Heidi: Nancy and Lauren Salzman Knew Day of Reckoning Would Come and Prepared for It

Nancy and Lauren Salzman, two grifters off to con the world....

By Heidi Hutchinson

I was around when Nancy Salzman and, within a couple of years, her daughters, Lauren and Michelle, formed and joined ESP, later known as NXIVM.

My sister, Gina Hutchinson, helped bestow the title of “Prefect” (it’s from “Harry Potter) on Nancy and much more.

Gina also left evidence in her journal. Lauren’s own admissions (to Susan Dones among others) prove that she was part of the “cover-up” on Gina’s death and it is believed Lauren – who called Gina her “good friend” – composed Gina’s handwritten Exploration of Meaning chart weeks before Gina passed away.

Heidi and Gina Hutchinson

I believe Keith’s covert goal for Gina for decades, from at least the time she worked at Consumers’ Buyline, if not from the time he began raping her at the age of, at least, 14, was to guide Gina to the afterlife.

Lauren shrugged off Gina’s death and went on with her Mom and the other wolf-packers to lure more “Ginas” — like a sacrifice to Molech — to Keith’s lair.

Kristin Snyder “disappeared” next and several others had psychotic episodes within the same, banner year.

Kristin Snyder purportedly disappeared in a kayak, but her body was never found, She disappeared four months after Gina Hutchinson purportedly committed suicide.

Lauren, her Mom, none of them, were fazed at all but instead engaged in elaborate cover-ups paid for by Sara and Clare Bronfman that continue to this day, I dare say.

I’m sure Keith lost interest in Lauren as a paramour or ‘sex toy’ — if he ever had much romantic interest in her to begin with — but when did Lauren ever stop striving to please him by luring, grooming and offering young virgins — such as Camila Fernandez — to him? And Lauren, unlike Allison, did so knowing what destruction Keith secretly intended for them all, including Allison.

Keith Raniere told Lauren Salzman that he wanted her to bear his children. He had regular sex with her, according to Salzman, for several years, then stopped but continued to dangle the chance of motherhood before her for years.

It was Lauren who held Daniela hostage for two years — perhaps a fonder fate than others had arranged for Dani, which IMO, apart from the statutory rapes, was one of the more heinous, obvious, NXIVM crimes for which none have been charged.

Nor have any, including Keith due to jurisdiction games, been charged in the numerous statutory rapes.

Allison Mack was not part of these crimes. IMO, Allison was set-up to compete with Kristin Kreuk to be the celebrity spokes-model for Nxivm and the fall girl for the day when the law finally caught up to NXIVM.

Nancy and Lauren long knew that day would ultimately come, especially once Kristin Keeffe fled, and they prepared for it.


The three Salzmans of Nxivm. L-R Michelle, mother Nancy, and Lauren. Michelle was not charged for her role in Nxivm but Nancy and Lauren are both felons, awaiting sentencing.

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  • Heidi – Nothing would shock me with any of these NXIVM players, but a couple things would surprise me. It would surprise me if any of the evil deeds did not originate with Keith. It would surprise me if Nancy or Lauren had any real say in the nefarious activities. It would not surprise me if they helped Keith pull stuff off. It would surprise me if they were not involved in cover ups.

    I like reading your points and info regarding Lauren and Nancy. You notice I don’t push back on much you write, because I don’t know for sure about much. The more you share, the more of the puzzle we see.

    I don’t think I ever met Gina. I wish I did.

    Here’s the timeframe I remember. One month around May/Junishish 1998, Nancy was talking about meeting and spending time with this psychopath guy who wanted to go into business with her. She said she was scared of him and wasn’t going to have anything to do with him. She talked about the situation a lot and you could tell it was weighing on her mind. A month later, she glowed when talking about him and was all giddy about going into business with him. It was bizarre and a little creepy. It was also weird because she openly said this in front of Toni, and Toni didn’t disagree. That’s why I remember this. A month or two later, ESP had started. Lauren had just graduated college and was a part of ESP from the beginning.

  • I don’t think the Salzmans prepared for the reckoning. LOL

    If they did, they did a poor job of it. LOL

  • I don’t recall composing that last paragraph about ‘Daddy Sleazeman,’ Frank, and it’s not what I believe.

    Also, I’ve never misspelled “Keith” as “Kieth” (Bangkok’s latest trick) — only flipped the ei for ie on “Neitzche.” Never been a fan of either but I’ve read more about Keith than that other nihilist.

    And, again, since it keeps coming up without my reply posted: I DO NOT THINK BANGKOK IS DENNIS BURKE nor am I Bangkok nor am I a deliberate Bangcuck influencer. Quite the contrary.

    • Heidi. That’s right, you did not write the last paragraph about Daddy Salzman. It was actually a caption I had written for the picture of the three Salzman ladies. Then I wrote another caption and the old one wound up staying in [the wrong] place. Sorry about that Heidi. I removed it.

  • You misspelled Sleazemans. They are among the worst of the enablers of the snake and his snake oil.

    • Pizza Gate and pedophiles? You should call into my podcast. LOL

      Since they closed Chuck E Cheese, I can’t find a good pizza place for kid’s pizza. LOL

  • The saddest thing in this story is that everything is verified…we know it’s true.

    And yet, after all the victims they left behind, some manage to find excuses for the Salzmans…I agree fully with you that these are the monsters (with Raniere)…

    There is no doubt, no excuses.

