Radical Left Cultural Revolution Mimics China’s Red Guard as It Seeks to Destroy American Freedom

By Patrick Nohrden and Frank Dux

Patrick Nohrden is the author of The Crystal Monkey (Sweetwater books), a historical novel about China during the Cultural Revolution, as well as countless articles on the government and culture of China and the Middle East.

Frank Dux is an entrepreneur, international business and security consultant, martial artist, teacher, author, a former intelligence specialist, whose book the Secret Man (Harper Collins] unveiled the special interest plot to take the world to war with Iraq based on deception. The 1988 film Bloodsport is based on true events in his life.


America is great because we cherish our culture and our history, using history as a guide to shape our future.  First world civilizations embrace and study history to make use of its lessons since we can predict current outcomes by comparing historical events to what is currently transpiring.

This is an observable truth where one segment of American society, the radical left, is now using the lessons of history against the majority.  The radical left manipulates and manages perception to fuel a cultural revolution to replace the rule of law where their ideas rule.

This is not the first time rioting, lootings, arsons, physical attacks on the police, and destruction of businesses now plague the streets of many of America’s cities. That does not diminish the fact we now live in tumultuous times when people are afraid to venture into neighborhoods due to leftist protester violence, rioters and looting that is protected by the leftist media and politicians, who have deliberately mischaracterized this as street fairs.

And portray this to be the next cool and fashionable thing to do amongst the youth.

Many Claim Extremists Are Sparking Protest Violence. But Which ...

Americans in large numbers now fear voicing their opposition, knowing that “woke progressives” will pummel them with vitriol, chastising them for defending their differing opinion that is labeled as alleged white privilege.

But nothing should make us more afraid than two words, “cultural revolution.”

How to Explain White Privilege to Your White Working-Class Friends ...

Newscasters and pundits have recently bandied those words, some with an air of frenetic glee and excitement of changes that will take place, others using them to simply describe what is currently happening in America.

Cultural revolutions have occurred in the past, with the creation of the French republic, the creation of the Commonwealth period by Oliver Cromwell, and Colonel Ghaddafi’s transformation of Libya’s society.  The most egregious and most similar to what the radical left is working towards occurred in China from 1966 to 1976, only ending due to the death of its leader, Mao Zedong.

Chairman Mao Zedong Used Death and Destruction to Create a New ...
Mao Zedong, the murderer of untold scores of millions, perhaps the greatest mass murderer in history.

Only 17 years earlier, China had transformed itself from an emerging democracy into a tyrannical communist country with Mao serving as its dictator. Disappointed by the lack of progress, Mao’s biggest contention was that people continued to think individually, continued to place education in high regard, and worse, question his authority.

Beginning with a massive rally at Tiananmen Square, to combat “this problem,” he declared the beginning of vast reforms and unleashed the nation’s university students and other youths as the “Red Guards” to go throughout the country and destroy the “four olds”: old customs, old culture, old habits, and old ideas.

In short, Mao directed these university students and other youths, to destroy the country’s history, its religious institutions, it’s manners, and the people’s trust in each other.

No one and nothing was safe.  Not only were churches destroyed, which represented western influence within China, but traditional Chinese religious places were destroyed, including Buddhist and Taoist temples.  Priests and nuns were killed, tortured, and humiliated.

The Red Guards attacked universities, setting fire to all the books they could find, especially history books.  Teachers at all levels were attacked, tarred and feathered, dropped from the tops of buildings, set ablaze, or imprisoned.

The Scars of Mao's Cultural Revolution - WSJ

History was obliterated to make way for it to be replaced with their revisionist, fictional versions.  They destroyed buildings that had survived for thousands of years, tore down statutes, vandalized government buildings.  They tortured and imprisoned opposition government officials.

These youths, mostly university students, forced people into confessing nonconforming thoughts, their associations with counterrevolutionaries, with capitalists, with former soldiers of the former nationalist army. Even the act of making love was forbidden and considered “bourgeois.”  Simply being a family member of somebody associated with the four olds was enough to cause you to be black listed, lose your job, lose your residence, or even imprisoned.  Entire families were separated from one another and assigned to work units hundreds of miles apart from each other. Nothing was sacred or off limits by the Red Guards.

The police stood by idle.  They had little choice under attack by the Red Guards, because the police represented the four olds.  When the police in China were defunded, most of the police officers stayed home, never to return to police jobs again. China became governed by ideas rather than the rule of law.

