Edgar Boone, Highest Ranking Nxivm Member [Blue Sash]: ‘Keith Raniere Has Been a Kind, Hardworking Humanitarian, and Ethical Human Being, Who Developed Some Amazing Personal Growth Tools’

Though he has left Albany where he lived for years near his mentor, Keith Raniere, and returned to Mexico, with his wife and children, after Raniere’s arrest, Edgar Boone remains the highest-ranking member of Nxivm – holding the Blue Sash.

In the history of Nxivm, Boone was the fifth highest-ranked member – with only Keith Raniere [ethereal sash] now incarcerated; Nancy Salzman [gold sash], awaiting sentencing, the late Pamela Cafritz [purple sash] and the late Barbara Jeske [purple sash] with higher ranks.

Boone remains a supporter of Raniere and wrote a letter to the judge to persuade him to sentence Keith to a lenient sentence.

As we review Keith’s 120 year sentence, and whether it was fair, Boone’s viewpoint may be instructive. Here is a man who had been with Raniere since the early days of Nxivm. He was the pioneer of the Mexican recruitment for Nxivm – and his view of Raniere is unsullied by the views of many former members and most of the public who have examined the facts surrounding Nxivm and Raniere.

It would be easy to criticize Boone’s views and rebut his opinions with examples of Raniere behaving the opposite of Boone’s idyllic view of his mentor.  But I prefer to let his words speak for themselves. This is a man who believes in Raniere and rose high in the ranks of Nxivm.

As I understand it, Boone’s father is a wealthy man and his sons do not have to worry about money. He was one of the many elite, rich Mexicans who found Nxivm and Raniere a source of inspiration that gave meaning to their lives.

August 30th, 2020

By Edgar Boone

Dear Judge Garaufis,

My intent in writing this letter is to help expand the court’s perspective on Keith Raniere’s character as you evaluate his sentence.

What I have seen in the last two years in the media and later in court, is that Keith has been mostly shown as a type of psychopathic monster who only did bad things in the world, and who always had bad intent in everything he did.

My experience of him as a person, and leader of an organization, is the opposite of what some people have expressed about him, and how the media has portrayed him. It’s been a horrible experience to see how people hate him so much, when he has helped thousands of people have a better life by the tools he developed and with his personal interactions.

Below I’ll share with you some personal experiences that hopefully can help you get a more complete view of him as a human being.

Helping People

In all the years that I have known him I would say that helping others is one of his highest values. Every time I saw him, either casually or in one of the many organizational events, he would always take the time to connect with the community and support them in all he could.

It seems to me that he always wanted to give more to others than what he received. For many years, I saw him invest his time on someone who was highly disrespectful to him and many others. I could never understand why he would be so patient and loving with someone who was so entitled and mean. But he did. He wanted to help others, even those who were rejected by most, for being obnoxious.

When one of my brothers had a problem, I shared with him what was going on. He took the time to help me help him. And then followed up for a while asking me how he was doing.

I also remember someone who wanted to become a better runner. I saw him for months take the time to help them, give them feedback and talk to them, without ever charging them a dime.

Humane & Honorable Decision Making

In all the years that I have known him and all the decisions that I brought to him regarding personal or business matters, he would always bring the highest principle in mind and see how we could uphold it, even if that would affect personal comfort, financial benefit or other possible superficial aspects.

For example, one day I was thinking of making some changes to the way we evaluated the ranks in ESP. And he took the matter at hand and then came up with an answer that took into account what would happen generations later. This long-term view was characteristic of him.

In my experience he would deliberately take time to evaluate his decisions, especially those that involved other people. He would share with me how he would take time specifically to evaluate his decisions using all the emotional and mind fortitude available to him.

One of the things that I saw him do often, something that has been a source of a lot of anger and even hatred towards him, is that he would not give attention to someone if they had not earned it in his view, or if they had done something destructive. For example, there was this person who I experienced as very angry and irresponsible. This person would want to see him and spend time with him, but he would not, not until this person changed the behavioral destructive pattern they were doing. This person got very upset with him, threatened to cause a lot of trouble, and did.

Keith Raniere

Not conventional

If there’s something that defines him is that he’s not conventional and would often not follow societal rules for their own sake.

