Women died in Nxivm under suspicious circumstances.

Investigation Discovery’s The Lost Women of Nxivm ‘Is Overwhelming in Many Ways,’ and ‘the Pain and the Realization That Keith Raniere Is Truly Evil’

By Brigid

I watched the Lost Women of Nxivm last night – for the fifth or sixth time.

It is wrenching.

And Heidi Hutchinson is in it, a woman who like so many others, has waited years for this unbearable loss to be given the attention it deserves.

Heidi Hutchinson appeared on the Lost Women of Nxivm, on Investigation Discovery.

I personally feel Heidi’s pain and anger coming through the computer in her interview.

Who knows why?  I just feel a connection to her for some reason.

The Lost Women of Nxivm is overwhelming in many ways, the pain and the realization that Nxivm founder Keith Raniere is truly evil, in a demonic way that consumes human beings whole.

Lost Women of Nxivm
From the Daily Mail’s review of the Lost Women of Nxivm

It’s terrifying; there is clearly an entire underbelly of truth beneath even all that we know now.

It is Frank Parlato once again ripping off the mask and saying, ‘Look, look at this injustice that we must discover, expose, and seek justice for these women and the shattered lives of their loved ones.’

Frank wears the true mantle of a protector, and he didn’t need a seminar or a group therapy retreat to know what is right or wrong in this world.

With so many lost souls floating through this epic story of the Nxivm sex cult, it is a relief to see a man of action enter the scene and refuse to allow the memory of these women to fade with time.

He doesn’t need exposition of his motives or feelings; his actions speak for themselves, so I hope his role is instructive to the men of Nxivm who seem so often paralyzed and in need of direction. That sounds cutting and mean, but I don’t say it to insult, just to point out the contrast in the hope that Frank’s example is a teachable one.

Women missing or dead:

Gina Hutchinson purportedly committed suicide right after become a threat to divulge that Keith Raniere raped her when she was 14.


Kristin Snyder disappeared shortly after claiming she was pregnant with sex cult founder Keith Raniere’s child.


Keith Raniere gives a hug to inner circle member Barbara Jeske, one of many who got cancer – and who left her entire estate to Raniere.


Pam Cafritz, another inner circle harem member who got cancer. She left her $8 million estate to Keith Raniere.


Dorcas Suzanne Kemp, a possible Nxivm victim, got cancer and left her $3 million estate to Keith Raniere. She changed her will just before she died.


Kristin Keeffe, who lived with Keith Raniere. told Frank Report that Keith said that the way to assassinate people was to make them sick, preferably with cancer. Keeffe got cancer herself.


Karen U lived with Keith and got cancer. The Lost Women of Nxivm tested her hair and found high levels of barium and bismuth in it – as if she was poisoned.

Watch the true-crime documentary, The Lost Women of Nxivm here:

Investigation Discovery: https://www.investigationdiscovery.com/tv-shows/lost-women-of-nxivm/

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Lost-Women-NXIVM-Season/dp/B082H1FQ3H 

YouTube: https://tv.youtube.com/browse/the-lost-women-of-nxivm–extras-UCZ6DFNPpQVQMB7IRT-WReTw

Xfinity Stream: https://www.xfinity.com/stream/entity/8293770654016929112

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  • Frank,

    —Dorcas Suzanne Kemp, a possible Nxivm victim, got cancer and left her $3 million estate to Keith Raniere. She changed her will just before she died.

    This is out of left field. Who the heck is she? I’ve been on this website for 2 years plus and watched the investigative special….

    Can you expound or point me in the direction for more info.


  • Any way we can watch it without having to pay? I would like to point out that this website recommended watching The Vow on Flixtor, a free website, instead of HBO. But Frank, you don’t provide a free link to your movie? Fair game. Still many would like to see it, but can’t subscribe to those services right now.

    • I do not know of any site where “The Lost Women of Nxivm” can be watched for free. Wish there was one and I would publish it.

      • You’re either playing dumb or you have someone else validating comments for you who is not posting them. Which means the bigoted, bullying dick is given special access to do such, or you are them.

        • Because of my desire to approve comments quickly – and because much of my time is spent investigating and writing, I have help with the approval of comments. Joe O’Hara is an editor of Frank Report. I am trying to limit the bullying but I know you and the person you refer to as the Bullying Dick are engaged in a battle of ideas – which I think is good — I want to tell you I either redact or do not publish more of BD’s comments than yours.

          • Nice Guy, I thought you and Scott were joking and actually like each other. Am I mistaken?

          • —thought you and Scott were joking and actually like each other. Am I mistaken?

            Scott and I are like the Skipper and Gilligan on Gilligan’s Island.

            I meant Scott can bully [other] people.

            Nothing I say regarding Scott is serious.

            I will stick to being serious and stop wasting your time.

        • Spanky, give it a rest. Your fantasy spank did not leave in 2013. She was still a NXIVM member in 2016 and you can cry and moan and spank all you want, it does not change facts. She was asked to lend her voice by two women in the fight against Raniere because she was an important part of NXIVM. Stop making excuses. [redacted] Kristin Kreuk knows she was a student in 2016 and made a point of lying in public to save her ass. Same reason she had and has zero intention of answering allegations that make her look bad. Get some new spank material, or better yet, [redacted].

