Sexy Nxivm Spy Writes Letter of Support for Clare Bronfman

Carolina did her best to help Clare Bronfman

Carolina López Patiño is a true Nxivm devotee. She is a dancer for Nxivm-offshoot Anima, working for Alejandra Gonzalez.

Carolina was also in exo/eso, the exercise offshoot of Nxivm. And of course she was in Nxivm.

According to two ex-Nxivm sources, she may be a branded DOS slave and may have been given the privilege of being mentored personally by her Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere, in his library, which some have referred to as his sex lair.

She has also written a letter in support of Clare Bronfman.

Carolina seems to have played an important role during that tumultuous period when Frank Report was breaking the back of Nxivm – during the summer of 2017 when DOS was first exposed by Frank Report and prior to the New York Times story. Carolina was reportedly sent out on spying missions by Emiliano Salinas to get close to various men in Nxivm, seeking to find out if any of them were defectors and possibly obtain blackmail collateral on them.

She was said to be in a relationship with the polyamorous Salinas, who was using his enormous influence in Mexico to intimidate Mexican Nxivm members so that they would not defect or whistleblow.

On May 20th, 2020, Carolina wrote to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, the man who will sentence her benefactress, Clare Webb Bronfman. My notes are in [brackets and bold]. The photos are of Carolina.


Dear Judge Garaufis,

I would like to write to you on this occasion because I would like to share some of the experiences I had during the years 2014 – 2016 with Clare Bronfman whom I consider my friend and who I would like to support in her trial with my testimony.

I want to clarify that this letter is completely voluntary and comes from a personal interest to support a friend.

My name is Carolina López Patiño, I am 38 years old, I am Mexican and I live in Mexico City. For many years I’ve been a professional dancer and now I run and own a small dance company where we do events and shows both for the general public and for corporate clients.

In 2014, I arrived (by invitation of a Mexican female friend) to the city of Albany NY to become a part of the new coaching team for the physical training program called ExoEso. I was part of the first class of mentors and there is where I met Clare and the other members of the NXVIM community.

The house where three friends and myself lived during that time was owned by Clare, and we paid a monthly rent for that place. That house is located at [redacted].

What I knew, from other people, was that Clare was one of the few people close to Mr. Raniere and that she was one of the most important people inside the organization.

[Carolina is not helping Clare out by telling the judge that Clare was one of the most important people in the Nxivm organization, which was determined to be a racketeering organization, a criminal organization, as the judge called it. He is not impressed with Nxivm.]

At the beginning of the training, I did not have any relationship or communication with Clare, but I knew that the house we lived in and the place where we took the course (Apropos) belonged to her.

The Apropos building where exo/eso meetings were held. It was used as the Nxivm clubhouse and gathering place.

At times I did see her on some of the activities of the community and she came across as an introverted person, calm, kind, always very busy and maybe not very accessible.

One day I ran into Clare at Star Point (a kind of cafeteria in Apropos, where we all could have something to eat and gather) she greeted me very kindly, asked about my experience in the training program and I told her that at times I felt confused because I didn’t understand some concepts, right away she offered to help me whenever I needed it.

She always had a very kind, honest and attentive attitude towards me.

On another occasion, she invited me to her house and we took a walk together. I should say that I was a little nervous for I did not know what it was we were going to talk about because I thought we did not have anything in common, but Clare had already seen how she and I could get along very well: my passion for dance and her love for horses helped us find out we had the same values of discipline, dedication, compromise and work ethic.

I was very happy to have had that conversation with her and to see that she was someone accessible and even funny.

Clare from that moment on searched for ways to help me to better cope with my training days at ExoEso, in a foreign country, but most of all helped me out greatly in my personal growth.

She always looked for a way to give me the best ESP education and to overcome certain emotional limitations that kept me from obtaining my goals at the time.

She was sure that I could achieve everything I set my mind to and the courses did help me understand many aspects of me.

My 2 month stay in Albany turned into 2 years of personal work and extraordinary life experiences for me.

At a certain point, I had to move to another house and Clare offered me to move into her house, she always made me feel welcome, with open and free access to the entire house, food or anything I needed. I saw her offering her house and resources to other people as well. Clare´s house was always visited by her friends or her close people and, truthfully, I always felt very privileged to have her trust and support.