For example: He seemed to have a very different sleep schedule than most people. He would often sleep during the day and be awake at night.

Many of his meetings he would do walking instead of sitting at a desk. I think he was more understood or accepted by women in general, which may be why they were/are attracted to him. To men, to see women be attracted to him would sometimes create jealousy, anger and even hate.

There have been many times when I did not understand his decisions. Often my not understanding had to do with him not deciding just to do something for some material benefit, but for a higher value that involved the values of humanity. For example: There were people in the company that would not do their jobs very well or to a standard that would help many of us run the company more efficiently and effectively. But he would not fire them right away just
because of that. He would give many opportunities to change, to grow, to step up. His highest value didn’t seem to be making money, but supporting the person’s development.

Keith Raniere with Edgar Boone

Honorable Sportsmanship

In the almost twenty years since I have known him, before he was taken to jail, he was the most consistent person I have seen to show up consistently to his commitments. One of these commitments was playing volleyball with the community. In these games, every time there was doubt in how a ball was called, he would always ask to stop the play until we made sure that all involved were in agreement with the decision. If there was no consensus then the play would be repeated to honor the perspective of everyone involved.

Alcohol & Vegetarian

In all the years that I have known him I’ve never seen him drink alcohol nor does he support that habit. He is a believer of being fully present and fully aware of your choices at all moments.

I have always seen him uphold a vegetarian diet. He shared many times with others that he was vegetarian mainly because he took a vow of non-violence and killing an animal to eat when his personal survival was not in question, would go against that value.

Emotional States

I have never seen him being angry or snap at anyone. I think he is the only person I have known in my life that I’ve never seen angry.

He was always centered, even at times when I saw him deeply sad by losses of a loved one. For example, when a good friend of ours died, I saw him very sad for weeks. When his partner died, he was grieving deeply until the last time I saw him. I could see it. And even then, he would show up to volleyball and play his games with a positive state.

Keith Alan Raniere.


When a mutual friend of ours got married, I saw him support them to start their new life together. When I was making the decision to step out of the organization in 2009 and become Emeritus, he did not want me to do so. He wanted me to be part of the Executive Board. I chose not to, and even when I made a choice that he did not agree with, he respected my decision and even helped me with the transition I was going through, and into a new stage in my life.

At times, he and I disagreed in what needed to be done and how it needed to be done. But these disagreements were always respectful from both sides and he was supportive of me as a person, even when we would not see eye to eye on other matters.

One of the things I find amazing about him, is that he invested a lot in people. He would invest his time, his efforts and abilities to help someone become more capable, have a better experience of life, and be able to start developing companies that related to what they wanted to do. At times some of these people would just quit, at which time, I never saw him complain.

Through the years he taught me many things, he helped me resolve inner issues and he was  supportive of me and my family. He never asked anything in return, never. One time when I asked him what I could do for him in exchange for his time, he just said “pay if forward”. And I have done so ever since.


One of the principles that I saw him talk about more often and consider in his decision-making process, were his ethics.

The principles that he held dear and by which he chooses to live.

Being ethical is not easy in this world, and I have seen him uphold his principles even at great personal cost to him. For example, he had the chance to speak dishonorably about the people accusing him in the media and in court. But he chose not to do it. I also assume he also had a lot of private, personal and unflattering information about some of the people who accused him, that he if he brought forth, would have helped his legal case and his public image. And yet, he has chosen not to speak about them.


In my experience with him, people were always the most important. More important than material things, riches, fame, etc.

He would say often: The person is more important than the company’s profits. And that’s how he would lead. Often with negative financial effects.

Personally, I can tell you that he has always been a supportive and good friend. And I have seen him again and again be the same to others throughout good times and bad times.

In my experience, he is a very mindful person, who takes the time and puts the effort to deeply evaluate decisions for the benefit of all, especially those that involve many people. I’ve never seen him being reckless.

Through the personal growth tools that he developed, he has helped me and thousands of other people to have a better experience of life, to have more inner peace, to have more joy, to value and appreciate life, and to be more successful.

In summary, in my experience, Keith has been a kind, hardworking humanitarian, and ethical human being, who developed some amazing personal growth tools that thousands of people have used to better their life.

