aspects of the far bigger problem, which is manipulation in general of men and women and turning them into emotion poor anti-social robots. The people who were negatively affected were not just women, just look at the men Raniere and his cronies pestered with lawsuits.

      Raniere tried to make his psychopathic views normal, thus creating selfish people who think what they do is virtuous. Someone in a comment wondered what could have happened if Raniere had not been stopped. What indeed… As with all such people who strive to get influence, power, money, such people can create very dangerous situations that affect large parts of society.

      3) Manipulation, esp. indoctrination over a longer period, affects different people differently, esp. in the later years when Raniere was building his harem there was obviously a split in what people got to see of him: inner circle men vs. inner circle women, vs. the rest of nxivm. You need to take this into account to understand what people think of someone… A person who had a short course may think positively about Raniere, someone was close to him personally but left, or who worked with him and left in disagreement (such as Mr. Parlato) were likely to get negative experiences.

      • Addition to 3): Look at the Stanford prison experiment, and the Milgram electric shock experiment. These show, what you can also see all around you in daily life, which is that generally people conform to the rules of a group, and they accept authority, but also that reality is interpreted from the information you get (restricted information is essential in the results of the Milgram experiment). Restrict information, or colour outside information by giving warnings about what other people say, and you can manipulate people. Few people go against it (I am one of those, which is part of the reason why I am not influenceable, despite being a seeker, which someone mentioned in a comment with a recent post is a likely prerequisite, yes, but several further other factors in the personality are required). People who are indoctrinated can ignore evidence as being created by a conspiracy theory. There are plenty of examples of such insanity, e.g. look at believers in the ‘flat earth’ theory. This is an extreme example but generally people prefer to believe what they already think is true and watch youtube videos, newspaper articles and websites, that confirm their beliefs, rather than examine their belief system.

    • https://guycounseling.com/prison-rape-true-story/

      …..******* MAINTENANCE SHOP ******…..

      The first couple of days weren’t terrible but that was only because I was being sized up by other inmates. You see, one of the things you find out when you get sent away is that everyone knows your business, including who you are and why you are doing time.

      At any rate, on the fifth day of my incarceration, I had two members of the Latin Kings (LKs) forcing me to have sex with them. While I can’t be sure, I’m guessing they were close to my age.

      Related: Male sexual assault isn’t about sexual orientation

      Now before I get too far into this, you need to know I wasn’t a scrawny guy. Before getting sent to the slammer, I used to work out at the gym and box. Plus, I had a part-time job as a furniture mover with a local company.

      At any rate, the rape happened after I was assigned to the Maintenance Shop. When the correctional officers weren’t present, two of the LKs cornered me near the doorway.

      It was obvious what they wanted because the jerks kept making comments about showing them my backside. When I told them no, one of them pulled out a piece of rebar and clobbered me across the face.

      man in prison cell jumpsuitEverything after that is a blur. Sometime later, I woke up in a closet, which in prison is called “the cut”. That’s slang for being out of sight from the cameras.

      So, here is the thing. The blood rushing from my temple didn’t bother me. That I could handle. But what did freak me out was the white stuff oozing from my behind and streaked across my face.

      After wiping myself off with a sock, I got up and felt super dizzy. Once I finally made it to the main hallway, a guard spotted me and asked what happened.

      I lied and told him that I’d slipped and bumped my head. Seconds later, I found myself in the prison’s infirmary, receiving emergency medical attention.

      But I kept my mouth shut. Had I snitched on the two LK’s that had assaulted me, I wouldn’t be here to share my story with you now. That’s because, in prison, inmates who tattle don’t live very long.

      And I wish I could tell you this was the only time I was raped but it wasn’t. You see after it happens one time, it will happen multiple times. It’s like word gets around, you know?

      Prison is a very dark place

      ……..******* CORNERED IN THE BATHROOM ******………

      The next incident happened around one month into my sentence. I’ll never forget it. I was on my way to a Christian Worship group when four LKs stopped me near the bathroom. I recognized two of them because they were the same bastards who had assaulted me before.

      But the other two – they were new. Well, not “new” but certainly inmates I had never encountered. I’m guessing now but I’d lay odds they were in their middle to late thirties.

