Keith Raniere Breaks Silence – Records Exclusive 30-Minutes Interview With Frank Parlato – on NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt

Frank Parlato interviews Keith Raniere on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

After more than 30-months of total silence – except for portions of some of his recorded prison phone calls that were released by his supporters – Keith Raniere has granted his first public interview.

And did he do that with one of the country’s major television networks – or one of its major newspapers?

No… He gave that interview exclusively to Frank Parlato, the founder of Frank Report.

A portion of Parlato’s interview with Raniere was reported on last night’s edition of NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. The news show has an estimated 10 million viewership.

Here is the video of NBC Nightly News Interview with Raniere

Because of the fact that federal prisoners are limited to 15-minutes of phone time per hour, Keith’s interview with Frank was actually done via two 15-minute phone calls that were spaced one-hour apart.

The conversation was recorded on audiotape and Parlato was filmed by NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt at an NBC studio and by Parlato’s own film crew.

Raniere’s voice can be heard over the speaker of the cell phone.

In addition to the audio recording that Frank made of it, Raniere’s side was likely recorded by one of the Corrections Officers at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, NY (It is believed that all of his phone calls – and all the emails that he sends and receives – are recorded by MDC staff).

The interview covered a variety of topics – and is something that we’ll be reporting on more extensively in the future.

Guilty or Innocent?

When asked point-blank by Parlato whether he was guilty of the crimes he was convicted of during his trial back in mid-2019, Keith declared that he was 100% innocent. He also said, however, that he regretted if anyone was hurt by anything that took place in NXIVM/ESP or DOS.

He said he would speak at his sentencing.

The Brand

In response to Frank’s question about the origin of the now-infamous brand that was etched onto the pubic area of approximately 50 women, Keith indicated that the brand was not his idea.

Instead, it was something that several of his closest followers came up with as a form of tribute to him (If that sounds somewhat familiar, it’s because that is very close to the story that Allison Mack told to Vanessa Grigoriadis in a New York Times Magazine article back in 2018).

Branding marks

Keith provided the definitive answer to a question that has heretofore been unanswered since the brand first became public: it does not contain the initials of Allison Mack.

Why Frank Parlato?

Without being asked, Keith volunteered that he chose to do his first public interview with Frank for two reasons:

  • Frank was among the first journalists to respond to the request from the NXIVM-5 for assistance in exposing what they claim is the prosecution’s violation of Keith’s rights to due process – and its own misconduct before and during Keith’s trial; and
  • Frank has had personal experience in dealing with federal prosecutors who use their powers in ways that are unethical and perhaps illegal.

Frank has indicated to Keith and others that he is willing to review any evidence that indicates the prosecution in Keith’s case did anything that amounts to misconduct. And that’s exactly what he was doing when he was given an opportunity to interview Keith directly earlier today.

Here is the NBC Nightly News Video

Here are some photos from the NBC interview

Transcript of NBC Nightly News Story

STEPHANIE GOSK: They called him ‘Vanguard’, the founder of NXIVM, a shadowy self-help organization described by Federal prosecutors as cult-like. Keith Raniere has not spoken publicly since his arrest, more than 2 years ago. But now, just days from being sentenced on Federal charges, he is talking.

KEITH: You know, one of the things that’s most important in our country is the justice system. And although, you know, people can hate me and do, and think I’m an odious type of a character, you know, awful, actually. Um, both the devil and a saint should be able to get the exact same treatment under our justice system.




STEPHANIE GOSK: Today, Raniere spoke with – of all people – the man who helped bring him down. Web journalist Frank Parlato. A former NXIVM spokesman, Parlato himself has pleaded not guilty to tax and other charges that originated from his NXIVM involvement.

FRANK: You plan out 14 steps ahead.

STEPHANIE GOSK: If you’ve seen the HBO docuseries “The Vow”, Parlato’s name may ring a bell. Parlato broke the story that a group within NXIVM was treating women as sex slaves, and branding them with Raniere’s initials. Raniere was convicted in 2019 of sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy, and racketeering.

