Millions of Lives Ruined by Sex Offender Registry, Says Top Anti-Registry Advocate

Women Against Registry advocates for the families who have loved ones required to register as sexual offenders.

According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s [NCMEC] last published figures, there are over 912,000 men, women and children (as young as 8 and 10 in some states) required to register.

The NCMEC has ceased publishing the number of registered citizens as it will soon top 1,000,000. The “crimes” range from urinating in public (indecent exposure), sexting, incest, mooning, exposure, false accusations by a soon-to-be ex-wife, angry girlfriend, or spiteful student, viewing abusive OR suggestive images of anyone 18 years old or younger, playing doctor, prostitution, solicitation, Romeo and Juliet consensual sexual dating relationships, rape, endangering the welfare of a child, the old bait-n-switch internet stings (taking sometimes 12 months before a person steps over the line), guys on the autism spectrum or with intellectual disabilities, and many others.

If you multiply the number on the registry by 2 or 3 family members, you can clearly see there are well over 3 million wives, children, moms, aunts, girlfriends, grandmothers and other family members who experience the collateral damage of being murdered, harassed, threatened, children beaten, having signs placed in their yards, homes set on fire, vehicles damaged, asked to leave their churches and other organizations, having their children passed over for educational opportunities, having flyers distributed around their neighborhood, wives losing their jobs when someone learns they are married to a registrant. Professionals indicate three things are needed for successful reintegration: a job, a place to live, and a “positive” support system.

The Supreme Court’s Crucial Mistake About Sex Crime Statistics – ‘Frightening and High’ (Debunks the 80% recidivism rate cited by now SCOTUS Justice Kennedy)

It is very important that you read the abstract and then the full 12-page essay by Ira Mark and Tara Ellman.

ABSTRACT This brief essay reveals that the sources relied upon by the Supreme Court in Smith v. Doe, a heavily cited constitutional decision on sex offender registries, in fact provide no support at all for the facts about sex offender re-offense rates that the Court treats as central to its constitutional conclusions. This misreading of the social science was abetted in part by the Solicitor General’s misrepresentations in the amicus brief it filed in this case. The false “facts” stated in the opinion have since been relied upon repeatedly by other courts in their own constitutional decisions, thus infecting an entire field of law as well as policy making by legislative bodies. Recent decisions by the Pennsylvania and California supreme courts establish principles that would support major judicial reforms of sex offender registries, if they were applied to the facts. This paper appeared in Constitutional Commentary Fall, 2015. (Google: Frightening and High)

A study reviewing sex crimes as reported to police revealed that:
a) 93% of child sexual abuse victims knew their abuser;
b) 34.2% were family members;
c) 58.7% were acquaintances;
d) Only 7% of the perpetrators of child victims were strangers;
e) 40% of sexual assaults take place in the victim’s own home;
f) 20% take place in the home of a friend, neighbor or relative (Jill Levenson, PhD, Lynn University)

There is a tremendous need to fund programs like “Stop It Now” that teaches parents how to begin and maintain a dialog with their children to intervene before harm occurs and about grooming behaviors as well as other things at age-appropriate levels in their Circles of Safety.

Our question to the public is one of, when does redemption begin? When are those required to register given their lives back without the stigma and hate?

We support the principles of Restorative/Transformative Justice; restore the victim, restore the offender AND restore the community. Unfortunately, our justice systems, federal and some states, prefer to annihilate human beings using mandatory minimum sentences, leaving our families destitute for years or decades and call that justice.

Our country is evidently proud to be ‘the incarceration nation’ with 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s incarcerated.

Here is an example of how our families are harmed. A well-meaning teacher printed out profile pictures of local registrants and put them on the board around the classroom. She promoted her effort to protect her students by suggesting they look at and remember those people.

One student pointed at one picture and said, “Katie isn’t that your dad?” It was….


Vicki Henry
Women Against Registry, President

Fighting the Destruction of Families
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  • This is hilarious. Vicki Henry’s son, Joshua E Burton, is a convicted user of kiddie porn and he also armed himself and held off the FBI and a SWAT team three years ago. If parents like Vicki Henry would teach their children that kiddie porn is abhorrent and illegal, that may cut down on those who produce such smut. And advocating light sentences for kiddie porn, as sex offender apologist Vicki Henry does, is not the answer. The penalties need to be severe so innocent children are no longer used as sex toys for sick pleasure.

