Ghislaine Maxwell and Clare Bronfman: A Tale of Two Heiresses and the Men Who Dominated Their Lives

By Dianne Lipson 

Both Clare Bronfman and Ghislaine Maxwell, daughters of rich and powerful men, are in the hands of the justice system due to their association with other rich and powerful men.

Ghislaine was an enabler of Jeffrey Epstein’s perversions. Clare’s enabling of Keith Raniere had more to do with Raniere’s desire for power and money. Clare was a tool. She was ready and willing to fund and personally engage in destructive litigation against Raniere’s enemies. It’s interesting that, in Clare’s case, the partner with money was not the one with the most power in the relationship. Both Clare and Ghislaine allowed men to dominate their lives.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine [[pronounced Gee-Lane] Maxwell
The two heiresses have very different personalities. Clare’s resting facial expression is a curious mixture of haughtiness and entitlement, combined with shyness and introversion. She was so soft-spoken that I sometimes found it impossible to hear her in the courtroom.

A true criminal – Clare Bronfman

Ghislaine, in contrast, has been described as possessing a strong personality and “bombastic charm.” Prior to Epstein’s first conviction, he and Ghislaine made the scene at prestigious Manhattan soirees. Clare led a quieter life. The proprietor of this blog, former NXIVM consultant turned whistleblower Frank Parlato, wrote that Clare once very much dreaded attending a high-profile party. Frank, in a friendly gesture, suggested that she was not obligated to go, justifying her decision to avoid attending.

Their relationships with their father may explain this difference in self-confidence. Ghislaine was the acknowledged favorite daughter of her rich and powerful father. Clare, in contrast, has painful daddy issues, not only as a child of divorce also but from reportedly being the less favored child in comparison with her prettier and more outgoing sister.

Robert Maxwell with daughter Ghislaine.


Clare and Sara Bronfman

Both women dabbled in real estate. When Ghislaine came to live in New York after her father’s death, she worked selling real estate in Manhattan for a Madison Avenue firm. She subsequently managed all of Epstein’s properties. In contrast to Ghislaine’s hands-on involvement, Clare’s investment in a real estate company was not even in her name, and required the intervention of a third party, Frank Parlato, to recover her funds.

Journalist Alexender Mercouris of The Duran has pointed out the similarities between Jeffrey Epstein and Robert Maxwell. Both men were reputed to have shadowy ties to domestic and foreign intelligence, particularly Mossad. Both men amassed great fortunes which no one quite knew the origins of. Both men died under mysterious and highly questionable circumstances.

L-R Sara Bronfman, dad, Edgar Bronfman, and Clare Bronfman.

If Clare would have perceived any similarity between the two most important men in her life, Raniere and Edgar Bronfman, it would have been altruism. As his communications to his daughter attest, Edgar Bronfman derived great satisfaction advocating for the state of Israel. He donated large sums of money to Jewish causes. Clare was convinced that Keith Raniere also had altruistic motives. She may have felt that Raniere’s mission was even more important, as it supposedly encompassed all of humanity.

Keith Raniere speaks to his followers. In the front row are Nancy Salzman, Pam Cafrtiz, and Clare Bronfman.

Both women suffered losses in connection with their fathers. Clare must have felt lost and abandoned both as a child of divorce and being the less favored sibling. The death of Ghislaine’s father was a compound loss. She not only lost her father but, due to her father’s shady finances and subsequent collapse of his financial empire, she lost both the fortune and the prestige once associated with being the daughter of Robert Maxwell.

Ghislaine Maxwell is a Capricorn.

I will insert a bit of astrology here. Anyone may skip this part if it is not your cup of tea.

Ghislaine‘s sun sign is Capricorn. Capricorn is the most practical and the most ambitious sign in the zodiac. Ghislaine has Mars, the planet of action, in very close conjunction to her Capricorn sun, which only increases her drive. A marriage to Epstein, which friends say was her goal, would have restored the fortune and status that Ghislaine lost in the death of her father. Jeffrey had the money, she had the social connections. They would have been a power couple, hobnobbing in the highest social circles of the world. Clare may have also harbored fantasies of marrying Raniere., though for different motives. A marriage to Raniere would have salved her unmet emotional needs (maybe), while raising his profile as a new age/self-help celebrity.

