Fred: Social Distancing Is a Well Known CIA Form of Torture & a Conman Claims He Is King of England

This gentlemen apparently is claiming that he is the rightful king of England.

Fred has been providing Frank Report readers with some very interesting observations in recent months.

He does not buy into the mainstream narrative of the pandemic and its causes. His view of social distancing as a deliberately imposed method of destabilizing society [as a form of torture] is worth examining.

Unlike the mainstream media, which must propound a mainstream narrative lest someone, anyone, get confused in their group thinking, at Frank Report, having a superior core of readers, with much more advanced critical thinking prowess, I have no fear of presenting alternate viewpoints. Having studied cults, readers here have cultivated the ability to debunk theories – and also to assess them in case they might be true.

Fred’s opinions are his own and do not necessarily reflect my opinions or anyone else’s and I suspect that is exactly what Fred would prefer: For readers to think for themselves.

By Fred

The link – – is a video by Leigh Dundas Esq., a lawyer who has done some homework on torture. You’ll see that just about the very worst torture you can inflict on human beings is “social distancing”.

This is the kind of thing the CIA was researching decades ago, in mind control experiments with people like Leonard Cohen, who signed up to be a sensory deprivation lab rat when he was a student in Canada:

There’s no doubt that the most vicious torture imaginable is currently being visited on the world, mass social isolation; that this torture is 100% deliberate; and that the intentions are to force us by fear to accept the needles, the towers, and the sanitized reality with news headlines written by AI bots.

This is honestly the best picture I can give: to expect a major personality to intervene in history, but very much behind the scenes, behind clouds of fake news.

As it happens, talking of personalities intervening in history, there’s chatter rising about a new self-proclaimed King of the United Kingdom, one Joseph Gregory Hallett, a.k.a. King John III of All England and Dominions.

He says his claims are not being contested by the illegitimate House of Windsor, who have removed their seal from the gate of Buckingham Palace and fled forever into seclusion. He has a seal and a key and a letter from Queen Victoria that he says entitle him to the crown, and he’s going to claim it imminently. He has the lineage to prove he’s the Messiah we’re all waiting for:

You’ll see he talks a lot about himself, so I was pleasantly surprised when he started talking about something else, namely the “Vatican’s biggest secret”. Oho, I thought, what is this now?

This biggest secret – and the key to our claimant’s lineage of Biblical destiny – is that there were TWO Jesus children, of the same age, third cousins.

This may seem a huge revelation to you – and as I keep saying, Apocalypse just means Revelations, discovery of information – but this story is literally Jesus 101 in the Rudolf Steiner account of Christ. When I got entangled with the whole Steiner mess here, I went and read his whole account of the two Jesus children again, just to be sure I had it straight. You can check it out for yourself, starting with the lecture series on the Fifth Gospel.

So I’ll be interested to see what King John III has to say about Dr. Rudolf Steiner and his prophecies. I must say, Hallett’s highlighting of the two Jesus children is the one thing that makes me take notice of him. If the English decide they want a new King, that’s their business.

Along with the Antichrist, of course, there is a Prince of Peace in Revelations who appears from nowhere to seize power and bring an illusory peace over the world. He is traditionally the forerunner of Satan himself, they’re secretly working in tandem behind the scenes.

Steiner emphasizes that Ahriman’s greatest victory would be to sneak into power unobserved, as invisibly as possible, a stealth operator. The Prince of Peace will appear very openly.

Now, whether or not this is all complete madness, I can’t think of a better crew to dissect a would-be cult leader than the denizens of Frank Report. I’ve kept an eye on Joseph Gregory Hallett for quite a while, he’s been around on the forums. I honestly haven’t made up my mind about him. Basically meaning: he’s a con man, no question; but: he may just be what he says he is, the very con man set up from birth to take the whole planet for a ride. The timing is right, with Ghislaine Maxwell singing Andrew’s alibis to sleep, Harry absconding the Firm, Philip crashing the car, and the Queen going into permanent social seclusion at Windsor.

