Lord Mountbatten: The Grandfather of All Royal British Sex Scandals.

Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma

by Paul Serran

Prince Andrew’s alleged sexual crimes, bad as they are, are nothing but smokescreen to distract attention of the public from the problem that never goes away: the legacy of Lord Mountbatten, a gigantic figure in the Windsor dynasty, and the center of the most troubling allegations of sexual crimes against children.

This could well be the breaking point of British society with the Royals – and that’s why Andrew is at once a problem – for raising awareness of Royal misconduct – and a patsy, for taking the public fall after other family members have credibly been accused of doing much, much worse.




In 2019, Andrew Lownie, the author of a book on Lord Mountbatten, denounced the secrecy that continues to surround the child sex abuse allegations concerning the murdered royal, at a time when the public is demanding greater openness over such claims, as in the allegations about Prince Andrew.

“Why do we never hear the same demands for disclosure about the cover-up of Lord Mountbatten’s death and the involvement of the state in suppressing the [reporting on] trafficking and sexual exploitation of young boys from London and [Belfast’s] Kincora House?”



Lownie’s best-selling book on Lord Mountbatten features interviews with several men who claim to have been trafficked from Belfast, as young boys, to Mountbatten’s castle in County Sligo, in August 1977.

He added: “Mountbatten and many, many others in Northern Ireland and the UK, in the past, had sex with young boys and girls going right back to the 1970s, and earlier”, wrote Lownie.

“That was all swept under the carpet while the rich and powerful sheltered under the protection of the state. Surely the Mountbatten affair should be ruled by exactly the same decisions on disclosure [as Andrew’s]?”




When the first World War ended, anti-German sentiment in the UK was sky-high , so the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha rulers of the British Empire scrambled to rebrand themselves as the House of Windsor, lest the fate that had befallen their Russian and German cousins should be visited upon them, too. It was an existential threat for the dynasty.



The Battenberg branch of the family took the cue, and changed their names to Mountbatten.

The Royal family was bogged down by controversy, with King Edward VIII abandoning the Crown to pursue his love for a divorced American woman.

Lord Mountbatten became the glue that held the pieces together. He was the last viceroy of India, and prepared the terrain for the long, fruitful reign of Elisabeth II.



Mountbatten was an admiral in the Royal Navy and served as Supreme Allied Commander, South East Command during the second World War. He also held the post of Chief of Defense Staff and Chairman of the NATO military Committee.

Lord Mountbatten became the last viceroy of India, and also a major power broker who managed to marry Queen Elisabeth to his Greek nephew Philip, and later became the most trusted mentor to future King Charles, who described him as “the grandfather I never had”.


A King maker, if not King.



Louis Mountbatten was later assassinated in 1979, by an explosive device put in his private fishing boat.



The IRA claimed responsibility for the murder, but allegations of a cover-up as to the real motivations have since persisted.





FBI files released in 2019 describe Prince Charles’s mentor, Lord Mountbatten, as “a homosexual with a perversion for young boys”.

 He was well-known for his sexual appetites, sparked in part by his own comment about his wife: “Edwina and I spent all our married lives getting into other people’s beds.”

The 75-year-old FBI documents were obtained through a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request. In the documents, Elizabeth Beresford, Baroness Decies, claimed to the FBI that she was intimate with Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary and their ladies-in-waiting.

“She states that in these circles Lord Louis Mountbatten and his wife are considered persons of extremely low morals.”

Lady Decies also said that “he is an unfit man to direct any sort of military operations because of this condition. She stated further that his wife Lady Mountbatten was considered equally erratic.”

Agents began compiling the file, which spans more than three decades, in February 1944, shortly after Mountbatten became supreme allied commander of southeast Asia.

The report was signed by EE Conroy, head of the New York field office, who wrote that Lady Decies “appears to have no special motive in making the above statements”.

Louis Mountbatten famously kept a large group of gay friends, including Noël Coward and Ivor Novello.

Another gay friend was Tom Driberg, who reportedly referred to him as ‘Mountbottom’. “Tom said Mountbatten had something of a fetish for uniforms — handsome young men in military uniforms (with high boots) and beautiful boys in school uniform.”





The Anglo-Irish Vice Ring was a real-life network of pedophiles. They supplied children and teens to VIPs from England and Northern Ireland – allegedly including Lord Mountbatten and a host of upper class fiends.

It is also a story embedded in the Irish civil war and the “Troubles” in the 70’s.

