Heidi: Raniere Relied on Customized Role Play Model to Manipulate Everyone

Keith Raniere had a cartoon created with him as the hero.

Readers are reminded that they can watch the Vow for Free at Flixtor.

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

If you see “The Vow,” which you should as it is excellent, you can easily surmise that Keith Raniere assigned Mark Vicente this fantasy cartoon project — in which Vicente is also portrayed as “Erik’s” student — to control their relationship, define their roles and the image of himself Keith wanted portrayed to others.

In a proposed Nxivm cartoon series, Carbon Crimes, Erik Einhaert is a thinly disguised Keith Raniere who is brilliant and wonderful.


Joe Smith is Mark Vicente.

Fascinating. The little fucker did the same exact thing to my sister, Gina Hutchinson, whom he raped from at least the age of 15 and eventually ‘suicided.’

Gina Hutchinson first met Keith Raniere when she was around 15 and he repeatedly raped her [statutory rape]. He was 23 at the time.
Keith convinced Gina that he was a reincarnated Buddhist God and she was his reincarnated student/concubine whom he would prepare and lead to enlightenment in her next life once she suicided herself.

I suspect he relied on the same, customized role-play model to manipulate everyone.

Keith Alan Raniere with his then-girlfriend Barbara Bouchey during a happier time.

Barbara Bouchey told me she was Dagny from Atlas Shrugged, for instance, while Keith was the hero (Roarke was it? Don’t recall.) [Editor’s note: It was John Galt. Howard Roarke was the hero of Rand’s The Fountainhead.]

In Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, Dagny was the female protagonist. Keith Raniere was enamored with the book. In the book, Dagny is given to saying things not entirely unlike Keith. Here’s an example from Atlas Shrugged: “Whenever anyone accuses some person of being ‘unfeeling,’ he means that that person is just. He means that that person has no causeless emotions and will not grant him a feeling which he does not deserve. He means that .‘to feel’ is to go against reason, against moral values, against reality.”


I’d enjoy hearing more about what other roles they may have cast his devotees in and how that ‘potentiated’ or ‘disintegrated’ them (Gina or Keith’s words).



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3 years ago

Erik Einhaert is an anagram of Keith Raniere, in case anyone has missed that.

10 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I’m watching The Vow and that name, Erik Einhaert, caught my attention. I thought, no way. Then I “ran” the letters and it is an anagram. I searched for other comments/content regarding this revelation and yours is the only one I found. Well done you.

3 years ago

Ah yes, Alejandro Betancourt wuz Benito Mussolini. How convenient for compartmentalized and subliminally miniaturized minds, to be able to grasp onto this sh*t. The very staples of dependency! Halle screw ya.

Ivy Nevares was merely a grunt below Goebbels and Pam Cafritz was just another anonymous-but-vile Nazi grunthead. Yep, that’ll show her. Sho’ nuff, Flabturd, sho’ nuff. Damned good job spreading your unorganic manure. Have some nachos.

Guilt was a great big unanalyzed asshole
that Raniere knew all too well how to churn. How come nobody decided to slap him upside the terminally engorged head for all of this bullcrap? Mob consciousness? Are people really that desperate for advice?

Nancy Salzman was (supposedly)
told that she was a concentration camp victim. But then one day, Flabturd changed his mind and declared that Nancy Salzman wuz Hitler himself. Yay! What was Flabturd running, a 25 cent booth at a freak fair? Nobody wanted to declare any independent thoughts, or what?

Let us not forget La Bouchey, who wuz dubbed as the reincarnation of Reinhard Heydrich. Toni Natalie scored the past life of Hermann Goering and of course, Brandon Porter HAD to be Josef Mengele, since obviously, Flabturd had read up a smidge about the Who’s Who of the National Socialist Patty Cake games.

