Happy Birthday!! Keith Raniere Turns 60 – and Vanguard Turns 22

Birthday Cake & Baloons

August 26th has arrived – and with it, the 60th birthday of Keith Alan Raniere and the 22nd anniversary of the creation of his alter-ego, The Vanguard.

Normally, this would have been a day of great celebration as hundreds of his NXIVM/ESP acolytes gathered together at the Silver Bay Resort on Lake George in Upstate New York as part of the 10-day celebration of his birth known as Vanguard Week.

Vanguard Week celebrants during a happier time when hundreds came together to pay tribute to their master, Vanguard. 

But, alas, the last of these Vanguard Week celebrations took place in 2017 – and, truth be told, that one was not exactly a glorious affair as only about 125 of his most dedicated followers showed up to honor the man who would soon be on the lam.

Just a few months before the 2017 festivities, Frank Parlato broke the story about the secret “Dominus Obsequious Sororium” (DOS) society that Raniere/Vanguard had created – and its blackmail-and-branding practices.

DOS First-Line Slaves with their glorious leader, Keith Alan Raniere, in the center.

Those revelations immediately caused many NXIVM/ESP members to cancel their Vanguard Week reservations – and many more to quit the organization altogether.

Eventually, those revelations would lead to the downfall of Raniere/Vanguard – and his ultimate arrest, conviction, and incarceration.

MK10ART’s painting of the Vanguard, leader of NXIVM and DOS. The artist captures his inner beauty and outward good looks quite accurately. 

Some would argue that The Vanguard died in 2017 because that was the last time there was actually a Vanguard Week.

But we at the Frank Report believe that as long as he’s got women dancing in front of his prison, The Vanguard lives on.


How It All Began

For new readers of the Frank Report – and those numbers are growing again as the time draws near for the sentencing of Raniere/Vanguard and five of his most ardent followers and as “The Vow” introduces the NXIVM/ESP storyline to millions of viewers across the country – I want to take a minute and review some historical facts about the man and the myth.

Frequent readers of Frank Report can either skip over this part – or just re-read it for the sheer joy it brings to remember just how outrageous Raniere/Vanguard was when it came to describing his attributes and accomplishments.


The Man

He was born in Brooklyn, NY on August 26, 1960 to James Raniere, a New York City advertising executive, and his wife, Vera, a ballroom dance instructor (How ironic that 60 years later he’s back in Brooklyn – ensconced at the Metropolitan Detention Center on 29th Street).

The late James Raniere, father of the Vanguard

When he was five years old, his parents moved from Brooklyn to Suffern, NY. About three years later, his parents separated – and he stayed in Suffern with his Mom until she died when he was 17.

He began school in a Waldorf school but transferred to a public school starting with junior high. Next, he attended Rockland County Day School in Congers, NY – where he graduated from in June 1978, just two months shy of his 18th birthday.

After high school, he attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY – where he managed to graduate with a triple major in Biology, Math, and Physics.

After graduating from RPI, he took a job working as a computer programmer for New York State.


Pre-Vanguard Raniere. He had a penchant for a good looking sweater, which you have to admit looks quite fashionable on him…

The Myth

As it turns out, Keith does not have a very good memory.

Or, put another way, Keith has an average memory but a supercharged imagination.

In any event, as Keith went about meeting people at RPI and settling into the Capital Region as his new home, he “misremembered” a few facts about his youth.

Or, put another way, he came up with a series of unprovable claims that most people would label as delusional bullshit.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

He claims that by the age of 1, he could construct full sentences and questions.

He claims that by the age of 2, he could spell the word “homogenized” from seeing it on a milk carton – and read some books.

He claims that by the age of 4, he had an understanding of quantum physics – and computers. [In 1964 there were no home computers.]

He claims that when he was 11, he won the East Coast Judo Championship.

He claims that at the age of 12, he taught himself to play piano at concert-level – and mastered many other instruments. He also claims he taught himself all aspects of high school mathematics over a period of 19-hours. And he claims that before the year was done, he had read “The Second Foundation” by Isaac Asimov – “…and was inspired by the concepts of optimal human communication to start to develop the theory and practice of  Rational Inquiry™.”

One would think that after all that activity at age 12, he might have rested for the next couple of years. But that’s not how someone becomes The Vanguard.

And so it was he claims that when he was 13, he took and passed the 9th, 10th and 11th grade New York State Regents’ mathematics exams – and taught himself the first two years of college mathematics. It was this same year – i.e., 1973 – he claims that he began working as a professional computer programmer.

Although previously cited records indicate that he graduated from high school just two months shy of his 18th birthday, his biography indicates that he started attending RPI when he was just 16  – and that he took PH.D. mathematics classes throughout his time there.

Oddly enough, when he was questioned under oath in the Rick Ross lawsuit, he indicated that he actually started attending RTPI just after his 17th birthday.

But regardless of when he actually attended RPI, one thing is certain: he was not a very good student.

