Conflicting Reports Over Whether Kristin Snyder Broke Into a Shed to Steal Suicide Kayak

MK10ART's painting of Kristin Snyder kayaking

There are conflicting reports about the kayak that Kristin Snyder purportedly stole to paddle out to Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska in February 2003.

For one, there is a conflict over whether the kayak was inside a shed or not.

The Alaska State Police report:

On the morning of 2-8 -03, the Millers of Millers Landing resort discovered a storage shed containing kayak and gear had been broken into and an old kayak was missing. The storage shed was close to where Snyder’s vehicle was located.

The Charley Project profiles “cold case” missing people, but does not investigate. Their description is sans shed. It was in the yard. They also describe the condition of the kayak.

A white wood and fiberglass kayak was found to be missing from the yard of Millers Landing when Snyder’s car was discovered. The kayak is handmade, has no rudder, is not outfitted for flotation, and had not been in the water for fifteen years. Officials at the resort noted that it would sink if tipped.

The police report the kayak was stolen from a shed.

The Charley Project says the kayak was taken from the yard, but not used in years.

Kristin Snyder’s pickup truck was parked approximately where the beach house rental is. 

Kristin’s spouse Heidi Clifford also said it was in a shed.

Within a week of Kristin’s disappearance, Heidi announced her memorial service.

February 13, 2003, Heidi wrote:

Her truck was found 2 hours south of Anchorage Alaska on the shores of Resurrection Bay in Seward. A kayak had been taken from the shed next to the truck and it is presumed that she paddled out into the darkness. Her body has not been found….

MIller’s Landing on Resurrection Bay

I interviewed Mike and Sherry Miller, owners of Miller’s Landing.

Mike and Sherry lived on the shores of Resurrection Bay since the 1950s. A part of that interview was seen in the film, The Lost Women of Nxivm.

The “suicide note” seems to blame Nxivm for her suicide.

Heidi Clifford

The Lost Women of Nxivm,

The Millers are Interviewed

The red vehicle is where Kristin Snyder’s pickup truck was found.
Resurrection Bay.

Mike and Sherry Miller at their Hungry Halibut  eatery adjacent to Millers Landing.

My interview with the Millers took place 16.5 years after the disappearance.

But Mike and Sherry Miller seemed precise in their recall.

Mike Miller told me there was no shed when the kayak went missing. He ought to know. He built the shed.

He said the missing kayak was out in the yard.

Mike explained he noticed the kayak was missing because there was no snow cover where the kayak was laying.

He might not have noticed a missing kayak in February had snow not been broken by a patch of grass in the shape of a kayak.

How did the shed get into the police report?

Next, we come to conflicting reports of the kayak’s seaworthiness.

Mike Miller described the kayak in detail. He knew the woman who gave it to him and his wife as a gift.

Sherry Miller said she used the kayak often.

Far from not being seaworthy, or that it had been out of water for 15 years, Sherry used it the previous summer and for several summers.

She and Mike agreed, the kayak was seaworthy.

It did not have normal flotation. Mike said if it tipped, it would not sink.

“It would periscope,” he said.

The end would tip above water.

The kayak, like Snyder, was never found. Neither was the paddle, which floats.

Mike and Sherry Miller don’t think Snyder committed suicide.

There were dozens of searchers. A Coast Guard cutter. Helicopters. Civil Air Patrol; police and firemen and dozens of Kristin’s friends, all trained in search and rescue, as members of the Nordic Ski Patrol, all searching, combing every beach, every shed, every cabin, in the woods, flying and floating over the water.

Sherry Miller believes Kristin Snyder did not steal her kayak and commit suicide.

