Current Leader of Nxivm Endorses Clare Bronfman to Judge Garaufis

Not a good move. But Clare Webb Bronfman’s attorneys saw fit to include in Clare’s letters of support for Judge Garaufis, yet another staunch Nxivm devotee – the leader of Nxivm Mexico, Edgar Boone.

Edgar is the third highest-ranking Nxian, having the Blue Sash – something he does not mention in his letter to the judge. Only Nancy Salzman [gold sash] and Keith Raniere [translucent sash] are higher than Boone.

Here is the fool’s letter. [My comments in bold and in brackets]

Hon. Nicholas G. Garaufis

United States District Judge

United States District Court

Eastern District of New York

August 27, 2020

Keith Raniere with Edgar Boone

Dear Judge Garaufis,

My intent to write this letter is to help expand the court’s perspective on Clare Bronfman as a person, so that it could hopefully help in the assessment of her sentence.

[This will help in the assessment – probably making it worse.]

I have read and watched the media in the last two years portraying Clare as a cold, mean, and ruthless person.

[A most accurate portrayal.]

In my opinion, this impression of her may have come from confusing some aspects of her nature and behavior, that not always expressed well what she felt, and the reasons why she did what she did.

In my experience, Clare is a very introverted person, who tends often to be shy, spending a lot of time in her head analyzing things. When she would go into her head, sometimes she would seem out of rapport with the person she was with. This is why some people at times felt that she was cold.

To understand Clare, you got to understand her circumstances and roles. Clare was in charge of much of the companies daily operations, business decisions, and legal strategies.

[He just told the judge that Clare ran Nxivm, something he believes and saw proven before him during the six week trial of Keith Raniere, who was proven to be a sex trafficker. Now, Edgar is explaining how Clare was in charge of the companies. Good move.]

In these roles, she would have to make often difficult decisions that were not liked by the people affected, so some of them would be upset at her, who are some of the people trying now to slander her reputation in the world.

[Yes, these are the victims, who the judge has shown a great deal of sympathy. Edgar is calling the victims Clare helped destroy, people trying to slander her. This is not going to play well. In fact, it’s downright stupid, unless Edgar is trying to get her a longer prison sentence.]

In my experience, Clare has a deep desire to help others and bring good things to the world. This is why I believe she chose the management of several companies which she believed could bring a lot of benefits to many people.

[These are companies that have been shown by the prosecution to engage in criminal activities such as immigration fraud and forced labor.]

In her role as manager, she had to negotiate salaries, exchanges, loans, payments, real estate management, legal actions and more.

Clare Bronfman was Director of Operations for Nxivm

If you would see her being introverted, often shy and in her head, doing all the work that I describe above, many people would feel at times that she was cold. But if you would see the decisions she would make, you could see that she cared for them and wanted to help.

I didn’t always agree with her business decisions, but I always knew that her intent was good. Yes, she would make mistakes, but these mistakes in my experience came in the execution, not in the intent to do good.

[Like when she went to court or law enforcement in the US, Canada and Mexico and perjured herself trying to imprison Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Catherine Oxenberg, Toni Zarattini, Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, John Tighe, Joe O’Hara, Kristin Keeffe, numerous DOS slaves, myself and others. She made mistakes but her intent was not good. It was to support Raniere and the criminal enterprise.]

In essence, I feel that she is a good and wonderful person that is often misunderstood, and at times treated weirdly because of her wealth. Many, many people would often try to get things from her, to try to get her to give them money, or try to get more than they had earned. As painful as it may have been for her, sometimes she would need to do what she saw as ethical, even if some people would be upset with her. This was very difficult for her.

On several occasions, I saw her supporting people by giving them work, so that they could support themselves in the world. Some of these same people were often very entitled, wanting to get more than what she believed they had earned.

Also, being an heiress, many people would project things on her that were not true. For example, many people believed she had an easy and comfortable life, because of her wealth. But her life wasn’t easy while managing the companies. I saw her working very hard. Once Clare made a commitment, I would see her work at it, day in and day out, until she would complete the project. This is a good quality, but the people that she managed to make things happen, could at times react to her management style.

[More evidence of Clare running Nxivm with fanaticism, good job Edgar.]

Please know that Clare is one beautiful soul, whose only intent has been to do good things in the world. She may have done mistakes, but her presence in our society brings so much more value, that not having her work for the benefit of all.

[Yes, Judge, so let her out soon so she can join me in running Nxivm and help me finance it.]


Edgar Boone

Clare Bronfman by MK10ART — with the nun she could have been on her right shoulder and the devil Keith Alan Raniere on her left shoulder.



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  • Could not agree more with your notes that no one — most certainly not anyone in the Mexi-NX contingent — is doing Clare any favors by promoting her to its top leadership role …,past, present or future.

    Like there’s no SOP – Society of Pussies, was it? Naw, never really existed. Oh, and no Nancy…who? Only Clare ran the whole shitshow. Never mind any Kristin Keeffe, any Rosa Laura Junco & Co. running Anima right alongside SOP fairy thugs. No Junco, nooooooo Salinas nada. Just a Latina ‘spy’ ho looking for her hunk of Bronfman pie, too.

    May I interview you in prison, Clare?

    • “College kids get really triggered about shit.” Anonymous

      Not many college students are convicted Racketeers notorious for branding women with hot irons and sex trafficking those women.

    • That is some worthwhile reading, and thank you for putting it here. It could be uncomfortable to share a class with Mack as described, given her background is notorious, for participating in what she has. It could feel like being stuck at a terrible and nauseating movie.

      But if she does schoolwork on Zoom instead of in-person, maybe it’s good for Mack to be studying.

  • I am confused by Clare’s paradoxical persona

    —Clare is an introvert

    —As manager, she had to negotiate salaries, exchanges, loans, payments, real estate management, legal actions and more.

