Insane Coronavirus Responses and Bizarre George Floyd Protests in UK

Our UK Correspondent has some observations that might interest all readers. There is a possibility that some of her views might run afoul of Big Tech or the burgeoning pro-authoritarian, surveillance state advocates.

By Amelia Florence 

UK Correspondent, Frank Report

I am sending a few screenshots of BBC news and other items of interest. This is what we arise today to!

There is a huge undercurrent of others using  George Floyd demonstrations for their own agenda.  Note the government run broadcasting service BBC is using twitter feeds to promote unrest


I saw this video on the BBC and thought you should see it:  Coronavirus: Merseyside’s ‘forgotten street’ –

“Throughout the coronavirus crisis, we’ve seen the poorest communities hit the hardest. The death rates in the most deprived areas of England are more than double those in the most affluent. Now, Public Health England says the pandemic has, in some areas, deepened existing health inequalities.”

White privilege? As with America, there are masses who have no privileges, white or black!


Does this suggest that this is, in places, a secretly funded protest?

We have had a week of it even in BELFAST …BELFAST ???


They don’t protest China, not on your life.

Meanwhile China/Russia, they don’ even grip what China is all about!!

Wel, here we go – wall to wall all day …and most likely into the night…This is a load of kids being used and the BBC leaning their usual far left to facilitate!

I love this. People are allowed to protest and hang shoulder to shoulder, but they cannot work or in the UK even visit each other and stay overnight. Clearly, they should be able to do both.

Honest, this is off the twitter feed BBC News — Don’t see many tweets re black lives matter… till now…

June Gay Pride is cancelled. Black Lives Matter seems to be one way to get on the streets?

This is in the Twitter feed BBC used. This is a paid for by the taxpayer funded UK main media outlet and… look whom they use.

This is who B B C using in THEIR news


Of course,  from our own BBC propaganda station – wall to wall live coverage of further protests around the world.

Children being used on the so-called  “front line”. What would they understand? Human shields when the violence begins.  China is about to take them over. They don’t care …. send them much bigger distractions – the virus. They don’t care. China is brutality murdering its own citizens by the millions over many years. They don’t care. Taking over territories, smashing Democracy in Hong Kong…  etc. They don’t care

What would this lot know… or care?  Nothing to do and all day to do it in. Makes for very dangerous situations in idle hands!!


Can we trust the Daily Star? If so, bald guys better wear a hat.


Technically, based on methods used around the nation, and the world, George Floyd died of COVID-19 because his autopsy showed he had the virus when he was murdered. In some states, anyone who died with COVID-19 is listed as a COVID-19 death even if he or she died from something else.

George Floyd died at the hands of the police. He happened to have COVID-19. It might have had an impact on his ability to breathe, but the fact of a murderous policeman having his knee on his neck for almost 9 minutes probably had a greater impact.


Seems intelligent. Requiring all older people to wear face masks.  Wearing a mask reduces intake of oxygen—and forces people to breathe in their own carbon dioxide. This often leaves them feeling faint, light-headed, or “smothered.” Less oxygen and more carbon dioxide are just what seniors need.





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  • Frank has a fiduciary duty as an editor to not make the articles and stories his autobiography.

    Which begs the question. Is Frank writing a memoir after his acquittal? We can only hope so.

    This sycophant says goodnight!!!!

  • Thanks for the info from the UK. I do fear that the protests will lead to an increase in COVID 19.
    That may be what PR China wants. Here in New York, I do protests outside the PR China consulate
    and only Frank Report covers it, despite the fact that I string and write for many papers including Guardian,
    NYT, NY Post, Independent, New Internationalist, Our Town, etc.

    PR China seems to be shielded from criticism, and such issues as 5G and the effectiveness of chloroquine are sidelined.

    I hope that COVID 19 does not strike again in the UK – I lived there for many years, many happy years.

    • That’s interesting Ken, I’m an established contributor to the Education Guardian section, over three decades now. I was given my first commission by Ian Mays, who saved me from being sacked as an inefficient sub-editor. My god, how time flies.

  • Frank, hahahaha, pussy. 2 comments barred because they reveal your ‘journalistic’ hypocrisy. Yada-yada free speech so long as its from the execrable shadow state or cock. Does this report exist because you had to deal with someone more corrupt than yourself? which you certainly did. Never thief from a thief right? Never grift from a grifter, especially if he’s got friends in um, high places. Wishing you justice in your up-coming case, at least as much ‘justice’ as Joe and John had to endure. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Anonymous Grace, thanks for wishing me justice. I expect it and will fight to get it. If you want to debate anything else about me, show your real name. I suppose I know you already which is why you are afraid to use your real name. Cowards like you are part of the burden of confronting evil.

      • To understand who is meant, the sentence should be completed:

        “Wishing you justice in your up-coming case, at least as much ‘justice’ as Joe [O’Hara] and John [Tighe] had to endure. Nothing more, nothing less.”

        Frank, you have a sense of sarcasm because I assume you understood Grace’s comment.
        Justice is not something you have to endure.
        Justice is something that happens to you ‘rightly’.

        Justice has not been done to Joe O’Hara and John Tighe, only in a perverted form that has little to do with justice.
        Grace wishes you the opposite of justice. Maybe justice will be done for Grace. Let’s see what it looks like.

