Attorney: Suneel Best Legal for Raniere – Despite BOP’s Zany Fears of Sexy Dancers, Donuts, and Publicity,

Dancers and Donuts Lawsuit

A lawsuit in the US District of Arizona is entertaining readers. It is US prisoner Keith Raniere, v. USP Tucson, his prison. Raniere’s quest is to speak and meet with his power of attorney, Suneel Chakravorty. The prison won’t let him. Chakravorty is also the manager of Raniere’s legal team.

FR gave the BOP’s arguments in the story:

Sexy Dancers and Donuts – BOP’s Best Arguments Why Raniere Shouldn’t Speak to Chakravorty – it’s Dangerous.

Raniere’s attorney Stacy Scheff replied to the BOP.

Raniere is the plaintiff.

The defendants are

  1. US Attorney General Merrick Garland
  2. Michael Carvajal, Director Federal Bureau of Prisons
  3. Danon Colbert, Warden USP Tucson
  4. Lt. Anthony Gallion, Special Investigative Service [SIS] at USP Tucson.

Raniere claims USP Tucson’s cutting off communications with his power of attorney is retaliation because he is getting red-hot on the tail of FBI tampering in his case. Chakravorty is the coordinator of that effort. The prison scrubbed Chakravorty from Raniere’s phone list on May 3.

That is the same day Raniere’s attorneys filed a Rule 33 Motion accusing the FBI of criminal conduct. The SIS and the Counter-Terrorism Unit [CTU] recommended cutting contact off. Tucson Warden Danon Colbert agreed. The SIS and the CTU coordinate with the FBI for prison investigations.

The BOP denies the FBI influenced their decision to cut Chakravorty. Lt. Gallion says he didn’t know Raniere accused the FBI when he scrubbed Raniere’s approved phone call list.

The BOP’s argument for blocking the prisoner and his power of attorney are

  1. They criticize the US Criminal Justice System
  2. They seek Publicity
  3. They are a danger to the safety of prisons in Arizona and Brooklyn.
  4. There was no established relationship before Raniere’s conviction.
  5. There is a relationship via NXIVM
  6. Suneel is not an attorney-sponsored paralegal
  7. The judge’s sentencing orders for Raniere when he is released at age 161. His 2120 release date bars contact with Suneel and other Nxivm affiliates for five years. Chakravorty will be 131 when the no contact provision commences.

Raniere has until Sunday, June 19, to file more Rule 33 motions. There is a three-year time limit from the date of conviction. Raniere’s criminal conviction was on June 19, 2019. In an earlier filing, his lawyer says Raniere has more Rule 33 motions to file.

Scheff seeks a Preliminary Injunction and Temporary Restraining Order. Both motions seek a judge to compel the prison to allow Raniere to speak with Chakravorty.

Scheff’s entire argument is here.  Below is an abbreviated version, with my notes in [brackets and bold.]

By Stacy Scheff

Case No.: 4:22-cv-00212-RCC-PSOT

Keith Raniere,
Merrick Garland, US Attorney General; Michael Carvajal, Director Federal Bureau of Prisons; Danon Colbert, Warden USP Tucson, Anthony Gallion (all in their official capacities), Defendants

The Defendants complain about many things, but none of them are justification for preventing Plaintiff from speaking to his Power-of-Attorney and the manager of his legal team, Suneel Chakravorty. Plaintiff summarizes the Defendants’ arguments here without conceding them:

1 “Disparagement”: First, the Defendants complain that Plaintiff and Mr. Chakravorty disparaged the judge and the criminal prosecution in his criminal case.

2 “Publicity”: Second, that the non-privileged and monitored phone calls were used in podcasts and other publicity. Doc. 14, p.3.

3 “Dancing women and Donuts”: Third, that Plaintiff is charged with posing a security risk to the prison by causing women to dance outside the prison and offer prison employees donuts and coffee.

4. “Established relationship”: Fifth, that Mr. Chakravorty did not have an established relationship with Plaintiff prior to his incarceration. Doc. 14, pp.5-6.

