Was Michele Hatchette Wearing Allison Mack’s Dress a Message to Mack?

Last night we showed readers a picture posted on Instagram of Michele Hatchette in a white dress, announcing that the Forgotten Ones will be suspending their nightly dancing in front of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center until next Friday.

Michelle telling us the sad news that the Forgotten Ones won’t be dancing again in front of the MDC where their master, Keith Alan Raniere, is in custody until next Friday, July 31. Seeing Michele in the white dress, I remembered another Nxivm member had worn that same dress at Vanguard Week on the occasion of Keith Raniere’s 56th birthday, August 26, 2016.  That woman was Allison Mack.

A barefoot Allison Mack sang before her often-barefoot master, Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard, at Vanguard Week 2016.

It is not surprising perhaps that Michele wound up with her slave master’s dress.  When Allison was arrested in April 2018, she was hauled out of her Brooklyn condo at 6 am in the morning by the FBI – in handcuffs – and placed in jail for several days.

When she made her $5 million bail, she was subject to home arrest – at her parent’s house in Los Alamitos, California. She probably did not return to her rented condo in Brooklyn.

Michele, one of her slaves, may have gathered up her clothing, including the white dress. {Raniere considered all his slaves to be his wives and I wonder if they considered it a kind of wedding dress.]

Allison, who said she quit Nxivm and DOS, is presumed to no longer be Michele’s master.  Nicki Clyne is the new leader of DOS.

Nicki is now Michele’s slave master and likely gives her orders every day, perhaps every waking hour.

Keith Alan Raniere – the prisoner they are dancing for outside MDC – is Clyne’s master and, hence, he is Michele’s grandmaster – in the parlance of DOS.

Of the eight DOS First-Line Slaves, only Lauren and Allison – who were both charged with and convicted of racketeering felonies – are known to be uninvolved with DOS – and we cannot be 100 percent certain that Mack is mentally truly out of DOS.  She may be waiting for the day when she completes her prison sentence to get back in.

I recall the testimony of Nicole, an aspiring actress at the trial of Raniere. She was sex-trafficked by Raniere, the jury decided.

Nicole testified brilliantly against Raniere. With humor at times and pathos, and tragedy, and conveying her terror effectively, she spoke on the witness stand for several days.  She told the jury, among other scandalous things, that Mack required her and other slaves to pose nude while Mack took close up pictures of their vaginas, presumably to send to Raniere.

Nicole testified this happened more than once, and on one occasion, the photos were taken at Michele Hatchette’s family’s home in the Berkshires.  Mack and her slaves went there for a co-called “bonding” trip. They hiked and then made dinner. After dinner, Allison told them their trip was going to be more than just a bonding trip.

Nicole testified that she thought, “Oh gosh, what’s coming next?”

Allison explained she had an assignment for her slaves. She was, she said, going to take “a close up photo of all your pussies.”

Nicole fought back. It was an argument back and forth for a while, but Nicole lost. {Allison had plenty of blackmail worthy ‘collateral’ on Nicole to help keep her in line].

Danielle Roberts, India, and Michele compliantly, and Nicole reluctantly, took off their clothes. Each woman had to sit on the couch in turn and spread their legs and be photographed by Allison.

Danielle Roberts was first. Nicole was last.  When Michele’s picture was taken, Allison said with pure delight, “It is a beautiful cunt.”

Does she look a little skinny to you? Michele Hatchette at the peak of her DOS- diet days.


One good thing about Keith Raniere being arrested is that he cannot as easily impose the DOS diet on his slaves and grand slaves. Michele has plumped up a bit and looks far more healthy. But she is now “way too fat” for Keith’s taste. He said fat on a woman – even one excess pound – can disturb his highly concentrated spiritual energies.  {Apparently some readers saw this as an attack on Michele’s body. It is not. Keith thought any woman who was not emaciated is “too fat”. That is not my opinion but his. I have written this many times. MIchele looks a lot healthier in this photo than the one above it when Allison was her slave master and Raniere was still a free man.

After the nude pictures were taken, Allison said, “See, that wasn’t so bad.”

Allison ordered them to speak about how they felt about being explicitly photographed. Nicole refused to answer.

Allison rebuked her: “Oh, are you still throwing a fit over there?”

The slaves of Allison Mack had nicknames.  India was called the Princess. Nicole was the Brat.  Michele was called the Clown.

Michele, the clown, was perhaps happy to have her photo taken.  And be admired. Mack knew how to compliment a good slave.

Today, Michele has a new master, Nicki Clyne. It is not known whether they still have sessions where photographs are taken.

