Climate Activist Harrison Ford Flies Private Plane Creating Enormous Carbon Footprint; Urged to Hitchhike Instead

Actor and climate change activist Harrison Ford flew his 19-year-old son Liam off to college on a private jet this week, according to a report by Just Jared

Ford, his son, and wife Calista Flockhart, were seen exiting the jet in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Ford is an ardent activist against man-made climate change and advocate for reducing carbon footprints for others.

Earlier this year — while in in Mexico City to promote a film — Ford said the United States lost its “moral leadership” on the environment.

In September, Ford appeared at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York where he gave a speech referring to “people who don’t believe in science or, worse than that, pretend they don’t believe in science,” adding that humanity has run out of time to save the planet from global warming caused by burning fossil fuels.

“We are shit out of time,” said Ford.

Ford, who travels in his own private jet, has been accused by some as being a hypocrite, since private jet flights are considerably less fuel efficient per passenger than commercial flights, and carbon footprint of passengers who chose to travel this way is larger than that created by any other means of travel short of taking a rocket ship.

Private jets produce about 10 -20 times the amount of carbon per passenger than commercial flights.

According to Ford and others, global warming is caused from putting too much carbon into the atmosphere when coal, gas, and oil are burned to generate electricity or run our cars, commercial planes and, in Ford’s case, private jets.

Harrison Ford leaves a giant carbon footprint as he steps off a private plane….

These gases spread around the planet like a blanket, keeping in solar heat that would otherwise be radiated out into space.

Ford, who cannot, because of his star status and wealth, practice what he preaches, nevertheless lectures eloquently on how Americans should reduce carbon footprints, even if his own footprint is enormous.

“We need moral leadership,” Ford told reporters. “We’ve lost some of our credibility and we are anxious to regain it.”

Indeed if other rich Americans, other than Ford, who loves traveling by private jet, flew on commercial airlines, they would help reduce overall carbon footprints [leaving some extra for Ford and family.]

Boeing Officially(ish) Rebrands The 737 MAX | One Mile at a Time

A Boeing 737 burns 750 gallons an hour. Over a three-hour flight, it will burn 2,250 gallons of fuel, producing 21,533kg of CO2.  The plane can hold around 200 passengers, making the amount of CO2 produced per passenger around 108kg if we assume a full flight.

A private jet burns around 200 gallons of fuel per hour, producing around 6,000kg of CO2 in a three-hour flight. If there are three passengers, Ford, his wife and son, the average amount of CO2 per person is 2000kg, or about 20 times larger carbon footprint than if he, his wife and son took a commercial flight.

As Ford could certainly advise us, travelling by economy class is more efficient than first class. Smaller seats and less leg room mean more passengers are seated – and therefore the CO2 per passenger equation is lower.

Top 10 Ways To Get A Better Economy Seat – The Points Guy

It’s not just about the amount of carbon a journey produces, but the efficiency (number of passengers) and also what we are responsible for – if the journey would happen anyway, passengers are only responsible for the extra fuel that’s burnt due to their added weight.

Ford might consider hitchhiking, which is one of the most climate-friendly ways of travelling. The car would have been driven all that way regardless – as is going by cargo ship.

Although the shipping industry produces a huge amount of carbon, Ford, if he went by cargo ship, would not be responsible for carbon footprints as the journey would take place whether the actor was on board or not.

9 stowaways found in container, remained on board, Greece. UPDATE taken  off. | STADT DRESDEN - FleetMon Maritime News

Clearly, walking and cycling are about as low as you can get on the emissions scale and is something Ford should consider immediately since we are, as he said, “shit out of time.”

Will Harrison Ford either stop flying in private jets, or stop preaching to us about carbon footprints and climate change? My guess is neither.

He will continue to fly private jets, burning up thousands of gallons of fossil fuel, while sanctimoniously preaching about how America has lost its credibility and how, by listening to him, we might regain it.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint A Must – Cavalier Chronicle


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  • Imagine how much carbon was created making all of Ford’s movies – that’s one bigfoot footprint. LOL

  • Small correction of a sentence in the article:
    Ford is an ardent activist against man-made climate change and is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of others, not himself of course.

    Moreover, Harrison Ford is already 78 years old and foreseeable when he will no longer leave a carbon footprint.

    I don’t need old movie actors telling me what to think and do and what to stand up for.

  • Let’s not also forget the plague of religion: pastors, priests, cardinals, colonel-seargent-generals and whatever other pompous names they are calling themselves are flying high while all the imbeciles believing the feces that comes out of their mouth as consulting advice from an imagined bearded, white-robed character, pay them money for the ‘privilege’ and topple over themselves to act out the idiocy urged upon them by these bemused, cynical human scum.

    • —Pastors, priests, cardinals….

      Alex you must be psychic!!!! You just named 3 of Bangkok’s first sexual experiences. Too bad you left out the Boy Scout Troop Leader. I guess no one is perfect.

  • At least they were wearing their masks and Lockhart has put on a few pounds, she looked like a NXIVM follower for years – so it’s all good. LOL

    It’s amazing how tone deaf celebrities are, I understand there were loads of them at last week’s Dem convention, you would have thought they would have learned from 2016. LOL

  • Par for the course. IMO we are headed for a three-level society: 1) The wealthy, privileged and entitled; 2) the worker bees to take care of their wants and needs; and 3) those fully dependent on government “aid.” In the minds of many, regular working folks should do as they’re told. They should not be permitted to live on a few acres out in the country. They should live in tight, planned urban centers and take mass transit to work. They should be paid what they’re deemed to deserve – not a penny more – because that would be “unfair.”

    A segment of the super-privileged seek control over the masses by any means possible, while they do as they please, without rules. The American experiment in self government and unlimited opportunity is largely done.

    While many celebrities are honestly philanthropic and well meaning, a good number of them make hypocritical outcries that smack of “I got mine, so now I can safely preach.” Not sure about Harrison. To be fair, he and his fam would likely be mobbed by fans on a commercial flight, because few people nowadays can exercise ordinary courtesy and restraint.

    I do agree this country could benefit from a good deal less waste and obscene over-consumption. But it should be voluntary. Good luck with that as we can never come together on anything anymore. You’re either squarely in Box “A” or Box “B,” and so are your opinions. There is no productive dialog, ever. We’ve been effectively divided and conquered. Enjoy what you have now, while it lasts.

    • And philanthropy/charity is very well tax deductible, and it is an immense image boost that you benefit from it even more. Simply priceless. It always pays off as long as you stay within the tax-deductible corridor.

    • What an uplifting and positive attitude…[redacted]

      [redacted] while real patriots do the hard work to prevent your predictions from occurring. LOL

      • They are already occurring. LOL Too many (real patriots aside) remain asleep at the wheel or brainwashed by the constant biased media news feed. “Journalists” now embed their opinions and judgments with news stories, as “facts.” No one is calling them out.

        Cities are burning, but at the same time, we’re told we need to defund the bad, bad police. It’s like watching a train wreck.

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