Living with her, I was able to see that Clare is a very clean woman, her house was very neat and in order. She runs her life with discipline, fixed sleeping and waking up schedules. She runs every morning, healthy and light diet, constant work habits. She had meetings every morning, both in and out of her house, but she always had important issues to carry on or people waiting to have an appointment with her.

[Translation for the judge: She was busy running the Nxivm racketeering enterprise.]

Clare had three small dogs previously owned by a friend of hers who had died and she took care of them ever since, they were her biggest companions and enjoyed hugging and talking to them. I remember she had someone to take care of the dogs whenever she was away, they were [redacted] and her daughter (I cannot remember her name, it is very strange to me).

Both were of African American origin and Clare had a very special affection for both, but particularly for the girl. When I met the girl, she must have been 9 or 10 years old and I remember calling her “the happy girl” as a nickname because she always had a smile on her face and seemed very happy. I am sure that Clare had much to do in this, she loved her, and I witnessed how much Clare helped them.

[I interviewed the woman with the happy daughter at length and she certainly did not have a high opinion of Clare and her cheap and controlling ways. She was an immigrant and may have been brought here with Clare doing some immigration fraud. As I recall, Clare never paid her what she was promised. Also, the 10-year-old girl – curiously, the girl was hired to walk Clare’s dogs – which made me recall another girl years ago, named Rhiannon, who was hired to walk Pam Cafritz’s dog in order to bring her close to the pedophile Raniere and the dog walking gambit worked back then. Raniere raped the 12-year-old Rhiannon some 60 times. I warned the women with the 10-year-old daughter to beware of Clare introducing the child to Raniere.] 

I also had the chance to meet the family that took care of Clare´s house in Fiji. Clare invited them to VWeek in 2016 (if I’m not mistaken). I was in Albany and we shared Clare´s house while she was away on a trip. In some occasion while talking to this married couple, they mentioned how grateful they were with Clare for giving them work and a place to live.

That was Clare, always giving a helping hand and opportunities to people so they could live better lives.

There came a time when Clare traveled to Mexico where we met. She knew my family’s history and how I come from a women-raised family and how it has been very difficult fur us to get through and come forward, so she wanted me to introduce her to my grandmother.

She invited us to have dinner and I saw how Clare made a great effort to speak Spanish and be able to communicate with my grandmother, who also made her best effort to speak some few words in English. It was very moving for me to see them together and I was able to feel how Clare was behaving like a true friend with true interest to get to know me.

Clare is a very sensitive person and she soon realized that my grandmother was missing some of her teeth, she offered to help out economically to give my grandmother her smile back, and from that moment on, she always wants to know how my “Abuelita” (granny) is.

In that same visit to Mexico, I remember we walked together through one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Mexico (Polanco). We had chats as any couple of friend might have: couples, children, work, dreams. We had tea or ice cream, it was hard for me to believe that I was walking around in the most normal manner with a woman with such a name and that history behind her as if nobody was aware of it, in the most natural way.

My experience with and about her is one of a sensitive, understanding and kind-hearted friend. Always honest and true.

Clare always supported and believed in me as an artist and in my potential.

She and I were able to build a relationship that started with NXIVM but went far beyond, it transcended from there and that is why I truly hope that this testimony can help to bring out into the light the many good and positive things that she did for me and many other people.

Sincerely, Carolina.



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  • “In 2014, I arrived (by invitation of a Mexican female friend) to the city of Albany NY to become a part of the new coaching team for the physical training program called ExoEso.”

    The “Mexican female friend” is, curiously, unnamed. Any guess who?

    Also, didn’t the branding Dr. Daniel Roberts run ExoEso?

    Was this alleged “spy” ho supposed to seduce and sextort “men” or Clare, too?

    Was she illegal, I mean apart from the fact that prostitution is not yet legal in Albany, NY?

  • Frank-

    At some point, please give your opinion as too why the letters are written in such a way as to further empathize Clare’s involvement and culpability.

    Is it sheer stupidity or something else entirely?

