Guest View: More in Defense of Allison Mack — These Were Adult Women

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By Adult Women are Adults Too

Thank you for publishing In Defense of Allison Mack: She Ordered No ‘Slave’ to Do What She Did Not Do Herself.

I was thinking of writing something like this myself.

I think the only person who should have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law was the ringleader, Keith Alan Raniere.

Yet one other might have needed serious prosecution if the intent was to use, rather than help the women coming into the group.

Still you’d think that someone might have thought, “Why would we need something to hold over someone?”

Yet if you look at some secret organizations, military groups, frats, and sororities’ practices –tattoos and shaming while someone is being initiated – isn’t uncommon.

And sadly, evidence of such moments is out there.

Raniere was just giving into his demons and in the end proved it was for his benefit only.

I even doubt his is the only group that branded and had master-slave sexual relationships.

The difference is that most people doing something like that know ahead of time what they are getting into, and his group focused on high profile people. He probably saw himself as a mover and a shaker, not a manipulator and abuser.

Narcissistic people don’t ever want to see what they do as wrong. And he crossed the wrong point decades ago, and I would not be surprised if he studied how to manipulate and control people as far back as the 80’s.

I don’t think I would have the heart to prosecute anyone but him unless I knew one of the others just liked destroying people.

Yet, this media circus we have in the USA likes to point fingers, because as long as the pointed finger isn’t at them, they are entertained and self-righteous. After all, who was it that really broke trust in all this?

The puppets, or the puppeteer?

All young actresses and actors are lost for awhile after they are no longer a part of that show that made them famous unless they have someone really looking out for them.

Perfect people to manipulate, right?


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  • Descobri este ano o caso de Allison Mack e sinceramente fiquei meio que triste pela situação. Mas que seja feita conforme a verdade e que todos os culpados sejam punidos conforme a lei terrena. No entanto há muitas variáveis a pensar: Por que as vítimas, mulheres adultas, que entraram fizeram relações sexuais com líder ? E na primeira vez que entraram e não tinham nada a revelar intimamente, por que não sairam logo assim que soubessem de algo estranho ? Espero que keith seja condenado a prisão pérpetua e os demais adeptos julgados conforme a justiça e provas definirem.

    • Yeah, a 17 year-old kid from Illinois came to Kenosha and shot three demonstrators, killing two.
      Maybe Trump would say again, good people on both sides, eh, Shadow?

      • Assuming he was legally carrying the weapon, it is legal to defend yourself. LOL

        Maybe Trump would say again, the 2nd Amendment exists for this reason, among others. LOL

        By the way, you need to listen to the ENTIRE quote regarding “good people on both sides” rather than the snippet that the Libtard media plays and Libtard politicians say in order to mislead people – the blood is on THEIR hands. LOL

        • “Assuming he was legally carrying the weapon, it is legal to defend yourself. LOL”

          He was NOT legally carrying the assault weapon, and he had already murdered one person when he was being chased, so he was a murderer trying to flee, NOT defending himself.

      • The people who got shot and killed were a convicted pedophile and a felon. So, not both sides, just the good kid.

  • Let’s be blunt.
    Allison Mack is an extortionist who used force fraud, coercion and threats to extort property from women.
    Moreover, Allison is a a Pimp who used these women in a sex trafficking scheme.

    Allison Mack should count herself as lucky that the FBI caught her before one of her victims did.
    Extortion is an ugly business.
    In the real world people often resort to violence to stop extortion.

    Last night BLM gangsters in Kenosha Wisconsin used extortion and threats against a business and ended up at the wrong end of a militia man’s AR-15 rifle.

    Kenosha Wisconsin shooting – 8/25/20 (Full details bellow)
    3.8K subscribers
    A gun battle among civilians, involved several people rushing a man with a long gun. The video shows him firing at the people rushing towards him, one of whom falls to the ground. Other shots are heard in the background. The man with the long rifle fled the scene, he was chased by multiple suspects who kicked him in the head, with one drawing their weapon from a waistband. When he falls over fleeing the scene is attacked, he proceeds to shoot these men as well and attempts to turn himself into law enforcement. It appears he was trying to prevent more arson and looting and was attacked for attempting to stop the people involved.

