Breaking News: Camila Turns Against Raniere – Child Sex Abuse Victim Expected to Come From Mexico to Condemn Raniere at Sentencing

Nxivm Camila
Mk10ART's sketch of Camila. She was 13, she said, when Keith started looking out for her.

Camila, the first DOS slave, has turned against her Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere, according to a letter filed by the prosecution on Friday.

She filed a victim impact statement with the court and is expected to come from Mexico to Brooklyn to speak at Raniere’s sentencing on October 27.

Camila is now 30 years old, but the feds found nude pictures of her when she was 15 years old on a hard drive belonging to Raniere.

He was charged with possession of child porn and sexual exploitation of a minor in a superseding indictment.

In 2018 and 2019, Raniere and five co-defendants were indicted for racketeering, racketeering conspiracy and related crimes, including sex trafficking, forced labor, alien smuggling, identity theft and extortion. On June 19, 2019, Raniere was convicted of all seven counts (and all eleven racketeering acts) submitted to the jury including sexual exploitation of Camila.

We learn from the government’s letter that Raniere, then 45, had sex with the 15 year old girl before he took her nude pictures.

Here is the pertinent portion of the letter that Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar filed with the court,

Dear Judge Garaufis:

The government respectfully submits this letter in response to Raniere’s sentencing memorandum filed on September 18, 2020…. The claims and arguments set forth in Raniere’s memorandum are, without exception, inconsistent with the evidence presented at trial. The jury has already rejected them. For the reasons set forth in the government’s sentencing memorandum… the Court should also reject them.

With respect to Raniere’s contentions with respect to Camila (Raniere Mem. at 68-73), the government encloses under separate cover a victim impact statement it has received from Camila. This statement provides further support of Raniere’s sexual abuse of Camila in the months prior to the production of child pornography images.

The government expects that Camila will attend Raniere’s sentencing on October 27, 2020 and may wish to address the Court further at that time….”

The Relationship Between Camila and Raniere

Much of the following is likely in Camila’s victim impact statement. I have borrowed from the government’s sentencing memorandum in relating this portion of the post:

In September 2005, Raniere began a sexual relationship with Camila, then a fifteen-year-old child.

Camila and her family had arrived in Clifton Park at Raniere’s invitation, and he arranged for Camila to work as a maid in Nancy Salzman’s house, which was a distance away from her siblings.

Camila lived in a house with other members of the Nxivm community, including Monica Duran, a woman who—like Camila— would later become a first-line master in DOS.

On November 2, 2005 and again on November 24, 2005, Raniere took photographs of Camila constituting child pornography. Several of the photographs depict Camila lying on a bed fully nude. At least five photographs depict close-ups of Camila’s genitals.

The government discovered the photos in February 2019, after possessing the hard drive for almost a year.

They were able to ascertain Camila’s age because she had an appendix operation which left a scar when she was 16. The nude photos did not show her with a scar.  The government produced medical records of her operation.

Raniere Rented Camila a Townhouse

120 Victory Way where Camila was hidden.

Between 2011 and 2018, Raniere directed his co-defendant Kathy Russell to lease 120 Victory Way, a property in Clifton Park, New York. The residence was used to house Camila, who did not have legal status within the United States. Russell leased the property for over seven years under an assumed name and, each year, she paid the rent due for the full year in cash.

When DOS began, Camila became Raniere’s first slave.

Raniere’s direct slaves (the “First Line”) were Camila, Daniella Padilla, Nicki Clyne, Loreta Garza, Rosa Laura Junco, Monica Duran, Allison Mack, and Lauren Salzman.

Camila Was a First Line DOS Slave

DOS First-Line SlavesThrough DOS

Raniere used the First Line to recruit other women to make a “collateralized vow of obedience” to their masters (and, by extension, to Raniere) and then required these “slaves” to perform labor, take nude photographs, and, in some cases, to engage in sex acts with him.

Raniere at one point told Camila that it would be “good” for her to “own a fuck toy slave” for him that she could “groom and use as a tool to pleasure” him.

Raniere also instructed Daniella Padilla, Loreta Garza, Rosa Laura Junco and Camila to find a young virgin “successor” for Raniere.