          Soyboys [redacted] are awful on their own. [redacted]

          • Put up or shut up with non-anonymous source proof that she was a member or give yourself a fucking rest you [redacted]

        • The pain this causes you lol. You love anonymous sources who say what you like but hate and loathe those who say things you don’t. “Tee he”! This website’s founder published what he learnt and if he says proctors told him your fantasy spank was a nxivm member longer than she claimed, that is that. Hahaha. Your as bad or worse then the nxivm scum who believed Queef was a Judo champ-genius. [redacted] You are so desperate to defend this one nxivm member. You get nothing out of it. Just trolled and no pussy. [redacted] if Kreuk lied. 😁 [redacted]

          • [redacted] You can’t debunk information that has been provided by sources NOT anonymous to this website’s founder. Your only interest is in Kreuk and no one else. She is your identity. [redacted] Other people are happy to talk about all NXIVM members including Kreuk, though you only butt in when her name is brought up and spoken of in a way that makes you [redacted]. Provide proof that Frank Parlato is lying, or his sources are.

            Frank Parlato knows the score. It bothers you so much. If you choose to ignore facts you don’t like [redacted] If Frank wants to keep his sources anonymous, that is his decision. [redacted]

          • Then expose it. Wouldn’t it humiliate Kristin, which is what you attempt to do day in and day out in the comments here?

            So you got nothing.

      • The spank-beetle has a twitter page. He even took the liberty to take a screenshot of his loooong post and post it to said twitter page should you not publish his spank-ramblings on here.


        And as a previous frequent reader of Saratoga In Decline, trust me, Spanky posted in the comments about Kristin Kreuk A LOT, arguing with anyone who said anything critical about Kreuk and no one else. John Tighe argued back sometimes which was funny. Not surprised that same lunatic turned out to be SultanOfSix on the Frank Report.

        Do you think we should set up a Frank Report fundraiser to get Spanky a hooker? He has so much… frustration in him.

        She could wear one of these: https://www.celebrity-cutouts.co.uk/shop/celebrity-mask/uncategorised-celebrity-mask/kristin-kreuk-celebrity-mask/

        Though that might be a waste of time, if Spanky makes her wear one of these: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/bf/63/b4/bf63b40f19cb496a2fc7da54a6c899cb.jpg

        • The Sultan of Six, who you refer to as the Spank Beetle, has an interesting Twitter – he talks a lot about Nxivm and gives his opinions on the people involved.

          This noble gentlemen has defended Kristin Kreuk as no other reader on this site has ever done. And before my time, he defended Kristin on John Tighe’s Blog Saratoga in Decline.

          On Twitter, Sultan has only one follower. Am I wrong to assume that the one follower must be Kristin Kreuk?

          • There is nothing noble about this whole fiasco. How does a man exist like this? Nearly two decades of soy. And Spanky comes from a muslim family. Muslims have like six s̶e̶x̶ ̶s̶l̶a̶v̶e̶s̶ wives, yet Spanky still relies on his dominant hand.

            Give us a clue who the unfortunate woman was who “entertained” the old spanker.

            Was she American or Canadian? What was her rough age at the time? When did she leave NXIVM? Is she a “name” in NXIVM? Was she one of Raniere’s bitches?

            This could be a new Nxivm documentary:

            “The Lost Woman of NXIVM who let Spanky play with her boobies”.

            Christ, it’s not Karan U is it?

          • I cannot reveal the name of the woman in Albany. It was not Karen. But don’t you admire Sultan’s consistency. He never waivers, never deviates from his devotion to a woman that he has never met and yet fiercely defends. I admire this greatly.

          • Frank, you are just fishing for shits & giggles…


            Other than spank it to Kristin Kreuk, what did Spanky do during the Chinese Virus outbreak ?

            He stayed in Quran-tine. 😆

          • The exchanges between you and Sultan are comedy gold. I wish Sultan would lighten up and take it less seriously. His intentions are good. But he is too easily triggered.

          • — I wish Sultan would lighten up and take it less seriously.

            So I should take a cowering behind anonymity, misogynistic, bigoted against not only his race, culture, skin color, etc., but other races as well, mocking, insulting, constantly whining and calling me and others out, blowhard, who is continuously given a platform here to cast such vitriol, less seriously?

            And you guys are the ones calling mwah “sick”?


            Sure, I guess, as much as you should take trolls less seriously.

            The fact of the matter is, Kristin is ethically superior than all three of us when it comes to the negativity and outright falsehoods that have been said here in regards to her. She just ignored all of it and went on with her life.

            “And the servants of the most High are those who when the of ignorant address them they say, ‘Peace!’” [and go on their way]

          • Sultan – very high and noble thought. Kristin is part of the Nxivm story, not a huge part but an interesting part. In time, she may be better known for her role and what she failed to do than her life as an actress. I am not saying she is a bad woman. She may be a very good woman. She unfortunately was used as a promotional tool for the cult -not her fault. When she saw badness she got out. When the time came to help -she chose to abstain. Maybe she is right. The cult went down anyway. She appears to be able to continue with her career. Maybe she is more noble than all of us. I was forced to fight or surrender. I did not come to the fight willingly. I could have probably run away, but I would not have been able to hold my head up every again. On the other hand, Kristin was not attacked by Bronfman-Raniere. It could be argued that it was not her essential fight.