      Sensing something was about to go down, I tried to get away. That’s when one of them pushed me into the bathroom. Then three of them stepped inside while one guy watched the door.

      If you think I could have screamed, think again. One of the LK’s had a shank pushed up against my neck and told me straight out that if I made a sound, he would cut my throat and watch me bleed out.

      I won’t go into graphic detail except to say that that the older of the group – and biggest – rustled me over to a sink. That’s when he grabbed me by my hair, bent me over and ruthlessly shoved his you know what up my behind.

      I tried not to make sounds, but the pain was excruciating. Worried that I’d call attention what was happening, the thug yanked me up again by my hair and span me around. That’s when another one of the LK’s forced his junk in my mouth.

      From there, it was a merry-go-round. While one stood lookout, the other three ruthlessly did their thing.

      It was like watching wild jackals at a feeding frenzy, giggling and laughing the whole time like it was no big deal. I can still see flashes of my face in that bathroom mirror as all of this happened.

      Over the course of a six-month period, incidents like the one described above occurred several other times.

      • Archie, Edith is not happy with you, because you left out the rest of the story, which is the upside of prison rape: In fact, I got so sick of being raped that I decided to do something about it. Long story short, I decided to work with prosecutors on several drug-related cases and provide actionable information.

        In return, I was moved to a minimum-security prison camp facility. Not to get into the weeds but prison camps offer a much different environment than penitentiaries.

        Two years ago, I finally was released. To this day, I still have flashbacks of being raped by male gangs who thought nothing forcing themselves inside me.

        I sincerely hope you never have to do time. If you do, your best bet is to try and go to a prison camp and not a penitentiary. Not that men aren’t raped at the camps because it can happen. But it didn’t happen to me there and it’s my understanding things like that are infrequent.

        Today, I am working with a therapist to help sort out some of the flashbacks and terrible nightmares. Being violated like that eats at your sense of masculinity and makes you question yourself. It will probably take me years to worth through all of it.

        And I can honestly tell you that since getting out, I’ve been completely clean. I don’t go anywhere near illegal substances and try to live a Christian life.

        If you are wondering what it is really like doing hard-time, there’s a book called the Federal Prison Handbook. I honestly wished I had read this before getting sent up the river.

        It might have helped me avoid some of the problems I had or at least prepared me for the realities of prison life.

        If you are a survivor of sexual assault, make sure you find someone for counseling. Even things like AA or NA can be helpful because a lot of the people there understand.


  • This letter reads a lot like the statements made by people who are in an abusive relationship but defends the abuser by stating “He is so good with the children”.

    Doing good doesn’t erase the horrible things this man did and was, according to the jury, proven beyond a reasonable doubt. That is what KR was sentenced for and it isn’t just to subtract years of his punishment because others had good experiences.

    As far as I know, Jim is an intelligent man and, therefore, I don’t understand how it is possible he defends this monster. How deep can indoctrination run?