Which brings us back to our original point:  Why did Michele wear Allison’s white dress?

It was also observed, and commented upon by at least one astute reader, that Nicki wore a t-shirt at the dance in front of MDC that said “Mama Bear”.

She is the leader of DOS and rules slaves – among them Dr. Roberts, Michele, possibly others, such as Linda Chung and Samantha LeBaron.  Is she their mama bear?

In April 2019, about one year after she was arrested and about one month before she was scheduled to stand trial, Allison repudiated Keith Raniere in her allocution before the judge, when she pled guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy – as part of a plea deal which resulted in the feds dropping the far more serious sex trafficking charges against her.

Still, I am not completely sure Mack is completely out of DOS or Nxivm.  It is a brainwashing cult, after all, and no matter how much evidence is presented to show that Raniere is an unmitigated scoundrel and not a compassionate guru at all, there are still some who cannot shake it off.

This bizarre dance ritual shows it. The dancers like Michele, Danielle Roberts and Nicki Clyne – all very close to Allison – show this to us clearly. Michele and Danielle were Allison’s slaves. They are still in DOS.  Danielle is likely to lose her medical license in the next few months because of her deceptively branding slaves, at Raniere’s command, and yet she went out there doing flips for her Vanguard this past month.

Dr. Roberts, Nicki Clyne and Michele Hatchette dance for their Vanguard.


Dr. Roberts prepares to do a flip, as Nicki Clyne watches.


Dr. Roberts does a handstand for her Vanguard.

And Michele is wearing Allison’s dress, dancing nightly for her Vanguard.

And Nicki, who was legally married to Allison, is out there leading the pack. Nothing will shake Nicki’s devotion to her master.

So if Allison’s closest friends and allies in DOS are still in, is she really out – or just “out” because of her legal problems?

Maybe Allison is still suffering from the same old torment – a mad, hypnotically-induced infatuation with a monster.

Was the dress worn by Michele – and the t-shirt worn by Nicki – a message to Raniere or was the message directed to Mack or to both of them?

We can’t rule it out, for this is a sex cult that does not seem to easily go away.

And despite what Nicki said, it is a sex cult.

On the day Raniere was arrested, Nicki, Allison, Lauren, Loreta Garza and Rosa Laura Junco were planning a group blow job for Raniere.

Allison and the other First Line Slaves made their slaves regularly pose naked for photos. They posed naked themselves. Slaves were assigned to seduce Raniere.

Nicki Clyne’s naked pictures, graphic nudes or her, were recovered by the feds.

But Nicki says it is not a sex cult. That she did not even know what a sex cult is.

She is either an awful naive Mama Bear or one unadulterated liar.  Lying is what they do best in Nxivm.

Keeping that in mind, what reason do have we to believe that Allison was not equally well trained in lying?

And why do have to believe Micele’s choice to wear Allison’s dress was simply accidental?




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  • After further thought…

    I speculate the white dress is a direct message from Allison Mack, indicating she is still a loyal DOS member.


    If Allison was no longer on board with DOS, then Michelle Hatchette appearing in the white-dress Allison Mack wore, on Vanguard Day, would be in insult to Keith. Therefore, the dress must symbolize something positive.

    The DOS loyalists have limited ways of communicating with Raniere. The dress is clearly a message.

    Don’t agree? Well, the DOS women are so desperate Nicki learned Morse Code.

    Frank must have totally pissed-off Nicki Clyne when the authorities were alerted to the Morse Code.

    • “I speculate the white dress is a direct message from Allison Mack, indicating she is still a loyal DOS member.”
      She is not, and she can’t have acces to that info…she is still forbidden to use the net.
      She is done and i doubt this dress means anything but some kind of present for raniere himself.

      Reminder, this dress might have been wore by Allison but nothing prove it’s hers…it was used during an event on a scene FOR to please raniere.

  • I remember being very saddened when I first saw the video of Mack singing in that dress, because I knew I was looking at a broken person. I have seen more broken people than I would ever have wanted to. I have seen that look in people who have been kept as sex slaves, and those who have been illegally confined and tortured. It is distressing to see, even for those who are trained to help these people. No matter how someone arrives at that state, it is a terrible thing.

  • The real reason Raniere wanted his women skinny, sleep deprived, and malnourished is because he wanted to be strong compared to them. LOL

    He’s such a wimp that a normal woman could kick his a$$. LOL

  • Because of the Covid Panic there are restrictions on travel.
    Anyone flying has to wear a mask. Anyone traveling to New York after being in California has to go into a 14 day self-isolation.
    These kind of rules are shutting down travel all across the country.