I haven’t had time to check out King John III carefully, but he seems to be associated with a pyramid scheme called NESARA – correct me if I’m wrong. Now, this was a scam that circulated back in the day with Ramtha:

So here we have two more angles for the denizens of FR, namely multilevel scams and the Ramtha cult. It was the whole J.Z. Knight scam that brought me onto Frank Report in the first place. Ramtha is such a dangerous and insidious cult, and this is one of the few places capable of dealing with it.

J.Z. Knight tells her followers that a 35,000 year old ghost, named Ramtha, enters her body and speaks through her telling the world great and noble truths for the welfare of the world.

I myself am about to disappear into a cloud of editing work for the United Nations in Geneva, which includes taking guidance from the World Health Organization. I can report that the current best UN editorial practice per WHO is to use the term “physical distancing”, rather than “social distancing”. I think this is more than just being practical on the ground; I think they are trying to distance themselves from the very tangible damage to human existence they’ve caused with “social distancing”. But you will perhaps understand the very tight high-wire that Monsieur Fred walks here, between writing and editing.

Not so much without a safety net, as without a rope — until Frank decides to hang you out to dry, when there’s plenty.

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24 days ago

Interesting. Truth really does make us free.

3 years ago

We all have a duty to learn how the deep state used foreign actors (lawyers with BAR cards) to ruin America, look here~!

Especially police & government officials so if you are or know one do your duty~!

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

Fred — OT but on your thread —this quote really concerns me. To me it indicates Chauvin knew he and his crew were depriving Floyd of oxygen.

Floyd was not being choked, per se, not to the extent that he could not “talk” but he was being blood oxygen deprived by having his circulation cut off at various pressure points — same way a boa constrictor kills its prey.

It’s also eerie that thrombosis — blood clots — are emerging as a distinctive symptom of “Covid” or whatever is said to be a Covid death. Those are a symptom of an hypoxic ischemic — low blood oxygen — injury, as well as in “Covid” injuries and fatalities.

It also, coincidentally, can be caused by inflammation — pressure on blood vessels, compromised blood circulation.

Gives me a major headache but — pass the tinfoil, please!

Ken Gibson
Ken Gibson
3 years ago

Is ‘King’ John Hallett by any chance related to George Hervey Hallett, Jr.? The eponymous nature sanctuary in Central Park was named in memory of this birdwatcher, naturalist and civic leader.

3 years ago


In the past, I have agreed with you; busted your balls; and critiqued you.

I believe and agree with you regarding 5G!!! Sincerely I do!!!!!

The US government should have studied 5G more thoroughly because of all the energy being released, regardless of where it falls on the electromagnetic spectrum.

All energy on the spectrum passes through atoms, molecules, and the cells of organisms. 5G will release more energy than television or radio waves or any cell technology previously used.

Why the long term implications and consequences of 5G are not being extensively studied is anyone’s guess.

Once again, anything on the electromagnetic spectrum affects all particles, atoms, and organic cells on the subatomic level.

This is a fact and irrefutable!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sorry, my friend, but I have to disagree with you on social distancing and torture.

3 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy


Additional information!!!!! Regarding energy emission and previously unknown consequences.

The best example of the unintended and unforeseen consequences of high levels of radiation(electromagnetic spectrum emission) are power lines.

Power lines have been proven to unequivocally cause leukemia in children and some adults.
No one scientist ever thought power lines could cause leukemia. Initially, scientists scarfed at the idea the powerlines could ever cost leukemia until it was proven scientifically.

3 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy

Fred, you are aware that social distancing is a different thing than solitary confinement, right?

3 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

ya’ll never researched endorphin? this is oxytocin deprivation… this will make a 3rd party inhibitor very appealing to those needing their oxy fix…

3 years ago

Leigh Dundas is a scientologist nutcase:

Scientology’s rising new anti-vaxx star, coming to a ‘re-open’ protest near you!

