Didn’t Anyone Read Clare Bronfman’s “Letters-of-Support” Before They Were Submitted? – Part 1

MK10ART Clare Bronfman sitting at the window of her Manhattan apartment subject to home detention as part of her bail conditions.

Frank Report readers have already had a chance to read a few of the so-called “letters-of-support” that Clare Bronfman’s attorneys submitted on her behalf to U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis back on August 28th.

MK10ART’s portrayal of Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

According to her attorneys, those letters were submitted in order to demonstrate to the judge that “many of the accusations levied against her character around this case, whether as a frivolous heiress or as an intimidator of witnesses, is completely contrary to her personal integrity”.

Clare Webb Bronfman’s personal integrity will be debated much this month in the lead up to her sentencing on September 30th.

Note that via that wording, even her attorneys have conceded that at least some of those accusations are true.

Indeed, given that they chose the word “many” rather than the word “most” one could argue that they have conceded that more than half of the referenced accusations are accurate.

Her attorneys also claim that these “letters-of-support” consistently describe Clare “as a kind and compassionate person, intensely driven and disciplined, humble and generous, possessing good moral character, a charitable nature and purest intentions, who lives her life guided by a strict set of principles. These principles require that she dedicate herself and her wealth to making a positive impact on the world, that she live an ethical and honest life, and not harm any person or animal”.

Clare Bronfman by MK10ART – with the nun she could have been on her right shoulder and the devil Keith Alan Raniere on her left shoulder.

But let’s not dwell too much on the ineptness of her latest passel of attorneys. Instead, let’s look at some more of the banalities that are sprinkled throughout her “letters-of-support”.

And rather than cherry-picking, I’m just going to go through the letters in the order they were attached to the “Sentencing Memorandum” filing.


Georgiana Havers: Clare’s Mother

Georgiana starts out by telling Judge Garaufis – who will be the sole arbiter in terms of how long, if at all, Clare spends in federal prison, that she has “known her since her birth” – which makes sense and which I didn’t know was in dispute.

Brit actor Nigel Havers and his wife Georgiana Bronfman, mother of Clare and Sara. Georgianna let it slip that she knew Clare since birth.

She goes on to claim that “In the last two years of his life, Clare took over caring for her father” (Edgar Bronfman, Sr.) – which is, of course, 100% contrary to what was reported by others who were with Edgar during that time period.

Sara Bronfman [l], Edgar Bronfman, Sr. [c], and Clare Bronfman [r].
According to several sources, Clare rarely visited Edgar – except, on one occasion, when she went to his office to install a key-stroker on his work computer and on another occasion when she alternately berated and cajoled him, as he lay dying, to sign a document declaring that NXIVM was not a cult and that Keith Raniere was an honest and upstanding businessman.


Basit Igtet: Clare’s Brother-in-Law

Basit starts out by telling Judge Garaufis that he met Clare and her sister, Sara, at the same time – and that the two sisters share the same “traits and characteristics”.

If what Basit was trying to say is that Sara is just as much a criminal as Clare, then I would not challenge that assertion.

Basit Igtet, the man who wanted to be the next Libyan Dictator and followed his Vanguard to try to find a way to do it.

But Basit really tops things off by telling the judge, “I hope Clare will be seen for her intentions and the motivations behind her actions – not just the actions themselves”.

Maybe that kind of reverse psychology works in Libyan courts of law but if Judge Garaufis actually follows Basit’s advice, Clare may end up being in federal prison a lot longer than the 48-60 months I’m anticipating.


Alejandro A. Imbach: NXIVM Coach

Next up to provide support for Clare was a former NXIVM coach who proudly tells the judge how Clare ‘Tom Sawyered’ him into giving up 7-8 days of his life working for free as a member of the all-important Audio Team at the 2015 version of V-Week.

And then Alejandro goes all NXIVM word-salad on the judge by telling him that “The purpose of this letter is simply to share with you my experience of Clare Bronfman and to honor her name and reputation based on the data and perception that I have of her”.

Fortunately for Judge Garaufis, Alejandro submitted a “letter-of-support” rather than showing up in person on September 30th to make a spontaneous statement at Clare’s sentencing.  Because there is just no way that the judge wouldn’t have burst out laughing about half-way through that drivel.


Amanda Auspelmyer: Clare’s Personal Bookkeeper

Next up was Clare’s current personal bookkeeper who “takes care of her personal accounts and those of her closely held businesses”.

If we were talking about any other part of the country except the Northern District of New York – which let Keith Raniere and his sex cult run free for 20-years – this woman would have been subpoenaed years ago, offered immunity (and maybe even a nice slot in the federal government’s Witness Protection Program), and named as a key witness in Clare Bronfman’s second trial.

Instead, she’ll probably just get subpoenaed and deposed by Neil Glazer, the lead attorney in the civil lawsuit pending against Clare and some of her NXIVM cohorts.

Amanda, bless her soul, goes on to extol Clare for providing a rent-free home to [human fright doctor] Brandon Porter and his family before he lost his medical license – and for providing numerous interest-free loans to “friends who are financially struggling”.