I hope this helps in your evaluation of his sentence.


Edgar Boone

About the author

Frank Parlato


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  • I am positive Judge G actually laughed when he read this (despite the horror). What a buffoon is Edgar. Also, Keith and Nancy laughed at Edgar behind his back regarding his obvious neediness for sure.

  • Dear Edgar,

    Do you realize the Judge was presented with the information that your wife was a DOS slave as well as a DOS master?

    You dummy, the judge knows your wife banged Raniere.

    The next time you have sex with the Misses you can feel proud when you see your masters brand above her vagina.

    Don’t forget to have your wife tested for HPV. It can cause cancer in women. It can also cause throat cancer in men who perform oral sex on women. Please Google it!!! Throat cancer kills about 95% of men who contract it. I am not kidding.


    My favorite parts of Edgar Boone’s letter:

    —When his partner died, he was grieving deeply until the last time I saw him. I could see it. And even then, he would show up to volleyball and play his games with a positive state.

    Playing volleyball, after your soulmate dies, without a care in the world [like a sociopath], is a positive thing. WTF?

    —I also assume he also had a lot of private, personal, and unflattering information about some of the people who accused him, that he if he brought forth, would have helped his legal case and his public image

    Hey Edgar the “private, personal, and unflattering information about some people”is called blackmail material. You nitwit.

    • Frank-

      Besides attempting to be obnoxious, I continually bring up the HPV subject because none of these men besides Vanguard deserve to get throat cancer and die. I’m actually trying to help them.

      The women who have HPV from Keith should let there current and future lovers know they our in danger of contracting HPV.

  • Mr. Boone, you have to be very stupid to still beliving in KR.

    It’s not about your experience with him, it’s about other people’s experience with him, which did a lot of damage to many. Aren’t you an empath?

    It’s not about you…or your thoughts.

  • “I also remember someone who wanted to become a better runner. I saw him for months take the time to help them, give them feedback and talk to them, without ever charging them a dime.”

    Run, Hector, Run! That will be $120.00 payable to Vanguard, please.

    “…there was this person who I experienced as very angry and irresponsible. This person would want to see him and spend time with him, but he would not, not until this person changed the behavioral destructive pattern they were doing. This person got very upset with him, threatened to cause a lot of trouble, and did.”

    Oh, I bet she did. Seems like she caused 120 years of trouble.

    “When his partner died, he was grieving deeply until the last time I saw him. I could see it. And even then, he would show up to volleyball and play his games with a positive state.”

    Vanguard: I can’t get over Pam’s $8million death. Volleyball tonight anyone?

    • Volleyball at “The Sports Barn”

      Just a 10 minute run for the ladies!

      Come one and the few to see Keith grieve was while also having the purity to Make Volleyball Great Again.

      Is there a reason Nancy Salzman did not participate in the glorious volleyball? Was she too busy laughing at Keith’s hijinks or planning?

    • WTF? Hatchette is nuts. She mentions how black people would look at the Nxivm case differently. She is gravely mistaken.

      I believe most people of color would be outraged to find out a white man (Keith Raniere) turned Michelle Hatchette into his sex slave. DOS after all stands for “master over slave”.

      Martin Luther and Malcolm X would be enraged by Michelle.

  • I’m sure Keith could have had a helpful side. He may have meant well in the beginning, and later, on the fly, he slipped in the growing glory around him, and as he began to become famous, he grew further and further away from himself. It’s also possible that he had a different relationship with others than his own. I don’t know. I can also imagine Keith being a person who prefers his own kind as long as they serve his interests, but if they don’t, he attacks Initiates. These are all guesses. It’s an interesting creature. 

      • —Raniere was f*cking multiple women while in college, his behavior started out bad.

        Scott, his behavior was normal in college like most men and women.


    • I knew KR long before NXIVM, long before Consumer’s Buyline etc. He has always been an abusive narcissistic psychopath. The insidious thing about such people is their ability to mask themselves and act as though they have other people’s interests at heart. They are good at simulating emotions when it serves their purposes. Every one of these people has been used to achieve whatever KR wanted. And he didn’t have much interest in material things – what he mostly liked was the power and control he could exert over others.