Has Frank Report gone to the cults?

3 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

Eew, I had no idea about Ms. Dundas Esq’s connections with Scientology. I haven’t had time to watch the whole of the video below, but Amazing Polly makes an interesting analysis of the pandemic lockdown in terms of torture as defined by Amnesty International. As usual, it’s very carefully researched and thought-provoking. I put this forward instead:

Denying people access to their livelihoods; denying kids access to their friends; confining families to their homes; this is truly torture for most people, and they will probably gladly take a vaccination shot if it will allow them to exist and function again. They’ll take the skin tattoo or the implanted or injected chip. Torture generally needs intention; for me, the intention here is so obvious, one can only hope that the mass of people will see through it.

3 years ago

What sends Democrats into Fits of Fury and Rage?
Arenas filled with thousands of Trump followers with millions more at home watching on live stream!
Thousands of people attended Trump rallies in Tulsa, Phoenix and at Mount Rushmore.
About twenty hand-picked people in face masks sitting in circles on folding chairs attended a Joe Biden rally in a half-empty grade school gym.
Picture of a pathetic Joe Biden rally.comment image

“ZERO Enthusiasm!” – President Trump Trolls Biden Over His Low Energy ‘Rally’
Joe Biden held an ‘event’ this week in Darby, Pennsylvania and spoke to a handful of people seated inside ‘social distancing’ circles.
According to the New York Times, Biden’s event consisted of “20 handpicked local officials, small-business owners and reporters sat in folding chairs, each placed within a large white circle taped on the floor of a recreation center to maintain — or at least encourage — social distancing.”
The New York Times reporter covering Biden’s Darby event said Biden “arrived with such little fanfare” that she “didn’t even notice him enter the room.”

“There was no introduction by an organizer to pump up a crowd that wasn’t there, as is typical with campaign events. He just stood behind a lectern, pasted with the placard “Reopen Right: Safer and Stronger,” and began reading a speech off the teleprompters,” NY Times reporter Lisa Lerer wrote.

As for the sham British Royal family, they are German interlopers from the House of Hanover.
Perverted Prince Andrew is a prime example of the inbreeding in the House of Windsor

3 years ago


What do the Dems and Prince Andrew have to do with Fred’s article?


Creepy Joe Biden(hairy legs) does not have pictures of himself, unlike Clinton and Trump with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffery Epstein. Uhm, what say you my beacon of Tucker Carlson?

Are you worried that LOL-Man might be trying to move in on your territory[Pea] and is attempting to usurp you?

I believe LOL-Man mentioned if you’re down a quart of oil he can come two quarts.

3 years ago

Regarding the video, the picture of Virginia Roberts Guiffre and Prince Andrew was taken at Ghislaine Maxwell’s Paris home.

Regarding Ghislaine Maxwell’s supposed arrest, I don’t believe she was arrested. She was supposedly jailed in Merrimac County Correctional Facility and transferred to MDC in Brooklyn. Now it’s reported she’s under Coronovirus quarantine. Watch what happens next! She gets so ill from Coronovirus that she will be transferred to the hospital, be put on a vent and die from the virus!!! So they will kill two birds with one stone – get rid of Maxwell and hype the Coronovirus death rate so we stay under mask and social distancing orders until the 2020 election. While Ghislaine Maxwell is in Paris or someplace else laughing at how she got away with it. I’m totally serious. Of course, she’ll have plastic surgery to change her appearance and fingerprints.

3 years ago

Why are we talking about fake MLMs when there are very real and provable MLM scams ripping off people, in terms of not only money, but time and relationships as well? Watch and listen to some real stories here:

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

If people with rudimentary intelligence can’t learn an MLM is a scam after, say 8 years, how are we to go about helping other morons?

Do you even know what the differences between an MLM and a Ponzi scheme?

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