FRANK: Do you intend to make a statement in that, in your sentencing, that you are innocent?

KEITH: Yes, I am innocent. And, although it is — this is a horrible tragedy with many, many people being hurt, I think the main thrust of this has been the oppression. But really, a different issue, which is hard for me to express… There is a horrible injustice here and whether you think I’m the devil or not, the justice process has to be examined.

STEPHANIE GOSK: But victims and their families don’t want to hear from Keith Raniere. They say he tried to destroy women’s lives.

CATHERINE OXENBERG: Really, these young women, without being aware, were on this runaway roller coaster to hell. And they were completely unaware. And that’s where Keith Raniere was taking them: to hell.

STEPHANIE GOSK: Raniere is now accusing Federal prosecutors of misconduct, alleging evidence-tampering. An NBC news producer took part in the Raniere interview.

KEITH: I apologize for my participation in all of this – this pain and suffering. I’ve clearly participated. I’ve been the leader of the community.

STEPHANIE GOSK: Raniere could face life in prison when he’s sentenced on Tuesday. A judge will consider impact statements from over 100 victims. Stephanie Gosk, NBC News, New York.

When Will the Interview Be Made Public?

Frank is currently considering several different options for making the entire 30-minute interview available to the general public.

With Parlato at NBC studios were two members of the Nxivm-5 – Marc Elliot and Eduardo Asunsolo – who also recorded Parlato conducting the interview. Their arrangement was that Parlato and Nxiivm-5 both have individual and unilateral rights to broadcast and use the interview.

Raniere called on Elliot’s phone.


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  • If I had been Frank, I’d have spent 30 minutes peppering Keith with his past lies and asking for explanations. I’d then try to get another couple of hours time to finish up my list of questions.

    So I heard from the guy who beat you in a youth YMCA judo match. Why do you claim to be a prior East Coast Judo champion?

    What’s up with the poison in the hair samples of your inner circle?

    Is Rhiannon lying?

    What is an avatar baby and why do so many women think you promised them with one?

    When you’d say, “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs”, what did you mean?

    How many millionaires have you helped make? Can you name a few of them?

    • Nut job,

      —What is an avatar baby and why do so many women think you promised them with one?

      That’s best question!!!!!

      WTF is an avatar baby? 😉

  • Did I miss something? Keith is apologizing for what happened in the community (NXIVM) that he founded and was head of, but not taking responsibility for shaping the community and its actions (sex trafficking, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, racketeering). But all those things were done to benefit him and or at his behest.

    What I’m wondering is, is he using these interviews to set people up to take the blame? If I recall, in her interview with Vanessa Grigoriadis, Allison Mack took responsibility for DOS and the branding. But, it also seemed as if Allison knew she was going to take the fall for Keith on DOS. Is Keith using this opportunity and whatever he says at his sentencing to lay the blame on someone else, like Nancy Salzman or Lauren?

    I’m watching “Seduced” with India. And, listening to the way she describes her interactions with Allison is terrifying. Allison was incredibly manipulative, demanding, and coercive. Every time India expressed doubt, Allison was always there, turning India’s doubts about NXIVM and DOS back on India, blaming her attachments to her family, her boyfriend on India’s failure to progress up the stripe program. It was because of her that India came to Albany. And, of course, her collateral was always hanging over her head. What happened to her old boyfriend, Michel? After watching this, I can say that the Berkeley students were justified in feeling uncomfortable with Allison as a classmate.

    That is the world Keith made: dark, manipulative, isolating. Not that he has any intention of accepting responsibility, but it sure seems like Dani wasn’t the only prisoner in NXIVM.

    • Well said, NC Girl. Now that Keith is finally going to sentenced this week, he’s moved to reach out for help from others. Not surprising. In regards to Allison, she seems to have already been emotionally compromised before she even got gobbled up in this whole mess. Perhaps the coercive, manipulative treatment that Allison dished out to others within DOS, including India, was something she already knew very well and came easy to her since she was abused herself?

