Judge Berman Jackson Will Be Blamed if Roger Stone Dies of Coronavirus in Prison

Roger Stone’s lawyers filed an emergency appeal with the DC Circuit Court of Appeals to appeal Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s frightening ruling denying Stone’s motion to delay his surrender date because of the dangers of Covid-19.
Jackson ordered Stone to report to prison on July 14th in Georgia at the height of spiking cases in and out of Georgia prisons.
Stone does not think that the appeals court will hear the matter and instead will refer it back to Judge Jackson.
Roger Stone
Stone said:
“I have filed this appeal because the Judge’s decision is wrong on the law, the precedents in the DC Circuit and in all cases, including other circuits, for COVID-19 delayed surrender and compassionate release since the pandemic began,” Stone said.  “It is also based on her incorrect assertion that the prison she wants to send me to has NO confirmed cases of COVID-19.”
“I recognize that the chances are overwhelming that the appeals court will remand the matter back to Judge Jackson, but it is vitally important that the American people see all of the incorrect claims in her most recent ruling.
“As for the hysterical Democrats who insist that I have been given ‘Special Treatment’ by the Justice Department, I would point out that although Jackson’s ruling went against the DOJ’s own uniform policy to agree to 60-day extensions in surrender due to COVID-19, the DOJ is now opposing my emergency motion on appeal even after not opposing it originally.  
“I want the President to know that I have, in good faith, exhausted all of my legal remedies and that only an act of clemency by the President will provide Justice in my case. 
“This is a case in which I was charged on politically motivated, fabricated charges and was denied a fair trial by an unbiased judge, an honest jury, and uncorrupted and non-political prosecutors. It is important that people understand that the same people who attempted to destroy General Flynn and are attempting to destroy me, are the same people who tried twice to illegally and seditiously remove the president from office.”
Here are a few points to note in Stone’s case:
U.S. Attorney General William Barr
For those who say US Attorney General William Barr is giving Stone “special treatment” – the DOJ, which did NOT oppose Stone’s request for a delay in his surrender – will OPPOSE his appeal.
Judge Jackson did not treat Stone the same as “similarly situated” defendants. In fact, she ignored decisions (precedents) in her own circuit and every other circuit where motions for compassionate release have been filed since the pandemic began.
The judge denied his routine [unopposed by the DOJ] motion to extend his surrender date based on compelling medical issues in time of crisis.
Judgment of conviction in other cases such as the Benjamin case, (DC Circuit) cited in Stone’s unopposed motion, entered on the very same day as in Stone’s case resulted in that person not being required to report to prison until September 3.
Judgment of conviction in Gana (DC Circuit) filed only four days after judgment in Stone’s case resulted in that person not being required to report to prison until August 30.
Judge Jackson did not find that Stone is a danger to the community or a risk of flight.
The Judge’s claim that there are NO Covid-19 cases at the Federal Correctional Institution, Jesup, where Stone is ordered to report on July 14, is inaccurate.
There now is information demonstrating that these facts have changed in the last few days, with at least six inmates and five staff at FCI Jesup testing COVID-19 positive.
Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) - Jesup Satellite Low ...
Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) – Jesup

The facility is in quarantine status.

Even more alarming, just 10 days before Judge Jackson denied Stone’s request to delay his date to report to the prison, another federal judge ordered the release of a convicted sex offender and child pornographer from that same prison, based on undisputed, front line, first-hand evidence of the dramatic risks of exposure to the COVID-19 virus at that very prison.

The evidence is that even the most fundamental protections, like wearing masks and social distancing are nowhere in evidence and the prison staff comes and goes from outside the prison each day, in a state with record-number reported cases of COVID-19 spiking each day.

Stone wants his report date to be moved from July 14, 2020 to September 3, 2020 because Stone’s incarceration at this time poses a life-threatening risk. He is at considerable risk from serious health consequences, including death, if his surrender date is not extended.

