Bangkok: Allison Mack Deserves No Leniency but Lauren Salzman Does!

By Bangkok

Frank, in his story Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman Deserve Mercy and Leniency From US District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis is again mostly wrong.

While it’s true that Lauren Salzman deserves leniency, it’s equally true that Allison Mack does NOT deserve any leniency.

Why not?

Cuz Lauren Salzman was raised by her own MOTHER to obey Keith Raniere.

Whereas Allison was NOT raised from childhood to obey Keith.


Lauren didn’t know any other life except what her mom and Keith told her to do.

That’s POWERFUL mitigation.

That’s akin to an Amish child choosing to be Amish because their parents raised them to be.

Guess what, Frank?

Ninety percent of Amish kids grow up to become Amish. That’s not a coincidence, sir. Very few other people choose to be Amish unless they were raised that way, by their parents.

Lauren was baptized into this life with Keith. Her mom raised her to respect Keith. That’s the most powerful influence possible.

But Allison, on the other hand, was NOT raised from childhood to respect or obey Keith Raniere.

Allison’s parents are NOT the ones who pressured her into fucking Keith.

Allison CHOSE that lifestyle of her own volition.

Allison had millions of dollars and a secure future (in acting) and didn’t need NXIVM financially, socially, or for family purposes. She had tons of adoring fans and friends outside of NXIVM. Her family was outside of NXIVM. Yet she still CHOSE to follow Keith and his fraudulent ways.

On the other hand, Lauren needed NXIVM for family purposes (her mom & sister were members). Lauren also needed NXIVM for social purposes (her only friends are from NXIVM). Finally, Lauren also needed NXIVM for financial purposes (she was a loser with no income or education outside of NXIVM).

Nxivm members Michelle, Nancy, and Lauren Salzman


Nancy and Lauren Salzman shared the same man, but he is gone now.


Lauren Salzman [right] with her mother Nancy. They followed, they said, the smartest and most ethical man in the world- Keith Raniere.
Daddies come and go but Vanguard is forever. Michelle, Nancy, and Lauren Salzman chose to shun their father to please Kieth Raniere.

Allison’s choice (to follow Keith) was far more voluntary than Lauren’s, which is why Allison deserves NO FUCKEN LENIENCY in sentencing.

I already told you this, Frank, you goddamn FLIP-FLOPPER!

Stop flip-flopping and looking like a fool, sir.

I am right and you are wrong.

Let’s ask NiceGuy if he’ll agree with your logic over mine. I doubt it. NiceGuy will support me on this issue, Frank, mostly cuz you’re a flip-flopper who seems to be changing with the political wind lately.

Have a nice day.


Frank Parlato’s response:

I now think that Allison Mack deserves leniency. When I was trying to tackle Nxivm, I wrote a lot about her and much of it disparagingly. I have definitely softened my position on her and Lauren Salzman too.

I realize Bangkok that you are a bit infatuated with Lauren, and we are in agreement that she deserves leniency, for many of the reasons you state. But Allison, like many Nxivm members, was deceived by Raniere too and by Nancy Salzman and other of his minions, including Lauren. Yes, Lauren worked to induce Allison to join Nxivm and stay there.

Nxivm became Allison’s family.

I don’t really see much difference. It is not as if either Lauren or Allison were underage. Both were in their early 20s when they joined.

Lauren stayed because of family and because Keith Raniere seduced her and promised her an avatar baby.

Allison is as much or more a victim since Raniere only offered her a chance to be part of the mission that would help save the world and she gave up her acting career and much of her money before sleeping with Raniere and before being promised an avatar child, which did not come until around 2015.

I see them both as victims today, much more than perpetrators. However, I might change my mind. Most of my belief in their victimization comes from the idea that they have left Nxivm, repudiated Raniere, and are not likely to go back and harm society.

I could flip flop again, as you say, Bangkok, if circumstances change. For now, I think they have suffered enough at the hands of Raniere and must live with the shame and the fact of being felons. They will likely go to prison and for my part, I hope the judge sentences both of them leniently.

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack give each other a hug and though they are not likely speaking, they probably need a hug from each other.





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  • Bangkok I am sorry I can’t back you on this one.

    However!!!!! Your dream of dreams is at hand!!!!!!!

    I will state the obvious, I know it has not occurred to you…..

    ….If Lauren Salzman goes to prison….

    You will have your only, realistic, opportunity to contact her and to converse with her.

    Your only shot!

    I promise you my friend if you send her 2 to 3 well crafted letters[no perverted crap] she will respond to you. [Don’t give up until you have mailed 5. Why? Because she may not respond until she knows you are not a nut or an asshole.] Be nice and sweet!!!!

    How do I know she will respond? Simple, Lauren will be in one of the loneliest places[prison] on earth where you have no friends. An empathetic and caring individual [you] to correspond with will be a warm light on a dark winter’s night

    Your only opportunity to make contact is about to come-a-knocking.