Nicole and Camila Intersect

One of the slaves recruited by Allison Mack was Nicole. Mack directed Nicole to be celibate for six months and, subsequently, assigned Nicole to contact Raniere.  One night when Nicole was staying with Mack in Clifton Park, Raniere called Mack.

Mack told Nicole to go outside and meet Raniere, which Nicole obeyed. Raniere blindfolded Nicole, led her into a car, and drove her to a house. Raniere then led Nicole, still blindfolded, through some trees and inside a building, where he ordered her to undress and tied her to a table.

Another person in the room, unknown to Nicole, began performing oral sex on Nicole. Raniere asked if Nicole was ok and told Nicole that she was “very brave” and not to tell anyone what had happened. Nicole believed that if she left DOS, her collateral would be released.

Unknown to Nicole, the individual who performed oral sex on Nicole was Camila and the sexual abuse took place at 120 Victory Way.

A photograph recovered by the feds from Camila’s Google account reflects a photograph of the table on which Nicole had been tied, along with a video camera that was pointed in the direction of the table.

Texts Between Raniere and Camila Establish Statutory Rape

As detailed at trial, Raniere and Camila exchanged numerous sexually explicit emails referencing the beginning of their sexual relationship as September 2005 and their “anniversary”—that is, the first date they had sex—as September 18, 2005. She was 15 years and six months old at the time.

Raniere’s nickname for her was “Virgin Camila.”

While Raniere has said from prison in a recorded phone call to his disciple, Suneel Chakravorty, that the nude photos of Camila when she was 15 were planted on the hard drive by the feds [tampering with evidence] and that he actually did not own the hard drive, in a text to Camila, Raniere admitted he had possession of her child porn pictures.

Raniere: You know I guard the other pictures right? You know I have the others yes?

Camila: From way back when..?

Raniere: I wanted the original forever. I thought it was truly mine. Yes, from way back…”

The child pornography photographs depict Camila lying on a bed fully nude, and several photographs depict close-ups of Camila’s genitals.  The photographs were located in a folder containing nude photographs of eleven other women with whom Raniere had a sexual relationship at that time.

Camila was 15 years old, with no legal status in the United States. Raniere was forty-five and the leader of the community to which Camila’s parents belonged.

Keith Raniere playing volleyball around the same time he was having sex with 15-year-old Camila.

Texts Show Abusive Raniere

The WhatsApp messages between Camila and Raniere read at trial reflect Camila’s distress at the abuse she was undergoing.

Raniere began preying on Camila in 2005. For over a decade, he psychologically tortured her, withdrawing affection or approval if she did not accede to his demands. There were thousands of messages exchanged between Raniere and Camila showing Raniere was controlling and emotionally abusive.

An example:

Raniere: If you want me to come tonight, I will under these conditions: there will be no talking. You will meet me at the door in the outfit you think I would find sexiest. You will arouse me, we will make love for my satisfaction and pleasure. You will do everything you can to provide that. I will finish and leave. Do you agree yes or no?

Raniere: I expect you to text me this vow [of obedience] now. I will text you later. I expect you to answer this right away. Otherwise no go. You need to be happy wherever you are with me because my time means that much.

Raniere required Camila to ask permission for everything she did, even to contact her own family, cut her hair and shave her pubic hair.

Camila: I really hate that I feel like I have to ask you for permission to do anything outside of my schedule.

When Camila resisted him, Raniere threatened to evict her from the residence she was living in and, because she had no legal status, deport her to Mexico.

Raniere: That’s the last chance; move your stuff out tonight.

Camila: Can you please not send me back to Mexico?

Raniere: The apartment will need to be done [she had to leave] first thing tomorrow 8am. Put all my things, money, etc… together.

At some point, Camila, who was left alone most of the time and sometimes for weeks on end, had two affairs, one with the son of one of Raniere’s devotees, and again with the lad’s stepfather.

Raniere also had a strange and jealous obsession with these two affairs.

Most Ridiculously Cringeworthy Exchange Ever

Keith Alan Raniere around the time he was texting Camila about the taste of his semen and his penis size.

