Did Allison Mack Pay Me to Go After Kristin Kreuk? – Reader Wants to Know

Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island for a Nxivm retreat.

An anonymous reader asked me a question or two that I think warrants a post.

Anonymous wrote

Hi Frank – Sorry if this is a stupid question, but based on what you wrote, are you saying that the reason you posted some 180 articles over the last four years on Ms. Kruek is not only because Sultan made you, but because you also hoped someone would come forward with some evidence that you could use to get Kristen arrested?

I have to confess that at one point, I thought you were maybe being paid by some enraged, vindictive Allison Mack fan who saw that Vice video feature on you and hired you to attack Kruek in the way Keith/Clare hired you to go after people they hated. But if you were trying to get people arrested, why not write more about Nicki Clyne, Brandon Porter, or long-time harem, inner circle member Dawn Morrison? Based on the search results retrieved on your site, you wrote 62 articles on Clyne, 28 on Porter, and 2 on Morrison.

Frank Parlato Reply.

Dear Anonymous

I was not trying to get anyone arrested other than Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman and, of course, break up the cult’s ability to recruit new people.

I have been successful, though I want to point out I certainly did not do it all myself.

When the battle was ongoing, I wrote in battle mode, writing to take down the cult and keeping the heat on. Which meant writing about anyone or everyone who could help draw attention to Nxivm.

Allison Mack [l] and Kristin Kreuk [r] at a Nxivm gathering
Allison Mack, unfortunately for her, was at the top of the list. I probably wrote well over 200 stories on her.

The battle is over, however.

Nxivm is all but wiped out and Raniere in custody, likely to be sentenced for decades. Clare’s seemingly “too light” plea deal looks like it will evaporate and she will be hammered harder by the judge. I think that is justice for without her cruel vindictiveness and unlimited funding, this cult would not have been anywhere near as dangerous to so many people.

However, I doubt there will be any more Nxivm-related charges.

It is true, I only wrote a few articles on Dawn Morrison, because she is more victim than perpetrator. She fell for Raniere and stuck around for decades, even earning a green sash, but she never did any real harm that I know of.

She has to work detailing cars – and running other people’s cars to the mechanic – to make ends meet after 20 years of Executive Success trainings. She named her company after Keith’s initials, KARma, and she used to give Keith little plastic bags of $10 or $20 as her tithe to her master. He never even bothered to bank her “widow’s mite.” He left the bags lying around his sex lair.

How he must have laughed at her pittances behind her back as he blew millions of Bronfman cash.

Dawn Morrison did not deserve a lot of ink.

Dawn certainly does not deserve to be arrested. She needed only to be exposed as a member of Nxivm in case she tried to recruit anyone.

As for writing 28 articles on Brandon Porter, that is actually quite a few and I did break the story on his human fright experiments and the illness break out at V-Week 2016, wherein he played a strange and silent role.

The former doctor, Brandon Porter

These revelations, which were echoed in the New York Times, led to his loss of a medical license.  What more did I need to do?

As for Nicki Clyne, as of last report, which was several months ago, she is still involved and still a true believer.

I needed to expose that so she would not recruit impressionable young women. I do not want to see her arrested. She might have been too – just like any of the first line slave masters. They all committed the same crime of racketeering by recruiting women into a sorority, and requiring blackmail material against them, while lying to them about Keith Raniere’s involvement.

Just as Allison was charged for this, so could Nicki have been charged.

DOS First-Line Slaves. The prosecution said that they were all guilty of racketeering but only Allison, Lauren, and Raniere were charged. The other five were selectively not prosecuted, quite possibly because the feds did not want to overcrowd their case. So Nicki lucked out, possibly because she was not as well known as Allison.

My stories on Nicki led to her being identified at the Brooklyn vegan bar, Izzy Rose. Under a cloud of suspicion that she was still recruiting, eight or 9 employees quit and the owner strangely chose to keep Nicki.

While I don’t think Nicki should be arrested, it is pretty clear she and Allison committed immigration fraud when they married each other.

If my exposure through some 68 articles on her prevented her from recruiting just one woman into the warped world of Raniere’s master slave branding and blackmailing scheme, then I did well.