            Probably the one thing that seems a little galling is that she plays the role of a brave warrior and does quite a bit of virtue signaling – sometimes for causes she does not really understand [i.e. the mass murderer Phoolan Devi] – and acts as if she were a brave teller of truth to power – and yet when the crucial hour struck, she declined to tell the truth, to address the monster she help, even if unwittingly, to create.

          • “Kristin is part of the Nxivm story, not a huge part but an interesting part.”

            Nxivm people themselves have said once they bagged an actress, it was seen as a big gain for them, regarding legitimising the cult. Perhaps without her name, DOS would never of existed. In that regards, she is a huge part of the cult.

            “She unfortunately was used as a promotional tool for the cult -not her fault.”

            It was her fault. She chose to participate in all those promotional things, such as the College Project, Juicy Peach, Girls By Design, recruitment drives and for her name to be used.

            “When she saw badness she got out.”

            Where is the truth in this? She left the striped path in 2013 as she was busy filming a television show. Someone in the comments said that the Vancouver people told her/him that Kreuk was “still active” but was busy on a television show, which finished filming late 2015. You have said she was still a member of NXIVM in 2016, possibly into 2017, paying membership fees, doing classes, EM’s and availing herself of other NXIVM benefits. That does not sound like someone who saw badness and left. Leaving would be having nothing to do with NXIVM.

            “When the time came to help -she chose to abstain”

            That is at least half the reason why she has been called out. I remember 2012, her name on all those bad things, thinking this might be the end of the cult and the press will talk about NXIVM as celebrities (including Allison Mack) were named. No, John Tigue and Joe O’Hara go to jail and these people get away with everything. Even Odata was attacked. Then came DOS and the silence and simultaneous virtue signalling was gross. Was it not Catherine Oxenberg and Sarah Edmondson who asked her for help, only to be turned down? They wouldn’t ask her if she was not a big part of NXIVM.

          • –Kristin is part of the Nxivm story, not a huge part but an interesting part.

            Well this can’t be doubted.

            –In time, she may be better known for her role and what she failed to do than her life as an actress.

            I think her role was the same as the majority of people who took seminars, courses, intensives, EMs, etc., who weren’t in the inner circle (even though she was more famous than most of them because of her career): she believed it helped her become more open for personal and career reasons (which was the reason she joined in the first place), and so sometimes coached too because she wanted others to have the same type of success overcoming their specific issues, she enjoyed the companionship of some of the people she met in it, and she bought the bullshit about the leader and the ethics that was sold.

            –She, unfortunately, was used as a promotional tool for the cult -not her fault.

            Every member of an MLM is a “promotional” tool for the cult as they are asked to refer/recruit people for them. That’s an intrinsic feature of the company structure. Her ability to recruit due to her celebrity could only be considered greater than others if people valued who she was because of it. And she did recruit, but from what I know, it was only her close friends, most of whom probably only took a few courses due to their relationship with her. Some of the names I’m aware of are Rose Bhura, Kendra Voth, Suzanne Gomez, etc., and of course, the most famous one, Allison, who was already at the same level of fame as Kristin due to being a co-star in Smallville.

            –When she saw badness, she got out. When the time came to help -she chose to abstain. Maybe she is right.

            What did she need to help with? According to her, she left in 2013. She said she never experienced anything nefarious or illegal in it. Many of her friends like Sarah Edmondson were still happily involved in it. Even Kristin Keeffe had not left at that time. This was some number of years before the secretive DOS was formed. Yes, there were many red flags with the organization and that’s why she eventually left even while a number of her friends remained in it. But even local law enforcement did nothing for over a decade. The facade of ethics and the reputability of many in the organization helped hide a lot of the evil of the leader and the inner circle that was compartmentalized well. Her name association to the group subjectively defined as a “promotional tool” without providing the actual names of how many people she actually recruited is not sufficient enough to engender some guilt-motivated responsibility to take on a group she personally hadn’t experienced any negativity with. Her word of support or her speaking out against something she never witnessed wasn’t going to give any extra credibility to those who were negatively affected. After all, she was only your typical “smell-the-fart” actress, right? And if people wanted to join the group because of her, then their motivations to be a part of it weren’t sincere in the first place. They could’ve joined merely as means to get closer to her because it provided an opportunity to do so that they wouldn’t have otherwise, e.g., men who were attracted to her, or women who wanted to be friends with her. Which means they weren’t actually in NXIVM for what it provided.

            –Probably the one thing that seems a little galling is that she plays the role of a brave warrior and does quite a bit of virtue signaling – sometimes for causes she does not really understand [i.e., the mass murderer Phoolan Devi] – and acts as if she were a brave teller of truth to power – and yet when the crucial hour struck, she declined to tell the truth, to address the monster she help, even if unwittingly, to create.

            Frank, don’t take what actors produce too seriously, nor as a reflection of their personal character. It may not reflect it nor their actual views. They’re paid to fool people and entertain. It’s why they’re actors and not actually out there doing what they’re acting.

        • ROFL @ “trust you”.

          As an anonymous poster, your trust value is intrinsically non-existent.

