Raniere Supporters Issue Press Release: ‘Nxivm Prosecutors Suspected of Criminal Conduct, Served With Affidavit’

Nxivm prosecutors Tanya Hajjar, Mark Lesko and Moira Penza

The Make Justice Blind, a group consisting of five Keith Alan Raniere supporters in Brooklyn, are obeying their master’s orders to put the heat on the prosecution and the judge in his case.

Raniere is striking back. And he wants the prosecutors and the judge to know he means business.

His press release claims that his prosecutors are suspected of criminal conduct in their prosecution of the world’s smartest man.

The “Make Justice Blind” initiative was devised in an email Raniere sent to Suneel Chakravorty on June 9, 2020, where he laid out how badly the prosecutors failed to follow due process and engaged in malicious prosecution in his case.

Last Friday, Suneel demanded that government prosecutors involved in Raniere’s case confirm or deny eight statements set forth in an “affidavit” He has given them a deadline of 5:00 PM on Wednesday, September 30th, to answer the questions and sign the affidavit, showing he has no intention of dawdling and letting the prosecutors off the hook.

To emphasize the point, Suneel sent a crew of ten people – one with a video camera – to hand-deliver the affidavit to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.

The Make Justice Blind group consists of Suneel Chakravorty, Eduardo Asunsolo, Nicki Clyne, Michele Hatchette and Marc Eillot. The group has also enlisted the aid of some criminal justice reform advocates, including Amanda Knox, to help with their goal of freeing Keith Alan Raniere.

Marc Elliot sent out the press release that points a finger at the prosecutors.

Here is the press release:



Marc Elliot, Make Justice Blind

Phone Number: (718) 225-5244 | marc@makejusticeblind.com | Twitter: @BlindfoldHer

NEW YORK CITY: Friday, a group of civilians, in a first ever move of its kind, served an affidavit to the Eastern District of New York attorneys who led the prosecution of NXIVM leader Keith Raniere. The purpose of the affidavit is for the prosecutors to certify that they did not commit illegal acts in order to gain a conviction, acts such as tampering with evidence, committing perjury, threatening potential witnesses, and more. T

he intent behind Make Justice Blind’s petition is to introduce public accountability to the Grand Jury system through a partnership between the media and the people, and send a message to prosecutors everywhere that we, the people, are watching.

The group will be releasing evidence of the wrongdoing outlined in the affidavit, point-by-point, in the coming weeks. The hope is that the media coverage will put pressure on the prosecutors to answer to these crimes and inspire the court, and presiding judge Honorable Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, to either condemn these acts or admit to condoning them.

One of Make Justice Blind’s petition signatories is Amanda Knox, a wrongful conviction advocate who was exonerated in a 2007 murder case in Italy after spending four years in prison and seven years fighting for her innocence.

“These supporters of Mr. Raniere asked me to sign a petition asking the prosecutors in the case to affirm some principles of prosecutorial conduct that any prosecutor should be able to affirm, such as not engaging in perjury, not tampering with evidence, and not threatening witnesses,” Knox shared with the Times Union. “I signed the petition because violation of these practices would constitute prosecutorial misconduct, regardless of Mr. Raniere’s guilt or innocence.”

Additional supporters of the petition are Diana Davison, the head of the Lighthouse Project, a Canadian nonprofit offering free assistance to the wrongfully accused, Valentino Dixon, a man who spent nearly three decades in prison for a murder he did not commit, and Walter Pavlo, a nationally recognized author and speaker on white-collar crime and the US federal criminal justice system.

Diana Davison highlights the group’s intended outcome with her quote in the Times Union, “If Mr. Raniere’s trial was handled fairly then there should be no controversy and the prosecutors should have no trouble signing the affidavit presented. If there was any prosecutorial misconduct then the public should demand to know why the trial was compromised.”

Nicki Clyne leads the new movement to free Keith Alan Raniere

Nicki Clyne, one of the founding members of Make Justice Blind said in a statement, “We are bringing accountability to an area of government that currently operates under a cloak of darkness. Whether you believe in Keith’s innocence or not, it should be unacceptable to corrupt due process to get a conviction. We have witnessed this type of prosecutorial abuse throughout history. We don’t need any more documentaries that depict these abuses. We need public accountability and we hope to use our international spotlight to do just that.”

Suneel Chakravorty looks skyward to see his Vanguard

Suneel Chakravorty, another founding member, said “These prosecutors need to know that we will keep the media pressure on until they individually answer each point of the affidavit. Did they lie? Yes or no. Did they threaten witnesses? Yes or no. We need media coverage because the prosecutors may retaliate to suppress the exposure of their wrongdoing.”

The full affidavit filed against prosecutors Mark Lesko, Richard Donoghue, Tanya Hajjar, former prosecutor Moira Kim Penza and new head district attorney Seth DuCharme can be viewed at http://www.MakeJusticeBlind.com/Affidavit.

About Make Justice Blind: Make Justice Blind is a group committed to protecting constitutional rights through public accountability and innovative criminal justice reform initiatives.