Now you say I wrote some 180 articles over the last four years on Kristin Kreuk.  At least 90 percent of those were while the battle was ongoing and quite a few were actually written by Sultan and his opponent’s articles.

Still, plenty of articles were written by me for several good reasons.

First and foremost, I wanted media attention beyond my blog – and reader interest helped spark media attention.  Kreuk was the biggest celebrity of Nxivm and hers and Allison’s participation is what made this story interesting to the media.

Without these two stars [or semi-stars], this story would have been far less interesting to mainstream media.

It would have gotten one or two stories about some creepy obscure cult that branded women and little else. But the fact that you had successful TV actresses involved, one of them being branded and working to brand other women, gave the story “sex appeal” as well as “creep appeal.”

Stories about Kreuk on my website attracted new viewers. Stories about Kathy Russell or Esther Chiappone did not.

Kristin Kreuk on stage with Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack for Keith Raniere’s a cappella concert, which seems to have been put together to recruit college-aged women into Nxivm.

Just as Raniere used these stars to build up his cult, I used them to take down the cult. Allison got the most stories, Kreuk the second most, and Clyne the third most.

It is only fair. Kreuk allowed herself to be used to build it up and I appropriated her fame to help take it down.

Also, I truly did not know if she committed any crimes. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence to suggest she was right in there with Rainiere. Her Girls By Design is suspicious. Imagine, while accepting a man as her mentor, and paying thousands to learn his teachings, a man who is later revealed as a pedophile, lusting after preteen and teen girls, Kreuk is out there recruiting teen and preteen girls for a club, with a lot of age-inappropriate messages on it.

Still, I never found any hard evidence that she brought any girl to Raniere with the intent to having him sleep with her.

Kreuk also got a share of extra coverage because of her hypocritical virtue-signaling. Had she not been out front so much decrying all sorts of social injustices [as she perceived them], causes which she had no role in other than to tweet out how bad they were, while ignoring true injustices she helped promote, she would have had a lot less coverage here.

Add to that, she plays a brave social justice warrior lawyer on TV, risking her career to stand up to a pedophile and cult-like corporations, yet she would not help expose the cult doing the same things during a critical time when Nxivm’s fate hung in the balance.

She did not stand up, it is pretty evident because it would have damaged her career as an actress playing a social justice warrior.

Kristin Kreuk sponsored a very curious online survey which seems to have been designed to recruit young women into Nxivm.

So yes, there was plenty of fodder for Kreuk, though it was less virulent than Mack’s fodder, which was branding women and taking blackmail on them.

And, of course, Sultan, her ardent fan, helped out by defending her vociferously at every turn, which made those who did not like Kreuk come forward and attack her more vociferously and this led to more posts and occasionally people providing new information.

Some of it was exonerating to her – as far as any criminal participation is concerned. Some of it was damning, but could not be corroborated. I suspect there is a group of people, possibly quite a small group, who has a serious agenda to hurt Kristin and do not mind lying about it.

Whenever I tried to get corroboration for their extreme charges [which might have landed her in prison], I was unable to find hard evidence, certainly not enough to prove guilt and in many cases not enough to write a story about it.

To be clear, I was never paid to attack Kreuk by Mack or anyone else.  And after four years, I have found no evidence that Kreuk committed any crime.

As far as I know, the DOJ also did not find any evidence linking her to any crimes.

In my book, Kreuk is innocent until proven guilty. If anyone has any real evidence, I wish they would bring it forward.

As of today, the worst I can say about Kreuk is that she does a lot of virtue-signaling as a social justice warrior, which she certainly is not.


