Ex-Prisoner Has Advice for Clare Bronfman – ‘Prison Can Be a Great Opportunity’

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By ALWAYS Anonymous

This is in response to Clare Bronfman’s letter to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis as published on Frank Report, Clare Bronfman to Judge Garaufis: I Will Not Disavow Keith Raniere, Nxivm or DOS!

I just want to say that I am delusional and I’ve been incarcerated.

So, I’m not exactly a source of mental health or knowledge about how to behave appropriately in society.

So, Clare, thanks for your attempt to come clean, be accountable and honest. I know you don’t want to hurt your friends or those that have been helpful to you in your life. Friendship means a lot to people like us that never had any real friends.

I’m absolutely a delusional person; I believe people when I have no reason to and I let many people hurt me because of it.

I think you are similar.

Marie White’s painting of Clare Webb Bronfman

You mistake friendship for people who used you. People who used you for your money and access to powerful people.

I’ve been there. It’s hard to see who is a friend and who is not. If your pals at Nxivm were really your friends, they would have told everything important that was going on with them. They would have told you about DOS and asked you to join them.

I don’t want to rub it in. I know you feel terrible as it is and the pain of prison may be less than the pain of isolation you now feel. I wish I could make it better.

My advice is you try a bit harder to come clean. I suggest you write down the names of those you’ve hurt and make amends to them.

I suggest you come out of your delusion and understand the lies you’ve been told so people could use you and your power.

I suggest you take your power back by refusing to give it to untrustworthy people and you rise up to fight against those abusers.

Marie White’s painting of Her Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere.

I suggest you stop feeling sorry for your plight and realize redemption is possible through deep honesty, making amends, and taking the consequences for your actions.

I’ve been in prison. It was horrible until I met someone who took me under his wing, showed me some real kindness, and showed me how to live life simply and honestly by treating others well.

Prison can be a great opportunity for this. It was a place for me to be humble, to teach others basic skills like how to read, and it was a model for me to lead my life honestly.

I hope you can find peace.

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  • Ideally, prison should be focused on rehabilitation and reform. There is obviously a case for punishment, but punishment alone does not necessarily change anyone in a positive way.

    The ideal outcome would be a person who is an asset to the community they live in.

    This does happen with some people.

    • Paul,

      Rehabilitation and reform never will happen when the individual in question is a sociopath.

      People only abide by the law for two reasons:
      1. Guilt
      2. Fear of punishment

      Number 2 is why Clare is going to prison.

  • Clare-

    Lesbian prison love will be like sex with Raniere, except, your partner will smell better and have a PHD in cunilingus.

    • Zoom Zooms and wham whams-
      Frank, can I give you a list of jailhouse recipes and you can give it to Clare? Do a “How To Survive Prison” guide for her so she doesn’t suffer too much. Those prison girls are going to eat her alive, literally and figuratively.

  • Thank you for your thoughts. I think you are a bigger person than C. Bronfman, you have been able to be honest with yourself so I expect things can only get better for you. I don’t even know you but I think of you as good, your honesty generates goodwill, as does your concern for another’s difficulties. Maybe she will learn something from your example. It would be a great thing if she did. Meantime, I wish you continuing improvement and a continuing rewarding journey through a new way of living. All the best.

  • So Clare,
    I’m in agreement with much of the feedback here that your letter is a disaster. There is something still wrong in your brain where you feel so lonely and desperate inside that you are loyal to people who have used and abused you. I don’t doubt that the Nxivm group did you a lot of good but you seem to ignore the sick things it did and how you acted sickly towards others because of it. You know, suing half of Albany because Keith or Nancy imagined they are not loyal Nxivm is not a good thing. That destroyed a lot of lives.

    Hey, I admit I’m not a mental health consultant but I know a lonely, misguided person when I see one. I’ve been there. I understand you have big goals and you want to change the world because it sucks and all. The thing is big goals are both good and bad. Having a vision of world peace is great but it can become a curse if one’s self-esteem is dependent on something so big and beyond the scope of any 1 person, group, and historical time period. Depression and desperate acts are outcomes.

    Anyway, I don’t know you. I’m not sure you’d even let me know you. I’m not a genius; I’m not powerful. I don’t have a big plan for society. I’ve been incarcerated. I’ve fucked up a lot. I don’t come from a good family. But, I feel your loneliness and desperation. I’ve been there. I hope you will find some real friends. People who want to see you take the right path in life. Someone who is patient and kind to you and who believes in your goodness.

  • Prisons are violent places; I’d never advise anyone to go there to learn life’s lessons. Violence can come from anywhere: other prisoners, sadistic guards or the negligent and abusive system itself which is not care about you. Despite it being 98% bad, you can still find some good but you’ll need to being open to finding it. You’ll need to work internally to hold on to it. I learned to pray. I humbled myself and that is very difficult for me. I don’t ever want to go back there.

    When people on this site talk about Raniere doing life i think that’s crazy! A month in prison is enough to crack most people and invite them to commit suicide. I’m no fan of that abusive bastard but i don’t wish life on anyone. 15 years? I can’t imagine that either. You can’t imagine how bad it is being there with nothing to do, too hot or too cold with food you can’t eat and with guards barking at you. There was only one way for me to get through it: to humble myself before my creator. To accept that I was the idiot who put myself there and that I needed to continue to humble myself everyday, to learn to behave correctly.

  • Quite nice written, unfortunately it’s not so easy to change Clare’s sick mind, she does not get it at all, which makes it more sickening. It’s crazy how her life changed because of monster Keith and the stupid people that follow him and pay money for that! How could she possibly get so carried away with that circus ? She must be crazy in love with him, nothing else would justify her behaviour and sadly she did not listen to anyone that told her to stop! I And reading her letter nothing seems to have changed her way of thinking ! I feel sorry for her father that had to witness the daughter’s horrendous devotion to Nxvim and Keith, wasting so much money to climb up onto the nxvim social ladder, what a disaster. And all the pain she caused the victims, and on and on .

    What prison could Clare possibly end up in? Is that decided on sept 30?

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