5.NXIVM affiliation”: And finally, that Mr. Chakravorty is “affiliated” with NXIVM. Doc. 14, pp. 6-7

The Defendants appear to admit that their justification for banning Mr. Chakravorty consists mainly of their dislike for his effectiveness in assisting Plaintiff: the disparagement of the government; the established relationship standard (which conveniently contains exceptions to either having or not having an established relationship based on vague references to “the security… of the institution”); and the

NXIVM affiliation arguments are all factors that can also be viewed as perfectly innocuous and legal activities that are reasonable for the Power-of-Attorney and paralegal/manager of the legal team.

The Defendants argue that Plaintiff still has access to his attorneys, and that Mr. Tully has never issued a pledge to supervise Mr. Chakravorty’s activities. However, Mr. Chakravorty had been communicating with Mr. Raniere – without incident -up until May 2, 2021, when Defendants suddenly decided that, in their opinion, Mr. Chakravorty “did not have an established relationship with Plaintiff prior to his incarceration.”

Defendants also argue that Mr. Chakravorty is suspect because of his NXIVM affiliation. However, both cannot be simultaneously true: either Mr. Chakravorty had an established relationship with Plaintiff via his alleged NXIVM affiliation, which would weigh in favor of allowing communications, OR he did not have an established relationship with Plaintiff and therefore no NXIVM affiliation, which would also weigh in favor of allowing communications, according to Defendants’ logic.

Defendants here are using misdirection to show the Court the picture that they want it to see: i.e. ‘heads I win, tails you lose’.

Additionally, NXIVM was never adjudged a criminal organization, only Plaintiff’s “inner circle”, which does not include Mr. Chakravorty.

Keith Raniere’s “Inner Circle” was adjudicated as the criminal racketeering enterprise, not NXIVM itself.

Therefore, any NXIVM affiliation is entirely innocuous and insufficient to justify any legitimate penological goal.

Defendants also argue that, because Mr. Chakravorty spoke to Plaintiff on a monitored line, he voided the attorney/client privilege. This is also a logical inconsistency: Defendants admit they do not recognize Mr. Chakravorty as a legal professional, despite his position as paralegal and manager of the legal team. Therefore, he was forced to communicate on a monitored line. This allowed Defendants to listen to the conversations and determine whether the communications posed any threat to the prison, and if so, to take steps to mitigate the harms.

Despite all this monitoring, Mr. Chakravorty was allowed to visit with Plaintiff until May 2, 2021. Now, Defendants seek to use these monitored communications against Plaintiff’s claims, including the Disparagement and Publicity arguments.

Mr. Chakravorty has full transcripts of the phone calls that Defendants complain of, and take out of context. Additionally, those calls were made in the larger context of the post conviction relief efforts. These transcripts and other evidence that provides full context will be filed as soon as possible as an exhibit to this motion.

However, the fact that Mr. Chakravorty has been the moving force behind Plaintiff’s post-conviction relief efforts does not detract from his central role in managing the legal team. Defendants fail to draw a significant distinction between being an “ardent” supporter, and being a trusted power-of-attorney and paralegal and legal manager.

There is no reason why he cannot be both. Indeed, Mr. Chakravorty is more than just a paralegal. He is the linchpin of the legal team, having hired and fired attorneys for Plaintiff. Therefore, being able to speak with his attorneys does Plaintiff no good without the technical interpreter and supporter, who has been the driving force behind Plaintiff’s post-conviction relief efforts for nearly three years.

[Scheff rebuts the BOP’s argument that Supreme Court rulings support a district court should not second-guess prison administrators who have to maintain security of prisons even if it encroaches on prisoner’s constitutional rights. Then she gets back to what everyone wants to know more about:] 

Things such as Dancing women and Donuts outside the prison fences pose no obvious threat to prison security. Indeed, Defendants admit that the problem was easily solved by moving Plaintiff to a different side of the prison.

Keith Raniere on this side of the prison could see dancers perform for the inmates.

He could watch through the bars and windows.
There was plenty of space to dance in front of the prison.
Then they moved Raniere to the back of MDC where there was only a small area to dance.

Nor does Publicity pose any threat to prison security, but rather is a crucial right: When the prison gates slam behind an inmate, he does not lose his human quality; his mind does not become closed to ideas; his intellect does not cease to feed on a free and open interchange of opinions; his yearning for self-respect does not end; nor is his quest for self-realization concluded.