Just like what is occurring in these new autonomous zones, like Seattle, the Red Guards formed neighborhood committees that would report on the suspicious activities and comments of people who lived nearby.  The people lived in fear, afraid of the Red Guards, afraid of their own neighbors, and even afraid of their children, who would be rewarded for reporting the improper thoughts of their parents.

Soon after China’s Cultural Revolution began, schools closed.  The Red Guards accused the schools of teaching the four olds, which included math and science.  For three years, nobody attended school, and when the schools finally reopened, students were taught to read using only the Little Red Book, a collection of Mao’s more popular comments, as their only primer.  All other books had been destroyed.  Textbooks had to be rewritten, especially history textbooks, which were written by a committee of students supervised by a communist party overseer.

Stock photo

To this day, the Chinese Communist Party strictly overseas China’s retelling of history.  Party officials have raided book storage rooms of private schools, removing what they consider to be offensive books, which includes all history books, ripping out sections from other textbooks that they consider give improper instruction.

Today, Chinese students are not taught much of their own history.  Many have no idea that the Cultural Revolution even existed unless they are told by their grandparents.  Most Chinese will not talk about it.  They do not know about the Tiananmen Square Massacre.  Many of China’s students believe that the two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were an act of petty revenge by the United States while claiming that China had defeated the Japanese. Not America.

Little freedom of speech exists in China where the Internet is tightly controlled by tens of thousands of employees of the Chinese government.  Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, and a host of other social media platforms appear to be outright banned in China, replaced by homegrown copies. Yet, these institutions pander to China’s talking points while simultaneously visibly censoring conservative voices, creating a double standard so obvious that Congressional Hearings are being held to deal with it.

Is Google in partnership with Communist China to oppress their people and make a tidy profit?

A confidential source working inside Google hierarchy states he resigned when it became apparent to him Google was essentially partnered with or working for the Chinese government in an effort to develop and monitor nearly every aspect of a Chinese citizen’s daily life. The government has even created a social credit score that affects one’s ability to obtain a job, acquire housing, or get a passport.

The South China Morning Post reports: “Millions of Chinese individuals and businesses have been labeled as untrustworthy on an official blacklist banning them from any number of activities, including accessing financial markets or traveling by air or train, as the use of the government’s social credit system accelerates.   The annual blacklist is part of a broader effort to boost “trustworthiness” in Chinese society and is an extension of China’s social credit system, which is expected to give each of its 1.4 billion citizens a personal score.

The social credit system assigns both positive and negative scores for individual or corporate behavior in an attempt to pressure citizens into behaving.  Human rights advocates, though, worry that the arbitrary system does not take into account individual circumstances and so often unfairly labels individuals and firms as untrustworthy.”


Imagine the effect of the Internet if it existed in 1966 when the Cultural Revolution began.  The Chinese Communist Party, with their wanton agents, the Red Guards, could have been so much more effective at ferreting out opposition thought back then.  Much like it is today in the United States.

So what does this have to do with what is happening in America now?

Published in Econ Journal Watch, the faculty voter registration at 40 leading universities reveals that out of 7,243 professors, Democrats outnumber Republicans 3,623 to 314. With 12 liberals to 1 conservative professor being the given ratio of those teaching higher education, we see hordes of mostly young people attacking authority.  They destroy government buildings.  They attack police officers.  And they topple statues.  Many are now homegrown versions of the Red Guards.

At first, like what occurred in China, in 1966, these youths destroyed statues of historical figures they considered offensive, such as heroes of the Confederacy.  They then went on to statues of our founding fathers, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, because they owned slaves.  They even targeted statues of Abraham Lincoln, despite his abolitionist history, and Ulysses Grant, who led America’s victory that ended slavery.

George Washington statue in Portland toppled, set on fire

America’s version of the Red Guards has already begun rewriting history, and the progressive politicians who hope to remain in power when the dust settles and the gunpowder clears the air, are pandering to it.  On the floor of the Senate, Senator Tim Kaine, a former vice-presidential candidate for the Democrats, attempts to revise history as the Chinese did by having proclaimed that America created slavery.  In doing so, Kaine transformed his party into bad actors and the Congress into a theater of the absurd when slavery has been around since at least 3,500 B.C.

In fact, at the time the first Africans came to America (Kaine incorrectly referred to them as African Americans, despite the fact that they were not Americans but citizens of their home counties), every country in the world had slavery.  Denmark was the first to ban it in 1803, followed by Haiti in 1804 after declaring itself independent from France.  America was not America in 1619 when the first slaves came.  In 1619, the only British colony in America was Virginia.  By the time America was fully colonized by Britain, France, and Spain, every square inch of the New World had slaves, including Canada.  Slavery at the time was not limited to race. The Irish people were essentially, first to be enslaved, mischaracterized as “indentured servants.”