The story goes that Esther Carlson ejected Kristin Snyder from a Nxivm intensive in Anchorage.
We don’t know who removed Kristin’s truck from the parking lot next to the hotel. Elaine Smiloff supposedly drove her hoime
Heidi Clifford says she did not take the pickup truck from the parking lot. She had to get a ride home, she said.
Police found Kristin’s pickup in Seward, Alaska, in front of Miller’s Landing, near the shores of Resurrection Bay.
A “suicide note” was in the truck, along with a separate note that contained the words “No need to search for my body.”
We do not know if Kristin wrote the notes. 
Keith Raniere claimed six years later that he had people killed for his beliefs.
Raniere said he had people killed.
Kristin Snyder with her dog.

Is Kristin alive, was she murdered or is the official story true?

We know they searched for her body. We know she had survival skills.

Heidi Clifford announced Kristin’s memorial service on February 13, 2003. She wrote:

It is incredibly sad to announce that our friend Kris is presumed dead. Kris was reported missing the night of February 6, 2003….
“Over the previous week, Kris had a rapid decline into mental illness. In her delusions of guilt, she believed she was responsible for many of the world’s problems and that she needed to kill herself so that humanity could persist into the future.
“She was an avid kayaker… she was working on the telemark turns in the mountains. Kris enjoyed her volunteer work with the Anchorage Nordic ski patrol, performing in learning search and rescue skills, avalanche skills and wilderness emergency care…

Kristin had the skills to take the kayak – which was seaworthy – and use it to cross the bay. From there, she could have gone anywhere. But did she ever go to Resurrection Bay? Or did only her pickup truck make it?


Resurrection bay

MK10ART’s chilling painting of Kristin Snyder on Resurrection Bay

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  • Question:
    Why commit suicide in a Kayak?

    Some people want their suicide recorded as an accident and not a suicide. Principally because they don’t want to cause family and friends more pain.

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  • Heidi explains:

    “Over the previous week, Kris had a rapid decline into mental illness. In her delusions of guilt, she believed she was responsible for many of the world’s problems and that she needed to kill herself so that humanity could persist into the future.”

    A rapid decline in mental illness? Wtf is that? Was she previously diagnosed? Why was she left alone with this rapid decline and belief she had to kill herself?

    Who did she express this too? Only Heidi?

    Why was she not hospitalized or 911 called? What triggered the apparent rapid decline?

    This screams of bullshit and cover up.

    And I love that the note says there’s no need to look for her body.

    Was any handwriting analysis done? Do we even know if she was the author of those notes or if they were written at the same time and by the same person?

  • Heidi is part of the disappearance here. If her partner was so suddenly mentally disturbed and delusional, why did no one intervene? Where was the call for help?

    Who gave her the psychiatric evaluation that came up with delusions of guilt?

    This would be laughable if a woman weren’t missing.

  • Snyders whole life style, education and outdoor training are so contradicting in this so called suicide. People like Kim and Clifford muddy the investigation with their 🤥 lies. Clifford was quick to lay her wife’s body to rest.
    Where did the black Toyota end up after her “suicide”?
    Why did Kim and her mother hide a journal put together by Clifford hidden under a bed for 20 years? What’s in that journal?

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  • Mr. Parlato, sir.

    I would like to request that you please remember the U.S.Constitution, treat it as sacrosanct, and please let Patriot God speak freely again, according to his 1st Amendment Rights.

    Remember your job is to preserve his rights not screen them and take them away at your whim.

    Please do the right thing and most importantly, the truly American thing!

    Thank you kindly.

  • Frank you never fully questioned the Kayak rental owners.

    Something to ponder:
    Did the owners have the kayaks locked up or are they lying because they’re worried about being sued by Kristen’s family.

    When was the shed built which housed the kayaks?

    You need to up your game!

    • I thoroughly questioned them and recorded and filmed the interview. I have to go back to review the recording to ascertain when the shed was built. I think it was about two years later.

      This is Seward, Alaska, my man. You don’t lock things in Seward. The kayaks were out on the lawn.

      • Mr. Parlato, sir.

        I would like to request that you please remember the U.S.Constitution, treat it as sacrosanct, and please let Patriot God speak freely again, according to his 1st Amendment Rights.