In addition to being placed on academic probation for his less than stellar grades  – and not graduating with his original Class of 1982 cadre – his final Grade Point Average (GPA) at RPI was 2.26 – which would be less than a C+ in letter grades.


What Will His Birthday Be Like at MDC?

Birthdays in prisons are never really joyous occasions – but for guys that are popular, it’s not uncommon for other inmates to put together some sort of celebration.

MK10ART — The MDC, where Keith Alan Raniere has spent his last three birthdays.

Sometimes, guys will pool their commissary food – and put together a decent meal for the celebrant (There’s actually a “Prison Cookbook” in most prison libraries with recipes for meals that can be made from food that’s available from the commissary).

Sometimes, guys will do special favors for a guy on his birthday: e.g., they’ll wash, dry and fold his laundry – or pass along a new book that they received before they’ve read it.

But, regardless of what the usual practices are, in Keith’s unit at MDC, it’s unlikely that he’ll get any special treats today.

In part, that’s because he’s been identified as a Sex Offender (“SO”) – which is a bad label to have in most prisons.

But mostly it’s because he’s shown himself to be a weak and pathetic figure who can’t properly defend himself – and who has little concern for other prisoners.


Lots More Birthdays Like This Ahead?

Two months from tomorrow, Keith is scheduled to be sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.

Most attorneys who have been observing this case believe that his sentence will be somewhere between 30-years and life – which sounds about right to me.

So, is he destined to have a lot more birthdays like this?

Mk10Art painting of Keith Raniere imprisoned by his own brand.

Or will he die long before he would have completed his sentence?

That’s really the only open question right now…

Happy Birthday, Keith!



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  • Geez. If he’d only just f*cked them on the side, none of this would have happened. I mean, how many pyramid schemes can one person run?

  • Having watched the HBO series VOW ( up to ep4). I am surprised that the half-truths or actual “lies” about Raniere’s background are being reasserted. Why does the filmmaker do this? When one can easily fact check to find the lies; i.e., entered college at 16. Spoke 3 languages before age 6(?). VOW seems to be an apology piece for Vicente and Edmondson since neither were astute enough to see the BS or listen to any those who did see! Sorry. WE SEE TOO

  • Oh, how hath the mightiest of mortals fallen…

    And what a crap way too spend your birthday…In unadulterated hell.

    IMO after reading KRClaviger’s fine reporting, when Keith & his attorneys plead for a lighter sentencing…

    The judge will be giving them a big old FU!

    • Having examined the evidence in minute detail, I doubt that the judge will be easily swayed from the conclusions he has formed, so I’m sure you’re right. Not all judges are created equal, but I think this one is sound.

  • Happy Birthday, Keith! Thank you, o Vanguard, for all that you have done for humanity! Even from the dark confines of the MDC the sun of your genius shines forth to enlighten all of man! You have showed us the way to true ethics and true understanding! I am sure that at your birth a bright star rose in the East as it did at the birth of other great Avatars before you. May you triumph over all the corruption and injustice that has only now again become plainly evident in the 59 page document of the prosecution. Justice shall prevail, and NXVIM shall rise once more to herald in a new and brighter future for this planet!

  • Looked at objectively, he is a pathetic individual who wasted his life and did some harm in the process.

    He is neither a superhero nor a supervillain. He’s just a second rate conman who got busted. NXIVM was a micro-cult that isn’t even a familiar name to the vast majority of people.

    Jim Jones? Yes, people know that name.

    Charles Manson? Yes.

    Keith Raniere? “Who?”

    He will die and be forgotten.

    His glory days were short in number.

    • Yes, but I wonder if that would change if anything ever comes of the alleged poisonings and possibly staged “suicides”? We may never know.

      How did Karen U. wind up with two different kinds of poison in her system? Surely she didn’t ingest it intentionally.

      If he helped contribute to anyone’s death, he’s more than just a conman who got caught.

  • Fantastic Article! Enjoyed this “ Some would argue that The Vanguard died in 2017 because that was the last time there was actually a Vanguard Week.

    But we at the Frank Report believe that as long as he’s got women dancing in front of his prison, The Vanguard lives on. “

    Perfectly worded.

  • Joseph D. Rosenbaum, the BLM Communist who was shot in the head in Kenosha Wisconsin, was a convicted Pedophile.

    Black Lives Matter is a gang of violent Communists and Pedophiles.
    Black Lives Matter is for Perverts and child molesters.
    No wonder the Democrats like Black Lives Matter.

    Joseph D. Rosenbaum: 5’3″ communist and convicted pedophile (headshotted by Kyle Rittenhouse last night in Kenosha)

    Some Comments
    Wow seems like you can toss a stone at antifa and you’re bound to hit a pedophile or domestic abuser

    Fucking pedo? Of course….

    Didn’t recognize him with all his brains inside his head.

    i like Kyle more by the minute

    What do you know?
    It would appear a bullet DOES cure Pedophillia.

    lolololol. what grade does he teach?