This is not a justification for slavery; it is history.  Slavery has always been an issue, and not just in the United States.  The United States, however, was the only nation to fight a war to end slavery, an inconvenient critical fact being deliberately omitted by revisionists, like Kaine.

American Civil War: Causes and Dates | HISTORY.com - HISTORY
Americans fought to end slavery. Many men died to free slaves, something that might entitle their families to reparations. Consider the loss of a father, head of household, killed in a war to free slaves. How that family’s fortune was likely obliterated and the man fighting for a race that was not his own. What white privilege did he exhibit there?

The taking down of statues under the guise that the historical figure owned slaves is simply a politically aimed misdirection, since the statues of non-slave owners, and those who fought bravely to abolish the practice, like Lincoln and Grant, would have been spared.

The goal of removing statues is to obliterate history because without knowing our history, we have nothing to compare to the changes that are happening.  We cannot say how we used to do things.  We cannot learn what not to do because of mistakes from our past.  But none of that really matters if we cannot say what we think, inform others of the historical truth that prevents history from being lost or tainted.

This has happened in communist countries.  Now it is happening in the United States, all thanks to the Internet, the idea of “thought police” is no longer a fictional creation of George Orwell in his book 1984.

The Thought Police Have Finally Arrived? - ASecuritySite: When Bob ...

Never before in history have we had the capability to express ourselves to more people as we can now.  A simple thought can “go viral.”  A person can achieve either fame or infamy with one well-phrased tweet or Facebook comment.  Standing in the way is there are plenty of self-appointed thought police out there.  You will see them as soon as you tweet a positive response to something President Trump said or did.  It has infected entire industries.

But far worse, considered by a vast majority of conservatives to be a clear and present danger to national security, civil liberties, and way of life, we have the enablers of America’s own Red Guards: Google, Youtube, Amazon, and Twitter.  Protected by federal law, these companies have taken it upon themselves to monitor what you say, declare it as untrue, delete it, or otherwise censor it.

These companies have a political agenda and monopoly power that no company ever had.  Google accounts for 76% of all shopping ads, upon which commercial enterprises rely for their income.  Business rely upon Google for their advertising, and other websites depend upon those ads to produce revenue to keep their doors open.  But Google has the power to cut off a website from advertising, simply because Google does not like what a website says.

Much worse, Google controls the flow of dissemination of information and content, giving search results that advance Google’s own political or social agenda.  For example, if you were to search “worse school massacres in the world” on Google, you will produce a completely different list of results than if you were to use Bing.

Google’s results will make you think that school massacres only happen in the United States.  Bing’s results will give you a whole different idea about the safety of our children worldwide and you will learn that the worst school massacre in recent history was in Russia.  America does not even make the list until number 10.

Perhaps the most amazing thing that happened in China was the fact that people let the Cultural Revolution happen.  In other revolutions, you typically see two sides, one side fighting for change, the other side opposing it.  These revolutions can take shape with guns, or sometimes just words on the floor of legislatures or in the forum of public opinion.  But in China, nobody opposed it, for two visible different reasons — the climate of fear and lack of guns.

Why the U.S. Founding Fathers Wanted an Activist Government ...

The founding fathers fought a revolution to end tyrannical rule and thus saw fit to empower citizens with the capability to wage war against the US Government becoming a tyrannical government. It is not for personal self-defense or hunting sports that the Second Amendment was instituted and made our civil right.  Meanwhile, the radical left actively engages in campaigns aimed at suppressing our right to defend ourselves from tyranny, which they seem to embrace.  Misdirect others by making it a sporting issue by asking why do Americans need an AR-15 to hunt, they say. Make it hard for a person to survive a firefight left with low capacity magazines and inability to reload quickly, in some states.

If we look at world history, America’s sworn enemies, Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong were able to massacre their people en masse because they had no guns. Mao was only successful because he had already taken guns away from people before the Cultural Revolution, and the only people who had guns, besides the army, were the Red Guards. With the police being defunded, they did not have the wherewithal, such as guns, to oppose these thugs if inclined to do so given the climate of fear.

Although the Chinese Communist Party will not release the numbers, scholars conclude that the Red Guards killed between a half a million to a million people during the period 1966-1976.  Although that number pales in comparison to the deaths caused during Mao’s Great Leap Forward period that precedes the Cultural Revolution, those deaths were not caused by guns in the hands of university students.

