Branding Doctor Danielle Roberts Defends Clare Bronfman: She Lent Me Money So I Did Not Have to Work as a Doctor

You’d almost think they are trying to sink Clare Bronfman. What with staunch Nxivm members describing how she ran Nxivm, family members saying she is like a nun [who ran a sex cult], and a number of financially dependent persons telling the judge how generous she is, the 66 letters written in support of leniency in sentencing Clare Bronfman are feeble at best and hurtful at worst.

One of the worst is a letter from the notorious branding doctor herself, Dr. Danielle Roberts.

Here is her complete letter:


Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis United States District Judge Eastern District of New York

225 Cadman Plaza East

Brooklyn, New York 11201

Re: United States v. Clare Bronfman, 18 Cr. 204 (NGG)


Dear Judge Garaufis,

My name is Danielle Roberts. I am a board certified [sic] osteopathic family practice physician. I completed my bachelors [sic] of science in psychobiology from Binghamton Cum laude in 2003. I went on to complete a dual medical degree from NYCOM graduating with both my Master’s in Clinical Nutrition and my Osteopathic Medical degree.

I completed my residency training at NSLIJ Plainview Community Hospital and have served our communities as both a hospitalist in NY and WI, as well as medical director and physician of 2 medical practices on LI and in NYC.

I have known Clare for the past 6 years, since 2014. Her [sic] and I came to know each other by working together on a common project, exo|eso™ together. C

Clare had much more experience than I did in certain areas of business development; such as legal contracts, accounting and finance, agreements, hiring and partnering with larger corporate accounts. I looked up to her as a mentor in those areas, and felt very grateful for what she was contributing to help our little seedling of a company grow on her own dime. Clare was not a paid partner of exo|eso™ but she did much to help us succeed of her own good will [sic] because she believed in the company and saw what it could do for people.

Clare and I had athletics and excellence as common values. In our former lives, she was a high level – I believe Olympic pre-trials competitor – in horse jumping and I was a national level competitor in gymnastics. She had the skill and mastery to see immediately the value exo|eso™ could bring not only to high level [sic] athletes, but also to all those looking to enjoy better health and function, and I could easily see the discipline, excellence and mastery with which she approached all of her projects and responsibilities – like that of an accomplished professional athlete. She took great pride in her work and I admired and trusted that.

Dr. Roberts dances for her Vanguard at MDC this summer

As we got to know each other better through these common work efforts I came to know Clare as one of the gentlest – kind hearted [sic] individuals I have ever met. Present and focused, with a dry English kinda sense of humor. It was odd to me, as I expected a more aggressive energy from such an accomplished competitor. However, one day she introduced me to her home on the farm

I could see the way she looked at the photos of her horses and how she spoke about connecting with them and caring for them. They were not objects to her to be trained and pushed to get her to win or look good… they were living, breathing beings, and they were her friends and partners in these endeavors. Quite similar to the way she treated me as we worked together for a common goal in exo|eso™.

Danielle Roberts teaching an Exo/Eso class

I cared for her one year in our secret Santa and sought to know her more deeply. I intuitively addressed one of her secret cards to her as Clare-bear, only to come to find out later that is a longstanding nickname of hers, as an effect of her kindness.

I know one of the difficult things for Clare to overcome is people’s prejudices about her, secondary to her wealth. Many people hold very negative beliefs about wealthy individuals; that they are cold, stingy, entitled and corrupt. Clare being of English culture often stoic expressions and dry humor, may have two strikes against her in the “cold-hearted” prejudice department.

I can tell you I had some of these prejudices myself, and I happily found myself mistaken. They couldn’t have been further from the truth. Clare understood what it meant to work hard – and likely worked harder than most of us to make beautiful events, like V-week possible for all of us to enjoy. She was also extremely caring, compassionate and generous with her wealth. She offered her home to all of us for gatherings, and spent a large portion on things that would help to benefit the community and make things more enjoyable for all of us.

MK10ART’s depiction of Allison Mack and Dr. Danielle Roberts branding a DOS slave.

There was a time in exo|eso™ evolution that we began to struggle financially, I didn’t want to leave my seedling company to travel back to the hospital at such a sensitive time. I went to Clare to ask for help (something I rarely like to do). She trusted me and was very willing to help me. She loaned me the money I needed to make it through that time.

She has done this at 2 other pivotal and critical times in my life. She has done the same for many of my close friends – and those are only the ones I know about. There are people who lose themselves and abuse or misuse their wealth.