          The fact is, Tighe rarely posted about Kreuk, and when he did, it was only a few times related to public endeavors that involved the Vancouver celebrities: Necker Island, Acapella Innovations, Girls By Design, etc. The Wayback machine still has his articles from his blog and you can link the ones that I commented on in response to “over so many years”. LOL. It’ll never happen because they never existed.

          The only times I posted frequently about NXIVM related to Kreuk was in password-protected Kristin Kreuk forums on a few of her popular websites at the time and you had to be stalking those to know. But thanks for revealing that you were there reading Saratoga in Decline way back when.

          You’re the “soy boy” (or girl). I eat many kinds of meat, practically every day. Why don’t you say all your trash to the Kreuk’s face? Because you can’t. You have to hide behind your teeny-weeny here to say anything. Pathetic.

          And really, a hooker comment? I could buy a pretty, expensive call girl ten times over for an entire year if I wanted to.

          Last time someone called me out by my name here was back in April of this year (who was more accurate than all of you) mentioning that I was ‘easy to spot’ in all the posts or comments I made on various websites including even the Rick Ross Cult Education Forum of all places when I never even used my alias to post there. Then in the same “breath” (comment post/response chain) tried to claim they weren’t stalking me. GTFO.

          So I was trying to find out as much about what just happened to be a dangerous cult that I was correct about before others to help a celebrity that I was a fan of. What was the harm in that? There was none…unless you’re someone who had impure motivations when it came to that particular celebrity being in one. Hmm…

          And Frank, you’re a single senior citizen on your way closer every day to the grave to meet your creator if age is taken into account. Be mature and stick to your word about cleaning up the comments with the allowed one-sided cultural and bigoted playground names and insults.

          Also, how do you know that I’ve never met Kristin or don’t know her? Maybe I’ve actually met her at one of those conventions or elsewhere. The people you give their soapbox to here or elsewhere don’t have a clue who I really am. In the same breath, they call me a stalker while scouring the internet looking for signs of me. The fact that you give some minimal credence to them and to some false story where I met up with Tighe near Albany and also shacked up with some high ranking NXIVM female member (don’t you even see the contradiction there?) puts into question your judgement abilities. Although I am enjoying reading and laughing at all the misses posted about me here.

          Especially that comment by Niceguy where he said there’s a white Sultan pretending to be me and a non-white Sultan. Who pretends to be the internet alias of a someone and then creates a fictional story about them travelling to Albany to hook up with a NXIVM chick? ROFL.

          • Sick people don’t know they are sick. That is why [redacted] Seeing as you will never get [redacted], nor Kristin Kreuk’s [redacted] why don’t you get a cheap whore? Just don’t buy her flowers, a car, pay her rent, or tell her you love her [redacted].

          • Sultan has already said that if he wanted a sex worker, he would be easily able to afford a high-priced one.

          • “The fact of the matter is, Kristin is ethically superior than all three of us when it comes to the negativity and outright falsehoods that have been said here in regards to her. She just ignored all of it and went on with her life.”

            Wow. Yes Spanky, cowardice and not having to face scrutiny outside of a small blog is really ethical. She deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. lol.

            “My soulmate!” lol

          • –Wow. Yes Spanky, cowardice and not having to face scrutiny outside of a small blog is really ethical. She deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. lol.

            If your behavior here on this website is any indicator of your ethics, any moral high ground you put on display when it comes to others inclusive of the Kreuk being part of this organization is comically hypocritical. Your conceptual understanding of what is written is also severely lacking. It’s probably because your IQ drops another ten points from its already low levels as you foam at the mouth while typing in your tripe.

            Speaking of cowardice, how about you put a name and face to your vitriol and say it directly to the Kreuk’s (or anyone’s for that matter) face? Any criticism I’ve made of the Kreuk (and I’ve made plenty), if she was ever to read or hear it, is made with a known name and face to her unlike yours.

            But you could never do it, because this anonymity gives you the cowardly advantage of not having to actually stand behind your words, nor ‘face the scrutiny’ (or the mockery of what someone looks like, where they’re from, what they say from their accounts on the Internet, etc., are as you stalk them from out behind the virtual bushes you hide behind) that you chastise another for not being able to handle.


          • Okay Spanky.

            Instead of typing something in a comments section, one must contact Kreuk’s management, ask for a meeting, arrange transportation, accommodation… just to tell Kreuk she is a dick to her [redacted] face. Then what about all the other NXIVM members too? It’s rather expensive. Skype?

            Where did you show your [redacted] face? I want to see! I bet you look like that “British” [redacted] terrorist who beheaded the aid worker!

    • Best to have a firearm if Anifag and BLM retards come to your home. Though you will probably be called a “white supremacist” by the establishment democrat politicians, who will then encourage more violence against you. But you’ll have your trusty shotgun pistol…

  • It’s been almost a week since the conviction, how come Bronfman doesn’t show up in the BOP records yet? LOL

  • All circumstantial evidence, no proof or conviction – publish the story I sent you via email a few days ago, it’s an actual conviction for the murder of several family members in an MLM scam. LOL

  • Thank you, Brigid. Appreciate it.