    • Dear Grace,

      You forgot the saying….

      No honor amongst thieves.

      I think we all can guess who you are Grace…………

      Your writing and sentence structure and punctuation usage is a dead giveaway.

      • I never alter my writing; it follows my thinking as is. Fantastic that you can all guess who I am, although I can’t imagine why it should be so interesting to you all, that you have somehow communicated and reached a consensus. You can wish cancer on contributors to the Frank Report, persistently, I mean really swear your way through the 1st amendment. But don’t attack the lunatic white supremacist clique currently waging a war against its citizens in the US.

        Of course, like the other responses and comments, this too will be withheld, for the purposes of your sick spin and frankly, because of that lame fact, I don’t give a damn.

    • Grace, if you’re facing another nervous breakdown, avoid the Frank Report. It’s bad for your health.

      • Tsk, This is just a website whose owner and some commenters get especially butt-hurt when receiving any criticism of the full-clown posse that has captured your republican party and state. white supremacy. Good luck with that.

        Frank runs low grade shit journalism to bore off anyone with more than a couple of braincells, that way his claim of fearless journalism, is just swallowed wholesale by his increasingly small pond of contributors. A bit like the modus operandi of the cult he brought to its knees.

    • Grace:
      Since living in this “racist” country causes you so much pain, here is the Expedia web page for cheap flights to South Africa.

      Or would you prefer flying to Mexico City to hook up with NXIVM’s Omar Boone?
      Maybe Omar could brand you on the “pussy” like his old Master Raniere appreciated.

      The Execrable Shadow State

  • This is nearly as brilliant as ‘An Irish Mother Writes.’

    whatever happened to your um, ‘Belfast Correspondent’? However did you manage to find two completely inarticulate ‘correspondents’ from the UK? Reads like a standard failure of imagination.

      • Shelve the comments till you have something to negatively spin. I must have got right under your white supremacist skin. Reading writing editorialized even on this site since 2017.

      • Two responses! I must have really gotten to you. I had faith in the Frank Report which I’ve been contributing to, yes even in editorial, since 2017 and was a great defender of yours. Even had a Rainbow School shut down in my manor.

        But over the years, I’ve observed the way you treat the women and some men who you inveigle into your own cause with the promise of assisting them in their issues with Nxivm. I think you are doing all this to save your own skin. You are a full-blown apologist for a white supremacist government. While this may have heretofore been a popular position in your country to take, it won’t be for much longer.

        So sure, get all angry with me why don’t you, while allowing the most horrendous bullying (remember Heather?) and bullshit to stand as a matter of course, on this, you’re not so very Frank Report. Fully expect you to censor this as you generally do with comments that make you uncomfortable. Ha, how many times have I read a sentence like that and not given it any credence. Until now.

      • Frank, clearly someone is holding a gun to Grace’s head and forcing her to read every word. You need gender sensitivity training.

  • Corrupt Communist New York City Cops protect Looters and Arrest Innocent Bystanders.
    This is America’s Future under Communism.
    ANNA SLATZ: NYPD ignored looters, arrested bystanders — including me

      • If the cops follow the orders of NYC’s Communist Mayor Bill DeBlasio, then they are Communists too.
        In NYC, it’s not a crime to riot, loot, and burn but it is a crime to report on it.

    • Whites first, to the back of the line Natashka666. LOL

      This Christian Texan has first dibs on the man meat. LOL

    • LMAO

      Very funny! Nataska

      Frank is finally appealing to his female readership and giving them some eye candy.

      I wonder how Frank came by that photo?

      Is that Claviger? 😉

      • That’s what I thought! Wow man skin at last on FR. Well, let’s not include a hairy KR and we have to rejoice his ass was never shown.

        I have to admit the hot naked guy gets less attractive when I read the post that accompanies it. Definitely not relationship material reading that self-pity. Maybe a one night stand if he promised to not speak until he was calling a cab.

  • As a Brit myself I like to call the BBC the British Bias Corporation as they have become mostly the voice of the state.

    Their reporting on the true impact of Coronavirus has been shameful. The BBC tend to tell the truth only after everybody already else has.

    As regards George Floyd, I’ve posted my opinions already on other threads.

    • Do you know Pyriel? Tell her I said hi.

      She and Natashka are the two most NORMAL commentators on the website.

  • Hastily cobbled together copy fodder by a hastily cobbled together fictional character

    ‘By Amelia Florence

    UK Correspondent, Frank Report’

    Do better than that Frank. Hehehe

  • London, England has a knife, acid attack and gang pandemic, with the perpetrators being n******. Look at the black crime rate in the UK and these cunts think their lives matter. On a side note, one in ten boys in London are called “Mohammed”. Disgusting. All darkies ever do is bring misery on the people they leach off. Also, the BBC is tax payer funded. Can you guess the racial group who predominantly funds it? Whites. Those cunts even had a n***** play Achilles in a bullshit tv series about the Greek legend Troy. Muslim rape gangs get away with it because the police and social workers are terrified of being called ‘racist’. These cunts say “silence is violence”. Well let’s talk about the nig-nogs, muslims and all the other privileged colords. Whether you are a Polish toilet cleaner, Greek NHS nurse, or Italian dishwasher, you are “privileged”. Fuck right off.

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