Clare was not one of those people, at least not while I have known her. Maybe she learned that lesson early in her life, maybe she learned how to treat people and hard work through her training with her horses, but if someone were to be born into money, I’m glad it was her. She always strove to value the money she spent and put it towards purposeful things that would help people.

Dr. Danielle Roberts by MK10ART

She was often so generous and humble about her giving’s that I found myself taking her gifts for granted one season. We were using her space, Apropos for one of our trainings, and I found myself mindlessly sharing the space without asking her permission and not properly caring for the space, as I had gotten so caught up in the momentum of long hours building “my dream” exo|eso™.

I went to her when I realized this to apologize and find a way to make it up to her. I was nervous and a bit ashamed at my oversight. She received me so calmly and lovingly, it disarmed my anxiety immediately. I asked her how it made her feel that I had done those things so I could better learn from the experience and how I could better treat her and people in the future. She again shared so gently and vulnerably that I still remember it to this day.

MK10ART’s painting of Clare Bronfman.

I share these anecdotes because I imagine as a judge trying to decide the fate of someone you have little direct experience with it must be very difficult. It is exponentially harder when the climate with which you are trying to see your way through is clouded with fear, hate, prejudicial media stories, public opinion and opinions of those that have heightened material interests.

It’s unfortunate, but many that see Clare don’t know her, or come to know her, they instead are in their own struggle and see Seagram’s, or dollar signs. I wanted to share some of my direct and repeatedly consistent personal experiences of Clare to offer another perspective as you grapple with this very difficult decision and hold this young women’s fate in your hands.

There is one more critical matter to share with you. I believe there are matters pertaining to DOS that Clare is facing consequences for. It is direly important that you know that, to my knowledge, Clare knew nothing about DOS, not even about its existence. I am uniquely qualified to know this because: I was in DOS and I have had many conversations with the first line DOS members about DOS – none of which involved Clare.

Additionally, there was never any form of payment, funding or financial gain from DOS, and certainly none from Clare. To reiterate

1. I met and knew all of the first circle members and she was not present, and

2 there was no money involved.

Clare treated Danielle Roberts as well as she treated her horses.

I am, also a close friend of Clare’s and when the news became evident to the community of DOS’s existence through media outlets, Clare seemed utterly shocked and confused. She had just as many questions as many others who were not aware of its existence. For all of these reason’s [sic] I am quite certain Clare had absolutely no knowledge of DOS, much less any involvement.

Clare is one of the noblest, most honest human beings that I know. If she has made mistakes, and I am not sure she has in the ways some say or think, but if she has I know she would want to repair them, learn from them and make herself and the world better as an effect of them.

Throughout the two years she has spent on house arrest, I believe she has matured and grown. This is her nature, her primary goal. This is not a stubborn or malicious woman seeking to hurt. If she made mistakes they were, I’m sure, well-intentioned. I believe if you look you will see she is quite ready and willing to contribute to society and humanity in a positive way. Please keep this in mind as you make your final and very weighty decision that will impact the rest of her life. I hope this offers some insight during this important and trying time for you.

I will happily make myself available at your request if you have further questions regarding any of these matters,

Sincerely and Respectfully, Dr. Danielle Roberts



MK10ART’s painting of the goose-like Clare Webb Bronfman


Danielle Roberts takes time to explain to the judge that she is a “board certified [sic] osteopathic family practice physician [who] completed my bachelors [sic] of science in psychobiology … completed a dual medical degree from NYCOM graduating with both my Master’s in Clinical Nutrition and my Osteopathic Medical degree.”

What she does not say is that she is up for revocation of her medical license for branding women on the pubic region with the initials of her master Keith Alan Raniere [and some say her master Allison Mack] without informing the branded women that it was Keith’s initials.

She said that it was a symbol of the elements – earth, wind, fire, and water.

Danielle further writes, “Clare had much more experience than I did in certain areas of business development; such as legal contracts, accounting and finance, agreements, hiring and partnering with larger corporate accounts.”

She fails to mention that Clare lost more money through Raniere’s hare-brained schemes and vengeful litigation than most people make in 10 lifetimes. Clare blew at least $100 million on Raniere and her sister, Sara, did likewise.

Danielle also speaks of Clare’s “dry English kinda sense of humor.”

It was not very funny to scores of people against whom she used her enormous wealth to crush in lawsuits and file false criminal complaints in the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Danielle wrote, “I expected a more aggressive energy from such an accomplished competitor.” But Clare was very aggressive in litigation.