    I won’t lie, it’s been a rough couple, few years now I, frankly, had little choice but to rededicate myself to helping Frank and others resolve some partly exposed, disturbing mysteries surrounding my little sister’s demise — in comparison to the fate of Kris Snyder and the others who untimely passed while leaving all they had mind, body, heart, soul, collateral, eggs and/or embryo and any tangible assets to Vanguard. In Nancy, Clare, ET AL’s names, albeit.

    I’ll take the pat on the back but I’d rather see full exposure of the facts as promised and intended. I’m confident that that WILL someday happen…just a few more pressing concerns have presented some distraction, temporarily. One hopes.

  • Not surprised at your conclusions on Kemp – told ya he was the “Bluebeard” of our time. Where the diabolical Frenchman robbed and murdered just 7 wives, Raniere never quite married, however. (Chip off the old, Raniere block? James certainly had a penchant for heiresses, etc.).

    So when, pray tell, might we expect Part Dux of “Lost Women…” to premier?

    • Raniere was able to keep his criminal enterprise going for almost 20-years primarily because he used the Bronfman sisters’ money to blackmail, bribe and/or intimidate almost every law enforcement official within the area. Although numerous complaints were filed over the years – and although a great deal of evidence of wrongdoing was provided to those law enforcement officials – they did absolutely nothing to investigate, let alone bring charges against, Raniere and his criminal enterprise.

      Unfortunately, it looks like nothing has changed. Even the newly-appointed U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of New York (NDNY) has done nothing to follow-up on the excellent work done by her colleagues in the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) to put the NXIVM criminal enterprise out of business. This includes the four charges that were dismissed in the EDNY case because the EDNY lacked jurisdiction – and specifically referred to the NDNY for prosecution.

      • They effectively act as a mob enterprise.

        I would love to read about the elected officials and various law enforcement agencies involved over the years. There is a focus right now on what went wrong and questions are being asked by people that are shocked at the level of inaction to stop a dangerous group.

        This is a story that I haven’t yet found. I think others would be interested as well, and could bring citizen pressure on officials to do their jobs.

        Many people want to know more about the Mexico branch and how that criminality reaches into the US. I recognize the potential danger, but it seems the time to reveal some details while the public is interested enough to investigate. The window will close and the next scandal will make people forget.

      • Shameful. No other word for the DOJ NDNY’s utter failure to so far protect society from these known criminals at large and continuing to perpetrate some of their known offenses that went uncharged.

    • Because people didn’t start a website like this one to put pressure on the government to do something. LOL

  • Without much more evidence, this is going nowhere. LOL

    As people die, their memories fade, and physical evidence disappears, good luck with getting convictions. LOL

  • Amen, Brigid. The actions of Raniere and of all others speak volumes. For good or for ill. That is how it is as anyone lives, who is not utterly helpless. Our actions and words are what is remembered.

    There is such a swamp of disconnection somehow, if anyone keeps trying to whitewash the harmfulness which has been done by this group. It is very difficult to understand how come Raniere’s diehards can remain proud of him or to continue endorsing this “path.”

    Studying many small and large cults since the 1970s, however, there is no “terror” in me, personally, about these peoples’ choices. These confused hounds have decided to experience this identity crisis, from a to z. There’s nothing new under the sun except for constant change. I think anyone still enchanted with Raniere or any of his offshoots have decided to ignore every warning bell. And the terror that will inevitably follow as it all implodes is their very own. Free will.

    • Sorry if jumbly. Just a bit more coffee so the leftside brain gets out of bed. The rightside brain doesn’t ever sleep, it just shifts gears. Anyway, there is some poor English in here. God. Gotta let it go being so fussy.

      Anyhow, I surely do love what you’ve written here. Frank is solid like a rock. Ashford & Simpson solid and with a heart of gold And those broad shoulders! Very symbolic.

  • While Frank’s documentary is better than The Vow, (which is an attempt for Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson to pretend to be heroes, when really they smell), can someone kindly provide a link where The Vow can be watched for free.

    Also, are they really doing a season 2? Talk about milking it. It is like SOS emptying his sack of every last drop of the white stuff while thinking about Kristin Crooked.

      • Curses. The link does not work, Frank.

        Can someone provide another.

        Also, when will you publish your NXIVM book, Frank? Will it begin with your own experiences when you were employed by them and will it include their takedown?

        I refuse to read Sarah Edmondson’s book. I refuse to give her money or time. Same with Mark Vicente. He is writing a book too. Cash cow. The only reason to watch The Vow is to physically see the facial expressions and tone of voice of perpetrators who have gone over night from being devoted cultists who never got punished, to being considered virtuous heroes, without being punished. Going from reading the Saratoga In Decline blog, the shit storm of 2012 which they all survived, the early days of the Frank Report, to these people being called “brave” and “heroes” by social media people who only heard about Nxivm in 2017 or later, is the biggest anti-climax. Like when a woman wears a push up bra to make her boobs look bigger, but when nude, they look kind of, meh. Sad.

