Governor’s Daughter Tipped Off Rioters in Minneapolis That the National Guard Wasn’t Coming

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This is not a new story. The events described in it occurred on May 28 and was part of the backstory of the protest-turned-riot over the death of George Floyd. Our correspondent, Shadow State, is right: This is not a story that the mainstream media would want to publish. Yet a governor’s daughter disclosing inside information to rioters that they needn’t fear the presence of the National Guard, who then went on to destroy some $500 million worth of property and cause the death of at least one man, Calvin Lewis Horton Jr., ought to be news.

Governor Tim Walz said what happened in Minneapolis after Floyd’s death was the second-most destructive incident of civil unrest in U.S. history, after the 1992 riots in Los Angeles. Yet, he declined the offer of President Trump to send in the National Guard, and as Shadow details, his daughter, Hope Walz, put that news out on Twitter to ensure that the protesters/rioters were aware of that good news — for them. It was bad news for the owners and tenants of some 700 buildings that were damaged, burned, or destroyed in Minneapolis.

It remains unclear why protesters/rioters enraged over Floyd’s death do not exclaim equal abhorrence to the death of Horton. His life was, at least to him, not any less important than George Floyd’s. However, to publish such sentiments would be to minimize the narrative that police are bad and the protesters are peaceful, righteous, and good. There is little to no outrage to the wanton destruction of property and loss of another life in the wake of the death of one man, Floyd, in Minneapolis.

By Shadow State

I dare you to publish this story which the mainstream media won’t touch.

Why doesn’t the DOJ arrest the communist Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, and his communist rat of a daughter, Hope Walz, for fomenting an insurrection?

President Trump offered to call out the National Guard to restore order to the streets of Minneapolis during a riot. Governor Walz rejected Trump’s offer.

Hope Walz was safely away from the violence and mayhem she helped enable.

On May 28, Hope Walz tweeted that the National Guard would not be called out to stop the rioting in Minneapolis.  Hope used social media to give her Anti-Fa and BLM friends the green light to continue the riot.

Hope’s tweets were deleted but it was fortunately captured by a screenshot:

“could someone who has followers actually rel(a)y to the masses that the guard WILL NOT be present tonight??” Hope Walz

Hope goes on to Tweet, “the guard can not be sent in within minutes. it takes time for them to deploy because they come from all over the be clear, the guard will not be present tonight.”

Walz continued, “what I do know is the guard won’t be arresting people tonight.”

So the guard won’t be arresting people and it is safe for you to riot says the governor’s daughter.

Screenshot of Hope Walz’s tweets.

Here are some pertinent reactions to Hope Walz’s tweets.

“Pete Hegseth
May 30
Why is the daughter of Minnesota’s Governor (@GovTimWalz) sharing information about National Guard movements & capabilities to Minneapolis “protesters”?


Lisa @USLisaLaw

That is putting the national guard and police in danger. This needs to STOP


LauraJane Turnbull (McGinnis)

She is probably getting paid by Soros.


Constitution @adopt1776
She won’t because she is a sympathizer with the insurrectionist communist and anarchist who want to overthrow our constitutional republic.


Gov. Walz extends COVID-19 peacetime emergency |
Governor Walz declined the President’s offer to bring in the National Guard to protect property and lives in Minneapolis.

Governor Walz rejected the Pentagon’s offer of military police,  “As the events unfolded that night, the Pentagon placed members of the Military Police Corps from Fort Bragg and Fort Drum on stand-by, preparing for possible deployment to the Twin Cities if requested by Walz. Walz later declined the offer”

Partly as a result of Hope Walz’s espionage for Anti-Fa and BLM, about 1500 buildings in Minneapolis were damaged or destroyed with damage totaling 500 million dollars.

One person was murdered outside a Minneapolis pawn shop during the riot. Riots spread to over 100 cities with 26 dead nationwide.

Why is this story important?

Because the politicians of Minnesota want American taxpayers to pay to fix their city destroyed by their corruption and anti-American treason.  President Trump has refused to fund any reconstruction of Minneapolis.

No doubt the communists in the media will try to demonize Trump over this issue.

Let’s take a view of the damage caused by rioters aided and abetted, it seems, by Governor Tim Walz and his daughter, Hope.

(Photo by KEREM YUCEL/AFP via Getty Images)

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3 years ago

Pete Hegseth is a reporter for Fox News!

Pete Hegseth
May 30
Why is the daughter of Minnesota’s Governor (
) sharing information about National Guard movements & capabilities to Minneapolis “protestors”?

Pete Hegseth
husband to
weekend co-host | author of bestseller #AmericanCrusade & #InTheArena |
speaker | Army veteran

3 years ago

I can not find anywhere on Fox News or its news affiliates to corroborate the above article involving Hope Walz.

Any links guys or girls?


3 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy

Nice Guy
Please look at my comment above about Pete Hegseth.

3 years ago

Sounds like everything has balanced out, the governor allowed the rioters to cause damage, and Trump refused to pay for it. LOL

They obviously don’t care about Horton, so much for BLM. LOL

This entire disaster is backfiring on the radicals. LOL

3 years ago

“President Trump has refused to fund any reconstruction of Minneapolis.”

This is a logical decision.

Shadow, if you want to be taken seriously---
Shadow, if you want to be taken seriously---
3 years ago

—don’t start off your comment with such hyperbole: “the communist Governor of Minnesota”

3 years ago

What kind of Governor would allow violent mobs of revolutionaries to set fires throughout his state’s largest city?
If Governor Walz is not a Communist, then he is clinically insane.

As for Walz’s bratty entitled daughter in her own tweet, she refers to the public as the”masses”.
In America, the Communists often publish newspapers with the word “Masses” in the title.

“The Masses was a graphically innovative magazine of socialist politics published monthly in the United States from 1911 until 1917 when federal prosecutors brought charges against its editors for conspiring to obstruct conscription. ”

“The New Masses (1926–1940s) was an artistic-literary monthly launched in 1926, revisiting the style of The Masses and The Liberator. ”
English-language press of the Communist Party USA

Ken Gibson
Ken Gibson
3 years ago

I might agree that communist is the wrong adjective, as in reality, communism is sharing in common; this is looting and not sharing with anybody. Except of course the bill for damage, that they are willing to share with the taxpayer.

Communism is a word that has been stretched out of meaning by people who are, in reality, dictators.

But since it has acquired a new and rather negative meaning, I might agree on the other hand that communism is the correct adjective.

He could just as well as used other words, such as: Idiotic, irresponsible, treasonous, lying, self-serving, sick, and disgusting.

Take your pick.

Thanks K Gibson
Thanks K Gibson
3 years ago
Reply to  Ken Gibson

“Idiotic, irresponsible, treasonous, lying, self-serving, sick, and disgusting”…how many would properly describe the president?

Take your pick.

3 years ago

If your allegations against President Trump are true, then how come the Democrats were unable to impeach him after 42 months of investigation?

K.R. Claviger
3 years ago

Just for the sake of clarity, the Democratic-controlled House did impeach President Trump but he was acquitted of those charges by the Republican-controlled Senate. Now, you can carry on with the discussion…

3 years ago

K.R. Claviger
The charges were so bogus that the Democrats sat on them for a month before referring them to the Senate.
And after losing in the trial, petulant Pelosi, in a fit of rage, tore up Trump’s State of the Union Speech and then the Democratic Governors trashed the economy by shutting down the country!
House Speaker Nancy Petulant Pelosi tears up the State of the Union speech.

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