Raniere: You need to make me far superior to everyone ([Robbie Chiappone] and Jim [Del Negro]) in every way conceivable no question.

Raniere was especially obsessed with Camila’s previous romantic interest in Robbie Chiappone.

Raniere required Camila to provide him with details of her interactions with Chiappone, including what clothes Camila wore and Chiappone’s sexual performance.

This text exchange was read in court, with Raniere sitting there in front of the jury and the judge.

KEITH: Why haven’t you insisted on swallowing me [Raniere’s semen] since you did so with R [Robbie]? I can’t keep calling you. I want you to force yourself to stay connected.

CAMI: I haven’t wanted it. I’ve been intimate with you without pushing me away. That’s big.

KEITH: That’s the worst news of all. His sperm and DNA should be disgusting and invasive. You should have wanted to do anything to love mine [semen], to try to save what is left of a connection. Do you like his fluid more than mine?

CAMI: Right now, neither.

KEITH: Did you ever prefer his taste, etc., over mine?

CAMI: Why do you want me to answer that?

KEITH: Please don’t question me like this anymore. I can’t tell you the reasons. Please answer.

CAMI: If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have chosen to be with him.

KEITH: You chose to be with him because you liked the taste of his semen better?????


KEITH: Then what do you mean?

CAMI: But if I disliked it, I would have avoided it.

KEITH: I asked specifically about taste. Did you specifically mention to him you liked it??

CAMI: I can’t remember.

KEITH: I need you to.

CAMI: Probably.

KEITH: What did you like?

CAMI: Seriously? I’m hesitant to share this with you.

KEITH: I need everything. This is explicitly in the letter I wrote. For me to do anything more with you, I need to know you want to tell me all.

CAMI: Does that mean you accepted the vow?

KEITH: No. You keep giving me reasons not to. I keep telling you what I need that is different. Did you like his taste better than mine?

CAMI: I wish I didn’t have to answer this. Yes.

KEITH: The wish thing hurts us. What did you like better?

CAMI: Taste, consistency, quantity, intensity [of Robbie’s semen].

KEITH: What about each of these things?

CAMI: Taste; he is mild and sweet. Consistency; not too concentrated. Quantity; small amount. Intensity; strong release speed. I am sorry you had to hear that.

KEITH: He is shorter and thinner penis-wise?

CAMI: Longer, but thinner.

KEITH: Is he longer when I’m fully hard?

CAMI: Probably about same.

KEITH: Did he hit the back of you? [when Robbie and Cami had intercourse]


KEITH: Last spring?

CAMI: Oh, I can’t remember.

KEITH: I am examining perception. I know his penis is 6.75 fully erect and mine is 7.5, so I am looking at how you are slanting things.

CAMI: What the fuck? How do you know that?

KEITH: Likewise with intensity. You forget our passionate times and compare our day-to-day [sex] and in the last year I’ve been heartbroken and could barely function [because of Cami having sex with Robbie. Keep in mind Keith is having sex with a dozen or more women.]

CAMI: Why does this matter?

KEITH: Maybe someday I’ll tell you, but guys know these things about each other.

CAMI: How?

KEITH: Later.

CAMI: I thought men did share these things.

KEITH: … Men masturbate together.

CAMI: No way. Have you masturbated with him?

KEITH: They don’t share about their women, but themselves is different.

CAMI: Have you seen his penis?

KEITH: His is definitely not the width or length of mine. How are you going to fix this lie? [that Robbie’’s penis is as big when fully erect as Keith].

CAMI: You haven’t been at your fullest in a long time. It isn’t a lie.  [Classic answer.]

KEITH: That is the problem. Your whole memory of him is a lie. The time before last I was easily longer than him. I kept hitting the back of you, remember? You came twice.

CAMI: How can I forget? But you were hitting the tender spots on the sides. I never cum because you hit the back. That has never been the case.

KEITH: It is highly doubtful he [Robbie’s semen] was even close to as sweet. I actually have a very strong basis for that. Mild maybe. Less volume definitely, but you put less volume as a plus. It is always a minus because I can put the rest elsewhere [with another woman]. No, most people don’t cum because of the back, I was just pointing out I was 7.5 that morning.