  • Yes, I think the law exists to further the impulses of the saintly in ourselves — and to protect us from the devilish impulses that tend to destroy us.

  • Frank Parlato, are you so famous now that you need a publicist yourself? Then you would be one of the few publicists who need a publicist. Are you recognized and addressed by people in public and do you sign autographs? You have a long journalistic career, but isn’t this Keith Alan Raniere aka Vanguard, aka #57005-177 and NXIVM/DOS epic, the most important and significant journalistic work to date, which has generated the greatest media attention for you for your work and your person?

    • Keith has been a big help to my career and I wanted to thank him – but did not have time during our interview at NBC. It did work out somewhat differently than Keith planned. I was in NBC studios and he was in prison but he had actually planned for me to be in prison. Viva Executive Success!

      • Your “Viva Executive Success!” is a real, self-made success, unlike Keith Alan Raniere whose success consists of something different than we would wish for ourselves. Keith Raniere’s success is of a different caliber, mendacious and criminal. And now notorious. Viva Success, Frank!

  • It’s very generous of KR to give us his desperation. It’s delicious.

    The leftovers too. It’s enjoyable to watch how ineffective and useless they are without Clares money.

    It’s weird that none of what Keith taught applies outside of a Volleyball court in the middle of the night, isn’t it? Tabloid rags always need fodder for the grinder. I admire your humanitarian efforts of taking the heat off Lindsey Lohan and any number of Bravo train wrecks. You’re doing important work for TMZ reporters, fight the good fight.

    Viva Leftovers!

    Let him flail. He’s about to be buried alive for the rest of his life.

  • Hunter Biden crack cocaine videos released by GTV Media a company co-owned by Steve Bannon and based in Buffalo.

    Is this the Trump card Frank Parlato was talking about in a comment made earlier today?

    GTV Media Group
    GTV Media Group is an American company formed in April 2020 by Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui.
    Founded April 20, 2020; 5 months ago
    Headquarters Buffalo, New York, United States
    Key people
    Steven K. Bannon, director
    Guo Wengui, advisor and fundraiser
    Total equity US$300 million (2020)

    • Shadow – I am trying to keep this site non political. For a time Frank Report ventured into politics – but readers don’t come here to read about Trump or Biden, they want to read about Raniere or Allison Mack and they are Republicans and Democrats. Why take sides against either?

      • Speak for yourself, I come here to talk politics AND Raniere AND Mack AND everything NXIVM and whatever else there is to discuss – I can also literally chew gum and walk at the same time, have you ever seen Raniere walking and chewing gum at the same time? LOL

      • Shadow, have you seen the LinkedIn profiles for the NXIVM lot? Those are quite interesting. Obviously out of date now but worth a look!

  • BREAKING: GTV Releases SECOND HUNTER BIDEN VIDEO — Hunter’s Stash of 4.7 Grams of Crack Cocaine on Scale

    Hunter Biden crack cocaine on scale in Los Angeles hotel

    China’s GTV released the second Hunter Biden video on Saturday evening about two hours after the first Hunter Biden sex tape was released.

    • Shadow — I would like to stay on topic and make this a non-political website. From my point of view, taking a partisan position is detrimental to my work here. If I support Biden, I lose half of my audience and if I support Trump, I lose the other half. There are enough websites that take up this topic.

      • If you want to keep the website non-political, then don’t post his comment, or just post the first word or two so Mr. Shadow knows which comment you’re referring to and then the word [redacted] so he gets the message – still working on implementing that several month old “new” policy? LOL

        • By publishing the comment, it serves as an admonition to the rest of us so he doesn’t have to wade through reams of politicized comments. I’m sure that even Mr. Parlato’s time is limited.

      • What if you are like me and think that they are both corrupt, old geezers, Frank? {I’m an old geezer, too, so that’s not ageist} That said, thank you for keeping politics out of this. I’m sick of politics. Your reporting has saved lives. Pursuit of truth is important, wherever it leads, even if it means looking at “evidence” KAR and his “team” put together.