Anglo-Irish relations are too big a subject to properly address here, but suffice to say a ring of wealthy British Aristocrats raping poor Northern Ireland boys would be worsening the problem considerably.



“Too long a sacrifice

Can make a stone of the heart.”   

(W. B. Yeats – ‘Easter, 1916’)

Besides the horrendous moral implications, there was also the security risk – “buggery” was a crime in England until 1967. This made homosexuals the prime targets for Intelligence services to flip them, notably the KGB with the infamous “Cambridge Five” ring of spies.

British intelligence, upon learning of the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring, rather than dismantle it, took over it to blackmail leaders of Unionism and associated paramilitary groups.

[Unionism in Ireland is a political tradition on the island that professes loyalty to the Crown and Constitution of the United Kingdom.]

This all led to the cover-up of the scandal, that could have brought Mountbatten’s bisexualism and open marriage again to the forefront – but this time tied to child rape and child trafficking of impoverished children from Northern Ireland.




Now that a number of victims have surfaced, Buckingham Palace has been scrambling to diffuse those claims. Books are bought to the last copies, and shady figures steal every copy from public libraries.

If Mountbatten is exposed, this would inevitably lead to renewed interest in future King Charles’ links to Jimmy Saville, alleged serial pedophile rapist from BBC.



And that could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. So they are panicking.




Mountbatten’s wife, Edwina, was the millionaire granddaughter heiress of banker Sir Ernest Cassel, one of the richest men in Britain.

The couple was a poor match, and Edwina sought excitement with a series of lovers who she called “ginks”, meaning “foolish or contemptible persons”.

When Edward VIII took Louis to one side and told him of concerns about Edwina’s ­voracious sexual appetite, he finally realized his marriage was in trouble.

In one letter he wrote: “I wish I knew how to flirt with other women, and especially with my wife.

“I wish I’d sown more wild oats in my youth and could excite more [my wife] than I fear I do.”

In 1931, when US newspapers suggested Edwina was romancing married movie legend Douglas Fairbanks, the couple came to an agreement — they would sleep in separate   beds and take lovers, as long as she was more discreet.



Her later lovers included the man her husband had to negotiate the future of India, the leader of Indian Independence Movement, Jawaharlal Nehru.




The Kincora Boys’ Home in BelfastNorthern Ireland, was the scene of serious organized child sexual abuse, causing a scandal and attempted cover-up in 1980, with allegations of state collusion.

The Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry (HIA) examined allegations relating to the Home, including claims that there was a pedophile ring at the home with links to the intelligence services.

On January, 2017, the HIA inquiry concluded that the abuse was limited to the actions of three staff members, and did not take place with the collusion of the state or intelligence services.

On April, 1980, three members of staff at the home, William McGrath, Raymond Semple and Joseph Mains, were charged and convicted with a number of offences relating to the systematic sexual abuse of children in their care over a number of years. They received lenient sentences.

Allegations were later made that Northern Irish law enforcement had been informed of the abuse at the home for years, previously, but had done nothing to prevent it.


One of the men convicted, McGrath, the beast of Kincora, leader of loyalist paramilitary group Tara, may have been employed by MI5 since the 60s, and blackmailed into providing intelligence on other loyalist groups.

Allegedly, extreme Ulster loyalists committing sex offences at the Home were being leveraged by MI5 and other branches of the security forces.

Sadly, this Modus Operandi by British Intelligence reproduces the work KGB was doing infiltrating the UK via gay operatives and honey pots.




Some victims have started to speak up:



* 2016, Gary Hoy, a former resident of Kincora, urged the UK security services to hand over documents or testify in the HIA probe.

* Clint Massey: due to the scope of the allegations, the HIA was inappropriate, for it had no access to Intelligence documents.

* Richard Kerr: rejected the remarks that the abuse was limited to 3 staff members. In February 2017 started a legal challenge to the veracity of its investigation. Kerr, later, told Channel 4 News that he was taken from the east Belfast home to London where he was molested by members of the VIP pedophile ring.




Also, whistleblowers from inside the state apparatus have started to surface.

In 2014, former military intelligence officer Colin Wallace said that “any new investigation into the abuse at the home should have access to information from intelligence agencies“.



He  believes that it is time for the state to come clean. “Given the fact that the British intelligence services were well aware of what was going on in Kincora, there are major questions to be asked over why there were no prosecutions.

“And when you take in the fact that the IRA was heavily infiltrated by the state well before 1978, is it not odd that the attack on Mountbatten was not known to them?”

In August 2014 another former intelligence officer, Brian Gemmell, said that “he also had been ordered to stop investigating allegations of abuse at the home”.