The Department of Justice has a policy, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, not to oppose a defendant’s request to extend a voluntary surrender date for up to 60 days, unless the defendant poses an immediate public safety or flight risk. The government does not oppose Stone’s motion to extend his surrender date until September 3, 2020.

Courts across the country have recognized the serious risks presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and have extended surrender dates. Courts around the country have even granted bail in cases in which defendants with lengthy criminal histories, dangerousness, and more serious offenses, based on COVID-19 and the risk it poses.

Stone would face, in the close confines of a BOP facility, based on his age and medical conditions, a very good chance of dying.

Islon Woolf MD | Concierge Medcine | Miami Beach
Islon Woolf MD 

His doctor, Dr. Islon Woolf, in a letter dated June 17, 2020, wrote to the court that Stone’s medical conditions make the consequences of his exposure to COVID-19 in a prison facility life-threatening.

His doctor recommends the following:

“I highly recommend that he maintain strict quarantine conditions []. He should not be in any situations that would expose him to the SARS-COV-2 virus. He needs to maintain at least 6 feet distance from people. He should avoid closed quarters with many people. He must completely avoid exposure to people with high rates of infections. He needs to avoid shared facilities like shared bathrooms. In my opinion, I do not see how any of these conditions could be met in prison. I am concerned for his health.”

In addition, Dr. Woolf states that Stone’s age, combined with his serious medical conditions “significantly increase[es] his risk of COVID-19, COVID-19 complications, and COVID-19 death.”

Ignoring Dr. Woolf’s medical opinion, Judge Jackson suggests that Stone would not be in danger given that his condition is “medically controlled” and that there are currently no reported COVID-19 cases at Jesup, which is factually wrong.

The judge makes no allowance for the fact that Stone’s medical conditions require close monitoring and strict compliance with the directions of his physician, to remain controlled within a BOP facility.

Making Stone report to prison in the height of the pandemic, notwithstanding his documented health problems, which his physician believes place him at heightened risk not only of infection and complications from infection, but of death is an astonishing injustice.

Who is Amy Berman Jackson? Judge in Roger Stone case has Baltimore ...
Judge Amy Berman Jackson

What if he were to die in prison, when all kinds of prisoners and convicts are being released or whose surrender is delayed?

Stone represents no danger to society. What is the rush to put him behind bars during a pandemic?

Finally, if he were to die, whose fault would it be?

The highly partisan Judge Amy Berman Jackson or Pres. Donald Trump who ought to have pardoned him by now.

Both would be to blame, in my opinion.


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  • Is Berman Jackson related to the Berman who Trump had to fire in NY? After Berman got the axe
    the feds got Maxwell. Smart move Trump.
    Now let’s hear her talk before she hangs herself on the paper clothing they gave her at the MDC.

  • Except, according to President Trump, 99.9 percent of COVID-19 cases are “harmless.”

    Stone has nothing to fear in prison. 🙃

  • “Judge Berman Jackson Will Be Blamed if Roger Stone Dies of Coronavirus in Prison.”

    No man of 67 years of age who is a nonviolent and nonsexual offender should be put behind bars during the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Rolling the dice with a human being’s life is totally unacceptable.

    ….It amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

    • While we are on the topic of Stone and prison…

      I would like to mention I believe the 4 guilty female NXIVM defendants should be given home confinement at this time and not serve any time in prison…..

      …..I believe they deserve at least 6 months to a year in prison, however, like with Roger Stone putting any nonviolent and nonsexual offender in prison is tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment.

  • I personally know many people who would substitute the word “credit” for “blame” in your title on this story.

    But I do think poor Roger Stone’s Nixon tat should be carefully skinned from his back by historians and preserved at the Smithsonian before any Covid threatens to destroy this masterful piece of work.

  • Blamed by who? LOL

    The Libtards and the Libtard media hate his guts, they would love it if Stone died of the beer virus or any other cause of death in prison. LOL

  • Why would you let him out now? The FR narrative regarding COVID-19 is that it is a mild flu. We should not let criminals out because there is a mild flu going around.