        • It is vital to look at their evidence — Keith might be guilty and the prosecution might have still committed prosecutorial misconduct.

      • Yes. I always say here in the UK never tell your clients how you vote as you will upset half of them every time.

    • Hunter Biden, the one in position and caught in the crossfire of the media, has to reckon with their whole life being dug up because they’re looking for a mistake.

  • Yes, here’s journalism, and here’s the thing about that.

    Frank Parlato has been one major mover, going at it with full and persistent throttle, to put a stop to Raniere’s and to the whole group’s gangster activities.

    So this audience, albeit of one, wants Frank Parlato to editorialize. It might take awhile. Earth and fire is coming. The umbra has arrived! That’s not just Lucy in the sky with a cut and paste job. Frank, whistle a symphony, please. Wait for it. Ai yi yi patience.

    • This is the last bastion of true investigative reporting, the way news used to be. Keep the politics out for now.

        • Scott,

          Sorry old friend, but I personally concur with the editors’ shift to an apolitical policy/paradigm.

          If we add politics, then we have to point out Betsy Devos, the greatest Secretary of Education, is the first daughter of Amway. Amway was tarnished by the DOJ’s sham prosecution. No doubt the work of Mueller. Betsy Devos is a good Christian. Having the whole picture blurs the truth.

  • Now that he has to face his own judgment for what he had been convicted of, it’s time to overturn this injustice that he is a victim of? He is a pathetic piece of human sewage. He needs to be locked away in supermax never to be heard of again…

  • I was fascinated by “The Vow” and dug thru Frank Report since 2015. So, why didn’t someone kick KAR ass or kill him outright since he molested little girls? I can’t believe that he got away with all of this for 20 years and no one did anything except hire lawyers, call cops, etc. Where were the fathers of these underage girls!? This creepy little nerd deserves life in the supermax prison

  • Congratulations, Frank

    One of the best takeaways for me so far is that Keith corroborated Lauren Salzman (on this point) and truthfully exonerated Allison Mack as to her initials being in the brand with his.

    While I don’t know Allison, I’ve followed and participated in this saga very closely for decades – due to my own sister being a victim of NXIVM – and I’ve never believed those were Allison’s initials in the brand nor that she is a greater perp or lesser victim than many of her predecessors in NXIVM now claiming to be pure victims.

    In any case, Raniere owed you and Allison at least this much and I admire you all the more for getting that in on behalf of Allison and justice.

    Hope you don’t mind, btw, I put a little mirthful snippet of you on my latest FB page working away in your Malibu hideout on the day Clare Bronfman was charged when no one, but no one, ever thought that would happen. Grab it if you want.

      • Heidi is my friend and a wonderful human being. She also lost a lot because of Keith Raniere. I think Heidi sympathizes with Allison because she saw her own sister fall and ultimately die because of her association with Raniere. Maybe Heidi has some empathy for Allison. It is commendable.

        • what a lovely friendship Heidi and Frank have built. That is really beautiful to see. (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪


        • Frank, when do you think the interview will be available?


          As usual, Frank, someone is jealous of any friendship you maintain.

          …….As the sun sets at this very moment, the Sultan of Texas is lightning a candle below a life-size portrait of you.

          Eddie Murphy once said you’re not famous until you have a stalker. Congratulations, Frank Parlato, you are officially famous.

          • An underrated commendable job that Frank has done is how he’s handled SJ. When he first invaded the comment section, I thought for sure it would end ugly. But, Frank has done great. Kinda like a handler of a Mike Tyson, Antonio Brown, and Richie Incognito all rolled into one chaotic keyboard character.