CAMI: To be honest, this isn’t that important to me. You’re bigger and better in every way, I’m sure of it.

KEITH: I don’t believe you’re sure of it, but the taste has a special significance. All of these things can be altered: Length, width, intensity, taste, even to some degree volume. But there is an important factor in taste that is essential and that you have increased that sex so much and still protect the lie. I can challenge the lie on measurables, but not the measurables that you must do. This is mostly measurable because if the lie you created real passion —  because of real passion you grossly exaggerated the experience [with Robbie]. How are you going to fix that?…

CAMI: I don’t care who’s better or bigger. You do. Take it, hon. And yes, I am sure that you are superior.

KEITH: What do you mean, take it?

CAMI: The crown. The official title. I will attest to that.


[There you have it: Vanguard at his very best — insane, delusional, ridiculous, laughably vain and inconceivably insecure. A 54-year-old man having this exchange with a 24-year-old woman, pretending to be a superior teacher.  It can’t get any more embarrassing.] 

Virgin Successor 

Rosa Laura Junco also looked for a virgin successor for Keith Raniere to replace Camila and came up with her daughter.

Raniere told Camila that her relationship with Chiappone affected her “purity” and her suitability as his “successor” and that Camila would have to “fix” it, by, among other things, finding him a “virgin” to be his “successor” and “pure vessel.”

Raniere: There are potential [virgin] successors but they are so young. This creates several problems. Will I live long enough? Will they stay pure? Will they connect so deeply with me being so much older?

Lauren Salzman testified that the first-line DOS masters, including Rosa Laura Junco, made attempts to recruit virgins for this role for Raniere’s benefit.

Raniere’s communications with Camila also refer frequently to finding a young “successor candidate.”

Raniere: Does Ana know suitable virgins?

Raniere [lamenting that his DNA will be lost to the world]: My lineage does not withstand competition, my unique genetic combo will not be able to either. It will not be a basis of other generations, it will be absorbed and combined with others until a superior combination comes about.

Raniere told Camila that “Rosa Laura” could assist her in becoming “friends with young future candidates” and “shepherding them over time [i.e satutory rape].

These efforts were confirmed in an October 4, 2015 email from Rosa Laura Junco to Raniere, in which Rosa Laura Junco apologized for her “shortcomings” in keeping her teenage daughter, Lauris, away from Raniere and the effect on Raniere’s “possibility for succession.”

In the email, Rosa Laura Junco states that she is “100 clear that you are what I want for my daughter (and obviously for myself).”


During the course of the relationship between Raniere and Camila, Camila slowly became withdrawn. She no longer socialized with family and friends. She lost weight at Raniere’s insistence. She wouldn’t tell anyone where she lived. She struggled with losing weight and was malnourished. She was bulimic.

She never had any money.

Camila told no one about her sexual relationship with Raniere, the man who was without question the most powerful person in her family and community.

Camila had suicidal thoughts. One day she harmed herself by cutting herself. Raniere’s said he generously created DOS “as part of ensuring that [Camila] would never again attempt suicide.”

When she found out about the nudes of Camila, Nancy dashed to the feds to take a plea deal.

Camila Caused the Other Defendants to Cave

It was Camila more than anyone who caused Raniere’s codefendants to take plea deals.

When the prosecution announced that they had nude pictures taken by Raniere of Camila when she was 15, the other defendants realized that they would be standing trial alongside a man charged with possession of child porn and sexual exploitation of a minor.

No one wants to be judge by a jury as a codefendant of a person charged with those crimes.

Within two weeks of learning about the Camila pictures, Nancy Salzman pleaded guilty and the rest followed within the next few weeks, leaving Raniere to stand trial alone.

Camila is Now Out of Nxivm

For years after her Vanguard was arrested, Camila stayed loyal to him. Her sister and father are dedicated to him. Her sister Mariana has Raniere’s child, the 3-year-old Kemar.

Her other sister Daniela, and her brother Fluffy and her mother Adriana have left Nxivm and repudiated Raniere.

