From Ireland: No One I Know Has COVID-19!

By Amelia Florence (Frank Report’s Irish correspondent):

I am no fan of “The Guardian.” I am more of a “Daily Telegraph” type person, a bit of  “The London Times”, throw in some “Independent”.

But I realize, there is no such thing as independence in media anymore.  You need to look elsewhere!!  Like the Frank Report.

But, as the saying goes, “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer still.” So I also read The Guardian!

So look at this link:

I have spent four months in my usual research mode, perhaps more intensely than normal as this situation unfolded. I have done enough research to satisfy myself that we are all being taken for one long ride. I  honestly do not know all the answers. But I do know this much: We are being played!!

Time to question, question, question

I have just spoken to the umpteenth person, who has yet to tell me they know anyone who is sick. I ask the question gently. I asked tonight, as I do everyone for the last four months: “Do you know anyone who has had this wretched illness?”


The person tonight has not stopped working, is constantly around people, is always in shops, is traveling in a huge radius around Northern Ireland, is in vets, clinics, schools, with the elderly and the sick.  Everything, everywhere. She and her husband of 25 years know no one and she is living in fear of the disease.

Yet, when I asked this question gently, no- they knew of no one.

This is the same question. I ask every day when the opportunity presents. Not once in four months have I had a  ….yes.

I’ve spoken to family in Canada, again nothing. England… nothing. Scotland…. nothing. Wales… nothing… or a perhaps?

Medical workers… nothing. Doctors… nothing. Bed management of Belfast Trust… Silence… Silence.  Administration…of Belfast Trust, nothing.

Medical friends… retired doctors who volunteered were told, “You will never be needed. The wards are so empty the staff are playing skittles down the corridor to pass the time.”

The so-called Nightingale hospitals… remember those? Just a few short weeks ago…  empty. Mothballed.

The four million pounds temporary morgue built in Holywood, in Northern Ireland, never used…. and no one around the area saw it being built … inside an army base.  I’ve never seen so much as a photograph of this establishment. Four million pounds for a temporary morgue?

What did they put in it? Individual en-suite restrooms?

I cannot be the only person questioning what is going on?

The few dentists who were assigned to do very limited procedures. during the lockdown were instructed to do no conservation work, extraction only. So when in doubt whack it out.

Here’s one from the horse’s mouth, from a reliable friend: Emergency dentists working in a town near here, in the same building as 19 social workers, were shocked to find the building emptied, every single social worker declared they had Covid-19 and took themselves off, leaving the dentists worried, bewildered and livid.

To date, this is the only positive sighting I have had of Covid-19. Bearing in mind that social workers have a huge reputation for lying, this may not at all be surprising.

The list is endless of “no, no,” barring the mass hysteria of social workers. Nothing, yet the “positive numbers” are increasing by the day.

My hunch is we will all test positive eventually. Or we have antibodies or no antibodies by no body…  government or otherwise.

We will be told we have had it, but not realized it. Or some other made-up nonsense and there will be no antibody protection and we are in danger of getting it… Wherever it is?

And they will still be out there looking for it?

We are kept out of close contact with everyone, so we cannot get together to even ask this question. Congratulations… well thought out! Our basic human rights violated:

Health care refused

Dental care refused

Education refused

Work refused

Religion refused

Truth refused

If things were bad before this pandemic… plan-demic… scam-demic, they are going to be a million times worse after, financially, physically, mentally, unless we begin to question.

Everything you or I do today is contaminated by the thoughts we may get COVID-19. Yet, the more I research, the less I see of it, other than government figures and 19 social workers.

I have watched mocked up crisis informational videos by the BBC till I am sick.

So question, question, question.  When you are out and about and have the opportunity to ask someone., ask gently, see what you find …. because we were given  “death figures ”  in Northern Ireland,  e.g., a perdition of 14k plus deaths in a population of 1.8 million

Government figures today vary between 500 to 700 deaths apparently.

The UK was given from 500k to two million deaths these via …who knows where? What do these mean?

I don’t know?  You don’t know? And what do they know?

Weeks ago, we were all locked up. The police were threatening to grip fill our doors. Exercise began and ended at the front door. Next week, we can fly away on our happy holidays to Timbuktu.

Apparently, we can pack into a plane, draped in a face mask, go to Timbuktu…   stay in a hotel with hundreds…of randomers.

Hope we don’t get food poisoning? Well … that’s the least of our worries? Enjoy ourselves so much we will be sick at least three times likely over a few other guests.

Swim in the built-in toilets aka the hotel pool! Dance the night away, get blind drunk, puff a bit of weed, snort a line of coke, have a holiday romance, snog a stranger, sleep with whatever takes our fancy, stagger home to the  G U M clinic, concerned we have contracted an STD infection.