    • I thought that was interesting too and unlikely both their initials were intended to be in the brand. If designed by a cult leader, such a person would never share the glory – and, secondly, if it was designed by the women instead, even then they would put their leader at the top and if KR thought AM was the leader and he knew nothing of DOS (recordings prove that is not so), then the women would choose KR initials not AM

  • I think that Raniere has finally realized the true hopelessness of his situation. Here he is appealing to someone who just a few years ago, he would have considered his inferior in every regard for some kind of understanding. This is actually the final death agony of NXIVM in my opinion. Nobody can replace the Vanguard, ergo NXIVM really is finished.

  • why would anyone give this guy a nationally broadcast interview? this is kind of attention he craves! lock him up in a supermax and let him rot. and while we’re at it, let’s get that bimbo Nicki arrested and put away.

  • What everyone wanted to hear? wtf? OH, so AM are not Allison Mack’s initials? They can clearly be seen. So.. Heh, try again. THEY ARE HER INITIALS AND SHE WAS THE BIG QUEEN OF DOS.

    • What to do but lie like a dawg? Raniere gets sentenced first, before Allison Mack does, though, if things go as planned. So bfd what kind of salad dressing Raniere upchucks; he is a goner. Spouting his infamous last words.

      Allison Mack is a skinned, pounded tomato who fell for Mr. Potatohead.

      “AM” is not visible if you don’t wanna see it present in the design of the brand. But it sits there in the lettering like the full moon riding the sky.

      Blind to himself, this jack rabbit hypocrite, Keith Raniere, never gave a damn about Allison Mack anyhow.

      Perhaps Mack has had the opportunity, by now, to let that sink in to her thick, apparently padded skull.

      That’s showbiz, for abusers, huh Allison? You are at least able to assuage your rattledness by knowing that you are not, and never will be, the only one to be fooled and deceived. A voluntary marionette of foulness, doling out sadistic acts of self-indulgence as a goddamned SLAVE MASTER.

      Madam Stinky Assed Mattress. Her choice. But it is nothing new, “justifiable debauchery.”

      Ho’ and Hum and Tweedledum(b.). Hello, Egyptian mythology. Do the cha-cha. Try to get by like a big old sphinx. Actually a sphincter.

      But then Allison Mack was (is?) all too willing to fool and to deceive and to abuse. She was a not merely a cheerleader on the sidelines of her Master’s destructiveness. She strutted around, an egomaniacal behemoth, and harmed others.

      In his name, did Allison do harm to others in Raniere’s shadow? Well, to me a shadow is an illusion of light and darkness, without substance.

      There is no shadow. In essence, Allison Mack is Allison Mack, whoever that is now. Nothing much to trust, either. That she has in common with Raniere, until or unless she can prove otherwise, and to herself alone. Who do you trust?

  • The way he talks here sounds very much like the transcripts released from his texts and recordings.

    He uses words and says a lot without actually revealing or explaining anything. Everything is a deflection that doesn’t explain an answer.

    This may work on certain people to sway there opinions (like it did with gullible people) but not in the justice system where logic is examined.

    • No, he talks circles around things. If I ever hear the words “mindful” or “mindfulness” again from him, I will scream until my head explodes. I don’t want to hear any more until he addresses the real questions in this case.

      Frank, shut down his platform, PLEASE! He can air all his verbose, irrelevant arguments in the inevitable appeal process – which sadly, will happen. The show is not over. In the meantime, I hope he is fed Spam, Doritos and creamed corn, with Jello for dessert.

    • I agree, a bit like the leader of a cult my sister was in – when she bought me a book it was just rubbish, no detail, nothing that made sense. Same with much of the words of KR.

  • “ KEITH: Yes, I am innocent. And, although it is — this is a horrible tragedy with many, many people being hurt, I think the main thrust of this has been the oppression. But really, a different issue, which is hard for me to express… There is a horrible injustice here and whether you think I’m the devil or not, the justice process has to be examined.”

    The “tragedy” is that people realized they were victims, exploitation through manipulation is what he would describe as freedom from victimization. He created a world where victims didn’t exist, it’s a “tragedy” the government has “oppressed” members by marring the beautiful world he created.

    Justice is his oppression. Accountability is his oppression. Responsibility is his oppression.