    • Harsh mandatory minimums for various child pornography charges ranging from teens sexting to actual production have been in place for years. For example just downloading illegal images and storing it nets the offender a minimum five years.

      The problem is that CP criminal activities are global so just severely punishing American offenders will do little to curb the international proliferation of exploited images of children.

      The good news is that CP offenders rarely re-offend after being released. The recidivism rate is somewhere 5 or 6 percent which is really low compared to other crimes like drug dealing which has a 60 percent recidivism rate.

    • I can’t believe people’s ignorance in the comment section.
      O bet we could pull some skeletons from those closets. Innocent family members attacked and harrassed no chance of a fair reentry in society. Also, being so hateful and judgmental can end up landing a peron with a criminal label once the hate felt finally consumes the apparently mentally ill person filled to this point.

      I’m sorry to see how poorly you’ve been taught to accept, understand and forgive. Are you a Christian? Doubtfullly!

      Unless, that’s happened recently. Honestly there’s no way for anyone to know every person’s story or truth and the harsh tarrogant ignorant comment I’m referring is pathetic and more than uneducated. I’m sickened more by that than she could ever be by anyone’s offense that’s already been paid back to society. Just pathedic

  • Agreed. But go further. Stop the people in jail for non violent crimes. Stop using the prison system to destroy families

  • RE Who Vickie Henry Truly is:

    One of the things I love about people like Vicki Henry is they will never engage in intelligent conversation or debate. She is above the fray.

    Vickie is one of those elitist tie-dye hippie type attorneys, who actually
    could never cut it in a law firm or private practice, who is not in it for the money. LOL
    She has high morals and and integrity beyond reproach.

    Vickie is in it for the common good of all mankind. Vickie is fighting for the noble and righteous sex offenders, like Rudy101 Hoorah!!!!

    Let’s be honest….Vickie, like most unemployed ne’er-do-wells, started a nonprofit. Kudos to Vickie! Since there were all ready a plethora of advocacy groups such battered women groups; Pit bull advocacy groups; and Alien Abductee advocates, good old Vicki chose the one group of maggots the ACLU won’t even touch.


    I am so glad Vickie created a job for herself. Almost all private charities are started by unemployed people. Exactly like Vickie. She is one righteous chick.

    Vickie, where ever you are…You should roll a doobey and smoke a fatty and pat yourself on the back……for helping sex offenders…..

    …..Then go out and get a real job or actually help people who haven’t hurt innocent women and children. Hint, actually help women and children.

    • You are so full of preconceived notions that you are blind to facts and your readiness to deploy stereotypes betray your smug ignorance.

      What your ignorance won’t reveal to you is the fact that so many types of charges that have nothing to do with rape or child molesting has been incorporated into this Registry. From getting caught peeing in public to teens sexting one another are included in this National Registry.

      Add on top of the MeToo movement with accusations being accepted on face value only compounds the problem.

      What I’m saying is that your smug face has a much higher chance of being on Sex Offender Registry over BS charges than ever before.

      • Smug?!?!?? LMAO

        There is nothing smug about me. I am a middle age crank commenting on a blog.


        You are the one that is “smug”.

        Who the f’ are you?

        The Queen of Siam or Plato?

        Sir, my ignorance is the foil for your arrogance.

        The registry needs to be revised/reformed not ended.

        [Now, earlier, that I’ve brought my family and ex girlfriend.]

        Maybe your mom should date the rapist that raped my ex girlfriend or perhaps you would like too hire the camp councilor who molested my nephew to babysit.

        Fuck you and you and your pious noble bullshit.

        Women against a registry for sexual predators?

        What about the estimated millions of women and children who have been raped and molested?

        The true numbers as you well know are under-reported.

        The shame that children suffer from being molested and the embarrassment women feel who have been raped cause the true number of victims to be underreported…


        I guarantee the number of victims outweighs the number of people on the sex registry by a factor of ten.

        So take your pious hippocratic bullshit and move on to a more noble pursuit……

        Like protecting women and children, you smug little twat.

