Robert Kennedy Jr: Dr. Fauci’s Double Standards: Polarizing the Nation on Hydroxychloroquine

Robert Kennedy Jr.

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.,

Chairman, Children’s Health Defense

I don’t know if hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is effective against COVID. It’s disturbing that I, like many other Americans, feel that we won’t learn the truth from Dr. Fauci.

A 2005 Virology Journal article by MJ Vincent and CDC’s Eric Bergeron et al, surfaced last week. The study concludes: “We report…that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-Coronavirus infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.” This conclusion implies that chloroquine functions both as a preventative ‘vaccine’ and as a cure for strains of coronavirus.”

If these results persist in human models in COVID 19, as last month’s Michigan hospital study and abundant evidence from US doctors and other nations suggest—HCQ might compete with Dr. Fauci’s vaccines including the Moderna vaccine for which his agency co-owns the patent and Dr. Fauci has invested $500 million in taxpayer dollars.

Worse yet—for vaccine makers—HCQ’s patents are long expired; pills cost 30 cents.

Dr. Fauci insists he will not approve HCQ for COVID until its efficacy is proven in “randomized, double-blind placebo studies.”

To date, Dr. Fauci has never advocated such studies for any of the 72 vaccine doses added to the mandatory childhood schedule since he took over NIAID in 1984. Nor is he requiring them for the COVID vaccines currently racing for approval. Why should hydroxychloroquine be the only remedy required to cross this high hurdle? HCQ is less in need of randomized placebo studies than any of these vaccines since its safety is well established after 60 years of use and decades on WHO’s list of “essential medicines.”

Bill Gates, the World Health Organization, and Big Pharma have fueled public suspicions by funding multiple studies of HCQ using protocols transparently calculated to discredit the drug. FDA condemned HCQ for COVID based on two studies in NEJM and Lancet even after the journals retracted them for fraud. Dr. Fauci’s peculiar hostility towards HCQ is consistent with his half-century bias favoring vaccines and patent medicines. Dr. Fauci’s double standards create confusion, mistrust and polarization.


MK10ART’s painting of the “unimpeachable” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Left Stream Media’s undisputed and unassailable expert on all things Covid. To question him is tantamount to admitting you are mentally unstable, and deserving of censorship for possessing dangerous views.

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  • Holding back chloroquine may have been an order from China that was executed by Democrats.
    More dead Americans, less people to investigate Pelosi.

  • “Shipwrecked on Ten Islands with Clintons and Branson” @Corey’sdigs, ( Aug. 16, 2018) is very worthwhile reading. Taking it further, YT, @cirstenw, “Qdigs with Mel. – Watch the Water” from Aug 9, 2020. Mel is a researcher on fire, and she is naming the names. This time, Mel decided to “follow the water.” There is a lot to ingest, but quietly, I study many dimensions of different subjects to connect the hidden dots and listened to Mel already familiar with much of what she is saying.

    I cannot help but feel that this kind of info is covering matters with which RFK, Jr. is already well informed. With all of my heart, I hope that he is not just another boogeyman in disguise as somebody who gives a damn.

  • Fuck, YEAH! Most people know in their hearts that this article is spot on. If more high profile people follow RFK Jr’s lead – and grow some balls by putting their name on it – maybe this COVID thing will be the spark that fuels change.

    • “Most people know in their hearts that this article is spot on”

      Maybe in their hearts, but not in their mind, were science resides

      • What in this article was incorrect? It is a science article. Are you picking and choosing what science is allowed to reside in your already made-up mind?

          • When you let politics enter into science, the answer is usually A or B. When science stands on its own, the answer is usually somewhere in the middle of A and B. If you are an A or B person, I call bullshit on your “clinging to science” shtick.

      • “Were science resides”? I might take your comment on science more seriously [redacted] as does RFK Jr.
        BTW, this is not the first article of his I read – he supports falconry and wrote on that many years back.

        Let’s see if other Democrats will listen to one of their own, or will they betray the nation so that Fauci can hype expensive drugs?

  • –A 2005 Virology Journal article by MJ Vincent and CDC’s Eric Bergeron et al, surfaced last week. The study concludes: “We report…that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-Coronavirus infection of primate cells—

    that was 15 years ago
    on a virus NOT covid 19
    15 years before covid 19 existed
    tested in culture dish, not in a human
    things that kill viruses in a culture dish: bleach, UV light, alien sperm, Vanguard’s sperm, a hammer

  • Wow Frank, you are this desperate to promote Dumb’s miracle drug to publish a study from 2005? A study that showed an effect in a PETRI DISH, not even in a mammal or a human. This is what your super drug has become?

    And now let us do some napkin math:
    The paper suggests a 10µM concentration of Chloroquine. Chloroquine has a molar mass of 320g. This means a person with a body weight of 75kg (165lb) would have to swallow a pill of 13.34g pure Chloroquine.
    Now let us compare it to how it is used as an anti-malaria treatment:
    Here they say you take 1 pill every 6 hours, tops. This makes just 2 grams per day. So a potentially successful medication would require you to take almost 7 times this amount.

    Last but not least. What is bad about testing the drugs before you roll them out?

    • joe the skunk goes out for a late-night stroll to gather food and search for females

      along the way

      he happens to find a road, which is still warm from the effects of the sun during the day so he dawdles, enjoying the warmth on his little feet

      and then BAM a mini clubman comes tooling down the road and drives right over joe” s silly head

      bye bye, joe

      hours later

      dr dumbshopper happens by walking fifi his ugly lapdog and he observes crows eating bits of joe, as dr dumbshopper approaches

      the carcass of joe, fifi’s barking drives off the crows

      and it becomes apparent that flies and bugs have begun eating bits of joe as well

      swarms of flys and bugs

      as dr dumbshopper walks carefully to get to closer to joe so he can ascertain if joe needs assistance

      it becomes clear (to the puddinghead dr) that joe has expired from the ravages of the crows and the swarm of bugs

      dr dumbshopper tells fifi to stay back or those deadly flies and bugs may kill you too!

      as our medical establishment has erred, so does dr dumbshopper the virus that may have been observed is NOT the cause of the kovid illness

      any more than the crows or the flies and bugs were the cause of joe’s untimely demise

      as the medical establishment ignores the effects of the pathogen that strips hemoglobin from red blood cells and can be nullified by anti-parasite drugs

      dr dumbshopper ignores the crushed skull which could not have been the result of flies and bugs or crows

      welcome, to your world

      let us review
      viruses are not alive, they do not eat or poop or breathe, no virus has been isolated and run through koch postulate procedures to establish any virus may be the cause for the illness known as kovid 18+1 . so “they” do not now the cause

      in china, the anti-viral drugs when used early in the pandemic were somewhat successful right up until all of the treated patients died
      when antiparasite drugs are used ie quinine , ivermectin, artimsia annua, the patients recover and survive mostly

      would you guess this illness is caused by a virus or a parasite?
      think hard now

      • No time to think. I’ve got to bring my overflowing garbage to the dump. Damn rats have been dumping garbage off at my house again.

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