    You know, it’s been impossibly difficult to grasp how this specimen of a baby man, managed to convey success and accomplishment when the execution of his program revolved around doing everything for him.

    He is the living embodiment of Ford Taurus with a “fake it ’til you make it” bumper sticker and a forged lemon law Title.

    • Raniere trying to sound so polite and as if he is no threat to anybody, while speaking so distantly and “philosophically” about his crimes, shows his sociopathic methodology well. If he can keep the APPEARANCE of reasonableness and civility as his facade, does he dream that his mild Clark Kent mannerisms will fool anyone now?

      Yes, he does. He is that far gone. He is trapped in his own prison of false dogma and inner GLUCK, and it looks permanent. No more coitus cookies for this monster. Now he’s the star of nothing at all. But nothing itself will also puke him out, as he has not encountered real emptiness, not yet.

      Raniere is too full of shit to be able to see, hear, touch, smell or taste the soundless soundings of silence. He is desperate to have control. That desperation is worse than merely pitiful, because all of his life, Raniere has weaponized his desperation by presenting it as intelligence and helpful guidance.

      He does not seem to realize how terribly all of his cow plops of false spiritual advise reek of cruelty and bitterness. No wonder he likes the word “disintegration.”. That’s him, all right, a puddle of melted oleo margarine, utterly artificial.

      This is similar to L. Ron Hubbard pretending to be everyone’s benevolent uncle while he spent years boozing, popping pills and whacking off until he could not get it up anymore. But killing off his own brain cells and penis didn’t stop him from spouting bullshit, such as saying that the only reason a seven year old girl does not like a long, amorous kiss from a man is because of social conditioning.

      These smooth fake guru freaks try like mad not only to normalize their personal demons, but to pass those screwball demonizations on to those gullible enough to trust them, the evils rearranged to seem all healthy and ahead of the times, a harbinger of some kind of (pathetic and inauthentic) spiritual awakening. Some kinds of misery want company very, very badly.

      Raniere, always trying to get his personal perversions to seem like advanced thought and/or action. He wanted his sickness to be not only acceptable, but to be imitated and recommended. He cannot transform himself away from his grim, emotional and sexual inner chaos and miserable rage, and he will die the way that he is. Back to square one, alone with his extremely miserable, maladroit, pissheaded politeness, a way to shame others subtly. Into cooperation.

      If anyone plays “polite” well, it is a Virgo like Keith RamRear. My only sister is a Virgo. It took her sixty years to get over the strictures of old New England politesse. She is a decade older than me and was a breach birth. She arrived backwards because of bringing a damned etiquette book along with her, wedged between her tiny knees. So naturally, the good Lord sent me along, the Housewrecker, to test out every one of her theories and to give demolition a chance. La, the balancing act.

      Sneaky, sneaky Pete, that Raniere, using a purloined mishmash of psychology and philosophy to cloak his absense of any conscience and his hunger to dominate. But he is seen. Caught naked and afraid.

      • His sentences were more interrupted, more unclear, less well thought out than I expected of what I have heard so far. Maybe prison is making it hard for him to think things through and speak coherently.

  • For a smart man, he seems very stupid not to see the irony in the fact he and his people abused the justice system bringing multiple actions against innocent people and driving them into bankruptcy, lives destroyed, and yet now he says it has failed him. He seemed quite happy with it when he had deep pockets to litigate.

    Probably only 1% of the legal wrongs done on his watch were brought out at the trial. To characterize this as a miscarriage of justice is weird and not believable – none of the evidence so far suggests that.

    Sentencing is about weighing factors so the fact he might now take some responsibility for hurt although saying he is innocent is quite a difficult position for him to maintain and still be credible.

    Even if he thought the women consented to be branded, he should have refused to allow it.

  • See how evil the media is?
    They call Frank a spokesman when he was just a publicist. Spokesman implies he’s a part of the group and an advocate.