        • Your ignorance will truly screw you over down the line. Pray that no person in your past would resurface to accuse you of sexual misconduct. Pray that you don’t get caught peeing outside from your drunken benders. Pray that your under-age relatives don’t get caught sexting to another teen.

          Because those are what it takes to become a sex offender now.

          Maybe you are sexless oaf your entire life so there is no chance of someone accusing you.

          Maybe you pee inside the bag by the side of your hip so you’re okay.

          Either way, with your ignorance, you’ll be on one kind Registry or another at some point.

  • “The NCMEC has ceased publishing the number of registered citizens as it will soon top 1,000,000. The “crimes” range from urinating in public (indecent exposure), sexting, incest, mooning, exposure, false accusations by a soon-to-be ex-wife, angry girlfriend, or spiteful student…”
    Well then the sex offender register isn’t a bad tool but a tool used wrongfully…
    You can easily remove 90% of this list (if it’s true that you have to register for some of those “crimes”…
    And also it’s a problem that is probably exclusive to USA.
    Most civilized country apply the sex offender registry to real sex crimes…crimes such as rape,pedophilia, sexual harrassement, and such.
    Not urinating or sexting or such.

    And you point those case but how many live are “saved” by this registry for the potential victims of the REAL sex offenders ?

    If we follow your logic, we might aswell just throw all the laws as innocent are often punished by it (especially in USA)…
    The problem is definately not the tool but the user.

    “There is a tremendous need to fund programs like “Stop It Now” that teaches parents how to begin and maintain a dialog with their children to intervene before harm occurs and about grooming behaviors as well as other things at age-appropriate levels in their Circles of Safety.”
    While i agree about this, this doesn’t mean that sex offender register should be removed…
    It preemptive. If you are know to be a pedophilian, thank to the sex offender register, you will likely not get a job close to children and if it doesn’t solve fully the problem, it reduce the risks.

    You can’t be like “let’s take the risk for the freedom of the criminal”…the risks are way too big and the change a person life could be destroyed (and they ,as victims, don’t deserve this) , the precautionary decision must be taken.

    Once again, it’s more a problem of how it’s applied (and on which crime) rather than “should we keep it”.

    “We support the principles of Restorative/Transformative Justice; restore the victim, restore the offender AND restore the community. Unfortunately, our justice systems, federal and some states, prefer to annihilate human beings using mandatory minimum sentences, leaving our families destitute for years or decades and call that justice.”
    For sex crime, it’s rarely doable and dangerous to try (same for murderers and such crimes)…
    The offender can sometime be salvaged when the crime is not too serious or in extreme case.
    But if you take too much risk to give a chance to people who don’t deserve it (or can’t be salvaged), you also gamble the life of potential victims and it’s not fair.

    “Here is an example of how our families are harmed. A well-meaning teacher printed out profile pictures of local registrants and put them on the board around the classroom. She promoted her effort to protect her students by suggesting they look at and remember those people.
    One student pointed at one picture and said, “Katie isn’t that your dad?” It was….”
    And if the teacher did the exact right thing (to protect the kids), the student is just an idiot (if this story is actually true)…
    You don’t blame the family members (or relatives) for one’s crimes…

    This isn’t a good example of “sex offender list is wrong”…once again, it’s a misuse of it.

    If we follow your logic it’s a “let’s take a chance on those who could destroy many lifes”…
    No, it would be wrong and in a way , the sex offender list is probably having an impact on the lesser potential sex criminal who consider the long term result.

    Also, i don’t see you once consider the point of view of a victim, you are oblivious to the one who have the most right to open their mouth.

    • There are many outlets for victims to be heard like the MeToo movement for instance that it didn’t need to be brought up here. What this focuses on is a growing problem in the justice system that prevents people from successfully reintegrating back into society.

    • “It preemptive. If you are know to be a pedophilian, thank to the sex offender register, you will likely not get a job close to children and if it doesn’t solve fully the problem, it reduces the risks.”

      You don’t need a sex offender registry for this. A simple CORI check will still show an applicant’s criminal history.

  • Hi Vicki,

    The sex registry needs to be revised and reformed. I agree partially with you.