    Your dream is within your grasp my friend.

    Don’t blow it!

    Have a nice day you little [redacted]

    Ps You can use the Federal penitentiary lookup system to locate her prison address and prisoner number. Sincerely good luck!

    It you happen to be a minor ask your parent’s permission before you mail anything.

    • If you want me to post a short blue-print of what you need to be writing to elicit a response from Salzman, I will post it.
      Let me know!

  • So the first one: “Allison Mack Deserves No Leniency but Lauren Salzman Does!”
    Allison crimes: collecting coercive material under coercion herself…and this for a period of 1 year
    She didn’t commit anything else

    lauren’s crimes: collecting coercive material, forced labor (in her case, it’s a fact, she used these advantages as testified by several victims), false imprisonment (on Dany), Blackmailing (on Dany).
    She used her “talent” to destroy life and this for 20 years…

    So leniency for a monster but not for her victim? because let us be clear, If KK is responsible in introducing Allison to the cult, it’s lauren and her lovely mom that did the “brainwashing”.
    It’s lauren who was an avid supporter of punishment, it’s also lauren who was cruel.

    Yes, because if the first declarations that were posted here said that Allison was being the cruel punisher, we know (thanks to the trial, something you might not have knowledge of) that it’s not Allison…
    lauren was close to raniere, she lied about many things to others but even more lied about her implication in DOS…

    At first, it was “i’m new to DOS, 6 months max” but we discover that she was there for way longer (probably longer than Allison) and all this while knowing the REAL purpose…
    Allison didn’t know this, she didn’t know the purpose and this was admitted by lauren and supported by cami’s message with raniere.

    “Cuz Lauren Salzman was raised by her own MOTHER to obey Keith Raniere.
    Whereas Allison was NOT raised from childhood to obey Keith.”
    No, but lauren abused mentally Allison (amongst many others) using the therapy “E M”…
    This is way worse.

    “Lauren didn’t know any other life except what her mom and Keith told her to do.
    That’s POWERFUL mitigation.”
    So that is your excuse for lauren? good thing you aren’t a lawyer.

    “Allison CHOSE that lifestyle of her own volition.”
    In your fantasy, maybe…but then there is no victim as everyone did the same.

    Now, let’s be serious.
    Lauren chose to continue the way for 20 years…and she used EM against her victims, and she was the cruel one, and she was making good money…
    Not counting that lauren never did it for the good of anyone…just for her own interest and her love for raniere.

    Allison, on the other hand, was dragged into a CULT, manipulated by lauren, love-bombed by her (and Allison had a poor opinion of herself).
    Allison did nothing wrong until she was coerced to do so (and she only collected the coercive material).

    lauren, for 20 years, participated in the crimes…and cruelly should i say.
    Who chose the paddling as a punishment? lauren
    Who participated in the lockdown of Dani? lauren
    Who decided to keep Dani’s documents because she refused to be raniere’s bitch? lauren…

    Allison was genuinely not knowing the details of DOS, this is even admitted by lauren herself…
    lauren, knew everything and still supported it, with and without the coercion.

    “Allison’s choice (to follow Keith) was far more voluntary than Lauren’s, which is why Allison deserves NO FUCKEN LENIENCY in sentencing.”
    You like to rewrite story…up till now you looked like a troll but your raging show that you are nothing but a nutjob (sorry, if you want another term frank, we’ll say a mentally deficient person with a serious need of help or potential time in a mental facility)

    The fact showed that lauren followed WILLINGLY …Allison followed only when she was COERCED…

    “I realize Bangkok that you are a bit infatuated with Lauren”
    a bit is an understatement…when you defend the devil that hard, it’s passion.

    “Yes, Lauren worked to induce Allison to join Nxivm and stay there.”
    Thank you! Reading some, it feels like it’s the other way around…

    “Allison is as much or more a victim since Raniere only offered her a chance to be part of the mission that would help save the world and she gave up her acting career and much of her money before sleeping with Raniere and before being promised an avatar child, which did not come until around 2015.”
    Partly true…he never promised her this but to heal her (said in the trial).Also did not come until 2015 is inaccurate too as even if the previous statement was true, the “story” between raniere and Allison didn’t start until 2016…it’s after DOS that he forced her to have a relationship.

    I know this as a fact and it’s frustrating that while you said you should give benefit of the doubt to some, you still ignore that NOTHING goes in the sense of a relation before DOS…

    “I see them both as victims today, much more than perpetrators. However, I might change my mind. Most of my belief in their victimization comes from the idea that they have left Nxivm”
    Once again, it’s a fact for Allison…she is out of the control and she got a proper diet…she is trying to heal (or healing i should say).
    lauren, i don’t know it as a fact but the way she always behaved, certain action afterward and during the trial , make me believe that if nxivm still existed, she would still be in it.