But don’t, don’t, don’t worry about COVID-19. There will be contact tracers to find all these people you rubbed up against, that is if you even asked the name of whom you screwed.

And remember…. wash hands and sing “Happy Birthday” twice while we’re at it! Yes, this is crude. But it is the stark fact.

How can this happen? Ask questions, questions.

A bit of reality coming up: They tell us the majority of deaths are in nursing homes. This statistic appeared worldwide. This turns out to be because mostly patients were left to die. Young, inexperienced staff ran away in terror and the poor souls were left helpless to their end, no medication, no food, beds not changed, no medical staff.

The worst of all and illegal: No one was allowed in to check on what these homes were getting up to: no family, no visitors, nobody.

On top, our regulators were instructed, in March 2020, by a directive from the Department of Health to stop all inspections and checks so the care homes went rogue. Left them to die alone, in agony, zipped up in a body bag, taken away to be disposed of. No family, no friends, no funeral. No questions.

I have found no answers other than the fakery and propaganda, something I could never have imagined, even out of China or Russia.





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2 years ago

Vancouver Canada here: still have yet to meet one person who tested positive for Covid-19. Nor have I run across any sick people except my son and fam who supposedly had colds. I was with them intensely for four days and nights. Fourteen days later, still no cold symptoms. I know several people who tested negative for Cov, one without symptoms, the other with symptoms.

I do not know of one person directly who died of this. I’ve known of two people who had total of three older relatives die in Peru. That’s it. Oh wait, one friend had two old relatives die in Mexico. I have loads of contacts in many other countries besides Canada. None report deaths.

Frank or anyone else have an update six months later?

3 years ago

I clearly got right up your nose Frank ROFL. What a crock of shit.

Frank Parlato
3 years ago
Reply to  Grace

You’re not being very clear “Grace”. What are you talking about?

3 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

What is she “talking about?”

Obviously, she is referring to the last time you performed cunnilingus. Sometimes, Frank, you are so daft.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

I’ll share this on your thread to, Ginger. Appears some believe no one in certain other continents has actually crocked from Covid:

3 years ago

I was asked why I won’t wear a mask 24/7.
I feel fine!
“Why you might be an asymptomatic carrier!”


If I don’t have symptoms that means I might be immune to the disease or I have a healthy immune system that can fight the disease off.
That should be good news.
But the rotten Democrats want to make breathing fresh air a crime!
The Demented, Depraved, Degenerate Democrats want everyone wearing a face mask.
Let’s go Full Retard and require everyone to wear an astronaut suit!

3 years ago

The more you write, shadow, the more [redacted]

3 years ago

My Aunt died of Corona a month ago. 1 of only 22 to die in my country. So be grateful you haven’t had to say goodbye to a much loved person over the internet while they drown in their own lungs. Personally, I’m interested in what the science says, not an (albeit well researched) opinion. An opinion is just that. An opinion. Misinformation is dangerous in this climate.

3 years ago

Might I ask how old your aunt was?
Did she have a preexisting condition or co-morbidity?
Was your aunt living in a nursing home?

Even in a normal year in America about 30,000 to 60,000 people die of the flu.

3 years ago

She was 51, No pre existing conditions or comorbidity. She was a Dr of Law, hardly a rest home candidate. I wouldn’t have commented at all had any of those had been a factor as I’ve been reading this blog religiously for quite some time and know that some of the commenters here are dedicated to all their random ‘just because I don’t know anyone’ theories and quote picking articles for what proves whatever theory suits your narrative.

Sorry kids, we covered everything and it was Covid. No-one here is taking a holiday to Wuhan to prove it doesn’t exist.

3 years ago


KimchiScentedAirfreshener – I am very sorry for your loss. Having someone you love die alone while looking into a camera is awful. My greatest condolences.

3 years ago

I know someone who has had this “wretched illness,” he is about 50 years old, is not overweight, and as far as I know has no medical condition that made him more likely to die, and he said it felt like a bad case of another virus, the flu, which means he was very sick for a week or so. If you’d like to talk with me, and perhaps I can get him to talk, contact my Facebook ID at ScottTexJohnson. LOL

My understanding is that at least half the people who get the “wretched illness” have little or no symptoms, yet they are highly contagious to others for a couple of weeks. LOL

The NHS story referenced reads more like an argument against national health care than it does anything else – another bloated and incompetent government bureaucracy where nobody is in charge and nobody is accountable. LOL

Interesting the author would mention dental care, the UK is infamous for its lack thereof. LOL

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