Danielle tried to show Clare to be a compassionate person because she looked nicely at her horses’ photographs, a preposterous argument:

“I could see the way she looked at the photos of her horses and how she spoke about connecting with them and caring for them. They were not objects to her to be trained and pushed to get her to win or look good… they were living, breathing beings, and they were her friends and partners in these endeavors.”

Too bad she could not have looked at humans this way. She went after her friends and benefactors such as  Joe O’Hara, Barbara Bouchey, Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Toni Zarattini, Kristin Keeffe, and a host of others who were once close to her.

How many people do you know like Clare who loved a person – she said [like she loved her horses] then turned on them and tried to destroy them. This is a rare thing. For instance, Barbara Bouchey was very close to her for a decade. Then Clare went after her seeking to destroy her.

Kristin Keeffe was close to her and Clare went after her even trying to terrorize her and her son.

Or Sarah Edmondson – Clare flew all the way to Vancouver to use her influence to get criminal charges filed against Sarah.

A woman so good to horses and so foul to old friends.

We get to the real truth of why Danielle wrote to the judge – money. Clare is probably still supporting Danielle.

Danielle is about to lose her income – as a physician – and with the looming suspension of her medical license, she will need Clare more than ever.

Danielle writes,  “She was also extremely caring, compassionate and generous with her wealth… There was a time in exo|eso™ evolution that we began to struggle financially, I didn’t want to leave my seedling company to travel back to the hospital at such a sensitive time.”

This is another example of Nxivm madness. Roberts was a physician capable of making a six-figure income but she did not want to work as a physician. Instead, she wanted to teach exo/eso, a kind of aerobic and yoga class [with Raniere word salad sprinkled in] and charge $5,000 for classes when people could take similar courses for $100 at a yoga or aerobics class.

That’s why it was failing: People weren’t going to pay thousands for a course they could get elsewhere for a few hundred dollars.

But Danielle quit her job at the hospital because Clare gave her a loan. In a way, Clare ruined things for Roberts because without Clare giving her money, Danielle would have had to remain working as a physician.

Clare was always willing to promote Raniere’s bullshit and lead people away from their successful life to one of enslavement to Raniere [which is what she became a slave – a DOS slave. Allison Mack was her slave master].

Nicki Clyne & Allison Mack with slaves Michelle Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron and Danielle Roberts.

I am also quite certain that Clare did not make these loans to Danielle without Raniere’s approval and I am quite certain Raniere would not have approved had he not been having sex with Roberts.

But Roberts didn’t bother to mention any of those salients facts to the judge.

She writes, “She loaned me the money I needed to make it through that time. She has done this at 2 other pivotal and critical times in my life.”

Perhaps one of the other critical times is right now.  Danielle has not bothered to reveal when the other times were.

Clare lent a staunch Nxivm member money three times and by so doing kept this woman in Nxivm – so she could be a slave and brand women. And leave her work as a physician.

Danielle Roberts could have admitted her complete role in DOS and why she is in trouble for it.  Her letter is distinguished more by what she left out than what she put in.

As for Danielle’s statement that Clare was not in DOS – I think we can trust her on that – for after all, it would have been Danielle who would have branded Clare.

MK10ART’s painting of the two faces of Danielle Roberts

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  • The cult of personality that surrounds the
    Dalai Lama is deceptive to those that accept what he is at face value. Like The Fellowship that councils dictators, he doesn’t judge criminals for their ethics. Higher enlightenment is meant for elites.

    He wants to restore what was taken from him, and is seen as a source of pity, worthy funding. If only people would look deeper into the slavery that was seen as his entitlement. The child rape, also normalized. If you believe in the cliche supposed ideals this country was founded on, you wouldn’t support the Dalai Lama in any sense. The French and the Russians had the right idea. Monarchists can go jump in an active volcano.

    The Lama is a con artist with more historical context, but the practices and ideals are in keeping with NXIVM; slavery, feudalism, misogyny, monarchy, spiritual woo, lack of judgement for morals and hierarchal positioning . Many different leaders throughout history have claimed the mantle of World Peace, we can all list many of the outcomes and real meanings.

    Watch this until it gets to the road trip. Former serf classes can now own private property now that he was overthrown.

    This adds context, but use it as a launching point. I posted video, not text, because it’s more accessible and people are more inclined to passively listen.

  • Roberts willingly lied to the women she branded about wearing Keith’s initials on their crotches. She’s a butcher. Why the judge would heed her letter is beyond. She’s living in a fantasyland.