    She as no sense of right or wrong…she didn’t show remorse , only self-pity.

    “must live with the shame and the fact of being felons”
    lauren yes, but Allison is not really a felon…to the eyes of the law (and under another form of coercion exercised by the prosecution), she is but, in reality, anyone sane knows it’s not the case.

    She is a victim who was forced (like sylvie, like jayes and others) to do wrong things…most of the victims did it.

    Once again, if this is enough for Allison to be a culprit, then all the victim are too…therefore, no victims and therefore, no crimes…at least not in DOS

    If that is the case, lauren is still guilty of the crimes committed before DOS…Allison didn’t do anything until the coercion.

    “they are not likely speaking, they probably need a hug from each other.”
    Certainly not…lauren destroy Allison’s life enough.
    IF raniere is the real monster, lauren was a real enabler.

    You said it yourself, “lauren worked to induce Allison to join nxivm”.

    You also said that Allison was not a good recruiter…

    No, lauren is not welcome around Allison anymore and don’t worry, Allison has enough people to hug her…her family and friends protect her and care for her (and she knows it).

    Once again, why posting as an article something that isn’t worthy? Are you that out of subjects to write about?

    • Mack committed only one crime but cut a deal and plead guilty to two crimes, after being charged with several more crimes, all while being represented by high-dollar lawyers? LOL

      That’s a good one! LOL

  • Thank you for correcting the blatant Bangcuck bullshit that Lauren was reared (although his term “raised,” used for animals, is more apropos) into the NX cult.

    In fact, both Nancy Salzman’s daughters were reared by their Dad into their twenties while their Mom was busy enabling, fucking, sucking, lying, promoting and recruiting for Raniere.

    Allison Mack was reared on movie sets, trained as an actress to take direction without question and enthusiastically support the producer/director’s fantasy ‘vision.’

    Lauren, in fact, attended college before choosing to take up her Mom’s racket — which her Dad, a laser doctor specialist who studied in Mexico — also ultimately joined and, likewise, handsomely profited by.

    Allison, meanwhile, was only educated on set (wonder she can read at all) and never made it to college where she might have acquired some independent thinking skills, learned a little history about dictators and such, about the Pavlovian dog experiments, etc. instead of being entirely defenseless against Raniere’s “genius” teachings.

    Lauren came into NXIVM at the top of the heap by virtue of her Mother’s gold sash, ownership status. There was no social, peer pressure on Lauren to join or participate in any criminal activities. Further, Lauren has always had an inside track, she didn’t have to earn her stripes to advance, let alone break the law.

    Many of Allison’s friends, however, including her much admired bestie, Kristin Kreuk, joined NX and ‘pressured’ her to do so — in just the way Keith and Nancy designed their human pyramid scheme.

    I could go on and on. I KNOW what NX did to Allison Mack down to the bottom of my soul. They did the same thing to my sister, Gina Hutchinson, only she did not survive it.

    And Lauren Salzman was one of the top NXIAN‘s who did it, eyes wide open, and prospered from it.

    • —Many of Allison’s friends, however, including her much admired bestie, Kristin Kreuk, joined NX and ‘pressured’ her to do so — in just the way Keith and Nancy designed their human pyramid scheme.

      How do you know? LOL

      Are you friends of hers? LOL

      Mack was never in a pyramid scheme. LOL

      Call my radio show and I will explain it to you in language you’ll understand. LOL

      • This appears to be a fake Scott Johnson comment. Scott is that you? If not I am hoping to ban all IP addresses that imitate other commenters.

  • Here’s an idea to stimulate Saratoga County’s economy.

    At Disneyland, they have animatronic Presidents giving speeches.
    At NXIVMLAND, you could see robotic Lauren Salzman and Emiliano Salinas going through their comedy routine.
    Animatronic Nicki Clyne can perform her hilarious comedy routine.
    And a robotic Reverend Lauren Salzman can officiate weddings at the NXIVM chapel.
    Lauren was an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.
    There are only 20 million ordained ministers in this church.
    Here is your application form. Bangkok:

    The robotic Vanguard can give a lecture at the Apropos restaurant.
    A robotic Allison Mack can warble out a tune in honor of her brilliant Vanguard.
    Meanwhile, a robot Dalai Lama can bestow million-dollar scarves on robots Clare and Sara Bronfman and the resurrected robot Pam Cafritz.
    Another Pam Cafritz robot can groom robotic girls to be mentored by the Vanguard.
    The robot Nancy Salzman can give Executive Success lectures to mindless robots in a lecture hall.
    In another theater, Robot Dr. Brandon Porter can exhibit snuff films to frightened female robots.
    And the robots Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne can hold down a female mannequin while robotic Dr. Danielle Roberts brands her.