    Is Clare Bronfman Ebeneezer Scrooge from a Christmas Carol or is she Scrooge McDuck from Disney Land? God knows she is as ugly as either one.

  • This is a rotten letter, and its contents are very familiar territory to judges, in general. There’s no info of Boone knowing Clare personally and no anecdotal details showing that Boone is anyone to Clare but a mere acquaintance. Mentioning her crimes or trying to “explain” any of Bronfman’s real actions is completely avoided.

    He goes over the same weatherbeaten points, how Clare is a poor, poor wealthy person and that she is the mythological version of a good person – a hard worker. So what?

    Boone might have been given an assignment to write a letter to Judge Garaufis. That’s what this sounds like. Of course, maybe the writer is just a superficial dumbass. Or maybe Boone had one of his slaves write it for him, like the average illiterate pimp might do.

  • “In my experience, Clare is a very introverted person, who tends often to be shy, spending a lot of time in her head analyzing things. When she would go into her head, sometimes she would seem out of rapport with the person she was with. This is why some people at times felt that she was cold.”

    This is what they’ve said about the various school mass murderers over the past couple of decades. Clare Bare just decided to use legal bullets instead of metal ones. LOL

  • Frank,

    RE The Motivations for Clare Bronfman Support Letters:

    A few days ago a reader named Natashka brought up an interesting point regarding the true motivation for the support letters:
    “Reading more and more of these letters, it seems to me they have been told to state that Clare is close to Keith and she had a very important role in Nxivm. It’s too coincidental everyone mentioning the thing that really is in Clare’s best interest not to be mentioned. I find it all very strange.”

    Frank, at some point, please give your opinion as too why the letters are written in such a way as to further empathize Clare’s involvement and culpability.
    Is it sheer stupidity or something else entirely?

    • Clare Bare’s lawyers aren’t stupid, they want to make it look like it’s all Raniere’s fault, but it’s going to backfire on them. LOL

    • Hi Niceguy. It’s also very early on in the letter again. It’s like they have a template! Close to KR – check, treated strangely due to wealth – check, socially retarded – check. I wonder who has co-ordinated this.

      • It’s true that a lot of the letters address the same points – which suggests that someone may have provided the letter writers with an outline or a template. What’s mind-boggling is how much damage the letters do to the arguments that Clare’s attorneys are now trying to advance on her behalf.

        In my mind, all the letters should have been shredded – and her lawyers should have told the judge that not one person who knows Clare would write a letter on her behalf. If you’re going to throw your client under the bus, you should do everything you can to ensure they don’t survive.

        • It is truly mind boggling. Could these have been sent direct to the judge and bypassed the lawyers? I’m not sure how it works but it would be interesting to know which were sent direct if that’s how some of them were submitted. It might explain it.

          • All of these letters were submitted through Clare’s attorneys. They were the ones who ultimately decided to forward them on to Judge Garaufis.

          • It’s certainly mind boggling….

            I would love too know the logic/strategy or lack thereof which went into the writing of the letters.

      • I think Clare orchestrated the letter template. She wanted to show she is a good hardworking person who is just socially awkward. How does she show that? Well, by showing all the work she did at Nxivm.

        She did not think deeper that this would denote she was running a human trafficking company, a criminal enterprise.

        In the letter, Boone also mentions she select the wages for people. Did this include the illegal immigrants who got paid less than minimum wage?

        The Nxivm people are not bright. Their mistakes are what got them. Here, Claire made the mistake of not analyzing how it was not a good idea to appear to be a hard worker at Nxvim.

    • I wrote this once before but I believe it one of two things is happening:

      – Keith has directed this knowing that it will put Clare away for longer. Just another way for him to torment people.

      – Her attorney thinks he can use these as a way for her to get psychiatric help and avoid prison or something (I don’t know how that actually works except what I see in the movies lol)

      I also wonder if these letters may have been the reason Clare changed attorneys.

      • Clare changed attorneys long before these letters were written. So while it’s fair to blame Mark Geragos for negotiating a crappy plea deal for her, these so-called letters-of-support are not his fault.

  • Very poor grasp of the English language amongst other aspects, you have Mr. Boone. You deserve everything Raniere gave you. Specimens such as yourself have a demonstrated null value as a breathing being. Raniere rightly regards you as an object. Everyone else should do the same.

  • Clare

    I agree that deep down you are likely a good person. But, you may also be a sick person and your behavior has been destructive to others. You have not come to terms with this and your “friends” have also not wanted you to come to terms with it either. Personally, I wish I was your friend. You need someone who cares about but also someone who can guide you to make the right decisions in life so you don’t harm others or yourself. Since we will never meet I hope you can find someone who loves you and can help you treat others correctly.

    • She does not need a savior. What Clare needs is to think on her own. Learn to think deeply. She has money and power. She has not thought for herself. That is why she is in the trouble she is in. She did what Keith said. Even if this was bad for her. Even with the letters. It is obvious she did not think deeply about them.

      Why didn’t she escape to Fiji?

  • As a matter of curiosity, Boone is not a typical Mexican or Hispanic name.
    The only people named Boone I am familiar with are Daniel Boone the Frontiersman and entertainer Pat Boone and his daughter Debbie.
    Are the Mexican Boones, brothers Edgar and Omar, related to the American Boones?

    • No. They are not related. They are of Spanish Arabic origin and come from a very wealthy family owning tv/radio stations across Mexico.

      Edgar is a brainwashed fool who stupidly tried to convince me I needed more ESP studies so I could see the light and enroll members without being paid for my work.

      He is a pompous self-absorbed lunatic who blindly brought his entire family into Nxivm. I believe his dad was the only one that wasn’t hoodwinked by Keith and Nancy’s BS philosophy!

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