Terrible Story: Three Children Fight to Save Their Mom From California Probate Court-Ordered Isolation and Terror

The Frank Report is doing a series of articles on the sad and unacceptable saga of Bertha Bernal’s family.

They are American citizens fighting the California’s Probate Court and its Conservatorship System that is essentially keeping Bertha, 93, as a hostage.

By Leo Bhering

No matter how many times we examine Bertha Bernal’s situation, the sense of outrage never fades.

Legal professionals, wielding absolute power over non-criminals, to the point that even the immediate family has no voice, has no rights.

Would YOU give up? Would you leave your mother to spend the last days of her life in the company of indifferent, careless, even hostile strangers?

We have to stand up against this. And we have to do it NOW, because time is of the essence for 93-year-old Bertha Bernal.


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It was decided by the Probate Court in California that the best thing for Bertha is to remain as one of sixty-something conservatees of Suzette E. Smith, the conservator who entrusted Betha’s living situation to caregiver Maila Soliven at Arcene Guest Homes.

Bertha’s grown children Sandi, Cathleen [Cat] and Anthony believe this is not the right  place for their mother and that Arcene does not welcome their visits to their mother. In fact they say the caregiver, Solliven, actively works to prevent contact with their mother.

The children have tried for years to be their mother’s conservator, after another family member relinquished his role.

They want to place her under their care and at a facility where they can visit her daily and bring her home to be with them for visits.

They have not given up. But time is running out for them since their mother is in failing health.

Bertha’s wishes expressed in a court filing.

As we examine court documents and emails arising out of their long, judicial struggle, the picture that emerges is of three children who want to take care of their mother, and a Probate Court system that seems to favor paid conservators and the bureaucracy built around it.  There is ample evidence that Bertha Bernal prefers to be with her children, and becomes happier and enlivened when she is regularly visited by her family and friends.

This is something that presently the law prevents her from doing – in the final days of her life.

Bertha expresses the desire to be with her family, whenever she has the chance -even in her captivity. This fact seems  lost on the people making decisions on her behalf.

Bertha’s family love her and wants to spend time with her and vice versa.

Why is Bertha a hostage to California Probate Court? Why isn’t she allowed to see her children, her family and friends?

How does it make sense to separate someone from the very people they love at this critical stage in her life?

It seems to border on intentionally evil.


The evidence used by the conservator to suspend visitation rights of Bertha is the very definition of “hearsay”:

A medical doctor that stated that “family visits were harmful” to this elderly lady.

However in his statement something crucial emerges: The doctor admits that his medical “opinion” stems not from direct examination or observation of Bertha, or even from comments made by Bertha herself – but is based entirely on “notes” made by the caregiver Maila Solliven herself.

This is the same caregiver that does not want Bertha’s family to visit.

But this is shoddy evidence. A doctor in the system, in league with the probate system, who makes money from this system, does not examine Bertha, but takes the word of the caregiver and then this is used to separate the elderly mother from her adult children.

The same caregiver that is involved in a bitter dispute with the family – one that begins and ends with the family’s accusations of substandard care – influences the entire process.

Add to this the pandemic.

The conservator and the caregiver are exploiting the pandemic loophole, using “medical reasons” to infringe upon rights that are clearly stated in legislation meant to safeguard elder rights.

(Here are the laws that protect elders in Orange County, CA: https://www.ocregister.com/2018/09/23/these-laws-help-protect-seniors-in-the-probate-system/)

They also conflate the doctor’s bogus medical recommendations as “doctor’s orders”, and in some correspondence they even call it “court orders”.

Bertha’s rights must be respected.

A conservatee [Bertha] under the system is not devoid of rights. These rights are stated clearly. The same applies to Residents of Home Care facilities.

A conservatee or resident has the right “to be treated with understanding and respect, and have her wishes considered”. This may appear to be a non-controversial, but in practice it seems to be widely ignored.

A conservatee or resident has the right to receive visits from family and friends, “unless a judge has ordered restrictions on a person’s visits”.

Furthermore, a resident “has the right, and the facility must provide immediate access to any resident to immediate family or other relatives of the resident“.

Even this right of Bertha’s has been trampled on:  A conservatee or resident has “the right to receive unmonitored telephone calls”.

With the pandemic limiting visits, the phone and Facetime are the best available option to keep in communication with mother and children, as the children continue their fight to become their own mother’s conservator.

In Bertha’s case, her phone is controlled by her captors/caregivers. She is not given the opportunity of doing Face Time with her children.

Bertha’s family is in a non-stop judicial fight to restore visitation rights.

The family has engaged in a nonstop, grueling routine of legal proceedings to get to see their mother. They could not find a competent lawyer in Orange County who appears to be willing to stand up against the powerful conservatorship system, so they have represented themselves as best as they can.