Epstein and Raniere both had an obsession with young, virginal women. Both demanded that their sex partners maintain thin bodies. As I observed in court, Clare was horribly, painfully thin. Clare was reportedly the only one of Raniere’s women who never cheated on his mandated extreme low-calorie diet. As for Ghislaine’s diet, per Vanity Fair here, “[A] woman in Maxwell’s orbit says she used to joke about keeping herself rail-thin because Epstein liked thin girls. Maxwell, whose father was Jewish, liked to shock. “She said, ‘I do it the way Nazis did it with the Jews, the Auschwitz diet. I just don’t eat.’”

Ghislaine Maxwell is said to be a highly intelligent woman. She is well-educated, she attended Balliol College at Oxford. No one has ever described the uneducated Clare as having a superior brain. Her hapless signing of an open-ended plea agreement, giving the judge discretion to increase her sentence at will, attests to this. With stunning bad timing, she allowed Michael Avenatti to become involved with her defense just prior to Avenatti getting indicted himself.

Ghislaine, however, is a woman with a sharp mind, valuable secrets, and a plan. At this time, she is hoping to be let off due to a 2008 immunity arrangement worked out in Florida for any potential co-conspirators of Epstein’s. If this gambit does not succeed, I have no doubt that she has a Plan B, and then a Plan C, Plan D, and E. Both women are entangled with the justice system, but Ghislaine may be more in control of her destiny than Clare ever was.

Will Ghislaine Maxwell get out of federal custody alive?

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  • Ghislaine fails to get bail because she is a French citizen and France rarely extradites its citizens.
    Also the French consider pedophilia to be normal.
    Just ask Roman Polanski.

  • Maxwell had her bail denied today, so she has something in common with Raniere. LOL

    Perhaps they can become friends now, I wonder who has the top position? LOL

  • Clare is our leader and has qualities that Dianne Lipson could never even dream about. Clare is strong and fearless. She is wise and compassionate. You don’t know how she has adopted us and given us succor – despite the injustice heaped on her. She never faltered.
    She will be with us again shortly. Never fear…we shall rise again like the Phoenix and conquer with love over haters like Frank Parlato and Dianne Lipson.

    And Our Dear Vanguard will be set free! He has assured us of that!!!

    • ‘You don’t know how she has adopted us and given us succor’

      Let me guess

      She is paying your rent and keeping your larder stocked. She is keeping you in the manner to which you became accustomed as members of a cult – Nxivm, a long long time ago. You’re still members. She is still your leader, your tyrant, your wallet. Suckers, mother-suckers, indeed.
      I hope you bargained hard for Clare’s succor, for your continuing loyalty and your future security. I hope you struck a bargain equal to the loss of your career earnings past and future. I bet you didn’t.

      PS If you had any sense you would be skeptical of any ‘assurance’ Vanguard gives you by now. I mean, come on. I give the dancing about as long as you give any of your projects – thank you for not singing a capella. Or doing stand-up.

  • Ghislane and Clare share another coincidence.
    Frank Parlato wrote a story about NXIVM using the Telegram encryption app.

    “(S)he said that the remaining members of NXIVM cult are now communicating through an encrypted program called Telegram.”
    Nxians were away from encrypted phones during the time Legatus was @ Saratoga

    It turns out that Ghislane Maxwell operated an Oceanography Foundation called TerraMar.
    Ghislaine’s Foundation also used the Telegram Encryption app that NXIVM used.
    I guess criminal minds think alike.

    “TerraMar (UK) was reported by The Times (of London) to have joined the “secretive Telegram messenger app service” on August 10, 2019, the date that Epstein died in prison.
    The TerraMar Project

  • These women are rotten to the core. How is it Clare is still free after funding a criminal enterprise? Is it because it’s easier to milk the cash cow outside of jail?

    • ” How is it Clare is still free after funding a criminal enterprise? Is it because it’s easier to milk the cash cow outside of jail?”

      Don’t be surprised if Clare is still calling the shots at NXIVM with help from Sister Sara and Nicki.
      Moreover, don’t be surprised if Clare is still in touch with all of the NXIVM defendants.
      Even Nancy, Lauren and Allison.