  • A Carolina López Patiño:
    Tal vez pienses que eres un profesional, o quieres que otros piensen que eres un profesional, pero ¿en qué profesión? Creo que hay diferentes maneras de verlo. Y tal vez la gente llega a diferentes evaluaciones de usted en diferentes profesiones en las que están activos porque usted no es igualmente bueno en una u otra profesión en la que está activo o porque su trabajo no está muy bien considerado.

  • These letters are so bad it makes me think it is intentional that her attorney is letting them go through. Maybe they want the judge to see she needs psychiatric help and do some insanity thing.

    Or maybe Keith has ordered this as a way of further tormenting Clare by keeping her in prison longer. Didn’t she cut him off from legal assistance? This might be retribution by Keith.

  • “…it was hard for me to believe that I was walking around in the most normal manner with a woman with such a name and that history behind her as if nobody was aware of it, in the most natural way.” I’ll bet the judge is going to LOL over this line. LOL

  • Ay Carolina!! Tan linda e inocente que te pintabas!! Que decepción!! Apoyando a esa mujer Claire Bronfman!! En serio???
    Pensé que eras profesional… quizás si lo eres pero para prostituirte!!

  • Is she yawning in that last pic? amazing how gargoyle like are the popular poses on ig and so forth, all the wide-eyed, gurning, tongue out, finger framing shenanigans – what does it all mean? If gargoyles were meant to protect cathedrals churches castles manor houses civic buildings etc. from evil spirits – what does social media gargoyle posturing protect?

  • The photos posted from her Instagram are mostly not consistent with a professional dancer, rather a swimsuit or underwear model. I’m sure if the judge wished to access her social media he can see what she is all about.

    The letter itself adds nothing new; Clare could be kind to those that helped Nxivm but we’ve learned she was evil to those that sought to speak out against Raniere’s controlling, abusive tactics. No one wants to address that. I’ve stated before I’ve been in prison. I benefited from prison but I still hated it. It appears Clare has to learn her lesson by a long prison sentence. And, I say that as someone who does not believe in long sentences and who knows first hand how wasteful and cruel prison can be! Prison sucks! But, Clare, you have not learned your lesson and until you do, you will suffer.

  • Thanks, Frank, for sharing photos of this woman who supports the criminal Clare. Also thanks for connecting the dots on who she is.

    How did people realize she was a spy?

    Nice story

  • Reading more and more of these letters, it seems to me they have been told to state that Clare is close to Keith and she had a very important role in Nxivm. It’s too coincidental everyone mentioning the thing that really is in Clare’s best interest not to be mentioned. I find it all very strange.

    • It is in the letter writers’ own interest to not write in the best interest of Clare Bronfman because otherwise, prosecutors might consider taking action against the letter writers themselves if they have been involved in crimes and the investigating authorities know about them but have so far spared them from prosecution. This is something that many of these letters-of-support writers must have thought about before they ‘stood up’ for Clare Bronfman.

      • It helps the letter writers to keep Clare locked up. She won’t have easy access to her money. Maybe she leaves the funds to one of her letter writers who could use it freely for the others.

        Clare had so much free time. Didn’t she read the letters? Hell, I would have written the letters for myself and then paid people to send them. It is not in her best interest to show how close she was to Raniere and how she was a leader in Nxvim. That is basic. She is dangerous because she has money and cannot clearly think for herself to save herself

        • God’s ears, Mexican Lady. But with Clare’s wicked sister Sara still on the loose, there’s an endless criminal enterprise fund for anyone with half this Chula’s ambition to plunder. Dios Mio!

    • Everyone and Natashka,

      —It’s too coincidental everyone mentioning the thing that really is in Clare’s best interest not to be mentioned.

      I believe Natashka is 100% correct regarding her excellent observation.

      What is the motivation/strategy to make Clare Bronfman the second in command?

      Why is the “play” to empathize Clare’s role?

      Natashka makes an excellent point.

  • Mexico really is full of dickheads. Build a big bastard wall, with machine gun nests every 50m.

    It seems incredible that such a nasty cunt like Clare Bronfman may only get five years. She was the money and the evil behind the small limp dick and the evil.

    How much money does she now have at her disposal?

    • Mexico is full of duck heads but Keith Raniere and Clare Bear are US citizens living in the US

      Keep your creeps in the US

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