        Remember your job is to preserve his rights not screen them and take them away at your whim.

        Please do the right thing and most importantly, the truly American thing!

        Thank you kindly.

        • Thank you for reminding me of the US Constitution. Could you explain what part of your constitutionally protected rights I am violating?

          • “Thank you for reminding me of the US Constitution. Could you explain what part of your constitutionally protected rights I am violating?”

            You are violating Mr. Patriot God’s right to free speech, Mr. Parlato. The 1st Amendment. I understand that you have been duped by certain recent politics that seem to give the green light to “private companies” to modify people’s free speech. But that certainly isn’t what the founding fathers envisioned.

            You say that you “don’t have to publish anything”, but the fact of the matter is that a comment section is a virtual public arena or public square! That is the sole purpose of it!

            It shouldn’t be up to you to “publish” the commentary of the people in the first place! That is your first error! You should have it set up where WE can instantaneously publish own own comments like many other social media outlets do!

            Your second error is that you treat people on here like children. Whether you like Mr. Patriot God or not, everybody has heard the “N-word” before. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it. Or debate Mr. Patriot God uncensored about why you think it’s bad.

            Just like you can’t legally stop somebody from speaking in public. So should it be in the comment sections of any website!

            Even if you want to decry what some deem today as “hate speech” in the end of the day so-called “hate speech” IS STILL FREE SPEECH!

            Free speech means free speech. There is no caveats, reading in between the lines, or trying to use historical revisionism to change what the founding fathers clearly meant. It is completely obvious to all men with common sense what the founding fathers meant.

            No censorship! EVER!

            Do you understand your sins now, Mr. Parlato?!

          • Yes, I am a sinner, but Christ receives sinful men. And even me, with all my sin; purged from every spot and stain, the constitutional glory I shall enter in. Thanks for helping me, a poor sinner.

  • Frank
    These comments make perfect sense. Kris wouldn’t need a kayak- or a paddle. Why would she take a kayak? Heidi’s whole alibi is falling apart – very quickly. There was NO shed & I believe someone stole the kayak to cover up murder.
    I want a copy of the report under Mrs. Miller’ photo please 🙏

      • “Yes, I am a sinner, but Christ receives sinful men. And even me, with all my sin; purged from every spot and stain, the constitutional glory I shall enter in. Thanks for helping me, a poor sinner.”

        Mr. Parlato, 🧐

        🤦🏻‍♂️I say it seems that you have got caught up in words again. With all due respect, I didn’t think that saying the word “sin” would hook you in the area of the autistic tendencies of your thinking and pull you into a such a tangled mess of comprehension like a kitten with a ball of yarn.

        Perhaps I overestimated your attention span and its triggers. For that I deeply apologize.

        But on a separate note, if this is truly some kind of spiritual awakening for you and you wish to convert to Christianity (which I must confess that I severely doubt your sincerity as with everything else that comes out of your mouth), then I must warn you that Jesus Christ told you to *REPENT OF YOUR SINS*! That means *STOP DOING THEM*!

        Therefore if you don’t repent of denying people their Constitutional Rights, then His atonement no longer applies for you and you are still damned!

        If this just mockery of the Constitution and blasphemy of Jesus Christ to demonstrate your disdain of both (which seems a lot more probable with you), then you’re only adding more tortures to your impending doom on Judgement Day!

        Must I remind you that you are fairly old and therefore you don’t have much time left on this earth! You have a decade or two left (if you’re lucky), and time flies by very quickly! I would think that you would want to leave this world with more dignity than this and actually being known for somebody that practices what they preach and being consistent instead of being notorious for being a fraud! I would think that you would want people to mourn your death and not celebrate it as they would a villain!

        That will not help your legacy in this world or the justice of your soul in the next!

        So let’s stay on topic, please!

        Just post up Mr. Patriot God’s comments *COMPLETELY UNCENSORED* and stop playing this stupid game of cowardice with him and his fellow patriotic brothers and show him and the U.S. Constitution some respect for once in your life and stop all of your ridiculous and frustrating childish antics!