Finally, regarding the Defendants’ request that Mr. Chakravorty be supervised by an attorney, he is willing to comply.


Plaintiff has an extremely narrow window in which to finalize his post-conviction relief petitions based on newly discovered evidence. Defendants are actively thwarting those efforts by imagining threats to institutional security that have no basis in reality.

Plaintiff will be irreparably harmed if he is forced to miss this window of opportunity.

On the other hand, Defendants will suffer no harm or burden at all – only the burden of enforcing the constitutional rights of those they claim to be “correcting”. For the United States of America, the Constitution can never be a burden.

Therefore Plaintiff has met all of the factors necessary to obtain an emergency Order that Plaintiff be allowed to communicate with Mr. Chakravorty.


Lamentably, some of our least erudite readers have asked for pictures of the dancing girls that the BOP said threatened security at MDC. Others asked for photos of the donuts. I will reluctantly accommodate their request.



The staff at MDC apparently did not relish the donuts the NXIVM dancers were prepared to offer.  They turned them down.

While I do not have actual photos of the donuts offered, I know a good donut when I see one.



FBI at Work

An FBI agent came to a rancher and said, “I need to search your ranch for illegal grown drugs.”

The rancher says, “Okay, but don’t go in that field over there.”

The agent pulled out his badge. “See this? This badge means I am allowed to go wherever I want on any land. No questions asked. Have I made myself clear?”

The rancher nods politely and goes about his chores.

Later, the rancher hears loud screams and sees the agent running for his life. Close behind is the rancher’s bull.

With every step, the bull is gaining ground. The agent is terrified.

The rancher throws down his tools, runs to the fence, and yells at the top of his lungs, “Your badge! Show him your badge!”


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  • “Finally, regarding the Defendants’ request that Mr. Chakravorty be supervised by an attorney, he is willing to comply.”

    LOL I’m sure he is ‘willing’. Unfortunately Issac or Suneel or whatever your name is now, you will need someone to supervise you. I’m totally shocked nobody wants to do it.

  • What a lame reply,

    Scheff did a copy and paste job and used her old augments that have not seemed to have gotten the Judges attention

    There is no proof this badass Suneel guy is anything other than Raniere’s goon made to look like a paralegal

    Is there any proof he has done any real power of attorney work for Raniere?

    What does power of attorney give you authority over?
    Power of attorney (POA) is a legal authorization that gives a designated person, termed the agent or attorney-in-fact, the power to act for another person, known as the principal. The agent may be given broad or limited authority to make decisions about the principal’s property, finances, investments, or medical care.

    Does this give Suneel the right to act with his attorney as his agent in legal matters.

    Is Suneel a paralegal, no way. If he was Tully would of file the BOP paperwork to have him installed at Tucson to be his acting paralegal and Scheff should know this. The Judge will know this.

    Tully knows this and didn’t want to get into hot water with the BOP for falsifying paperwork like Suneel did with his I’m Isaac Edwards game

    Nothing has stopped Isaac, oops, Suneel from continuing his work with Tully to help Tully.

    Maybe Tully has had his fill of Raniere’s control and it takes Suneel to type of the documents to give to Tully, Tully reads through them, makes his changes and files the motions

    That could be a problem without Suneel but that is not the truth coming out in the documents

    Too much time playing games with coffee and donuts and not enough time working on what was more important

    That is just cause and effect hitting Raniere in the ass, again. Story of this sorry ass life

  • What’s with the lights back and forth
    In the video of the lady doing the flips you see a light from the parison window and you see all people with flash lights on the ground
    Are they sending messages to each other

  • Scott Johnson claiming to be successful is like….

    ……Someone holding a lighter and saying they’re a dragon.

  • It sure sounds like attorney Scheff is not really putting her heart into responding to the government’s rebuttal of Raniere’s charges. It almost sounds like they’re giving up on the hope that they can use this court case to give them more time to file more Rule 33 motions for a new trial.

    I’m surprised the government didn’t immediately move to dismiss this case on the grounds that Raniere hadn’t exhausted all his administrative remedies inside the Bureau of Prisons, which is required before you can sue.

    Their exhibits showed that he only filed one complaint about a different matter. So that might have been an easy dismissal and prevented Raniere’s legal team from preparing a motion to get more time to file new Rule 33 motions.

