Black Voices Matter and They Called Me ‘a Snitch’ for Ratting on Raniere; I responded on Sirius XM

This happened two years ago, but I think it is important to republish it – in the era of Black Lives Matter, since it goes without saying that, if Black Lives Matter, then Black voices matter. And this was the only time I appeared on a Black radio show connected with my role in Nxivm and wherein I got to sample how some Blacks looked at my role.

I appeared on Sirius XM’s The All Out Show w/ Rude Jude, on June 20, 2018.  It was somewhat rude and rough and tumble, but I think I acquitted myself fairly well.

I did not know what radio show or station I was to be on until after I finished the show. I did not know that the audience was primarily Black and that I would field mostly Black callers [or so they seemed – I did not see them – this was radio].

Not that it would have mattered. I would have still accepted the invitation regardless of whether the audience was Black or White or anything else.  This was pre-conviction of Raniere and I was still in full publicity mode.

Earlier in the month, someone had called me up to ask me to be on a radio show. I said “Yes”, as I usually did [during the publicity period prior to Raniere’s conviction] and then forgot all about it.  They called me back just before air time and said, “You ready to be on?”

I said “Yes” and they called me back. A few moments later I was live.

Rude Jude is a good interviewer, and all went smoothly until they started with live call-ins.

A rash of callers said I was “a snitch” for blowing the whistle on Raniere.  One after another called to say I was angry/jealous of Raniere because he was getting all the “pussy” and I wasn’t, and that was my motivation for blowing the whistle on him.

Then they accused me of accepting stolen money.

I gave my response to each caller and, if I do say so myself, I held my own.

My total interview was about 30 minutes, but it only got hot when they started taking callers – during the last 15 minutes.

Below is the call-in part of the interview where callers accuse me and I respond:


This audio below is the first part of the show, where I explain my role in taking down Nxivm.



I had a great time and wished I could have taken another dozen angry guys telling me how bad I was for blowing up this sex-slaver cult called NXIVM.

While Rude Jude appears to be White, I did not know it at the time I did the interview. I thought he was Black based on his voice and his language. The show seems geared towards Blacks and perhaps for people who want to be Black.

Below is how the radio show publicized the Rude Jude show where I appeared:

The All Out Show w/ Rude Jude : 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm (3 hrs)

Jude opens the show recounting what happened during his recent doctor visit. Former NXIVM publicist Frank Parlato talks about the notorious sex cult. The Breakdown with Justin Hunte provides an update on the recent shocking death of XXXTentacion. The news looks into some common myths about sex.

Jude Angelini.jpg
Jude Angelini

Eminem wishes Rude Jude & Lord Sear luck on their new shows ...

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  • I have to give Frank a lot of credit for sitting through his interview. The interviewer was an asshole. The one black guy seemed like a regular caller[paid caller or friend] the other 2 callers are to put it euphemistically white guys who speak in ebonics or derisively known as wiggers.

    Frank’s guest spot on Scott’s show went a lot smoother. People should give Frank’s appearance on the show a listen. Scott actually acts like an adult and the show has an air of professionalism.

    I still do not understand the dichotomy between Scott on the the Frank Report and Scott on Johnson on his radio show.
    Frank really did work endlessly making media relations and getting the story of on NXIVM out.

    Frank has left one aspect out of his personal story….

    The media work..

    ….All the work one has to put in to getting bookings on programs. I don’t know if Frank did his own booking or had an agent type help him out, but that is a ton of phone calls and emails. Booking is a headache and a 1/2.

    Frank, god did you slave yourself work wise to get the story out.

    Does anyone know how many interviews Frank did with radio, podcasts, news papers, magazines, and television in total?

    • As I’ve said before, Scott was Trump before Trump was Trump – he doesn’t start fights, but he does return fire and finishes fights, assuming that he is allowed to do so. LOL

      Scott treats others like they treat him. LOL

  • Very interesting, Frank. Didn’t expect this one!

    How times have changed…

    Congratulations on your achievement of ‘Snitch’ status.

  • I am going to snitch on the Atlanta DA Paul Howard who unfairly charged a cop with murder for defending his life.

    DA Paul Howard is being investigated for embezzling 140,000 dollars from a charity.
    EXPOSED Motivations Behind Atlanta DA’s Decision to Charge Officer Rolfe with FELONY MURDER?

  • Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is a Dirty Rat Snitch!
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    Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti will give you a reward for Snitching out your Relatives, Friends and Neighbors.
    Snitches Get Rewards’: Garcetti Encourages Community To Report Businesses Violating Safer At Home Order

  • “They Called Me ‘a Snitch’ for Ratting on Raniere”

    Do you want to see a real dirty rat Snitch?
    New York Mayor Bill DiBlasio is a real life dirty Snitch
    DiBlasio is a snitch
    DiBlasio is a Snitch
    DiBlasio is a snitch
    De Blasio urges New Yorkers to snitch on social distance rule breakers

  • I am going to snitch on how the Democrats and their allies in the media stir up riots and burn down black neighborhoods all in the name of helping black people.
    How are blacks helped by having their neighborhoods burned down by BLM and Anti-Fa thugs?
    The Democrats and the media are playing blacks for suckers.
    Ingraham: Democrats devour our cities

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