    In a large hall, Mexican NXIVM robotic “slaves” can dance out their joy for the Vanguard.
    And in a gym, NXIVM robots can play marathon late-night volleyball games.

    In Springfield, Illinois you can visit the home Abe Lincoln lived in before he became President.
    In NXIVMLAND, you can visit the Vanguard’s sex lair where he mentored women and girls.
    You can also visit the townhouse where Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne helped Dr. Roberts brand female sex slaves.

    Come on, Saratoga County!
    If you’ve got lemons, make lemonade!

    (Bangkok, in my humble opinion, a robotic Lauren Salzman would have more personality than the real Lauren Salzman.)

  • I see them both as damaged individuals who were acting under duress. A probation order would be suitable for Lauren and a short sentence for Mack.

    I don’t see either as being a danger to anyone.

    (Jumps into foxhole and covers head.)

    • They’ve both been punished an insane amount already. Why are we picking and choosing which victim/perps are punishted? Let them rejoin society. Neither is a threat to anything. The real people who should be going to prison are the crooked NYS employees who allowed a clearly insane and off-the-tracks Raniere take over their state.

      • Nutjob,

        “Punished enough”?

        If anyone believes that Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman have been punished enough and do not deserve to be sentenced. You need to re-examine the facts [with the mainstream media or Frank Report ]sugar coating removed.
        If Frank or anyone else thinks the following comment is too vulgar to post, try remembering the blackmailed women of the harem lived it!!!! Too dirty to print?
        Try living it!!!!!!!!

        Imagine you are one of Keith Raniere’s harem members being blackmailed by a First Line Slave.

        Simply imagine being coerced and blackmailed by Mack and Salzman into giving a 60-year-old man [with a fat hairy chode] two dozen blow jobs and providing 1/2 a dozen vaginal/anal intercourse sessions.

        Sound bad?

        It gets worse……. now imagine instead of the harem of blackmailed women who supplied Keith Raniere with his BJs and sexual intercourse, the responsibility all falls on your shoulders.

        It gets even worse…….

        Now picture on top of all the sex acts you are forced to perform, the recipient, Vanguard, rarely takes showers and walks around with the scent of other women on his face.

        Even worse…

        How does the idea of gray-hairy-sweaty-balls bouncing on your chin, thousands upon thousands of times while you perform fellatio for 365 days sound?

        How does vaginal and anal penetration sound when you provide it hundreds of times to a 60-year-old man [who looks like a sheep died on his chest]?

        Not too mention, all the while, the 5ft pudgy smelly little troll standing behind you undulating from behind as his belly hits your backside.

        Now imagine the individuals [ie Mack and Salzman] who blackmailed you [forced you] into performing sex acts with Vanguard walk free.

        How does that feel?

        If Frank or anyone else thinks this comment is too vulgar to post, the blackmailed women of the harem fucking lived it!!!! Too dirty to print? Try living it.

        Please leave the Jesus Christ absolves you of your sins to Jesus Christ.

        Side note: This is the most crass thing I have ever written in my life. I am attempting to provide the reader with the truly disgusting and horrific experience the female harem members endured.

          • Sorry. Either my reply is censored or I posted from a device that didn’t gel. But, I’m not posting all my lost stuff again. Cliff notes – ubwrong.

      • Not only that…
        Mr paul is saying that Allison deserves a short sentence but nothing for lauren…
        Allison was under home arrest for WAY LONGER than lauren…All this while lauren committed way more (and worst) crimes than Allison.

        lauren deserves a short sentence (be it for the Dani story)…Allison is clearly a victim of raniere, nancy, lauren (and i maintain, to a lesser extend), KK and edmondson)

        Allison has spent more than 2 years in home-arrest…lauren (who committed more crimes) isn’t even at 2 years yet.

        Also, the home arrest condition is quite violent.
        Allison is forbidden to communicate, use a normal phone, or internet…she can’t even defend herself.
        She was only allowed later to have a few hours out of her home (and she isn’t using it much).

        lauren had all the freedom (except contact with nxivm members)…

    • Are you for real? A short sentence for Mack, the victim, but probation for Lauren who committed more than what Allison did?

      Did you actually pay attention to the trial to make such an absurd statement?
      No? then go read about Dani…

  • Bangkok,

    I enjoyed reading your defense of the chaste Lauren Salzman. You more than deserve access to those kosher deli pastrami-meat-flaps on rye.

  • Mack was probably more f*cked up in the brain growing up than Salzman, because she was a pampered child actress. LOL

    Salzman was also a grown-a$$ woman of legal age BEFORE she was introduced to Raniere. LOL

    You’re wrong again, Bangkok. LOL

    You have truly lost whatever touch you may have had at one time. LOL

    Why you love Salzman’s JImmy Durante I’ll never understand. LOL

    Plus, you’re still [redacted] to come on Scott’s show. LOL

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