        • The link worked for me, what country are you in? LOL

          Edmondson and Vicente probably could have made a lot more money and had a lot more influence with their stories had they donated at least part of the profit to NXIVM victims for the money they lost, but they are so self-centered, it probably didn’t even occur to them. LOL

          • They both also made a lot more money than most other people before they joined NXIVM and probably have at least some residuals still coming in from being in the entertainment industry. LOL

            I wouldn’t use the word “lost” their business, they did the obvious thing and quit it because they found out some of the nefarious things being done behind the scenes, they did lose income. LOL

            Also, they have been associated with money laundering, tax evasion, etc., which means they are no angels, but probably cut a non-prosecution deal in exchange for providing help to the FBI/DOJ. LOL

            Besides, my point is they could have made more money for themselves, let alone done the right thing, with the books had they given at least some of the money away because they would have sold many more of them, and how much are they getting paid [both directly and indirectly in increased book sales) for appearances on TV, the HBO show, etc.? LOL

          • Scott lost his career after being involved in Amway and he doesn’t look for sympathy or even bring it up, because his career pales in comparison to others being scammed by Amway and other MLM scams, so cry us a river over Edmondson, Vicente, or anyone else no longer making money from the NXIVM criminal organization. LOL

          • —They are so self-centered, it probably didn’t even occur to them.

            Sound like anybody you know, Scotty?

          • It does remind of somebody I know, somebody who said they would come on my show and then chickened out. LOL

          • —They both also made a lot more money than most other people.

            ….And they certainly made more money than Amway downline members. Right?

      • Re The Vow:

        The first two episodes do an incredible job of illuminating why NXIVM was so attractive to Nxivm adherents.

      • “Scott, both Vicente and Edmondson lost their businesses going up against Nxivm.”

        Their businesses WERE Nxivm. I want to pick their brains and call them out on what they knew about and ignored.

    • Better than thinking of the guy emptying his sack as you empty yours, presuming you even have a sack for those missing teeny-weeny balls.


        • Of course he’s SultanOfSix. Why would someone defend Spanky? The beetle fumes are easy to identify.


          It is a miracle that we don’t have any white knight spankers for Grace Park, Allison Mack, or any other Nxivm members.
          Spanky’s Kristin Kreuk e-spanking has been an eye sore for those that read the Frank Report. Kreuk must of begged the mighty god Ra for Spanky to stop talking about her.

          When are we going to learn which Nxivm member entertained Spanky when he went to Albany? That was both hilarious and disturbing. Like a shart.

          • But don’t you think Sultan’s tenacity and consistency is something to be admired? He has fought the defense of Kristin for years on this and on John Tighe’s blog going back to 2010 or so; never wavering, never quitting and all the while he has never even met the actress.

          • Wow. You’re a fucking genius. Who would’ve thought that trolling a person in every other comment you make who still sometimes reads the comments here would respond? But of course, you expect that. You hope for it and want it. You psychology is so obvious it’s pathetic. The fact that Frank still gives you a platform to say whatever supports the notion that all his past talk about cleaning up the comments is bullshit when it comes to his biases.

            Still on about the “beetle fumes”. What does that even mean? Is that something you learned while bullying others in the third grade? Or were you one who got beat up so much and your behavior here is simply indicative of reflecting what you suffered from others? You know, the old “the abused becomes the abuser” aphorism.

            A miracle? I guess your miracle bar is really low.

            E-spanking? That’s “hilarious” coming from you. Considering its you who is the one vigorously e-spanking in the comments attacks against Kreuk, other NXIVM members who have left, other cultures and races, “libtards”, etc, and whoever and whatever else incites that seething anger to spill over. Has anyone cried in the comments here more than you?

            “When are we going to learn which Nxivm member entertained Spanky when he went to Albany?”

            Yeah, when? I’d like to know what happened to supporting this claim? In fact, in the past I have called for evidence to be provided for it a number of times (mostly because I wanted to read the fantasy of the one who made up such a story), but all I heard were crickets.

            It will never be supported, because it never happened.

            “He has fought the defense of Kristin for years on this and on John Tighe’s blog going back to 2010”

            No Frank. Tighe typically focused on who he felt were the most guilty parties in Albany. He rarely mentioned Kristin over a span of several years compared to what has been posted on this website, and whenever she was brought up, it was often indirectly due to the celebrity connection that NXIVM tried to use to better its public image, e.g., Acapella Innovations, Girls By Design, etc., one that Tighe didn’t feel should happen because of things he knew behind the scenes about Raniere, et al. You should know since you’re the one who suggested such celebrity “usage” for improving its image as the group’s PR person. Maybe Kristin was mentioned three to five times over the course of years that his blog was up. Therefore, there was no need to “defend her for years”. There wasn’t even a need to defend her for a month.

          • The above comment was written by our esteemed guest and defender of Kristin Kreuk, Sultan of Six.

          • Sultan is infatuated with Kristin Crook(ed), who ran away at the time she could have helped, and it’s not a healthy infatuation. LOL

          • ==Spanky’s Kristin Kreuk e-spanking has been an eye sore for those that read the Frank Report.==

            But not near as bad as all the SOS haters’ juvenile remarks. Being sexually obsessed with Sultan is worse than being hot for Kreuk.

        • “But don’t you think Sultan’s tenacity and consistency is something to be admired?”



          • How do you people know who Sultan is? Do you even know his actual name or where he lives? Do you stalk him online? Do you have a picture of him? Can you give proof for his age?

            Frank said through his sources he is a white guy who went up to Albany and met with John Tighe and also spent the night with a high ranking female member. Others say he’s from the Indian subcontinent.

            So, please share this information.