Many of these extrajudicial killings by Red Guards were done in the name of purifying the thoughts of the people.  People were executed simply for being educated, for having been a former soldier in the nationalist army, for having been an employee of a foreign company, for being a Catholic priest or a Buddhist monk, for being related to a counterrevolutionary.  The reasons were numerous, but they all result from having to live in a lawless society, much like an area in downtown Seattle known as CHOP, formerly known as CHAZ.

Dubbed a 'lawless state' by some, the CHAZ or CHOP, Seattle's ...

Just like what occurred with the police in China during the Cultural Revolution, the police in America do not stop the anarchy. Mayors, governors, and chiefs of police hold the police at bay and sit back and do nothing. Do they do so because they are leftist sympathizers or frozen by fear of being judged on the wrong side of history?

Regardless, those who do act they are quickly chastised by an overtly biased corporate media and the thought police on the Internet who had assisted in deflecting criticism of the mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, failures to make sure the people are protected equally. The Mayor having deliberately mischaracterized the forced takeover of prominent Capital Hill area of Seattle and her enabling the burning down of a police precinct as a “block party” ushering in a “summer of love.”

These are hardly terms that describe the violent acts of looters who blocked streets, a mob that prevented first responders from assisting residents at risk, forced businesses to surrender their inventory and then close, terrorized residents, vandalized and extorted local residents and businesses to pay “tax.”  Rape, murder and assault runs wild.  People are left free to defecate in the street under the watchful eyes of drug dealers and addicts shooting up all in eyesight of children.

Cable News Networks Show Quarterly Gains – Variety

Fox Host Tucker Carlson broadcast a stunning example showing how average Americans are being terrorized by rampaging mobs, as local and state officials do nothing. Carlson played a recording of a 911 call made by a desperate woman trapped in her car with her child being attacked by Black Lives Matter thugs, only to be chastised and abandoned by the 911 dispatcher, telling her the only recourse available to her if they survive was to lodge a complaint with City Hall.

Already we see the police in many jurisdictions are impotent to stem the flow of violence and the destruction of our cultural heritage, of our system of laws, and our personal safety because of the political interference by Democratic Party leaders, like Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, Fredreiksburg Mayor Katherine Greenlaw, etc.  In Geenlaw’s case, she apologized not to the victims but the mob.

It is an observable fact lawlessness causes instability and this furthers the political agenda of the opposition to President Trump, and in making a bid to take back the White House it is apparently now considered by them bad to arrest people for drunk driving.  It is considered racist if a police officer arrests a person of color, even if the police officer is a person of color.  It is almost proposed to be a civic duty to attack the police when they come to your neighborhood.  After all, the police represent the four olds.

One of the cornerstones of America is freedom of religion and its heritage.  Now that is also under attack. America’s version of the Red Guard demands elimination and in some instances tears down statues of Jesus Christ because they claim these images are racist.  They complain that the images of Christ show him as being Caucasian when it stands to reason he was, coming from Judea, part of Israel, which was Caucasian.

As a Black Child in Los Angeles, I Couldn't Understand Why Jesus ...
It stands to reason that Jesus, coming from Judea, part of Israel which was Caucasian, was white. That does not make him bad or someone who thinks it a racist.  It is simply logical.

The radical left mob also physically attacks defenseless and otherwise meek mannered Chassidic Jews, as this wannabe version of the Red Guards says, these Jews represent the ultimate example of white supremacy; when Jews are an ethnic collective comprised of a multitude of ethnicity – Israel, has its own black community.

Unfortunately, the cause of correcting the division of people based on genetic features, this has been hijacked for radical left political aims, like the Nazi’s did. This theft is made apparent by the BLM anti-Israel rhetoric against self-determination by the people of Israel, whose technological partnership with America protects and enhances the American economy challenged by China.

When people seek to be comforted by church services, these are declared illegal activities where the lockdown law is enforced harshly against congregations and clergy in pre-dominate Democratic Party governed States.

A woman unable to buy groceries is punished for giving haircuts to be able to feed her children as well as her neighbor’s children.  All while the same governorships look the other way as they praise BLM and ANTIFA for their protests, when the protestors are allowed to riot, loot, and tear down statues and monuments, erasing American history, unopposed.

Adding insult to injury to those directly affected by the looters and rioters is seeing those same looters and rioters having their bail paid for by left wing Democratic Party Hollywood elites. Now it is being reported Democratic Party city officials are directing their city attorneys and their city’s District Attorney Office not to prosecute. Encouraging more unlawfulness. Creating greater lack of stability Democratic Party members blame President Trump for in their furtherance of a cultural revolution.