    In the meantime, maybe you should date the man that raped my ex-girlfriend or have the camp counselor that molested my nephew babysit your kids.

    • Is she your ex-girlfriend because you raped her, NiceGuy 666? LOL

      Were you also the camp counselor and raped your own nephew? LOL

      No wonder you don’t want to come on my show, somebody would recognize your voice. LOL

    • Maybe your ex-girlfriend should have checked the registry before she started dating him. Or before allowing your nephew to join camp. Oh that’s right, they probably weren’t on the registry in the first place! So what good was the registry? Or is it YOU who is that man that raped your now ex and who is that weirdo uncle that molested his nephew.

      • Oh Rudy101 you certainly turned the metaphorical table on me. I’m so coursing with rage…..Not.

        The truth is I am under your skin and in your head. I am still skull-fucking you. Right? I know it’s right.

        You hate me because I speak the cold stark truth, you Rudy are a monster.

        If people don’t agree with Rudy, “they’re stupid, stupid, stupid”. LOL Asshole.

        How many times did you whack “it” today to images of children? One, two, more than 10?

        Cmon Rudy share with the group.

        How many children did you molest?

        Rudy101 at this time I would like to remind you of a few things. One is I have never said you should suffer inhumane treatment. I have never stated you deserve corporal punishment or the death penalty or life in prison. I have never said anything violent to you regarding cruel or unusual punishment.
        I believe you and people like you should be given prison time and tagged for life. I am sorry you are a born pedophile. I truly mean that with all my heart. I do pity you. Again, I know you would do anything to be normal. Unfortunately being normal will never be a possibility. “No”, you say?
        How how have your therapy sessions or group sessions gone? Did they stop all the filthy heinous thoughts going through your head?

        We both know the answer to that question.

  • This article is mostly garbage.

    Full of lies too.

    The ‘teacher’ comment is a made-up LIE.

    This teacher supposedly posted photos of sex offenders in her classroom —- and then her student recognized one of those photos as the teacher’s own dad? Yeah sure.

    How the fuck would a young student know what the teacher’s father looked like?

    Total fucken lie.

    That’s precisely why NO DETAILS are included —- so that nobody can verify this FAKE STORY.

    Liberals always LIE when citing stories like this. Liberals can’t tell the truth.

    The USA has 25% of the world’s prison population precisely because we have a high amount of the world’s wealth contained within our economy, which entices lots of greedy schemers to try and steal it.

    The solution is more jail cells.

    We need to increase our number of jailed citizens so that we have 35% of the world’s prison population.

    Only then can we begin to clean out the ‘undesirables’ from our society.

    Drug addicts are a drag on society and use up too much insurance money.

    It’s better to jail their sorry asses.

    Or let them overdose on the street and ‘off’ themselves, ridding the world of another leach/scumbag.

    Pitying them is a waste of resources cuz they always relapse. They don’t deserve to live in our world and should be jailed and thrown to the wolves. They should be refused insurance coverage cuz people with serious ailments need that same money which is wasted on relapsed drug addicts.

    We need to imprison drug addicts. Let them eat cake. Let them eat macks.

    • *I obviously made a mistake about the teacher comment.

      After re-reading it, I see that the student was not talking about the teacher’s father — but was talking about another student’s father.

      But that doesn’t change JACK SHIT.

      That whole story was STILL A FUCKEN LIE that was MADE UP out of whole cloth.

      There’s no way that one student recognized another student’s dad.

      That whole story was PURELY MADE UP AS FICTION to help end the sex offender’s registry.

      I don’t believe a fucken word of that shit.

      For those readers who wanna point out that I made a mistake, well, all I have to say is FUCK YOU.

      That teacher story is PURE FICTION and if you don’t believe me then I hope you get ASS CANCER. 🙂

      Have a nice day. 🙂

      • Your ignorance is astounding to a point that I wouldn’t be surprised that one day you will find yourself on the Sex Offender Registry in the most unexpected way. With the ever-expanding types of charges that have nothing to do with rape or pedophilia, people are getting listed right and left.

        Let us know when you do get on it.

      • The exact same thing happened to my son in karate class. They printed out pictures and addresses of sex offenders living within one mile of the facility to advertise a self-defense class, so this does happen.