Keep in mind that they simply want to take charge of the care of their mother. They want her to be her conservator. They want her to be able to live with them and place her in a suitable facility that affords her mother overnight visits and day trips – the kind of thing that will accomplish one thing – take away the incredible loneliness Bertha is experiencing now, deprived of her family.

This goes beyond pandemic restrictions, for that will not last forever, and in the meantime [until they can become her conservator] to be able to speak at will, Face Time at will, without constant monitoring and mandated short phone calls – so that at least their mother will see and hear the faces and voices of those who love her.

Documents from petitions and court filings.

The children argued in probate court that the conservator [Smith] is imposing undue isolation on Bertha by “keeping her blocked from speaking to family members on the telephone, and unreasonably restricting visits”.

They tried to demonstrate that “the Caregiver is not acting in a manner consistent with the appropriate treatment of dementia patients,” [Bertha recognizes her family and can make intelligent requests such as ‘let me come home’ or please don’t leave me’ or ‘get me out of here’.]

It is established beyond doubt that limiting family visit time is harmful for the mental and emotional stability of elderly people with dementia.

The family’s concerns about personal valuables are not welcome by the caregiver.

The children voiced concerns in court filings regarding the conditions at the facilities Bertha has resided in, under the conservator, Suzette Smith’s watch.

The children also expressed concerns about the handling of personal injuries, such as 20 stitches on Bertha’s elbow – treated by the caregiver’s crew as “a skin tear”.

These kind of concerns are natural to children – it is emotional for them – but to a caregiver, a paid professional, these concerns are viewed as as “harassment and disruption”.

Sandi with her Mom, Bertha.

Bertha’s grown children Sandi, Cat and Anthony – all of them rational, intelligent, successful people – none of them criminal, none of them ever adjudicated as having any mental or emotionally disabling conditions – good people, caring people- made a compelling presentation at trial.

But in the end the judge agreed with the conservator and her legal representatives that Bertha’s children did not demonstrate enough proof that the conservator, who is ingrained in the system, should be replaced.

And her caregiver, victorious, is simply not going to accommodate these children for the sake of some 93 year old woman with dementia, who is a burden enough to care for – for the money she gets paid – without having to deal with doting children coming there and taking up her time and requiring her to clean up, or make extra effort.

After all, most of the elderly she cares for do not have pesky children coming around. Most of the extremely elderly are forgotten and abandoned.

The children of Bertha Bernal’s real disruption is that they want to spend time with their mother, which, by itself, is an inconvenience to the caregiver, who in turn complains to the conservator, who in turn gets a doctor, who does not even examine the patient, but takes the caretakers word that the children are harmful to the patient and writes a letter stating such and this is presented to the judge as proof that the conservator/caregiver are right and the children are wrong.

Smug victory is the result for the caregiver and the loser is Bertha Bernal, who weeps for her children and is powerless to fight back, unable to get up and walk out of the facility or defend herself before the judge..

The matter was considered under legislation of Probate Code §2560, and determined that the burden of proof was not met at the appropriate threshold.

So a probate judge, who doesn’t know Bertha or her children, but knows the conservator, for she is part of the same system he is paid to be in, overrules based on technicalities of the law, ignoring the moral law that a mother and her children ought to take care of one another. And that if both mother and children want to be together than that ought to trump some doctor, who never examined the patient’s letter.

The children, however, are not skilled at this game and even if they were, the system is slanted to favor the professionals.

It keeps blowing up in their faces. They get up and charge again. They want to take care of their mother – before it is too late.

The elbow injury.

Even if the quality of the care was not in question, they would still have the moral high ground. But the quality of care is very much in question. For example, the accident that resulted in Bertha’s elbow wound was described by the caregiver as the result of 93-year old Bertha trying to breach a locked door to escape the facility in the middle of the night.

That story, to begin with, seems farfetched. But suppose it is true: What does it say about the quality of “care” given to Bertha, desolate and lonely beyond imagination, and despite her frailty, felt the need, quixotic though it may be, to secretly flee from the facility in the late hours in a desperate attempt to get back to her children?

Bertha after her stroke.
On our last last overnight visit with Mom, she was complaining of pain so we took her to the ER. Sandi and I spent the whole night with mom at the Kaiser ER and good thing we did. She had a UTI infection. But our deed was not to go unpunished. Caregiver Maila said mom’s “urine output” decreased after visits with us”  We were punished for disclosing the fact that the daughters had to rush their mom to the ER which is part of the record of care.  Who knows how long Bertha had been suffering from this medical neglect? 

Subsequently, Bertha suffered a stroke. While there’s no evidence that this episode is related to the quality (or lack thereof) of the care she receives, the evidence shows how poorly the conservator handled the situation, having informed the family on the following day, because the medical episode happened “after business hours”.

Just imagine that the fate of the person you love is going to be told to you only during business hours. God forbid something happens on the weekend! You’ll be expected by the system to wait until Monday for the Probate Court-Appointed caretaker or conservator to send you an email.