  • Jim, you have good experiences with Raniere’s method. The EM’s and the technique worked great. I agree with you in that segment. Raniere was not always a bad person. And I think that the theory of Rational Inquiry should be analyzed and if it really helps people, like the Tourette’s syndrome, there must be research about it (I don’t know how are the rights of it as the government seized the books of First Principles, I think it’s great). BUT… First of all, you are a man, and the main target for his predator feelings were women. So, your experience is totally different from what Ivy, Barbara, Kristin, or any other woman lived there. He was training you to be like him, that’s why you were in the SOP. You share the same values as Raniere. Women cannot talk the same way, as you were not branded, nor abused. You never had sexual relations with Keith Raniere. He employed his technique to abuse women. Obviously, for a company to be successful, its main leader will show only the nice face to convince more people to enter. You, as a sales agent, know very well how public relations work. If you are always angry when you see potential clients, obviously they are going to go. Well, the same is for NXIVM. You see Nancy and Keith always happy, and all the proctors as well. As a catholic person you are (I am also catholic, so we share the same values here), what can you tell me about the abuse of the Fernandez family, the rape of Camila when she was 15 years old, and the orgies held with the DOS members and all his personal harem? Or what can you tell me about the two Fernandez sisters having sexual encounters with Raniere at the same time? So the main problem is that he abused several women and you, maybe, didn’t notice that. I know you are very respectful of women and you didn’t do anything that Keith did, especially about the abuses. I don’t know if you committed financial fraud with Raniere or Nancy, or how you managed money. I hope you have been legal in this part. But the main problems for Raniere were the abuses. Do you think this is a lie? Maybe in your mind is the idea that Camila was older and that she is not being honest. But she had the courage to present herself and tell the world, right in front of Keith’s face, that she was abused when she was 15 years old, and almost committed suicide. If she were lying, why didn’t Raniere stand up and say, you are lying! No, he was really nervous (see Barbara’s letter, where she described what happened inside the court that day). And his lawyer, only told the judge that he had problems with relationships that ended in breakups. Oh my God! The judge, very angry, just shouted NO!!!!! Of course no, you cannot say that when your main crime was to have sexual relations with a 15-year-old girl, and how you manipulated her to continue this activity. But that situation, Jim, you didn’t know about it, or maybe you did know Keith had several lovers but your mind shifted the information for your own mental good. Is it correct that a man has several lovers at the same time, from the Catholic perspective? Jim, I am not attacking you, I met you some years ago, and I think you are a good man, and Raniere blocked you mentally to avoid to see the truth. You shifted information, the same as Vicente. Vicente knew several things about Raniere, I agree with you that he is lying in several parts, and maybe your experience about the SOP reunion is real and Vicente tell a lie so that the prosecution have force against Raniere. I agree with you, Vicente also helped illegal Mexicans to stay in Albany, so he is also guilty as Bronfman. But he is a protected witness and they are not going to touch him. Maybe he didn’t know about Camila’s abuse, or probably he shifted the information to protect his own mind and values. I met Camila and I noticed she was in love with Raniere, profoundly, but that’s when she was older, maybe 20 years old, I never asked her age. I noticed she was deeply in love only by her face, her expression… She was manipulated, probably hypnotized… Imagine that her story started 5 years later with an abusive person who only wanted to fuck her in her 15s. Jim, open your eyes and see the reality of the story. I cannot blame you, all of you are also victims of Raniere.

  • I thought of all of The Leftovers in full Nazi regalia when I read their letters. Playing volleyball, walking through the streets of Clifton Park, twerking, weighing their food portions, in full uniform.

    It makes more sense to me. They sound like Good Germans, that have happy lives with “ethical” friends, doing “good in the world”.

  • Don’t be surprised if many so-called former members of NXIVM still support the cult and Raniere – and are publicly anti-Raniere because it is expedient to be so.
    Secretly they are still part of the NXIVM gang.

  • Del Negro thought it impressive enough to proudly note in the letter that he spent a minimum of 10 hours/week for 16 years playing volleyball with Keith Raniere. What a creepy loser.

  • Wow, yesterday on the Ellen Show, Catherine Oxenberg admits she knew Keith Raniere was a pedophile years ago. Why didn’t she go to People, Good Morning America, New York Times and Ellen back then when she quit? She could have taken down the cult years before and saved India from ever getting branded and raped by Raniere. What kind of mother leaves her teenage daughter with a pedophile! What year was this? Frank did you know Raniere was a pedophile for years too or did you think the same thing India did?

    • James Odato published his series on Raniere in the Albany Times Union in 2012. It reported on Raniere’s statutory rape of underage girls. Raniere and his horde went after Odato in court and cost him his job. People have been trying to out Raniere for years. The Bronfman money and a league of complicit, lying, willfully ignorant sycophants drowned out the voices that have been calling Raniere out for years. Now the tide has turned, and the sycophants don’t like being held accountable for their support of a psychopath.

    • Oxenberg knew Raniere was ACCUSED of being a pedo, not that she KNEW it. LOL

      She is the typical immoral/unethical Hollyweird, self-centered, egotistical buffoon, that made Raniere normal. LOL

      Lots of people could have taken down Raniere several years before NXIVM even existed. LOL

      Oxenberg got involved ~2010, Frank worked for NXIVM before that. LOL

      Frank probably didn’t come across this issue until after he was sued by Raniere/Bronfman. LOL

      • Are you now jealous of Frank’s friendship with Catherine Oxenberg?

        Scott, Frank likes you too. No need for jealousy.