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    • Frank are you reneging on your comment policy already? Previous when I wrote obsessed with regards to Sultan you redacted the word and now you’ve also posted this comment by Nutjob which features many insulting words, when last week you censored words like falsehood (even when what had been written was actually false) and ridiculous

      June 24, 2020 at 6:43 pm
      Can we rip anonymous posters or since I’m not Lauren, or anyone who cares for Allison, am I not able to properly respond to this MORON “friend” of Allison? This anonymous Allison dude is probably a FAKE It might even be shadow himself. i don’t know that anyone does more harm to Allison that this JACKWAGON It’s like a jealous basketball player who cuts his teammate off at the knees – without realizing that they are on the same team and sink in the same boat. IDIOT

      • That comment must have slipped through the cracks. I do not know how it got approved. I do have some help with comment approval. But a comment like that would not be edited as follows:
        Can we rip anonymous posters or since I’m not Lauren, or anyone who cares for Allison, am I not able to properly respond to this [redacted] “friend” of Allison? This anonymous Allison [redacted] is probably a F[redacted]. It might even be [redacted]. i don’t know that anyone does more harm to Allison that this [redacted] It’s like a [redacted] basketball player who [redacted]

      • Frank also selectively doesn’t post comments that “toe his company line”. He can of course then play dumb and say they never were posted, or there was a “glitch” in the software. I’ve posted a number of times and had comments never show up, even when the server says they were (there are times it says it failed). I’ve even gone to the extent of saving posts off before they are posted so I can copy them later and re-post them if they never show up. So either he is not posting them or the people who he allows to moderate are not. So as far as I’m concerned his free speech policy is bullshit and his integrity is shot to hell concerning it.

        • Stop typing in and clicking on Frank Report if you don’t like it [redacted].
          you only show up to see if there are any references to Kristin Kreuk for you to [redacted].

  • First , Allison don’t blame KK, some of her friend do (i do and i know a couple who do too)…
    Second, Pay with WHAT? she is broke, more than broke, the governement stole a part of her 401…

    “Allison Mack, unfortunately for her, was at the top of the list. I probably wrote well over 200 stories on her”
    Click worthy i guess and also a lot of misinformation on her (or ignorance to be able to blame her)…it’s hard to know if you had bad sources for certain things or you decided to blame her…

    One thing for sure is that Allison is scapegoat material for many as they like to blame her…too bad for those who ignore who she really is because it’s your lose.

    “So Nicki lucked out, possibly because she was not as well known as Allison. ”
    Clearly…let’s not forget that it’s the prosecution who present the case…one of them was an opportunist (they are all, that’s because of the way to obtain the raise and climb the ladder of hierarchy).
    Blaming someone well known and potentially getting them in jail guarantee the headlines…and this is what make a simple assistant to climb to an attorney…
    But it failed for that opportunist so it seems like it was a wrong choice and she (or he…who knows) should have been more efficient and aim at the REAL culprit instead of doing shady thing to destroy a victim…

    Like omitting to give the information about a change of schedule for the court hearing…all for the sake of getting the victim (of the cult and of this prosecutor) to go back in jail instead of home arrest (happened around september 2018…the judge scolded the prosecutor about it)

    “While I don’t think Nicki should be arrested, it is pretty clear she and Allison married to commit immigration fraud when they married each other”
    Once again, it can’t be proved…especially since Allison kept her ring till the end.
    And between the flowers, and the rest, i suspect that Allison believed it was a real relation.Nicki, on the other hand…

    “Also, I truly did not know if she committed any crimes. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence to suggest she was right in there with Rainiere”
    here, i’ll take the side of this anonymous who wrote you…you don’t accuse without evidences…

    “Kreuk also got a share of extra coverage because of her hypocritical virtue signalling”
    And there i agree with you, she deserved it…

    • “First , Allison don’t blame KK, some of her friend do (i do and i know a couple who do too)…”

      Didn’t Allison know Mark Hildreth before Kristin? Didn’t she introduce him to her? Didn’t Kristin get involved with NXIVM due to Mark? So, in a roundabout way, it looks like Allison is even responsible for her own involvement in NXIVM even from the blame you put on Kristin for recruiting her.

      • I don’t know where you got your info but they couldn’t be further from the truth…
        KK had a relationship before becoming a friend to Allison…
        He did get her in the cult but KK helped him to get Allison in…

        And excuse me but how (if it was true, which it is not), does presenting a person to someone else prepare you to be dragged into a cult?
        Are you that much of an idiot to make such an absurd shortcut?