Press Release: NXIVM Prosecutors Suspected of Criminal Conduct, Served with Affidavit — Make Justice Blind

Will Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis admit that he and the prosecution were wrong in convicting Keith Raniere?

The judge is up against the smartest man in the world, who is now promising him and prosecutors that he will expose them all – if they don’t admit to wrongdoing – of putting an innocent man in prison, the world’s most ethical and compassionate man.

The group is also planning to sponsor “a $35,000 Innocence Challenge, a podcast and other provocative public actions that (will) bring hidden transgressions to light and send a message to judges, prosecutors and federal agents that they answer to us, We the People”.

The Innocence Challenge will reward each person who documents a reversible error in Raniere’s trial with a $35,000 cash prize.  A podcast is also scheduled to start sometime next month.

These two wonderful leaders of Nxivm – Vanguard and Legatus – may never see each other again. The day may come when Keith will look back fondly on his days at MDC, when his disciples could come and twerk in the streets below his cell and where he could contact them and get them to confront prosecutors.

Finally, two things will happen in the Nxivm case. The defendants will be sentenced by the judge and the prosecution, the DOJ, who operates the Bureau of Prisons, will choose the appropriate prison for the defendants.

First up is Clare Webb Bronfman who is to be sentenced on Wednesday.  Next is Keith Alan Raniere who is scheduled to be sentenced on October 27.

It is impossible to believe that this effort is going to have a beneficial effect on the judge’s decision as to the length of time he sentences Raniere or his financier Clare.

Raniere faces anywhere from 15 years to life in prison. These latest confrontational exercises might even make the judge decide to sentence both of these rascals to longer terms than he might otherwise have had they not continued in their ‘defiant’ ways. [Defiance was a big thing in Nxivm. When someone did not do what Raniere wanted, the women would pounce on that person and call her defiant.]

But what is more significant for Raniere at least is that these actions will almost certainly guarantee him the worst possible prison assignment. Because he is considered a dangerous sex trafficker and cult leader, he was already going to be placed in a maximum security prison. But now it might be worse. He might be assigned to a supermax facility – in Florence Colorado.

Raniere might be headed to the supermax in Florence Colorado

If he goes there, the first three years will be spent in solitary confinement – never seeing anyone, no human contact – unless he has a medical. Darn it, it will be just like Daniella, who he ordered confined in her room for two years, without human contact, unless she had a medical, in order for her to heal her ethical breach with him and overcome her defiance issues.

No TV, no internet. No music. Just her with herself. Her family left her meals outside her door.

In the supermax, they have two doors for each prison cell with space between, an inner and outer door. When the guard comes with food, the outer door is unlocked, and he drops off the food. Then the outer door locks and the inner door unlocks momentarily while the prisoner gets his food. This way he doesn’t get any human contact, not even with the guard even for a minute.

No TV, no internet. No music. Just Keith with himself.  In this way, perhaps, Raniere can work on healing his ethical breach – with humanity – for years to come.

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  • “Blindfold her’ “make her blind” ?????? Could nxivm’s contempt for justice be anymore clear?

    This is the question I have asked myself so many times over the years of reading here on the FR. And the answer is:
    Yes, yes it could, dear reader, it can and will surpass your wildest expectations..

    What next ? “Make Justice Cult-y”? “Go down on Justice” ? “Make Justice Blind with The Pain of Branding”? “Make Justice Cancerous”? “Make Justice sexually active at the age of 12”? “Put Justice on a Diet”? “Make Justice Suicidal”? “Make Justice into an MLM'”

    “Make Justice wear cow udders”?
    Oh, the publicists of nxivm own an embarrassment of riches, there’s just too much to choose from…

  • Nicki, Nicki, Nicki!
    You do not need to barge into the US Attorney’s office with affidavits and cameras as if you are a reporter for “60 Minutes”.
    I doubt if the US DOJ employees will respond to your affidavit, at least in the way you expect.
    There are already Laws and Rules governing the behavior of Federal prosecutors and judges.
    To help you out in your infinite quest for justice for your sybaritic Vanguard put on your big girl clothes and go to a local law library and look up the relevant rules.
    Here are some clues on where to start:

    S. 250 (106th): Federal Prosecutor Ethics Act

    Rule 3.8: Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor

    Google search for DOJ ethics rules

    There are also ethics rules for Federal judges available online and in libraries.

    Don’t hesitate to respectfully ask for help from the law library staff.

    A word to the wise:
    Don’t march into a law library with your squad of NXIVM hobbits.
    And don’t storm into the US Attorney’s office at closing time with your friends.

  • Raniere is a delusional narcissist (among other things) and quite desperate now. This is something even the lawyers representing him must be laughing at him in private for attempting. I’m sure this entire process will go over well with the current enforcers of legal system in his case. What this is, is just an extension of what the VanFraud has done before when he sued other people into oblivion or filed criminal charges against them, except this time he’s alleging criminal misconduct against the actual legal system. Everyone commits ethical breaches against him when he sees fit to decide it. Maybe he can use as an example of how these particular members of the system are corrupt by offering evidence of how he bought some of them off in the NDNY through his minions, but unfortunately for him, logic and the system doesn’t work this way.

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