        • —But don’t you think Sultan’s tenacity and consistency is something to be admired? He has fought the defense of Kristin for years on this and on John Tighe’s blog going back to 2010 or so; never wavering, never quitting and all the while he has never even met the actress.

          Frank Sultan started his obsession with Kristin Kreuk in 2001 at the age of 19.

          2 decades…… in case you can’t do the math he’s 38. 🙂

          He has traveled to her residence a few times to catch a glimpse of her.

          • He is now about 40-42.

            I know when he graduated high school. He graduated in the top of his class.

            He may be nuts but he is intelligent.

            He loves the Ravens.

          • So you know his name is Hasif, right?

            He is also somewhere on the autism spectrum. There is no other explanation to his behaviour. Unless you believe in demons taking over one’s soul.

      • “Do you even know his actual name or where he lives?”

        His name is Hasif. He was born in New York. He moved to LA.

        “Frank said through his sources he is a white guy who went up to Albany and met with John Tighe and also spent the night with a high ranking female member. Others say he’s from the Indian subcontinent.”

        Pakistanis can be lighter in skin tone. Kashmir is in India. As is all that territory morons call “Pakistan” which is not a real country.

        • I heard he’s really sexy and good looking. That’s why he was so easily able to bed one of the upper ranking female Nxians.

        • There are two sultans there’s the real sultan and then there’s a white guy who flippantly claim to be sultan.

          Both are “super-fans”.

          Frank is wrong.

          • Niceguy is the Sultan “expert” now. LOL.

            I’d like to know who this guy is that’s pretending to be Sultan who is white. LOL.

        • ==As is all that territory morons call “Pakistan” which is not a real country.==
          Thanks for including this personal bias so we can better judge your credibility.
          Any thoughts on Israel?
          Or some African nations?
          Or please supply YOUR name and background.

  • Related to this perhaps of interest, some small parts of my analysis on Raniere:

    Raniere is not nearly as smart as he claims or as he thinks he is (both in IQ and in terms of real intelligence, which are not the same, with anti-social and emotion poor people the real intelligence is often quite low: i.e., they cannot comprehend complex stuff, and that is not just how to properly interact with other people but also problem solving outside of relatively simple boundaries). But he hides his anti-social manipulative ways very well in terms of facial expressions. In writing, it’s different, it’s clear that he is a simple money thinker, and emotion poor but the more I saw, I tend towards psychopath (both sorts of people are inept at proper arguing, there is a specific reason for this, but explaining all that will take too much time/space here). “The Vow” has given very little useful information on Raniere in this respect, I found more indications in videos on youtube, e.g., the Consumers’ Buyline video and those videos give more insight into him, but also the emails that were published on this site. I will give a few extracts of my analysis that is in progress, so that may change a bit yet:

    — Video: “Keith Raniere; How to build a pyramid scheme Part1” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7kZBQCIrQM ):

    8:15: “They make money on every item that you buy. So they can’t be objective. Buy a Sony TV set through Consumers’ Buyline, we don’t make money on the sale. Our sole objective is to represent you.”

    When I heard this, I immediately knew “This is wrong”. It seems he didn’t realise that what he said about bias, now can be applied to his own organisation in that whether it works well or not, or better than buying groups or not, perhaps has disadvantages which may not be told by those looking for new members because they profit from the membership of CBI. Further, there will be a bias from the company, implicitly, namely towards the brands that work with CBI, because only those brands will be listed that they have a deal with. There are a few other considerations, I will leave those to not give a long post, I will publish the full analysis on my website soon.

    — Video: “NXIVM founder Keith Raniere American cult leader” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9Buo3Gj3Zk ):

    at ca. 1:36: they talk about data processing/analysis related to people in the group/company or to people taking courses it seems, and he says: “No matter what you say, I’m not even going to bring up the controverting data” and before that at 0:20 “The statement I want to make it in isolation and it does not request a response”. Statements don’t request anything! I think this is not just poor use of language, but a sign of someone who is emotion-poor, i.e., he perceives objects and statements as being similar to persons. Both of his statements show that he cannot handle or does not want to deal with counter-arguments. So apparently he expected people to figure it out themselves and then he will say “yes” or “no” (*). So from that, I’m sure that he is insecure, and this fits with a narcissist.

    (*) In case of ‘No’ it would not surprise me if he wouldn’t give a proper reason why he disagrees (because he doesn’t want discussions that might show he is not as smart as he claims he is), but instead then would say “think it over”.

    — Psychopaths almost always show what they are like in their statements. Almost nobody can hide himself/herself if you know how to analyse the statements. Let’s look at the start of nxivm, ‘Executive success programs’:

    – Executive = he aims at wealthy (or wealthy to be) people. Also note that such people are often coming from a wealthier background, which means people who haven’t dealt with conmen in the same way as lower-class people have. An example of this can be seen in one of Derren Brown’s TV programmes which are psychological manipulation. A guy in a store with expensive watches could easily be conned, with a hotdog salesman Brown failed… The influenceable people are the types of people that cults want… [ see also Rajneesh ]

    – Success = his course is about attaining wealth as success is almost always coupled to wealth. That Raniere redefined ‘success’ to something different does not matter as the implication of the redefined term still is success in the normal sense, as per point 11 of his “12 point mission statement”…

    – Program = a course but fixed, the word is used for a list of things that will be shown (TV, theatre etc.) not for discussions nor for courses. This tells you that what the event you attend is about: To guide you via strict route markers to the end goal. I.e. you will be programmed…

    So from the start, Raniere tells you what he is really about: Money, power, programming people to act and think as he thinks they should think and act…

    • Rajneesh had a Masters Degree in Philosophy, and later he was a professor. Then he began touring India, and did so for nearly seven years, in demand for his talks. The Westerners, for the most part, came later. Certainly, not all were wealthy, either.