        My children’s school passes out pictures and addresses of all the sex offenders in the neighborhood every Halloween, so this does happen.

        My children’s friends’ parents regularly look up registrants in the area, so this does happen.

        I had a nosy co-worker google my husband’s name to see what he does for a living, and then pass out registry information to other co-workers, costing me a job, so this does happen.

        My children and I constantly have to look over our shoulders, and regularly lose friends when they discover their father is a registered offender. You don’t realize what it is like to have your children live as the collateral damage when everyone wants to be the “savior” so they can feel good about “protecting” the innocent-meanwhile, they do more damage to the families than they could ever imagine.

        I don’t want to argue with you regarding whether or not there should be a registry, as I believe you have already shown your feelings on the subject. And please don’t give me any responses that start with “if it were me, I would…” as we have all heard these comments ad nauseum from family and friends that ultimately left our sides. Until you live a day in my shoes, you have no idea the trauma that we have experienced.

        I am only asking that you take a step back to see the innocent lives – the wives and children – that are caught up in the net and suffer shaming, shunning, violence, and prejudice through no fault of their own. We are the collateral damage that gets overlooked.

  • It has been a long journey for me. I have been alone all my life. From a small child I saw things differently however. I was beaten for it. Schools and teachers bullied me. Girls rejected me. I never fit in anywhere. I felt like an outsider looking in. But at the same time, I felt blessed, cursed, dejected, depressed for feeling these things alone. However, over time, growing up.. the love I felt for life, just didn’t ever seem to come back to me. I became severely depressed, I entered a blackness, and an isolation that was chocking the life out of me. It literally hurt. THEN I met HER. I was trying to put an emotional need upon her, that she could never share. It drove me to more despair and ultimately an offense against her.

    I had to stand in front of the Court, and God, to explain myself, and I had no real explanation. Just the mercy of the Court and the Prosecutor, and a hope for the future. I swore on that day that I would never isolate myself again like that, to put myself into the position again where I was so desperate, that I would lash out and hurt someone, make her feel less of the person she was for my selfish reason. And a miracle happened that day in Court and mercy was given upon me.

    It has been a long journey after prison. Family is rejecting me. I am finding it hard to keep work. Even the ability to keep a home is becoming extremely tenuous. I am praying to God to help.

    However, within each step of this journey, God never left me. He seemed to be protecting me? I was skating on thin ice, but the ice would never break! I kept getting pulled toward something, I knew was important, but I didn’t know what….No matter how confused, or alone I felt, the circumstances were always coming out well for me. Why was God doing this?

    I have come to conclude that I see things most of you all don’t see. I see a future (I always have) where all of us live in Peace. I have made the assertion before that the END has already happened. That we all have already, for the last 2000 years, lived through the – END DAYS.

    Since that time, when that bomb dropped, and we died before we hit the ground, which ended that war, EVERYTHING has changed, continues to change, and that change is the realization of all our dreams of security that we could only dream about for the last 5000 years.

    We don’t remember, I know. We read the books, but we can’t feel how bad it was. We feel like we haven’t done a thing. We feel like we have regressed. We feel like we don’t have security. We feel like it is caving in on us.

    But the grocery store is filled with food, regardless of drought or pestilence. Our kids die at a small fraction of what they did before. We live double the span of life of generations past. We get sick and we can find real cures and treatments. We have leisure time, and reasonable work hours. We can skirt our way across any corner of the planet in 36 hours or less. We have cameras exposing injustice in every corner of every society and exposing injustice is always the first step to change.

    When we defeated fascism and natizism and despotism and the ovens were exposed and the crimes of many regimes were no longer hidden, we vowed, NEVER AGAIN.

    But we do forget. The generation grows old. They die out. And the old abrasive irritations and wounds begin to fester again. Even when we have everything we grow angry, jealous, and we feel we need to be selfish with what we have, lest we lose it all.

    However, we can’t do worse than the actions of our forefathers. They were brutal, lacked compassion, ignorant, and bent on destruction for its own sake. It got so bad, that to compare worse, would be like comparing infinity. More is just meaningless.