        I don’t mean to be mean but Catherine is more attractive than you.

    • There are some answers to your question, but gathering a contextual awareness about Oxenberg’s own “lifestyle” and her social conditioning could lead you in a very interesting analytical direction.

      This is in no way intended to put her down, so far as Catherine Oxenberg’s personal attraction to what she might think of as inner growth, or for hoping that Raniere’s grim subculture, fronted by malicious phonies disguised as some kind of a panacea of advancement, would help her and her 19-year-old daughter. (This was India’s age, upon getting involved with Nxivm, under her mother’s auspices.) Everyone has made errors of discernment, and once Oxenberg woke up, she went all out to extract India from such utter darkness.

      Yet initially, Catherine Oxenberg herself saw the entire con game as it had been advertised, and therefore, superficially. She bought it. That is something that she might regret, even now, as an individual and as a mother. At least the two of them are trying to make lemons into some kind of lemon punch and seem to be sincere.

      Catherine Oxenburg speaks today as though she always viewed Raniere as a “troll.” That is her exact word now.

      So, when Catherine Oxenburg perceived these “insights,” essentially she left her daughter still completely caught up with Nxivm.

      The branding by DOS is what propelled her to act, at last. Of course to Catherine Oxenburg, very likely all of these events felt more complex than what I’ve just observed, and that too is understandable. She, like any mother or father with an older child, probably wanted both to watch over India, as well as to support and to step back some, as someone at age 19 is going to want and to need to make personal decisions freely. I feel for both the mother and for her daughter and am so happy that their trust and love has come through for them. But nothing is ever done here, as we all learn and relearn. Only breathing ends one day.

      • Yes, Catherine Oxenberg is a real modern mother who, although she was probably worried about her daughter, still tried to let India go her own way while watching her the whole time. She intervened when she couldn’t let it go. She fought for India almost like a mother tiger.

  • It’s a criminal prosecution. It’s not part of the facts, what kind of man Keith Ranier was known to be, or how much someone loved him. That’s why I don’t understand these heart-to-heart letters addressed to Judge Garaufis. Shouldn’t the judge put him in jail because he was such a nice man, by the way? Well, there are interesting perceptions here.

    • The letters were intended to show the judge that Raniere is really a good guy who made some mistakes, and it backfired on them. LOL

  • So much like the family of a Mafia leader detailing how the don was always so generous, buying them gifts, giving them friendly attention.

  • “I [Del Negro] became less fearful and more understanding of people as a result of participating in his trainings.” Obviously not enough less fearful to testify at Raniere’s trial to save their dear leader – so much for the SOP (Society Of Protectors], not to mention the DOS bad-a$$ warriors, LOL

    I wonder how much money was spent paying into the “trainings” of these two NXIVM organizations alone? LOL

    Scott has had plantar fasciitis, it goes away on its own after a few months. LOL

    • Right! Some help this program is if they are still too fearful to stand up in person as a witness for what they believe in the outside world.

      Also, where is the evidence that this program is making a profound impact on humanity? Our world’s only gotten worse in recent years… seems like the only real “impact” never leaves the grounds where this all takes place.

      • I didn’t see the Seduced “documentary,” it is not really a documentary, it’s more of a soap opera, NiceGuy 666.

  • This from the 6′ something man who was raped by a 100lb woman. Yep – sounds like a trustworthy person to me.

    Raniere’s coaching helped him to be less fearful and more determined in doing what is right – then why didn’t he testify in court?

    There is video evidence that Mark Vicente lied about how Keith handled the canceled men’s conference – OK, let’s see it. Better yet, why didn’t they see it in court? Jimmy wouldn’t even have had to show his little scared self there.

    I call BS. And so did the judge.

  • You, my friend, had a positive experience because Keith wasn’t trying to get into your pants…..only your wallet.

      • Itt, Swami Slobovitz the Keef, could be more ready to enjoy fraternal recreation than some would like to think, but he’s also 60 and not exactly hot salami. Remember Frank’s charming article, “Keith Raniere Dressed as a Woman,” 7/16/2019? It was in Art Voice and probably was also published here. Accompanied by an udderly lovely photo of “Keef” in bad eighties hair (wig) and not the best makeup, etc and falsies under a sheath or dress of some sort…Keef was or could still be Raniere’s “lady” name.