For a time, the family was evenly split – three for Raniere and three against. Now it is 4-2 against.

We will hear from Camila and learn more about Raniere and his rape of her and perhaps other teens.

If we were even in the least doubtful that Raniere was going to be sentenced to life in prison, this flipping of Camila has eliminated most of those doubts.

Viva Executive Success!



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  • “While Raniere has said from prison in a recorded phone call to his disciple, Suneel Chakravorty, that the nude photos of Camila when she was 15 were planted on the hard drive by the feds [tampering with evidence] and that he actually did not own the hard drive, in a text to Camila, Raniere admitted he had possession of her child porn pictures.”

    Did Raniere come up with this claim because he set up John Tighe in a similar fashion?

  • Yes, I remember that posted before. Dreadful how he treated her. The court needs to remember all this when sentencing him. It is not hard even for cult leaders to avoid sex with underage girls and yet so many keep on doing it. Not doing it is one of the easiest ways to stay within the law. You have to be particularly stupid to do it.

    On what photos are published depends what is in the public domain already and what the local law says.

  • […] Updated: As we debate the issue below, I have removed a photo of Camila and replaced it with a sketch by MK10ART on the previous post about her Breaking News: Camila Turns Against Raniere – Child Sex Abuse Victim Expected to Come From Mexico … […]

    • I am planning on publishing a post to discuss this issue. I am open to hearing what you and other readers think. I understand you think I should remove the photo. I am interested in hearing your reasoning and giving both sides of the debate.

      • Why even debate it? You said you would remove it once she renounced Rainere. FR is not keeping its worth and being truthful

        Why not show the face of Slyvie, or Laura Junco’s daughter? They were also key in bringing uproar from the public. They are “historic” figures. Just because you don’t like someone does not mean it is right to keep pushing their image of being involved in a sex cult.

        Please remove her picture. It makes it hard to see Frank Report as a valid news source if it does not respect victims (victims who have already said they are NOT part of the cult and are actively attacking Rainere and helping to take him down.)

      • How come Frank Report does not post the pictures of Laura Junco’s daughter who was also a victim and also invited her friends to be with Rainere as the court showed (they brought school friends from Lauris and girls her age from Chihuahua Mexico). Is it because she comes from a powerful family and cami is on her own????

        Laura Junco’s daughter also had a huge role in the story and history of NXVIM. In Mexican news press they primarily mentioned Laura Junco’s daughter, She seems to be much more newsworthy and historic . How come some victims get the privilege of begin forgotten. But, others do not? Is it because of the power and money they have?

        How does FR choose what victims to show. This seems biased and also it showcases that Frank Report is not keeping its word. Frank Report said that it would remove her picture once Cami actively renounced the vanguard. She has not only renounced the vanguard. But Cami is also actively taking him down.

        Mr. Parlato, Please remove her photo. She is a victim. I understand your reasoning. Please remove it.

      • Show her photo. She has done what she has done and people who come into contact with her should associate that face with those actions. Your job is to present facts, not wrap retards in cotton wool. Some people don’t deserve sympathy.

  • This was read in court? I can’t even read it all it makes me sick. Those jurors need medals and should be paid money for sitting through this crap!
    Un-F- ing- believable….

  • Good for you, Cami. You are young and beautiful. You have your whole life ahead of you. Find your strength and help take down this monster. Use your anger to take down the evil Raniere.

  • I hope that Cami is finding some peace within herself, as she has had to go through a lot of pain and confusion while so young and UNPROTECTED by either her parents or by Raniere’s organized group insanity.

    This potential willingness to speak at Raniere’s sentencing? Well, I hope that is Cami’s decision to make, whatever she does and I pray for her, understanding on a very personal note what she might be going through inside.

    Reading this late last night, my stomach rose up with nausea right in the solar plexus, confronted with that grinning photo of the repugnant pimpwoman, Nancy Salzman.

    She is not the first or the only “mother” who has been fine with procuring and pimping out females, without giving a damn about their ages, their pre-existing relationships, their stability or about the fact that she was servicing an absolute pervert for twenty years or so as a vagina provider. The face of evil.