  • Have you noticed how the the links of Epstein and Maxwell to Israel/Mossad–the entire setup an operation being an obvious honey pot operation–have been completely downplayed and/or wiped from the mainstream media? Of course not, because that’s what is really a non-free press does. They become the propaganda arm of the interests who own them. Just look at the daily fear-mongering the global elite has initiated through their control over people in government agencies and the media for COVID-19 which they’ve used to lock down the global populace in the name of “safety”, shutting down small businesses and causing mass unemployment while they “reset” their system rooted on usury intrinsically bound to explode so they can create another “new normal” for the benefit of you, like the sociopaths ever gave a shit about anyone other than themselves or anything else than satisfying their insatiable lust for power and greed. “Covidiots” is a term the probably use to laugh at the “normals” as they sit in their mansions sipping their tea, people who should just behave like good sheeple to serve them and wear their really cool hip masks with artwork to normalize the authoritarianism that they’re literally enforcing right under their noses. Problem-reaction-solution.

    “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.”

    • That’s Trump’s plan….he’s lied 20,000 times while in office.

    • You start off with: “Have you noticed how the the links of Epstein and Maxwell to Israel/Mossad–the entire setup an operation being an obvious honey pot operation–have been completely downplayed and/or wiped from the mainstream media?”
      There were many who jumped out and swore that the Mossad took Maxwell off to Israel and that Epstein was their man.
      If so, why was Maxwell in NH and known to have been in the US all the time?
      And if they were Mossad, why were so many people they spied on Jews?
      Try China. Try looking at Epstein’s past in Vienna, Gerald Bull, Dr Herman Erben, things you might not know about.
      It’s of course a lot easier to blame the Jews. And then say it’s a conspiracy when no one picks up on it. The reason the mainstream press has no Mossad plot here is that there is no Mossad plot. In fact, they may have been spied on by these two.

      • It is a good post, Ken, but here is the story from my end. Robert Maxwell gambled with so many of his workers’ pensions to the point his son was bankrupted after it came out he had done so after he died. Pensions have since been ring-fenced in the UK now due to his actions.

        His death has been debated but the most common conception here is he liked to pee in the sea and fell overboard probably drinking the alcohol that others perhaps paid for.

        The whole reason his daughter is in the USA is due to this as she could never get away from her father’s actions in the UK (Defendants on here take note).

        The thing with Ghislaine is she is being shaped online for a fall and she might be guilty but here is the question I would ask her. Around the time Epstein was doing all the things he was doing, she was charged with drunk driving so it must have affected her so it shows she was not a total monster!

        Edit: Just found a mention of drunk driving towards the bottom but it has otherwise disappeared online. Pretty sure I even read it on her Wikipedia at some point…

      • That doesn’t make a lick of sense. Maxwell and Epstein and who they have significant ties to: Leslie Wexner all have Jewish/Israeli origins. No one is blaming the Jews in general. Israel and its CIA/KGB equivalent, aka the Mossad, is not equivalent to Jews. That is just a bunch of phony bologna to play the anti-Semitic card. The majority of people who are ruled over by their governments (including Jews in Israel) don’t know anything about the filth that goes on behind the scenes in the upper echelons of power.

        Why the fuck would China care? China’s economy has grown enormously in the past thirty years to be right there with that of the US even superseding it without the need for spying for such advantages, unlike a tiny country like Israel which is reliant on large amounts of foreign government financial aid being surrounded by people who they see as their enemies. These Western “think tanks” have feared for years China’s growing economy and its power as a result on the world stage. With China building a road through Pakistan to connect them to Indian Ocean and other seas to the West, China no longer has to rely on going all the way around at the speed of boat travel which can only boost their economy even more. Despite the propaganda, China is absolutely feared by those in the know and it’s why some of its leaders have speculated that the country was the first and primary target of COVID and the intended post effect global lock down ramifications.

  • Just noticed Nan in the picture face-palming as she listens to Raniere’s word-salad. Was that a cackle – or a little bit of vomit – or a yawn perhaps – trying to escape from her mouth?

  • Maxwell isn’t much smarter than Bronfman, she just has better circumstances. LOL

    It’s not like Bronfman didn’t have high-paid and creative lawyers to represent her. LOL

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