    • Anyone who has had the misfortune to be in a relationship with or raised by a malignant narcissist knows better. They are very charming, but it’s a charm that serves an agenda. Typically, there is a charming personality for outsiders, even friends, and then there is the devil that no one else sees. Same person, which do you think is an act? To be sure, malignant narcissists perform to create what is really not there. Feelings for others, empathy. It’s all related to them and their needs.

      Don’t mistake malignant narc charm for some goodness that creeped out, that’s not how they operate, ever.

  • How does Joe Biden differ from Keith Raniere?
    Joe Biden has hairy legs and he likes to let children at the pool rub his hairy legs.
    ‘My god what are we dealing with’: Joe Biden the ‘hot favourite’ to win presidency

  • People’s liking or disliking of him matters not at all. Neither does people’s admiration or lack thereof.

    He is a convicted criminal serving his sentence.

    That situation is the sum of all the choices he has made. It is terminal.

    Move on.

    “Some grieving shows much of love. Much grieving shows some want of wit.”

    – Shakespeare

  • Of course Raniere showed his best face to Edgar Boone. Wasn’t it Boone who recruited the sons and daughters of some of the richest people in Mexico?

    • Excellent point, that’s probably the prime reason Raniere would have had to show Boone only his good side, and treat him with kid gloves. Just as NXIVM was highly compartmentalized, resulting in different members having very different views of things, people were also treated very differently.

      Reading something like that, I also wonder how much the enthralled cult member is willfully ignoring many bad and wrong things that they saw done or that were done to them, or is even enough of a psychopathic manipulator themselves to just be lying through their teeth.

      I’d be curious to see what Boone would have to say if he were asked for an honest accounting of how many times Raniere deceived him or lied to him. Interestingly, he doesn’t address honesty; as for ‘ethics,’ in an end-justifies-the-means ideology like NXIVM (as in Scientology, from which it copied heavily), it is considered ‘ethical’ to tell falsehoods and mislead people when it is deemed necessary to further the aims or ‘mission’ (Scientology refers to that as telling ‘acceptable truth’). I suspect he knows of quite a few or even many times, and as high up in NXIVM and as indoctrinated in the ideology as he was, likely does it himself; and if not, it’s still almost certain that Raniere told him many of the things such as about his background and accomplishments, that can be shown to be lies, and engaged in his essentially compulsive habit of deceiving people in order to manipulate them.

  • Was reading about Allison Mack on twitter. Without warning, Sultan Of Six shows up, white knighting NXIVM coach Kristin Kreuk,again.


    One cannot search for NXIVM related news on twitter without him coming up. It’s annoying.

    This time, trying to discredit Frank Parlato and his sources who say Kreuk was in NXIVM beyond 2013, which she was. Not only does he refuse to believe Frank Parlato and his high ranking NXIVM sources who have confirmed Kreuk was still a paying member of NXIVM in 2016, thus lied about leaving, he is on social media trying to convince others to not believe Parlato. . He thinks these anonymous sources have to reveal their identity to him and not Frank Parlato to be believed and even then, he will make excuses.

    This is what happens when [redacted] He has made his life revolve around Kristin Kreuk.


    • I think you’ve made your own life revolve around an object of obsession. I have had no such probs researching Nxivm online for four years.

  • It’s a weird statement.
    I understand what he is doing, but it’s the same as with the so-called, NXVIM 5.

    Sure, KR helped people. The question is: what is or was that help worth?
    Is it a matter of percentage? If 1000 people got a better life through nxivm, then it’s okay to destroy, say 10, or 20 lives?

    If KR had been a real man, a real stand up guy, he would have taken responsibility.

    The writer of this letter keeps bringing up the money issue.
    To me, the explanation for that is simple.
    If I had 2 BFF’s with a few hundred million, money would be the least of my problems.

    KR wanted to make the world a better place.
    And yet, he and his people were oblivious of the victims of the judiciary system, prior to the arrest and conviction of KR.
    I mean, if a group of people wants to make the world a better place, you start by changing the judiciary/politics.

    Does KR deserve a 120-year sentence?
    I live in Europe, Holland to be specific. We don’t know this kind sentence.

    • A 120-year sentence is utterly meaningless. It is a sentence that no one will ever serve. But in the crime and punishment obsessed US, it serves a purpose. It demonstrates the absolute power of the State. The American ‘citizen’ must never be allowed to forget that power for an instant.

