Mormon Doomsday Cultist Chad Daybell and Allegedly Murderous Wife Lori Vallow Head Towards Justice

Murderous couple? Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow

By Shivani

Another creep who has been playing the devil with peoples’ minds and consciences is Chad Daybell, kind of the recent “Mormon offshoot” version of Keith Raniere.

Daybell was developing his very own murder cult, all in the name of religion.

But he was put in jail several days ago, after burnt bones and human tissue were dug up in his Idaho countryside backyard. These are the remains of two missing children, who were ages seven and sixteen at the time of their murders in 2019.

The two children were Chad’s new wifey’s biological teenaged daughter, Tylee Ryan, and a little adopted seven year old boy with special needs, JJ Vallow. After the kids were out of the way, Daybell and Vallow ran off to Kauai and got hitched.

Lori Vallow, Chad’s “wife,” has been in an Idaho jail since February for deserting her two minor children and for refusing to say their whereabouts, etc. Lori Vallow has called herself a deity, one who will lead some 144,000 exclusive idiots to their end-of-world salvation.

Vallow-Daybell bought wedding items month before marrying Chad ...
Lori Vallow-Daybell

One heartbreaking facet of this case is that young Tylee was JJ’s only “sane” and protective family member. She was murdered a couple of weeks before he was. Probably Tylee had seen and figured out too much.

Will this cruelty ever end? By the way, this particular group is a small doomsday cult with very strange ideas, who think the world is ending next month, this coming July 22nd or so.

Funny how the world is always about to end for these power-maddened and greedy Assholios.

There are several other Daybell/Vallow possible murders being investigated, including that of Daybell’s wife of thirty years, the mother of five children with Daybell. Tammy Daybell died “peacefully,” at age 49 “in her sleep,” on October 19th 2019. She had a widdle cold and cough, ha ha.

New focus on mysterious death of Chad Daybell's first wife, Tammy
Chad Daybell with his deceased wife Tammy. Was she murdered by her husband? An autopsy may tell.

Sure Tammy died, but poison or an overdose could’ve very likely helped that along. The local Idaho county coroner didn’t even bother with an autopsy!

Now Tammy Daybell’s body has been exhumed for a realistic examination. Hopefully that thoughtless coroner gets fired. Two other now dead fellows were ex-husbands of Lori Vallow, who has had five husbands, and another now dead guy was one of Lori’s brothers, Alex Cox, one who probably helped her and Chad Daybell with their murders, from all that can be seen, especially via tracking his cellphone, which is precisely what led to the discovery of the two youngster’s bodies, nine months after they were NEVER seen again.

Idaho’s Fremont County, as well as neighboring Madison County, the area of Idaho where Daybell has lived, is more than 90 percent Mormon, although Idaho itself is less than 26 per cent Mormon, according to census demographics. Apparently Chad Daybell has been viewed for many years as a respected member of his Mormon community.

Daybell is the author of several folksy books about his encounters with near-death experience and other slick blah-blah, in terms of his mangled interpretations. His concepts could be called patently and stupidly “cosmic,” but at least five people have died by now, caught in his (and his newest wife’s) net.

Last week the remains of two children were found on Chad Daybell’s Idaho property. When this doomsday freak, Daybell, and his new wife decided that anyone had turned into a “zombie,” it was fine and dandy to kill ’em. Supposedly that got their zombified souls out of limbo.

What it looks like, and what it has looked like historically, is that always there have been and are Raniere-type characters who mix sex, psychosis and religion into lethal brews.

There is always more to this inhumane story of madnesses meeting together and then escalating. For many months, I semi-ignored this saga of offshoot Mormonism, simply because I had no questions regarding who were the killers. But now dem bones are found and will get this one cult to the end of their lying lies and hideous violence, even if the “non-culty” Mormons wish that it would all just disappear.

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  • Great article Shivani. A really interesting read.

    Much wickedness is to be found under the cloak of religion, though not all should be tarred with the same brush.

    “An Oxford University theology professor and former pastor who downloaded 28,000 child abuse images and videos has been sentenced to a year in prison and placed on the sex offender register in France.

    Jan Joosten, 61, who holds the prestigious regius professorship of Hebrew at Oxford, is attached to the university’s Christ Church college. He is considered one of the most distinguished biblical scholars of his generation.”

    – Archie Bland

    • Wow, a whole year. I’ll bet the perv who was posting before is going to be upset with that massive sentence, not to mention being on the sex offender register in France. LOL

  • The spiritual progeny of Joseph Smith Junior, son of Joseph Smith Senior and Lucy Mack, have cursed America since Smith’s death in 1844.
    Smith’s bizarre teachings about polygamy and pedophilia primed members of the Le Baron family to be seduced into NXIVM.

    • Mack – better start climbing that family tree and see if there’s an Allison somewhere down the line. LOL

  • I think it is worth covering, given the many tentacles reaching out to five murders. Thanks, Shivani.

    I wonder if Daybell’s offspring are safe?

    • I have written two replies going deeper into this Daybell, Vallow, Cox murder spree, and it’s just one of those days at our house, with lots of wonderful distractions. So the further remarks went ka-boom and she-bop. Maybe later.

  • Shivani, this is a great and well-written story.
    Please keep writing excellent articles like this one.

    Sincerely, Thanks!!!

    Cults and Doomsday, will it ever end?

    • —This story is already being thoroughly covered in the media. LOL

      Do you mean thoroughly covered like Amway and other MLMs? LOLA

      Only the dumbest of the dumb fall for Amway. LOLA

      • The media does not cover Amway and other MLM scams thoroughly. LOL

        When the media does cover Amway and other MLM scams, they make the same errors over and over again, largely because they use the same clueless “experts” when putting their stories together. LOL

        Many highly intelligent people, such as Scott, “fall” for Amway and other MLM scams. LOL

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