Roger Stone: Hillary Clinton, Short-tempered, Foul Mouthed, Self-centered, Entitled Psychopath, Is Lying About Me Covering up for Trump

Hillary Clinton

By Roger Stone

I always knew that Hillary Clinton was a short-tempered, foul mouthed, self-centered, entitled psychopath but I have now reached the point where I fervently believe that her upset loss to the insurgent campaign of Donald Trump in 2016 has literally driven her insane.

Days after President Donald Trump commuted the sentence for my conviction in the rigged Soviet-style show trial I was subjected to by Robert Mueller’s dirty cops and the incredibly corrupt DC court system, Hillary Clinton was back recycling an entirely false left-wing conspiracy theory that was disproven by the very Mueller investigation that she cheered on.

The false narrative goes like this; “Roger Stone traded his silence about acts of misconduct or other inappropriate activity by Donald Trump in return for the commutation of his sentence. Stone even bragged about it.”

The problem with this claim is that it has no basis in fact or evidence to support it.  In fact, it is contrary to what I have said repeatedly – that Mueller’s prosecutors pressured me to cooperate with their witchhunt and to bear false witness against the President regarding numerous communications between candidate Trump and me in 2016.

Seemingly oblivious to the fact that her campaign money-laundered payments to a West Coast law firm in order to pay for a phony dossier replete with false accusations against Donald Trump that was compiled with the assistance of Russian intelligence, Hillary now claims that the commutation of my sentence is part of a “continuing cover-up”.

She also claims that I “threatened Trump both privately and publicly that I would speak out about what we actually did during the 2016 election” and that Trump “used the awesome power of commutation…. to basically shut up Roger Stone so that Roger Stone would not spill any more beans about what actually happened and how much Donald Trump actually knew”.

MSNBC host Joy Reid brainlessly agreed with this whopper by Hillary. Reid has reported in the past that I advised the President to embrace Russia in 2016 – a baseless and false assertion.

Hillary is not alone in making these baseless accusations.

Since the day of my commutation, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and the most corrupt prosecutor in US history, Andrew Weisman, have all repeated this bogus claim.  They all do so cleverly – taking my public statements in which I said repeatedly that the Mueller prosecutors wanted me to “come clean” and “confess” and offer false testimony against the President that could then be used as an article of impeachment.

In fact, on March 14, 2019, an assistant US Attorney on the Mueller team met privately with one of my attorneys to propose my cooperation in return for unspecified leniency in my sentence.

On the heels of all of these unsupportable claims – none of which Mueller, with his unlimited budget and extraordinary investigative authority, could find – come literally dozens of op-ed pieces by left-wing law professors claiming that the commutation of my sentence by the President is flawed because he, in essence, used his commutation to cover up his own illegal acts.

Given that there is no evidence or proof of this, any lawyer who writes this should be disbarred.  But then liberals never let facts get in the way of a good left-wing conspiracy theory.


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  • Hillary is now probably annoyed about Harris as VP candidate. Watch and see. The DNC ought to be interesting, though that show may be stolen by just one minute of the (pre-recorded) speech by AOC. Free circus. Somewhere PR China is hoping that these clowns win.
    If so, woe to America.

  • I can’t decide if Roger is a narcissist himself or a masochistic narcissist enabler.

    Perhaps Roger can elucidate on his feelings when Trump called him a “loser” and a “character” following his arrest?

    I did hear from Hillary’s secret service detail waaay back that she’s foul-mouthed and ill-tempered, btw.

    Always Wondered why Comey got shot down so hard for calling out the Clintons on their illegal web network fiefdom.

    Or why Julian Assange may never see the light of day again for doing the same.

  • Mr. Stone, I’m so glad you aren’t gagged anymore by that horrible Judge. So many people know that Killery Clinton is a piece of shit. It’s a shame she’s even part of the female race. She is definitely one political figure I’d like to see be brought to justice.

  • I agree 100%. Leftie aliens are taking over America headed by Hillary. The Donald is most certainly not a “short-tempered, foul mouthed, self-centered, entitled psychopath”. Definitely not him, no way. Renaissance Man, generous, so full of charity- certainly towards pussies anyway.
    Seriously- Americans – have lost your minds? Listening to your fantastical political dialogue of conspiracy theories, from both sides, is a tragi comedy. Just so you know, the world no longer takes your country seriously. Leaders laugh behind your Presidents back. Your countries institutions and people devour themselves with the blessing of your leadership. Mouths agape, the world watches in awe.