      On the other hand, my former husband’s first wife gave Sheela, the henchwoman, a $6 million lake and property, among many, many other things. Not kidding.

    • Raniere is stupid. He has always been stupid. There has been evidence of his stupidity out there for years. Stupid people ignored his stupidity, as well as his criminality, pedophilia, hump habit and other BS. What normal person believes he is the most ethical man in the world? How would you even measure that? He is a short, fat, ugly, cross eyed cunt who should be made Big Daddy Tyrone’s prison bitch.

    • “Buy a Sony TV set through Consumers’ Buyline, we don’t make money on the sale. Our sole objective is to represent you.” When I heard this, I immediately knew “This is wrong”.” — How is this wrong? There is no evidence CBI made a cut of the product sales, their profit came from the annual and monthly membership payments. LOL


      • —Buy a Sony TV set through Consumers’ Buyline, we don’t make money on the sale. Our sole objective is to represent you.” When I heard this, I immediately knew This is wrong.

        I had no idea. Thanks Scott!!!!!

        None of us could figure that part out. You must be the smartest one in the (redacted) park.

        Is your home prefab, modular, or on wheels?

        Do you have a septic tank or a sewer line, or portapoty?

  • Kris, being my ONLY sister, who is now in heaven, with her dad and her HEAVENLY FATHER, is NOT worried about this anymore.

    Keith had a major hand in Kris’ death- and we know that- it is TIME that the “VICTIMS” be brought out of the woodwork-

    Kris has been left behind all this time- but that will soon come to an end. Keith will be going away for good.

    My family and I were gaslighted the whole time we were in Anchorage, looking for her.

    17 years had to go by, before we were told about the pregnancy and the rape- who keeps secrets like that? Why? Why? Why LIE and HIDE crap that they know will HURT someone else? WHY? They will stand before the JUDGEMENT seat of GOD.

    The “VICTIMS” are the families that are left behind- Kris was “LEFT BEHIND” until I began discovering lies in stories that were told. Gee- this is very painful, in the light that, I don’t have ANY other SIBLINGS!

    • It’s an election year. This is the time to hold people publicly accountable, and the institutions they represent.

      I really do hope for justice for your family.

  • If all of this is true, then Keith is your typical murderous psychopath who has covered his trail of death well using a facade of ethics. This further emphasizes he’s a significant danger to society and should be locked away in a supermax prison away from the public for the rest of his life. As much as people might hate her, Clare Bronfman could have been on her way to dying of “natural causes” willing her entire fortune away to “the most ethical man in the world”, so as far as I’m concerned, the judge is acting in her best interest and simply doing her a favor so she can hopefully get some cult deprogramming in prison and get rid of the Raniere stink from her mind.

      • Frank, When you first started investigating NXVIM, how long did it take you to connect with the murders? What was the first murder you connected to NXIVM and Keith? Did you ever think you would be able to do a documentary on this?

        I would love to learn more about the story of this.


    • Is it? Did you watch it? It didn’t come across as about Frank Parlato. It came across as an expose/investigation on a pedophile, possibly murderer. The Vow however stunk of “me, ME, MEEE!” with Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente. Did you see the bit where Sarah Edmondson, with a smug look on her face, boasted about recruiting 2000+ people into her deranged cult? That was not the face of a woman who legitimately felt guilt. Conning them on false bullshit. She is now suing her cult, with one reason being the cult courses were bullshit. Well she did it for twelve years, coached it, recruited 2000 people, set up her own center and ignored every shred of evidence out there. What sucky people.

      • Agree. I wish Frank had his own TV show hunting down cults and criminals. It was fascinating to watch. Also neat to see Roger Stone! I can’t stand the vow.

        • Mexican Lady,

          The Vow and The Lost Women seem to scratch the surface of the whole story. Each person warrants their own epic tale, I expect various perspectives for decades.
          (I’m looking at you Susan Dones)

          I am eager for the story about all the government agencies that did their bidding or ignored them. I’m eager for the story of all the journalists and others that tried to take them down years ago.

          Has anyone tapped the subject of all those patents?

    • The investigative show is a companion piece to the entire Nxivm story; the mainstream media has not covered the murders.

      One woman was driven to suicide. The other deaths are extremely suspicious to say the least.

  • La similitud de las chicas Manson y las chicas Rainieri es increíble. Como dos tipos insignificantes, unos locos charlatanes consiguieron que tantas mujeres entregarán su vida y estuvieran dispuestas a todo tipo de actos criminales por ellos.

    • son psycopatas ambos. Su comportamiento es normal cuando se analiza bajo la lupa de que son psycopatas. Ambos (keith y Manson) son unos perdedores…

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