    And they immediately go to his legal troubles but framed in a way that doesn’t accuse NXIVM. Why? Just evil all around.

    • I also realized the media is not interested in the truth, only in what sells the best. That is why they treat Frank in a disrespectful way, they are selling the angle that gives them the most benefit.

    • I noticed that too. The video doesn’t make it clear that Frank’s legal troubles were the result of bullshit changes dreamt up by Keith himself.

  • Q: “How do you know that a cult leader is lying?”

    A: “Their lips are moving”.

    The same can be said about the inner circle supporters (aka collaborators) of the cult leader.

    Speaking of the inner circle collaborators, because of their relentless irrational support of the cult leader (i.e., dancing outside and holding vigils) coupled with the history of this cult targeting defectors and weaponizing the court system against defectors, the safety and security of prison staff need to be taken into consideration by the judge. Super Max would be the most appropriate placement for Vanguard.

    Tick tock. Tick tock.

    • I doubt the guards’ lips are quivering in fright over Raniere, more like trying to keep a straight face. LOL

  • So NBC and the other mainstream Marxist networks do everything they can to shut out the President of the United States yelling “Fake News” and having bogus Fact Checks but they let a convicted sex trafficker and cult leader go on TV to spread his propaganda.
    Well done NBC!

    • President Donald Trump on Saturday attacked the media for its focus on COVID-19 “CASES, CASES, CASES” after the nation hit an all-time high of more than 83,000 daily infections on Friday. He said, without providing any evidence to support his claim, that the coverage was a plot to “create fear” ahead of Election Day. Trump told a campaign rally later in North Carolina that “you won’t hear about it anymore” after the election.

      Trump falsely blamed the increase in cases on too many COVID-19 tests and ignored the fact that the U.S. leads the world in the number of COVID-19 deaths. A spike in deaths inevitably follows a surge in cases. Already, the rising rate of infections has resulted in a 40% hike in hospitalizations.

    • Please go look up what Marxism is. You embarrass yourself every time you use words you don’t understand.

      You live in a corporate oligarchy, that’s the system we currently live under. NBC, whose parent company is not the US government is wholly capitalist. Here ya go.
      NBC is a media outlet to represent corporate interests using different wedge issues to garner support through deception and manipulation. Same interests, different wedge issues on other media outlets lead to the same end result.

      Your ignorant approval of corporate welfare with no taxes paid into local infrastructure. Resource theft and murder. Unchecked regulation, because you must love saw dust in your food as fillers, right?

  • “KEITH: I apologize for my participation in all of this – this pain and suffering. I’ve clearly participated. I’ve been the leader of the community.”

    He is describing his own pain and suffering from having participated.

    (Some of the participants of The Vow showed us what that looks like.)

    He is diminishing his accountability by faulty leadership of other perpetrators. He empowered them, he can’t be blamed for what they did with it. He is the dear leader that will martyr himself for not guiding his flock more effectively above the law. He’s shifting blame as a figurative failure as a leader. If ONlY he had been harder on all of them, this wouldn’t have happened… He trusted too much, that’s his biggest failing really. He trusted the wrong people to carry out his mission.

    One of the biggest injustices here is that he walked free for 20 years because of law enforcement corruption and inaction. He knows they’re corrupt because he used it for his own benefit. NXIVM couldn’t have existed without corruption of the law and individuals.

    He gave you free will, dontacha know. It was all a test and you failed. The goal was to have no ethics in achieving your true potential. You thought of yourselves before him, how suppressive….

    • Excellent points and i believe you are right on about how he knows they are corrupt becuase he used it for his own benefit….excellent and illuminating comment!

    • ‘One of the biggest injustices here is that he walked free for 20 years because of law enforcement corruption and inaction. He knows they’re corrupt because he used it for his own benefit. NXIVM couldn’t have existed without corruption of the law and individuals.’

      This is so true. He KNOWS from Nxivm’s dealings with bent officials and NDNY, exactly how corrupt HIS cops were, and he must be tripping out of his gourd at this encounter with fair and untrammeled Justice. Wheedle his way in with Judge Garaufis? Cha, I think not.