    As we can imagine the vastness of the Universe, many of us do think it can get worse than the worst it has been for humanity. I am here to say, it can’t. It just can’t get worse. You just don’t feel or remember how bad it was. No matter how evil you think it can be…it has been more evil before….

    God gave this sex offender the eyes to see that, PEACE is at hand! God is coming very soon, and there is going to be forgiveness across the spectrum of the entire planet and for everyone who every lived.

    For me, God was my only chance….it is the same for the rest of us. and those that wish to destroy are going to sidelined and powerless.

    We DID IT! Not God! We did it! No drought will make us starve. We don’t worry our children die. We are giving rights to even the lowest among us. We are understanding that God’s light is in every person, no matter how different they seem to be and they too get legal protection. We freed the slaves and slavery as an institution in almost the entire planet is over. We have problems and we struggle, but we do know the answers if we can just find the will to get it done.

    God, has noticed our growth and a million others changes, and HE is pleased…

    We had to learn it on our own. We had to make our mistakes (and they were BIG mistakes) to find better ways to do things. We must learn that we were never exiled from the just felt that way…we were given the Garden. It is the Gift from God.

    There is going to be a party and it will be the biggest the world has ever seen! Everyone is invited. We are going to celebrate PEACE. For proof that God exists is coming. We will celebrate that God has blessed this generation and we are going to solve the problems we have no matter how daunting they seem. We are going to celebrate REASON as the basis of our government, and relationships between each other. We are going to celebrate the sacrifices that were made that got us to where we are today. We are all brothers and sisters, whether Christian, Muslim, Buddhism, or any of a 1000 ways to glorify God, we will all celebrate together. The world won’t change when God shows Himself, because it already has.

    This is what I feel. For all of my life I have felt this alone, where no one could ever believe it….You don’t have to believe. I have no followers. There are no punishments for not believing. The Prophesies are fulfilled.

    May God Bless Us All.

  • There is a lot of collateral damage with a sex offender registry. It is well documented. Vicki does a good job of articulating that damage. She has been, for many many years out there trying to educate.

    But HOW does a community balance the real world fear of whether a person is incorrigible and untreatable, verses a good candidate for rehabilitation and re-integration?

    Do you all really believe that justice is served by putting CHILDREN on a registry for life for an act without any explanation? Really?

    All psychologists that treat offenders say that offenders lie on a spectrum. Some are NOT treatable, some are extremely treatable (or need no treatment at all) and MOST fall in between. Very few psychologists support a registry with unlimited public notification.

    That means a carrot and stick approach to regulations will actually do something for public safety. A judge in conjunction with psychologists and experts, the state and a representative of the offender is the ONLY forum that is legal in America to regulate someone outside of a sentence passed by a court. NOT a town counsel fueled by mythic fear of offenders passing laws and restrictions based upon only their fear, or a State, or national legislature who are bound by politics in their support of registry laws. Even with just a whiff of questioning the laws on sex offenders politicians have to defend against vicious public political attacks by the political opposition. It makes reform of registry laws impossible, no matter how harmful.

    That is why I support a JUDGE bound by the Constitution and their oath to make fair judgements outside of the political realm. The reason there is a rule against NO EX-POST FACTO LAWS, is because of the inherent unfairness of politicizing the convicted. They are easy targets. The easiest. The founding fathers decided THAT was unfair to justice.

    I am invoking those protections I have. NO DUE PROCESS, NO REGISTRY.

    • Hey Rudy, you sick ass-f*ck, don’t you have a NAMBLA?

      Rudy101, did you crank one out today to any children in your neighborhood?

      Rudy, which family member or friend of your family altered your sex registry entry so your real “identity” does not appear in the registry?

      • Rudy-

        Please help me out!

        Is “it” your Social Security number entry and/or your personal case number that was fudged by a sympathetic individual?

        Rudy did you make sure to move out of the county or state in case someone who knows of you looks you up? Imagine your victims their surprise.

        You have a great day and make sure to smoke plenty of cigarettes and always put asbestos on your salads. Asbestos is a great source of fiber.

    • Rudy101-

      Your due-process was your trial; what do you not understand or comprehend?


    • THAT Bob,
      You do not appear to be an educated person. Have you looked at any data on people who are falsely incarcerated? Have you looked at any data relating to anything with the registry? Your response tells me you haven’t.