    I’m really sorry for your sister, I wish things ended up differently for everyone (maybe even for the Salzmans…would they have been the wicked witches they became if it wasn’t for Raniere?)…

    We can enjoy the fact that the biggest monster in locked away but it will never fully fix the damage he left on his trail.

    • Everything? LOL

      No, everything in that story is not true or verified. LOL

      It’s immaterial whether the Salzmans would have been as evil were it not for Raniere, there is only one timeline of reality. LOL

      I do agree the damage can never be undone. LOL

      • —It’s immaterial whether the Salzmans would have been as evil were it not for Raniere

        Yep. Because they did it. When Existence gave them the choice, they chose to commit the evil. That is only their fault. Now this doesn’t excuse Raniere
        because there certainly was coercion behind the things that he did, but they could have risked the ramifications and refused or broke away. That’s what people of character and integrity do. They choose the right road regardless of whether it’s easy or hard, even though it’s more often the latter. This is how Existence makes evident the truthful, and how it makes evident the liars.

  • To Heidi and Bangkok,

    I love both your passionate defenses of who you believe is innocent and who you believe is guilty. Quite the dichotomy and stark contrast between your bipolar beliefs.

    Lauren and Allison…..

    I cannot understand how either of you decided or derived your conclusions of one guilty and the other innocent.

    Logic would dictate if one is innocent then the other one is innocent too.

    • Yes, Niceguy — seeing as both Lauren and Allison are, just as planned, indicted for only the exact same crimes — it does stand to logic that if one is guilty so is the other.

      Because the DOJ says so, that’s why.

      In fact, according to the DOJ, Allison is MORE guilty bc unlike the repentant Lauren, Allison did not testify against Raniere.

      And anyone who thinks otherwise is, obviously, bi-polar.

      • The DOJ didn’t say anything, except to cut both of them a deal for the same crimes. LOL

        Prosecutors often accept deals in order to get guaranteed convictions than take a chance in court they might screw it up and/or get surprised by the evidence and how the jury would interpret it. LOL

        The DOJ probably determined would only look like a fool instead of a complete fool like Mack on the witness stand. They probably cut Salzman a deal in exchange for her testimony, which has NOTHING to do with the amount of crimes she committed. LOL

        The people Salzman and Mack abused have the opportunity to provide the judge more information about Salzman and Mack, so we don’t know which of them will get harsher punishment. LOL

      • Heidi,

        I used the wrong words. Instead of bipolar I should have used the word “opposites”. That’s what happens when I write after midnight.

        I had no idea or maybe do not recollect Lauren Salzman played a role in you sister’s death.

        Heidi even if Keith hand his band of sociopath did not murder your sister physically, there’s no doubt in my mind, Raniere and crew drove your sister to suicide. The RAT confirmed the sick mind games Raniere played.

        I hope the rat comes forward and gives you some level of closure if only to let you know what actually happened.
        I do understand you will never have true closure. I lost someone under ambiguous circumstances and I will never know if their death a suicide or by accident.

        Personally, I believe my loved one would want me to carry on and find some semblance of normalcy and happiness.

        That’s what tell myself on dark days.

        Take care.

        • Thanks for that, Niceguy. I hope I’ve said before that I’m terribly sorry for your loss, as well. The ambiguity is very difficult, especially when you think someone is close to answers, know that others have them but they are all nonetheless apparently only interested telling and doing what serves their own interests. Or what they THINK might.

    • No , Lauren did it for 20 years , Allison was forced to do it for about a year and half…
      Not the same circumstance.
      So one choosed her position, the other was dragged in.

      This is where you can make the difference.

      Also by comparing the other victims and lauren and Allison…

      Allison had the EXACT SAME ROAD as each victim…
      lauren was on the other side, she made the victim.

      If you consider the facts and only the facts, the choice is easy…one is definately guilty of everything she is accused and the other (Allison) is a victim who committed A crime under COERCION…
      There again, circumstances change EVERYTHING.

      Especially when we know the impact coercion had for this trial.
      This is why the sex was not seen as consentual, this is why there is extortion, the whole case is BASED on COERCION.

      And there again, you have lauren who committed crime for nxivm for 20years…but was “coerced” during the last year and half
      And then, you have Allison who committed NO CRIME at all at anytime UNTIL, she was coerced.

  • I firmly believe that Nancy has a useful sum of money stashed away that nobody knows about. She’s got future plans. That’s why she walked out court with a big smile on her face.

    • I personally think you are correct on that, Paul.

      Of note is the astounding fact that Mama Sleazeman did not have to cooperate with investigators to get that plea deal of the century — all her decades of crime whittled down to but one meager charge. Without giving up a word.

      The loot she stashed for “Friends” in near plain view, found fast by the FBI, just doesn’t add up.

      Don’t forget, Nancy has a long history of ‘Tit for Tat’ from way back in the day she was sex trafficking, er, “massaging” the likes of Joe Bruno.

    • Paul I agree a 100!

      I think your belief, is correct and the reason Nancy Salzman asked the court to allow her to speak to the NXIVM book keeper, Kathy Russell.

      There is no explanation why Nancy who used to make fun of Kathy the ballerina[Russell was a ballerina in training at 50 with 14 years old girls. No joke] total moron who ditched her son and husband for Keith’s harem.

      I personally believe that Nancy and Kathy were stealing money from NXIVM before NXIVM burnt to the ground.

      Would Keith really allow Nancy to keep $500,000 in cash?

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