Andrew Lownie’s book also brings the revelation: a driver who was at the service of Lord Mountbatten in Malta, during WW2, Ron Perks, was once asked by the Naval Officer to take him to the infamous Red House.

“I found [the driver] from an interview in a newspaper cutting in East Anglia… […] He’s a very nice, serious, old school soldier”

Perks told the author that the Red House “was an isolated, baronial-style building with a flat roof. One day as we were driving along, Mountbatten asked if I knew the Red House. I said I did, and he asked if I would take him there, which I did.”

“He wouldn’t have asked me for nothing,” Ron Perks continued, “I didn’t know what it was and only learnt after I came out of the service that it was an upmarket gay brothel used by senior naval officers.”

Andrew Lownie’s told Maltese press that “people told me stories about [Mountbatten] being invited on picnics in Malta and it was clearly a sexual invitation. […] I wasn’t able to get anyone to speak on record about it. I think most of them didn’t want to say anything because of their loyalty towards him.”





The threat to the Palace was very real: journalists in Dublin were inquiring into Lord Mountbatten’s role in pedophile rings.

“The involvement of Mountbatten and other VIPs in abuse  on both sides of the Irish Sea  had the potential to shake the British Establishment to its foundation.”

To plug the leaking Kincora dam, a cover-up was designed by British and Irish Intelligence Agencies to hoodwink the public into believing that the boys at the home were only abused by the staff who worked there and never fed out to a wider ring.

The darkest secret to conceal was that Mountbatten was a member of the wider ring. Victims were threatened and even assaulted to stay away from the trial of the staffers from Kincora.

If Mountbatten had been exposed, PM Edward Heath, BBC’s Jimmy Saville, MPs like Sir Peter Morrison and Sir Cyril Smith might have been halted. “Instead, the abusers flourished like fungi in the dankest recesses of society.”





In the last years, Prince Andrew has been stripped of his duties and exposed to public opprobrium for the exploitation of a 17 year old teenage girl. His alleged behavior is appallingly bad, no doubt about it. But compared to other Royal Family members?

“To gauge the threat Mountbatten’s sexual excesses posed to the Establishment, one only has to envisage what the reaction would be if the allegations against Prince Andrew were of the rape of a large number of boys and teenagers, some as young as 8 years of age, with at least one of them committing suicide.”




So, now, Prince Andrew is being shut out of the events of his own father’s 100 birthday, having also already NOT been featured in the wedding photos of his own daughter.

Meanwhile, Charles prepares to be King.



He hasn’t paid the political or personal price for his lifetime association with late “Top of the Pops” host Jimmy Saville, who investigators believe abused around 500 vulnerable children as young as two years old, with attacks reported since 1955.


“Hypocrisy is a tribute that vice pays to virtue.”

Francois Duc De La Rochefoucauld





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samir dsardana
samir dsardana
3 years ago

Y is UK the den for stashing and laundering money ? That is like saying Y is London,a International Finance and Banking Centre ? This is the hub of a news article on money laundering in London as reported by FINCEN


Part 1

Firstly,London has an exceptional legal and judicial system with specialised laws, specialised courts and specialised judges for economic,commercial and financial misdemeanours and crimes.What that means is that tax evasion and bank fraud,is not a crine,under FATF and Brit laws,UNLESS it qualifies as a crime,in British Common Law. dindooohindoo

Step 1

Take the pathetic state,of the Indian Legal and Judicial system,and the PANDOO POLICE.The word Pandoo,is a Dog in Khaki,on an invisible leash,held by Politicians (who are pruned by the Tycoons).Unlike Dogs,who listen to sonic whistles – the Pandoos react only, when they SEE or HEAR money.So,if the Pandoo Police mismanages the case,or destroys evidence,there is nothing that the Indian Judiciary can do – especially the lower judiciary (which is inept)

As per a SC Ex-Judge,the entire Indian Judiciary,is CORRUPT and HE ALSO SAYS THAT,CONVICTS CANNOT GET A FAIR TRIAL IN INDIA ! This Ex-SC Judge is DEFEMDING a man in the Crown Court who is on the Interpol RCN list.

https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/ex-sc-judge-claims-in-uk-court-nirav-will-be-denied-a-fair-trial-in-india-says-his-case-has-been-politicised/articleshow/ 78003748.cms

So for a tycoon in London,to prove that he was framed,by an inept police and judiciary,and a worthless legal system,is easy money.For the Crown Court,to be convinced of these arguments,is easy,

Step 2

The credibility of the Indian Investigators,is the PITS.They reek of corruption and political bias,and witch-hunting.They are all worthless,and have been excoriated and lampooned,in the media and UN reports.For the Crown Court,to be convinced of these arguments,is easy.