    I wonder if there will be a filing on Friday to get more time for Rule 33 motions because of this case.

  • A message brought to you by the Windy City Convention and Tourism Bureau.

    This can’t be happening

  • Magoo has assigned Niceguy the task of making fun of Liberals.
    It’s really very easy.
    Just read the Headlines.

    From today June 14th.

    Report: Hunter Says Joe Biden Is Politically Influenced by ‘Anything That I Want’

    White House: Joe Biden ‘Monitoring’ Plunging Stock Market as Gains During His Presidency Wiped Out

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    Senate Republicans Demand Alejandro Mayorkas Answer for Misleading Testimony About Disinformation Board

    Teammate Says Trans UPenn Swimmer Lia Thomas is ‘Mentally Ill’

    Bidenflation Accelerates: Producer Prices Up 10.8 Percent

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    Nancy Pelosi on Ru Paul’s Drag Race: ‘Your Freedom of Expression of Yourselves in Drag Is What America Is All About’

    Napa County Authorities Release Paul Pelosi’s DUI Mugshot

  • and pure comedy! Essentially camp Keith are just gaming the legal system.

    Who knew that Suneel is the architect of Keith’s legal apparatus?

    For the actual attorneys representing Keith, the fees they are collecting must be astronomical for them to be willing to demure their positions and reputations to the narrative that an unemployed data scientist is better legal representation than they are. 🤔

  • The donut – indulgence can range from tasty to nausea and vomiting or from simple food poisoning to fatal poisoning. Always depends on the ingredients, which range from rat poison to carcinogenic toxins and the like. I would not want to try these donuts.
    I would not want to share the experience of the numerous women near Raniere who have cancer, or that of John Tighe who was obviously poisoned.

  • Is that Niki’s photo at the very top of the article? Revealing oneself as less erudite is less important than knowing the truth!

  • How do you know for sure that “donuts” means “donuts”?

    People talk in code ALL THE TIME from prison.

    Maybe it was just about identifying certain prison employees to the cult followers and giving out their schedules so they could be followed? Harmed? Intimidated? Spied on?Compromised? Bribed?

    You don’t know.

    • And neither do you…
      If Raniere is as lazy as you say, I doubt he spent time learning Morris code…

      • “Morris code”


        And I do know.

        And he is really lazy. But I didn’t say it.

  • It’s very diminishing to make comments like it was about the donuts. It’s about a prisoner who is incarcerated revealing the schedules and details of employees of the prison.

    Just because “your” personal prisoner seems like an innocent person to you does not mean that they should have different rules than all of the other prisoners.

    Incarcerated criminals use such information to do everything from escape to harm correction officers, judges, prosecutors and any other people they perceived to have wronged them or be their enemies. They use such info to put hits on each other too. It’s not nothing.

    Making it about Donuts because that’s a funny word and it seems harmless is really dishonest.

    It is about an incarcerated individual giving out potentially very dangerous information to a group of devoted cult followers who are dancing in front of the prison every night.

    Why do you think prisoners are moved randomly? Transported abruptly with no warning? Prisons go thru great measures to protect all. The employees. The prisoners. The public. And schedules are a big part of that process.

    It’s not nothing. It’s a big fucking deal.

  • If Suneel is the “legal lynchpin” and so important – why doesn’t Suneel follow the rules and conduct himself properly?

    Why smuggle in burner phones?


    Why lie about your identity?


    Why get on social media and harass women for testifying in the criminal case?


    Why prance outside the MDC? How does that benefit Keith “kegally”?

    Why approach prison employees and kearn their schedules?

    Why share child pornography and sexual blackmail from the criminal case? Why not return women’s “collateral”?

    Why make unproven allegations against specific FBI agents and rally online weirdos against them?

    Why stalk prosecution and court employees? Visiting their linkedin and pretending they blocked you writing posts about it like a crazy person?

    Doesn’t sound like the way an important “legal lynchpin” would conduct themselves to protect their “client”.

    Sounds like a cult devotee jackass.

  • So now Chakravorty “manages” Raniere’s legal teams. That’s quite a promotion. From Tully & Co.s unofficial paralegal to manager of the legal firm in just a few days!

    That ought to give the judge who sees this a chuckle.

