Alternative Perspective on the Deification of George Floyd: ‘Where Is My Memorial?’

Frank Report is committed to publishing alternative views on a variety of topics. This includes things that may not be politically correct or run afoul of Google’s ‘censorship’ algorithms. That George Floyd was murdered by police seems pretty obvious. That his death, fortunately captured on camera, has sparked a nationwide debate on police brutality and racial bias is for the public good. That Floyd should be canonized or given attributes that he almost certainly did not possess in life may be a natural outcome of this debate for it seems every cause needs a common love as well as a common hate.

But I think it is reasonable to give voice to those who think his memorial, or at times seemingly near deification [as a martyr] may be excessive. There were other martyrs, some of them far braver. George Floyd, though a tragic victim, was never once known for any brave act. In fact, his life seems to have been one of a series of cowardly acts.

This is not to impugn a dead man, or diminish his pain, but it is entirely maudlin and false to misrepresent him as a hero. He was not a saint. That society can use his victimization to improve police behavior and the public’s relationship with police is a happy accident that arose out of the tragic death of a poor, sick, and benighted victim.

Should George Floyd be depicted as an angel, or a saint with a halo? Or was he a very flawed, and likely a drug addicted, sick man, with violent criminal acts in his past, who was also a murder victim?

Should people emulate George Floyd? His life was clearly sordid and checkered. Should we hold him up as a hero?  While mourning his tragic death and the stark reality that police have been brutalizing people for years [because they can], one should not lose sight of the fact that Floyd was a troubled individual right up to the day of his death.
Truer memorials should show the police in their murderous act atop poor George Floyd and not merely images of a sanctified Floyd.

This poem was submitted to me by an American gentlemen I know.

Where is Mine – An Alternative Perspective – For What It’s Worth

By I. Y. Dare

Where is my memorial?

I died and was sent home in a bag

Where is mine?
I stormed the beach at Normandy and died at nineteen
Where is mine?
I was a police officer shot while seated within my patrol car
Where is mine?
I was pulled from my vehicle and beaten to the blood
Where is my memorial?
I worked thirty-five years to raise a business; burned to the ground within an hour
Where is my memorial?
I died screaming leaping from a tower of flaming steel
Where is mine
I burned within the churches of Atlanta
Where is mine?
I died hanging from a tree – strange fruit indeed –
Where is my memorial
I died in Korea; never found

Where is mine?
I died in a storm of napalm at twenty one
Where is my memorial?
I died with thousands of others in a mushroom cloud
Where is my memorial?
I died at the age of seven in a village within a jungle; soldiers used flame throwers and grenade
Where is my memorial?
I died at a place called Auschwitz with millions of others
Where is mine?
I died at a place called Gettysburg wearing blue – my brother wearing gray –
Can you not smell the ferric odor of irony @ one singular result of the apocalypse?
Where is my memorial?
I died at a place called Wounded Knee – some called it a massacre – some called it manifest destiny
No one looted or burned a city or took a knee to mourn any of us
No one called for “justice”
Justice was served cold and as a semi-sterile, abrupt and shameful euphemism proclaiming “war to be hell”
I died to bring Eternal Life to ALL Men through the Forgiveness of sin –
I guess few were listening –

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  • he is just a symbol, the final straw of police brutality and immunity, that is under fire. amazingly the police are not psychologically tested and seem to have become an army of the racist right. we may very well be looking at a civil war with trump at the helm stoking every racist bias across the board. so, i don’t think george floyd himself is being deified but was just an innocent black man put to death by a racist machine

  • “But I think it is reasonable to give voice to those who think his memorial, or at times seemingly near deification [as a martyr] may be excessive. There were other martyrs, some of them far braver. George Floyd, though a tragic victim, was never once known for any brave act. In fact, his life seems to have been one of a series of cowardly acts.”
    What is funny here is that you say that while you do this for your friend Vicente…you deify him by talking about him as some sort of hero (while he did nothing notable but to save his own butt)…

    The message about Floyd’s memorial is at least a proper one…maybe it’s a bit too soon to talk about his case being THE case that will solve the racism (which, btw happen in both side…).