Step 3

Take the case of Nirav Modi.What is the Diamond Business in India ? It is Pure money laundering.WHy is this Bania being targettted – he says ? Ok – so his company diverted funds,submitted forged Invoices/AWB/Test Reports,They used the Bank SWIFT Codes etc.,BUT THE CATCH IS – Y did the Auditors,Bank Management and the RBI INSPECTIONS,NOT DETECT IT ? Cheating and Fraud,is a part of the Jewellery business,and the GOI was pushing this business, to BRING IN THE USD – and SO,the systen ENCOURAGED THE SAME.

Then,Mr Modi sayeth,that Y did his OWN AUDITORS not DETECT THE FRAUD ? So the final plea is, I DID NOT KNOW – as all financial matters,are handled by the CFO and the MD.

So for a tycoon in London,to prove that he was framed,by an inept police and judiciary,and a worthless legal system,is easy money.For the Crown Court,to be convinced of these arguments,is NOT TOO DIFFICULT.

Step 4

UK is a signatory to all the Protocols of the UN – ICCPR,ICESCR,CERD,CAT etc.So to PROVE in a Crown Court,that the Indian Pandoo Police are scum,and torture is rampant,and the health and hygiene conditions,in Indian Jails,are pathetic – is easy – as it is documented by UNHRC,ECHR,Amnesty,and the Indian Media.


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Step 5

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But the magic lies ahead.Then these Global Business,Financial consultants and Economists, advise Pakistan,India and other nations with persuasion and coercion,to do a Tax Amnesty or a OTS – in around,say 7-10 years.By that time the,launderers have washed the money, multiplied it at least 2 fold, AND THE BANKING SYSTEM AND CURRENCY RATE,IN THE TARGET NATION (Pakistan/India etc.),is busted – and so,the launderers GET THE BEST DEAL (with the advice of the Global Business,Financial consultants and Economists).

TAKE THE EXAMPLE OF THE INDON-ASS-EAN TAX AMNESTY. Guess the Tax rate ? 2 to 10% ! GUESS WHO WERE THE ADVISERS TO THE INDON-ASS-EAN Government ? Guess the amount that came in ? USD 330 Billion – more than 1.5 times Pakistan’s GDP.

And then,the MOST important,In London,a Pakistani Tycoon,can partake in the Tax Amnesty,of any nation.So let us say that Jakarta declares an amnesty.A Pakustani Tycoon has 100 Million USD of dirty cash,in Gold or Bearer Bonds.There is an Indon-Ass-ean in London,with a legit business.The Pakistani Tycoon himself,or with others has several food shops or stores or schools,running for the last 5 -10 years.So the Indon-ass-ean invests USD 98 Million in the Pakistani Businesses,and takes the USD 100 million in Gold (which goes into a sealed vault).HOW THE INDON-ASS-EAN GOT THE GOLD,IS OF NO CONCERN,TO THE INDON-ASS-EAN GOVTT.He raises a secured loan at close to 0.30%,and then,wires the cash,to BNI in Jakarta.

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For taking the money OUT of JAKARTA – you need expert Consulting Counsel.When the Money comes back to London,the Gold goes back to the Tycoon (in tranches) as the Pakistani Tycoon,BUYS back the stake sold,to the Indon-ass-eean and the FX gains are SPLIT.

LONG Before the TAX amnesty – you will see frentic activity,in Purchases of Indonesian Paper,and Deposits in Imdon-ass-eean Banks,in Indon Rupiah – which will be pulled out,when the YTM declines,and the Indon Rupiah RISES,due to the USD 330 Billion.

3 years ago

“Surely the Mountbatten affair should be ruled by exactly the same decisions on disclosure [as Andrew’s]?” Surely not, as Mountbatten is dead, and so are many of the witnesses, so he cannot defend himself – it’s called the statute of limitations from a legal perspective. LOL

Erin Go Bragh
Erin Go Bragh
3 years ago


At the time of Mountbatten’s assassination, this ancient song was banned in the UK, all who spoke in favour of a united Ireland had their voices over-dubbed by ridiculous BBC actors doing their best ‘Norn Iron’ impersonations . Jimmy Saville was feted as [an English] national treasure. Those were the days.