Bertha Bernal’s children, Sandi, Cat and Anthony, fighting for their mother as best as they can, have been beaten so far, at every turn. Still at every defeat, they become more determined that their mother will spend the last days of her life surrounded by family, not uncaring strangers.

The Frank Report urges readers in similar circumstances – and we are told there are many – to contact us to see if there might be strength in numbers. And to call on authorities to review this travesty of justice.

Bertha wants Sandi, Cat, Anthony.

All evidence points to supporting the real wishes of Bertha is to be with her children, Sandi, Cathleen and Anthony is in the interests of justice.

All the second-hand medical opinions, or opportunities to keep a lonely elderly woman in their custody for the payment they receive is not persuasive.

Conservator Suzette Smith and Caregiver Maila Soliven earn money through having Bertha [and others] in their custody.
California Probate Court ordered Bertha Bernal to stay in the “care” of Suzette and Maila.

Sandi, Bertha, Cat & Anthony

In a very real sense, Sandi, Cat and Anthony are heroes. Many children of a 93 year old mother with dementia would give up, and resign themselves to let their mother go – her last days terribly alone – under the care of the mammoth, money-driven and powerful Probate Court system.

One cannot help but marvel at their tenacity and hope they have a chance at taking care of their mother, before it’s too late.

As Cat said, “What kind of system denies a 93 year old woman’s pleas to spend her last days with her children and grandchildren, family and friends?… I want our mom freed from her life sentence of cruelty and evil, to spend her last days in our loving care.”

Sandi said, “Our goal is for the court system to hand over conservatorship of our mother to her three children who are willing and able to love on her, take care of her, make decisions for her and financially support her.”


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  • My heart weeps for this family, for myself and my son, for all the victims of “probate or conservatorship courts,” that randomly assign ambulance chasing lawyers – often prearranged to ‘volunteer’ by the party least concerned with the welfare of the conserved person — to these cases.

    The court-assigned attorneys (called a “probate volunteer panel”) of course, generate conflicts to equally generate their Billings against the estates or trusts of the conserved person without one whit of concern for their well-being. And the harder one fights to help the conserved person being victimized by this corruption the more these assholes can bill. The courts just pawn off the blame for any fall out or harm to the conserved and their estates on the appointed PVP counsel. The courts, of course, get their share in filing fees, etc. billed to the conserved’s estate.

    It is the filthiest, most harmful example of the corruption that’s set into the US justice system but so lucrative for these attorneys and the probate courts themselves it often goes unacknowledged.

    [redacted] I don’t doubt the veracity of it at all [redacted] I earned a write-up on my and my son’s story even if I don’t agree with EVERYTHING you and some of your sometimes rather dubious sources postulate about my sister, etc.

  • Will all of the Libtards who want the government to take over the entire healthcare industry please come forward? LOL

  • These people – the caregiver and the conservator – should be ashamed of themselves. Let the mother see her children.

    • James…You don’t understand the true facts of what has been reported. I am extremely close to this situation and I can tell you that what has been reported is not “investigative reporting” but rather an “opportunistic blog”. Respond back and I will give you a link so that I can forward you the facts in some attachments that denounce this entire blog and provide you with the compelling truth. Unfortunately, the Frank Report does not allow attachments that might compromise his mistruths.

    • James…Respond back and I will provide you with factual information regarding this article. I am very close to this situation and can tell you that what has been reported is not “investigative reporting” but nothing more than an “opportunistic blog”. Conveniently, Frank does not allow attachments to responses so that I could send you information upfront.

      • Information you claim is factual. There’s a difference. Under the virtually anonymous heading of “MJB”, you can claim as fact whatever you wish, but do you have documentary evidence to make us believe you?

        • Jim C.

          Information that I can prove is factual. And you are correct that there is a difference between claims and facts…of which I have five years of documented factual evidence. Let me very clear that the arguments made in this article are due to the fact that the restrictions that have been made against these three people are a direct result of their interference, misbehavior and disrespect that they had shown to attorneys, caregivers, the court, managers of all of the residences that Bertha has resided in, conservators, and anyone associated with Bertha’s health and wellbeing.

          Sandi’s, Cat and Anthony’s nonsense and grandstanding have gone on for years on end. Let’s recap. In 5 years, they have contacted the Probate Attorneys, the case Ombudsman, the California Department of Social Services, Adult Protective Services, Elder Abuse, Placentia Police Department, Santa Ana Police Department and even contacted Dianne Feinstein’s office to no avail. NOTHING has been done by any of these legal entities. Could it be that Sandi, Cat and Anthony might be the problem or do you think all of these legal institutions are all in cahoots together? Right.

          I have disturbing documented facts on how the three have manipulated this entire process and have actually harmed Bertha with their interference and devious actions that have directly affected Bertha. If they behaved, the restrictions would be eased.

          Since Frank does not allow for attachments, I cannot post them on this reply. Let me know if you want information forwarded to you and I will be more than happy to forward my factual “claims”.

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