  • It seems weak-minded to defend the hypocrisy of a criminal blaming others (the judged who is ruling and POTUS?!) for his own actions.

    Most of us make our bed and lie in it, Even having a wide choice of beds as Stone reputedly had, doesn’t change that reality.

    • Hoo boy. I found myself accidentally getting some scoops about that just last night, Peaches. Ughabuggaboo!

      The only thing is, who gives a rat’s ass about her? If anyone did, she would have stepped down from the bench, gone into hiding and gotten a complete makeover. Meow

  • NO. NO. NO!!

    These jail breaks make no sense. A lot of these Federal prisons are way safer than outside the prison environment. Your article advocating a pardon for Roger Stone a few days ago was terrible enough ((you actually showed him for the dirty man he is. A man who accuses LBJ of killing Kennedy and Bush family of crimes without evidence. He’s is the only criminal and he should write a book about his own criminality)).

    Trump has zero obligations toward Stone. Remember, Stone was the first to resign from Trump campaign team following the famously misunderstood comment “…blood from wherever”. And it’s insane to pardon Stone before he even spends time in prison.

    Judge Jackson and all Federal judges must refrain from forcing the government to release criminals. Let the government decide on its own.

    Your attacks on Judge Jackson are unbecoming. Roger Stone done himself and a jury convicted him. It was a clear cut case. Roger should own-up to it. He’s not General Flynn.

    If Stone was not in prison, he would have probably ridiculed COVID-19 and bash the seriousness of it. Now, being the convicted criminal that he is, he’s sensing reality, and actually utilizing pandemic to give himself a break. Oh, the irony.

    I hope you will publish my comment.

    • Thank you for pointing out that Stone pointed the finger at the Bush family and thinks LBJ had JFK killed. I have more support for him due to this. LBJ started an entire war with a lie, his friends profited – Dems I might add. Bush of course is GOP so Stone is being rather bipartisan.
      I was also wondering who had more FBI agents at their door – Maxwell or Stone?
      And how many dangerous criminals have been let out of jail who are now committing violent crimes?
      If there is such space in the prison system that Stone can occupy a cell, I say give his space to a more deserving person. Would I shock you to suggest that a rapist or murderer might be more suited to incarceration?
      And I might include many members of the Bush family in those categories.
      I fully support a pardon for Stone and hope he does not spend a day or even one minute

      • Ken,

        L.B.J has always been an interesting figure and angle in the assassination of JFK.

        L.B.J.’s wife was the richest woman in the world when she died. When LBJ died, he and his wife were worth $98 million in today’s money.

        I’m sure you already know…

        Lady Bird inherited her fortune, paid for her husband’s campaign, and multiplied her fortune while LBJ was in office. Lady Bird used trusts and no one truly knows how much she was worth.

        Lady Bird Johnson at one time was the richest self-made woman in the world until Oprah Winfrey overtook her.

        Lady Bird Johnson came from wealth but she multiplied that wealth once her husband was an office, hence, self-made.

        I guess you could say something of a misnomer, “self-made”. LOL

        Most of the Kennedy assassination is explainable to me, the sole exception being the perfect “magic bullet” found on the gurney perfectly intact.

        At one point in my life, I retrieved hundreds of rounds of spent ammunition from some berms, and I know a number of hunters who hunt deer with 30/30s; and none of us can figure out how the bullet after passing through two humans and breaking bones……

        …..The bullet magically appeared in the gurney without even a scratch. How the “fuck” is that even remotely possible? LMAO…

        ….It isn’t even remotely possible.

        Lead is the softest of metals…….?!?!?!??!?

        • Dunno who Fred is. It is time for some mango juice, though.

          Sorry, Ken. It was that chocolate brownie. And coincidentally enough, it was baked by a fella named Ken.
          ( I knowwww.)

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