    We’re Making America Great Again

      Man fatally shot by 17-year-old has sex offense with a minor

      Kenosha Rioter Allegedly Shot in Head by Kyle Rittenhouse Was Convicted Pedophile
      One of the men police say was fatally shot by a 17-year-old boy brandishing a rifle during the Kenosha, Wisconsin, riots was recently revealed as a convicted pedophile.

      Joseph Rosenbaum, also known as “Jojo,” 36, was allegedly shot in the head by Kyle Rittenhouse in a shooting that was caught on camera from multiple after an argument emerged when the teenager traveled about 10 miles to Kenosha to protect local businesses from looting and to provide medical aid to those who needed it.

      Rosenbaum, a father of a two-year-old girl, according to USA News Posts, was one of three gunshot victims–two of which were fatal–in the incident.

      Internet sleuths later revealed that Rosenbaum was a convicted pedophile after a conviction for sexual conduct with a minor from December 2002 came to light as the pasts of those involved were dredged up following the ensuing chaos to find control over the narrative.

      Dame Pesos
      Apparently the guy that got shot in the head in Kenosha was a registered sex offender!
      @Job4_2 ❤️

      Rosenbaum was sentenced to 12 and a half years for two counts of sexual conduct with a minor. He served his sentence in Arizona State Prison Complex-Eyman where he racked up 42 disciplinary infractions behind bars during his lengthy sentence.

      Following his stint at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Eyman, Rosenbaum was convicted of a parole violation where he was accused of tampering with a monitoring device.

      Violence is expected to continue in Kenosha after police were called on a home disturbance that ended with Jacob Blake sustaining four gunshot wounds from behind at close range after he resisted arrested and attempted to leave the scene.

      The Wisconsin Department of Justice later confirmed in a statement that Blake had a weapon on his vehicle’s floorboard as activists begun to spin a narrative to suggest that the shooting was of an unarmed black man–in concert with the same narrative to have emboldened rioters and protesters around the world throughout the summer.

      Rosenbaum appears to be the man seen repeatedly shouting “shoot me n**ga” at Rittenhouse shortly before the shooting began on Tuesday night.


  • I believe there’s a lot of people that knew that Keith was sleeping with many women at V-Week (and in Albany) and did nothing. Many of them are likely to be treated as heroes in “The Vow”. It’s not right. Many also knew he was doing illegal things. I hope the truth comes out in the series. And it shows there are no heroes in this. Just stupid people following a sociopath.

      • I’m late here but the NXIVM cultists aren’t stupid. They know exactly what is happening. They behave irrationally because it is better for them. More rarely, they are coerced. Most rarely, they are just stupid.

    • Sleeping with many women who consent isn’t illegal and, hence, not generally considered immoral in the West. Individual morality may think it is, but the government can’t do anything about such acts, and if a person wants to stop some other adult from engaging in such, the government can intervene and prevent them from doing so. The only way Raniere could have been stopped from doing so is coercing other women into doing it, either directly or indirectly, and that’s exactly what he did with “The Vow” which the majority of NXIVM members knew nothing about, and why he is now in MDC awaiting sentencing.

    • Frank had nothing to do with the HBO series and unsurprisingly, because the “celebrities” who
      were the major players in the first episode, believe the world revolves around themselves, so Frank’s name hasn’t even come up yet. LOL

  • Raniere isn’t just a sex offender, he’s an underage sex offender – that counts as double in prison. LOL

    I wouldn’t doubt Raniere’s friends will throw him a party, by passing him around and penetrating his sphincter. LOL

    • —I wouldn’t doubt Raniere’s friends will throw him a party, by passing him around and penetrating his sphincter.

      Fantasy time? Mmh!! Mmh!!! So titillating.
      Penetrating a sphincter? Wow, you are so technical and detail-oriented. I bet you’d love to [redacted]? Perhaps a [spit roast] with two burly lumberjacks?

      Scott’s ghost forgot to mention Bubba. What about Bubba? Bubba is usually a common thread with all of your Raniere prison rape references.

  • I’ve not had more disdain for a Capital Region native than you. If you were a real man, you would have negotiated your sentence to the death penalty to give the victims closure.

    You are not human.

  • KR Claviger – A good article, as always, but KAR couldn’t have been born in 1960 and graduated from High School in 1968, two months shy of his 18th birthday.
    Looking on the bright side, it still isn’t raining on ol’ Vanguard! 😁

      • Some time corrections – birth date is correct, 1960. He finished high school early by GED (according to him). Was accepted into RPI at 16 years old and then turned 17 just before college started. That’s when he met Karen – both were class of 1981. Karen graduated on time. Keith’s mother died when he was at RPI. His senior year he ended up on academic probation and had to take a year off. That’s why he didn’t graduate until 1982.

        • We always have difficulty nailing down his last two years of high school – and his first two years of college. And as far as we know, no one has ever seen his GED. If you have any documents that would help us get these details right, please contact Frank.

      • KRClaviger is not going to answer your question, Scott.

        You don’t have a Platinum membership.

        Maybe Claviger will give you a discount on account of you being [special].


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