  • Astute observation as usual, Frank and, I agree, most definitely some sort of psyche-out attempt spun by a twisted psycho “criminal mind” either behind those bars already or still on the outside!

    We’re all supposed to notice the white sacrificial dress donned by the new, token black Madonna — at least in her own mind who might break out in song… “Is that Any Way for a Woman to Carry On?!”

    And how IS Rosa Laura Junco’s search for a dark Virgin to rival Mexican President Obrador’s populist party symbol going? Perhaps a conjugal visit from her daughter with the Vanguard if they’d only put him in a State prison or mental institution where that’s possible if Clare’s out of the way. I know how that can be arranged — have the State nail him on the underage sex crimes and there ya go. Keith gets sexed, next Avatar baby Mama gets knocked up and the world is SAVED by the brown infant!

  • The message was:”we’re gonna trigger that parlato fool and his follower sheeps with allisons dress, he is propably starting to speculate shit about it!”

  • “What reason do have we to believe that Allison was not equally well trained in lying?”
    Frank Parlato

    Allison Mack branded women like cattle and then collected blackmail information on them…
    All in the name female empowerment.
    That sounds like mighty big lies to me.
    And when confronted with evidence that Raniere is a pedophile Mack answered with a big bald-faced lie, “Do you think I would work for a child molester?”

    Why do you think the FBI did not use Mack’s testimony at trial?
    Because they don’t trust her.

    Indeed, in Mack’s court statement, she said that NXIVM had many good people.

    If you look at the picture of Michelle Hackett in the white dress on Instagram, it is liked by Allison Mack’s Superfan Charger426 hemi 1

    Liked by

    Indeed, on Charge’s page Mack is referred to as “Queen Allison”

    Queen Allison
    If you don’t like the brilliant and talented Allison mack feel free to move along

    Incidentally, Charger is an enthusiastic follower of Nicki’s Dance group.

    68 posts
    322 following
    The Forgotten Ones
    Dancing outside Metropolitan Detention Center. Bringing joy to those inside 🖤✨
    Friday, July 31 @ 8pm
    80 29th Street, Brooklyn
    Followed by charger426hemi1, and danie.dawn

    If Nicki and Allison want to communicate, they can do so through Allison’s sister.
    Nicki and Allison’s sister know each other.

    Picture of Nicki and Allison’s sister standing next to each other in a Long Beach California coffee shop.
    jammin it out @aromadiroma. gotta love the lbc.

  • I just can’t get with this article. Calling Michelle fat.. really? Not the first time you have attacked her appearance or any other girl. First off, she isn’t. Second, it’s obvious she hasn’t gained any additional weight.

    At this point, I just feel you are doing your best to trash them. You actually enjoy degrading these women, Frank, and that’s not real journalism. You complained they weren’t transparent. Then they are. That’s not good enough for you, so you complain about what they are doing and saying it’s a master plan but yet they again have been pretty transparent. I mean, I have the same white dress, does that make me a big conspiracy too?

    I’ve always been a faithful Frank Report reader but more and more it seems like the reports against this group recently are becoming more vuglar – all the while you are defending a known pedophile Tighe. I call that being a hypocrite.

    • You missed the entire point. I was not calling her fat. I said Raniere would call her fat. She looks to me a lot better and healthier now that she is evidently off the DOS diet.
      Yet Raniere, who was not slender himself, would have put her on a reducing diet.

      • No, Frank, I didn’t. I called you out on your condescending report in the next article and you censored me. A real journalist wouldn’t do that. You just didn’t want me to remind your viewers that you had ties to Nxivm and that your constant posting is clearly personal. Especially when your next article made direct snide comments to body shaming., shortly after my comment. Oh, the irony.

        However, you don’t feel the same anger and obsession for John Tighe. Instead, you want to exonerate a child pedophile. You are being a hypocrite.

      • —She looks to be a lot better [fatter] and healthier [heavier] now that she is evidently off the DOS diet.

        Hey tiger, sure you like “healthy” women. That’s why you’ve only dated fat chicks all your life? 🙂

        Stop your heinous body shaming and objectification of women. Vagina is vagina, it’s place to stick your pecker. You’re so shallow, Parlato. I bet you have to get drunk whenever you bang ugly chicks; you are a superficial dirty rat bastard.

  • I had the impression you changed for the good, but this article showed me again, that you’re still the same idiot than two years ago, Frank!

  • I keep forgetting Nicki and Allison were married. Do we know for sure they still are? If so, why would they still be?

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