    The USA was mostly built on racism and unfairness for minority…unfairness against the Native American, unfairness against Africans brought by slave traders, or unfairness against the Mexicans…
    And I doubt that it’s going to change something for everyone there (if a change occurs). This is a long term battle and I doubt the fact that some (violent) manifestant (obviously not caring about the real message of the pacifists) will bring good.

    And if it was bringing some change for Afro-American, it would likely not for other minorities who are treated like **** in the USA (a country built on immigration but whatever).

    BUT that doesn’t mean this fight is useless.if it can change a bit about the racism in general, most sane good people will support it.

    “Should George Floyd be depicted as an angel or a saint with a halo? Or was he a very flawed, and likely a drug-addicted, sick man with violent criminal acts in his past, who was also a murder victim?”
    Should the mistake he made in a faraway past come to degrade the effort he tried to make to be a better man? Are you that perfect?
    He might have made mistakes in the past, okay…but what brought him to this moment, the moment he was murdered, Is it really related to his past or is it just racism?
    When you hear a “friend” of the policeman who is behind Floyd’s death defending him by saying “he was afraid of Afro-Americans”, there is no doubt it’s a racist move…
    So what is the point to bring stories from almost 20 years ago?

    BTW, it wouldn’t change a thing…someone else died 58 years ago due to racism and there wasn’t any kind of excuse to justify the act of killing him at all…no criminal past or anything. Just hate.
    Sadly, nothing changed either with his death…

  • You are entitled to your own Opinion.
    You are not entitled to your own Facts.

    Neck restraints are Standard Procedure for the Minneapolis Police.
    They received their Neck Restraint training from the Israelis.
    Minneapolis Police have used Neck Restraint some 200 times.

    If a person can talk, he can breathe.

    George Floyd had one heart artery that was 90% blocked.
    Another artery was 75% blocked.
    George Floyd was a heart attack waiting to happen.

    • Of all the people here, I was definitely expecting you to go against a good cause…you are the most rotten poster around here…

    • Python Swoope,

      I am commenting on the writing quality of the “poem” and not the content of the poem, dummy.

      I guess you wrote the poem? LOL

      Well, you are about as close to a Laureate as Scott Johnson is to a rocket scientist.

      Look, the POEM sucks…Period the end.

      You only brought Christ into the poem at the end so no none would critique it……

      That’s an old school trick of hack writers.

      If I attack your writing, then I am attacking Christ? LOL

      …..No, dummy, I am attacking you.

      Go do something useful like volunteer to test a COVID-19 vaccine.

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  • I. Y. Dare sounds like you are jealous of Floyd. LOL

    Lionize is the correct term not canonize. LOL

    Don’t drink from my fountain. LOL

  • To be fair, a lot of the examples stated in the poem do indeed have memorials and monuments..

  • Nowadays, you become a hero just by doing something you take for granted.
    To put it bluntly, just by taking out the garbage.

    • “George Floyd dropped two bags of cocaine…”

      “I dropped two balls on your mother”
      -Andrew Dice Clay 1990

  • The author of that poem is strangely unaware that memorials DO exist for those groups he mentioned – there ARE memorials for soldiers killed in battle and for people killed in the holocaust.

    IMO, I don’t think its anyone’s intention to deify George Floyd, but rather to use his death to draw attention to racism.

    • Your college aged daughter is a racist.

      She wore blackface at her last college party.

      You were a lousy mother.

      You and your daughter both voted for blackface (Trudeau) ——- yet if Trump were to be caught wearing blackface in a photo from his past, you’d claim it’s the worst offense in the world.

      But when Trudeau does it, you think it’s no big deal.

      You’re a hypocrite and a Canadian racist.

      Have a nice day.

    • Flowers, I agree with your statement 50%.


      Because 50% of liberals are deifying George. George is name is being added to a list of wonderful people of which most were not pious individuals, like Pope Urban the Second or Joshua from the Old Testament who butchered women at Moses’ behest.

    • Definitely a thought-provoking poem. LOL

      After I read the poem, I thought, “I want 5 minutes of my life back.” LOL

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