  • What 45 year old “ethical human“ initiates a sexual relationship with a 15 year old? That’s not “unconventional,” that’s illegal.

    Also, using his behavior at volleyball to support his humanitarianism, given the severity of the allegations, is absurd.

    • Illegal and wrong. The other girl was twelve years old. Speaking of, Muslims worship the false prophet Muhammad, who at the age of 53, had sex/raped Aisha, who was just NINE years old. He should have been burned alive.

    • One of the first methods used to con a wealthy sucker is to reassure him or her that this opportunity isn’t about money. Heavens to Betsy. Never. Hahaha. Perish the thought. Money? Certainly not! “This is a holy pursuit.”

      Sure it is.

      It is standard practice, an appearance of nongreediness, of make-believe transcendence. The panacea.

      One must never appear to be gauche whilst conning a monied person. So this appearance of devotion to nonmaterialistic ideals is a huge part of precisely how to kiss the ass of anyone who is uncomfortable with his or her own dreams of their personal elitism, and with just the workable amount of grease, lubricant.

      The poor dear moneypockets are handled like delicate delicacies! It isn’t the mooooooneeeeey! Never. Why do Scientologists maintain celebrity centers while servicing them via their conscripted slave labor? To make the celeb types feel special and also, malleable. So maybe Boone can see it now for what it is and get past it.

      Fooled again? This is an entirely “benevolent” pattern of deceptiveness to recognize, and it is piled high and deep into cons.

      Boone is very likely to have received that kid-glove treatment from Keith Raniere and from others who have been more in on the con than Boone was. Like Nancy and Lauren Salzman, for two very viable examples.

      However, given Boone’s propensities, most reassurance ladled out to him would be designed to be given to him from the masculine kind of influentiality. That way Boone would take it in better. It would be an easier game to run, telling him he’s a fine man, a good old boy, blah blah blah.

      Yes it is pathetic.

      Boone’s whole letter (true to form) is essentially a paean to his illusions about Raniere. Any awareness of Raniere’s criminality is blatantly being ignored, and that in itself invalidates Boone’s terribly unrealistic offertories of praise to Raniere.

      What would Boone be saying if Camila had been his child, to love and to protect? Or is Boone just another Hector? Because from the contents of his words, it sounds as though he wouldn’t be able to get a small paper bag off of his head without a deep, deep struggle. Hopefully he at least has learned how to flush a toilet which he has just filled.

      • He couldn’t express his gratitiude for his SOP training, because those particulars are still under wraps. All the blokes, banging on about ‘marathon training’ – they’re grateful for something. They just can’t say truthfully what it is.

  • I don’t doubt the veracity of Mr. Boone’s personal experience of Raniere. Keith did good for Boone and others.

    But, Raniere was not on trial for how he treated Boone. I would like to hear Boone address the crimes which KAR was charged with – and assess KAR’s culpability and accountability in relation to sentencing.

    • What does “good” mean in this context? A New Age wannabe Gordon Gekko that tells heirs of Oligarchs that selfishness and self-interest are ethical? They can spread the word to other wealthy powerful people that parasitic hoarding, exploitation, and oppression on the masses in their country isn’t their problem? That they are not responsible for the barbaric horrors that they live from? No,

      Mexico will one day soon build many finely crafted National Razors, it’s fine if they happily aren’t aware of their queue in line.

  • Boone either wasn’t paying attention to this website, other media reports, and the trial, or decided to disassociate himself from all of them. LOL

  • Boone was just another DOS/SOP disciple – much like Jesus’ disciples, they ran away when threatened by a bigger force than themselves, and the NXIVM Judases had to be talked into turning Raniere over for committing crimes, whereas the original Judas did it on his own for a few pieces of silver and for no legitimate reason other than his own greed. LOL

    The only question remaining is whether the NXIVM Judases will have a similar ending as the original one. LOL

  • I can’t understand the relevance of some of the details in these statements. Being vegetarian and tee totaler? Big deal. So Mr. Boone “assumes” Keith had dirt on his accusers but chose not to speak about it and his assumption proves that Keith is a man of honour.