Anyone who remembers Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder in The Producers (1967) will recall their big and very messy play project, which drives the movie’s plotline. Springtime for Hitler was their planned theatrical disaster, a deliberate 3 act flop designed to make it easy to keep all of the money invested by Zero’s amorous cabal of lonely but well-off, elderly ladies.

Maybe by accident, Raniere, the chubby pizza-face swami of Flabturd, gave this reincarnational script to his groupies to see what would happen. Since it is that ridiculous, and then he watched them scoop it up like a well-satiated conman who was, by his own word, the only star of every Nxivm/DOS show that he crapped out, all in order to dominate his cluster of cooperative yellow-bellied sapsuckers.

Only the big Oink, Raniere, was crapping out “Late Autumn for Hitler.” Winter is in the air now, imminent with its new structures and even its new sentences. Sentences beginning and ending in federal prisons.

Taught to be polite as well as impolite and to acknowledge those significant occasions which are a big deal to others, I will admit that Flabturd’s incipient long, long winter ought not to be ignored. Even if Nancy Salzman still gets a mere wrist slap for all of her injustices, for her unqualified medicating of others who trusted her and even possibly getting away with murder. She at least knew how to put her lips together and blow.

So lemme offer a tacky cumgratulations.

Heidi H
Heidi H
3 years ago

Joe Smith, Mark Vicente’s character, “struggles with lying.” That’s Keith & Nancy hedging their gamble on using Mark as their filmmaker…without collateral, per se. IMO.

3 years ago

His nicknames were a way of potentiating his desired roles for each devotee.

Heidi H
Heidi H
3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

Yep. When I heard Adrian Fernandez was nicknamed “Fluffy” at the same time I heard the child was tasked with filming his sisters having sex with Keith and that Barbara Bouchey was called “YA” (German for “yes”), Pam Caffritz was “boo boo head” (Keith always denigrated Pam as unworthy to reproduce and forced her to have abortions bc he deemed her mentally unstable), etc., that’s exactly what I thought too, er, Nutjob. (JK.)

Gina told me I was “succubus” and “Jezebel” according to Keith but that was after I dubbed him the “incubus” and worse — retaliatory. Where’d you pick up “Nutjob”?

3 years ago
Reply to  Heidi H

I picked a name I knew wouldn’t give anyone a clue as to my real name. And I followed the lead of the oldschool commenter (Dark) VanDouche when picking Nutjob.

Heidi H
Heidi H
3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

Oh, OK — I thought I recalled you first say, “I’m Nutjob” in response to a comment about how insults were being levied on here or while affiliated with NX. Didn’t realize it was your own dubbing of yourself not a bit of sarcasm about being labeled as such.

3 years ago

“Keith convinced Gina that he was a reincarnated Buddhist God and she was his reincarnated student/concubine whom he would prepare and lead to enlightenment in her next life once she suicided herself.”
Heidi Hutchinson

Raniere manipulated weak minded people for his own ends and his own entertainment.
Unfortunately Americans have become weak minded people with no moral compass who will buy into anything.

Americans must return to their roots where they were a moral, independent, fearless people instead of being servile, superstitious and gullible

These words of wisdom from one of America’s greatest Presidents will show how Americans can return to righteousness and avoid dangerous cults.
America First!
America Foremost!
America Forever!

He's not bad when he stays on script
He's not bad when he stays on script
3 years ago

But he hasn’t been to church for decades except to use it as a political prop.

The Space Shuttle hasn’t flown in nearly a decade (July 2011) and was dangerous and overpriced: an engineering success but a public policy fiasco.

He calls the military “suckers,” “losers,” and “pussies,” He faked bone spurs to save his butt from Viet Nam.

He discontinued the program of observers for emerging viruses in China because it was set up by Obama.

He knew that coronavirus was airborne and deadly in February, but lied in public that it was nothing because the truth would hurt his plan to run on the economy (that he inherited from Obama, like he inherited his questionable wealth from his KKK-aaffiliated father).

The rest of the world is laughing at him, and pitying America for the suffering he has brought.