  • “Her and I came to know each other” is just dreadful grammar. This letter has so many syntactical errors. She sounds poorly educated. Aside from that, the way she piles on the sympathy for the judge’s difficult situation sounds like a manipulation move ESP would teach coaches. The letter-writers have some kind of a disconnect; they are so proud of their work for NXIVM, they don’t understand that underscoring the great work Clare has done for the cult is not going to be seen as a positive.

  • Clare sure does like to give charity to rich Jews. I guess the judge should just ignore her federal conspiracy and slavery of Mexicans. Buying friends sure is noble and humanitarian.

    Just a thought: all of these people seem to have no problem playing slave and master to ease their privileged entitled white boredom, I wonder if they would have recognized how repulsive they were if Reneire were promoting “sexy concentration camp”?

    • ‘Sexy Concentration Camp’ is a good idea for a live reality TV show – all with real abuse, real torture, real humiliation, real slavery, and real rape. [not really]

  • I noticed that Dr. Dani Dawn drove a black Audi to the MDC.
    And Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman liked to tool around in BMWs.
    All those cars are well engineered German makes.
    Did Clare help fund these German cars?

    Dr. Dani Dawn:
    Please tell Clare that I would like a Maybach.
    A Maybach is a luxury car from Daimler Benz that only costs 300,000 dollars.

  • Dear Judge Gruffus,

    Me am a bored certifiable reluctant osteopath and possibly a well-indentured
    sociopath. I stay young by looking frumpy and leadfooted but talkin’ smack like me is twelve. How U like It!

    Just keepin it real between yerself and Moi. I like charity like Clare does.

    You just read two pariahgraphs about my edumacation as a mail order spinster who does backflips.

    I knew Clare some. I will not betray her sex life or other habits, so please ask her yourselves. But Clare is nice to the pictures of horses. She saved my ass a few times with her family $$$ without even thinking about it.

    Hun, I will gladly make myself available to you if you gots anymoo questions, day or night. Me is working today as a dominatrix. Clare is one purson I thank daily.

    U could be 1 2, get It? This equals encoding since I M acute. My ideals are still to hang ’em high.

    Call for appointment but remember to ask for Brandy. C I M witty 2

  • There is such contempt for the judgement of law in these letters, for the process of frank acceptance of wrong doing, no remorse, a disturbing lack of self refection, just the old con, the old grift, ‘she loves the horses’ as if an appeal to the sentimentality most of us feel toward animals is proof of an incorruptible soul, just as when its said of a violent gangster, “yeah but , he loves his old mum”. There is a consistent projection that these nxivm folk feel themselves of the elect and having to parlay with dunderheads, I mean, she wants the learned judge to know of her availability should he have any further questions? – the arrant condescension. Still, better pen to paper than cauterizing pen to flesh. Doctor Roberts, cant hide herself behind the passive voice, that only works if you’re not already infamous, and by now, surely the Judge knows who she is and what she did. I cant help but feel queef’s vengeance in all this bait behaviour.

    • Totally correct. The court is concerned with 1 thing: accountability. And, these letters do not address that. In fact, they come from an entitled fairy tale land.

  • Dr. Danielle Roberts might as well tried to seduce the Judge.
    The same way Estelle Costanza tried to seduce Judge Art Vandelay in Seinfeld.

    Come on Dr. Danielle, do some cartwheels and backflips to impress the Judge.

  • Danielle’s narration about Clare’s willingness to help provides an excellent example of her being good-hardhearted and guileless. If she’d do that for a friend, what would she do for the man she trusted, considered the ideological leader of her self development organization, and who was promoted to her as one of the smartest and most ethical men on earth?

    As reported on this site, Raniere lost 1.4 million dollars of Barbara Bouchey’s savings in a futures trading account and got away with it, and Barbara was a professional money manager. So why would it be any different for Clare who had less education and experience? She may be more visible because she had a greater capacity through money to affect the outcomes of Mr. Raniere’s goals, but I can’t fault her for being any more gullible than any other of the potentially dozens of women who were taken in.

    If she is sentenced in excess of the guidelines to which she initially agreed, I hope the Worthy Judge places the emphasis of his sentence on her righting the perceived wrongs rather than punishing the stupidity. In addition to being more logical, it also provides the judge an opportunity to use the bench as a means to indirectly correct some portion of society where Clare could have an impact.

    After all, anyone can be taken in, even Frank, who loyally served Mr. Raniere and Nxivm for several months before the bloom fell from the rose.

  • It’s a good letter, Danielle. You are a sincere and loyal friend to her. I hope Clare is given a light sentence, regardless of how hard Frank is apparently working to the contrary.

    Those women who adored Mr. Raniere, and who despite revelations of his real attitude toward women as “fuck toys to satisfy him”, are still under his influence, will find his influence begin to dissolve after he is sentenced.