    All the same, I appreciate reading the BS from these people.

    • “Being vegetarian and tee totaler?”

      Muslims supposedly don’t drink alcohol or eat pork. They are still evil. Was Hitler not a vegetarian?

      • Individual people can certainly be classified as evil, but rarely large groups of people, especially if they have over a billion followers. If you’re classifying such groups as evil, you’re likely a bigot.

    • Raniere went vegetarian to impress someone and get into her pants (she was vegetarian). It just became another tool to catch women who were spiritually inclined (think of all the eastern religions that espouse a vegetarian lifestyle). And it’s so much easier to become an enlightened guru to someone who is already searching for that. As for the no alcohol – I suspect that was in response to his mother’s drinking. That I do not know for certain though. .

  • Edgar Boone is a pompous asshole entitled trust fund baby.

    If he had to make it in the real world, he would be an abject failure. A moron!

  • Reading Edgar‘s statement of support is really bizarre and it seems like any of the ones sent in from the male supporters will be similar. Given his “rank” and supposed elite status in society, I am struck by this extremely simplistic letter. As I have noticed in the other letters of support for KR, this one just circles around giving any concrete, significant examples of truly exceptional behavior. And the examples he does give make him sound like a complete imbecile. KR is honorable because he showed up to all volleyball games? Who cares? His humanity is shown by not drinking alcohol or eating meat? I myself and many people I know abstain from both because I really can’t stand the taste and it’s tough on my stomach. I would say there is zero self-control or principled ethics involved in that decision. It’s to my benefit not to have them because I don’t like them and so the choice is easy. Edgar does not sound like he was sexually nor emotionally abused over a period of years. Edgar sounds like someone who was treated really well at NXIVM because of his social status, money and connections. I would think it would be a rather different picture if he was an attractive female coming into the organization with the vulnerability and naïve assumption that they were going to grow under KR’s tutelage. I don’t recall what Edgar’s participation was in the nefarious legal machinations that NXIVM Mexico undertook to silence and threaten critics was, but as mentioned by others about the supporters of KR, the utter lack of acknowledgement of the serious charges for which KR was actually convicted demonstrates perfectly how skewed, out of touch, and in denial these supporters are. There is absolutely nothing compelling about this letter. In fact, this gives the complete opposite of the intended effect.

    • I thought exactly the same thing…it sounds like a book report by a 9 yo! « Abraham Lincoln was the best President because he read a lot and freed slaves. Who else did that? The end »

  • By the way:

    @LaurenSalzman is locked on Twitter.
    Account locked .Twitter locks accounts that violate the Twitter rules.

    @BonniePiesse is locked on Twitter.
    Account locked .Twitter locks accounts that violate the Twitter rules.

  • That was interesting to read. I don’t think anyone says KR was all bad – clearly, some people did get some use out of all this self-help stuff, but a lot of the above should really be put in context.

    He uses KR type words such as “entitled, respect, mean” which I think is part of the KR playbook – that you demonize people and push them down so you can pretend you have built them up so well after (when they probably did not really have any problems in the first place)

    The fact he has not seen him angry is not material because we know some sociopaths can control their feelings well and also plenty of ordinary people aren’t going around being angry much at all. I don’t often get angry but that does not mean I am some kind of special being.

    Saying KR refusing to see people until they came to heel hardly means KR was a good man. it is classic control tactics.
    Why should anyone earn a right to see KR anyway – he is just an ordinary human like the rest of us.
    The sleep schedule – yes it is basically in my view a selfish one – making others stay away. It is also like that of a teenager or a lazy student.
    The fact KR did not fire useless people is probably because he was either a bad business manager and, thus, everyone under his had less money too, or because those ones were the women he was sleeping with.

    Saying KR followed the rules in sport as some kind of good thing is strange. Most of us follow the rules in sport.

    I do agree KR did not seem to want a fleet of Rolls Royces or lots of material wealth but he did go for wanting women to tap for sex whenever he wanted it which is another kind of greed so he was hardly a celibate aesthete.

    • Keith wasn’t safe driving cars, apparently his power messed with the electronics or something, whatever. Luckily, his psychic force-field didn’t affect his use of the private airplane, nor, as we have recently seen, his use of golf carts.

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