        Thank you kindly.

          • “Mr. McBlack, why do you use white toilet paper and insult the race of your forefathers?”

            Allow me to repeat myself again, Mr. Parlato:

            “Just post up Mr. Patriot God’s comments *COMPLETELY UNCENSORED* and stop playing this stupid game of cowardice with him and his fellow patriotic brothers and show him and the U.S. Constitution some respect for once in your life and stop all of your ridiculous and frustrating childish antics!”

            Stop acting like a child and act your age!

            Thank you kindly.

    • —There was NO shed & I believe someone stole the kayak to cover up murder.

      Sure about that? Frank showed up way after your sister’s death.

      Frank is a genius but he’s not an omnipotent being.

      Years ago I actually did contact town all and they have no records for a permit to build. So you all will have to take the Kayak rentals owners’ word.
      Two things:
      1. I sincerely mean Frank is a genius.
      2. Back when I was a more serious commenter
      I did contact town all because the Frank Report staff seemed very dismissive about this key piece of evidence.

      The point is suicide or murder the Kayaks were out and not safely secured.

      • I did see the shed, and what is more, I went inside it. I developed a theory. Maybe it is not brilliant. But I sort of think maybe Miller built that shed so people wouldn’t come over to his lawn and take his kayaks and
        1. use them to commit suicide
        2 steal them to make it look like a suicide

        The police report aid Kristin broke into a shed. But I do not think there was a shed.

        • Frank-

          I’m not saying you didn’t see the shed. I’m saying was the shed there before.

          And how many Kayaks fit in the shed? Point being it’s possible not all the kayaks were stored in the shed.

          Kristen broke into the shed:
          Did she smash a window?
          Did she break a master lock?
          Did she kick a door in?
          What method did she use to break in?

          I believe she committed suicide.

          I wish I could remember from 2 years ago. There was a reason I believed the cabin didn’t exist at the time.

          • The shed did not exist at the time. Someone – maybe Kristin – picked up the kayak from the snow-covered lawn in front of the Miller’s house and next to Miller’s landing.

  • Sorry to deflate your boat, Frank, but Kristin Snyder cannot be alive nor could she have faked her own suicide only to navigate the kayak to safety.


    Cuz that would mean that she purposely decided to give up her truck, spouse, pets, money, credit cards, and her entire family & life as she knew it, FOREVER, for no logical reason.

    Furthermore, it would mean that she did all of that and NEVER chose to contact a single family member ever again, not even to ask for help.

    Furthermore, it would mean that she somehow lived the next 20 years of her life without using her social security number even one time to get another job, EVER AGAIN?

    LOL. Yeah sure.

    She never got pulled over for a traffic ticket ever again? LOL. Yeah sure.

    While you may believe that she simply got a fake ID at the local DMV (with somebody else’s birth certificate) and a new SSN from the government, common sense tells us otherwise.

    Besides, over the past 10 years, virtually everybody must now give a fingerprint/thumbprint for their drivers license or federal ID cards.

    How did she get from Point A to Point B after the kayak was taken ashore somewhere? Hitchhiking? Cab ride? But no witnesses?

    How did she live for the next few months? She had no money for hotels. Maybe tents? But still no witnesses? Yeah sure.

    Did she live in the wilderness, away from all human beings, for the next 20 years eating nothing but berries and bear shit? Yeah, okay.

    Why was this kayak never found, if she brought it ashore somewhere else?

    Did she burn it, without being seen? LOL. Yeah sure.

    How did she get another fake ID, SSN, and a job —- without any money, credit cards, phone number, vehicle or place to live?

    Even real-life fugitives find it nearly impossible to do all of that without being caught —- and those people are usually facing decades behind bars if they get caught (which is a huge motivating factor to leave and never be heard from again). Yet, even they find it nearly impossible to do that and never be caught.

    Kristin had no motive for doing that. Not one.