    They may want to make sure their social network is ready to deal with the blinding response of “WTF was I thinking?!”

  • “Many people hold very negative beliefs about wealthy individuals; that they are cold, stingy, entitled and corrupt.”

    Probably would not be so funny were they not true. Particularly here in Clare’s case.

  • I’m not sure who to fault: Clare’s lawyer, Ronald Sullivan, or Dr. Danielle Roberts but this is not an effective letter of support.

    The letter is overly long, unfocused, uses colloquial English at times that does not indicate the academic level achieved by the author. Thus, it lowers the opinion of the author by the court. Furthermore, it is devastatingly biased by financial motives and does not address the concerns the court will be most concerned with.

    While I understand that Dr. Roberts may not want to further incriminate herself, an effective letter of support should somehow address the concerns which Clare Bronfman is charged before the court or which Clare’s detractors will address by letter. A quick summary of Robert’s letter is that Clare is kind and Clare has lent her money thrice. As Parlato adeptly pointed out, giving financial support equates to Roberts equates to purchasing support and, thus, the letter is biased. Furthermore, Roberts reflects on Clare’s kindness and connection to horses. Clare is not charged with animal abuse; she is charged with abusing people. It matters not that Clare works hard and understands legal contracts; it matters only that Clare broke the law and hurt people. The letter should not avoid or sugarcoat that. It must address it and indicate Clare’s apology for it and willingness to rectify it in the future.

    If I were writing the letter. I’d personally apologize for Clare’s behavior on her behalf (as if I were a parent apologizing for my child’s misbehavior at school) and state that I know Clare is capable of better and that I’m certain Clare will do better with the support she will have from me and those close to me. In that regard, I’d be specific about Clare’s charges and what I will do to make sure Clare stays on track in the process of rehabilitation. In summary, I’d reassure the court that Clare I know Clare made severe mistakes. I’m aghast at the mistakes and I will do everything in my power to support Clare to change.

    • You’re right. The letter is a complete and awesome debacle. GED level writing, perhaps Clare helped her. I did find it funny though that she insisted on using the TM symbol after exo|eso every time. I’m sure the judge respects the legitimacy of the business now.

      • It’s quite possible that Exo/Eso is now owned by the U.S. government. Since the feds took control of First Principles, Inc. – which was the holding company for all the patents and trademarks – that trademark for Exo/Eso may now be government property.

    • I suspect this Sullivan guy, tried as diplomatically as he could to convince Clare this letter is not the best supporting one he’s seen in the past 87 years of his life but he was probably met with the stubbornness typically associated with profound ignorance. He thought to himself that it’s best not to undermine the chances of receiving the full representation fees agreed upon.

      It is most implausible he is such an idiot as to encourage a submission of this kind.

  • Perhaps Clare Bare has turned her target from people to horses: LOL

    Of course, just as with the lawsuits, she pays someone else to do her dirty work. LOL

    Interesting how so many of these letters focus exclusively on DOS, when there were many other issues, and the one with the longest mandatory sentence for Raniere occurred many years before DOS existed. LOL

    I also like the part about no money being involved in DOS when there was loads of free slave labor. LOL

    I believe Clare Bare was not invited or even knew about DOS because Raniere didn’t want to take the chance with her being turned off by it and losing his primary money source, not to mention she’s butt-ugly and he didn’t want to see her sitting among the naked women sitting at his feet or he might blow his cookies. LOL

    It is quite amazing how totally f*cked up in the brain all of these NXIVM people are, and from a variety of backgrounds, doctor, engineer, actor/actresses, etc., so you have to hand it to Raniere for developing quite the unique and universal mind-f*cking program. LOL

  • Wonder if the judge will question the tax implications of the money given to the good doctor? Sounds like some tax evasion going on.

    • Danielle Roberts called it a private loan. [These are probably more like gifts of money than real personal loans. And since gifts of money are taxable above a certain amount, the transaction is called a loan to avoid the tax. (Clare Bronfman has some experience with this.)] More likely, they are loans without repayment terms and fixed repayment installments, which are perpetual loans. Even if the term of a private loan is 70 years, with such terms it is guaranteed that after this time there is no one to repay it, unlike government bonds where the creditor is a state. It should be noted that there are government bonds with a maturity of 100 years. There are also perpetual bonds which is also known as a perpetual, is a bond with no maturity date. In principle, the term of these bonds is unlimited; however, issuers often have the option of calling and repaying the bond on predetermined dates.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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