        This is exactly what i was pointing a couple of weeks ago…no matter what is said, it’s getting twisted completely when it’s about Allison…

        Get a life, that’s the only advice i can give you…

        • “I don’t know where you got your info but they couldn’t be further from the truth…
          KK had a relationship before becoming a friend to Allison…”

          Now I’m sure you don’t know what you’re talking about. Kristin met Allison in the first year of Smallville which began filming in 2001 and soon after became friends. Kristin didn’t even know Mark until Earthsea miniseries which they both were in and was filmed in 2004.

  • Heh, your title is wrong and misleading. I wrote vindictive Allison Mack FAN. LOL. You always mentioned she lost all of her money to the cult through Bouchey and Raniere. Which leads me to wonder something else. Since Bouchey left in 2009, when did Allison lose all of her money? Keith had already “lost” millions of the Bronfmans. Did he do any better with what Allison gave those two to “invest” before Bouchey left? Or did he “lose” Allison’s investments as well back in 2009 and she didn’t care, still believed in Raniere, and stuck with her Vanguard for 9 more years, similar to Clare and Sara?

  • Frank didn’t mention Mr. Shadow a single time, even though he was the author for much of the numerous Mack orgasmic stories. LOL

    Mr. Shadow must be quite [redacted].

  • “I was not trying to get anyone arrested other than Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman”.

    I don’t think that is genuine, Frank. You outed Emiliano and Sara Bronfman while they were hiding from the Feds and had fled to foreign lands (and I am glad that you did). This was well beyond the trial of Raniere, so you didn’t need to bring attention to it anymore. It seems pretty clear that was to help get them captured, and rightly so. You did the Lost Women of NXIVM (which was awesome) and would definitely have served the purpose of exposing conspirators to have more charges brought against someone other than Keith or Clare. Otherwise, what would the point have been to produce that?

    • That is correct. My point was that among the other Nxivm defendants – Lauren, Nancy, Allison and Kathy, I was not trying to get them arrested.

  • Neither Kreuk nor Mack are ‘stars’ in the full sense of the term. I didn’t know of the existence of either until I discovered the Frank Report. I think it would be more accurate to describe them as ‘US TV Celebrities,’ past and present.’

    I tried to watch the first episode of Smallville and gave up as it was obviously made to entertain schoolagers and was incredibly dull.

    I’ve never seen Kreuk in anything and I doubt that most people in the UK would even recognise her name.

    Mack is finished and Kreuk will never be a household name outside the US if she even is there.

    There is no Kreuk trail to follow, and Mack’s life is over all bar the tears.

    RIP NXIVM, a very nasty microcult.

    You and a few others but a wooden stake through its heart and it will never rise again.

    The sentencing will be interesting, though…

  • “while ignoring true injustices she helped promote”

    LOL. Riiiiiight. You have constantly insinuated Kristin’s intentions, motivations, actions, etc., for membership in this group where in line with whatever ill intention of Raniere when you of all people should damn well know by now about the compartmentalization of NXIVM. It’s been three years now and not a single lick of evidence has ever been provided that Kristin was involved in anything illegal or wrong. I bet she wasn’t even contacted by the authorities because she was never considered a person of interest. Otherwise it would’ve been posted here as an article. Even your heroine Sarah Edmondson didn’t realize the extent of Raniere’s activities until two months after she was on the branding table and understood what those initials actually meant and how it personally affected the relationship with her immediate family.

    Stop blaming others for your site’s lopsided focus on Kreuk and own up to it, and stop dancing around the fact that you were using Kreuk’s celebrity for salaciousness and to bring clicks, media and legal attention to NXIVM because of your own personal fight with Clare and Raniere.

  • Great explanation. I always come here for the scoop on NXIVM. Question … what’s your best guess on why the FIRM, NO MORE DELAY, sentencing of Raniere was DELAYED, yet again?

  • I always enjoy reading Frank’s eloquent explanations, to Kreuk super fans, of why he published so many articles on Allison Mack and Kristen Kreuk.

    To Anonymous (Kreuk Super Fan),

    If you doubt Frank’s explanation, let me remind you Allison Mack’s parents mortgaged their home to pay for Allison’s bail, the same home Allison previously purchased for her parents.