    I don’t think that Raniere could control himself, was always too far gone. But Nancy Salzman could have controlled herself and consistently decided instead to harm others with deep callousness. Her two daughters seem to have merely been objects to her as well. To me, Nancy Salzman is a malignant narcissist and a sociopath.

    Warnings are given, jocularly or not, before certain photos of Flabturd are shown here. My own mother was a version of Nancy Salzman, one face smiling to the world and hiding a monster who waited for the chance for her real face to come out so that she cannibalize hearts and minds, uninterrupted.

    My mother failed but certainly left plenty of damage. Nancy will not change. Her “repudiation” of Raniere means absolutely nothing, not to me anyway. She was using him and he was using her, mutual and deliberative symbiosis. Vomitous.

  • Cami is not the first vibrant girl to be controlled and manipulated by a pervy old git. So glad she has taken her life back,

    May she flourish and prosper, may her courage be rewarded!

  • HORRAY! BRAVO! BRAVO! CAMI! BRAVO, DANI! Blessings to you, Marianna, Kemar, Adrian and all your family.

    This may be the most JOY I’ve had since being revived after fainting when I first learned my sister, Gina, passed.

    Thank you to all who helped make this happen and FR for bringing us this joyful news!

  • Raniere really is a cunt.

    Anyone who tries to call Cami ‘brave’ now for defecting after all this time can fuck off. There seems to be a theme that if you leave NXIVM eventually, your past actions are forgivable, not up for scrutiny and you are a ‘victim’.

    They should all go to jail.

    And all you NXISCUM retards who knew about Queef’s pedophilia, especially those of you named in the 2012 pedophile expose and did not leave or help expose NXIVM, you are scum. No excuses.

    Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, [redacted]

  • Thanks for reporting this Frank. Very important news.

    I wonder if it is valid to remove and stop showing Camila’s picture as she is officially out and even taking steps to attack Raniere. Similar to how you do not show Sylvie‘s or Nicole’s picture?

    Is it possible to remove all pictures of Camila on Frank Report? Give the women a chance to rebuild her life? She has clearly renounced the Vanguard and is active in taking him down.

    Thank you for your time.

    • This is a very interesting question. Up until recently, she remained with Raniere. She is a huge part of the Nxivm story. She is part of history. She may be past the point of no return as to obscurity. She was one of the First Line Masters and pivotal in the takedown of Raniere even though she did not cooperate with the takedown.

      There are some who just can’t remain obscure. Her whole family is so intimately involved with the Nxivm story.

      On the other hand, she was groomed as a child to be part of this group. She is a victim.

      • I thought you had mentioned that once she renounced Rainere you would remove her photo. She is now not only renouncing Rainere, she is taking a stance to take him down. She is one of the main persons that will possibly lead Rainere to have life in Prison. She could have taken Rainere’s side and even helped him get off (like in Michael Jackson’s trial where his victims testified in his favor.)

        Where is professional journalism, if you don’t keep your word about removing her photo?

  • “Mack told Nicole to go outside and meet Raniere, which Nicole obeyed.”
    This is the key to this whole thing.

  • I could not bring myself to read the entire message thread the demented cretin had with Cami. I can’t fathom more solid evidence to support this specimen needs to be transported straight to ADX.

    I can’t think of a more sickening dialogue.

      • I think both you and Alex are right. The exchange between Cami and Keith over Robbie is sickening and repugnant if you put yourself into Cami’s world. And if you read it looking at Keith’s point of you, it is utterly laughable, pure comedy gold. And funny too that so many bright, attractive women believed he was their Vanguard.

        • Cami is the one who texted Raniere, back and forth, over and over. LOL

          If she had any sense at all, she would have communicated these things in a private conversation with him. LOL

          • Cami had been manipulated since she was a teenager.

            Frank why you defend the Pervy Texan is ridiculous.

            No one likes him but you. Bangkok at least had a following and could be entertaining.