    Plus, she was MENTALLY UNWELL at that time and could not have planned out all of these details calmly and rationally.

    Was she unhappy?

    She could have simply divorced her ugly wife, taken her truck, and moved on to something better —- which would have been a MUCH SIMPLER solution than the one you’re proposing.

    This case is now solved. I already solved it.

    You simply don’t like the 2 possible solutions — because they don’t fit your narrative.

    Have a good day. 🙂

  • Let’s say Clifford was a jealous greedy lover. Her wife is spending thousands of dollars on nxivm courses and giving her time to something else besides Clifford. Maybe she became jealous and embarrassed and just raged on her?

  • Within a week Heidi decided she was dead?? Seems a little suspect.

    One would want to hold onto hope but she was getting it wrapped up quickly.

  • It makes little sense that she’d commit suicide in a kayak. It she was an avid kayaker she’d have to work against her skill and ability to commit suicide.

    It sounds like a hoax of some kind. Especially with the extra note- no need to look for my body—

    Because she (or they) knew they’d be no body. It makes no sense that the kayak and paddle were never recovered.

    Is there any evidence at all that she’s dead? How do we know she wasn’t abducted? Or willfully participated in her own disappearance?

  • Remember Geraldo Rivera and the fiasco of Al Capone’s secret vault? He tried to build a mystery based on innuendo and supposition and ended up with egg all over his face. After much fanfare and hype his crew broke through a basement wall and discovered a chamber full of… Chicago air.

    Spinning fairy tales out of nothing isn’t investigative journalism. It’s make-believe.

    There’s no “mystery” about this straightforward suicide by drowning, any more than there was ever anything to Chakravorty’s tale of FBI tampering. Or the Treasure of Al Capone’s Vault.

    • “There’s no “mystery” ” – oh really, so you know where the body is? That’s great.

      A suicide note without a body is all everyone needs to pack things up and call it a day. Every suicide investigation should wrap up this way. “Hey look! Suicide note, no body. Our work is done here.”

      Ridiculously stupid comment Aristotle.

      • I agree with Aristotle because it wasn’t just a suicide note. It also said there was no need to look for the body. There is never a mystery when explicit directions like this are gifted to investigators. Not to mention, Al Capone’s Vault.

      • Yeah I know where the body is. Bones in vast, deep Resurrection Bay. Or perhaps in the even deeper Gulf of Alaska that the Bay empties into.

        By all means though keep spinning your hilarious theories of skulduggery and hidden plots. It’s endlessly entertaining. More fun than watching the antics in the monkey house.

        Whatever Frank tells you to believe, you believe. Just like Raniere and his acolytes. Never do a reality check, no… And then tell yourself what an independent thinker you are!

        The Frank Report is so entertaining. Seriously I mean that, I’m not being sarcastic. Don’t ever change guys, you lighten my day!

    • I would not call Geraldo Rivera an investigative journalist. Capone’s vault was staged sensationalism.

      Without remains to perform an autopsy on assuming a cause of death has as much credibility as Suneel or Geraldo.

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    • You’ll have to talk to me before you’re through. Some of you will, and you can tell Colonel Ludrow I said so. You keep asking for it, and you’re gonna get it, plenty. People lose teeth talkin’ like that. If you want to hang around, you’ll be polite.

      • “You keep asking for it, and you’re gonna get it, plenty.”

        The only thing I’m asking for is my free speech that my founding fathers gave to me as a birthright in this country!

        “People lose teeth talkin’ like that. If you want to hang around, you’ll be polite.“

        And uppity niggers like yourself lost stripes of flesh on their backs, the privilege to have neck intact, and even their worthless lives talking to a superior race like that!

        Remember who’s country this is and who you’re talking to!

        You’re an uninvited guest in this country and I highly suggest that you start acting like it, if you know what’s good for ya!

        • You are a monumental fecking bore. Like you’ve tossed your good sense in the tide and bade it a tedious returning…

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