      If you learn anything from what is happening in society right now, it should be that those in power can’t be trusted. People hear that a man was arrested for trying to sext with an underage “victim”; how often do you question why an “underage victim (aka law enforcement) was in an adult chat room? Do you question the language of the “victim”? When someone is looking at adult images, do they questIon the age? There are a lot of 17-year-olds who look much older. A lot of people who are on the registry did not go looking for anything unlawful. Do some research so you can learn about issues.

      Before you respond with something hateful, think about George Floyd and drop your biases and prejudices in favor of a more understanding society that people are different. We all are guilty of sin.

      • You do not appear to be an educated person. Have you provided any data on people who are falsely Have you provided any data relating to anything with the registry? Your responses tells me you haven’t. LOL

        If you learn anything from what is happening in society right now, it should be that the Libtards want more anarchy and chaos. It doesn’t matter why anyone was in an adult chat room. I don’t question the language of the person playing the role of an underage victim, as that is perfectly legal. Looking at adult images isn’t a crime. Most crimes with underage people are much younger than 17 years old. Present the results of your research so you can inform others about issues. LOL

        Before you respond with something stupid, think about how ineffective your previous comment has been. Just because we are all guilty of sin doesn’t mean we should turn the pervs loose on the children. LOL

    • There are still places around the USA where such things are handled at the local community. Who can say really, if they are definitely dead when no body is ever found.
      If there is a county without a single sex offender, they may not have made it to trial.

  • Now we’re supposed to care about those in prisons AND pervs? LOL

    How about pervs in prisons? LOL

    Next we’re going to be told to care about someone in prison who isn’t a perv (as far as I know) and is going to perv school: LOL

    So never mind about the millions of new people being ripped off by MLM scams every year, let’s pay attention to the pervs. LOL

    In fact, the above-referenced Kelly G. Rogers is in prison, going to perv school, and is a former Amway scam artist at the Diamond level, and was friends with, and upline to, a dirtbag lawyer named Charles Bundren. LOL

    You can’t make this stuff up. LOL

    Do your part and copy/paste this message, including this part, all over social media (unless owned/operated by current Amway IBOs or the Amway scam company), and encourage them to do the same, and so on, à la network marketing/MLM. Also, submit a complaint to the FTC at If you don’t, then you’re part of the problem. Amway has 2 major problems, and most MLMs have at least one of these issues:

    1. The products are overpriced, which makes them almost impossible to sell to customers and results in Amway being an illegal pyramid: , and also according to the FTC and SEC websites and previous court decisions and settlements; and

    2. The Tool Scam is hidden profit for the top level distributors only, and the vast majority of distributors operate at a net loss as a result: This is RICO fraud.

    For recent examples, google “FTC” along with the following companies, one at a time: FHTM, BurnLounge, Zeek, TelexFree, Vemma, Advocare, Neora, Javita, Waiora, Business For Health, and Herbalife. Make a complaint on the FTC website:

    Although there is no federal law defining pyramid schemes, the FTC has a long and successful track record of using its Section 5 law prohibiting “unfair and deceptive” business practices to go after MLM scams: which states, in part, “Not all multilevel marketing plans are legitimate. If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s probably not. It could be a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of participants lose money.”

    Read about these and much more at these websites: and , and email to help shut down Amway and other MLM scams.

    Watch this video about Amway and other MLM scams, then forward it to everyone you know, except for current Amway IBOs, and encourage them to do the same. When enough people know, these scams will collapse:

    English version:

    Spanish version:

    Listen to my weekly radio/podcast:

  • How about the millions of lives ruined by sex offenders? LOL

    So you can’t go in a park, boo-hoo. LOL

    What a shame that Katie’s friends will no longer be going over to her house for a “slumber” party.” LOL

    And what’s with Vicki, is she a female perv or married to one? LOL

    • Great Ppint. Each one of those millions of individual lives ruined are concrete forever proof that a Sex Offender Registry is completely useless waste. Even your own County will daily never ending continue producing sex offenders well after you’re deceased. No nationwide federal dollars are easier obtained. Registry is Judicials permanent Lottery via your Taxes you pay. Whats up with Vicki is she exposed you.

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