          • i like scott too n_n
            …especially now that i am winning and i am on the top frank report commenters 🙂 🙂

      • You are indecent. And, who uses LOLing? and LOL? any more? That is a sick, sick exchange between KAR and the young lady. And don’t project what Cami should or shouldn’t have done when you have no clue what she was experiencing. You’ve earned no right to comment on what she should or shouldn’t do. Your moronic comments are a sick and perverted voyeurism. Her entire family was in the cult. I’d say have more empathy, decency and compassion, but you wouldn’t have posted several times saying the same thing. Soy boy? Seriously? Any decent man with a dose of masculinity would feel a need to protect a vulnerable young female from a lecherous older man.

        • This is great, now all the soy-boys are in a rampage [redacted]
          Cami did many disgusting things, she was a the first DOS member, so keep up defending her [redacted] LOL

    • You’re right. It was so gross that I was actually squinting while I read it for fear of what the next sentence would bring. I finally gave up in disgust. Raniere is doomed, thank God. I also hope that Judge Garaufis and the prosecution remember the line about Allison Mack when the time comes for her sentencing.

  • How dangerous is this for her? I wish I could read some of the Spanish language coverage of this in Mexico, the details of what’s going on there aren’t really available in English. Is it possible to find out if she is ok in hiding or must be careful after this?

        • It’s close enough. LOL

          I don’t nervous laugh, I laugh because I’m literally laughing because I’m having a good time. LOL

          If you don’t believe me, stop trying to interpret the written word and come on my show and you can hear for yourself. LOL

          • That’s OK. The LOLs in text are bad enough.

            I don’t think you can control it. Are you OCD?

          • Not only can I control it, I have controlled it numerous times on this website and not used the LOL strategically. LOL

        • Transactional Eng,

          Someone I believe suffers from OCD and a rather peculiar sense of humor.

          The LOLs have been going on for ever.

          • …says someone [NiceGuy 666] who said they would come on Scott’s show and then chickened out, after saying they would come on the show after Frank came on the show and Frank was on the show previously and then wimped out. LOL

          • Hey NiceGuy 666 – The name is Transactional ENLIGHTENMENT, not English, that’s the second time you’ve done that. LOL

    • There isn’t news about her. In Mexico, they are covering only Emiliano Salinas. Honestly, we have way bigger things: Former Mexican officials who worked with Obama and Biden are being prosecuted in New York. That is huge.

      Nobody cares about Raniere.

      I think it could help if Frank Report also removed her photo. She is a whistleblower. Let’s support her

    • I think Camila is not in any danger in Mexico. It seems pretty clear that the powerful families of Mexico who once supported Raniere have abandoned him.

  • I wonder whether Cami had to lawyer up and cut a deal with the Feds in order to be guaranteed not to be arrested when she provides her statement in person. LOL

  • Pleased to hear she has gotten out, and I hope she has found help for her emotional/mental healing. That man has just a morass of putrid muck inside his skull. Yes, Keith, we all know you are the greatest thing since sliced bread (massive eye roll) and a sexual god (trying not to laugh) – now go away and don’t ever bother anyone else again,

  • After reading the text messages between these two again, I would just like to say a life sentence in a super-max or any prison is too good.

    If ever there was a time the hand of God should come down from heaven and obliterate one of his creations, this is it.

    I suggest upon sentencing, putting this hairy subhuman life-form in a rocket aimed at the sun.

    I will try not to think its DNA will survive through the illegitimate children it has already fathered.

    Serious question time: I did search for this on the internet but didn’t have any luck finding it.

    What I am talking about is this: Wasn’t it alleged that the prosecution, judge, law enforcement were corrupt during the CBI trial? And that’s why he lost that too. Seems to be a pattern if I am remembering correctly. I seem to remember he used that as the rationalization for not paying taxes. Any help? I would like to re-read it for myself if anyone knows.

  • I think someone should make a huge placard that reads ‘ROBBIE’S IS BIGGER THAN YOURS’ and hang it outside the MDC.

  • Wow. This is huge (unlike Keith’s shrivelled dick). I had forgotten about that ridiculous conversation.
    I hope she is in hiding and is well protected.

  • Cadena perpetua sin posibilidad de libertad condicional. Prisión máxima seguridad. Se merece eso y más. Credo machista.

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