      This is where he falls on his rusty stolen rapier. The lie he’s been telling himself all these years, that we’re all gagging to be ruled by someone so superior to everything most hold dear.

  • 1. Didn’t he already state he stood behind everything in a letter to a judge?

    2. Keith: did you tell women they would “see a blue light” when they had sex with you?

    3. Did you tell people you could block police radar? Do you truly believe you can, and would you test this in public?

    4. Do you believe you are the smartest man in the world?

    5. Do you believe it was appropriate for people to bow to you and call you Vanguard?

    6. Who do you think you hurt — and how?

    I have more. Just questions.

  • IMO, he got perfectly fine treatment at trial. I think the Judge was very careful to assure that none of KAR’s rights were violated, and that his defense team had no conflicts of interest.

    WHY was no defense put forth at trial, or any objections made to the allegedly “unjust” treatment? Maybe because there WERE no good defenses (or credible defense witnesses), and KAR testifying on his own behalf would have been a complete disaster.

    It burns me that KAR will, henceforth, present himself as an advocate for “justice.” Is that what he was thinking about when he ghost-wrote those awful threatening letters to victims/potential witnesses and had them signed and sent by a Mexican attorney?

    Calling yourself a “devil” is a little mild, Keith – it evokes a mischievous kid. Your deeds were flat out heinous and you’re lucky that so far you’ve only had to deal with the paltry number of crimes that the EDNY could charge you with.

    In a perfect world, you would have been locked up decades ago for repeated statutory rape of a 12-year-old. Had you been tried for that, what would your defense have been? It was all made up? It was consensual? I was helping her with her issues? The age of consent in other countries is 12? I know she made a sworn formal police report, but there’s no proof?

    What really happened to Kristin Snyder and Gina Hutchinson?

    If you’re inclined to speak out now, why not address these topics? You can say you’re “innocent” until you’re blue in the face, but the fact is that you’re quite possibly guilty of much more than you’ve even been charged with.

  • I hope they throw him in a cell here in Colorado’s super-max and throw away the key, all those victims who are truly innocent KR is such a slime ball. I hope some big guy named bubba takes KR as his DOS slave, now that would be justice.

  • Another last ditch effort. Sentence him already. He does not deserve any kind of platform on which to cry victim. Tired of his BS as I am sure the judge is also. Go away for a long time, Oh Great One!

  • “Keith declared that he was 100% innocent”

    Shocking. NOT.

    He declared he was innocent of running a pyramid scheme although he was convicted of it.

    Has this guy ever accepted responsibility for anything he’s done? The less remorse he shows, the greater his sentence becomes. But narcissists cannot help it. It apparently is in their nature.

  • Innocent of locking that woman in the room? They have him on tape convincing her parents she is like a serial killer. Jesus…what a dumbass. They recorded everything. Bye-bye, Vanguard!

  • Now he’s changing tack and admitting he hurt people. That in itself is contradictory to the idiotic comments of Esther, Danielle, Michelle, Nicki, etc. where they call the victims liars – and dismiss anyone saying had a bad experience simply because they didn’t. Nothing that any of them say can be trusted, they have different tactics for any given moment all from a place of desperation.

  • He wants his voice heard before he goes to Florence, Colorado Supermax. Never to see the light of day again. Throw away the key or this monster will do it again and again and again. He is a pedophile, rapist and murderer.

    The world will be a better place when we no longer see or hear from this monster!

    • Raniere isn’t going to Supermax. LOL

      He was not convicted of any of the crimes you stated. LOL

      So much drama. LOL

      • Maybe his ability to appear on Frank Report will convince them to send him to supermax after all. So between Keith, his remaining stragglers, and Frank, he may yet be sent there. It’s like the weirdest cult soap opera, anything can happen.

  • KR sounds like he’s playing the victim. What a slap in the face of those who are the real victims. I hope they put his pedo arse away for good.

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