        I don’t care if his lady name was Beef Jerky, but go ahead and prove to me that this perv only messed with vaginas. He was probably a nasty bitch who demanded a lot of head from certain fellows. Lazy fuck?

        Okay, I shall attempt to behave. Maybe.

  • Even…even if what Jim said was true and factual…it is inconsequential to the fact that he abused a teenage girl and abused many women! I have no idea why someone would think a person who helped them is free from responsibility just because they have done a few good things. Jim clearly loves the way the light hits with the wool pulled over his eyes. He deserves the reckoning of hate directed at him for his love of such a disgusting man.

  • I want one of his followers to dispute the pedophilia. I want his followers to talk directly to the disgusting misogyny and vile sexual acts. The letters in support of Raniere talk about how humble and gracious he is…. that might have been their experience… but how do they then dispute a woman coming out and saying he had sex with me at 15? With evidence to back it up? How does that not overturn or cloud their perspective of him?

    His followers need to own that part and talk to it. It’s like saying, Bill Cosby is a gracious man because in my experience I wasn’t drugged and sexually taken advantage of. Great. But proof shows otherwise for Cosby and proof shows otherwise for Keith.

    How do his followers dispute the statutory rape when there is evidence and testimonies? How do they dispute that he possibly had people killed if he said this on video?

    There is are crucial elements that are ignored in all these supportive letters for Raniere.

    • How? It’s a simple rationalization–everything bad, negative, evil, etc., said about him is either a lie or a conspiracy against him.

      You can’t argue with such “logic”.

      When Malcolm X was a follower of the Elijah Muhammad, he didn’t believe the allegations against Elijah until he talked to the many females that were impregnated by Elijah and got their side of the story which were all pretty much the same. He had the rational perspicacity to understand that one person could be telling a lie, but that probability decreases when two, three, four, or more are saying the same thing because it becomes more and more difficult to control those who need to maintain the lie as their number increases. I mean, that’s EXACTLY what happened VanDumb. He and his minions couldn’t keep the secrets and his lies in check the more women he slept with and the more people he screwed over.

  • Even the start of his statement shows his delusion. There is no “extreme” hatred as far as I can see other than of KR and those directly involved in crimes. I just feel sorry for those who continue to be deluded. I do think people got some good out of it all but that does not justify the crimes. Lots of people do better with self-help or going to church or contact with others – in the UK we even have some doctors putting someone in the waiting room to talk to older people who are really lonely rather than sick. Lots of people would find most kinds of self-help made them feel better. Also, once you are sucked into a position, it is hard to track back and say I was very wrong. The remaining followers don’t see to understand the point that someone can be Mother Teresa but if they also do the other things KR did, that still means things were wrong.

  • So many things to say, but it would be just such a waste of time to say it to someone like him.

    —The reason I have put so much trust in Keith is that he continually and consistently demonstrates the traits of virtue.

    Pretending to be a celibate monk while engaging in promiscuity has never been considered virtuous (until now) you tall, goofy, rationalizing, oaf.

  • Got rid of his foot pain? in TWO months. Any AIM (anatomy in motion) practitioner would have ‘cured’ you in days. There’s a lot of excellent tech out there, it’s just a fact that KR invented NONE of it.

    • My thoughts exactly. A quick Google search will even give you all the exercises you need to heal plantar fasciitis.

      I felt sorry for Jim as I read it. And I believe him that these were his experiences. But then someone pointed out that he was the guy that claimed to be raped by that 90 lb woman, and all of his credit went out the window.

      I’d love him to write a letter explaining that.

  • I had plantar fasciitis once. I went to a get massage and stretched for a month and found relief. Still, if my therapist was convicted of being a pedophile, I wouldn’t write a letter of support. These people are so far gone, it’s pathetic. They still see KR as some messiah even after the terrible things he’s done. Sad.

    • Right? If anything, can you imagine the terrible reviews that your therapist would get online? LOL. “Healed my foot. Keep your kids far away!” – your therapist would lose their practice, get thrown in jail and that would be it.

      • That’s pretty much what happened, it just took a long time for someone (Frank) to speak up publicly online. LOL

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