  • You sir, are a convicted liar. Under Federal Rules of Evidence Rule 609, you have a character for untruthfulness. Enough said.

    • I seen on Tucker Carlson that she went after a journalist that was writing about her planned parenthood supporters. He was bringing into light how they sell the aborted fetuses. She had his house raided and his writing was taken.

  • I’m tired of Stone, he should just go away – he’s a convicted liar and everything he says could be a lie. LOL

  • “short-tempered, foul mouthed, self-centered, entitled psychopath…”
    It’s highly amusing to me that this description fits Roger Stone and Donald Trump much more accurately than it does Hillary Clinton.

    Roger, you wouldn’t happen to know a little more about what may be revealed n the Epstein files would you? Did you attend any of Epstein’s pedophile parties? Were you there when Donald Trump raped children?

    Can you comment on the fact that Trump employed the same pedophile lawyer to defend him that Epstein has also used? The same lawyer who has also been accused of raping young girls at Epsteins parties?

    I do wonder what secrets this club of misogynistic old white perverts might want to cover up. Hmmmm. Whatever could it be??

    • Hey Roger
      I know you’re reading what I wrote, and I’m hoping you’ll find the courage to reply.
      You also know that I know everything that your favourite researcher has recorded about you and your pals. So I’m LOL, (as Scott likes to say).

    • Exactly! Roger Stone and his wife advertised for sex with other couples describing themselves as a swinging couple!

    • Flowers, where is the proof of what you’re saying? Calling the president a child rapist should be backed up by solid evidence and I’d like to know more about it. Can you please point me in the direction? Thanks 💐

      • Google it, it’s pretty easy to find. There have been numerous accusations made against Trump by the girls trafficked by Epstein and Maxwell. Of course, it’s impossible to know how much is true, but documents related to this were made public yesterday (though are still redacted)….but we might find out more shortly.

      • Flowers should write an article for Frank to feature outlining all her intel on Roger Stone. Her comment saying she “knows” Mr Stone reads her words is intriguing and, I, for one would like to know what she thinks she has on him.

        • Mous
          I’m not the one who has collected volumes of information regarding Stone, Manafort, Trump, etc, and all their activities over the years, but I do know who has that information.

          How do I know Roger is reading this? Like all narcissists, Roger will be interested in the feedback his article receives, so it’s not a stretch to assume he reads my comments on his articles.

          • I was mistaken. Your comments about Roger Stone often read as though you have insider knowledge or a personal relationship with him. I’m a little disappointed you don’t.

          • Mous
            I haven’t interacted with Stone online, though I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the alt-right trolls who harass online are connected to him.
            However, I’ve seen some pretty convincing evidence that Stone has harassed certain people online because he wanted to remove their database of documents.
            If this person’s claims are true (and I see no reason to doubt them), then the only reason Stone would do this would be to try and hide evidence. So, what is Roger trying to cover up?

    • Flowers:
      Haven’t you seen the reports that Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s Pedophile Island?

      ‘Teasing the girls with playful pokes,’ Bill Clinton strolled with two beauties ‘around either arm content to retire for the evening.’ Epstein victim tells of the Hillary-free former president’s night on Jeffrey ‘orgy island,’ in unsealed docs

      Bill Clinton stayed in Jeffrey Epstein ‘s villa private Caribbean island of Little Saint James after his presidency ended, Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts claims
      The claims were made in Roberts’ testimony from 2011 that was only made public for the first time on Thursday.

      • Shadow, I replied earlier but my comment didnt post.
        I did see these claims that were made about Clinton, but since Clinton’s name was not redacted on these documents, I assume he has not been accused of any crimes in connection to Epstein. I wonder who’s name was redacted and when that info will be made public.

    • The Epstein/Trump ties are nothing. I knew Jeffrey’s brother personally and that the Epsteins, and their friends, hated Trump.
      But Clinton? 26 x on the Lolita Express. Trump, not once.
      And Stone was not loved by the Epstein Brothers, or Maxwell, either.
      Enough said.

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