  • Keith ruined Allison Mack’s name. Like eating mud, I think she’s being persecuted for crimes she never committed. “I don’t think I would have the heart to prosecute anyone but him unless I knew one of the others just liked destroying people”. People like Nancy Salzman? Maybe the little Georgia peach Kathy Russell?

    • Mack ruined Mack’s name. LOL

      She already plead guilty, why would she do that if she never committed crimes? LOL

  • As I’ve said many times before, Raniere had LOTS of help from others, mostly women, to prop him up, make him look like much more than he really was, and cover up his criminal behavior. It’s called RICO conspiracy. LOL

    The felony guilty pleas from the other women demonstrate they knew they broke various serious laws and deserved to be prosecuted and punished. LOL

    Enough of this baby-talk, dripping with sympathy pap, these are criminals and there are many more who were not prosecuted and should have been. LOL

  • Your guess is correct. Keith WAS studying, using and teaching NLP — Neuro Linguistic Programming — in the mid-eighties. He taught it as an MLM sales technique and also used it as a seduction tool.

    Keith and Karen U. would hold NLP training sessions, later EM’s, where the 1:1 NLP sales/recruitment pitch was rehearsed like a play.

    It requires being very disingenuous and manipulative in ‘normal’ conversation — mirroring the ‘prospects’ speech and gestures, pretend to share their world view — or “meet them where they’re at” — while selling, more like brainwashing them. Meanwhile, his students, trainees were the ones being brainwashed, especially after Nancy Salzman — a seasoned NLP/hypnotherapy pro — came on board.

    • There is no such thing as brainwashing and any decent salesperson mirrors and relates to the prospect. LOL

  • If NXIVM is holding collateral(blackmail) material over an individual female’s head…..

    How can you make the argument that the “adult” woman is making a decision/choice based on free will?

    The special assignments [go seduce and fuck Raneire] didn’t happen until a good amount of collateral/blackmail material was collected.

    Can you please explain your logic?

    The women had no idea that DOS would keep asking for more and more collateral and once you’ve given some collateral “you’re forced into a box where you feel like you have to give more.”

    Reality check!

    • I became very concerned that I am agreeing with NiceGuy 666, but then realized he is just parroting what I’ve been saying for a very long time. LOL

      Whew – that was a close one. LOL

  • What about the pedophile side of allison? We.probably never know the truth to.that unless the vow the epstein documentary. Well in her original file she also was accused of pedophilia. Usa goverment has a long history protecting pedos . I think mack was victim of something in her childhood so probably she deserves some.marcy for that, like all.the prisioners and criminals of.the world . She was such a liar, extortionist horrible person. She even publish.marina.Abramovich in her Instagram these with Raniere magical.semen . Is very suspucious . Still.they found an army of people prepares to defend them . Gross . Maybe she knew about the luciferian part Nxivm , maybe she didnt . But she knew about Pain and on people and for.that her soul and her intuition, something that trumps human trauma or mind.control . So yeah she made choices , damaging horrible choices

    • Allison was NEVER accused of pedophilia! Not in her indictment or elsewhere!! Maybe you should learn how to actually read a court document. This is a rumour that some deranged people started on the net and yes I have seen all the court documents and what you wrote is complete BS!

    • Maybe you are confusing allison for ms. maxwell? Allison had nothing to do with pedophilia and was charged for two adult women and not children!

    • What is that side, pedophile? you are talking about, do you know something that FR readers do not know, as for the government accusation this was the government’s move to make the rats desert the ship, since the RICO accusation made all the defendants charge the charges alike, but the only accusation in relation to pedophilia that they made against Keith was in relation to the photos found on a hard drive that showed camila fernandez naked when she was 15 years old, in addition to the evidence that indicated that he had had sex with her at that age, otherwise there is no accusation or evidence that indicates any act related to pedophilia

    • I don’t recall the government ever accusing Mack of being a pedo, only being associated with one. LOL

      There is no space between the last letter of a sentence and a period. It’s like this. Not this . LOL

  • EXCELLENT lines:

    “All young actresses and actors are lost for awhile after they are no longer a part of that show that made them famous unless they have someone really looking out for them.

    Perfect people to manipulate, right?”

    Translation: VULNERABLE

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