    I wonder if this is the first time the Court has seen a last-minute desperate request for an emergency stay in a case where the plaintiff and his lawyers have had years – years! – to write up a motion? Probably not.

  • DOS ladies spreading their legs in front of the prison where their guru is incarcerated. Not exactly the pinnacle of women empowerrment.

    • Not exactly Dos women either, the blonde with split legs, seems to be a woman who attended and probably is a novice at handstands hence using the fence for support and not sticking the pose as they call it in gymnastics. The unsupported (by fence) handstand is exactly how to attempt raising the legs without having any mats, only concrete, to lift up your structure and obviously the shot is caught PRIOR to the full straight handstand. When’s the last time YOU tried one with perfect execution?

      • The woman doing an open-legs handstand (aided by the fence) is Nicky Clyne, “Keith’s partner for ten years” as she said so herself in various interviews. And she was married to Allison Mack of course. Some say it was a sham marriage for immigration purpose. Clyne is From Canada.

        I am not able to perform a perfect gymnastic handstand. Never could. But I can do a conventional handstand. Aided by a fence.

  • Thanks for showing the video of Danielle’s back flip (again). She is/was one fit and flexible woman.

    Raniere is using all legal options that are availaible to him, This must cost a fortune, and he clearly has acces to it.
    The BOP made an impressive rebuttal to the complaint They take it very seriously, judging from the amount of work they put into the affidavid.

    From october 2020 to october 2022 Rainiere had no less then 48 calls from his attourney, (Tully, among others), with an average duration of on hour talktime. That’s nearly two calls per week! Probably one of the highest for any current inmate in Tuscon. So he has acces to sufficient legal counsel. No civil rights being violated here.

    Raniere’s attorney Stacy Scheff is doing what she can, but it will not convince the judge. She doesn’t respond to the BOP’s accusation that Suneel falsified his identity on the contactlist, because there is no defence for that.

  • Magoo will be going on a long vacation soon.

    In the meantime, he is assigning Niceguy the task of facing down the liberal assholes on this forum.

    Have a nice day.

    • And… where exactly would you be going, with another recession possibly knocking on the economic doors of the nation?


    • “Magoo will be going on a long vacation soon.
      In the meantime, he is assigning Niceguy the task of facing down the liberal assholes on this forum.” Magoo

      Are you kidding me?

      The best way of facing down America’s insane liberals is to use their own words.
      The #2 person in line for the Presidency behind Kamala Harris is America’s favorite drag queen Nancy Pelosi.
      Does Nancy Pelosi make you proud to be an American?
      Drag Queens are what America is all about, so says Nancy Pelosi.

      Nancy Pelosi SURPRISES Queens! – Rupauls Drag Race All Stars 7

    • Magoo-

      I will be joining you on your seasonal sabbatical. After four magical years it’s time for a break.
      Over the years we’ve laughed and cried and laughed some more.

      See you on the other side — you little dipshit. 😉

      Happy trails!

      • What will niceguy be doing on his seasonal sabbatical?

        1. Visiting Alanzo and chilling on Clearwater Beach.
        2. Taking a fake trip with his fake attorney wife.
        3. Trip to London to get cozy with his buddy, Alex.
        4. On a mission to find Natashka and see if she is as hot as her name sounds.
        5. Hoping to trick Ben Myers to lock himself in a room for two years so he can wine and dine Michelle.
        6. He has duckets to Game 6 and will need time to cry away his sorrows when Boston loses. “GO BIG PAPI – SCORE A TOUCHDOWN!!!”
        7. He’s getting an early start to turning off the water and locking the doors to his summer house on the Cape.
        8. Will be busy showing up to his Fenway box seats in the 3rd inning and leaving after Sweet Caroline – so he can beat traffic.
        9. Scott promised free shots of Kroger’s rum and tricked poor niceguy to come see him & be on the pod.
        10. He’ll be voting on this poll and stopping in on FR a few times an hour…

        • I like you, Nutjob. I could share some thoughts with you about your anatomy that will bring some jaw dropping (literally) revelations to your life, but will have to abstain. Frank would censor them. Plus, I have too much respect for some the intellect and education of some people on this forum. But I’d so love to do it….

          You know I love you, don’t you?

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