3 years ago

Thank you Chris Cuomo. LOL

3 years ago

“The rest of the world is laughing at him, and pitying America for the suffering he has brought.” He’s not bad

I notice how you fail to mention Obama’s scandals.
What about Operation Fast and Furious where Obama’s DOJ allowed guns to be exported to Mexico fueling a drug war?
How about the Arab Spring encouraged by Obama where moderate governments all over the Middle East were replaced by radical Islamic terrorist regimes?

Why were pleas for more security at the US consulate in Benghazi ignored by the Obama Administration resulting in the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans?
Why was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton allowed to receive emails on an insecure server in her basement?
That was a major security breach!4

“He calls the military “suckers,” “losers,” and “pussies,” He’s not bad

John Bolton, his former National Security Adviser , denied hearing Trump denigrating soldiers.
In fact Trump changed the law allowing wounded veterans to receive medical care from private doctors and hospitals. instead of being stuck in the government run VA hospital system.

As for viruses being airborne and deadly, all viruses are airborne and potentially deadly.
In fact early on Trump made the best decision in terms of combating the virus.
Trump shut down travel from China.
And for Trump’s wise decision Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats called Trump “racist”.
Trump took decisive action to combat the virus without causing a panic.
What did Franklin Roosevelt say?
“We have nothing to fear but fear itself”.
Often panic leads to bad decisions that cause more harm than good.
Like the Democratic Governors deciding to shut down the economy for over six months.
It will take many states and cities years to recover from Democratic party stupidity.

Even worse many Democratic party Governors and Mayors encouraged riots and anarchy while lying about “peaceful protests.”
Riots are not peaceful protests.
These Democratic politicians demonstrated that they hate America and despise the American people.

Speaking of America’s prosperity the Democrats want a Green New Deal that will shut down the energy industry ond cost 93 trillion dollars.
Democrats in California tried the Green New Deal causing rolling blackouts.
Democrats in America want rolling blackouts for the whole country.

As for the Trump family fortune, it did not come from the KKK.
It came from his father’s relationship with corrupt Democratic party politicians in New York City.
Nothing gets built in America’s major cities unless the corrupt Democratic party politicians are paid off.
Corrupt politicians like Nancy Pelosi’s father and brother, both of whom were corrupt Democratic Mayors of the decaying city of Baltimore.

How does Trump feel about the military?
He is bringing troops home from the Middle East.
In fact Trump is the first American President since the twenties who has tried to deescalate tensions.
The recent peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates resulted in Trump being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.
And Trump arranged for the troops to receive a massive pay raise.
So much for hating the troops.
The Democrats and their compliant media are Gaslighters.

President Donald Trump Claims He’s Given Military ‘One Of The Biggest Pay Raises’
President Trump said of the wage hike: “You haven’t gotten one in more than 10 years — more than 10 years. And we got you a big one. I got you a big one.”

3 years ago

Liberals can’t laugh at anyone. They are pathetic emasculated pussies. Gay marriage, trannys, feminism and loving illegal aliens while hating your own racial group and anything normal.

And no, Trump did not inherit a strong economy from Obama. You liberal crybabies won’t give him any credit because you are so full of self loathing-projecting hatred for him. A symbol of “straight white males” who is the devil of your cult. The stock market went straight up as soon as Trump was elected. His policies are the opposite of Obama’s, this get different results.

Trump’s father was a millionaire. Trump became a billionaire.

You are happy to blame Trump for things that have nothing to do with him.

Are you a self loathing [redacted]?

Heidi H
Heidi H
3 years ago

Hate to break it to you, Shadow, but if you’re Q ANON, you are one of those weak-minded Americans who are in a cult.

Heidi H
Heidi H
3 years ago

And, please, don’t quote me in the same comment as a cult leader — I don’t like cult leaders — even if he is the President.

3 years ago
Reply to  Heidi H

Isn’t there always a cult around the presidency and the White House is the center of it, no matter who is president?

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