It is for this reason Republicans allege the failure to prosecute is politically motivated as that helps the Democrats.

Republicans point out that this is the reason arrests and federal prosecution under the Trump administration is either omitted by the media or trivialized, as part of its anti-Trump pro-Democratic party bias.

The current insurrection and beginnings of a cultural revolution brings to mind the findings of David Jones book Chinese Triads, Japanese Black Dragons & Hidden Paths of Power (New Dawn, March 14, 2017) and Reginald Kearney in his book African American Views of the Japanese: Solidarity or Sedition? (SUNY Press 1998, p. 77). They reported on how before the Japanese Black Dragon Society secretly funded the Nation of Islam and Minnie Maude movements to embrace Pan-Asianism and carry out similar acts of civil disobedience (in the same fashion as BLM) to further the hidden agenda of Japanese imperialism. Trying to harm President Roosevelt’s reelection in favor of the isolationist Republicans.

Based on mayors and council members pandering to rioters, conservatives, especially on social media, express their outrage and fear that the corporate mass media, the Internet providers, and Democratic Party leadership, are strategically aligned with the Chinese Communist Party.  That America is engaged in an undeclared War of Ideas – threatened by a potential cultural revolution that is only held at bay by the fact that veterans are armed and willing to continue to obey their oath to defend the country from domestic threats. They are the last line of defense when Federal intervention is not forthcoming, if police are defunded or made impotent in the face of continued lawlessness.

The Democratic Party has been exposed through Congressional Hearings and DOJ investigations of using the color of authority to spy on an opposition candidate, Donald Trump, and when elected, its leaders orchestrated unprecedented marches declaring the elected President is NOT their president. Then they carried out a number of coups attempts to unseat/impeach President Trump. They stand accused of playing the race card by staging the appearance of a cultural revolution started by and under their control as a stop loss measure at a time when Black voters are walking away from the Democratic party en masse.

Sadly, if what the American people are facing is not a politically motivated shill, but a real cultural revolution; then what is truly scary is how the US Military won every military battle in Vietnam but lost the country to communism due to pandering politicians and political division in America.  The preservation of its history and future depends therefore on strong leadership and commitment to keep the nation great.

Many of the evil events occurring in China during its Cultural Revolution have not yet happened in America, but nonetheless, many are happening now.  They have not taken away our guns yet.  But they are trying.  People are being made to pay the price for the sins of their ancestors.

You can even lose your job simply because you are married to the father of an Atlanta police officer accused of wrongfully killing a black man.  This occurred despite Article 3, Section 3 of the United States Constitution that discourages “corruption of blood.”  In other words, nobody should have to pay to price for an offense committed by a relative.

The change has not yet happened, but things are changing at a rapid pace.  We can rest safely knowing that the Constitution will protect us, but too often, especially in the past few months, people have grown accustomed to an infringement of those rights, especially those rights ensconced in the First Amendment.  We must protect these rights at all costs, preserving them not only for ourselves, but for our children, and their children.

The Declaration of Independence -- quick facts and full document text

The Declaration of Independence proclaims that God gave us these rights.  But it was our founding fathers, as imperfect as you want to make them out to be, who gave us the ability to enforce those rights by ratifying the Second Amendment.


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  • The most frightening development of the Presidential campaign is that the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is slowly losing his mind and the Marxist/Maoist Bernie Bros from the Sanders campaign have infiltrated the Biden organization.
    The maniacal Maoist Bernie Bros will unleash a Cultural Revolution on America the same way Mao did in China from 1966 to 1975.
    Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leaders lack the backbone to control the mob.
    For starters you never grovel to the mob.
    You never get down on your knees to the mob.
    The Democrats see no downside to using Anti-Fa and BLM as Storm Troopers for the Democratic Party.
    The following video clip posted yesterday demonstrates the cognitive decline of Joe Biden!

    Joe Biden: ‘I’m Joe Biden’s Husband, Joe Biden’

  • The American punks are missing the key ingredient all other revolutions described had – leadership. LOL

    CHAZ/CHOP is gone, because the homeless ate all of the punks’ vegan food and gator aid, so they called mommy and daddy on their cell phones to get more. LOL

    The Seattle mayor didn’t care about two young people being killed, she only cared when they started rioting outside of HER house. LOL

    Only a few pockets of Libard America devolved into anarchy, most of America is doing just fine, thank you very much. LOL

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