Despite her training as a bookkeeper, Amanda has apparently never run across the term “attributed income”.

But I’m guessing she’ll know what it means after Mr. Glazer gets done deposing her.

Seriously, didn’t Clare’s new attorneys even skim through these “letters-of-support” before they attached them to their filing?

Or, worse yet,  did they actually pick out the best ones – and leave out some others?


Anna Boyce: Fellow Equestrian & Friend

Anna met Clare when they both doing equestrian training in San Diego, CA in 2004.

She was about the same age as Clare – and also from England.

But, as she was quick to point out to Judge Garaufis, “unlike Clare, I had gone to university, obtained two degrees and then worked for two years at Eurocontrol. Although she is only one year younger than me, I always felt she had missed out on an invaluable experience by not attending university”.

Translation: “Please don’t confuse me with this bimbo airhead who thought it was a good idea to drop out of school after 11th grade”.

Clare Bronfman, Equestrian

And then comes the killer information that is sure to catch Judge Garaufis’ attention.

After returning to England at the end of Summer 2004, Anna went back to work. Then in the summer of 2005, she asked if she could return to train with Clare once again.

According to Amanda, Clare was willing to let her do that but only if she “would consider completing the 5-day NXIVM course”. Not only did she do that but Amanda also “completed the remaining 10-day course in August 2005”.

Sure, Amanda, you can come and train with me – but only if you’ll agree to take 15-days of NXIVM courses.

And I’m so committed to growing this cult that I’ll even pay the $10,000 charge for those courses.


Just about every one of Clare’s “letters-of-support” is absolutely amazing.

With friends like this who needs enemies?

And with lawyers like these, who expects to get less than 48 months?

Michael J. Sullivan, Jr.: Letters? Who has time to read letters?

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series.

It just keeps getting better and better.

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[…] as I previously pointed out, many of the letters that were submitted on Clare’s behalf were not particularly helpful, her […]

3 years ago

Clare Bronfman wrote the most damaging letter about herself, declaring that her feelings and her self-identity are still tied up with Raniere and that she continues to think of herself as a helpful, devoted follower of his, who will keep on doing his bidding. She has hung herself.

What the heck is any attorney of Clare’s supposed to do with that stuck-in-the-mud mindset? Suggest a lobotomy?

One can assess, from the letters sent on her behalf, that Clare might have some paid, or maybe even some unpaid acquaintances, but perhaps she has no friends. And by her own words, she seems to dream of completing her self-sabotage.

How can Clare Bronfman imagine otherwise, when all that she would have to do is to look at her own actions, her own guilty plea, and how she continues to praise and to sanction exactly what got her into trouble?

Maybe Clare hates herself. Her attorney, Sullivan, cannot change that. It must be confounding to try to represent such an apparently dimwitted cipher.

3 years ago
Reply to  Shivani

I’m saying that Clare’s letter to the Judge defeated the purpose and the significance of every other letter written to support her “character.” It is a moot point, after her own declarations.

3 years ago

Great reporting!

If I was Clare’s attorney, I would have waved 1/2 my fees if she would’ve held back on all the letters. Clare buried herself. Martyrdom?

It’s like she wants to get the death penalty for a parking ticket.

3 years ago

The word “integrity” has a completely different meaning in NXIVMland. LOL

ALWAYS Anonymous
ALWAYS Anonymous
3 years ago

It’s apparent to me that no one from her legal team or supporters has real-life experience within the criminal justice system.

I do. And, it’s a tragedy for Clare that she is being misguided

I’ve been the subject of parole hearings (not so different in scope from pre-sentencing hearings) and I can tell you the court is only interested in 1 thing: accountability.

The court is not interested in her intentions, her kindness, or the financial support she provided to fellow Nxivm students.

The court is only interested in hearing:
she made mistakes,
this is what they are: (list them)
and this what she is willing to do to remedy those mistakes.
Lastly, an assessment of her ability to change and carry out the mission of curing her mistakes.

EM Tech
EM Tech
3 years ago

People have two options for submitting letters in support or in complaint to anyone in sentencing. They can write them directly to Judge Garufis, or they can submit them to the laywer representing the person, who can use the opportunity to give feedback on the letter and suggestions before submitting it to the judge.

3 years ago
Reply to  K.R. Claviger

I think it’s possible that Keith directed people to avoid the attorneys knowing that it would inflict more damage to Clare. Any way he can cause harm to people, he will. She’s unlikely to talk to anyone in prison that would change her mind about him, and he still has access to Sara’s millions.

3 years ago

These are fantastic. I was thinking the NXIVM articles would dry up soon after they were sentenced but these letters have handed Frank the most brilliant content that will keep us all interested for for a while longer yet! Will we get to see Keith’s? Oh man those would be entertaining!

3 years ago
Reply to  Natashka

The letters will have little meaning after sentencing. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I meant after they were convicted not sentenced but they are very entertaining while waiting for sentencing, you have to admit Scott. I think you’ve been laughing at loud a lot more than usual while reading these!

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