    Allison’s small fortune is gone. Raniere and crew stripped her clean and the DOJ took a share of her assets too. Allison can not afford to retain the services of Frank Parlato or the services of anyone else.

    Don’t feel too bad for Allison. The last chapter of her life is not written yet. There are many wealthy men in LA, who will love to jockey for Allison’s affections. Allison is a former celebrity turned bad girl. Once you get past the cankles, she is a very attractive woman with a nice body. She will have her choice of male suitors.

    After all, if the former escort (prostitute) Ashley Dupree, involved in the Elliot Spitzer Scandal, scored a Prince Charming [handsome, rich, guy]Allison Mack can too. Allison has a much better pedigree.

    Ashley Dupree with her Prince Charming:


    The true Pretty Woman story.

    • Once she’s served her sentence, her life is her own. She will hopefully be a more sober and mature individual by then. That isn’t guaranteed, but I think it likely.

    • Ashley’s whore name was Kristen. LOL

      Cankle lovers will never see the remainder of Mack’s body. LOL

      So the net result is Mack mortgaged her own home. LOL

      The anonymous writer never said Mack paid Frank, that was some of the “literary freedom” he is well-known for. LOL

      • Scott,

        Your keen insight and bawdy humor are so greatly appreciated by me.

        Somewhere in you lies a parable on life.

      • —Cankle lovers will never see the remainder of Mack’s body. LOL

        Spoken like a true aficionado. LOLA

    • “If you doubt Frank’s explanation, let me remind you Allison Mack’s parents mortgaged their home to pay for Allison’s bail, the same home Allison previously purchased for her parents.”
      While she is out of money, it’s false to say that Allison paid for it…
      THEY OWN IT SINCE 1982…So , Allison bought this house the year of her birth?…

      for the rest of your post, i’ll [redacted]

      • Excuse me, Frank, but why did you corrected my post…i was right and not insulting!

        Seems like you filter only what you like as you didn’t filter the insult toward Allison…

        Also, reminder for you and the OP, learn what is “cankles” before considering it’s funny (or fitting for Allison…)

  • Kreuk was literally named in a lawsuit in 2012 regarding NXIVM crimes. That same month, John Tigue wrote about NXIVM crimes in articles about the Necker Island cult summit, featuring Kreuk, saying crimes were plotted on the island. To suggest Kreuk didn’t know of any crimes in ten years is retarded.

    Regarding her virtue signalling and hypocritical behaviour, that is why she spent ten years in a cult and is an actress. It’s a way to feel special. When there is a chance of harm to her privilege, she stays quieter then a mouse fart during a New Years Day firework display.

    Have you seen Kreuk’s social media? A cesspit of PC nonsense. Not a single reference to NXIVM though. Also, Kreuk lives around Leslieville, Toronto if anyone wants to tell her to [redacted] virtue signalling bullshit. Though the [redacted] around there are all emasculated little worms. Sad.

      • If your redaction policy removes the content of the comment such that meaning no longer exists then it is worthless. None of what was said in the redacted comment fell under anything you said would be removed from it.

        If someone is going to tell others to call out a celebrity for what they want them to be called out and post the area around where they live, a person has a right to respond to them telling them go do it themselves since they found the time to stalk their location because that’s what they did.


        • The purpose of publishing the comment with redactions, that might make the original comment unintelligible is to, hopefully, try to educate readers, and particularly the commenter who had content redacted.  He or she knows what was written and can glean from the redactions that this kind of comment won’t be approved in the future. If I just deleted the entire comment, the commenter might not know the reason for it.

          I redacted one word of your most recent comment, where you called me a “hypocrite.” I realize this is an arbitrary decision on my part, but it is, after all, my website.

          On the other hand, Bangkok has called me a lot worse, but at least he is funny. You’re not. So your comment is more effective in my opinion without the name calling.

      • Did that upset you [redacted] Couldn’t help yourself, you just had to butt in, again. Did you feel like attacking the commentator above would lead to reward? You just gave away more life force to Kristin Crooked making yourself even weaker.

    • “To suggest Kreuk didn’t know of any crimes in ten years is retarded.”

      She likely didn’t. But she surely knew of the bad publicity surrounding it and still chose to be a part of it.

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