ALWAYS Anonymous
ALWAYS Anonymous
3 years ago

When humanity looks inside itself, it is sometimes quite ugly. Abuse of any child is horrible. Covering it up only allows it to continue.

We all need to take our lumps, come clean about our misdeeds, make amends, heal and move forward. If the royal family is guilty of what is said in this article, it needs to be straight about it and make amends. That will inspire more trust and protect those who are vulnerable.

3 years ago

Hashtag recently tweeted by President Trump


Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ Star, Biden Campaign Surrogate, Jerry Harris Charged With Producing Child Pornography

Netflix’s Cheer star and former Joe Biden presidential campaign surrogate Jerry Harris has been arrested and charged with producing child pornography.

The Netflix star has been arrested on production of child pornography charges, per the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago, according to a report by the Chicago Sun-Times. A criminal complaint filed on Thursday alleges that Harris had asked for pornographic images and videos from two 14-year-old boys, adding that the boys’ parents found the photos and videos on one of the child’s phones.

“Law enforcement was recently contacted by the parent (Individual A) of two 14 year old male children (Minors 1 and 2) regarding allegations that an individual named Jerry Harris had contacted Minor 1 and Minor 2 online and repeatedly solicited child pornography images and videos from Minors 1 and 2,” read the complaint.

“Minor 1 stated that between December 2018 when Harris first contacted him online, and March 2020 when Minor 1 stopped speaking to Harris, at Harris’ request, Minor 1 had sent Harris over a dozen photographs and videos of Minor 1 depicting Minor 1’s penis and anus,” the affidavit continued. “Minor 1 stated that Harris sent Minor 1 photographs of HARRIS’ penis, as well as videos of HARRIS masturbating. Minor 1 informed Harris that he was 13 years old in their initial online encounter.

The affidavit further stated that the underage teen reported “one in-person encounter” between Harris and the minor, in which the Netflix star “solicited oral sex from Minor 1 in a bathroom at a cheerleading event both Harris and Minor 1 attended.”

“Minor 1 also reported a second attempt by HARRIS to meet Minor 1 for an in-person sexual encounter when Minor 1 was at a cheer competition that HARRIS also attended,” the complaint read.

The affidavit also states that Harris admitted to asking one of the underage teens to take photos and videos of his “penis and buttocks and to send the photos and videos to Harris through Snapchat, knowing that [the minor] was 13 years old.”

“Harris further admitted to engaging in ongoing Snapchat conversations with [the minor] beginning in December 2018 and continuing through March 2020,” continued the complaint, adding that the Netflix star “acknowledged to law enforcement that he in fact received such photos and videos” from the underage teen.

Last month, TIME magazine highlighted how the Biden presidential campaign recruited Harris and other Hollywood figures to help spur voter turnout for the former VP’s White House bid.

Biden’s digital team knows the former VP’s online following doesn’t begin to compete with Trump’s. So its strategy has revolved partly around leveraging the popularity of others. Biden’s team has organized Instagram Live sessions with influencers including TV personality Keke Palmer and Jerry Harris from the Netflix series Cheer. (The idea of working with Harris earned the support of Biden’s college-age granddaughter Finnegan, who has the candidate’s ear on digital matters.)

Harris’ arrest on charges of producing child pornography arrives on the heels of Netflix coming under heavy fire for releasing a film, Cuties, which both Democratic and Republican lawmakers say sexually exploits underage teens and produces fodder for pedophiles.

In recent weeks, GOP lawmakers have called on the U.S. Department of Justice to open a criminal investigation into Netflix for what senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) called “peddling child pornography” after the streaming giant released the preteen twerking film.

Joe Biden is a Pedo.

Hashtag recently tweeted by President Trump

3 years ago

Once again, Paul Serran has penned an excellent article.
Might I add that Mountbatten, Americans do not recognize “Lords”, was a long time friend of BBC pervert Jimmy Saville?
Jimmy Saville was the UK’s version of Jeffrey Epstein – each pervert molested up to 400 underage girls.
If the US DOJ is serious about “draining the swamp”, it must indict Prince Andrew for sex trafficking.
They already have enough info to indict the perverted Prince Andrew.

Drain the Swamp and Burn the Weeds!
It will be the Ultimate October Surprise!

3 years ago

Hypocrisy is for many royals the meaning of life and almost the only raison d’être that maintains and should maintain its status. How else can you satisfy your subjects and the media. This is what people long for, they want to preserve their beautiful, intact world and the prestige of the monarchy, so they accept hypocrisy, just like the British weather.

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